Second Promotion Exams - Kiri Against Konoha: Naru vs. Kitaru and Tsiro


Kitaru, Naru, Tsiro

Date: November 28, 2012


Kitaru and Naru get into conflict during the exams. Tsiro's addition proved the tipping point.

"Second Promotion Exams - Kiri Against Konoha: Naru vs. Kitaru and Tsiro"

Within the second promotion exams testing grounds

Having decided to work with Eri after he beat her almost into unconciousness, he helpd her to a secluded location within the cave. Access to both the caverns and the woods it gave a good place to keep out of the way, but let them know if others were coming. Scattered through out the immediate area were those small spheres of Kit's. Each one had a simple detection seal on it, with all of them tied to an orb that Kitaru would check often. He had to rest too, afterall.. Even if his genjutsu is superior, it still takes a lot out of him to fight, using the raw chakra of his cloak. A fire deemed too dangerous as it'd give away the position, Eri was left to deal with her own comfort on one side of the small encampment as Kitaru half-napped on the other. Alert but resting.

Naru wasn't at all being stealthy, her eyes had caught glimpse of some sort of chakra alignment along the walls of the massive wooded caverns, the burn of her sharingan constantly examined the area, picking up on any subtle details that might lead her towards someone possessing a scroll. Her path did eventually end however, along a secluded portion of the cavern, her eyes settling on two individuals, one of them fast asleep while another having a fairly similar chakra signature. While Naru doesn't look very threatening her chakra gradually begins to flare up, and her voice soon speaking out. "If you sleep too long someone might just take your scroll…" Naru spoke out, not really noticing Kitaru just yet, but her hand was held out to him, "Hand it over please…"

The detection seals weren't quite far enough out, as it'd be when Naru started speaking when Kit would get his own alert of motion. A small hiss at the orb, he'd have his Dark Cloak flare to life about him, the malice within the area indeed very dark as he'd climb to his feet, his detection orb put away. "I'm sorry, I can not do that, Uchiha-san.. I have managed to get two.. and I need to get more to help those I work with, hai?" Kitaru would give a slow shake of his head, watching Naru for a moment. "I'd really rather not have to fight you.. indeed, if it comes down to it, I'd prefer it was the end tourney, or not at all.. So.. is there any way we can just part ways amiably?"

Narusegawa kept her hand out for him, still waiting on the scroll to be dropped into her hands despite what he had been saying, " So you think this competition and previous events exludes you from offering up your scroll? You should give me one out of kindness actually, considering how mercifull I have been to you previously, right?" She perked her brow, the burn of her sharingan piercing through him, taking in his chakra levels and the amount of strength he was giving out. "Helping out people getting scrolls will eventually lead to your own downfall… If you are really so confident you should just start giving them out and get a new two for yourself…"

Kitaru would laugh with a shake of his head. "No, I don't think so. I have two and I am helping those I am making a team with to get their own. That means that my priority for my mission is to keep my scrolls." He'd take a slow breath, letting it out quietly. "So.. we're not going to get to do this the easy way.. then.. maybe I'll just have to take your own, hai?" Kitaru would whip through hand seals, gathering and shaping that chakra. Naru would easily be able to see the Dark Cloak gather, swarming out to circle about her, before the genjutsu would hit, everything taking on a silvery sheen for a moment as the entire world was put into inverse for her. Much like Alice with the looking glass, Naru was put into the mirror world. This would make everything backwards, up was down, left was right and indeed even breathing was reversed, as the sudden awareness of it made breathing out suck in more air and breathing in exhale all the harder. "You see, Uchiha-san.. This is a mission.. and as we have discussed before.. missions go until one has to submit.. hai?"

The malice chakra which came for Naru suddenly began to envelope her entirely, suddenly she could feel herself being plunged into the mirror world but the gaze of her sharingan was persistent, breaking through the genjutsu with her own clarity and insight, reverting it out of her system with a simple blink of the eyes. " It is a mission isn't it? But I'm not going to allow you to proceed any further… Just like how we normally do things," Naru replied back, suddenly her own chakra began to take hold, a swarming box of solid chakra encased Kitaru within a prism of darkness, and from within that darkness the laceration began, blades upon blades slashed and splice into his flesh, lacerating him in a pool of darkness if the attack was to hit. Her Genjutsu against his…

Kitaru would form that seal, the Dark Cloak tightening it's wrap about him, repelling her own chakra as well. Kit would give a small shake of his head. "No. This is not like normal, Naru-san. This is my press to become a Jounin. You and I are both strong enough that this fight is a waste of our resources. I need the scrolls to aid my team. I consider you one that I don't wish to fight further with, so, I'd much rather not have to keep doing this." Of course, with that said, Naru would see that Dark Cloak reach out again for her, only, this time instead of a genjutsu leading it, it would literally attempt to latch on to her chakra network, striking at her very power she used to charge her movements. The dark cloak would strike three times, in it's try to drain her of power. Kitaru was still trying to go non-lethal it seems, but this was something that even her sharingan may have trouble processing.

