Kill Kureno, Volume 1 - Hospitals Are Dangerous


Kureno, Itami, Kichiro, Meimei (as Yoko), Misayo, Risu (emitted with permission), Rongi and Shigusa (NPCs)

Date: December 9, 2010


Kureno visits the hospital due to his case of amino-neutro-titis. Shigusa prescribes a swift kick in the teeth. It all goes downhill from there.

"Kill Kureno, Volume 1 - Hospitals Are Dangerous"

Tenrai Hospital - Sunagakure

Under the dark night sky and the crescent moon, walks a figure covered in a plain, non-descript, black cloak, holding it together in front of it's chest as the whippeting wind threatens to tear it off of his shoulders, creating an image worth of art! The black cloak from the correct vantage point appears to undercut the moon itself, as the lower part of it flies away, revealing a pouch with ninja tools attached to this person's legs.
His face is shrouded under the hood and he simply reeks of suspiciousness. A cloaked figure in the middle of the night. Maybe this person hasn't quite thought things through, or simply assumed that no one would be stopping him on his apparent round to the hospital. As of now, he is outside, not sticking to shadows per se, but moving towards the entrance in a careful and slow gait, casting a glance from left to right periodically.
He looks at his hand for a moment, curling his fingers into a fist before glancing towards the windows of the upper floors where he assumed the one he is looking for is held.
He exhales than, his breath turning into mist as leaves from a nearby maple fly around him on another gust of wind.

Itami was yet again out at night. Seems she wasn't able to rest well and her cold was getting to be a bit too much to handle. So, she thought she'd go to the hospital to get a proper diagnosis and how to handle it. She could be heard shuffling down the street, sniffling every so often, a tissue balled up in one hand and a few stuffed away in her pockets on the other. Her eyes watered every so often and coughs came a dime a dozen. Seems she couldn't hold herself together.
Along the way, she bumped into a few things, tripped over others, but she remained on her feet through the process. The small bruises she collected might be a bit of a constant reminder, though. Just more pain to add onto her illness. Not good.

Kichiro dangled from a window ledge a few floors up from ground level. Far from precarious, the long, lanky boy seems comfortable at this heighth and in this position. ont foot and one hand anchoring him to the ledge while the other two appendages dangle loosely. He peers down at the figures moving along the night street. Odd amount of traffic for the hour.. and a very curious looking one at that. He lets his senses and his demeanor slip ever slightly more feral as he keeps an eye on the stranger. Even if he is harmless, it will be good practice to spy on the mystery man.

Meimei is out late at night with Risu and Misayo. Why is Meimei out late at night with Risu and Misayo? Well, first of all she is still going by the name 'Yoko', since that is what most people in Suna know her as, and second Misayo totally started it. She had been invited to a special study session by Risu in an attempt to extend a hand of friendship -- mend the fences, so-to-speak. A disagreement over various things resulted, though they did make progress on the homework (amazingly). Eventually, however, a 'disagreement' over who got to take notes with RISU'S writing implement, and HOW the notes should be formatted delivered said writing implement to Risu's left eye, and the ink was causing irritation and inflamation beyond simply a poke in the eye.
In some countries, ink is produced from octopi. In others it is made from ground-up stone fragments. Yoko does not know what the Land of Wind's ink is made out of, but she is fairly certain that neither octopus slime nor jagged rocks belong in her adopted daughter's eyeball, so she is taking both girls to the hospital. Risu to get her eye looked at and Misayo to keep an eye on her (pardon the pun).
"Was it seriously necessary for you to write someone else's notes, Harada? What is it with you and 'speeding things up'? I said there were brownies when you were done to encourage you to do all your homework, not to rush through it so that it looks like garbage and won't prove you learned anything! Ugh. Next time I won't mention the brownies until AFTER you're done. Stupid child-raising books. 'Incentives'? 'Positive reinforcement'? Somehow I don't think 'inking the child's eyeball' is going to reinforce anything other than 'do not study' or maybe 'brushes are dangerous'."
Yoko breaks off from alternating lecturing and talking to herself to reach a hand up towards the tinted goggles on her eyes. It's dark enough she doesn't need them, but she hesitates to remove them. This isn't a private location. This isn't the apartment. If someone sees her eyes… She decides to just continue walking more cautiously than during daylight hours, instead of risking it.

