Kingdom Underground - Reconnaissance


Fujiko (emitter), Itami, Ayumu, Mushi

Date: October 11, 2015


Sunagakure's populace further suffers as their recently re-established water system becomes poisoned by a mysterious source. Upon finding this source, it appears to be no simple act of vandalism, but something more.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kingdom Underground - Reconnaissance"

Tenjin Gardens - A Cavern Deep Beneath the Ground

It wasn't long since the water once again was being drawn from deep underground that a new problem rose to the surface. The surface of that very water. Since the pumping had begun, endemic cases of disease started to spread. It wasn't a normal poison. It was uncurable by normal methods. Endemic soon became pandemic, and it became clear that there was something in the water that was causing this disease to spread through the streets of Sunagakure. It affected only those with low levels of chakra, as if it was infecting their very chakra network.
Unlikely, right? Nevertheless, the water supply had never done this before. It was a cause for concern, but it wasn't farfetched to think that in all of the confusion caused by the Jinchuuriki's attack on Sunagakure, that someone took advantage of all the chaos and slipped into the framework of Sunagakure, slowly etching their tendrils into the very place that the drinking water is drawn from.
In order to better understand who was behind it, Itami gathered a very specific team of individuals that worked best for the task at hand. The most key part of located the crypt of this individual was a sensor of some sort. It was clear that whomever was doing this was within Sunagakure. The only real path into the source of Sunagakure was heavily guarded, so that means whomever is polluting the water had to have made their own path.
Reports have isolated the general area. On the far northern parts of Sunagakure is a place known as the Tenjin gardens, known for it's vast collection of plants. Somewhere within, perhaps, the culprit lay in wait.

"If it isn't clear why you all have been called here, I'll make it so again. We have an issue on our hands here in Sunagakure. Recently, reports have come in regarding people growing sick from our water. I can't tell you how infuriated I am to hear this, but my feelings are besides the point. We are here to determine what the issue of the problem is and further, eliminate it if possible. I don't like using the word 'possible' because, quite frankly, I don't think it's anything we can't stop. It appears, so far, that it is affecting only the civilian population. As of now, we have advised all within the village not to drink of the water until the problem is solved. Thankfully, we have emergency water supplies for such occasions as these."
She wasn't feeling very hot, but at least she could walk again which gave her a bit more ease to act. "A sensor has isolated the issue to come from the Tenjin mansion within the gardens. That's about all I have at the moment, but with you all here, we may be able to get more specific details as we proceed further with our task here. I thank those of you who have volunteered your efforts and of course, my own shinobi who are here to contribute to their village's safety as well. If there are any concerns, let them be known now before we move forward."

Mushi had come to Sunagakure on a matter of poison, and a bit of peace. It's ironic and almost funny she finds herself in the middle of a pandemic. Part of her wanted to hop on a bird and fly off. Another, somewhat larger part, said she ought to help. She's told the poison isn't curable, and she herself hasn't tested this theory. But she's no stranger to chasing down the source of these things. So she's volunteered to help on certain terms, and now joins the team of selected shinobi. She looks from one face to the next, and gives a slight nod to each. She seems worried, her face drawn, and dark bags are under her eyes. Yet she's ready to go, complete with a bit of gear. And a water bottle with supposedly purified contents. She listens to the debriefing and gives a nod of assent. "Does it relate to a Tenjin, perhaps?"

Ayumu chuckles inwardly, but refrained from correcting Itami. It wasn't as if she lied, just that she was unaware of certain finer details. Details best left undisturbed by bitterness, whimsy, or curiosity. Though he listened intently to the debriefing, the Iga's focus seemed split at the moment. For Ei's sake as well as his own, he made a point of leaving behind one of his more durable clones.
A ruse, and one Ei might not forgive him later for having implemented again because of circumstances. "Mah-ee… More than likely, Mushi-san." Ayumu says offhandidly in a somewhat acidic tone. "… Gomen." He murmurs apologetically before turning his apparent focus to the Kazekage. "If the source turns out to be someone, what then?"

