Killing the White Whale


Aoitsuki, Kitaru, Sakuryu, Tsiro

Date: October 3, 2012


Kitaru, Aoitsuki and Sakuryu see how a Kaguya hunts a massive whale.

Poster's note: Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Killing the White Whale"

The Ocean near Kirigakure.

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Reports had come in to Kirigakure about a massive white whale taking out fisherman's boats all along the coast of the eastern most island. No one knew exactly why the whale seemed to be overly upset, but a few whaling ships had gone after the massive beast. They failed. Few survived. Not that Kirigakure really cared. Well that is until the local village put up the funds to hire a small group of shinobi to kill the whale.
Thats how Tsiro ended up out here on the ocean. The ship they had rented was kind of substandard. It really was no war galleon. The smell of the fresh salt water did nothing to help Tsiro's thoughts on the matter. They were more or less bait for a massive whale that they were suppose to kill. He glanced back towards the others and then back towards the front of the small ship. At least it was big enough to have a deck. It's not like he put them all on a row boat or something. "The sun is about to set. Hopefully that means this whale will become a little more active. Be prepared."
"That will also make it harder for us to do.. well.. anything." Kitaru would mention dryly, which is fairly impressive while in the middle of the ocean. He'd ponder for a moment, before he'd pull out a set of paper seals and with that purple aura charged into them, he would plant the detection seals around the ship. It'd be really simple, motion, especially on the size of a whale, would cause that glow to light up, keeping track of potentially any attempts on the ship itself. Once that was done, he'd go back to the center of the ship. "So, how are we going to handle this? Depth charges?" He'd look at Tsiro curiously. Yep, he got the job, he gets to figure out how to resolve it.
Sakuryu looks around curiously "Huh, I haven't really been on the oceans too much, so..Why do we *think* the Whale is attacking people?" She asks as she looks around, adjusting her new uniform a little as she squats to look over the rail of the ship to peer at the waters.
Tsiro did not bother to turn around when Kitaru asked his question. "I really have not thought that far ahead on this one. I kind of figure it like this. We're on the boat. The whale attacks boats. We kill whale or die trying. Besides isnt that what you brought the ice maiden for?" he asks. He then directs his words to Sakuryu. "I do not care why the whale is attacking people. They paid us to kill it and that I plan to do."
Yep, Tsiro just dragged three of them out on a boat without a real plan. "Depth charges…" he mutters to himself.
If Kitaru was paying attention to those seals, they would start to glow and quickly. Something was heading towards them and at good speed…
"…" He'd lift a hand to say something, then drop it. That.. was a Kaguya for you. A shake of his head was given with a sigh. "Now I know why I'm here.." Glancing over at Sakuryu, Kit would give a shake of his head. "She's to slow it down. You're going to kill it. I'm hopefully going to be able to stun it so you can." Walking towards where the seals were reacting, he'd quickly scan that direction. "We have incoming. So part one of your plan worked. Ready for part 2?"
Saku just blinks "You want me…to try and kill or stun a whale" She asks with a little narrowing of her eyes"Um……Shouldn't you have asked the family counsel for something more?" She asks as she hears Kitaru's warning. "Um….I..I don't think that Senbon will work on a whale.." She says a little urgently
Tsiro starts to answer but before he can the giant whale emerges from the water and the light of day darkens into that of night. Though the creature only remains in the air for a moment, the only response from Tsiro becomes a four letter word unsuitable for the youngest member of the crew. The massive whale comes down on the center of the deck throwing the occupants into the ocean or whatever device they created to save themselves…
Tsiro is thrown far from the boat. As he spalshes into the water, his arms instictively swim towards the surface. Once he emerges he starts to tread water. "He's a quick one." Tsiro states in a sarcastic tone. "Try to freeze the water infront of him Sakuryu!" Tsiro yells. He was not sure if she would be able to while actually in the water. The young Kaguya was certain that Kitaru would be attempting to slow the whale down as it made it's return path.
Cursing, slow and deep under his breath as they're thrown off, he's probably the only one that lands on the water, rolling once, to come up to his feet. He'd kick up running, rushing at the whale. Two dozen mini spheres were pulled from his pouch. "Good idea.. swell.. Next time Tsiro, *I* am stating the plan BEFORE we get out here!" Growling, the spheres were hurled into the path of the whale. That delay was enough for him to verify that Sakuryu and Tsiro were not in range of the explosions, indeed, it'd allow the whale to swim into the middle of the spheres before he'd finally do the seal to cause a purple flare of light all around it and that ragged chain of twin explosions would attempt to envelope the whale and potentially slow it down, if not throw it off.
Sakuryu gasps and tries to land easily, balling up a little as she feels the splash, gasping and bobbing as she moves around. "I hate hitting the water hard." She pouts a little and adjusts her ourfit, looking the area over before moving herself to where she thought the whale might go, soon forming hand signs to try and pull in enough chakra for a large chilling wind breath. Hopefully if she did it underwater it would make a wall of ice
Oh the spheres hit the mighty whale. It did not really throw it off. Instead it seemed to upset it greatly. Now blubbered off the whale turned around and charged for the group. It smashed into and through the wall of ice. That slowly it down momentarily. After shattering the ice, the whale seemed to be heading straight for Tsiro.
"You know, you genjutsuists always have to plan stuff. Cant you ever just be happy to be… hey! Go away! I didnt even attack you…yet." Tsiro's attention turns from Kitaru to the now charging whale. He starts trying to swim away from the whale but its too late. The mouth of the whale opens and devours the young Kaguya in one sweep. The muffled yells of Tsiro can be heard outside the whale as the other two make their plan.
Snorts. "We plan so that doesn't happen." Shaking his head, he'd walk over to Sakuryu, offering her a hand up. "I realize it's a bit rough to try new training, however.. you need to learn and fast. The tree walking ability.. well, do the same thing.. only realize it's flowing, so the chakra will be pulled away and as such, it needs to be re-applied. Hurry up, so we can save him while he removes it's guzzards from the inside and we have to dive for a dead whale.." Kitaru would smile wanely towards her, watching for where the whale might be at, they needed to be able to move fast, if it did actually come for them.
Sakuryu nods a little and focuses her chakra, shakily standing on the water before breathing a little. "I imagine he'd pull a pinnochio and attack it from the inside." She nods a little bit looking at Kitaru. "Um…should I do another air blast?" She asks a little confused what she's supposed to do next