"Nani, nani, nani!? You should not say things that encourage faster work when you are not wanting the workers to be working faster!"
Stubborn as always, Eye-Poker Extraordinaire Harada Misayo crosses her arms as she walks, keeping her chin held high at a proud angle of affirmative assertation in her justification of trying to stab her new 'friend' in the eyeball over note-taking disagreements. To be fair, she was TRYING to lodge it into the other girl's nasal cavity and poke her BRAIN. But she moved! Or the blonde had missed. Either way, they were now on their way to the hospital, and already well on their way through the lecture on self-discipline.
"I was trying to help! When help is offered, it should not be turned away. Help should be allowed, help should be encouraged, welcomed, appreciated. I was going to do the writing and we would both obtain the baked treats. Now no one will be getting them because she is greedy and would not share. I can not be made to blame for this. I will not let you."
The fact that it was late at night seemed not to bother the older of the two young girls, though this was likely because she was in the company of two other people. Or maybe she just felt completely safe on the streets of a protected shinobi village. They walk for a few more moments with the bandana-wearing girl in silence, before she finally tosses a look towards their instructor and frowns.
"Oh, Shorty-sensei. No one has ever told you that only **** wear their sunglasses at night? I have heard my uncle say this." The next question is said in a completely calm voice, with a completely straight face. "What is the purpose of you and the other **** doing it? My uncle does not understand and I would like to explain it to him."

Hugging his cloak tighter to his body. as he walks towards the hospital entrance, this mysterious cloaked figure lowers it's head, obscuring it's features as it tries to ignore the yapping about the girl that has ink in her eye from her obviously concerned mother. And he tries to ignore the complaining of other people. In fact, of those that are around the hospital at this time of night, Kureno only notices the ones who are whining about something or other.
He sighs, tightening his grip on the cloak, his knuckles turning white from the effort as he pauses in front of the hospital doors and shoots a glance upwards, once again, hesitating. His hand trembles for a moment long enough to be noticed and than thinks of what to say if told visiting hours are over. In fact, this threw him out of the tact enough to step aside from the entrance, lean against a wall in a unconscpicious way and think for a moment. Except, he may come across as trying too hard. A cloaked person, trying not to be noticed. Yeah right, as if that would work.
"Do or die, time." The cloaked figure whispers to itself as it pushes the door open and enters the hospital.

Itami was still headed towards the hospital. Not like there was anyplace else she could go to in order to deal with this illness. Whatever people were around, she didn't notice them until now. Perhaps her senses were a little more wrecked than she thought. She heard something about help. She isn't sure what it means since pieces of the conversation filtered in every so often.
Wiping away what tears were welling up in her eyes, she now had some clarity of the world around her. The people behind looked familiar. The voices… "Yoko-san?" She called out. "What are you doing out so late? Or… actually, nevermind. That's… your business. And theirs, apparently." She points out Risu and Misayo. "Well, how are you faring tonight?"

Kichiro drops down a floor, catching himself effortlessly on the ledge below him. He watches the creepy cloaked figure enter the hospital with a shrug. He then notices Itami and the others.. but they seem to be having their own problems.. dropping in on them (literally) seems like a bad idea. He stays, dangling, latched to the side of the building.

Yoko sighs at the laundry-list of excuses and bizarre reinterpretations of events that Misayo offers. She then recognizes the woman walking in front of them from behind, after a bit of studying. She doesn't call out or anything. Because it's night, and Yoko is unfriendly. Misayo starts commenting to her about her goggles. An anger hashmark appears on her forehead at the first things said, and before Misayo has even finished her commentary on sunglasses the purple-haired woman has turned on the bandanned blonde and begun yelling, "WHO ARE YOU CALLING SMALLER THAN SPECK OF DUST!?" Then she coughs into one fist as people all up and down the street start yelling sleepily for her to shut up, and dogs start barking all over the place.
"That is… They aren't sunglasses. They're goggles. And I wear them even at night because I have sensitive eyes. So sensitive that if I removed the goggles, I might be blinded by even small amounts of light. So… I suppose you could say that…" She places a hand on Misayo's shoulder, and another on the so-far-quiet Risu's shoulder, and says, "…I wear my 'sunglasses' at night so that I can see you in the dark."
Ba-dum bum.
Then Itami turns around to face them. Yoko nods when she calls out. "Good evening, Itami-san." She continues leading them all up to the steps even though Itami has greeted them. She points at Risu. "I think it might be a fatal injury from rock octopus toxins, but if we hurry we might be able to find someone to suck out the poison--Relax, Risu-chan, I'm just joking." She turns to the panicking youngster to comfort her, then back to Itami as she heads up the stairs. "Ink and brush in the eye. Studying disagreement," she finishes. Because the cloaked figure took longer than normal to get inside, Yoko and crew are right behind him when he DOES enter.
"You look like a zombie," she offers to the Councilwoman. "Catch something from all the foreigners that have been hanging around for the extortions--I mean sales of reconstruction supplies and so forth?" She doesn't notice the black-caped guy in front of her unless he's still standing in the lobby or just inside the doors.