There is something to be said about the importance of a certain relationship between plants and fungi, lurking just beneath the ground. Lately, the Tenjin garden has simply been beautiful! It's the middle of summer, when the sun is it's hottest, yet the plants in the garden at current are looking stunning. These gardens have become the pride of Sunagakure as of late. In fact, the plants have been doing so well, that they obscure anything seen from the main trail leading within. As nice as this all is, the reason for it has eluded the tenjin so far. Deep within the growing plethora of healthy plants lies the source of this disease. One only need look hard enough to find it.

[NPC System]: Perception Rolls Please roll(s) ??? from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 37. - Rolled by: Fujiko

Ayumu and Mushi could be right. This could be the work of a Tenjin given how bountiful the gardens are. There could be more. There is an earthy smell in the air that seems to overpower that of the beautiful smelling flowers dotted here and there. Not to mention that all long the ground are spaced occurences of what appear to be plants, but seem a little off. It's almost as if there are things mimicking plants…

If Ayumu noticed Itami's close observation of him, the Iga gave no hints to prove or discredit having taken noticed of it. Granted, even those that new the man well and for years had a hard time guessing what's on the man's mind, so there was no real way o ftelling with him. Once Itami motioned for the group to move the red-haired wonder did so without complaints or further pressuring for details. Truthfully, he could no longer afford to play the game. So long as his immediate family remained tied to Sunagakure Ayumu had a stake in making sure the problem was settled quickly.
Whereas the others made obvious attempts at gathering details about the area, Ayumu stood casually stood in place wherever Itami deemed it safe enough from the start. Hidden sensory organs about the man's person, and innately sharp senses worked in tandem however, forging a more concrete mental map of the immediate area than what the mundane may pick up. "Over there. The currents are off there… among other things." He admits, grinning half-heartedly as he pointed towards the false tree. "Behind it." He adds as necessary, as well as more details. With any luck, the duo wouldn't need for him to point out that the leaves scattered behind it hid the entrance to an underground tunnel. In which case, he would be free to focus more on the faint hum of particular chakra signatures imprinted in the area.

Itami and Mushi were correct. That wasn't your average tree. It was a good fake-tree though, but it was definitely some sort of ninjutsu. Ayumu's insight would lead the group through the fake treeline, but being so close to the tree, and having so deftly revealed the place it was trying to hide, the tree itself would suddenly reveal itself to be a 'not-tree', but rather something more evolved than a silly plant. Fungal tendrils would begin to retreat under the ground as if revealing the path because you guessed it right. Though, this was a complete lie. The fungal structure was compressing itself, and a few moments later it would turn darker and darker, until it became a black pile of dead fungi… In Kirigakure, there are soft-ball sized fungi that often do this before it does a single task. That is, to release it's spores into the air. Children often kick them around to release thise spores that come as a black puff of smokey spores. Similarly, in almost an explosive way, does the black pile of fungal flesh suddenly burst, expelling a nasty fog into the air that is very, very poisonous. Relative closeness to these spores puts the targets at relative risk.

[NPC System]: Strange Tree roll(s) Delayed Poisonous Spore Technique on Itami from 50 to 70 and get(s) a 65. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Strange Tree roll(s) Delayed Poisonous Spore Technique on Mushi from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 50. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Strange Tree roll(s) Delayed Poisonous Spore Technique on Ayumu from 40 to 60 and get(s) a 51. - Rolled by: Fujiko

Afterwards, however, the path is laid clear towards the cover that Ayumu so easily revealed.

