Killing Time


Kira, Haruko, Tsiro, Kuoroke

Date: January 21, 2012


A spar to kill some time while waiting for the second round of the Chuunin Exams to end. Kira against Haruko and Tsiro.

"Killing Time"

Training Fields [Sunagakure]


This training area is an open field surrounded by large rock formations that help keep the harsh winds of the desert from just erasing it from existence. The field is actually divided into four major areas. The main area is used by all ninja of Sunagakure regardless of rank. There are many training posts, a few obstacle courses as well as a number of sparring circles for everyone to use.
The other three areas are set up to better cater to the needs of ninja of different ranks. They are all accessible by three paths that snake through some of the rock formations and lead to them. There's one set up for students, which is also used to test students intending to graduate as Genin. Another area has been primarily set up for Genin usage, even though some Chuunin can usually be seen there as well and finally there's an area set up for anyone of with the rank of Chuunin or higher.
All three of those specialized areas mimic the challenges found in the general training area, except the challenges found in them are customized for the appropriate ranks.
Within the training fields is a gloomy and show-off person. He is sitting atop… the ground like any other sane person, ha ha, fat chance, which oddly makes him stand out amongs all those other show offs that sit either atop a log, which must be really uncomfortable, in a weird buddhism position, or on a rock. Upside down. That must hurt too.
Oh, and he looks like he may have had a small electrical shock, considering his spiky hair standing up like a certain someone that tends to explode with a golden aura and golden hair. Nope, no plagiarism here.
And most of all, he has really got no one to spar, as people seem to avoid him for some reason.
Well. A spar is always good, in Haruko's eyes. As such, the Genin heads over to the person other people are avoiding, tugging lightly on her scarf as she heads closer to the foreign Ninja. "Hello." She greets with a polite bow, "Would you care for a spar?"
She takes a step back just about right away. Drawing a pair of Kunai, but not yet using them. Both of the Kunai are held in the same hand, and came from somewhere below the girl's many, many belts. "Or are you not brave enough to face a genin?"

One of the most recent arrivals in Sunagakure is Tsiro of the Kaguya clan. The boy was dreading the weather here. There was too much sun and way too much sand. About the only thing the boy can do to bring up his morale is hit the training grounds. He makes his way there as soon as he arrives in the village. He had been waiting for this the entire journey there.
As he arrived, Tsiro glanced around before stretching his arms out and cracking his neck. The boy spots a girl challengeing a boy. "I am interested in a spar as well."
Kira opens his eyes to look at the girl challenging him, and he eyes her up and down before speaking in what can come as close to peasant talk as it can. No seriously, it's like he was born in the mountains. Fun fact: He was.
"Y'sure y'wanna face me? If ye use tha' scarf ta hide the shame after I kick ya butt, then I might consider acceptin'; Unless you find a friend first to he—" And he trails off as apparently a 'friend' does appear.
"Alrigh' you two against me." His speaking pattern changes to a more.. well.. less peasantly. "This should be fun I guess. Pale skin, red eyes… but black hair huh? Almost thought you're a kaguya. Well, sure. I'll take you two on."
He then waves over a Sunagakure jounin and they negotiate something. Afterwards, Kira looks to the two, "This gentleman will oversee our match. Come when you're ready."
Two versus one. Huh? Well, that's fine by Haruko… she draws her scarf, letting it go loose, it turns out it is a rather sizable piece of cloth. "This scarf is used not for hiding, but for inflicting shame." She states, swirling the cloth around her so it covers her entire body.
As she does this, she focuses her chakra, gathering the energy she requires and putting it into herself… and to the careful observer with the right talents; it would be obvious some goes into the cloth as well. Even to those careful observers without the right talents, one thing might be seen: The cloth hardens slightly at some places…