"Eh? You are not listening, sensei. You have to listen when someone is talking to you." The shorter (barely) blonde-haired girl scowls as she blinks rapidly, stopping in her tracks as her instructor begins to screech at her for the use of the nickname. It just slipped out, honest! "Oh, you are wearing them because your eyes hurt. The eyes of an as-"
Thankfully, further profanity is prevented by the timely-introduction of Councilwoman Itami into their little three-person world. She raises her eyebrows towards the woman, but fails to recognize her. She was only a student! The rungs between her position on the ladder and the elite leaders of Sunagakure were many. She points the woman out even as she speaks to 'Yoko'.
"Oh, sensei. She is not so short. You should be taking growing lessons from her, neh? I am thinking you could learn a thing or two. You do that, I will get us through this hospital since I see no reason I had to be drug here in the first place. Come, come! Out of the way! You there, you are to be moving! We are in a hurry more greater than yours!"
And just who is she talking to? Why the mysterious cloaked figure who was ahead of them, and presumably, in Misayo's mind, would be treated before Risu would if she didn't do something to stop it! And what does she do? Why, she places her hands on him and begins shoving if he does not obey her vocal orders!

Meanwhile, elsewhere, there's… No one guarding Imota! He got attacked, he was delivered to the hospital, and he's basically already near recovered probably. An investigation is underway, of course, but unless Imota chooses to identify his attacker (which may or may not already have happened), there's nothing to go on.
But there >is< an odd pair approaching the hospital about three minutes' walking distance behind everyone else. They are finally getting close to the stairs. One is a tall man in a Sunagakure Chuunin uniform. He is very muscular. Another is a below-average height man in the same sort of uniform, but looking very slender and graceful. The shorter one has odd headgear with the kanji for 'Wind' on each side of it. "…So, I heard this kid came home early from the tournament," the big one starts. "I heard the same," the small one says. "And he's a Sasaki. From >your< family." "Mm-hmm." "Hah! A Wind Path Sasaki who lost >twice< and then came running home instead of staying around to cheer his allies on! How pathetic!" "Oh, yes, because so many Earth Sasaki progressed through the tournament undefeated and did not leave to resume their duties." "…." "One moment. I just remembered!" the shorter man says as he holds up a finger in the air and closes his eyes. "Not a single Earth Path Sasaki was qualified to enter!" "Shut up! We just uhh… We don't need to prove ourselves at a silly game like that! Kazekage-sama already knows how strong we are!" "Are you certain about that, Shigusa?" the smaller man asks. Shigusa leans away and grits his teeth. "I do not recall the last time the Earth Path Sasaki did… Anything of significance! When was the last time they contributed to the Village?" "S-shut up, Rongi! We've done plenty! Way more than you Wind Path traitors!" "What did you say!?" "Come on, you wanna' fight!? Let's fight!" "Hah! You >would< like that. I have no reason to fight you, Shigusa." Rongi shrugs the entire conversation off and proceeds up the stairs.
"Wha--I hate when you do that! We were just getting fired up! You can't just dismiss me and walk away! >Come back here<!" The people in the buildings along the street start yelling at Shigusa to shut up as dogs begin barking again. Shigusa turns to yell back at them, but realizes Rongi is already indoors. "Hey! You can't leave me behind!" Shigusa charges up the stairs.

The mysterious cloaked figure enters the hospital to the sound of someone shouting at each other. He closes his eyes as he listens intently for a moment, just as someone tugs on his cloak---
He whips around, and tugs back on his cloak with enough force to tear it away from Misayo. "DON'T TOUCH ME!!" He shouts out loud, and than realizing what he did, takes a careful step back and looks towards the stairs-- and than back out to the street. Is that.. Itami? Who's she wit-- holy crap, /Itami/?!
He pulls the hood down further and turns around. 'Not good, not good.' He repeats in his head as he heads into the entry hallway of the hospital that leads into the lobby. After he reaches the lobby, he forgets to ask the receptionist where the room of the one he is looking for even is! He just /dashes/ through the halls like crazy, right after those two Chuunin that seem to be in a contest or something about who's better enter the hospital entryway.

Itami's face twisted up slightly. "Oh…I'm sorry to hear that." She states and then looks to Misayo. She…has no idea what she's talking about, but it had something to do with her height. Shrugging, she walked in after them. The cloaked figure didn't quite capture her attention more so than her illness. She was a bit more determined to get something for it than to focus on any one person, but after clearing her eyes once more and sniffling, she frowned somewhat.
"Be calm, please. And…less loud. I don't need a headache stacked on top of my other problems that I have. Thank you." She states to Misayo. But, who is this cloaked individual? The person does stick out like a sore thumb.
Then…more yelling. She can understand the frustration of being prodded, but he could have excused it with less noise. Really. She sighs and raises a hand to her head. Though, what was the running about? Did he forget something? Did Misayo push a little too much? She isn't certain. "…How long is this wait going to be?" She asks with slight impatience. She knows there are others in line before her, but this illness isn't quite waiting on her. She takes a look back towards the cloaked individual and begins to feel a little uneasy.

