First Promotion Exams - Keep Going: Mizuru vs. Hitoshi


Mizuru, Hitoshi, Naoki, Eremi

Date: January 20, 2012


While trying to recover from the encounter with the spider Mizuru is confronted by a fellow genin of Konoha.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"First Promotion Exams - Keep Going: Mizuru vs. Hitoshi"

East Shiren Caverns

It was a goal that Hitoshi had to see to: he had to find Eremi, or Naru, or both, and get things organized again. The caves were overly quiet, he would note to himself. He didn't really like that unnerving silence. But… if it meant keeping his head low and staying quiet until he could regroup with the rest of his little team, so be it. Until then, he would remain quiet and just continue on, wandering through the catacombs and letting his footsteps carry him along. From time to time, he would stop, pause, and draw a kunai out to listen at the drip of water… otherwise, he would frown, and continue on.

"I gotta get going," he remarks to himself quietly. "I gotta find Naru-kun and Eremi-kun." He looks around in the dim-lit cave… and he shakes his head some. "Rest, though." He spies himself a nice, smooth looking rock, and moves to squat down on it, placing his bottom onto the smooth rock and looking around again, breathing out slowly…

Mizuru was resting up after taking on that spider the other day. Naoki had gone out to fetch some supplies as Mizuru recovered back at camp. He was reflecting on the battle and seeing how there was almost a dispute over who gets the scroll. Mizuru could see it in everyone's eyes. Naru and Naoki both desire a scroll so bad, it's hard to tell what they would actually consider doing for one. Mizuru leans against a rock letting his wounds recover only tending to them when they began to ache.
"This exam is slowly eating away at everyone. Even me." He comments. "For survival even the nicest of people can become monsters." Mizuru was starting to realize this. "Attacking friends…betraying teammates and anything else they can think of." Mizuru was actually starting to wonder if he should trust the people he's decided to so far.

After the many days he's already been in here and having been wandering alone, especially after the epic Upset against Tsun, it wouldn't surprise Hitoshi if his senses weren't screwing with his head. Did he hear a voice? Hear footsteps? He had tensed up slightly against the dim light of the caverns, and began to look around… left, right, up, down… Because, frankly, these shinobi could come from anywhere. Even from the underground. He frowns slightly, drawing a kunai out of his pouch and spinning it around in his hand to grasp it, waiting…

"Who's there?" he calls out, suddenly. He's loud enough for his voice to carry, and echo off the walls… "Show yourselves! I -will- not just let you take me out if I can help it!"

Mizuru turns his head hearing someone calling out. It was an unfamiliar voice and most likely a trap. Mizuru was appalled by his first thought though. He usually wasn't so distrusting yet here he was gathering chakra just in case he needed it. He's hesitant to return an answer to whoever this was. He lifts himself from the stone and sighs. "They could be injured." he tells himself. The medic tries to dissuade himself from checking it out but alas he cannot forsake his nature.
"Hello." he calls out look around waiting for someone to show up. His hand twitches wanting to go for his tools but he had to catch himself. Mizuru takes a deep breath. "Calm down. I won't let this thing get to me." he murmurs. He relaxes and stands up straight. His side starts to ache causing him a bit of trouble. -I can't handle an attack in this condition-

Someone is there. A source of chakra, and Hitoshi frowns a little bit… but… he can't focus too much on the directionality. He does hear a voice after a moment or two. Yes, it could be a trap… one set up for Hitoshi. He begins to tighten th grip on his kunai, and he moves toward where he heard the voice coming from. He wanders around quietly, listening. He remains silent, and eventually, he pauses before rounding a corner… at which point, he finds himself facing Mizuru, a wide enough gap between them. However, despite the gap, the other shinobi is on his guard.

The kunai comes up as he takes a defensive posture, and he brings his fingers together into a Ram seal. He, too, begins to focus, and he holds the kunai at an awkward angle while he holds the seal, watching Mizuru.

"Identify yourself." He can barely make the boy out in the dim light… but… no chances.

Looking on to this person Mizuru inclines his head. This couldn't be a trick could it? The shinobi was just standing there in front of him. Is it possible his intentions are not to fight? Then again there is always the possibility that he wasn't alone. Mizuru tries to find some indication of what village this guy is from. The darkness made finding distinctive features rather difficult. "Nagi Mizuru, please don't come any closer until. Not yet. Who are you?" he asks. Again his ribs ache. He tries to mask the pain and sooth the damage with a healing jutsu.
Mizuru makes note of a few escape routes and tries to recall where Naoki had set traps. HE didn't want anyone springing them unnecessarily. Mizuru can see that the young man before him is armed. He lets his hand hover over his tool pouch and waits calmly not wanting to make a hasty move. "You seem distraught. You should probably calm down." Mizuru advises

You should probably calm down. Hah.