Her sharingan wasn't able to decipher just how it worked, nothing to be able to copy from, however she did understand that she needed to get away from it, and it was a different attack than normal genjutsu. hr body slips away to the side, ducking and rolling away from the attack she motioned into a kneeling position overlooking him from afar, not utilizing a single hand seal as chakra burned along the surface of her eyes, a deep strain of veins sparking off as she prepared her next attack. " You have to remember what these rounds are for… Not everyone can get by with help… Not if they haven't earned it," Naru replied back and suddenly the build up of chakra flourished, attempting to wreck and ignite right ontop of Kitaru. "Kaminari!" Naru exclaims, the scorching rays of lightning attempted to catch him almost instantly, potentially biting and surging along his flash and nervous sytem.

Kitaru would grit his teeth as he weathered that lightning storm. That thrice blasted sharingan would catch him before his genjutsu took hold to get away. This was always the problem when dealing with Naru.. devil eyes worked to make everything else moot. Shaking his head, he'd try to clear it, as once again a seal was made. It was faster, that mastery of it more complete as he'd try to catch Naru within the circle of mirrors. The first one to get her attention trying to lock her in place via making her still as the reflection was. Following up that attempted capture was a throw, the sphere that would bounce off to Naru's left flaring to life as it'd violently attempt to suck chakra away from Naru, sealing it within the sphere that would burn itself out from the power drawn out of her.

The attacks seemed to only hit air as Narusegawa shifted her stance and disappeared in a swirling mist, she reappeared directly behind Kitaru, suddenly he could feel cables of chakra attempt to latch around his body and hold him into place, while she attempts to place the curve of her katana against his neck, radiating with vibrating azure blue electricity, her home element coming into play. " Listen to me Kitaru… If you really want to live through this you need to ditch the allies… They are only going to hold you back for now… You've heeded my advice before and look how powerful you had become because of it…"

As the blade would come up, his own hand mirror was drawn, the reflection of that blade resulting in a mirror copy of it stopping the strike short. Then him, the mirror, all of it would fade out, rendering the attempt to bind him innert as he'd show up off to the side with a shake of his head. "On the contrary, Naru-san.. Your advice attempted to send me on the path of rage.. that.. does not fit me. It was my allies that showed me a true path to walk on and it was my allies that allowed me to become strong as I am now." He'd focus himself more, tired, but refusing to give up this fight. "I am not going to surrender anything to you this time. If you want them, Uchiha-san, it's going to be from my dead body."

"I suppose… there is no easy way out of this is there?" She arche dan eyebrow, surprised that he managed to fend away her atacks, eventually she did take a step back, focusing a bit more chakra of her own, gearing herself up for the next exchange of attacks… She knew very well that his power was dwindling, but it was possible to out last her, I suppose It will be your move then…" She For now Narusegawa merely geared herself up for what was to come, keeping herself fresh with chakra for preperation of a counter attack.

Grimly, he'd once again pull up those seals. The sharingan had already seen it once before, not that it really mattered in the end. That massive surge forward, the malice of the Dark Cloak heavy as Kitaru poured everything he had into it, would reach out to wrap about Naru, seeking to ensnare her once more into that Mirror World. Everything would again be inverted, the silvery sheen fading from all around them after but a moment, as that grip of reality would attempt to harden about Naru. It was an incredably desperate ploy.. but as Kitaru was down to all or nothing, this was that moment. Go big, or end up in a box.

Tsiro had not been far off from the battle. Although it did take him a little time to reach it. He knew the Blood Marsh so much better than he did this area. Oh how he wished they had held the exams there. No matter, one did not always choose where they battled. In fact on most missions the choice was often decided for them. In most situations it was the difference between a window or a door in a building. As he approached, he spotted two faces, one more familiar than the other. It was Kitaru and a face from his past. Sure enough that was the little girl who use to attack him all the time. It was like finding a long lost rival who's face has grown and changed.
Kitaru's condition was evidence of how Naru had grown. This was going to require Tsiro to not hold back. The young Chuunin places his fingers together to build his chakra before reaching back and grasping the spinal cord at the back of his neck. With one good yank it comes loose.

Once again Naru was able to break free from the Genjutsu, and if he was going big that only met that Naru was going to do the same. She was getting a little tired though, lightly panting until something had caught her attention, she heard some movement very close by and suddenly her eyes had caught glance with Tsiro, he too had looked fairly different…They did have an almost meet in when one of Konoha's genin left the village, the sight of her looking back at him would suddenly shower him in darkness, the same applying for Kitaru. They both would come to grips with her powerful genjutsu, attempting lock the both of them in a box of chakra, lacerating them from head to toe in a shower of blades.

Kitaru would shake his head, hissing his annoyance. A sudden flurry of spheres, small orbs half the size of what he juggles were thrown out. At least a dozen or so, they would bounce everywhere, scattering about Naru as he'd form a seal, causing the cascading explosions to ripple across where she was at. In the middle of it, the sharingan would pick up that Dark Cloak moving again. A living purple cloud that flickered in and out of view for everyone else as it'd snap out at Naru, trying to tag her chakra again.