Yoko just mutters about Misayo's continued poking, but when the guy in front freaks about being poked, she snaps her head up and the muscles in her jaw tense a bit as she readies for action. She slips out of 'Yoko' mind-set, and switches back into 'Meimei the fugitive' mind-set. She has been hiding or on the run essentially her entire life. That has gotten her certain skills involved in spotting threats, suspicious people, erratic behavior, etc. And right now, Kureno is radiating 'I am up to something' vibes.
The wise thing to do would be to just get Risu checked in and avoid the dude. The survivalist thing to do would be to leave the hospital immediately and check around the Village tommorow to see if there are any witnesses to strange lights, explosions, or ninja battles in or around the hospital BEFORE returning to said hospital. Meimei is a survivor. She should do the second thing. But she has Risu here, swollen eye and all, and there's probably plenty of other people here in the hospital who don't deserve to die. 'Tough,' her survivor-mind says. 'Save Risu and yourself,' the wise-mind says. 'And how are you going to explain to Risu when she asks later on that only she was worth saving, when you could have saved them just by giving a warning?' her conscience asks.
Meimei switches back to Yoko for a moment to say, "I think that guy is going to cause a problem. Itami-san, if you could please take these two to the front desk and get Risu-chan and yourself checked in, I'd appreciate it. Someone to watch Harada would be great too. I'll just… Follow that guy and make sure he's just some distraught relative, rather than a terrorist-assassin-werewolf-hijacker or something." And if he turns out to be a bad guy, she'll make sure he's gotten OUT of the hospital before he can do any damage. Then it will be up to someone else to stop him.
So she goes walking swiftly after the guy as he enters the lobby at the end of the entry hall, and proceeds deeper into the hospital. She has to move swiftly. Her legs are short.

"Move and I will not have to touch, neh!" Misayo shouts right back at the cloaked man as he all but screeches at her, turning her slender nose up towards what she could see of the bottom part of his countenance beneath the hood. And soon enough, the male is running from her, proving once and for all that the young blonde was every bit as fearsome and forboding as she had always thought she was. Even to people three times her own size!
"You are thinking he is a problem?" As far as Misayo's untrained senses were, he was just a 'weirdo'. But upon Meimei's declaration, she puts two-and-two together and slaps a fist into her open palm. "Oh! He is not to be running in the halls! What a trouble-maker he is being. I will not stay here. You can not make me. I will cease his running!"
Did anyone really think she would just stay quietly put? While Itami and Meimei are both much faster, stronger, and probably everything else-er, than she is, one is sick and the other distracted! Surely Misayo would get a few feet down the hall, pumping her legs and waving her arms about like a madwoman as she chases after the fleeing form of the cloaked Kureno.
"You will be waiting for me, neh! I am feeling it is really not fair that your legs are being longer than mine!"

Rongi is the first one in after Itami, Yoko, and the two kids are inside the entry hall. He has paused right where he entered, and watches the cloaked figure thoughtfully as he turns away and pulls his hood close, before taking off. Shigusa says, "Hey, you're blocking the entrance, Rongi. What's the hold-up?" At Yoko's pronouncement, Rongi says, "If you don't mind, I'll accompany you, miss. I have guard duty for someone within either way." Shigusa sticks his head inside the doors, his thick neck almost wider than Rongi's torso. "What's going on in there!? Get out of the way!" Rongi turns towards Shigusa and says, "Potential disturbance within. Unidentified individual acting suspiciously. Please watch over that loud child over there. The Councilwoman does not appear to be in any condition to babysit."
Then Rongi hurries off after Yoko to ask her what she knows of the situation. Shigusa is left standing in the doorway. He calls out, "H-hey! You can't just assign me to watch some kid and then run off! You haven't even told me what's going on! Suspicious activity!? I'm the best man for the job! I'll pound him until he tells us what he's up to!"
Rongi is already out of sight beyond the second set of doors. "…." Some old woman in a wheelchair keeps ramming into the backs of his legs from behind, not realizing there's an obstruction due to poor eyesight. Then Shigusa looks around and notices Misayo is gone too. "…****!" He finishes entering the building and goes running down the hall to look for the little girl and possibly whomever needs a good pounding.

"Huff.. huff. Huuuuuffff" Kureno leans against a wall, feeling slightly safe under the cover of his cloak which in battle is more a detriment than asset in close quarter combat. And his hand.. his hand couldn't stop shaking. He wasn't afraid of any little girl. Hell no. But he was afraid. Afraid that when he saw Itami, he looked around himself, and maybe finally realized that there are innocent people here. Lives that can be easily trampled in the fight of two giants. Or three. Or even four /ants/.
But why?
He stared at his trembling hand, trying to force it to stop trembling with sheer willpower, wondering why does he all of a sudden care about the lives of people that chose to live in a dangerous place. Not to mention that these are dangerous times. His hand than curls into a fist.
"It is unavoidable." He says, in a near whisper, speaking more to himself as he finally exits from behind a corner, looking around to see if there's any pursuit. He sees the shadow of what could possibly be someone running in his direction, and he clenches his fists hard and stands to face whoever it is coming after him.