Hitoshi's forehead protector is fight there on his head, tied around his head… It's the Konoha leaf, obviously. He just quietly squints as the boy calls out his name… Nagi Mizuru. The name rings a bell or two, and he holds his defensive posture. "Taniguchi Hitoshi," he calls out, "of Konoha." A pause, then, and he frowns a little bit, considering this. The other boy is, he thinks, also from Konoha…

He has to think about getting to the end of this event, though. Surviving. So, his mind refocuses, and he just frowns a little. "I'm looking to challenge another shinobi," he simply states, holding his seal still, maintaining his focus.

Mizuru hadn't heard the name before but he was a bit relieved to hear that they were from Konoha. "Haven't seen you around Konoha. I'd like to say it's a pleasure to meet you." he says smirking a bit. Mizuru taps his forehead protector "I'm from Konoha too." Mizuru states. One would say he's a bit too trusting but that's how he's made it this far. Hearing Hitoshi's explanation Mizuru pretty much can guess that he's after a scroll. The medic inclines his head as he considered a few things. "Oh alright…." his eyes shift left and right. "Not like I'd be much of a challenge at the moment though." His injuries would take time to heal. A thought crossed his head then. Did the person before him have a scroll? If so should he try and obtain it? This game of survival twisted the minds of everyone Mizuru was finding himself undergoing decisions that normally wouldn't give rise to such conflict within. "I won't stop you from doing whatever it is you're trying to do. But I will say this. I don't intend to be taken out here. There are people depending on me." he states. "I apologize Hitoshi-san for any inconvenience." he states with a chuckle.

"Very well, then."

At this point, Hitoshi decides it'd be best to just spare the pleasantries at this point. His beginning… subtle. At least, to begin with, it is. Until the point that Hitoshi is throwing some complicated handsigns in succession… Not moving, he digs into the ground with his feet, bowing back and lunging forward after finishing the seals…

His hand comes in front of him, his fingers forming a ring around his lips as he blows… and as the chakra swells, it burns, intensely… the fireball growing. Eventually, it reaches a ridiculous size, and it launches forward. It's the great fireball technique.

As he lets it fly, he then moves, trying to change his angle of attack against the boy… hoping to aim in the direction the boy will go, taking that chance… As he begins to form more handseals. The name of the game, though, is to fight at-range. He lets loose with another attack, the fire flying… another stream of fire coming from the boy. Needless to say, there is at least -light- to fight by now.

The fire ball was a surprise to say the least. But it did light up the show. Mizuru dodges with chakra augmenting his movements. But it seems Hitoshi anticipated his movements and he found himself taking damage from the shuriken. "Mud, he seems like a ranged type too." Mizuru moves quickly trying to find cover. He sighs as his wounds burn. "I gotta think of something." He says to himself. He mends some of his injuries as he leans against a stone protruding the cave floor. The medic tries to consider a mode of counter attack, but he has to get off the defensive first. Mizuru would retreat back forcing Hitoshi to venture closer if he didn't want to lose him. With that done the man would be in range of the traps.

Blinking when his essential Wall of Fire is met with… nothing but trying to stay on the move, Hitoshi frowns a little bit. Oh, this is silly. Why doesn't this shinobi try to fight back? He just shakes his head slightly, continuing to form his handseals and just remains planted, eyes following the other shinobi as he takes aim. More of those blazing shuriken are spit forward - literally fire, formed in the shape of large shuriken, and consistently, another couple of smaller, but more direct looking fireballs, toward the boy. If Mizuru wants to dance around the cave, Hitoshi'll provide the tempo.

At this point, Hitoshi is just trying to keep himself at that distance. He wants Mizuru to come to him, maybe?…

This distance between them so far worked towards Hitoshi's advantage. With the fire flying MIzuru had to take extra care as to not let his scroll get burned. However there was no way he could keep this up. As he evades the last fireball Mizuru reaches into tool pouch and tosses a flurry of shuriken at the young boy. Hopefully it would distract him enough so that Mizuru could hide and actually recover. He pants heavily as his burn wounds worsen. "This guyhehe fights like an Uchiha."

