Kingdom Underground - Fire Above


Fujiko (emitter), Itami, Hiroto, Juudai, Arika, Jiro, Sousa, Koemi, Rikuto

Date: October 18, 2015


Kinokochi Nobu has decided to continue with his plans, and he launches a large attack on the Hidden Sand in order to make sure these plans aren’t stopped.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kingdom Underground - Fire Above"


Kinokochi Nobu took his sweet, sweet time developing what would be his clan's freedom. A disease that would destroy the Okumo. Yet, once again, this is jepordized by another neutral hidden village. Suna was not his clan's enemy. Kirigakure was not even his clan's enemy. The Okumo were. Charred Okumo. His clan were very feared amongst all the insect users, and they were a power to be reckoned with against many others. Then came the immunity. The Okumo created a successful experiment to resist his clan, and before long their jutsu were all but useless. "The Okumo have elminated many clans." Nobu would say, as he stood atop the dome in the thick of night. "These people are allies of the Okumo, of their wrongful Kage. I remember a day when when our will infected their pathetic insects, and burst through each of their carapaces before spreading our influence across the ground. It wasn't ours that started it. We were content upon our island. Like the network we are bound to, however, once they disturbed us our kin spread all over Kirigakure." Once they evolved, though, they were easily dealt with… Without a proper balance, the Okumo exploded in strength. Now they are the true rulers of Kirigakure.
Nobu stood at the apex of the kage's tower, as a mycelium started to surround it in the dead of night. Nobu would be surrounded by six skilled shinobi of his clan, each one tuned into the network that binds this clan together. Their chakra all shared. Their minds all one. Individuality fogged by these thoughts. "The Kazekage has made it clear that she won't let us begin the next era. Yet, she has not made action fast enough. We will finish the plague, and then we will finally be able to return to our home. Our island. Meruin will not be able to stop us. If he try, he will die. When the Okumo are gone, Kirigakure will accept us with open arms. I can see it. To grab this future, we must first distract Sunagakure. Prepare yourselves, and ready your seals. Today Sunagakure eats itself. Tears itself from the inside! You know what you must do. I return to the burrow." Noba would create a handseal, and very soon after he would disappear into the mycelial network now covering the Kazekage's dome. The other clansmembers would place their hands together, focusing a huge amount of chakra into this structure.
Soon enough a purple haze would fill the air of the city, permeating every single house. Mold would grow on the walls of houses, upon people. Food stores left exposed to air are instantly tainted. Water exposed to the air made useless and unsafe for consumption…
That wasn't the only thing that happened. The beginning of their clan's struggle for survival came at the hands of Sunagakure itself. Villagers not trained in the arts of the shinobi at all would become infected. Their minds drifted off into peaceful sleep would be trapped in that sleep. Suddenly, as if dreamwalking, the entire village stood up all at once. Anyone without any abilities to perceive genjutsu would be completely enraptured. Basic tools, and shinobi weaponry would be taken… In the deathly silence of the night, Sunagakure's very own villagers would begin to rise up and slaughter unwitting shinobi in their sleep. Trusted loved ones would turn on their shinobi partners asleep and unaffected, cutting their throats and watching them bleed out. No one could stop this. This was a forbidden technique. This was the Cordyceps.
Nobu Kinokochi would recall the first time in his travels far into the jungles of the south, how he came across this unique species. He remembers how it not only grew inside of insects, but also made it do their bidding. Nerve contol. To integrate the mycelial network into the neural network and control their skeletal muscles while dampening the complex brain from knowing what was happening. From this Nobu created his clan's ultimate genjutsu technique. Though, only he had perfected it. Without his help, this technique merely stopped nerves from working altogether. He was going to use this technique to bring a new era to the Land of Water, and end the current era.
In the meantime, those whom did not fall to this technique would likely be jostled out of sleep if they were. Those whom were awake would be able to ward of the presence rather easily. It was such a wide-spread effect that it was relatively weak, especially those whom were trained in genjutsu.
The first step of action? That would be to attempt to wake the villagers infected, before casualties build up. Those whom were inexperienced ninja could easily knock out infected villagers, until the duration of the genjutsu was over. This included individuals who could stop the influence of genjutsu upon others… More experienced shinobi might want to take a look at their village center…
It was about to get razed again. Itami need to assign roles fast.

Itami was resting at her home for once, spending time with her family while they were in town. She didn't have her eyes on the windows to the outside as she took the time to instead enjoy conversation with them. There was a lot of catching up to do and time was lost to them in the middle of their merriment. Anything that was happening on the outside in the village was now coming in as mold began to manifest on the walls of her home. She glanced up, only at the warning of one of her sisters who pointed it out.
She looked up and watched as it spread, inviting a mist into her home that she was certain wasn't anything she was responsible for. She kept a clean home, after all. "This is…" Her voice trailed off for a few moments as she found an influence creeping into her mind and seeking to take over her body. "I think you all know what to do," she remarked to her family. Seems like it was time to ward off this problem. They each countered the influence and began to take their leave from her home to spread out among the village. No, they didn't need to help, but this is something that couldn't just be allowed to happen.
Itami broke out from her home to observe the damages taking place and made certain to sound an alarm across the entirety of the village. It was under attack again. She'd wait at the village entrane, having gathered a team of messengers along the way to spread the message to meet her there, from shinobi to skilled villagers alike. They were going to take back their village and the villagers with in it.

Sousa is finally starting to recover from having used his self-genjutsu psychotropic drug simulating technique, not to mention the physical damage he took during the fight with Nanashi/Miyako/Keiko/whatever she might've been called at the end. He still feels an occasional impulse to dose his brain again, but it's nothing a disciplined mind can't control, especially if given other things to think about. Hence, he is out and about in the village streets, conducting self-therapy by refamiliarizing himself with his surroundings. They did change a fair bit recently, after all. e.e;
But then, along comes something significantly more interesting than just seeing how the reconstruction is going: a random ninja in his bedclothes, stumbling back out of his house and shouting desperately, while a child with a knife pursues him. z.z It's quite obvious that this shouldn't be too much of a contest, and the apparent implication is that this man doesn't want to fight back. So Sousa intervenes with a swift chop to the back of the boy's neck. "Merely a nerve blow," Sousa remarks preemptively to the horrified man as the child collapses, "he should be quite alright. Could you describe what has occurred?" Sousa glances sideways as noises of horror start pouring from other nearby buildings. "Speedily if you please, it would appear we haven't the luxury of meticulous analysis."

Hiroto was walking away from his house this night. He wasn't no where near tired enough to sleep yet so a walk would be worth it. Anyways Hiroto and Tenshi decided to go to the village entrance even before the village was attacked. He liked he relax over there often, and it allowed him to see people come and go. Of course at this time of night there wouldn't be many if any. As he is walking along he notices the panic rising. What is going on. Tenshi luckily flying in the air see's what is going on all to quickly. Tenshi would noticed the gathering at the village entrance, and would start heading that way causing Hiroto to follow in quick pursuit. He would arrive to see the Kazekage standing there along with random shinobi here and there. What is going on. He would walk closer to hopefully find out. Tenshi continued circling above to see if he can spot anything out of place.