"Of course, leave me to take care of them…" Itami sighs. "Well, since I'm not in charge, I'll have to ask…Hey, where are you going!?" She yells to Misayo. Her reflexes kick her into gear, but she isn't quite fast enough to catch the girl before she escaped. Itami sighed and grew frustrated at all this action going on, especially at this hour. It's just…too much. She isn't in the mood to act, but she feels compelled to do so. She's a little conflicted at the moment.
After a bit of debate, she decides…to do nothing. Too tired. Too sick. Sigh. This might have reprecussions later, but she has some hope about this problem being resolved in some fashion. Just…why tonight?

Yoko nods as Rongi joins her. She doesn't know him, but he is apparently a Chuunin of Sunagakure. That should be good enough if bad things happen. "The guy was freaking out. Don't know what his problem is, but he isn't acting stable," she mutters as she tries to track down the fleeing suspicious dude. Unaware that she is being tailed by Misayo at first, despite the yelling, she pauses when she sees the hallway goes in various other directions. Great place to lose pursuit. All these corners to hide behind and various rooms also make ambushes a possibility.
"Well, there's no other way." She folds her hands into a special hand seal as she focuses her Chakra. 'Eye of Future-Past,' she thinks. Then she removes her black-lensed goggles and tucks them away inside her cloak. When she looks up, her eyes have changed appearance. The pupils are no longer purple, but a silverish color that reflects things like liquid metal, in unnatural clarity.
Reflected in those pupils is not the immediate environment, however… But the immediate environment as of 30 seconds ago. She sees that the cloaked figure took a turn to the left. She says, "There." and then points at the hall that Kureno is presently in. "Hey, buddy, you're acting kind of weird, yelling at kids and all. Seem kind of stressed. Wanna' talk about it?" she calls out without approaching the corner or the intersection of halls.
By this time, Misayo may have caught up.

Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap, the unrelenting sound of Misayo's sandals hitting tiles can be heard approaching, though perhaps not above whatever other noise one might be making, such as the larger footfalls of a very large man who was likely closing in on her from behind! And yet the young woman doesn't halt, despite being easily outdistanced by the fleeing cloaked male and the two chasing him, like the tortoise trying vainly to catch up to the hare, hoping that they would stop to nap long enough for her to catch back up to them.
Sure, some guy was breaking hospital rules by running. But now he was running from Sunagakure chuunin! And they were running after him! Whatever was enough to make chuunin run surely had to be something that was worth seeing. Or at least that's the logic that her mind used in order to keep her feet moving, not that she ever felt she needed much justification for anything she did. Ever.
"I am not liking this body and am wishing it would grow up and become taller! This running slow, it is a pain!"
Cutting a corner in the hallway, the young blonde catches sight of the two pursuing shinobi, but not of the one they pursue, puttering in her little-girl-run along behind them to catch up. She sees Yoko's arm pointing down one of the corridors, her face becoming even MORE determined!
"Oh, you are not having to worry! I will be getting him for you!" She's likely stopped, or at least impeded, either by the pair in front of her or the male that was chasing after her. But if she isn't, she doesn't even slow down as she tries to turn down the indicated hallway!

Rongi does not answer Yoko's explanation, instead choosing to remain silent. He does watch as she performs some sort of jutsu that allows her to track their quarry, but he fails to notice his companion's eyes. She seems to be capable enough, and is obviously known to Councilwoman Itami, so he is trusting that she is on the up-and-up.
While Yoko calls out to the mysterious, shrouded figure, Rongi readies himself for a possible confrontation. The heavy foot falls from behind make his head come up shortly after he focuses some Chakra, and turns to find the loud little girl running at him, and then past him, while the >much< larger ninja named Shigusa comes charging in as well. Rongi heaves a sigh, and says, "Little girl, this is not a situation for--" but she is already headed towards the corner. "W-wait! That's dangerous!"
Shigusa yells, "There's no time for talking, Rongi! Children do not understand talk -- only action!" The muscular man shoves past Rongi and heads towards the hallway that Misayo is headed down as well. Rongi just slaps a hand to his forehead and yells, "Baka! The one we were pursuing is >right around the corner<!" It's probably too late, however.

It doesn't take long before the cloaked person reveals itself to Misayo and Shigusa, and enters the line of sight of Yoko and Rongi. He seems incredibly determined, even though only the left side of his face is visible under the dark cloak, and other markings of his uniform or headband are not noticable either.
However, when he notices, means unknown, chakra fused, or perhaps just the expression on the ones approaching him, he reflexively fuses chakra himself, leaping back, a ways long enough to make it known that he is a shinobi. Rank and ability still unknown.
"Whoa- dude, what'cha doin'? Are you trying to fight me?" … Huh? Playing innocent or really innocent?
Kureno didn't have quite a plan, he wanted to get somewhere, he had no idea where, and these people were obstructing his path. He didn't like that one bit. And with his earlier outburst and panic, he brought too much heat on himself. So, for a moment he thought of his options.
"You better not get close. I have amino-neutro-titis." He almost bursts out laughing at the last word, but manages to contain his laughter.
'If they don't buy it, it's their own fault.' He thought to himself as he stared directly towards Rongi, whom he assumed is the leader of this group. Certainly not the girl, or the Yoko woman. And the big guy just seems like a henchman.