Aoitsuki had be fairly quiet. Keeping herself at ease while sustaining herself along the boat, Kitaru seemed to be the main lead for now but for now she waited, paintently to see where the whale might pop up and just exactly how she may be able to keep it out of the water, she did have an idea im ind. " If you can bring him out to the surface…I believe I can capture that whale…" Aoituski informed them, though mor especifically for Kitaru to determine what was to happen next.
The whale indeed did turn around and came back for the others. This time the whale leaped from the water above Kitaru and Sakuryu attempting to crush both of them in one swipe. Once more, caught in the shadow of the beat, the daylight would turn to night for their personal bubbles. The whale does not even seem to notice Aoitsuki's arrival.
Kitaru would shake his head. "Conserve, prepare to run." Glancing over at Aoi, he'd give a small nod. "Do it when you can then." Watching when the whale did jump up, he'd focus himself, pulling forth a set of seals, he'd scatter them out about him to set them all off, the cascading seal barriers an attempt to keep it aloft while he'd push Sakuryu off to the side and he'd start running. If the seals gave out, it would come down and they needed to move. If not, then Aoi had the best shot right then with it suspended in the air. "Help Aoi-san if you can, Saku-sami. Otherwise, move!"
Saku nods a little and runs to Aoi's side. "What can I do to help Aoi?" She asks with a little clutch, adjusting her outfit slightly as her eyes shift over the whale the seals and her cousin.

