Blood and Bones - Kiku's Master Plan


Kiku, Misaki (emitter)

Date: May 19, 2013


Kiku makes her first steps in her plan, and makes contact with Raiji.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Blood and Bones - Kiku's Master Plan"

A Bar on the far side of the Kaguya Village.

It was a nice day for the Kaguya. Good training, good food, lots of time for people to study and develop new techniques. But for some, its rather extremely too peaceful. Then the yelling and screaming of the main family not doing their job. This has put a huge dent in somebody's studying time. Kaguya Odori Kiku mutters a few times as she taps a few fingers on the table in the Odori household. An Adopted daughter of Takeshi's, Kiku has shown a lot of promise as of late, as news of her recent fight with a Seven spread. One of the weaker members of the family has beaten a Seven…and news of Takeshi's retirement…

Well, the news about the split has forced Kiku to not go to the Jutsu libraries as much as she would like, so the girl decided to do something. The young Kaguya looks at the time once more before getting up, and leaving. She growls under her breath a bit as she sneers at several Kaguya Genin to move. They quickly do something. Everyone knows about her temper…And her ability to use Genjutsu at this point.

Soon, the woman finds herself in front of a Young Kaguya hangout. A small bar thats just outside the Kaguya village. He should be arriving soon. Kiku takes a deep breath, and walks in. She sits down, and orders a small glass of sake, hoping to pass the time until the leader of the Branch family decides to make his appearence.

The hangout was bruising with talk… talk of the minor clashes. Talk of one of the seven getting their idea whooped. Talk of the branch family and talk on the 'true' Kaguya ways. It doesn't take long for her to find the branch family. Raiji enters the bar, getting cheered on by his kinsmen. Even some of the more aggresive main branch Kaguya raise their glass at him. "A minor victory.." He says.. sitting down at the table, not specifying what victory he's talking about.. "But our struggle is yet to end." He sits down and ordered some beer. "Now, what's the word? Has the main family buckled you?" He grins, talking loud and acting like he owns the place. His parents never left their family compound. He and his branch occupy the western corner of the bar. People who aren't part of their 'group' aren't even allowed in there without a fight. There's two bouncers (and hardliners) constantly on the watch for people trying to approach. Raiji acts like he owns the world.

Ah, yes. Raiji. Time to go have a chat with him. The woman gets up, and starts to walk towards the man. The two bouncers don't concern her. Her shikot is starting to get active again, a sign that she's gearing up for a large amount of voilence to be unleashed. Pity the Bouncers…"Everyone knows that I was adopted into the Odori family only after I showed signs of having an active Shikot. Mind telling the puppies to put their toys down before they scheme their pants?", she comments loud enough to be heard over the cheers. The girl is fearless, and directly calling out the two bouncers, knowing that they can't possible settle for being called out.

"Now then, are we going to talk, or are we going to settle this in a Kaguya manner, where I put your two little puppies in wooden boxes. Several…Wooden…boxes. I think I have some shoe boxes, since thats what you bury pets in.", she says, trying to coax the bouncers into attacking her.

Raiji looks up at Kiku who has gotten up. The bouncers both widen their eyes at Kiku. Though they clench their fists and two bone blades slip out of their arms. "Want to try us, device?" One of the two leers at her. "Settle down.." Raiji says, grinning while motioning for the two bouncers to get out of the way. "Seems like girl just wants to play with uncle Raiji, come on over here.. sit down on my lap.. and tell me what's bothering you… dear?" Raiji licks his lips while giving Kiku that confident smug gaze.

Don't be mistaken however, he is one of the Kaguya's more talented fighters. The bouncers quickly scurry out of the way, dropping their bone blades and healing their skin while they keep leering at Kiku. Raiji is seated on a leather-ish sofa. Legs crossed, arms wide… watching Kiku. Not even moving one bit.

Kiku smirks a little bit, and looks at them. "Shame. And here I was hoping you would be dumb dogs. Do me a favor, go outside, and mark your territory. Another squeak from either one, and your heads will bounce off the floor before the first drops of blood come squirting out your neck.", she says. The woman walks over with a slight sway to her hips. There's always been a touch of grace in her movements. The woman looks at Raiji a bit, and takes a moment to adjust herself. She lightly settles down to sit lightly in his lap.

"Anyone here who wants to test me is more then welcomed to. But remember, I'm the plot who almost killed a Seven. And that was before I bothered to call out my sword. And planit, I'm bored with all the layout quiet time. There's nothing to do but sit around.", she growls. "So, whose interested in dying first?", she tells everyone looking at her…The girl's very taunt, looking for a reason to go into action. Raiji would see Kiku's skin…crawling. Like the bones in her skin are itching for a reason to rip out of her skin…

Raiji lets her settle in his lap, grinning at her while lookings at his kinsmen.. "See, girly just wants to play.." He places a hand in her lap… "Now, what can uncle Raiji do for you?" He calls himself 'uncle' but he's about as old as her… a power thing more or less… "So tell me, girl… you seem hungry for a fight." He trails his finger over her skin.. "Aching, for blood.." His silver tongue going at work here.. "Don't you think that we're being suspressed by … dictators? Who are keeping up from doing what our ancestors have been doing for ages?" He chuckles. "Once we were the most feared clan in the world. Now.. we're in a leash. My question is, are you a good dog, or a bad dog?"