Koemi is just about to walk out of the hospital, when she notices something peculiar. Several patients who were supposed to be resting for the time being had begun to rise from their beds after this…strange mist crept in. Koemi reaches up to carefully put on a mask while she works to make sure any foreign chakra is purged from her mind and body. Once that is done, she hurries over to try to help subdue the patients. "P-please, sir…ma'am? You two shouldn't be up! Your leg is broken and your arm needs to…wait…where'd you get that?" She staggers backwards away from a woman who had managed to find a scalpel and gets caught by one of the more experienced medic-nin who help to put the woman down for the count without harm. "Tenjin. Read this and go meet the Kazekage. You could get hurt staying here, and you may hurt the patients trying to defend yourself…meet with the team she's requesting and do whatever you are ordered to. They may want you on site to help tend to minor injuries." Koemi stands, still looking stunned before she nods and takes the message. After reading it, she departs from the hospital and heads to where the Kazekage and others have managed to meet up.

Laying still and quiet within his bed, the young Miira was alone though he could feel something begin to wash over him. Rather than panic, Rikuto doesn't resist at first and let the first impulses and twisted visions over take his reality.. but only for a few fleeting moments before resisting. "Even when I rest.. another trickster plays.." Letting out a sigh, he begins to roll forward from his bed only to be greeted with a village alarm being sounded. Wasting little time, the young man would shift his clothing as well as collect his belongings.
Looking towards his door, he shakes his head gently and bring his hands together before focusing. "Pale.. pale.. pale.. so many pale, but they feel odd.. not like normal." Shaking his head gently, Rikuto could notice the villagers were feeling 'odd' but couldn't narrow it down any further. Choosing not to take too many chances, he would open one of the windows along the spire's edge and slips outside, his doors firmly locked. When he first lands closer towards the group that was beginning to form, a large shape could be made out from within the back of his cloak, though that it was wouldn't be able to be seen. "That 'creature' didn't escape it's hold, I don't sense it anywhere.. What's causing this odd feeling to see things so.. twisted?"

Jiro had been out because night was his friend and sleep was for the week! Muwhahahaha! Ahem…Jiro is actually on a rooftop near the edge of the village when he starts hearing strange noises coming from further in. Once he turns around the young Amaro noticed the mist and so stood, looking into it as it spread before tying a cloth around his nose and mouth. Not that he'd need it in the end but better safe than sorry, right? Screams sounded at the boy would look below to see…strange things happening. People chasing after shinobi, trying to hurt them? Huh. Jiro jumps down into the mist as it forms nearby and punches out a few folks that were chasing shinobi and horribly throwing kunai at them. "Jus' knock 'em out. I dunno wh' this is, but 's'not affectin' us." Well, as long as you had even the slightest inkling on how to fight genjutsu. Now, where was someone important to start giving out orders. Orrrrr…Jiro vanishes into a nearby home, knocking out a few villagers and returning shoving a trinket into a pouch. Just a thanks from then, surely.

Arika is just sleeping that night, glad to be in her bed. She wakes up to a grumbling in her head and she makes a seal to dispel the Genjutsu as she jumps out of bed. The girl is in her pajamas, to boot, as she rushes out to the streets. Since her neighbors aren't all shinobi, though, the girl is forced to knock them over and back against the wall, forcing them flat against any nearby surface.
Ping is already dressed when he catches up to Arika. "Go find Jiro," he orders the girl, even as he dashed off to find someone - anyone, really - in charge. Arika nodded to the orders and dashed off, not perturbed by those coming out of the streets running from their family. A few of the civilians would be flattened to the ground in her wake while she jumped from building to building to figure out where her closest friend was /and/ what was going on. "I guess I can't say Suna is boring anymore," she comments to no one in particular. The voice in the back of her head simply cackles.

Having come to the Land of Wind after the promotions had been completed in the Land of Earth, Juudai was following up on a lead that she couldn't afford to send anyone else out after. She took only a single jounin with her and they both left with such stealth and silence that it is unlikely anyone would even know the Tsuchikage wasn't in the village. With the danger of the stone blades, she left her entire shinobi force back in the Land of Earth to continue to keep eyes peeled on that threat. She didn't intend to mention this to the Kazekage, having brought a wedding gift to hide her true intentions.
She made her exit quietly as to not arouse suspicion of the enemies of the Land of Earth. Not let them know she was even gone. The Jounin she took with her was as good at stealth as she was. Once away she moved under a henge as a pair of simple wanderers as they approached Sunagakure. They'd announce themselves soon enough, though as they approach, Juudai throws up a hand to stop her fellow traveller. The purple haze in the air of Sunagakure has her halting for but a moment before she dismounts and states quietly, "Approach in silence." Immediatley both take off toward the village at a healthy clip while using their various forms of stealth to cloak their approach.

Fujiko had sat off upon the high walls of Sunagakure. The Jackal had spent many nights and days so far, away from the comforts of the crowd. Insomnia had settled in, just as expected. Ever since the seal was her dreams had become far too loud. Dreams of death. Her former friends, her family. Night be night, she had witnessed these dreams. Never was she able to get more than a few hours at a time. Eventually, this very night in face, she had simply decided to not sleep at all. The beginning stages of a disease different than those in the village below were experiencing. The only thing she had to hold tight to herself, as she remain islated upon the high walls of Sunagakure, was the sound of her Shamisen.
The strings were loud as she kept her eyes closed. Eyes that were beginning to become encircled in black. Her eyes snapped open as she feels the haze pass over the city. She saw the fungal structures begin to rise in the distance, over the Kazekage's administration center. "You said you loved me, but you were going to break my heart. You said you would love me forever, so why are we apart? Then say you will try, 'cause you said 'forever'. Knowing it was but a lie made clear your false endeavour." Her strings would not stop, because once they had, she would feel him whispering in her ear. It was not loud, but it was there. The jackal knew whose voice it was, not her own. "The village needs my help." She would say as she rose to her feet, the music stopping. It was enough that she could hear his voice. Too quiet still to make out the words, but it was unsettling nonetheless… The Jackal slips the hood of her cloak over her head right as a messenger meets her to inform her of a regrouping…

COMBAT: Fujiko focuses 894 stamina to turn it into 1000 usable chakra!

Everyone else in the village whom the messengers could find that wasn't wandering the streets looking to kill individuals was quickly recruited to regroup at the village gates. Sousa was witnessing what anyone else on the streets were witnessing. Shinobi stunned as loved ones attempt to attack them. It was terrible. Wives attacking husbands and the reverse. Those whom had already performed their task were wandering the street mindlessly. Anyone whom managed to break free would find themselves attacked as well… There were already many individuals whom had died, most of them shinobi. A few villagers, attacked by shinobi whom were not aware of what were happening.
Hiroto would likely start to notice the commotion as it began. He would witness a shinobi in disbelief as his he struggled to keep his wife from slitting his throat. That itself was not a contest, but the poor shinobi was wracked with terror that his own wife would betray him like this. A messenger would kneel before him, and tell him Itami needed him. "You there! The Kage is requesting support at the front gate! We're under attack!" … That was the general suspicion.
Rikuto indeed had no idea what this chakra was, and it wasn't likely 'that creature'. Yet what Rikuto could feel was that the chakra that was covering the city had a very, very strong central source far underground. He only could feel it because of how powerful it was. It was like a collection of many, many people's chakra. People with poor intentions, people with good. It was like a sickened mass of chakra that was being funneled up to shinobi above. There was something huge underground. Something terrible. That much a sensor can tell.
Koemi would indeed realize that many patients in the hospital that could not resist, those poisoned by the water crisis, would likely be giving the hospital staff much trouble.
Jiro and Arika both might have found each other, though the messengers hadn't found them yet. It would have been ping who was quickly informed that the city was under attack, and that the Kazekage had attempted a regroup in the square. He ought to find Jiro and Arika and move them off. The Kazekage's words were very important. A central source of command to plan an attack whomever was doing this to her people. There were two clear options. One, divert resources to knocking people affected by the genjutsu out. Two, kill the orchestrating shinobi whose chakra-grown mycelial structure has cocooned around the administration building. Rikuto already sensed that it was a focus for the jutsu. If it was destroyed, then the villagers would be free.
It would be very likely that those whom moved to meet Itami at the village gates would see the Tsuchikage herself on a peaceful stroll in the evening… Coming to bring a gift. The best kind might be a little assistance.