Tsiro shrugged his shoulders as the guy thought he was almost Kaguya. "Fair enough. Battle is battle." the boy states before bones start to protrude from his elbows and palms. Her focuses his chakra then looks towards the boy from the mountains. His eyes then move back to his partner for this battle. She wielded a scarf… Oh well, this was just a spar, so he had to play nice with his partner.
"Oh my. Two against one, and one is in fact a Kaguya." Kira says, as if all hope is lost. "What? Naw, just kidding." He grins and puts his hands together, focusing a meager ammount of chakra, relatively at least.
He spreads his legs out as a small breeze kicks up dust and shoves some debris to the side and he focuses his gaze on both opponents, his focus barely split between them.
After the gathering of chakra, the now cloth covered girl rushes forward. She starts it out pretty light, testing her opponent before going in at full force. As such, she opens up with a thrown Kunai while going towards the opponent ninja.
Once she's there, she changes directions. It's not easy to notice, and it's quite erratic; but there's two ends of cloth going towards Kira, and when they're close enough to strike, they harden to become hard and sharp as steel. Let's see what her sparring partners think of this turn of events.

Tsiro watches for a few moments as the cloth girl moves towards the guy from Kumo. He does not rush towards him, but instead raises his hands up and makes a symbol to focus his chakra to the roof of his mouth. Soon he is moving to the side to spit out little bone projectiles from his mouth while avoiding his partner. He was trying to see how his opponent responded before getting too close.
The testing goes… well, not so well for Kira, he had apparently dodged a few times, leaving a large gap between himself and the targetted point of impact, and at other times, almost dodged the attacks completely.
"Ho, ho, you are not so slow after all." He would comment and punch his palm. "Well, then, considering I don't really have any moves to attack you all at once, lets test your resolve and reflexes! The 2 Rs!" He exclaims and then there's a crackle of lightning and the foreign nin becomes known for what he most likely is. A Yotsuki.
He reappears next to first Tsiro, whom had struck him twice, and tries to deliver a kick to the midriff, before kicking off once again in a cracke of lightning to appear close to Haruko with a double legged, leaping, kick.
He'd then roll across the ground and eye the ring in which the battle waged, gauging the situation he was in, and looking to his environment for forming a battle plan.
As the attack from the Yotsuki comes close, Haruko doesn't even move. Instead, she tries to harden the cloth she's got around her to deflect the incoming attack. Unfortunately, she is too late and the attack pierces through.
On the positive side, Haruko is now quite close to Kira, and the girl sends out several ends of cloth, intending them to wrap around Kira's limbs so she can immobile her, before hardening the cloth and pulling it towards her.
Finally, Haruko lunches out with a cloth-covered fist. The cloth hardening in time for Haruko to have a solid punch, as though her fist was made out of solid steel. "How are yours?" She asks…

Tsiro was kicked and sent back quite a bit. He felt quite a bit of pressure on his ribs. Had he been a normal man, he may even have broken a rib. The boy then lunges towards the Yotsuki and attempts to elbow him with a shard of bone before spinning back and trying to hit him with the other elbow. He was trying to move inbetween the girl's cloth jutsu.
Kira manages to avoid the cloth, rather easily, not relying on his chakra, and in mid dodge he replies to her, "I don't know, you tell me." But his words would probably fall on arrogant ears when Haruko witnesses the stabs Kira receives after his bloated gloating.
Kira staggers back and a hand runs across his chest area to check for damage, a finger dipping into the hole caused by the bone. Not too deep. Shallow. His muscles prevented some of the damage it seems and he looked to Tsiro as his number 1 enemy. "You're not bad Kaguya. I'll give you that. But still not enough to bring the best out of me. However…" Kira holds a hand up, "Allow me to give you a taste of my strength."
He would suddenly dash towards Tsiro, retrieving two kunai from his belt pouch and throwing one towards Tsiro and the other towards Haruko, as he leaped into the air and turned in mid jump— subsequently delivering a powerful, albeit unenhanced kick towards the Kaguya.
Again, the girl is just /too late/ with hardening the cloth on her body to prevent the attack from landing. And it stings and sucks. Ow. Well… Haruko has seen no real reason not to repeat her tactic from last time… she knew the second attack relied on the first to land, and it didn't…
As such, Haruko rushes forward once more. She repeats the tactic from last round, her cloth going towards Kira once more, as Haruko really does try to bind down the adversarial ninja in those steel cloth bonds, before trying to pull them back.
And whether or not it hits, she will follow it up with a quick and simple punch. The punch strengthened by the cloth of her scarf, ready to punch through anything… if it hits.