Small spikes of bone pokes out of her skin as Raiji trails his finger over her skin. There's a small shiver as the Regen process works its way through Kiku's body. Small little bits of blood seem to come out, only for a second each time. "I'm neither. I'm a grade a strategy who wants to kill things.", she hisses a bit before a small squeak comes from her. The girl leans in. "I don't care who it is, as long as I get to kill something.", she tells. There's a bit of a hungered look in her eyes…

Raiji nods… "You sound like my type.." … He grins, while his kinsmen agree. 'Yea she does!' …. "Tell you what girl, when I become clan head, we'll have all the wars you can wish for… we'll annihalate one clan after another… because that's in our nature. It's no wonder that the Kaguya bloodline is dying! It's because we're denying our nature… don't you agree?"

He shifts slowly, watching her bones poke out… he grins.. "Say, would you be interested in joining the rally? Ofcourse… I don't want violence against anyone in the village.." He says, clear sarcasm in his voice, but enough to avoid any legal procedings from potential eavesdroppers. "But we'll protest the current ways regardless." He nods up at one of the bouncers, who nods back at him… a little understanding between the two of them. "What's your name, girly?"

Kiku laughs a bit musically. "If you don't know me by sight…", she tells. The woman leans up to Raiji's ear. "Kaguya Odori Kiku.", she whispers softly. "I can get into places that only a select few people can. Including…the Kage's office. The only other two who can get in there are Takeshi and Yuuka. And with Takeshi out of the picture, do you trust that Yuuka is going to see that her mere existence is to bring all others under her control, when she's a Seven? She's swore her life over to being a puppy to the Daimoyo for the rest of her life. I refused to carry a blade of the Seven.", she tells Raiji. The woman leans up against him a bit more. "Interested?"

"Kiku.." He repeats after her… He listens intently to every word she says, grinning at her … "My my, I think you and I should talk more…" He chuckles, downing some of his beer. "Hear that boys? This girl can go in and out of this corner whenever she pleases… serve her some drinks and treat her proper aye?" He chuckles, though standing up and literally dropping Kiku off of him. He was interested, but being the alpha male that he is, he's refusing to show just yet. "I'm sure we'll talk again.. Kiku." And with those words he arrogantly got up and started leaving. A slow pace, she has a chance to follow or stop him, he gives it to her intentionally.

Being dumped like that. Oh, that really tees Kiku off. She sits there a moment. The woman gets up a bit with a small growl. The woman gives the guy next to her a death glare for a second. For now, she waits to see if he calls her to him. Since he's the alpha, its only proper to wait until he wants her to follow along. "Until we meet again.", she says. "Now somebody outline well better get me some sake, or else there's going to be blood on the floor.", she growls at the guy she's looking at…

Everyone turns dead silent. Raiji disappears through the door for now. They all look at Kiku, a moment, before everyone growls with her loudly.. "MORE SAKE!" Yells one of them, while she gets served quite a bit… One of the bouncers sits down next to her, grinning … it was a sly.. mischivous grin.. "If you want to be one of us… we have a hazing.." He wasn't joking, though what he suggests and what the actual hazing is… that he didn't share yet. "Don't let him scare you, you can keep yer clothes on!" Another one chuckles…

"You-seen tha boy pinned to the Mizukage's office?" He scratches his chin… "Sumin' like that!" …. "How bout you bring us one of em' seven swords? Or … do something creative, suprise us.. proof yourself. And we'll allow you in the inner circle!" A man grunts, who hasn't spoken yet. He was the main officer of the family. The man who coordinates the dirty work. And man he's BIG … I mean his chest is HUGE… he's like a closet married to the hulk… and down there.. wow… ANYWHOO, he's staring at Kiku now, arms crossed. While he's fairly unknown, he's quite effective in what he does.

Kiku looks at the man very closely, and then lets out a laugh. "I got one even better for you. I'm going to walk right into the Kage's office as proof that I can come and go as I please, and I'm going to take the Kage's stamp, right out of his hand, and dare him to do something. We all know that the Kage is nothing compared to the might of the Kaguya, and I'm going to prove it. Right in front of everyone.", she tells. "Who about that?"

Everyone bursts out in excitement. "YEAAAH!" They all yell. Though the closet supervisor shakes his head. "He could just be playing along. He trusts you right?" He grins.. "Wreck his office, and throw all of his documents out of the window…" … He looks at her.. "All that you can possibly find in his office." The big supervisor looks at her.. "If we see things being refurnished, and paper scattered all over town with secret information.." He pauses… "Then we believe you." The whole group goes silent, before yowling in unison to agree with that play! Didn't seem that they cared much about what happend, as long as it was chaotic and destructive.. "That or bring one of the seven swords.."

Kiku grins wickedly. "Alright.", she says. "Want to come along to watch the fun?", she asks the man, getting very close to him. "Or scared you're going to get caught?", the woman asks.

The officer gets up, shaking his head at her. "Unlike you, I have important things to attend to. Go trash his office… we'll know." And with those words, he disappears through the same door Raiji disappeard to. Probably to report on what happened here. The rest of the men happily sit down with her, drink sake… flirt and share war stories. Slowly getting to know their new prospect. Sake flows… all on Raiji's tab.

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