"Not enough…" Itami muttered quietly to herself. She needed more people, but these here should be sufficient. They were a good mixture of people, shinobi and civilian. She disregarded her own thoughts to focus on the task at hand. "You all are here at my request! I have orders for all of you, so listen well!" She spoke above the crowd. "I know on the way here, you saw the state of the village. Shinobi and civilian alike rising from their sleep and causing cries to rise into the night. To put it simply, we are under attack and now we must be the ones to respond to the threat! We haven't much time, so I will divide you all accordingly. We will have two groups, one to neutralize the people and the other to neutralize the threat. Anyone who is to participate in neutralizing villagers must /not/ kill them. They are to be disabled. Any enemy shinobi you run into of the kind capable of generating this jutsu that has fallen upon the village is to be eliminated and no mercy spared!"
She then set to work dividing the people quickly into teams, having some ease as people determined for themselves which they would participate in. "Some of you have likely already lost loved ones to this and it is for that reason that you must fight with all your hear to keep those that are left and destroy those who have threatened them!" She moves through the crowd and ahead of it. "Those who are to destroy the enemy, come with me!" She then dedicated chakra to this task. Those that were on the pacifying team were led by a team of shinobi designated for the task.

COMBAT: Itami focuses 6475 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!

Sousa gets what he can from the man he just rescued — it's not much of course, the poor fellow only knows his kid attacked him like some stab-happy sleepwalker. @.@; Aside from a very high probability that the purple haze floating about has a causal relationship with the attacks, not much else can be gleaned at the moment. Sousa uncorks a test tube and scoops up a sample of tainted air to look at later, then heads for the most likely place that a response would be organized. He arrives in time to get the gist of Itami's orders, and naturally assigns himself to go with Itami to confront the perpetrators of this phenomenon. After all, that's much more likely to provide some interesting learning. :) Oh, and there's the fact that the safer task of stopping sleep-stabbers should be left to lower-level nin, of course.

COMBAT: Sousa focuses 9260 stamina to turn it into 12599 usable chakra!

He would have arrived quickly enough to hear the whole speech luckily. Considering he was a genin, and hasn't even been one long he would be going to stop villagers. Luckily he had a knack for spotting any that were in any particular danger. He could easily incapitate them if needed as well hopefully. He didn't want to harm anyone, but this was a dangerous situation the village was in. Anyways he would listen to the now formed team of shinobi leading the group assigned to stopping the villagers. Tenshi would fly down to Hiroto's side for now. Well here we go.

COMBAT: Hiroto focuses 2359 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

As Koemi leaves, a very concerned gaze is cast over her shoulder at the hospital getting smaller behind her. She truly hoped her collegues would be alright, and if nothing else she hoped she would be able to return to help them soon. When she arrives, she stills herself and looks on as Itami begins to explain the situation and their orders, dividing the body into two seperate groups. She felt that the safest bet would be to try to help with subdueing the townsfolk, but she still had her doubts about whether or not she could even handle such a task. She takes a deep breath and nods to herself as she tries to focus on controlling and maintaining her chakra. She departs from the others to try to search unlocked homes and shops for people that might require immediate medical attention. If she so happened to run into sleepwalkers in the middle of the task, she would have to do her best to dispose of them safely, but for right now there was the chance that there could be some people who could be rescued.

COMBAT: Koemi focuses 1934 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

Looking down below towards the Kazekage but then close his eyes and bow his head in understanding towards the woman. "I will not be aiding with the civilians Kazekage-dono.. They are laced with a chakra twisting their actions, I doubt their minds are their own." Motioning with his right hand, he points downwards not towards anyone gather or the villagers but to the very ground. "Below.. There's 'something' below, might be in cavern systems that cross back from the southern caverns but I can sense a swelling of force there, not around us." Glancing off to the side, he was able to notice Koemi beginning to race off with a side group focusing on trying to 'subdue' and protect the villagers. "Hopefully she doesn't start anything foolish.."

COMBAT: Rikuto focuses 5841 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Rikuto defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…35

Jiro just kind of flits around, knocking some more folks out when he finds others trying to fend off their family. Jiro even flicks a few shinobi on the forehead. "Jus' knock 'em out till Itami figures ou' w's goin' on!" Of course for his efforts he might accidently pick up a few small things from the houses. Ahem. When he's heading towards where the stuff seems to be coming from he finds a Arika! "Ari! You 'kay?" he asks, skidding to a stop in front of her. "I dunno wha' this stuff is bu' I think we shoul' go look at where 's comin' from, yeah?" Jiro points towards the middle of town where the haze seems to have been the heaviest and possibly where it originated. "Le's go!"

COMBAT: Jiro focuses 4718 stamina to turn it into 5500 usable chakra!

Arika sees Jiro coming at her and skids to a halt, blinking a bit as she hears the Kazekage's orders. "So… We're gonna go find the bad guys, then?" she asks Jiro. Admittedly, she would be better at that, but she could apprehend as well. "Le's go!" she says, a determined expression in her eyes as she dashes off towards the center of the village.

COMBAT: Arika focuses 5908 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…51

Dashing along to the village entrance, Juudai stops the jounin before they get in range and indicates for him to prepare an exit for them if need be. She then fully conceals herself in a seal to make herself thoroughly invisible. She dashes along under the seal, zipping up the side of the gate of Sunagakure and rushing along its length into the village just in time to catch the tail end of what Itami was saying. She stares at the woman with a squint before looking forward to the village and all those gathered. She frowns deeply at this. As much trouble as she was having in Iwagakure, no one had yet dared to actually directly attack their village. Perhaps the gates but not the village itself. As she hears Itami call out that they are after their enemy, she considers it for a moment and follows along keeping her cloak in place for the moment as she keeps at high vantage points as she moves. After all, this may not be the greatest time to appear out of no where with everyone already on edge and the enemy very unclear.

COMBAT: Juudai attacks target 1 with CLOAKING-SEAL with a roll of: 68
COMBAT: Juudai focuses 6881 stamina to turn it into 8900 usable chakra!