The spar had caught Kuoroke's eye, and he'd been watching for a short while. Now, he moves through the obstacle course, mostly ignoring and stepping over obstacles designed for Genin and students closer to half his height, towards the group. He approaches the Jounin overseeing the match, bends towards him, and a quick, whispered interchange takes place. After this interchange is over, he takes the observing Jounin's position.
As Haruko again moves into the fray with yet another series of attacks which lack impressiveness compared to the others, he frowns slightly. Enough to show some disappointment at the display of the Sunagakuran in the fight, but nothing too serious.

As the attacks come forward, Tsiro bends and twists his body out of the way. Both the kunai and the kick miss him. But there is a smile on the boy's face. A look of pure joy, almost equal to that of sexual gratification seems to be coming out of the boy. It was the ability to find someone strong enough to fight. His body seemed to do whatever it took to match that naturally. He was rising to the challenge. As he moved he would attempt the same strike once more. Two elbows at the boy.
As Tsiro moved, he no longer really cared about the replacement of the Jounin. He was starting to get tunnel vision on his opponent. The Suna genin was fading from his vision and soon his memory.
Flawlessly evading Haruko's attacks, Kira focuses on Tsiro's attacks, and manages to avoid the first one, but is caught with the second one again. But just lightly.
He skids across the ground shortly and relieves a pained sigh. "I find it quite interesting that you've managed to hit me so many times. A feat, I must admit, not very easy." He pauses as he scans the area around him. "On the upside, I don't spend as much chakra as a ninjutsuist— but I don't have attacks that target multiple opponents. My best choice of action thus is to take one of you out of the fight.. Aa." A pause as he bears his hand back. "This shall be done." Lightning arcs across his fingers as he rushes towards Tsiro and closes his hand into a fist for a very powerful punch. Kira is fast, there is no doubt about it. And he is very powerful, as even if he misses, a shockwave would crack the ground beneath his feet slightly.
Ignored by enemy assault, and quite frankly not contributing much to the fight… Haruko decides to finally change tactics. She rushes towards Kira, unravelling some of the cloth around her hands to give her some leeway.
Then she lashes out with not one, not two, but three ends of cloth, their patterns erratic and hard to follow. Once the first comes close, it hards and solidifies, the same applies for the others. And once this is over with, Haruko takes a backflip back, trying to gauge how to react next…

Tsiro watches the other move forward with his fist of lightning chakra. At the last minute he moves to the side, though he still felt the shockwave. His body now began to protrude small bone spikes from his chest. Kira was drawing out the natural Kaguya beast in the boy. There was something else starting to happen as well. Tsiro's hair was starting to change color. It was a small change at first, a silver stripe amongst the black hair of the boy.
Still Tsiro rushed forward. He aimed another elbow strike at Kira before jumping back and striking with a bone from his palm.
Surprise, surprise, the one he thought the weakest among the two manages to lind a strike on Kira, and it's no surprise, as even he must have trouble fighting two opponents, being a straight taijutsuist and all. A few wounds are now visible on his body, but just shallow ones, nothing too serious. Except his expression. That was serious.
"Playtime's over." He announced as he placed his hands together in a seal and a surge of chakra rushed through him. Outwardly there was no sign of change in him. None at all. But inwardly, lightning was enhancing his nervous system, he could perceive faster, and even blows he threw at his opponents would be all the more difficult to defend against for one simple reason: He could change the trajectory of his attacks despite inertia insisting they continue the same path.
It is with this in mind that Kira rushes for Tsiro once again, and what appears a simple kick to the midsection, suddenly becomes a lightning enhanced knee to the gutt, before Kira's form vanished in crackling lightning to deliver a elbow to Haruko's head.
Haruko tries to block the lightning attack once more, but fails once again. She takes a deep breath, and realizing the futility of keeping on this fight… she takes a step back. "I'm out." She admits, and retreats to watch the remainder of the fight as it occurs.