Itami rubs at her eyes and stuffs away a tissue for another to use. She's steadily waiting around to at least see that Risu is admitted for the inking she sustained to the eye. She's not so concerned about herself, or so she's trying to convince herself that she isn't, but there seems to be more commotion going on as time goes by. Once Risu is taken care of, she starts to walk the hallway she remembers people running into.
She hears shouting further down and while it isn't too loud compared to her distance away from the others, its enough to make her start into a jog. It wouldn't be too long before she arrived, partially winded, wheezing and softly and feeling like crap. She couldn't quite see what was going on. The group that was already here seemed to have a hold on things. Or at least, this is what it looked like. She wanted to speak, but couldn't bring herself to at the moment, so she decided to watch things and see how they would play out until she recovered enough to be able to say something.

The purple-haired woman stares at the cloaked guy incredulously. Thanks to her Kekkie Genkai, every light source in the hospital's halls is amplified, and further, on top of everything illuminated by the light particles being defined in more clarity than should be possible, Meimei can even see the individual particles themselves. So, yes, she can see inside of the hood and every other aspect of Kureno. And Shigusa. And Misayo. And even people she isn't even FACING. She doesn't recognize Kureno at all, so he's probably an outsider.
But then again, she's an outsider too and hardly knows everyone in the Village. She is not a doctor but she can tell when someone is BSing. Still, no reason to cause any more stress by calling him out. Best to avoid conflict. "Yeah? Mind telling us what the treatment is for that? I think my student over there may have caught it from you--Harada, get back here!"
She doesn't want to set this guy off by making any aggressive movements, but… Misayo is making aggressive movements herself. So Yoko attempts to just dash in and snag Misayo by whatever is convenient and try to pull her back. If that makes this sick-face react, then the others will have to handle him.
She sees Itami approaching from behind -- without even looking in her direction -- as she darts towards her student and calls out, "This is a hospital, people! The Councilwoman over there is sick! Do we really need to be causing all this noise in here?" Hopefully that will make it clear she is NOT attacking Kureno.

"Oryo! I am wanting to fight you until you have apologized for all of the noise-making you have been causing to the sleeping patients who are needing to get better and can not because you are making too much noise with the running and the yelling and- ACK!"
The only thing running more than the bandana-wearing girl's feet is her mouth! It's a wonder she didn't have to stop to breath during that most fabulous of run-on sentences, to say nothing of the physical exertion going on at the same time. But perhaps that was her secret jutsu, the ability to jabber when others could not. Ultimately, she is cut off when her instructor dashes forward to grab her by the collar just ten or so feet away from being able to punch Kureno!
As she's hauled bodily back by the neck of her shirt, she swings her fists in the air, with her eyes closed no less, kicking her legs out in what may have been an impressive display of taijutsu for a student. If her feet were on the ground. Once she becomes aware of moving in a direction not of her own choosing by physical force, she kicks off one of her sandals into her hands, rears it back, and HURLS it towards the hooded interloper with all the force of… a small girl.
"APOLOGIZE! …Oh. Put me down, sensei. I can not punish him like this."

Shigusa tries to stop himself when Yoko darts in and grabs up Misayo and the one they are chasing appears to be right in front of him, not distant as he had previously thought. Even with Kureno leaping back, the muscular Chuunin lurches and almost falls as he tries to stop himself. Too much mass deccelerating in too short of a distance. However, he is not just some muscle-bound oaf, and he turns his stumble into a preparation for combat as he drops down and stands sideways. Even crouching his head is only a couple feet away from touching the ceiling. "You!" he calls out. When Kureno warns of some kind of illness, Shigusa's eyes bulge. His veins strain in his neck. His face reddens.
Rongi says, "Shigusa, move away from him. There is no need for violence. This man is clearly very… 'Upset' about something. We can just talk this out--" ">TALK!?<" Shigusa bellows. "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!? I AM SASAKI SHIGUSA, AND MY FATHER GAVE HIS LIFE TO RID THE WORLD OF AMINO-NEUTRO-TITIS!"
Shigusa jerks one arm to the side and his fist taps the wall on his right with a single knuckle. The hospital's solid stone wall crumbles into pebbles, and the crumbling effect continues all down the right side of the hallway, causing the ceiling to sag a little bit. Rongi slaps a hand to his forehead again and groans.
"To think that anyone would >dare< to claim to be afflicted with that terrible illness… When my own father sealed it away within him, curing all of those who were infected before!" Shigusa raises a fist and lunges at Kureno. "SUCH AN INSULT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!" His fist strikes the floor, shattering the tiles and causing a column of stone to streak up from that same floor right underneath Kureno.