If Hitoshi were to hear it, he'd probably take it as a compliment. He did, after all, learn some of his techniques from his Uchiha teammate… Sigh. For a split second, Hitoshi may actually -miss- that crazy, pink-haired girl. But it only lasts for a brief moment, because he is suddenly focused on the fact there are hard pieces of sharp metal flying at him through the air…


Ram seal, and Hitoshi simply begins to flit across the cavern, becoming a mere blur as the shuriken miss their marks. As he focuses and keeps an eye on the boy, he watches him try to duck… and on his final flicker, he brings himself close in, and he finds himself flickering on top of a rock, towering slightly over Mizuru.

"—I have the high ground, Nagi-kun!" he calls toward the boy. There's a distance, still, but not quite the amount of distance he had before. It's closer quarters now. "You've fought well, but if you're going to try and run, you should retire here."

Mizuru looks up seeing Hitoshi has indeed taken the high ground. He's silent as Hitoshi speaks and nods "Right you are. But you entered my territory. Remember that." Mizuru smiles taking out a kunai and tossing it left. The kunai slits a string and releases a collection of shuriken and kunai upon Hitoshi from the right. Mizuru was going to use these traps since they went through the trouble of setting them up. Anticipating the speed and skill of Hitoshi's body flicker technique Mizuru activates a second trap with shuriken now. It would release a rain of sharps from the ceiling of the cave. Amidst all the chaos Mizuru would once again try to slip away and hide. -If worse comes to worse I'll have to use that- he nods softly.

Eyes would follow the kunai that strikes the apparent string, and Hitoshi is not -expecting- the apparent rain of weaponry on him as he begins to flicker away, widening the gap again… but keeping his eyes on Mizuru. He'd not flinch, feeling a couple of knicks against his arms and legs, but otherwise, he remains steadfast, watching the boy… and when the gap is widened again, he proceeds with his handseals, breathing in and beginning his rain of fire again.

Two more of those fiery shuriken are borne forward, and as Mizuru tries to run away, each one aimed slightly ahead of the boy, as a means of cutting off the pathway of his run. "This cave is no one's but nature's," he calls out, "and those little tricks may be nice, but they aren't always perfect."

Mizuru was growing curious as to how he kept being found but the traps at least put some wear on him. Mizuru would see the flurry of shuriken this time and dodge quickly. Continuing to try and make his escape. He's ready to prepare for the worst hand going into his back pocket. But he feels a bump from his side and looks to see Naoki there. "What? When? Where?" Mizuru blinks. After being pushed he caught himself and winces as his burns act up. Mizuru looks back to Naoki then Hitoshi. "Looks like my teammate showed up." Mizuru was now skeptical about leaving Naoki behind. This Hitoshi looks like he's prepared to kill. Mizuru sighs -Damnit, I will have to use that method- Mizuru backs up slowly as if checking for something. The scroll is tucked in his hand now; upon Hitoshi's next blaze of handsigns Mizuru would flash it for negotiations.

Naoki would come out the wood works would a more departed off faced then normal as he was breathing slightly heavy he would smirk and speak softly. As he would try and spin but would be cut off before the chakra would run through his body thus he would be hit by the burning kunai. Naoki would focus more and find his center and started to sway like a tree blowing in the wind. "Hmph…leave now and I swear no harm will come to you…" Naoki would start to untie the kunai off of his arm and started to tie it around his forehead "For in your current state you are to fatigued to fight another battle…so please leave I wish not to fight another battle so soon." Smiling faintly he would stand there with a strong juuken stance pulling out the last two kunais he had left already found two more traps that Mizuru and himself set up with the use of his byakugan. "My name is Hyuuga Naoki….and you are?" Naoki would be trying his best to do nothing more but to by time for Mizuru to escape. "How about this…if you refuse to back off you fight me for my scroll in exchange for my friends life?" Naoki would have a strong poker face as he stood there the wind would blow through his hair as he stood there waiting. "Beside I can tell that you have a heart and you really don't want to do this."