RPCOMBAT: Itami defends against with a HYPER-SPEED-BLINK-DODGE…89

"I've never seen anything like this, even under Hibari's standards. She enjoyed plants and probably would be insulted by this one…" Itami described as she looked over it more closely, but she took a few steps back as the plant began to change form and become active. As it shrunk down and grew darker, a feeling of certain dread washed over her. "Everyone, clear out!" She called just as the plant released its payload into the air. She responded by quickly changing into her reptilian form and nearly disappearing from the area as she jumped back with enough speed to get out of the way. "Everyone, give me a report. Do you sense anything else within this area?" She questioned. If this is what they had to look forward to, best to be on her toes than not.

RPCOMBAT: Mushi defends against with a BREVITY…47
RPCOMBAT: Mushi took 450 damage.

When the tree begins to react, Mushi jumps back but not far enough. The spores catch her and she winces in pain. Quickly she brushes it off, trying to get rid of any of the debilitating residue. And as soon as she has it cleared and is behind cover she finishes out a bandage and starts wrapping up her wound. After a tie when Itami asks for a report she says, "The spores are damaging, but not poisoning." At least she hopes not. She looks down and finds her hand trembling. She glares at it until it stops. Nerves, not poison, though one isn't much better than the other. She finishes in her pocket and pulls out some pills, not healing ones, but she pops them in her mouth anyway. She's listening and now looking out for any further danger.

RPCOMBAT: Ayumu defends against with a INTUITIVE-ACTION…42
RPCOMBAT: Ayumu took 450 damage.

As sharp as Ayumu's senses were, and even with Itami's warning, the Iga underestimate the range of the attack. Another leap carries him out of the spores range, but not without carrying plenty on much of his clothes. Without hesitation, Ayumu discards his top and uses it to brush off where he sensed the rest to be. It isn't until afterwards that the stinging sensation is addressed with a pill. "Actions and words, Mushi-sama." Ayumu notes, grinning despite the medicines slow progress in removing the pain. "A moment, Itami-sama." Ayumu states before taking a closer measure of the area.
He would not make the same mistake twice.

The path to the cavern would be revealed. There are no more secrets outside of the cavern only within. Mushi would find that the spores are toxic, actually, but this technique's poison was not strong enough to truly fell three likely poison-resistant shinobi. Yet, this might not be true as they enter the cavern proper… Deep, deep inside, at the very bottom the true culprit awaits… At the moment he was merely sitting on an old box, as an old torch lantern reveals the surrounding cave. A cave that is filled to the brim with various fungi. Some that glow, like foxfire. Some that someone could stand on. Underneath where he sits, a mat of mycelium covers the cave floor.
"Ah, I've already sensed them." Kinokochi Nobu, would be sitting down at the very bottom upon his raft of fungi. The man looked in his early twenties, a full beard of brown hair, and medium-length hair. Upon his head, what appears to be some sort of boonie covered his head as he sported some sort of robe upon his body that resembled almost a trenchcoat. Underneath are the basic shinobi clothing one would expect. He sat hunched over, with his eyes closed, resting his elbows on his knees as his hands steeple together. He appeared to be communicating to someone else, yet there wasn't anyone really nearby. "Yes, just now. I just established a foothold here. I literally haven't done anything. I haven't absorbed anyone yet, and they're on to me… No the disease isn't ready yet, the Okumo still resist. Sorry… I have troublesome people to deal with. Can we cut communications here? Thanks." The vast neural network of fungi running across the land almost act like a communication network for members of this strange clan. Secluded in darkness, the individual opens their eyes which seem normal, though they seem clouded. "Okay… Let's see… They're entering the north tunnel…" She man would flip through handseals, focusing his chakra along the network of mycelium he has planted beneath the ground…
Back on the surface, likely heading underground, everything was seemingly okay. The caves are dark, so a source of light might be an issue. Ayumu would likely be the first to notice a large amount of mold along the walls of the cave… Which could be dangerous, but also rather hard to remove…

