Katashi's Internal Struggle


Akiko, Katashi, Keiji

Date: September 25, 2014


Katashi loses control of the Bijuu within him, and Akiko happens to be the one closest to him at the time. Fortunately, Keiji is around to help out!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Katashi's Internal Struggle"

An Alleyway in Sunagakure

Coming from the training center is none other than Akiko, the girl accompanied by her falcon as usual. She seems to be excited to be going to… somewhere, the girl humming a bit as she goes along. Kotone, perched on Akiko's shoulder, seems rather content to just rest after a long and successful training session.

Katashi, down one of the side alleys as they passed, so could of easily been missed, was pacing a slow circle, muttering quietly to himself. He was at least not within general view so most people didn't notice him. Seems whatever's gotten to him hasn't let go yet. So few people would know.. it never will either. "I don't want to talk about it." ~Well I DO! you have GOT to quit this wishywashy strife! I'm tired of watching you stumble over everything and I'm more than happy to take over so you can see how it really is suppose to be done!~ "You aren't taking over. Ever. Deal." ~Ha! I got all the time in the world. You're going to break.~

Kotone notices Katashi, though the falcon doesn't try to point him out to Akiko. The only reason the Hayato notices is because of the change in her friend's posture. "What's up, Kotone?" she asks, the bird turning away at the question. Of course, that's going to tip off Akiko, so she starts to wander around the area, eventually stumbling upon Katashi. "Oh! Katashi-San. How're you?" A likely stupid question, but it's the best she can do considering they're in an alley…

"You can't tell me what to-" Katashi paused as both of him became aware of them being addressed. ~GROAN! Her? Why is it you constantly run into her???~ 'I didn't run into anyone. It's called friends. They ask after you.' Katashi hesitated a moment, before finally nodding to Akiko. He'd hesitate at seeing Kotone with her. ~You let a BIRD get to you?? I want a different host! Forget the host, just let me out!!~ Katashi hissed softly before shaking his head. "I.. am doing ok. How about you, Akiko-san? Kotone-san?"

Akiko says, "I'm good! Just going for food after training. It was pretty successful, so we're gonna treat ourselves!" She nods a bit. Meanwhile, Kotone gives a soft chirrup to try and get Akiko out of the alleyway and into the Main Street, the falcon almost glaring at Katashi.

Katashi stared at Kotone. ~That bird. It's always that bird and you. You are scared of a bird. A BIRD!! I am SICK of you being so hesitant about this bird.. No more. This is going to end. Quickly.~ 'What are you talking about?' Katashi got a troubled look on his face, then what was definitely pain. Chakra started to pour into him, through him, a purple aura becoming visible as the chakra would mold about him. ~I mean that I am going to kill that bird and your little girl!!~ "… you.. need.. need to.. go.. Akiko.." 'No!' ~HA!~ With a gasp, Katashi dropped to one knee, the chakra consolidating about him with horns curving at the top of his head, some of the chakra siphoning off at the back to lash about as a tail. Katashi's eyes closed a moment, when they opened again, they were definitely beastial.. and focused on Kotone.

Akiko's eyes widen at the sight before her, the girl scrambling a bit with her bow as she tries to at least form a bit of chakra in case she needs it. The girl finally gets her bow free while Kotone takes to the skies, a loud screech coming from the falcon. Akiko seems a bit frazzled, as she's never seen anything like a tailed beast cloak, and moves away a bit slower than Kotone, the falcon already higher than the buildings surrounding the pair below.

Katashi hissed, something more akin to a wild beast than human as he'd hop up once, twice, leaping from building to building, shattering stone with each impact as he'd tried to catch Kotone. 'no no no nonononononono!!!' ~Shut up. This is how you do things!~ Katashi's attention went downward, towards the fumbling bow woman. Letting go of that building, he'd drop, the chakra surging and pulsing about him as he'd comin high, then low, Attempting to sweep Akiko off her feet as he'd spin with that sweep, coming around with a double fisted strike to her middle to launch her into the wall behind her. ~She has to die. That'll show that bird!!~

Now that his patrols for the night had ended, Keiji was on his way home. It had been a long night full of boredom. There was literally nothing to do but to look at miles and miles of sand. At one time during the night he actually remembered wishing for a sandstorm. At least then he could watch the sand make pretty designs in the air before shifting to make more. Yes, Keiji was growing to hate patrol duty.