Despite the three of them, Hitoshi, Naru and Eremi forming a group once entering the caves and discussing how if any of them decide to go out, they were to be sure to bring along another for back up, just in case. Though as time went on, hanging around and waiting for the inevitable, one of them was bound to go off alone. It seemed the first to do so was Hitoshi, but Eremi saw the other doing so. He was too timid to speak up and stop Hitoshi from doing what he wanted, but still had to make sure to follow the other.
Doing so, he kept his distance, just enough to keep Hitoshi in sight and not so much that he might be spotted. At least that was what he hoped. When Hitoshi ran into another, Eremi stayed hidden, not wanting to get involved. He wanted to allow Hitoshi the chance to prove himself and was only going to get involved were things to get out of hand. As the fight progressed, it looked as if Hitoshi was close to get a scroll back after having to lose it to that water manipulator. The traps kept coming and the other genin kept trying to flee, but Hitoshi kept on. The way it was going, Eremi would only have to walk the winner home.
Suddenly, another appeared. Interrupting Hitoshi's final attacks that would have ended this whole thing. It was now that things might go south for his makeshift teammate. He couldn't allow this to happen, he had to make himself be known. Crouched down low from where he stood he focused within, reaching into one of the gates and forcing it open. Doing so, the chakra erupted through his body making his muscles ache in response. He dug a foot into the ground, then blasted off through the field like a blur of motion to those not trained and bale to see such. He continued his momentum until appearing behind the two that were retreating. His hands were at his sides and bandages that are normally wrapped tight against his arms were dangling next to him. "I say, we keep things fair and let them finish this."
«TBP» Eremi says, "able*"

A pant, two pants, as Hitoshi watches his attacks get absorbed by someone who he never was intending to see— someone who just decided to interrupt their duel. He holds himself up on the rock, keeping his back straight, his posture strong, and his stance wide and varying… He just -stares- at Naoki, frowning. "I guess, because you're from some big name clan in our village, you think you're going to throw your clout around and try to intimidate me into surrendering and walking away, is that it?" Hitoshi's voice raises, now, and he brings his fingers up into the Ram seal again, so that he can keep himself focused up… though, despite what Naoki said, yes, he was feeling tired. He needed to rest, soon.

"… I guess it's a two on one, then. I had no plans to kill him. I just wanted him to surrender and let this end." He pauses, then, frowning. "But, I guess if it's gonna come to that, it's gonna come to th—"

Suddenly, a burst of chakra… from where?! Another friend of their's? No… no, this was… huh. Raw. This was very raw.

And then, Eremi makes his grand entrance. He -stares,- but then, refocuses himself, trying to remain ready to go…

"Looks like we've got us a stand-off."

Looks to Naoki then down at the ground remembering all the times Naoki had stuck up for him. His pride as a Hyuuga was compromised many times for Mizuru's sake. The young medic new that under normal circumstances Naoki wouldn't dishonor himself and interrupt a fight. To Mizuru's shock Eremi had shown up too. He was surprised but at the same time he could understand what Eremi was saying. Mizuru couldn't argue and truthfully wouldn't have it any other way. The medic moves to take his head band from his neck and secures it around his head. "I guess I have no choice." he mutters. As his head rises with the pride of a shinobi Mizuru grins. "Naoki-san. He's right. This is my fight. My opponent. My trial." the medic cracks his knuckles and tugs on his gloves. "My honor."

"This scroll isn't worth dying or even fighting over. No what's really important doesn't lie within this petty chuunin exam." Mizuru starts repairing his wounds so that he can continue this fight and defend his nindo. "Take it. I'll keep pushing on. Because in the end the real chuunin is a shinobi that values what's really important." When Mizuru finished he looked at Hitoshi "I'm ready." he takes a deep breath "I won't run." He then arms himself with a kunai. "I won't let these exams destroy me or my nindo." The medic was determined to strive and pull through this.

Naoki sighed as he looked at Hitoshi and then the sudden arrival of another that was fast enough to slip so close before even being spotted with his byakugan. "It’s not like that at all…My clan has nothing to do with that at all…I just find it common customs to state your name first when you are faced with new people. On the theme of fairness then allow me and my teammate a day of rest…just one for we fought a huge spider that was stronger than the normal. It took me, Mizuru, Naru and even Keiji to keep it from killing all of us. So please allow us to rest for when we do fight again we will be at our best." Naoki would be bowing slightly to the both of them as he spoke body would be ready to still be able to move.

Eremi tried the best he could to stay calm while listening between Naoki and Mizuru. The latter seemed ready to still continue on and fight Hitoshi once again, but the newcomer was still trying to keep it from happening. "I've been here since the fight has started. Your friend knew what they were getting involved in and even attempted to heal themselves a couple times during the fight." His eyes glancing over to notice Mizuru doing so once again before looking back to Naoki, "Giving the circumstances and wanting a day to heal only to come back and fight again, you might as well just give Hitoshi the scroll…Heal up and then try to take it back from him." Either way, Eremi wasn't going to allow anyone to get away from this without finding a conclusion that was fair.

"If you want to finish this, Nagi-kun, then let's finish it… One on one. Eremi-san, move!"