"Alright, I'll make a note of that," Itami regarded Mushi and her report. If that was the case, they may be able to get through here well enough if the wounds were along the surface variety. Still, there's likely more where this one came from. "Ayumu, do you have anything?" She wondered as they entered the cavern. She didn't like this one bit and was bothered by the fungi and their existence. She's sure she didn't see anything like this when the Admin Dome was raised, so she can't even say where they even came from. Given the report she received on the activity here, it must have just happened, but part of her wondered if it was always present or if it was truly just a coincidence.
She didn't think Hibari would do anything to harm Sunagakure, much less create something that would unleash problems on the public, so it must be the doing of someone else. It has to be. Another Tenjin? Is it revenge? She just doesn't know. She decided to calm herself and conserve some energy, but kept on alert regardless. "We need a light…" She hummed. "Ayumu, I know this will be strange, but can you produce flesh with oil covering it or in it, perhaps? Could be anything, fat, oil, something. I need it to be flammable so we can see. I don't want to reach for anything in here to burn."

Mushi glances down at her itchy skin. Apparently they were toxic to a degree. She turns back, perhaps to look at her teammate, or maybe as a way to size up running screaming out of the area, to a place of safety. Her expression certainly suggests that. But then the moment passes, and she dutifully reports, "Actually, it's a bit toxic." Her tone is dry rather than panicked. Nothing like a bit of first hand experience to know what a dangerous substance feels like. She scratches her arm lightly, and then rolls down her sleeves. For now she falls into the rear of the party, keeping pace if they travel through the darkened area. "I know many shinobi in many villages who are master poisoners, but the ability to bring plants to life like that belongs solely to Tenjin." Then she pauses and adds, "But Hibari-sensei wouldn't inflict this kind of idiocy on the village." Idiocy. That's an interesting way to put it. She sounds angry.

Itami unfortunately does not recieve an immediate answer from the Iga. Admittedly, Ayumu found himself conflicted on several fronts. The man had more than plenty of alternate means of assisting without putting himself directly in danger. So why not use them? And the peculiar attitude of the guardian fungus(fungi?). He should've sensed more than just an offness about the tree. If it were tied to some jutsu, or held a greater quantity of chakra, he /should've/ sensed it. Instead…
"I always knew you wanted to set me on fire Kazekage-sama." Ayumu jokes, breaking out of his temporary vow of silence. The darkness of the cave did not bother him no, so it never truly occured to him that such a thing were an issue. As for the oils Itami desired, well, a dense ball of skin is produced in a matter of moments, and passed along to the Watanabe. "Unfortunately, I.. hmm… nevermind. Either you think you can do something about the mold up ahead? Not that paranoia has gotten to me or anything, but… well, it does stretch for pretty darn far from what I can sense." A suggestion, though not one derived purely from what was hinted. The Iga had a curiosity to examine, and meant to bring to bear a greater portion of his mind to handle the task.

It was true, Ayumu had a point. Burn as much of it as one can. Like plants, fungi do not take too well to flames. Probably even less so than plants. This mold seemed to be mundane, however. What isn't mundane is what bursts through the ground. A humanoid writhing mass of white fungi that grows seemingly from the ground would suddenly appear, creating the form of a human being that would get things started off right. "O-hai-yoo gozaimasu… Or is it night? I lose track all the time living in dirt-filled holes." The white mass would say as it began to take the characteristics of the jutsu-user. It was a clone, sure, but it also had a chakra-network any everything. Sort of like a flesh-clone, but less fleshy.
"Let's see here… You're Watanabe Itami. Not bad. I somehow screwed up terribly enough that the leader of the village has come to my cove to say hello…" His head turns towards Ayumu. "An Iga. Iga often taste the best. Their clones last long enough to provide nutrition for the network. Also likely the reason you all found me… aaand… No, I don't know who you are." He would say to Mushi as he reaches a hand up to scratch his cheek. "A someone? Not some random villager, clearly. Listen, I have no idea who you are, but I haven't eaten anyone here. There really shouldn't be any issue with me burrowing here. Can I ask you to turn around and go, before things get ugly?" He asks. No sane individual would poison a city's wells on purpose, so he clearly doesn't know what is going on. Yet clearly he was insistent on everyone taking a hike.

