Kawichi Capture


Atara, Setsiro, Kawichi, Raiko

Date: September 13, 2010


A missing nin manhandles a Kumo-nin then gets rewarded for doing so by Raikage.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Kawichi Capture"


A soft tap would sound on the door as someone knocked on the other side… It opened slightly and Setsiro slipped inside, the small woman leaving a slim fingered hand on the door. "Kawichi," she asked hesitantly, looking at his emaciated form. "I have come to pay a visit. Are you… are you well enough for it?"

Without moving he would wave her off. "Go away I'm not in the mood right now." is said in a cold deep voice as he was still looking up. At what no one would know he was a new man he has change you could hear it in his voice.

The door swings open completely. "Don't be like that. This nice girl came all the way out here to see you, and dragged me out with her. At least humor her for a few minutes. Don't be rude." Atara stands there with a grin.

Setsiro was taken aback, just a bit, at the tone in his voice She pursed her lips, deciding that she liked this man a great deal less than she did his previous self. She opened her mouth to speak when Atara did so for her, and she pauses to send a slightly grateful look to Atara, smiling some at the sheer presence the woman had. She turned her attention back to the Reizei, though, stepping out of the way of the other. "Kawichi. What has happened?"

Setsiro was taken aback, just a bit, at the tone in his voice She pursed her lips, deciding that she liked this man a great deal less than she did his previous self. She opened her mouth to speak when Atara did so for her, and she pauses to send a slightly grateful look to Atara, smiling some at the sheer presence the woman had. She turned her attention back to the Reizei, though, stepping out of the way of the other. "Kawichi. What has happened?"

With his eyes closed he would just lay there for moment. "Tsk…I said leave now! What happens to me is none of your crunchy business…..who the weather balloon is their with you!?!" Kawichi would say as he open up his eyes and looked. "What the glee club is this?" is asked as he was shocked as he looked at her. His sword was no where in the room but down the hall to the left.

Atara just glances at the boy, seeing him as uninteresting before heading to the window and pulling the shades wide open, letting in the noon sun in the otherwise dark and oppressive room. "Ahhh… It sure is a nice day out."

"Kawichi," snapped Setsiro, her face firming as her lips thinned, her back and shoulders stiffening as she put on an unconsciously regal mien in her consternation. "Do not be a child. You are of the Reizei clan. If you do not see fit to act as one, then I will do my utmost to see that your life in this clan comes to an end, in one way or another. Compose yourself."

"Tsk…then end it then alright I bring disgrace to this clan for as long as I live." Kawichi would stand up and put hishands into his pocket.

Atara glances over her shoulder at the two. She sighs a bit, muttering something quietly about teenage melodrama before wandering around the room, rummaging through draws, just seeing what is where. "Oh hey cool, stethoscope." She puts it on, and poses into a mirror. "Doctor Ita."

"Disgraceful…" Setsiro shook her head at her clansman, mellifluous voice edged with with a thin but potent content. "You have no resolve, Kawichi. Life will see you crumble." She glanced back at Atara for a moment, pausing, before asking him, "What has put you in such a state?"

"Like I really care what you think of me." Kawichi would then start to walk but once again although his wounds where getting better they still wasn't 100% as on of them reopen. "Shroobit." with that he would fall down to one knee. "This village…I'm not getting stronger in this village….and I don't know why." Kawichi would then struggle to get back onto his feet.
Atara lazily calls over her shoulder as she throws on a white doctors jacket, checking herself out in the mirror. "You know, that almost sounds like your about to start going off about mutiny." She spins around, seemingly uncaring about what is going on. "You know, I look pretty good dressed as a doctor."

Setsiro frowns and shakes her head, silken hair brushing across her shoulders at the movement. "You are weak, Kawichi. You do not grow because you do not know /how/ to be strong. The knowledge is somewhere in you, in all likelihood. Perhaps one day I will dig it out for you." She turned, moving to the door with an, "I'll be outside," to Atara as she left him to his bleeding and brooding.

"Good walk away another bond broken…this just makes then easier for me you know…..I been thinking lately…about weither or not to leave the village….." is said as he was now standing reaching into his pocket he would pull out a pill. "I'm done being in here anyways. Is said as he walked over to the window and open it. "Tossing the pill into his mouth he would then jump out.

Atara throws her arms out to grab at Kawichi. An invisible arm of Ki rips through the window, shattering the glass and throwing it out into the street below, causing quite the commotion.