The sandal streaks across the air in a beautiful arc; and one could say, as it passes through the light of the ceiling affixed lamps that it's color becomes red. Like red jade. But in truth, it was becoming red. It was in fact, becoming red /jade/ before it suddenly changes direction and mixes with the dirt and debris heading for Kureno and smashes into the wall in a myriad of crystal splinters.
Kureno however, immediatly took his attention off the sandal and the column of earth charging at him. A few quick handseals later the earth smashes into a wall of earth erupting from underneath Kureno and takes most of the attack, leaving Kureno safe.
But.. wait, what? Red jade sandal? How did that happen? Did Kureno possess some kind of advanced earth jutsu? Or.. was it a strange fluke or play of light? Looking at the remains of the recently deceased sandal, there was no crystal/jade/whatsoever.
"What the hell is the matter with you!?" Kureno tells Shigusa and looks at the girl, "And I am not yelling, you are!" He takes a quick step back. "Seriously, dude, leave me alone. You'll get this horrible disease and ahh-- …" Kureno glances around himself. The wall was damaged, he could hear some screaming. People running.. where? Away or towards this place. He didn't want to involve anyone.
"Listen, uhmm, ahh, I just want to get checked out, so let's drop the hostilities and eat some ramen. When.. I am better. Or I'll sneeze. This dust is making me sneeze-- ahh who am I kidding-- EARTH SPIRE!" Kureno suddenly shouts out and a spire of earth erupts from the ground underneath Shigusa and aims to skewer him, as opposed to disable him.
Kureno immediatly takes this chance to leap backwards, further down the corridor and hope to get some advantage in this already unfair fight.

Itami tilted her head curiously. All this noise and she hasn't a clue of what's going on, but…Yoko's remark manages to give her some clarity on the situation. "Well…that's thoughtful." She states, but that doesn't account for Misayo and her seemingly determined nature, Shigusa's booming voice…Sigh. A hand goes up to her head and she states, "Well, Yoko-san, to let you know, Risu has been admitted and is being checked as we spea--" She feels the ground tremor a bit as the wall to the hospital is punched out and continues down the hallway…and then the column of earth. Why the hell?
She was about to remark about the hospital wall being punched out and the place suffering the damage, but that voice…she knows that voice. "YOU ALL ARE DESTROYING THE DAMN HOSPITAL!!!" She shouts at the top of her lungs in anger. "People are sick and need aid and you feel the need to bring a fight in here!? Have you all lost your minds!?!?" She was obviously pissed about this, but she doesn't think she's in much of a condition to do much still. Despite the adrenaline rush, she knows that her body isn't quite ready for battling.

Yoko continues to hold Misayo back. "We're not looking for a fight, Harada. We just--" then Shigusa goes off because this guy claimed to be infected with a long dead Ninjutsu-based illness that apparently his father died to cure. Or something. She sighs as the wall is obliterated and then switches how she is holding Misayo to turn away and shield the Student when the unexpected Earth Release battle begins.
However, as the suspicious sick guy chooses to retaliate instead of fleeing or surrendering or anything reasonable, and Itami starts shouting over all the chaos, Yoko hands Misayo off to Rongi turns, and focuses her Chakra. A duplicate of the Academy Teacher appears directly in the path of the earth spire, and takes the blow, immediately scattering into motes of light.

There's a certain look of visceral satisfaction on Harada Misayo's face as the sandal goes through it's arcing flight. It's the look of someone hurting someone else who they are not overly fond of. But that look soon turns to wide-eyed stupor at the clash of earth-jutsu against earth-jutsu erupting before her. Immediately, her hands go behind her head in an effort to grab Yoko's fingers around her collar, her legs kicking in the air once more as if she were trying to run in place.
"OHHHHHHHH, they are doing the jutsu! Hold me higher! Higher! I need to see better! How else am I to be learning!?"
But instead of being handed up higher, or moved closer, she's pulled AWAY from the action, and then handed off to the hulking man's much less hulking friend, like some kind of hot potato that couldn't be dropped! How indignant. Her legs cease kicking the moment she changes hands, unless she is released upon the ground, in which case the predictable thing would happen. Unhappily, she shoots the male a dead-panned scowl, and speaks in a flat voice. She may not be heard above the roars of combat and shouting, unfortunately.
"…You are very effeminate. Are you the bottom?"