"Well, you did infect our water supply and make a fuss for us on the surface, so this is a matter that would be right up my alley. Pleasure to make your acquaintance," Itami offered sarcastically to the growth. Eventually, it formed into a more recognizable form, but still, this thing was a little disturbing. She didn't like this at all. "At least, it /is/ you, right? All signs are pointing to yes for me. People don't often wander around in the underground here, especially around our water." She folded her arms. "You have a strange way of speaking, indicating people as food. Well…" Not that strange. She looked around at all the fungi that reflected that manner of speak.
"Your burrowing is causing issues. We can be cordial about this, however. If you would so kindly get rid of all this fungi and restore the water supply, I would be grateful. If not, can I ask you to surrender yourself before things get ugly?" She mimicked his words back to him. It's clear she wasn't pleased with this guy.

Mushi yawns when they approach the man. Not out of boredom, but because of late she looks constantly exhausted. But when he speaks cordially to her she blinks and lowers her hand. "I'm a visitor," she says, "to the lovely village of Sunagakure. Nikumari Mushi." Her tone is very pleasant, as if they're talking over a meal and a table. She puts her hands into her pockets, casually. She looks at the others to see if they might recognize the offender, but they seem as in the dark as her. They are speaking to him as a hostile, that's all she needs to know. She waits for one of the Suna nin to take the lead, but she's curious about the man. "Who are you?" she asks, in the same tone he has. "You seem quite calm." She seems so too, excepting that she's straightening up into a more ready stance. This could go either way.

Ayumu can scarcely begin uttering a word of warning before the mass of fungi completed its transformation. Regardless of certain personal limitations the Iga could scarcely forgive himself for not having anticipated the mass arrival on the scene. He stood towards the back, unarmed and relaxed in posture. However, Ayumu remained wary beneath the facade. It is tested within a few short seconds. While not exactly the quintessential family man or devoted clan member for that matter, what was being implied suggested the capture and death of one of his kin.
A slight that cannot be so easily ignored…

Ayumu releases a long drawn out exhale before truly relaxing the tension to his hands. "You are not them.." He murmured quietly, then aloud would go on to say, "Might I recommend you come to your conclusions quickly? Not all of else can live forever, after all."
"Really? I've been poisoning the water?" He asks, as he places a hand on the rim of his boonie-like hat. "That's terrible… The Network must be spreading it's metabolites into the water." He shakes his head. "No good. No good. I can't stop the process now. Can't exactly let you by to stop him either. It's okay though. I only need another month, and the network will be done with the disease. I hope everyone here isn't an Okumo lover. I'm sorry, but I just hate Okumo with every fiber of my being! They're the real pests, I tell you! Forced my clan out of the Land of Water before the villages were formed! They forced a lot of clans out, and exterminated a few others. Kuomorites come to mind… Got to know your Okumo history, you know? Anyways, I can't stop now. Likely because I can't stop 'it'. Once it's done though, your water supply will be nice and good to go."
Where were his manners? "Right, I am Kinokochi Nobu. Clan head of the Kinokochi clan. One of them. Thing is, my clan doesn't really have one of those. It's a total democracy. Each one of our members is linked to each other through one grows within us." He creates several handseals, then snaps his fingers. Suddenly….

[NPC System]: Kinokochi Nobu roll(s) Cordyceps Genjutsu Technique on Mushi from 65 to 85 and get(s) a 73. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Nobu roll(s) Cordyceps Genjutsu Technique on Ayumu from 45 to 65 and get(s) a 49. - Rolled by: Fujiko

Ayumu and Mushi would both feel a foreign presence invading their mind. It was some sort of powerful genjutsu, being funneled into them by the very poison that invaded their body earlier. The spores. The spores that touched them weren't directly poisonous, but lingered in the bloodstream waiting to be activated. Now a foreign presence tries to disable their nervous systems for a while. "Just like that…" He'd note, raising his hands defensively. "Friends become Foes." He almost seems certain that something is going to happen. At least with those hit by his spores.