Fujiko does drop down from far above, landing upon one knee to better break her fall. Her shamisen remain upon her back as her Haori flutters. She only need undo a cord holding the garment upon her, to let it open. Underneath, her usual outfit, scarcely clad. What likely mostly stood out were lines of scrolls all throughout her body, exposing the groundwork of her particular style. She did not actually regroup with the Kazekage, instead, attempting decrease casualties amidst the city. Her arrival happened upon Koemi, whom had already begun the fine work of assisting people where she could. This was the more logical course of action for her, to attempt to gather with others doing the tasks she was. Hiroto, whom was also in the area, might spot the people with his falcons.
Now the time had come. A mycelial clone twisted and formed once again at the top of the spire as Nobu came to check on the shinobi whom were doing their work. "Ah. We're almost done here. Enough chaos has been sewn. We can begin the retreat order…. Though, the Kinokochi was about to be surprised when Jiro and Arika were seen approaching the cocoon surrounding the Kazekage's dome. Nobu would look down upon him and shake his head. "Children… Take care of them. I'm going to go visit Itami and friends at the gate." He would create a handseal and his clone would make his way there. Time for renegotiation?
For Jiro and Arika, they would be the first to see action. The two favored team-mates would find themselves up against six members. All of them were very trained shinobi, and each one of them would be enough to take on a chunin without much trouble. This is where the fun would begin, for the attacking forces, for these individuals did not pull punches. "Bombard them. They are children, so don't finish them. We are not monsters, we are liberators." They would nearly all say in unison as they created different hanseals.
Two of the clansmens would breathe deeply, and expel spores. Spores that would eat living organic matter once they touched an individual. On the scale of how strong an attack would be, these were likely very tricky B-ranks. The rest of the clansmen created several pillars of winding mycelium that would likely crash into the pair if they didn't dodge properly…
Those in the streets, namely, Hiroto, Fujiko, and Koemi would find that they would all become targets of the almost nearly undead-esque genjutsu-driven villagers all over the city. Two would come across Koemi as she broke down a door, a mother and child that had killed their genin father. Both of them would stike out at Koemi. On the streets, and Fujiko and Hiroto come across those whom sense their chakra, various sharp instruments were thrown upon them. They flew neither straight nor well, but a murderous intent was behind each one. The murderous intent of the chakra of this clan's jutsu.
Finally, The group at the gate would suddenly find a rather large wall of twisting mycellium burst from the ground, to hinder their path. They were simply all gathered in the best place. Kinokochi Nobu, the mycelial clone containing a large portion of his chakra, would rise from the ground. "Good Evening, folks. Sorry I woke you all from a good sleep, but I needed to distraction. You know, sure you're water is poisoned. That wasn't so bad, right? But you had to go and plan an attack on me. It was one blazed week! that's all I needed. Burn, we're passed the halfway mark as it is." Whether you would let him buy for time or not doesn't bother him. He is already activating is Kekkei Genkai to it's fullest. "So, I can release this Jutsu and save the lives of thousands. Keep your village from utter ruin. I mean, your choice. I don't really give a bunch of embers about a few sandy tarts in the middle of a backwater nation. Speaking of water, yeah… Really sorry about that, it really wasn't my intention, but things happens." His eyes would go from their normal, to completely clouded. He letting the fungi within him take control. Now, not one person from his clan was controlling his body, all of them were. All of the knowledge they possessed would go into each movement. This network was their clan's boon.
From this point on Kinokochi Nobu's clone would be channeling his full force. This was no normal ninja, as Itami had found out before. Though, it's only a clone, right? "Make your choice. A new era awaits."

[NPC System]: Kinokochi Nobu roll(s) Networking Sense from 50 to 85 and get(s) a 52. - Rolled by: Fujiko

RP: Itami transforms into LIZARD'S-HEART.

Itami stopped as well as the rest of the group with her when the walls burst forth and blocked their path. "Of course…" She remarked as the body of the clone rose up to greet her. Scathingly, but it was a greeting. "The fact that you came in here and act passive towards our problems makes you our enemy. A week of poisoned water is too long!" She shouted. "But that matters not. You don't care and I don't either. You will meet your ruin in this village. You and the rest of those with you. Your plight for your people comes at the cost of mine and that, I can't allow." She channeled the energy she'd gathered to take her reptilian form, standing over the clone, snarling. "My choice has been made. Attack the wall," she ordered to the team. "Break through it and proceed forward towards the Administration Building." Meanwhile, she darted forward in order to rip the clone apart.

COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 75
[NPC System]: Nobu roll(s) Parasite Clone Replacement vs Itami(75) from 60 to 90 and get(s) a 62. - Rolled by: Fujiko

Oh yes, this is much more interesting than methodically anaesthetizing brain-controlled villagers. :) Sousa stares at the growth the came out to block their path. Use of fungal life forms, yes, that seems quite consistent with a haze that facilitates hypnotic suggestion. And the statements made by the clone…indicative of an arrested stage of moral development that interprets events strongly in favor of exonerating the self, quite common in children and even present in most adults, but rarely to such a blatant degree as exhibited here.
Sousa holds out his arms with his hands facing upward, sparks arcing between his fingers. "Sir, in the event that you have future interactions with large organizations, you should be aware that it is common to have a zero-negotiation policy with those who resort to terrorist methods. It is a preventative measure which greatly reduces the motivation for engaging in such tactics in the first place, you see. It's a pity you chose to assault us before attempting communication or we really might have come to an understanding, perhaps even learned from each other." Sousa glances sideways. "If anyone wishes to make any close-quarters assaults, make it quick, it won't be safe to be standing near him soon." e.e

RP: Sousa transforms into CLEAR-MIND.
RP: Sousa uses A-RANK-CHARGE.

[NPC System]: Mind Controlled Citizen roll(s) Sharp on Hiroto from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Mind Controlled Citizen roll(s) Sharp on Hiroto from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 22. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Mind Controlled Citizen roll(s) Sharp on Hiroto from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Fujiko
RPCOMBAT: Hiroto defends against with a DODGE…19
RPCOMBAT: Hiroto defends against with a DODGE-II…16
RPCOMBAT: Hiroto defends against with a DODGE…14
RPCOMBAT: Hiroto took 300 damage.

Hiroto would be caught off guard by the sudden attacks. He wasn't ready for villagers to attack him even though he knew that would happen. He would have to stop them though so here he would be ready to do something. He looks at his bow and arrows, but doesn't want to risk hurting any to badly. Guess knocking them upside the head with it will have to do. He walks towards a few of them before knocking them upside the head with his bow. One after the other.

RP: Hiroto transforms into TENSHI.
COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 24
COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 14
COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 14

[NPC System]: Mind Controlled Citizen roll(s) Sharp on Koemi from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Mind Controlled Citizen roll(s) Sharp on Koemi from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 10. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Mind Controlled Citizen roll(s) Sharp on Koemi from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Fujiko
RPCOMBAT: Koemi defends against with a WATER-RIBBONS…20
RPCOMBAT: Koemi defends against with a WATER-RIBBONS…22
RPCOMBAT: Koemi defends against with a WATER-RIBBONS…24

Koemi's eyes widen and dart between the dead man and the pair of mother and child. She could tell from a glance and the nature of the wound that there was likely no saving him, but she would have given anything in that moment to be able to go to his side and feel for a pulse just to be certain. Koemi unfortunately doesn't have too long to be with her thoughts, or to mourn for that matter, because before she knows it she has to fend off these two. After a quick seal, water snakes its way out from her water skin and lashes out in arcing ribbons that aim to deflect and disarm them both of their crude weaponry. She starts to back away slowly towards the door, making her way back towards the street to where Hiroto and Fujiko are starting to congregate. She couldn't keep up this search without help. Whether or not she wanted to admit it in this moment, talking and threats of a greater authority would not be able to help her in this scenario and she still had to deal with the unfortunate fact that she was not one of the more imposing shinobi.