After seeing the attack coming he was grab and tossed as he was being held he would smirk….squeak your good but your starting to really piss me off." is said as he started to blur. "Just who the mustard are you anyway?" is asked as he was posted up at the moment,

Setsiro sighs behind the closed door, turning around and opening. "Atara?" came her questioning voice as she stepped through, "Did you throw Kawichi out of the window?" She looked at the current situation with a light frown.

Atara just stands there, holding the boy in her invisible hand. When Setsiro comes in she points at the boy. "He said he was going missing-nin. If I didn't do anything then wouldn't that make me accessory? I could get in trouble for that. I think we should bring him in. Somebody definatly heard the commotion so someone should be here soon."

"Let me go already I'll stay in my room like a good little boy…besides if you must know I was going to talk to my father about power and strength." is said as he was still be held but it was getting tighter. "Pokeit!" the pain was getting to him and more of his wounds where opening up.

Setsiro gives a light shrug, "It is his decision. He may make that decision and reap the benefits of it." She pushed her hair out of her face. "I do not particularly like this village, regardless. I cannot say I blame him."

Atara laughs. "I have been thinking lately about whether or not to leave the village. I'm done being here anyway. Those were your exact words. I am not going to jail for you. Who was in the room last? Oh, it was Kimiko! She must have talked him into leaving! Isn't she a foreigner? Yeah, something like that would happen. And if I said I just let you go, well that would make me an accesory. If you hadn't said a word and jumped out the window I would not have given a barrel roll. But noooo, you just have to get all melodramatic about it. Ugh, kids these days." She pokes her head out the window. "Hellooo~ Are their any Jounin in the house? ANBU? Hunter nin? I can't just stand here all day. I got things to do!"

Setsiro gives a light shrug, "It is his decision. He may make that decision and reap the benefits of it." She pushed her hair out of her face. "I do not particularly like this village, regardless. I cannot say I blame him."

Kawichi would move his body a bit as he twisted he would feel the hand unwrapping just but not enough to escape just yet.

Kawichi would move his body a bit as he twisted he would feel the hand unwrapping just but not enough to escape just yet. "Tsk…listen to her and let me go zorkit!" is said as he started to blur more he still was trapped in the ki arm.
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Atara pulls the boy into the room and pins him to the bed. "Stop struggling or I will be forced to detain you a bit more forcefully. Now just wait." She glances over to Setsiro. "If I turn in a missing-nin it would give me some good points with your kage. I might be able to get a couple more building permits and be able to get a better place to set up the massage parlor. Besides, I really don't want to go to jail for some kid I just met. For all I know, they will think I killed him and simply tossed the body away." She pokes her head out the window again. "Hello! Will someone please get some Jounin over here?!"

While he was in the bed he had a weapon near his hands it was a metal knife for the steak he got since he was a Reizei he would use that to slowly make his escape the food pill he took earlier would have some effect and he used it power to make himself blur more. As he moved towards the door he would pass Setsiro. "Forgive me." is what he said just to her.

"Hey! Where do you think your going? This is a citizen's Arr- Err… Denizen's arrest!" Her Ki-arm latches on to the boy once again and slams him into the wall on the other side of the hallway, gripping the boy tightly. Sighing, he walks over into the hallway and shakes her head, watching as a bunch of nurses run about to get a shinobi. "Look here. One more attempt to escape and I will use lethal force. Take your lumps like a man or I will give you a lump so big you won't be able to walk for a week. Or forever."

"You wanna act tough while I don't have my sword I see….Tsk…nothing but trash!" Kawichi think of something but so far he has nothing..so he would wait.

Watching as the boy tries to escape she walks to the window and holds the boy out of it. "I guess it would be easier to take you in unconscious. She throws the boy forcefully into the ground with a powerful throw, creating a small crater in the sidewalk filled with glass with an amazing amount of force. She leaps out of the window, to throw a couple Hay-makers at the boy.

Kawichi was losing way to much blood and wasout but before then he would look at her and glare. "Listen to me I know your face I will find you and kill you that I promise……Worthless trash." is said he passed out

Setsiro swore and dashed back into the room, throwing her limbs wide to catch the air as she began to fall after them, her sword in hand. She pursed her lips at the crater created by the Reizei's body. "Shlunk it…." She threw her body into a spin just before she hit ground, her sword pushing Atara's first punch out of the way. She completed the second spin, blade knocking the second away as well before she hit the ground on one knee, her other leg spread far out behind her.
She ignored the sudden flash of pain at jumping from that height and stood to turn towards the ex-monk, eyes and voice heated. "Ata—Hitomi! You were going to /kill/ him. Can you not tell where to draw the line?"