The potency of Aoitsuki's chakra began to unfold while her golden locks of vibrant hair had paled into the traditional snow white locks of a Shirayuki, with Kitaru attempting to keep the barrier up around them, Aoitsuki allowed her jutsu to work from the outside, focusing her chakr and embeding it into the ocean beneath her. " You need to react and not ask any questions… " Aoitsuki spoke, perhaps a little coldly to Sakuryu as the water around her began to rush, the ocean churned and torrented a little bit more, attempting to engulf the whale in a massive prison of water…Tsiro had better learn to hold his breath with that she could keep it suspended in the air for the duration of her jutsu.
The barriers exploded across the whale causing it some pain, but it was the water prison jutsu that seems to hold the whale in the air. The water is heavily strained though due to the sheer weight of the whale. The jutsu was not going to hold for long. It matters little though. Bones start to protrude every which way from inside the whale. Through the top of it and through the bottom of the center. Yep, Kitaru and Sakuryu were both right. He was attacking the whale from the inside. Moments later a spine-like whip comes out through the bottom of the whale. It seems to saw through the flesh cutting a small opening in the bottom of it.
Kitaru gave a small nod. About time the taijutsuist did what he was suppose to. The seals would peter out. They were a temporary suspension afterall. Indeed, once the hole in the whale was made, Kitaru would start throwing those tiny spheres at it, while avoiding hitting Tsiro, he was filling the whale up with explosives. The task was to kill the beast. While the hole may be for Tsiro to get out, he was going to make sure that the explosions inside would definitely finish the job.

Aoitsuki for now kept up her seal, attempting to hold the water prison in place and keep the beast suspended. It was proving difficult for now she managed to maintain it, careful to maitnain her focus and switch to a barrier if the whale decided to flop on them. "Lets make this a little quicker… I won't be able to hold this for too long…Especially with Tsiro in his body…" The weight was definitely straining her chakra and drastically depleting her…
So the spheres entered the hole as Tsiro was attempting to leave the body. They did not explode, though Tsiro thought they might. "Jerk!" can be heard as Tsiro attempts to emerge. Unfortunately the weight of the whale is too much for the water prison and it gives. Now the whale falls to the water, belly flopping with Tsiro at the opening of it's belly. The young Chuunin is tossed back into the whale forcefully by the water. Instinctively his bones protrude from his back holding him in place in the back of the whale. There is another cry of pain from massive beast, though it's life is near at an end no matter what happens.
Hopping back, Kitaru would get his balance as the wave from it landing would move past him. Still standing on the water, he'd glance over at Aoi and Sakuryu. "There's enough explosives in it now that would level a village. Saku-semi, Aoi-san, it's time to go now. Get back to land. As soon as Tsiro gets up here, we'll get and it will blow up. I recommend speed, hai?" He waited, watching for Tsiro to haul the Kaguya to the surface and get out of there, the whale might be in death throes, but when Kit set that explosion off, it was going to be big.
Saku dashes back a little bit, just bracing herself and letting the pro's go at it, her fists clenched as she watches the fight go down ready to do…..something….when the time comes.

"We have walls…and barriers, what other recommendations did you have other than speed, Kitaru?" Aoitsuki questioned, a little bit critcally, Aoitsuki wasn't very steadfast about getting out of harms way, while the power of the explosions was enough to level the area, she was at least a bit confident in her own barrier, though still she began to trek back to land, her eyes were on Sakuryu to make sure she could get away as well…
Soon, Tsiro rises from the water. He's covered in krill, whale fat and guts. "Hey guys. Hi Aoi! You want a hug?" he asks. "Hey where is everyone going!?!" he asks. He then starts to follow them. "I killed it already. Look what I found!" he yells up to them. He then holds up his hand and there is a hook. It looked like it had once been someone's hand. It was going to be a rough trip home. When one of the members of the team got close to Tsiro they were going to realize bleach couldnt get the smell off him.
Shaking his head, he'd wait til they were at a safe distance before finally pulling that required seal. The muffled BOOM from under water would turn what was left of the whale to gibblets. Wrinkling his nose at Tsiro, he'd shake his head. "You are coming no where near me. I will put you under with genjutsu and drag your body in via a hunk of driftwood. You're going to stink up Kirigakure." Shaking his head, he'd walk along with the others, a nod given towards Sakuryu. "Good control of your chakra for the water. I'm impressed. I knew you could do it, that's why I brought you out here, although the practice I intended was slightly different than what happen.." He'd eye Tsiro again. "It did get the job done."

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