COMBAT: Koemi attacks target 1 with NIN-SPAR with a roll of: 23
COMBAT: Koemi attacks target 1 with NIN-SPAR with a roll of: 21
RPCOMBAT: Rikuto defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…40

With the strange wall before them, the young man looks behind himself and over his shoulder and kicks off the ground to the side of one of the building before pausing along the side of it. Not making any move to scale or break through the wall, the young Miir's eyes close and focuses for a few moments, trying to gain a feel for the village once again. "..Of all times, that ones's close.. the others are." A low grumble bubbles up within his throat, but fade with a stiff exhale.
Moving his left hand up to his collar, the young Miira would flick a toggle while his right hand would slip behind himself, grasping at a board and drawing it forth. Crouching down, almost to the point of sitting on the side of the building, Rikuto would bring the board across his lap and gently run his fingers across the strings. "Soft Hymn.." is softly said before he gently plucks three cords sounding faint notes. "Melody.." is whispered dryly as his fingers begin to dance across the cords though anyone who could sense chakra would begin to feel a flowing wave pulse and stabilize as the cords were stuck, the notes themselves seeming to carry snaring influences. "Everything was for naught.. Let me show you.. Just rest.. and listen.." Continuing to speak softly, the young man narrows his gaze towards

RP: Rikuto transforms into PENTA-CORD-MELODY.
COMBAT: Rikuto attacks target 1 with DESPAIR with a roll of: 51
COMBAT: Rikuto attacks target 2 with DESPAIR with a roll of: 36
COMBAT: Rikuto attacks target 3 with DESPAIR with a roll of: 51
COMBAT: Rikuto attacks target 4 with DESPAIR with a roll of: 53
COMBAT: Rikuto attacks target 5 with DESPAIR with a roll of: 44
COMBAT: Rikuto attacks target 6 with DESPAIR with a roll of: 53
COMBAT: Rikuto attacks target 7 with DESPAIR with a roll of: 53
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen roll(s) Genjutsu perception III(51) from 35 to 60 and get(s) a 54. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen roll(s) Genjutsu perception III(36) from 35 to 60 and get(s) a 60. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen roll(s) Genjutsu perception III(51) from 35 to 60 and get(s) a 51. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen roll(s) Genjutsu perception III(53) from 35 to 60 and get(s) a 49. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen roll(s) Genjutsu perception III(44) from 35 to 60 and get(s) a 60. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen 1 roll(s) Genjutsu perception III(53) from 35 to 60 and get(s) a 50. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Nobu roll(s) Unstable Chakra Technique vs Rikuto(53) from 45 to 70 and get(s) a 67. - Rolled by: Fujiko

[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen 1 roll(s) Dissolving Cloud on Arika from 50 to 85 and get(s) a 58. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen 3 roll(s) Overgrowth on Arika from 60 to 70 and get(s) a 60. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen 4 roll(s) Overgrowth on Arika from 60 to 70 and get(s) a 60. - Rolled by: Fujiko
RP: Arika transforms into GUST.
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a VANISHING-GALE…55
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a VANISHING-GALE…70
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a VANISHING-GALE…80
RPCOMBAT: Arika took 550 damage.
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 52
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 2 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 47
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 3 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 51
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 4 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 48
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 5 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 47
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 6 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 55
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen roll(s) Chitin Plating II(52) from 45 to 55 and get(s) a 45. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen roll(s) Chitin Plating II(47) from 45 to 55 and get(s) a 52. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen roll(s) Chitin Plating II(51) from 45 to 55 and get(s) a 54. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen roll(s) Chitin Plating II(48) from 45 to 55 and get(s) a 48. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen roll(s) Chitin Plating II(47) from 45 to 55 and get(s) a 54. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Clansmen roll(s) Chitin Plating II(55) from 45 to 55 and get(s) a 51. - Rolled by: Fujiko

"We're not kids," Arika huffs, the girl about to chase after Nobu when a bunch of people suddenly get in front of her. The girl blinks a bit when she suddenly is attacked by three of the men, and she tries to disappear, though she gets a big lungful of nasty spores before she disappears with a *Pop* of wind. "Meanies!" she accuses with a frown, disappearing again to gather chakra about her. Then she makes a few handseals, and the wind just above the six's heads would suddenly come down to press them to the ground, forcing them to stay down should they be unable to avoid the Gale.

RP: Juudai uses A-RANK-CHARGE.
RP: Juudai transforms into BAKUTON-III.
COMBAT: Juudai attacks target 1 with CLOAKING-SEAL with a roll of: 76

Standing up high, she watches everything that takes place. She stares at this arrival and has to consider that that is her target. She frowns and immediately starts to go through hand seals. She has an orb out in her left hand as she continues to make seal after seal. The seals flowing with her right hand empowering the orb in her left hand as she prepares the orb for the upcoming strike that she is about to use. She glares at the person below and then looks over toward the wall they created. For now, she begins to move down the wall, targeting a spot near the base of the wall as she prepares the upcoming fireworks.

[NPC System]: Mind Controlled Citizen roll(s) Thrown Sharp on Fujiko from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 22. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Mind Controlled Citizen roll(s) Thrown Sharp on Fujiko from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 11. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Mind Controlled Citizen roll(s) Thrown Sharp on Fujiko from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Fujiko
RPCOMBAT: Fujiko defends against with a SCROLLED-TERRAIN…14
RPCOMBAT: Fujiko defends against with a SCROLLED-TERRAIN…29
RPCOMBAT: Fujiko defends against with a SCROLLED-TERRAIN…24
RPCOMBAT: Fujiko took 150 damage.

One of the blades manages to slip through the jackal's guard. She could feel it slip against the skin of her flanks, the random knife. She could hear something laughing at her in the back of her mind. A subtle, yet brain-wrenching laugh that wore away at her mind. Ignored once more, she would unwravel a scroll from her belt, pressing a hand against the scroll with another. Both movements in tandem release what was within. A large wooden wall just large enough to cover her profile. The other two kitchen utensils merely bounce off of it. Those who approach her now would be attacked not by her hands, but by a large piece of wood falling atop them, causing them to be knocked over. Enough to dispel the genjutsu?

COMBAT: Fujiko attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 11

Arika would have been hit by by that cloud of spores. She could feel her skin burn, and even see little white tendrils seep past her skin. It was eating her! For some reason, however, Jiro had disappeared. Concealed by the columns of Mycelium that had all missed them, he had managed to slip out of sight. Perhaps a sneak attack on them!? They certainly would have used a stronger defense against Arika's attack, but they had to respond to something far more sinister. they could feel the pain of burning flesh, and even smell it. Their only response as a result was to naturally harden their skin as they sought to release the hold of this genjutsu that seemed to have come from miles away!
Those working in the streets to save individuals would have a moment to regroup. It seems most of the populace was starting to get under control as the shinobi attacked get wise to what is happening, and start to restrain the populace themselves.
"Infantile Genjutsu." Nobu would say as he reached his hands out to attack Rikuto for his efforts, only to suddenly widen his eyes. A few moments later cloudy liquid would leave his mouth, before his clone was severed in half. Yet, the parasite clone-technique was not quite done. From the head of the severed clone, a new body would form, allowing him to get up and continue fighting. "Yeah. That was terrible. You'll have to forgive me. My senses aren't keen when I'm using this technique." Itami's high speed attack would have killed him had this not been a strange sort of clone. "Where was I." He would look over to Rikuto, before his eyes caught Sousa, charging something nasty up. "Oh yeah? Is that what you think. Going to use some big attack. Thanks for making yourself a clear target, friend. Your Kage attacked me first, anyways. I think." He would create a handseal. "You're familiar, actually." He'd note as he pumped a rather heavy amount of energy into a desperate attack to cancel Sousa's ability…
Nobu's next trick was to utilize the mycelial network underneath Sousa, the fungi growing into something rather nasty underneath. Very suddenly, beneath the first Kazekage, would a very large area of ground start to deform, before disappearing below into what looked like a large pit with gaping teeth dripping with strange poisonous acid. Rather quickly would mycelial tendrils attempt to latch onto Sousa and pull him into this pit, to not only cause damage, but to leave him unable to respond for a while.

COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with LEECHING-GENTLE-MIST with a roll of: 74
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Nobu roll(s) Counter! - Negative Chakra Feedback Loop vs Leeching Gentle Mist (74) from 60 to 90 and get(s) a 72. - Rolled by: Fujiko

Clone cleaved in half, but it regrows. Hm. "Don't be so quick to disregard his genjutsu," Itami growled out as she made her next move against the Nobu clone. If this clone took that much energy to utilize, then she was just going to have to suck it dry. From afar, she thrust her fist forward, sending out a tendril of mist to strike the clone and drain it of any energy it may have had. It'd be a lot to take out given the nature of the opponent's jutsu, but she hoped it would at least cause some trouble.
"Keep your focus on the wall! We need to break through!" She tells to those not attacking Nobu. They still needed to get past him here and move forward towards administration. If his senses get screwed up from using a technique, the least she could think was that his multitasking would take a hit as well.

Hiroto would put his bow away after knocking the few villagers around him out. He then would move on to find more before he simply found Koemi. "You need any help around here? If not I am going to keep moving to see if anywhere else needs help." He would look up in the air to see Tenshi moving around as quickly as he could. Tenshi would come back after a small amount of time to tell Hiroto if he found anyone nearby that could need help. Tenshi would tell him of a few places that were being taken care of, but not many were in immediate danger so he would wait to see what Koemi said.

RPCOMBAT: Hiroto defends against with a HAYATO-SENSES…27
[NPC System]: Nobu roll(s) Coffin of Acid vs Sousa from 75 to 90 and get(s) a 76. - Rolled by: Fujiko
RPCOMBAT: Sousa defends against with a RIDE-THE-LIGHTNING…70

Well, yes, that actually was part of the idea there. Sousa made himself a target because he knew he was more likely to be able to deal with whatever the enemy might throw at him than some of the others present. It's a calculated risk, and…in this case, it doesn't pay off as well as Sousa might've hoped. e.e; Attempting to complete the charging of his atmospheric blast, Sousa leaves it a bit too long before moving to escape, and the tendrils lash around his ankles. The static buildup in the sky dissipates as Sousa is dragged into the ground. "The things I do for this village," Sousa grunts, struggling against the spikes digging into his flesh. >.<;

"Y-yes, please." Koemi tells Hiroto as he lingers near her. "I need help checking the houses for survivors. I…I've been trying to do it on my own but…I can't…I haven't been having any luck subduing any stragglers." She blushes a little and quickly turns to follow Hiroto, scooping some stray rocks into her palm along the way. "I'll just…follow you. If that's ok? I might ask for us to stop if I need to get inside a particular house, but I'll try not to linger for too long." As she waits for Hiroto to take the lead, she starts to throw pebbles at passing mind controlled villagers, attempting to distract them from any other shinobi who came with the group to help the townspeople.

COMBAT: Koemi attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 13
COMBAT: Koemi attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 10
COMBAT: Koemi attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 7
RPCOMBAT: Rikuto defends against with a FIRE-CLONE…54

Lidding his eyes, he lightly nods his head. "A few.. not all.. should ease their numbers some but.." Shifting his focus towards the man that Itami severed in two, but when only plant matter not blood spills forth, he grumbles. Taking in a breath, the air around Rikuto rapidly begins to heat up despite the chilling night had long settled in. Twisting his fingers together he forms a few seals rapidly before moving his fingers to his lips. Tapping his upper lip, he exhales stiffly to little effect, it wouldn't be until his breath narrows that the reason becomes clear, forcing flames to rapidly flow from his lips. The air around the man before them suddenly lights on fire in a flash flame from almost every direction for a few meters.

COMBAT: Rikuto attacks target 1 with SCORCHING-WIND with a roll of: 58
COMBAT: Rikuto attacks target 1 with SCORCHING-WIND with a roll of: 58
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Nobu roll(s) Chitin-Skin III vs Scorching Wind (58) from 40 to 65 and get(s) a 48. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Nobu roll(s) Chitin-Skin III vs Scorching Wind (58) from 40 to 65 and get(s) a 46. - Rolled by: Fujiko

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 47
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 2 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 47
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 35
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 2 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 33
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 3 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 38
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 4 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 39
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 5 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 40
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 6 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 42
COMBAT: Arika defends against WIND-CUTTER(36) attack from Arika with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Arika loses the roll and sustains 1124 damage.

Arika makes a bit of a face as she feels yucky stuff enter her system, and the girl adjusts a few handseals to get the remaining men facedown on the ground. Once all six are disabled, Arika adjusts the winds about her so that they cut through both her own body and through whatever men were completely trapped. She really didn't like those icky plants that seemed to be trying to eat her, it seems… Didn't like them enough to injure herself, even.

Jiro was totally around the whollllle time! Yep! He comes down from the air just as Arika starts throwing the sharp wind at the men, his two cloths whipping through the air as he tries to slice into the men as well. The more damage that can be done the better! The two cloths turns sharp just before they would hit each man multiple times. Likely it won't kill them, but it will sure as flame hurt at least!

COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 1 with STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL with a roll of: 71
COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 2 with STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL with a roll of: 53
COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 3 with STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL with a roll of: 61
COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 4 with STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL with a roll of: 42
COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 5 with STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL with a roll of: 68
COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 6 with STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL with a roll of: 55
COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 1 with STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL with a roll of: 63
COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 2 with STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL with a roll of: 65
COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 3 with STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL with a roll of: 57
COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 4 with STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL with a roll of: 59
COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 5 with STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL with a roll of: 48
COMBAT: Jiro attacks target 6 with STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL with a roll of: 54

COMBAT: Juudai attacks target 1 with THERMOBARIC-BLAST with a roll of: 84
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Nobu roll(s) Chitin-skin III vs Thermobaric Blast (84) from 60 to 85 and get(s) a 81. - Rolled by: Fujiko

Wind whips up for a moment as a mist forms suddenly near the wall that was created by this Nobu. Whether noticed quickly or slowly, it quickly becomes something other than mist. The smokey mist flickers with a strange light near the wall within a second of its strange appearance as the very air around the wall quickly turns into a fireball unlike what has ever likely been seen in Sunagakure before. The blast sends a shockwave of infernal heat and whipping wind even as the sound of a cloak flapping in the breeze can be heard to the back right of Nobu. Standing there is a figure in a fully engulfing tattered tanned cloak that hangs down to the feet of the suddenly appearing figure. Electrical pulses move around and over the cloak, popping and crackling as they move.
The hissing scratching sound of a lightning pop can be heard as a small electrical spark shoots for a single slender finger as something lights up. A single cigar peeking out from under the coolie hat adorning the figure's head. The voice, familiar to some, comes next, "You know, it isn't wise to pick more fights than you can handle at once. One should finish what is in their glass before ordering another drink." Slowly the scarred face of the Tsuchikage is revealed as she looks up, the coolie hat lifting up to reveal the woman beneath, "I apologize for the sudden intrusion but this one hear has to answer to me, too."
As Judai blows smoke from her lips, the smoke behind her is clearing as the tendrils and parts of the fungus wall laying like shrapnel on the ground, burning as a massive wall and crater appear in the middle of the wall. Judai takes the cigar from her lips and gestures, "Your wall problem is solved, Kazekage."

