Keep Off the Grass


Goh, Yuge

Date: July 24, 2012


Unification of Kirigakure isn't easy, but slow and steady steps will prove to make a difference later. Goh, a wanderer seeks out a deal with Yuge to have a firecracker of a Kumogakure ninja to stay in the village in a ritual to prove herself worthy to the Salamanders that reside there. The deal may better relations, but considering the personality of this shinobi, things may turn sour. Hopefully, something can be done that'll ensure everything runs smoothly as keeping off the grass may not be all that easy.

"Keep Off the Grass"

Mizukage's Office — Kirigakure Administration

If Kirigakure wasn't cold already, then it felt even colder today. Luckily, the sun

was out and made it slightly warmer. Yuge wasn't affected all that much, but even he had

moments of getting chilly. Perhaps this is one of the few times he's happy to be in the office

where the heat can be contained and manageable. So far, it's nothing but a whole bunch of

papers that he has to look over. Yet, he a most devious smirk. None of these need to be

processed They're all part of the old administration and he's seeking to change all that to

make sure that Kirigakure is lead to victory once more.

Having made his way to Kirigakure once again, the blonde ninja known as Goh enters from

the front door, a small knock on to indicate that he's coming in. He doesn't steadily approach

though, rather choosing to wait for Yuge to grant him closer access. This was the first time

the pair had met, after all. And although they have likely heard much about the other, it's

nothing compared to talking to the real deal.
"Mizukage?" Goh enquires, hands digging into his pockets. "My name is Goh. The advisors

at the front said I could head straight on through." He himself shivers a little bit, perhaps a

bit cold. "Good to finally meet the new head honcho."

Yuge looked to be pretty laid back with his duties, evidenced by the way he held his

hands behind his back and relaxed in his seat. When Goh showed himself in, he smiled saying,

"You've got the right one. How can I help you today? I'm Hozuki Yuge, Mizukage, the Big Cheese

and all those other words. Who are you?"

"Goh," The wanderer says again, his brows furrowing. Perhaps the Mizukage missed it the

first time he introduced himself? Anyway, it doesn't matter. Having a quick glance around the

room almost idly, he continues. "I won't keep you for too long. It looks like that… uh, you

have plenty of fun stuff going on there." He muses at the big pile of papers.
"I have a proposition, if you're keen. I've got a travelling buddy with me, travelling

across the world. It's a new thing, really. Problem is, she's someone I picked up in

Kumogakure." Kumogakure ninja, of course, being quite… er, out-of-favour with Kirigakure

right now.
"So. Is it possible that you guys can… I dunno, not kill her? She's not very old.

Still a kid, really. I have an idea of something I can do if you want something for her to be

allowed to move around inside the borders freely."

Relaxation has it's moments of temporary deafness. "No, no, you can stay around for as

long as you want. I'm all by myself here and it's absolutely boring. I'm not a guy that prides

himself in boredom. I mean, look at me," he gestured to himself and beamed a bright smile.

"Anyway…" He cleared his throat. "So, you have a Kumogakure ninja kid travelling with you and

she needs some freedom to roam around. Killing seems to be a popular subject brought up with

this village and that's a problem for me. Is there a reason she'd need to be able to wander

around these parts?"

Goh smirks a little. "I realize you're quite forgiving, at least now. But plenty of

Kirigakure ninja aren't so quick to move on and erase the past. Quite a few of their comrades

I'm sure have been killed by Kumogakure shinobi. I'm sure there would be quite a few that would

love nothing more than to gut one in return. Whether it be a kid or not." His hands stay in his

pockets. "I think it's good that you're trying to make progress, but obviously you can't change

a culture over night." He nods at that.
"I expect she'll be with me most of the time, but… yeah. She will no doubt travel out

on her own. She's a bit of a rascal, and I'm a little worried that her… er, rough edges will

cause some flares."
He sways on his feet a bit. "There is a special reason, yep. It has to do with the

Salamander, actually. But it doesn't threat the Village or anyone in it, so I'd like to keep

the specifics on the down-low, really. If that's alright."
"This could be a great example for Kirigakure to show just how far it's come. Can you

imagine the stories that will erupt when people find out that a Kumogakure ninja got through

the Bloody Mist unscathed? I'll be sure to spread them like crazy when we make our leave and

travel the rest of the world, you can count on it."
"Maybe I could do something else… I dunno, help unify the Kirigakure ninja or

something." He lifts a finger to rub his chin.