"I don't know how you seem surprised…" Itami deadpanned to Nobu. "How can you not stop something you created?" She winced. "If that is the case, then we have no choice but to get rid of him. Whether or not you hate the Okumo is none of our concern. That's a personal issue between you and your clan against theirs. The function of your clan, however, is interesting enough. Rare, but interesting," she offered sincerely enough.

She watches Nobu flash through handseals and takes that to mean an attack, thus any respect they could have established is eliminated in this moment. She flashed through seals of her own and inhaled deeply before releasing a jet of flame with the image of a dragon forward at the clone. She had no time for this.

COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with FIRE-DRAGON-FLAME-BULLET with a roll of: 46

RPCOMBAT: Mushi defends against with a SELF-INFLICT…37

"Attacking the Okumo Clan makes you worse than them" Mushi says flatly. "You'll be a killer, and worse, an idiot. This isn't the way, in any regard." She stares at him, as if she can't quite grasp the extent of his bloodthirst or idiocy. He's crazy.
Mushi isn't even aware of the spore's effects until she finds herself with a mad desire to attack the nearest person next to her, which happens to be Itami. It overwhelms her reason, as her combat intent switches towards her ally. She had her hands in her pockets most likely to draw out a kunai and attack their enemy at a moment's notice. Now she's drawing out a kunai to slash at Itami, aiming to draw deep cuts on the woman. But the spores' effects lessen after a few moments, and she's left standing horrified, staring at Itami. "I…I'm sorry," she says. "I didn't mean to!" What had happened? She grips the kunai and then throws it, hard, right at the man, regardless of the tenuous situation. Her face shows anger, both at him and herself.

COMBAT: Mushi attacks Itami with SHARP with a roll of: 25
COMBAT: Mushi attacks Itami with SHARP with a roll of: 36
[NPC System]: Target 1 roll(s) Sharp from 21 to 41 and get(s) a 34. - Rolled by: Mushi

RP: Ayumu transforms into OMOIKANE-I.
RPCOMBAT: Ayumu defends against with a SENSORY-POINT-ARRAY…42

Ayumu listens, but it is not the clone before him that concerns the Iga. The man sought instead to get a better feel for his chakra signature. Its hum.. its taste… its scent! In a matter of a few moments, clone or no clone, he'd have a means to pinpoint this particular individual more accurately. Within that same time frame, his own body would be turned against him.
Either Nobu did not care if he was self-aware or not, or simply underestimated the nervous system of the Iga Clan. Regardless of which, he remained 'aware' of an almost tingling sensation in his limbs, the feel of metal in hand, then the all too familiar sound of his muscles, joints, and bone working together to propel the metal makeshift spears he kept usually hidden up his sleeves.
"Ge… Ge…" The words never fully form before or after the spears have been set against Itami.
COMBAT: Ayumu attacks Itami with SHARP-III with a roll of: 31
COMBAT: Ayumu attacks Itami with SHARP-III with a roll of: 40

[NPC System]: Kinokochi Nobu roll(s) Mayfly against Fire Bullet Barrage (46) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 46. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Nobu roll(s) Mayfly against sharp (34) from 20 to 50 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Fujiko

