Kegawa’s Secret Mentor


Kegawa, Karasu

Date: December 11, 2010


Kegawa agrees to let Karasu be her Mentor

"Kegawa’s Secret Mentor"

Outside Kusagakure [Land of Grass]

Outside Kusagakure [Land of Grass]


A path snakes it way to the entrance of Kusagakure. The trail seems to be decorated with bushes and shrubs sculpted of past heroes to the village. Some present, some past. Some real old, some really young. The trail of heroes leads to a large archway composed entirely of vines and flower arrangements. At night it is a beautiful sight to see many fire flies swarm around the entrance. Northbound, the landscape seems to be a bit low with endless grassy plains and a rocky area in the background.


Kegaway is out outside of Kusagakure practicing some of her training. She is supposed to keep up with her training even if she's not in school. She's hiding laying low among the flower arrangements trying to be as sneaky and quiet as possible. Along the path a black puppy is sniffing around.

Karasu the Traveler was wandering around staggering after he came upon a fight in a pit. He had been looking for a place to rest as today was just not his day he had the misfortune to fight someone more skilled than he and then escaped by the bare laurels he had been allotted. "Gahhh!" he stumbled upon what seemed to be the most serene and comfortable place, filled with flowers "THIS IS….." He looked around before then plopping down and falling out, he passed out and looked up at the sky.

The black puppy continued to sniff around and than goes right towards Kegawa. The student gahs as she is found and the girl pops up with the nin-dog in her arms, "You found me. I don't know how I'm going to ever hide from that nose of yours." She nuzzles the dog gently and she notices another person out here, "Hello. Are you okay?"

"Ughhhh I uhhh just need a little rest I uhhh…" He went to sleep. Losing conciseness he felt paralyzed and in his sleep he asked "C..cooould you heal me little miss?" He was to be super aware while asleep as a traveler there were scary things out there one needed to be ready in a moment’s notice to defend himself. The puppy drew in close and he allowed it to sniff him a little.

Kegawa is holding the black pup and she sees someone along the road. She moves over slowly, "Sorry I don't know any healing. Should I go get a medical ninja?" She asks as the pup wiggles in Kegawa's arms and the student puts her nin-dog down to sniff at you.

Karasu popped up and awoken from a two-minute slumber "I..shall be fine little miss." He wanted to handle the situation with tact and a certain elegance as not to scare the girl "What are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?" Sure as he was as cute as the child and puppy was. He didnt want to seem al weird at this time.

Kegawa takes a step back as the pup continues to sniff and check out this man. "We are out here practicing out stealth techniques. It's very hard to hide from a canine's nose, but if I can hide from her I know I'm ready."

"AWWWWWWWW!!" He couldn't contain his excitement, this stemmed from a combonation of things the girl her selfe was just simply adorable adding on to this was the pup it's black fur and the little face on it was just too much for him to handle and on top of that their training just knocked him over with a delight. "It's such a delight to see such bright eyed children in from that village" he said as he looked at the insignia on her headband, "IM just bowled over by how cute you two are it's so striking. I MUST PAINT IT!!" he gasped, "I shall call it a Nin and her dog." He grinned.

Kegawa blushes a little bit, "You want to paint me. No one has ever asked to paint me and Kuromi before. Um what do you need to do." She doesn't have a head band on cause she's just a student.

"Act natural. I mean crouch down and pet Korumi with your hands" Is said as he moves and pinches her cheeks and grins from ear to ear "Seeing you too trained was enough to heal moi exquisite simply exquisite." He said as he reached his pouch and grabbed his brush out. He began furiously painting and then asked "Why stealth are you planning to be recon?"

Kegawa nods a little be as she kneels down among the flowers and she starts to pet Korumi with her hands. The pup is happy for the attention and leans into the petting. "What did the last part mean?" She asks and she hmms, "I'm practicing my basic stealth that every ninja has."