Atara blinks suddenly before pointing at the boy. "I was not going to kill him. Simply knock him unconscious. And look, there he goes. Out like a light. At worse I would put him into a short Coma. I warned him, Setsiro. I /Warned/ him. He attempted to escape and I took him down, just like I told him I would. I do not threaten lightly. I am not taking the heat for him. Now, I am bringing him to the Raikage's office. I am not about to lie for him. The kind of person who treats you, his own family like he did back there is garbage. Family is the most important thing you have. You don't squander it like that. It's disgraceful. Someone like that shouldn't be a shinobi. They will most likely strip him of his rank and seal his chakra or something. I wasn't going to kill him Setsiro."
"I am /Not/ a murderer."

"You were going to kill him…" reiterated Setsiro, eyes turning to ice, voice silken and deathly serious. "I am fully familiar with death and I saw it in the power and the speed of your arms. He hadn't eaten in two days, he'd taken a soldier pill and used a stupidly risky version of our clan's technique. You tossed him down at least two stories. He. Was going. To die." She sheathed her blade with an unconscious grace and pointed to Kawichi. "Those last two strike would have been too much, Hitomi. I don't particularly care about his life, at this moment. He was irredeemable." She pointed to the woman in front of her, "But if /you/ killed him, what exactly did you think was going to happen? You would be lost to me."

Atara's shoulders slump slightly. She wanted to argue, but she couldn't. Setsiro was right. She went too far. It was true she was simply going to knock him out, but she could have seriously injured him. Likely, he already was seriously injured, but he at least looked stable. "I… I'm sorry. Your right." She turned ot look at the boy and pulls the chain that she uses as a belt and binds the boy tightly so the boy's hands are back to back. She then turns and gives Setsiro a hug. "I… I really am sorry. I didn't think." She laughs a bit, trying to lighten the mood. "That seems to be my biggest problem, huh?"

Setsiro did not relax until she was hugged, and even then it was a gradual thing as tension and regal bearing eased out of her back and shoulders. She sighed slightly, then, pressing her cheek against Atara's, "Stop saying you don't think; I believe you do too much thinking far too often." Her arms slipped around the woman's waist, lashes lowering. "Just be more careful."

A Few Hours Later….

It took the better part of three hours for the report to Kumogakure's law enforcement to be completed, what with the interviews with detectives, the taking of statements and then the usual mandatory checking and filing stuff out. Thankfully, however, perhaps an hour or so after this as all done and taken care of, both Atara and Setsiro were approached by one of the Raikage's assistants. This assistant extended to these shinobi an invitation to Kumogakure's administration hall where Takahashi Raiko wished to personally thank them for their bravery and integrity.
In no time at all, Setsiro and Atara found themselves slipping into comfortable chairs while Raiko herself settles down in her own worn out, but nonetheless comfy seat. "I'd like to thank you both for taking time out of your day to come and see me", the woman says, bringing a hand up to brush back some of her cloudy, pale blue hair. The Kage of the Hidden Cloud was looked to be in her mid-twenties, and despite having been in plenty of harsh battles, still maintained her youthful beauty. Of course, the scarred samurai armor that she wore left no one wondering how or why that was the case. "Is there anything that I can get for you? Some tea, perhaps? Or something to eat?", she asks with a dazzling smile.

Atara bows her head lightly as she sits int the comfy seat she was given. She sighed happily. She was asked her story no less than twenty times, and now she only has to give it once more. There had to be some underlying irony about the whole situation, but she tries not to think to hard on it.
"Thank you, Raikage-sama. And I would love some tea right about now. I'm not used to all this kind of ninja-stuff and excitement. I think I am getting a headache and some tea would really help." Atara gives a warm smile. "But it is nice to see you again, despite the unsavory situation."

Setsiro raises her hand in declination of tea or sustenance, offering a polite smile in reutn. "No, thank you, Raikage-sama. It is enough to be here in your presence; I had been wanting to meet you for a small amount of time. It is a shame that it must be done under such circumstances. But alas, perhaps I should have realized that business would be the surest way to acquire a meeting with a Kage."
Her hand sought to rest on a weapon that was not there, and it paused as though confused before settling in her lap, slim fingers wrapping around each other.