As he walked through the street of the village, something flagged his attention. It was something foul. It caused the hairs on the back of his neck to rise. He turned towards the source of it almost immediately. "Could that be a chakra source?" he asked himself. His question lasted less than a moment as he saw a falcon souring through the air followed by a creature leaping building to building. Drawing his pincer, Keiji moved for action.

As Keiji dashed up the wall, he used the ledge of the top to leap the final distance to put him between Akiko and the chakra beast. As the beast attempted to take the girls feet, Keiji's pincered hand drew down and knocked the beast off course. His hand then rose to stop the dual handed strike of the beast. "You will desist this action immediately or I will be forced to see if even a demon can howl in pain. Do I make myself clear?" Keiji's voice was not raised. No he was calm. There were other things on the line here. He needed to keep the attention of the beast. "Girl, are you ok?" he asks over his shoulder.

Akiko braces herself, looking ready to try and dodge the attack coming her way when Keiji suddenly appears. The girl blinks as the attack doesn't come, only managing to nod before her voice comes back. "Yeah, I'm alright. Just a little surprised…" Understatement of the day, but oh well. Kotone is still overhead, not daring to come down and help the girl in case Katashi attempts to strike at the bird again.

Katashi roared at Keiji for defying it's strikes. ~The girl must die!! That will show you how you SHOULD be!~ 'no.. no don't kill her!' The voice that came out of Katashi wasn't his own. Deeper, darker, "The girl is going to die! You don't deserve to be attached to anyone!!" Katashi shook his head, stumbled a second, then hissed. His own voice returning, "No.. we're not going to kill her.." ~We'll see who's in charge!~ Katashi moved again, that chakra lashing out at Keiji to seek to force him down to kneel as Katashi/beast would launch forward, planting a foot into Keiji to gain elevation to seek to come down at Akiko. Seems that Katashi was slipping on that control.

The confirmation that the girl was still in a good shape made Keiji happy. Nothing like being on time. "The plan is to keep you in one piece. Try to get to higher ground. I want to keep him off balance." Keiji states over his shoulder as he feels the genjutsu take effect. It forces his knee to start to bend, that is until a pincer finds its way into Keiji's outer thigh. It was a high pain place with low impact on his over all skills.

As the beast launched forward, Keiji gave a back step so the he remained between the beast and the girl. When the beast came down once more, Keiji's pincered hand was there to meet him instead of Akiko. "I will not warn you again. After this I start attacking. Go back to the cave you came from or else." Due to the fact Keiji was certain the beast would not listen, he began building his chakra.

Akiko nods a bit, moving swiftly and walking up the walls around her to try and get further away from Katashi. The girl, as she runs, is able to turn and launch a flash-bang at her friend, Akiko not wanting to hurt Katashi. Hopefully the loud bang and the bright light would snap Katashi back to his senses. At the very least, maybe it'll just paralyze him for a short while. Whatever the case, Akiko intends to get up on the rooftops.

while Keiji continued to make Katashi not able to get to Akiko, the beast roared in frustration at Keiji. Katashi continued his fight. 'This has to stop! You're attacking allies! friend! Stop it!!' ~We don't have to stop anything. you've lost your chance to have control. It's my turn now!!~ Katashi growled at Keiji and would launch a fist forward. While well short, the chakra would stretch out, slamming into the ground to create a shockwave, seeking to knock Akiko down as well as make Keiji stumble. The beast started up the wall itself, ripping out chunks of rock as it'd chase after Akiko. Launching from an upper point to once more seek to catch her with that chakra fueled hit from the beast. That dark voice rumbling in Katashi's chest. "You're a distraction! You're going to die!!!"

The shockwave did not really knock Keiji back. Instead he was able to get out of the way of it. However with Akiko still on the battlefield, he still needed to protect her. That meant getting in the way of the shockwave meant for her. With a twist of his hand as he brought it up to defend, Keiji disrupted the shockwave. He even managed to step between them as the beast leaped for her again. "Get it through your thick skull, I am your opponent!" Keiji finally yells.

Now on the offensive, Keiji moves a hand into his vest. He was taking out a special venom. "Lets see how well you fare with this." It was a deadly venom meant for taking down large targets. It seemed like a good time and a great place to test it. Keiji makes a direct dash for the beast aiming a singular slash of the poison towards him. It was a difficult attack, because he needed to get it in a vien.