Shigusa is already prepared to defend himself, but some sort of Clone appears in front of him and takes the blow instead. He turns his head angrily and yells, "Do not interfere!" But then Itami yells at him to cut it out, and he grits his teeth. He can't refuse to follow an order from a Council Member. This wouldn't be the first time he has caused trouble, but for some reason he never gets demoted. Just lectured and yelled at by his Jounin superior. Oh, he gets punished, certainly. But he is one of the veteran Chuunin of Sunagakure and at times like these, they can't afford to lose someone like that.
Even so, an order is an order. He spits and then says, "Fine! I will move us outside!" Rongi had Misayo handed to him, but he was mostly just ignoring the burden except in as much as keeping her out of harm's way. However, when he's about to protest whatever Shigusa is about to do, Misayo asks that question. He pauses, looks down at the girl, and then turns and holds her out for Itami to take. "Please guard this one. She needs special attention to keep her safe. Also, a good illness might temporarily curb her habit of >speaking<."
Before Rongi can turn his attention back on the conflict, Shigusa has already finished forming a long string of hand seals, and then yelling, "Kai Shuujuku: Tsuchiton Jikoku Senjou! <World Mastery: Earth Style Instant Battlefield!>"
An enormous amount of Chakra radiates from Shigusa for a moment, and then the floor, walls, and ceiling, all seem to fly away suddenly, in the form of sand and dirt. The night sky is revealed overhead, and all the sand and dirt falls back to the ground, unfolding into the desert itself. Unless Shigusa just obliterated the hospital, they are just not in the same place anymore. This is reinforced by the fact that there is no sign of Sunagakure or even the cliffs that surround the Village anywhere in the area.
Shigusa is sweating and breathing a bit heavily from that jutsu, but he just grins and straightens up. "Hehehe…" he chuckles. "Now I can punish you properly for your crimes!" Rongi calls out, "No! He hasn't even done anything yet except for fighting you in the hospital! Lying about an illness is not a crime, Shigusa!" "Shut up, Rongi! If he's so innocent, then he can tell us who he is and what he was doing in the hospital in the first place!"

Kureno raises his hands defensively when his surroundings begin packed with dirt and earth before whisked off somewhere… somewhere. Despite his lack of words to explain this, Itami's shout that he realized she was close, the yelling of the patients, this cloaked figure was incredibly calm.
A quick glance from left to right imprints the layout of the surrounding area in his mind. This masked figure, head lowered, was up for a fight, yet deathly calm.
In the shadow of the hood, his lips visible move as he exhales. "Khhhn" He looks up than, dark eyes looking past Itami, the little girl Misayo, Yoko who seemed to have made the clone take the impact of the Earth Spire and to Shigusa. "I must thank you, mister." He says, hooking a thumb under the left side of his cloak and ripping it off of himself and throwing it behind him, "I was afraid I'll injure innocent people, here, I can let go. You may call me Kaede, even though that is not my real name." He glances to Itami, the only person that knew him here.
"I must refuse your offer to explain what I was doing in the hospital. And I assume that you will try to beat it out of me." He pauses for a long moment, bells tied into his hair releasing a faint sound as he chuckles, his chuckle as melodic as the song of the bells. "I like that kind of thinking. Know why?" His hands clap together and becomes a blur of movements as Kureno performs handseals, "'cause I hate people who jump when they're told to jump!" And as he continues, his jutsu is released and the surrounding area starts to swarm with petal shapes glowing and apparently defying gravity. Common sense could tell that they're a solid object, but just looking at them it seems like a stretching field of fireflies that due to arrangement seem to stretch endlessly from a horizontal perspective. In truth, it's just a thick ring around the area, constantly rotating counter-clockwise.
"Ascension of the Crystal Fields!"

Itami nodded in agreement with Yoko's words. This was not the place for such things. She was personally tired of this constant loop of destruction that was going on in the village. It's as if it couldn't catch a break. Just when they get to a point of recovery, something else happens to tear it back down. It's a cycle that needs to end. She winced at Shigusa, pupils narrowing into slits from frustration. Moving outside sounded like a very good idea right about now. Upon reaching out and taking custody of Misayo, she looked at her and said, "You seem very determined, but try not to be too much of a hassle for me. Please?" She asked with some amount of fatigue in her voice.
When they're carried over into someplace else entirely, it's something that she can say wasn't expected. Moving the battle outside took on a completely different meaning. They were in the middle of nowhere. In the desert? What's more is it seems the battle is beginning to thicken. Kureno has used his technique and she can already see where this is going. She sighs softly and closes her eyes as she lifts her free hand to her head to rub it. The one question lingering in her mind is why all of this was occuring. She isn't sure if an answer was ever revealed in some kind of way, but for now, she thinks she'll have to keep Misayo guarded more carefully. "This is about to grow into more than I was expecting…" Might as well bust out the question. "Kureno! What were you doing at the hospital?" She questioned. She needed an answer.

Yoko groans as the hospital changes into the desert. This is too insane for her. She just stays out of it for now and hopes that Itami can talk sense into this jerk, whoever he is.

"Avoiding the question will not escape from it! I will just ask it a…gain." The bandana-wearing blonde is once more passed off, crossing her arms as she's passed about like a sack of grapes that needed to be kept from getting squashed, and glowering with all of the meager Killing Intent she could muster. A small mouse may have just run for cover. She frowns at Itami's misery, before the kicking of her legs recommences! Naturally she wouldn't just sit still for the sick Jounin. She whips her legs about as if searching for some ground she could make traction on.
"NANI!? Let me at him! I am shinobi, neh! You should not be holding me back, we should be violating his right to not breathe through a tube! You are holding me back! I am trying to obtain the goal of his insides coming on to the outside as you should be!" The kicking pauses. "…Is that smell you?"

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