Fujiko would lightly step atop the board she had knocked over upon unwitting villagers as she moves quickily, jumping atop a household and idly following Koemi and Hiroto from a distance. With the situation starting to get under control thanks to other forces, Fujiko would not need to make her presence known to Hiroto or Koemi. It's important that someone be an unknown element, to wait in the shadows. Something did cause her to stop in her tracks, the musician had stayed so quiet that her thoughts were rather open. The slightly bleeding cut upon her flank would soon seal up, repairing rather quickly, which caused her much confusion. -I couldn't let you die so soon. I'm far from breaking you.- … … Fujiko was not prepared for this. She would have to stop a moment to clear her mind. Unfortunately, Koemi and Hiroto would likely get too far from her to be able to track. Yet she needed to bring his voice to a whisper before it became too loud. She quickly brought out her instrument as she sit upon the roof and began to play music over the yells and screams in the street. She reminds herself in words why she is here, her justification for not leaving as soon as she was chosen for the Shukaku. "I would rather die a meaningless death, than to live a meaningless life." She is far too ambitious for death. "The Demon's words have no power over me."

COMBAT: Fujiko heals Fujiko for 256 with MINOR REGENERATION.

Jiro and Arika had managed to at the very least destroy the clones of the shinobi whom were channeling the monsterous chakra underneath the earth, and cut several holes into the fungal coating upon the Kazekage's dome. Without someone channeling chakra into it, the growth cannot repair itself. Now it is an inert mass of living material that is almost as disgusting, though more numerous, than anything an Iga could conjure. It was good that Arika had cut off the infected skin, even though it was rather painful. It would have been more painful had it remained, continuing to digest Arika on the outside, similar to a poison.
Hiroto and Koemi together get a good grasp on the situation. Hiroto's hawk would show that everything was going as planned. Though, his hawk would also be a bearer of bad news. The casualties were in the hundreds. Though they were mostly unskilled shinobi, villagers, and students, there would be lines of bodies forming up as shinobi counted the dead and continued to restore peace. Koemi's rocks would actually do a good job at hitting villagers in the heads without… too much damage to them. Any that strike the head wake individuals up rather easily. Like self-inflict, only not inflicted by the self.
Nobu was struggling against multiple ninja. Itami herself would have been a fitting opponent, but throw in Sousa and Rikuto and he finds his skills lacking. Though it gives him an idea for the future. As Itami comes towards him to attempt to drain his clone, he fills it with a powerful burst of volatile chakra in order to overwhelm Itami. His Kekkei Genkai taught him of one of his other clan members whom had gone against a similar sort of style, and he attempted to adapt.
Nobu's inability to create that feedback loop in time caused his clone to nearly be destroyed, though it lived. Truly, all it did was cut the clone off from the chakra feeding it for a moment. A moment that left it open to attack. "Kuso Kurae…" He would groan. Such a gentle attack lead the way for for the air around him to compress, oxygen increasing in the area around him that rotated rather rapidly. This initially wouldn't have caused an issue until the area around him combusted rather powerfully. There was indeed a shrill cry as the clone was exposed to incredible pain. After the attack settled, the clone was a charred fragment of what he was. "Kek. That's not even the end." He said as his clone would rather quickly run off towards the wall behind him. "My connection will never be cut off, as long as the wires that connect us exist." His clone would reform again, and might have. "This isn't anything I haven't suffered for my clan. I'll take this entire backwater village on if I have to!" Though, as soon as his charred hand was shoved into the wall, he heard an electrical spark. His head looked up. He heard the Tsuchikage's insult… "Wait… You're the Tsuchikage… Ah, right. Listen, I actually ate -Foreigners- not members of your village, so we should be ok-"
A massive explosion not only completely destroyed the mycelial wall, little bits of charred organic material raining on everyone, but also scarred the valley walls of Sunagakure. Nobu's clone was turned to dust. Dust does not reform.

Itami shielded herself from the explosion that took out the wall before them until it was safe enough for her to look once more. She looked overhead, watching it rain down across the village and further, cause some damage to the walls. She hissed to herself, but knew the walls would stand. "We've won this battle for now. It's time to proceed forward!" She called out to the group, pointing the way down towards the village center. The next objective was to liberate the village center and ultimately, stop this structure that had completely overtaken the building."
She began to walk forward, nodding to the Tsuchikage and her presence here as well as noting her help in this portion of their task. "Tsuchikage," she regarded her. "I didn't expect you to be here, but your help is appreciated." She would have liked to say more, but she had business to take care of up ahead.

Y'know, an emotionally driven person might be miffed that nobody seems to show much concern for the fellow who took the brunt of enemy fire and got dragged into a toothy pit for his trouble. e.e But one could also choose to view it as confidence in Sousa's ability to take care of himself even in such a situation, which is precisely what he does. Infusing his fingertips with lightning chakra, he thrusts them spear-like through the tendrils holding onto him, then draws a scroll from his cloak. A chunk of wall is summoned into the pit, giving Sousa a safe surface to leap from and escape the acidic nightmare. "Now then, where were we?" Sousa mutters, scraping some of the substance from his clothing into a test tube. "Ah yes, destructive force." Sousa starts sending the necessary electrical buildup into the sky once again while the group moves toward the Administrative Dome.

Hiroto would start rushing down the street as they moved along. "It's fine. You search houses if you need to, and I will keep a look out. If anyone comes out to attack I can handle them surely. Good thing none of these people were trained." He would stop anytime she needed him to while keeping a lookout on the ground. Tenshi kept alerting Hiroto to everything going on including the casualties. It was bad, but it could have been much worse. Tenshi would keep searching in a wider range each time he circled. Between the the two of them, Koemi, and theother shinobi here hopefully they could keep anyone else from dying.

Koemi smiles at Hiroto gratefully and quickly nods her head. There is a quiet sigh exhaled as she murmers underneath her breath, "I should have done more with those two…then I could have at least gotten that man out of his home…how bad is it out there?" She lifts her hand to signal for another pause in their trek and in the conversation as she tries to force her way into the next house they were on. Once she's inside, she tries her best to try to look for at least one survivor or person hiding. "Hello? If there's anyone in here, please, stay in hiding. Unless you require help. If you need help, I can assist you and you can hide again when it's safe once more."

RPCOMBAT: Koemi defends against with a PERCEPTION…12

Bringing his hands away from the cords, Rikuto presses his palms flat before closing his eyes. "There was no corpse.. no blood splattered about.. Where?" Grumbling softly, the odd board in his lap didn't waver once despite the sharp angle he was positioned in. Turning his head to the side, the young man faces towards where he left felt Jiro as well as felt the stifling pressure coming from Arika. "Not there? Just a hint…" Speaking softly and to himself, he continues to try and feel where the original body might of been or where the others that wove the snaring infection might be lingering.

