Katsurou Returns to Kirigakure


Katsurou, Yuge

Date: September 25, 2013


Katsurou returns from Konoha after being away from Kiri for so long on his S Rank spy mission. However, Katsurou is not the same person as he was when he left Kiri in the first place.

"Katsurou Returns to Kirigakure"

Mizukage Office

It was a long boat ride to the Land of Water but Katsurou had finally made it. He walks through the gates of Kirigakure and scans the village as he continues walking. It had been only months since he left but it all still seemed different to him. He would get a few smug looks from some of the shinobi that reckonized him. The Shirayuki would only ignore them and continue forward towards the Mizukage's office, behind him was Takeshi and his envoy.
Katsurou continued to be escorted through the Kiri admin building. Last time he was here the Mizukage dropped a bomb shell on him. Surprising how much Katsurou had changed since then. He remembers walking through here last as a nervous wreck. Now he walks through these halls with an heir of confidence, almost as if he owned the place. They finally arrived at the Mizukage's door. One of Yuge's guards knocks on the door and they wait for further instructions.

Yuge looks up at the knock on the door. Glancing over at the clock, he'd give a small nod. Shifting papers into a folder, they would be put off to the side as another folder was grabbed and Yuge would stand up. "Enter." He'd wait for the crew to come in with Katsurou, nodding to them to tell them they can go. Takeshi would take off to do Takeshi stuff as Yuge would motion to the chair across from him at the desk. "Have a seat. Would you like some tea, Katsurou-san?"

Katsurou approaches the Mizukage's desk and doesnt even bother to look back when Yuge dismisses the rest. "I will stand, thank you." The Shirayuki's tone wasnt hostile but it also seemed that he was not so much intimidated by the Mizukage as he once was before. "And no, I do not wish to have any tea." He inwardly wondered what was up with Kage's and their tea. For now he just stood in front of Yuge in silence as he listens to whatever the Mizukage has to say next.

Yuge raised a brow, watching Katsurou for a moment, before nodding and settling into his chair smoothly. Folding his hands before his face, he'd watch Katsurou intently. Very interesting. "First and foremost, I want to apologize for the level the hunter nin went to. I did not expect a use of outside resources, otherwise I would of made sure to clarify it as an internal item only." Yuge shook his head slightly. "Second, you'll be removed from the bingo book immediately. Congradulations on being able to make Chuunin. I fully plan on using you much as the Hokage mentioned. They already know you and so having you as the diplomat makes perfect sense." Yuge sits back slightly in his chair, watching Katsurou. "Do you have anything to add?"

Katsurou doesnt say anything at first. Instead he takes off the pack that was worn on his back and sets it on top of the desk. Various books and scrolls would fall out of it as it slumps open. Inside those books were names, clans, specialties, weaknesses, blue prints, agendas, and a whole lot of inside information on Konoha. "It has been a miserable and challenging year for me so far and I have you to thank for that, Mizukage. Last time i was in this room, you told me that after doing this for you I will come back as a Jounin. Keep your Jounin rank, I just want my name cleared. More than just cleared from the bingo book. I want it to be cleared in Kirigakure and more importantly cleared to my family and clan. I do not like the feeling of being hated nor do I like being called a traitor. Do with me as you see fit. If you want to appoint me as diplomat then I will carry that out as you wish. But I cannot and will not continue to be your spy."

Yuge studied Katsurou for a long moment. Finally, a simple nod was given in response then. "Fine." The paperwork was studied for a moment before he'd move on, getting to his feet to walk over to the door. Opening it, he'd talk to the startled guard. "Get a scribe. Get a package for classified material." Watching the man run off, Yuge would walk back over to the desk, standing beside Katsurou. "You did well, for the task given. Since your choice is to not have the rank.. then you don't. You have a week and then you will return to Konohagakure as our diplomat. There will be others that check in regularly with you." Yuge returned to behind the desk.

"Very well." Katsurou says with a slight bow. He seems to have lighten up a little since he had first walked into the office. "I will make arrangements on my own accord back to Konoha. Having said that, I am requesting the company of an aide of my own to accompany me back to Konoha and deal with matters there. They will be in my charge and I will take responsibility for them. Do I have your permission?"

Yuge gives a nod in response. "That's fine. I'd like final say in who goes with you, just in case there is something else that I need to do with them. However I expect you will make a good choice." Yuge would wave the scribe in, as the guard came in behind the scribe with the box to start transfering the material that Katsurou had. "This is offical. Shirayuki Katsurou is offically recognized as a Kirigakure Chuunin. On top of this, all record of him in the bingo book is to be removed. His actions are part of national security, so anything that happen before this time is classifed with only my authorization to access it." Yuge looked at the scribe then. "Also make sure a formal notice that Katsurou is cleared of all charges is made."

Katsurou studies the scribe as he comes in and takes note of Yuge's commands. Once the Mizukage finishes speaking to the scribe, the Shirayuki nods. "I will indeed let you know who i choose. Seems as if we are going to be working close together now. Send a messenger to the Shirayuki castle if a matter comes up that needs my attention. Otherwise, you will hear from me before I set off back to Konoha with my chosen aide. If that is all, I wish to go be with my family now." He says giving a slight bow.

Yuge nods in response. "of course. I understand the desire. Thank you for coming in, Katsurou-san." Yuge would watch Katsurou go, before finishing the notice with the scribe and sending him on the way as well. It was complicated.. but it should all work out. Considering everything they did get, even if they now have a defunct spy, it was something. Yuge would settle behind his desk again. Now.. exactly how it will go from there.. that'll be the real question.

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