Kioko’s Medical Success


Hinotori, Kioko

Date: November 10, 2014


Kioko runs into Hinotori while studying her medical jutsu, and he happens to volunteer to help her practice.

"Kioko’s Medical Success"

Konoha - Windmills

It's the middle of the evening, the skies are cloudy and a cool wind blows throughout the village. It's close to the end of the summer and a lone figure seems to appear out of thin air upon one of the windmills. Lowering himself down in a crouch and looking out over the village. What can be seen is a family crest along it's back. It's body not moving, just sitting there in a crouch watching, taking in a breath, the figure stirs slightly, only to have another figure join him for a moment. He bows his head and the other figure flits out of sight. FOr now the figure just watches out, it's been a long time since he's been home, and he seems to be enjoying the view.

A bit odd for this particular area, some bees and wasps seem to move in and explore around. They don't seem to be bothering anything or even getting ansty around a human form like one would expect of normal insects, likely pegging them as belonging to a shinobi. Following them soon after is none other than Kamizuru Kioko, who seems to be in a rather cheerful mood as she walks along with a backpack on her shoulders. She finds herself in the shade of a windmill rather expediently, pulling a blanket from it that she spreads out before starting to set a bento box along with scrolls and books for study.

Continuing to look out over the village. Though he does notice the bees and wasps as they fly about, quirking a brow, they are out late. Curiously he begins looking down and notices someone moving down below the windmill. Dropping down silently, seeing the woman with a blanket and bento box, "Hello." he says as he walks out into the light or whatever light there is.

Just as she cracks a book open, Kioko hears a voice and looks up to see Hinotori standing nearby. "Oh, hi there," she says with a smile. "Pleasant evening, hmm? I'm Kioko. I don't think we've met." Just then a bee would land on her shoulder to sit. Weird enough, another seems to come out from behind her neck to join the other one sitting there.

Bowing his head Kioko, Hinotori offers a soft smile as he looks to her. "No we haven't met yet. I'm Uchiha Hinotori." he says simply. His eyes go from Kioko to the bees that are sitting on her neck. Quirking a brow, then smiling, "Thats pretty cool." he tells her. "It's a good evening so far, it's been a while since I've been home." eh says as he looks around.

"Pleasure to meet you," Kioko says, that smile still resting on her face as she looks up at Hinotori. "It seems this village has a lot of people out on long missions frequently, but I imagine that's just par for the course. I just recently returned myself to work on some medical studies before I go back on the road again." With that she'd glance down at the book, flipping through it for where her bookmark might be since it seems to have slid down into the pages.

"Pleasure to meet you too." he smiles. As she looks up at him, he smiles upon her. When she mentions people on long missions he shakes his head, "I wasn't out on a mission." he says solemenly. He looks away from kioko, "My sister and I parents were killed some months ago. We've left the village for some time to get some air and clear our heads before coming back and being active again." he says softly. It's as if saying that, he stiffens slightly as the memories of what happened plays again in his head. "So what are you reading?"

"I see," Kioko says, taking that in and processing it for a moment. "I'm sorry to hear that. I know how that feels. My own passed some years ago." With that she'd look back down at the book, grinning as she says, "Just some stuff about medical jutsu, anatomy, and such. I think I've almost got the hang of healing jutsu. Just need to practice it a bit more. If I can heal a wound, I think I'll be about ready to get back out onto the field on my mission."

He doesn't say anything when she Kioko mentions the loss of her family. "I'm sorry for your loss." he tells her. Hinotori doesn't speak about what happened to his, honestly there are already enough hwo knows. As she speaks about what she's reading, a brow quirks up, he smiles. "INteresting. So your a medical nin or going into that field?" he asks curiously not wanting to make an assumption.

"Just starting out into it," Kioko explains, peering back up at Hinotori then back to the book. "Kenta has been very helpful. I think he's taken up teaching a lot of people in the village medical jutsu. The new wave of medics we'll have will make the village a lot more prepared for the Silence attacking, I think. I hope I can be just as useful once I get the hang of this."

Taking in what Kioko is telling him, Hinotori nods his head. "Well with me back in the village, I will make sure our new generation of medical-nins have the protection they will need." he smiles to her. "So why are you out this evening outside of enjoying a very beautiful night?" he asks.

"I'm sure that will be appreciated," Kioko says, smiling slightly as she flips a page. At the question she looks back up and shrugs her shoulders. "I'm not planning on delaying my mission much longer, so I figured I'd find somewhere to relax an do my studies. I've got a few bees that've been injured in the field that I plan on practicing my jutsu on if I can't find any human volunteers any time soon."