RP: Rikuto transforms into HEAT-AURA.
RPCOMBAT: Rikuto defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…52
COMBAT: Arika heals Arika for 721 with MEDIUM REGENERATION.

Arika's injuries begin to heal, as if she didn't just slice herself into itty bitty pieces. Of course, her clothes are still ruined by blood and slices, but at least she isn't as injured anymore. "Hrnnnn… There's a bunch of icky stuff…" she grumbles, wishing she could use fire so she didn't have to look at the nasty things. With a small shake of her head, she glances over to Jiro. "Jiro-kun, le's go. I don't think there's much else to do here."

Jiro looks over the destruction that the two of the anklebiters had wrought, moving over to kick at a bit of stone that he'd cleaved up in his attack. Oops. Ah well, better safe than sorry. "You 'kay? He helpin'?" Jiro asks as he looks from the ground and where the clones had been over to Arika. He looks to make sure that there's no more immediate danger before he walks over to check on Arika, making sure she's healing before he nods in agreement. "Alrigh', le's go fin' the others," he agrees before turning to head out and find Itami.

A nod to Itami and Juudai gives a slight smile. She pulls her cigar free and states, "Well, sometimes people come to my village and attack guests of my village." She starts off with the group, "And they believe they can get away with it. I'm just making sure they know they cannot." She then glances back to Sousa, "It is well to see you as well, Shodai Kazekage." She then turns forward and continues on behind Itami, "I am not here though, just a simple traveller passing through and helping out."

Koemi would find herself in a household in which a killing had happened. A small boy was inside, whom was recently awoken from the genjutsu's effects. He was clung to his mother, blood all over him, as he cried deeply. On the floor nearby, was a Kunai that had been lodged into the woman's rib-cage. While many shinobi could be saved by medic-nin, there were some who could not. The woman had clearly bled-out before Koemi had arrived to check up on her. Such is the sorrows of what had befallen Sunagakure, and why this clan cannot be allowed to leave Sunagakure without being eradicated… Hiroto would start to see individuals starting to be carried by stretchers off towards the hospital…
Rikuto's chakra sensing methods have allowed him a glance of how the network of chakra that had connected the monsterous chakra source to the ninja above had changed as of recent. The chakra had stopped pouring onto the surface, and was returning to rest at the central source. It was so far away, though, that Rikuto could not distinguish any sole chakra sources. Not only that, but the Kinokochi all feel as if they have the same chakra signature for some reason. Chakra is somehow shared, so the signatures seem to get a little mudied. Rikuto, at the very least, will be able to guide a group to the source. The multitude of twisting tunnels would sufficiently stop anyone from successfully reaching the bottom without some guidance.
That leaves the structure that Jiro and Arika had left behind. Without chakra feeding it, the structure was beginning to decay like the fruiting body of a mushroom that had already released it's spores and was returning to the ground.

Itami brought the group up to the structure that formed around the dome. It was already beginning to die, strangely enough. She isn't sure what is causing this death as she doesn't remember doing anything against it. At any rate, all efforts can be concentrated against the network to rid it of its current position.
She momentarily looked around the area, almost all dead bodies of her village were seen within her range or smelled at a great distance away. She could almost pick out all the lives that were lost, though none from her family were gone. She experienced relief, but also great sorrow all at once and was uncertain of how to guide her emotions. So, she turned her attention back to the structure and what she felt previously turned to immediate rage.
"All of you, concentrate your strength on attacking this structure! It is dying before us now, but we can help it along and completely destroy it! Use whatever abilities you have to bring it down!" She called out over the group, her voice a clear yet laden with the frustration she felt within this event. Even being a beast couldn't cover up what was felt in her heart. She started off the attack against the structure by generating wind and calling it down on the structure to begin tearing it apart.

COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with SICKLE-TORRENT with a roll of: 70

Well, that's just offputting. -.- You're prevented from doing a huge blast attack once, and when you try again, your target has the temerity to start expiring on its own. Still, it'll be good for morale for the village to see this monumental affront to the village actively torn down, and it will give Sousa a chance to observe how hardy it is against lightning. Sousa continues sending lightning chakra into the night sky, carefully forming the stratospheric conditions until they can neither remain in place nor dissipate peacefully. *KRACKOOOOOM!!!* A bolt flashes down and obliterates a large section of the decaying wall. "Most satisfactory," Sousa murmurs, pulling out a flask to store some of the falling pieces in.

RP: Sousa uses A-RANK-CHARGE.
COMBAT: Sousa attacks target 1 with JUDGMENT-BOLT with a roll of: 84

Hiroto would wait until Tenshi relayed the information to him before calling him back. Once Tenshi was with Hiroto they would go into the house with Koemi. "People are starting to be taken to the hospital on stretchers. It seems most of the danger is over." At that moment he would get to where she is, and would see the same thing. That is a horribly sad sight. He would whisper into her ear so the boy didn't hear. "What should we do? Guessing she is dead, but we can't just leave it like this."

Koemi stares through the boy cowering by his dead mother with a distant expression, ignoring Hiroto's question at first. Her lips curl back and quiver as she tries and fails to suppress her emotions. Her vision becomes hazey as she attempts to see through the tears welled up in her eyes. "We take her and the others who have fallen with the other casualties. It is best under these circumstances…that they are cremated. That way…potential spores and further fungal growth are prevented with absolute…certainty. Then…I will take my leave from you…and do what I can to help the injured…" The last of her words are broken by quiet hiccups in her speech. Eventually she steps forward and kneels down by the boy, reaching out to offer him a consoling hug while she discretely diagnoses him with the hand stroking his back softly emitting chakra. "Please hold still, I need to make sure that you are alright. It will be ok…it's not your fault. It is no one's fault but those degenerates out there…do you understand me? They…will receive -no- mercy…We'll help you…I promise. Shhh…it's ok…it's over…do you have any family we can take you to, to be taken care of?" She squeezes the boy for her own comfort and closes her eyes, allowing a few tears to run down her cheeks.

Taking a breath in slowly, Rikuto holds his breath though the air around him begins to shift not only dry but the heat around him begins to augment the faint light around him distorting his shape with faint ripples. "This.. this still feels odd, no matter how many times.." is softly said before bringing his hands together. Forming a set of five seals, the young man lowers his head and breath out and into his palm gently forming a palm sized sphere of flames. Flaring first as bright yellow, the flame would die down to a unnatural blue tone. "Everything living, reduces to ashes" is said before his wrist gently flicks, sending the orb guided in front of Itami. Rather than exploding or scorching, the flame would simply phase into the organic wall though the result causes steam to rapidly smolder unnaturally.

RP: Rikuto transforms into SCALDING-HEAT.
COMBAT: Rikuto attacks target 1 with PHANTOM-FLAME with a roll of: 50

"'s fine. I'm healing up," Arika huffs at Jiro. Of course, she goes off to help Itami take down that structure, letting the rest of her wounds close with little thought. It doesn't take much for her to send a bit of wind chakra to cut down the strange structure once she actually reaches it.

COMBAT: Arika heals Arika for 781 with MEDIUM REGENERATION.
RP: Arika reverts to her normal state.

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