Kuoroke's frown does not falter. It remains, unchanging, while the blows rain down upon pretty much everyone involved but Kuoroke himself. "Wise decision." He nods to Haruko. Any supportive sentence uttered by Kuoroke, of course, has to be coupled with criticizm. "You weren't doing too well, hm?"
The eyes of Tsiro watch Kira aiming for him. Luckily he is able to spin away right before the knee gets to his gut. He then takes a few steps back and builds his chakra up. "Intense." is the only word the boy states as he looks at the guy. This guy had kept on par with him the whole time. Though Tsiro looked better for the moment, it did not feel if he was ahead by much.
Kira does not stop at all from his assault, in fact, he even lifts up two fingers: V for Victory, to Haruko as she 'taps out'. He doesn't correct his path either, merely turning around to face Tsiro moments before Kira ducks his head for a full on bull rush charge to try and slam into Tsiro's midsection and lift him up with both hands, and then powerfully slam him into the ground, with lightning chakra repelling him, should Kira connect. And if he does, he would go as far as to kick the on-the-ground Tsiro in the midsection and send him skidding or rolling, or whichever.
And if he doesn't pick up Tsiro and throw him to the ground?
Then just kick him. For good measure.
"He shoots…"
Tsiro's bones from his midsection came outwards to lessen the blow of the bull rush. He is thrown to the ground and then kicked. The boy rolls over obviously in pain before getting back up and lunging forward towards Kira. He was attempting to use a bone from his knee to hit the man in the gut before using an elbow strike, hopefully to the back of the boy.
"Hrm." Kuoroke raises his hand slightly to stop the fight, and hesitates. His eyes switch towards his fellow Sunagakuran who just left the fight, and he crosses his arms again, watching. "Easy. Easy." He just comments. "It's a spar, you don't want him dead… do you?"
Just barely avoiding serious injury, Kira still gets hit by that knee bone. Seems the Kaguya have a few tricks up their sleeves as well. Kira had begun to perceive this fight as much different than a moment before. Both Kira and his opponent were living weapons. Every joint was a potential critical outcome attack.
He heard Kuoroke's words, but did not see the hand; "I am not injured past the point of danger. And neither is my opponent I think. Attacks like these won't kill us." He draws a kunai and grips it. "Especially these." He said as he brandished the kunai and smirked. The smirk was, probably to some imagining fighting the Yotsuki— terrifying. He did not want to injure. He either aimed to tire out, or possibly inflict surface wounds. Painful surface wounds.
And thus, he dashed towards Tsiro, slashing at him ferally, each attack shifting it's trajectory in mid flight, making it very difficult to defend against for normal shinobi.
Tsiro heard the words. Of course as Kira stated that he was not injured, enough, Tsiro moved to out slash him with a bone blade from his hand. Instead he gets the kunai. The boy then spins away from the next two attacks. "It looks like you won." the boy states. He then looks towards his arm which was bleeding fairly well. He shrugged and the bones began to return back within his skin. "I am Kaguya Tsiro of Kirigakure. A mere Genin."
Kuoroke finally lifts the hands as Tsiro begins looking badly injured. With just a bit of reluctance he informs them, "Okay, okay. You've both landed each other in hospital already, I don't want to have to deal with your corpses. Break it up." But it seems the combatants have decided to stop, themselves. "You two go have those wounds looked at."
Kira exhaled in a sigh when the Kaguya announced the winner of the spar. He stands still for a moment and then slaps his forehead a little. "Oh well, a spar's a spar. No winners in it. But damn, we got a little carried away, huh. You're pretty good for a Genin, I must say. Gave me a run for my money, I suppose." He sounded truthful at least.
He exhaled once again and seemed a bit dizzy. "Ugh.. world becoming quick again…" He muttered out and then looked to Kuoroke. "Yea, I get it." He looked to Tsiro and grinned. "Did a number on me. But let's hope the nurses are nice."
Tsiro laughs a bit. "You got a name?" he asks before adding. "Lets just hope the nurses are cute. Oh… and which way is the hospital?" he turns towards Kuoroke as he asks.
Kira turns to Tsiro, "Oh right. My apologies. Yotsuki Kira of Kumogakure. A pleasure to meet you." The wild looking kid says, "Chuunin." He runs a hand through his hair which stands up again, and this time it becomes apparent where the static charge comes from.

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