Akiko already leapt up to try and avoid that shockwave, but it was unnecessary. Good thing, too, because she had miscalculated that jump by a lot. With a faint sigh of relief, she whistles, Kotone coming down to perch on her shoulder. "Okay, I see your point, but he's still a friend…" she says to the falcon. Kotone gives a slight shake of her head, which is all Akiko needs to get the message. "Well, yeah, I know he's dangerous and out of control and apparently wants to kill me, but…" She frowns, definitely confused by the situation. She shakes her head to clear it and then readies her bow again, sending another flash bang or two at the Jinchuuriki.

Katashi moved. Keiji was faster though. The slash hissing as it'd rip through chakra cloak to catch flesh. Katashi/beast roared in pain, Katashi fighting the beast within to force it down. 'See? THIS IS DUE TO YOU!!' ~GAHHH! He can't hit me! I'm stronger!!~ 'You're NOT stronger! You're fighting a superior! Now LET GO!!!' Katashi would shuffle back, grabbing his head within that cloak, hissing again, eyes clenching tight as he'd slump into a wall for a moment. The wound already mending on it's own as the internal struggle continued.

"Music to my ears." Keiji states. He had a minor irritation in his eyes from the flash bangs Akiko had sent off. He had not expected them to cause a lot of light. He briefly closes his eyes. "You are no match for me in this form demon." Keiji states as he moves forward once more. This time he had his pincer flying in slashing motions. Three slashes, all to the chest. It was not about the overall damage, but more trying to overwhelm the beast.

Akiko just keeps firing flashbangs at Katashi, even though they're likely not effective. The girl winces a bit all the same as she is forced to attack her friend, but it's a necessary task if she's to be safe.

Katashi would get slammed up against that wall by Keiji with his slashing through that cloak to get at Katashi. He'd hiss again in pain, the beast roaring within his head. 'We have to go. LET GO!!!' ~NO! He has to die, she has to die. THEY ALL HAVE TO DIE!!!~ Katashi slammed his fist against the wall behind him, planting heavy indents into it as his eyes flickered between that beastial look and that of Katashi's normal eyes. 'I will NOT lose to you!' ~DIE DIE DIE!!!~ Katashi/beast would lash out then, snapping a high kick around to seek to catch Keiji by surprise with that stunning shot, for him to spin into a back kick. Get space, so he can get away. The wall behind him cracked further, that press of the bijuu's chakra causing more and more damage to it.

Keiji's attacks were doing really well. The beast was against a wall and the fight was nearing the end. As the flash bangs hit, one of them caught Keiji's vision more than the others. It was not that he was not trained to try to shield himself from it. It was simply trying to multi task and failing. The high kick catches Keiji although he tried to raise a hand. He is then pushed backwards by the back kick. As he skids to a stop, he lets out a low toned growl. "Hey Hayato, a little less with the light!" Keiji calls out. He then reaches his pincer into his uniform once more. "This one is another special blend. It's a paralytic, until you calm down." Keiji then lunges aiming to paralyze the Chuunin through his poison.

"Sorry!" Akiko calls over. Usually her targets are far enough that it doesn't matter how many flashbangs she uses. Also, she never uses this amount in such quick succession… The girl stops attacking with them, having run out, and hmms… Should she send more arrows at Katashi? Maybe. The girl isn't sure what to do, so in the end she just doesn't attack.

Katashi pressed agaisnt the wall, finally caving it in to cause the building to start to sway, tumbling towards the others. Katashi/beast stumbled to the side and started away. Only for that wicked wicked jounin to tag him in the back with that poison, a hiss of pain as he'd stumble, move, stumble again and finally crash to the ground. The beast roared in frustration and pain within Katashi's head. The poison seizing the teen up and that chakra would finally snuff out, vanishing much as how it showed up. Katashi sighed softly and muttered one last thing before passing out. "Shut up. I won.."

Keiji notices the side of the building falling. Katashi seemed to get out of the way, but he was not sure the Hayato Genin would fair so well. He uses his powerful legs to get to her. Grasps a hold of her then tosses himself to the side, far enough to get out of the way. Once the dust has settled, Keiji looks at Akiko. "Are you ok?" he asks. Once she confirms there was nothing medically wrong with her he would move to Katashi. His hand would start to glow with chakra and the heal the downed demon host. "Do me a favor Hayato. Speak of this to no one until the council summons you. They will instruct you further." Keiji then vanishes holding the body of Katashi.

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