Better than expected, as Itami flings a multitude of flames against him, Nobu would simply dissolve into the ground just in time to dodge. Meanwhile Itami's allies would attack her on the spot! Close combat! Pretty nasty. Nobu would appear closer to Itami now. "Your allies turned against you, what will you do? I can simply have them attack you at whim." Suddenly a Kunai lands upon him, "Scout. That was unexpected." He'd say as he reached up to pick it out of himself. "Huh. Guess your blood gets rid of the spores fast, doesn't it. You know, traveling one, we were perfectly fine on our island in Kirigakure. No clan could best us. Even the Okumo. Our spores are the greatest against that of insect clans. However, they developed immunity, and with it they slaughtered over half our clan. The clan wars were a vicious thing, you know." He states. "I have every right to take back our rightful home in the Land of Water. Soon, we'll have developed a poison to fight against them. You ought to leave and let me finish my work. The poison will end eventually." Ayumu would see that his chakra was very unique, in that it was a blend of many, many people's chakra. This chakra worked it's way through the mycelial network spanning the entire cavern. It seemed the Kinokochi share chakra with each other. There was a human shaped source of chakra at the very bottom near the watershed, but behind it was… Something rather nightmarish. Something huge. Something that was pooling all of the chakra within itself. It was alive. It was powerful. "The Iga's mind wasn't affected at all. Separate systems?" He asks. "The one I had for lunch on my way here wasn't so advanced." He notes. He would then slap his hands together. "KAI!" He would yell as he focused an enormous amount of chakra. "Let's stop playing around shall we!" He says as the room started to shift.

[NPC System]: Kinokochi Nobu roll(s) Breach on Itami from 50 to 80 and get(s) a 55. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Nobu roll(s) Breach on Muushi from 50 to 70 and get(s) a 52. - Rolled by: Fujiko
[NPC System]: Kinokochi Nobu roll(s) Breach on Ayumu from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 53. - Rolled by: Fujiko

In the next few moments, the mycelial network would begin to cause the cave above Itami, Mushi, and Ayumu to crack. He was… attempting to seal this area by causing everything to fall down on himself. That means, there was only one option. Retreat, and gather more individuals to fight this well prepared ninja, or run as fast as one could past the clone to get locked in a terrible fight. "I guess I'll move to Kusagakure next. Surely they won't interrupt my research." He would state, as his clone is crushed by a large rock…

Before she could even register an attack, Itami felt her flesh open up and blood begin to pour down. She reacted initially with shock and with this alerted sense, she began to defend herself against the second attack that was coming at her via Mushi and Ayumu. "I know you didn't…" She grunted out while in the middle of trying to spare her life and more importantly, keep herself grounded enough not to counter the damages she faced.
"This wouldn't be the first time I've had allies turn on me…" She hissed. She covered some ground by dropping to all fours and fleeing out of the attack range of the weapons aimed at her. Upon rising from the ground, a pebble struck her head and she looked up to see the cave was about to come down. "Looks like we need to retreat. Everyone, head out!" She called to those present. She'd bring up the rear and allow them to move first in the hopes that she could provide cover should things get a bit too shaky.

Mushi lets out her breath when Itami decides she's innocent. In a way. When the order is given to evacuate, she's more than willing to follow suit. As they're leaving, Mushi turns back for a moment. "Don't attack Suna again," she says. "And contact me if you wish. Look into my recent history, and my expertise, and you'll understand why you should." With those dangerous words said, Mushi turns her attention to the crashing cave and makes a hand seal. She closes her eyes, but then her face contorts, and she clutches her stomach as if in terrible pain. She glances up. "Sorry," she winces. "The spores…" She's pale as she sets about trying to dust any of the residual stuff off, futile as that might be. But not for long, as she departs the immediate destruction.

"Define… affected?" Ayumu joked through gritted teeth, and with hands shaking at his side. Separate systems? Something to that effect. But was he going to go out of his way to explain the nature of the Iga? Heck no! Granted, he wasn't exactly physically capable of doing it, but /that's/ beside the point!
Even in the state the Iga found himself in, he didn't lose sight of his original objective. Nightmarish? Horrifying? Beautiful?
It was… interesting. He could think no further on the subject before adjusting his focus on the clone. Despite the danger of standing in one place as things began falling apart, Ayumu could not help but linger until the last moment. A powerful compulsion had seized him, and — "Che…" Ayumu turns about and runs, narrowly avoiding raining chunks of earth through well-timed leaps influenced by advanced senses. His course goes awry now and then from a system still compromised by the spores, but he skids to a stop alongside the others once they make it out.

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