"Oh, believe me I know. One guy already attacked me for not mentioning soldiers in a

speech I made. He had a good point and it could have been some bias showing through, but I have

to convince them that they are not forgotten. I felt their fight was in vain and it was. Dying

for a cause that many times they lost their lives in and in some part, from their very own

side. Everyone remembers that light of death that could fire across landscapes," he shook his

"But it's true, I can't change a culture overnight." He straightens himself up in his

seat and stands at his full height. He was a pretty tall guy, it appears. "I wouldn't mind

giving this a test trial. Might have to let some people know to keep her well guarded as a

guest of this village whenever she arrives. I feel I'm missing a lot of details and I don't

want to be left in the dark. If you could tell me exactly what it is that's going on, name of

the person and all the in between, we should have a deal."

Goh tilts his head from left to right for a moment. "Well then, I guess I can let you

know. As the Mizukage, you're probably a trustworthy person!" He snickers.
"Very well, the name of the girl is Rise. Like I said, she's from Kumogakure. A

Chuunin, having passed the recent exams that took place. During these exams, I think she built

up a bit of a… erm, rivalry with some Mist ninja. I told her not to do anything stupid, but

who can tell what's going to happen? She's fiery, for sure. And given how prickly some are, she

could find herself in some hot water." He swallows.
"Obviously I don't mind her being taught lessons. If she insults Kirigakure ninja and

does stupid things, then I would be fine with you guys retaliating. She has to learn lessons.

Just so long as she's not maimed. Or killed." He grins a bit. "I realize you're trying to down

the bloodthirstiness, but no need to make yourself look like wusses, huh?"
"Anyway, I'm bringing her to an array of different Salamander Cave locations. They are

scattered throughout, and one of them is in Kirigakure." He pauses. "I need to take her to this

Cave to see if she's got what it takes to be a Salamander Champion, like myself. Once done,

we'll head to the next Cave in Sunagakure, and we'll be out of your hair."

Yuge's smirk seemed devious, but maybe it was just his countenance. He did look like

he was plotting something most of the time. "That'd be hard for me to guarantee even as the

Mizukage. I can understand being taught a lesson, but holding back is something I don't think

will happen all that often. I can encourage it, but it is a sticky situation. If necessary, I

may have to have her protected. I'll see what I can do about all of this. If she's only going

to be here just to go into a cave, then things shouldn't be all that bad." He rubbed his chin

idly. "Salamander caves. Hehehe. I don't want to block her from her quest. Wish there was

another location outside of Kirigakure that the cave could be at, but eh," he shrugged.
"Oh well. I've got the information and don't see too much of a problem with what's

going on. I'll ensure that she isn't mained, killed, brutalized or any of those things while

she tries to become a Salamander Champion."

"Well, we're just seeing if she's eligible first." Goh begins. "And yeah. It's sort

of… bothersome, but they were here first. Kirigakure was built over the top of them." He

shrugs. "Yeah, maybe have those shadow things look after her or something. I really don't think

she'd do anything to have people attack her, but you never know." He grins.
"But cool, thanks. Hey — I was thinking too. To bring some spark back into the Village

and get people buzzing again.I have this evil plan that has me dressing up as a bad guy, and

breathing fire onto the Village? That way, some of the Village shinobi can unite, get a great

feeling of good-will! Of course, I won't actually destroy any buildings or bring anyone to

serious harm. And I'm wicked awesome at disguises, so no-one will even know it's me!"
Announcement: Centersfocus shouts, "Shows over. Testing showed there to be further development

needed. It is coming, just not today."

"I doubt it'll work, but I give you an A for effort," Yuge chortles, his voice booming

as he does so. "I've got my plans for the village that I'm workin' on, but maybe I might

consider you sometime. It'll depend on the circumstances so that might mean you won't be

getting called back at all, but what the heck. The only thing a bad guy like that will make

them wonder who can get to it first and cause the most damage. I'm more than sure you'd die in

the process."

"Heh, well, keep me posted. I certainly don't want to die." Goh frowns at that, before

turning around on his heel. "It's been great talking to ya, Mizukage!" He lifts a hand to wave.

"I'm going to head back. Ja ne." And just like this, he strides out from the area, perhaps

going to make sure that Rise is still alive. >_>;

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