"Brilliant SIMPLY BRILLIANT!!" he painted quicker and frantic he forgot how long ago it was he was in an academy he has after all been traveling for quite some time, but making people feel better one village at time was also a plus. "I uhh forgot how young you were hehe.." he stopped and scratched his head. 'Could it be, he could take this young on under his wing and help her train to get a leg up on the program as you will. Karasu thought this to himself that the training would have to be secret but he wanted a sidekick as most travelers yearn for eventually not to take out of the village but to at least learn from.

Kegawa lightly blushes as she hears the compliments and she continues to pet Kuromi. The nin-dog doesn't smell or sense anything evil or wrong about this man who is painting them. She tries her best to hold still as she's seen artists before doing paintings or portraits. She remembered how long she had to sit for the last family portrait.

Karasu grinned again and marveled at his finished art "I have finished!" he says excitedly this was good for Karasu he did toot his own horn often "Hello Little Miss you can come and look at my MASTERPIECE!" among an avid another quality that Karasu had was that he searched the earth for things he deemed beautiful and logged and cataloged everything, "I am Karasu The Traveler by the way no last name." he knew revealing his true name was irrelevant. He then came forward and knelt down before her, and picked a flower and gave it to her.

Kegawa picks up Kuromi and then moves over to look at the artwork. "Wow that's really good. You are a great artist." She smiles, "It's nice to meet you." She bows, "I'm Inuzuka Kegawa and this is my nin-canine Kuromi." She blushes as she gets the flower, "Thank you."

"How bout I train you I’m some eh how’s about it I could use an adorable sidekick whenever I come back to what uhhh village are you from riiiight your an, Inuzuka Leaf village got it." Putting himself out like he did hoping get some sort of reciprocation it seem as though the baby Inuzuka was more polite than other Iuzukas he met in the past "Well You know you do not have to think about my proposition now if you don’t want to it is your choice well both you and Kuromi's choice, The training of course would be in secret and would be unusual for but I see a lot of potential in you. Well any way food for thought."

Kegawa hmms, "You wanna train me? What do you know how to do? Yes I'm from the Hidden in the Leaf Village. Maybe you came come visit there. I'm just here because my parents are here for the tournament. They are both Chuunin. I'd have to ask them, they are supervising my training since well I don't think you'd know how the clans would work." She hmms, "Well what kind of secret training?"

"How to perfect basic techniques and your stealth. Other things if can think of them probably and survival techniques." He was a little stumped he didn’t think that far all he was concerned about was passing whatever knowledge he could and then some not to mention making a friend but this was unusual for a wanderer. Wanderers usually go to villages meet the inhabitants help out and usually leave, but this may change the rules a bit he wanted come by as much as possible to this village cause like the former he felt an attachment to Kegawa a certain Kinship "I shall think of it as I go along." Knowing his expertise was tai and nin he had hoped she wouldn’t ask about genjutsu. Karasu was an encyclopedia of knowledge and was happy to share his travel stories as well but he was kind of a fool and got sentimental about things. "Anything you want." he finished.

Kegawa hmms, "Well what do you think that I'm doing wrong in my technique? It's very hard to hide from a nin-canine, but I'm willing to learn whatever I can." She nods a little bit, "All right, I don't know a lot of genjutsu but I'm strong and fast and so is Kuromi."

"Alright then it is settled I shall teach you what I know whenever I come through." He then sticks his hands out and grinned "I like you let's be friends then?" He wouldn’t usually act this way but seeing this combination of cuteness he couldn't just let this opportunity fly out of the window he stood there waiting for her to shake his hand.

Kegawa nods, "All right. I don't really like the idea of secret training. Are you sure it has to be a secret?" She asks and she thinks about it for a moment, "All right I guess we can be friends." She shakes his hand gently.

"Well in a since it wouldn’t have to be." He said as he took her hand "I will Look for you when I come to the village kay!" he was a little giddy "that way we can find place as beautiful as these flowers again," Karasu said as he scuffled the dog. Karasu then turned away from Kegawa then began to walk off. "We shall meet again." he said as he vanished. As if to her in awe he reappeared grabbed her hand and pecked it then vanished off again.

"To this village or to my home village?" Kegaway ask as Kuromi gives your hand a lick and she waves, "Bye." She blinks as her hand is grabbed and kissed before she blushes again too awe struck to say anything more.

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