"Of course", Raiko replies warmly to Atara's request, "It is good to see you again". When the matter of their reason for this visit comes up, the young Kage frowns and hangs her head a little. "It is a shame that our meeting must return to a depressing situation, but that isn't quite what I hoped to bring you both here for", she says. Rising from her seat, the ninja clad in samurai armor bows low to her guests. "On behalf of Kumogakure, and the Land of Lightning, I want to express my most sincere gratitude in apprehending a rogue shinobi. Your courage and integrity is a sterling example of some of the ideals I hope to foster in all Cloud ninja during my tenure as the Raikage", she tells them in a humble voice. "And I must apologize to you, Setsiro-San, for being unavailable. Please forgive me", she adds with honesty.
Relaxing, Raiko smiles and gestures to the door, "Please excuse me for a moment while I bring in some tea". With that, the Raikage leaves the room for a few minutes and returns with a tray containing three cups with their own little serving plates and a steaming pot of tea. With grace and elegance that contrasts sharply with wearing bulky, heavy armor, but nonetheless works out just fine for a shinobi, Raiko pours some of the hot, delicious liquid into a cup and serves it to Atara.
Once she was seated again with her own cup, the Raikage confesses, "I would like to reward the both of you for your heroism. While I know that neither Hitomi-San, or you, Setsiro-San, acted with the intention of earning a reward, I feel that such commendable behavior deserves one". Smiling to them, she asks, "So, what can I do for you?".

Atara's eyes widen as the Raikage leaves the room to make her tea. She turns to look at Setsiro. "Wow. I was expecting her to just call a servant… Your Kage is quite the host." She smiles and leans back in the comfy chair. When the Kage comes back she stands out of respect and only sits down after she does. She takes her tea with a polite thank you and adds honey, which she is happy to see the Kage remembered. She was from the land of Honey after all. Allegedly. "It is… Unfortunate you have potentially lost a shinobi of your ranks. A wise monk once said 'Believe me, if you now, contrary to all the better principles of your life, give the reins to your passions, the consequences may be such as you will rue for your lifetime, and even, if Heaven have not mercy, rue after your life is finished.' That boy, Kawichi would have been well to hear, or even listen to such wise words."
"Reward?" The missing-nin has to pause and think for a few moments. She was not expecting this. Just getting into the woman's good favor was enough for her. She wants to politely decline, but she cannot afford to waste such a rare opportunity. "I… I don't know what to say, you honor me." She is silent for a moment. "All I ask is for some building permits in some nice places to do buisness. Likely you have heard of the massage therapy clinic I and my associates are opening, as well as a private security firm. I ask for your support in these endeavors. We are even hiring street gangs, offering them a high salary to stay out of trouble and simply report suspicious activity and to protect client interests. We are actually expected to see at least a small decrease in crime, as nobody else will hire these degenerates. They are a bit of a loud bunch, I admit, but for the most part they are taking to their job with quite a bit of gusto. Again, all I ask is your support. Obviously Kazekage-sama would be free to come in for free a free massage whenever work finds itself stressful."

Raiko hangs her head a little with a frown and says, "It is truly a shame, but… I cannot allow dissent to take root in any of the shinobi under my care, least of all those of rank. Being gifted with such superhuman powers, I feel that all ninja should be held to a higher standard of integrity and honor, which includes loyalty to a community worthy of such devotion - And we have all worked hard to make Kumogakure, and the Land of Lightning such a place". Sighing, the Raikage brings a hand up to support her face, her brown skin looking especially fair in the light of the office. For a moment, she almost looked like she would be more at home in a Noble's court than a military administration building, dressed for war. "And we've come so far in only a few years since the last civil conflict…", she sighs, and then seems to realize it and gets back on track.
"And you honor us with such admirable conduct", Raiko counters with a smile, "If you wish for building permits, they are yours. I'll speak with some business owners and contractors to see what can be done for you". Hearing about getting street gangs involved in a private security firm, one would probably think that a Kage would balk at such a liberal idea, and yet, it makes something shine in the Raikage's eyes. "Ah! I read a report on recidivism from one of our nation's courtiers that dealt with crime rates among income levels, as well as alternatives to punishment", she says, "I was amazed to see that the recidivism rate has reached as high as seventy percent in some nations, so I would like to get some people involved in this project of yours if I could. That way, we can help these people by giving them a solid income and a respectable place in society. As hard as it can be to imagine sometimes, a criminal can be a victim as well. Which is why I was hoping for our internal police to interview Kawichi-San first, and see if we can help him somehow".

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