With that, Hitoshi begins to form his handseals again, focusing his chakra and from his perch, he begins to once again spew his fiery goodness in the form of his apparent signature move: the Blazing Shuriken. The flaming shuriken come flying from his mouth in random directions, as he throws himself forward, holding the handseal… one, two, three of the large buggers, as he braces himself down to let them fly. Once they're lunged, he readies himself, holding his ground and preparing to move, knelt down slightly and holding his handseal consistent…

"Finish this!" He calls out.

Mizuru does his best to avoid the flaming shuriken. He crouches low and dodges using his chakra to augment his movements. He was singed by one of them but it wasn't enough to slow him down completely. Mizuru drew shuriken as he dodged and waited until he rounded the last of the blazing shuriken to attack. His hand flash forward and shuriken are sent to Hitoshi with vicious spinning speed. One of the shuriken snagged a rope and sent a wave of kunai to fly up from underneath Hitoshi. Mizuru nods moving fast now to flank Hitoshi and attack with a knife hand chop to the side of the boy's neck

As it stood now Naoki would sigh and allow the fight to keep going however he would just watch from the sidelines and then glanced over to Eremi from time to time. "Hmph I see." is stated as he watched closely with his Byakugan and laughed as he kept watch. (He won’t make it far…that Hitoshi-san that is…he is getting drained to fast from his own techniques…he won't last long.)

With the fighting finally starting, Eremi kept his eyes on Mizuru even with Hitoshi sending in waves of blazing shuriken. He was waiting, for his opportunity to restore balance to the way things were when he was hiding. Then he saw his moment, Mizuru charged forward and sent out two shuriken, but in different directions. He was going to have to be fast for this to work. Quickly reaching behind his cloak and withdrawing a kunai he sprinted forward, easily catching up to Mizuru's pace and moving faster still. With a thrust of his hand, he used the kunai to deflect the shuriken away from Hitoshi before skidding to a stop, digging his foot into the ground and pushing off toward the other that was heading toward a rope. He reached in deep, finding pools of stamina and speed he normally keeps in wrap. Reaching the rope, he spun around and batted the second shuriken away. "Two interrupts for two. Now we should be able to enjoy things from here."

When Mizuru starts to move, Hitoshi is stone still, his eyes seemingly wide for a moment. But, then, a flurry of activity begins to occur around him. This… this gives him his chance, his cover to start his work. he lets Mizuru close on in, and get closer and closer, realizing Eremi is working around him… and as he closes in, he smiles pleasantly. With a flick of Eremi's cloak… he leaves a medium-sized in his place for Mizuru to slap his hand again uselessly.

And then, another flurry of fiery attacks. More of those shuriken… except, this time, they're followed up with Hitoshi continuing to stay on the move, shaking his head a little bit. He knows he's got to end this soon…

Why was the bum luck always coming his way? Was this Fate's way of saying 'go home?'

Mizuru is able to avoid the first wave of shuriken but the second did connect inflicting further damage to him. Mizuru knew that if he continued he'd be crippled severely for the remainder of the exams. He pauses for a moment and takes out his chuunin scroll. Mizuru holds it out towards Hitoshi and nods "This is what you want correct?" he holds it in the palm of his hand. "Come take it. I don't wish to fight past the point. You can have the scroll, for now." Mizuru states. He didn't seem upset about it at all. The medic had said he'd make it through this and he didn't have any intention of letting this being the farthest he goes.

Having crouched down, Hitoshi was panting, ready. He was tired. He was cut up a bit from earlier attacks, slightly wincing now from the wounds… perhaps he had finally gotten some dirt in them, or something. He watches Mizuru duck, weave, and dodge, but that doesn't entirely save him, finally… and when he is sunk on another hit, Hitoshi readies to counter with more… But then, Mizuru seems to lose the Ghost, as it were, and he blinks. Slowly, he stands up, coming out of his crouch and blinking.

"You're serious," he remarks quietly, looking to the scroll in the boy's hand. Slowly, he advances foward, reaching out slowly toward Mizuru's outstretched hand to accept the scroll. "Nn. You're injured. There's a very talented medic kunoichi Eremi-kun and I ran into days ago… she'd be willing to heal you up completely," he remarks softly, "if you'd be willing to come with Eremi-kun and myself? Her name's Sabaku no Hana… Just a few days ago, I had a completely broke leg, and a pretty nasty head injury…" He smiles. "Obviously, I'm better now…"

He keeps his hand outstretched. One, to accept the scroll. the other way, being in peace. "Take me up on it. It's not like we have much of a choice but to band together, either way, Nagi-kun… Especially if we all want to take out that monster girl from Kiriga…"

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