Quirking a brow at Kioko, "Well how about I offer myself to your training." he asks. Hinotori stretches a bit, then looks back to her. "Granted, it would probably be helpful if I was hurt or simulated that effect." he states. "What mission are you on if you don't mind my asking Kioko-san?"

"If you don't mind taking a small cut for me to heal, that'd be great," Kioko says, grinning up at Hinotori and standing up. At the question, she replies, "I'm on sort of an exchange program with Uzushiogakure. They've sent a couple of their shinobi here, and I was sent there. I'm just back here for training." With that she'd produce a kunai, holding it out gingerly and waiting for Hinotori to offer where he'd like to take a small wound.

Smiling, "I've had a few friends from there." he says as he looks to her. He holds out his arm and rolls up his sleeve to allow her to cut him. "So what made you wanna be a medical ninja?" he asks. "I know the reasons for some of my friends, but not everyone is the same."

"Oh? I haven't met just a lot of people there yet myself. Mostly been working," Kioko says, chuckling a bit. This diplomatic stuff is busy business. At the question, she answers simply, "I figure it'll help me live through some of the insanity going on in the world if I can heal myself when no one else is around since I'm doing a lot of traveling." With that she'd move the blade to make a small cut on the man's forearm before placing it back in a pouch. She then brings her hands into a seal, focusing her chakra then placing her hands over the cut and attempt to push healing energy into it to make the wound close itself.

Hinotori doesn't flinch when he is cut, though as she tells him she hasn'e met a lot of people yet. "Really. Your in Konoha and have a pretty nice village yourself, or do you mean not enough med-nins?" he asks. Watching as Kioko begins to heal him. Pain is something he's coem used to, but still he has always admired medical-nins for their skills. "Outside of this what are your combat skills like?"

"Just been busy," Kioko says, shrugging her shoulders as she continues to attempt to heal the wound by pushing more chakra into it in a balanced manner. "They kind of vary. I have something of an odd mutation among my clan that's a bit similar to how the Okumo are able to morph their bodies. It lets me do some things other people can't. I'm also pretty good at using my insect companions in combat, though." As she speaks, the healing begins to take effect. She seems to struggle for just a moment, but then the wound would fully close successfuly, causing her grin to beam ear to ear at her success. "YES!" she exclaims, moving forward in almost a lunge to hug the man in excitement. "I did it! Thanks so much!"

Quirking his head to the side, "Don't make yourself too busy to make those ties to others Kioko-san." he says sounding ab it down. "The people you meet in your life, good and bad helps. When you find those good people, they will always have your back and be people you can turn to in y our moments of need." he offers. He looks down as the wound closes fully and heals over. He chuckles and catches Kioko and hugs her as she is excited, if she wanted to hug. "Congratulations Kioko-San. Very good." he flexes his arm a bit, "And no scar, thats pretty cool." eh smiles to her.

"Thanks," Kioko says, grinning still as she releases Hinotori and takes a step back to a more comfortable speaking distance. "And, yeah, I've got lots of friends. I just have to make them around missions and stuff. Just haven't had much time for that in Uzushio yet." With that she'd bend down to grab her things, stuffing the books back into the sack and offering Hinotori the bento box. "Take this for my thanks. I cooked it myself… I do hope you like honey flavoring on some of your food."

"Thanks," Kioko says, grinning still as she releases Hinotori and takes a step back to a more comfortable speaking distance. "And, yeah, I've got lots of friends. I just have to make them around missions and stuff. Just haven't had much time for that in Uzushio yet." With that she'd bend down to grab her things, stuffing the books back into the sack and offering Hinotori the bento box. "Take this for my thanks. I cooked it myself… I do hope you like honey flavoring on some of your food."

"No worries." Hinotori moves back himself. Studying Kioko for a moment, then looking ot the Bento she is offering. "Well when you get home make those connections." he smiles. "And consider yourself with a new friend." HInotori bows to her. Looking at the bento box, he nods his head, "I do actually. Thank you Kioko-san." Hearing something behind him, he simply bows hsi head, "Are you leaving Kioko-san?" he asks.

"You too," Kioko says, smiling and nodding in return. "Yes, I probably should. There are some things I have to attend to now that I'm ready to head back out into the field, but I do look forward to seeing you again when I'm around. Stay in touch, hmm?" With that she'd offer a light bow and turn toward the path back toward the town part of the village.

A soft chuckle escapes him. "Good, I do enjoy making new friends." he says to her. "I will be here when you come back. If you need me, come to teh UChiha village, most know me there, or out near the river, near the waterfalls. Thats where I live." he tells her. As Kioko leaves, Hinotori steps into shadows and is gone.

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