Tsiro knew it was only a matter of time before he felt the pain. Now there it was. He felt the lacerations over his skin and the drain. His eyes glared at Naru a moment as his body remained stuck. His hand gripped the hilt of his spine even harder. He hated mind tricks and these two were both in that category of fighting style.

There was a lot of close calls but surprisingly nar uwas able to see through Kitaru's attack and predict them accordingly, leaping out of the way of the attack and then spotting Tsiro seeing that he was caught in her genjutsu, she still needed to end thigns as quick as possible or she was going to lose her strength too quickly. Taking a leap back she slams her katana back into it's hilt utilizing a pair of hand seals and suddenly exclaims. "Raiton! Raikouhira no Jutsu!" Suddenly balls of vibrant electricity began to illuminate the area, sending out orb of burning scorching electricity through the entire area, strong enough to cause spasms and drain them of their energy even more if caught in the shower.

Kitaru would not be there. Distracted as she was, she wasn't able to keep up with the fact that he had moved, leaving that image to take the brunt of her strikes. Shaking his head, he HAD to slow her down somehow. He'd reach out with that chakra, once again that flurry of strikes, although the third move of the Dark Cloak carried with it a hidden command, that silent compounding force that required, demanded Naru to take a knee.

Anger is one thing Kaguya are known for. Somewhere deep down inside Tsiro's primal state, the boy's inner hatred for Genjutsu users rises. The lightning only adds to his pain as he can feel himself being drained even further. Soon his body is moving and he vanishes before the second attack of lightning can hit him. Now behind Naru, he aims to attack her with his spine. He's trying to wrap her in it to immobilize her. Right now even he knows there is not much room for error here.

Narusegawa managed to slip away from the atacks but suddenly is caught into the hidden furry of attacks from Tsiro, for now she struggles against the vine, unable to proceed any further when it came to using any more attacks or defenses for the time time being, "This isn't your fight you idiot," Naru hissed under her breath as her eyes gleamed at Tsiro, her irritation was quickly building up….

Kitaru, panting softly, would shake his head. "You don't get it Naru-san.. he is my team.. This is a member of the ones who have helped me grow stronger. Because I CAN rely on others.. we win.." Focusing himself, he'd have two of those spheres appear to swirl above Naru's head, the reflections within the mirrors capturing Naru, reflecting her perfectly, before they'd twist, breaking free of the reflection to reach down, pushing her to the ground, stressing her body, making it twice as hard for her to even breath. As that genjutsu swirled above, the Dark Cloak would lash out at Naru directly, attempting once again to attack that very chakra that was becoming a precious resource.

As Naru is subdued, Tsiro's rage starts to halt. She was human just like the rest of them. It did not change what had to be done. Sympathy would award him nothing here. His crimson eyes turned away as he knew what needed to be done. He was not one of the Kaguya that was without feeling, however he was still the type to act. The question that played on his mind was why though? His history played around this girl. She was not the only reason that he became powerful, but one of the main ones. Had his first actual battle been against someone else, he may have been content to live the life of someone who was complacent with what they were given and fed. As he held his spine in one hand, he twisted his body to stab her with both of his elbows. "Careful Kitaru. She was one of few that made me what I am. I am not saying we free her, but respect her for her ability." It was not admiration, but the hatred of a child seemed to turn into greatfulness.

Narusegawa was baldly beaten, blood pooling out of her body as she is forced to take a knee, there wasn't anything else she could do at this point but at least she wasn't held up in the vines anymore, she cringes and sighs softly, while panting in an attempt to recover her energy, she wasn't even focused on them at the moment, instead she kept her mind on recovering her body, yet still keeping herself prepared for further attacks.

Kitaru was on his last edge too. Maybe he was going to be joining Eri shortly in resting. Either way, he'd focus a bit of chakra, simply to be prepared for any further tricks Naru might have, before slowly walking over to where she knelt. He'd kneel beside her. "You should of walked away Naru-san. I tried to offer it to you. I wanted no conflict with you. But, I have to have scrolls for my team." Searching her, he'd pat her down politely (avoiding obvious bad touch spots) to find the scroll. Once found, he'd stand up and offer it to Tsiro. "She can still get more scrolls. While she recovers, we need to move. Eri-san is going to be with us.. and.. I'm going to need rest. Hai?"

Tsiro was not done yet. He was not taking Naru lightly. He knew her well. She had chased after him before for revenge. This time he could not risk that day being later in this exam. Soon his spine turns drill like. As soon as Kitaru moved out of the way, Tsiro moved in. He hated the idea but he wanted to make sure this was over. His attempt was to plunge it into her stomach.

As both Kitaru and Tsiro approached finally Naru had came to her senses and leaped backwards, slipping away from the both of them despite being badly damaged. She did manage to focus a bit more chakra int oher body, getting her enough leverage to pull off a few more jutsu if need be. " You'll need to think again… There isn't any sort of respect with what happened here…" She offered them both an intense glare, especially more so upon Tsiro. The Glare of her sharingan was begining to disspitate but just like that it was turned to full power yet again…

As Naru lept away, he'd growl his frustration. "Fine. Then we take it from your unconcious body and leave you to the mercy of the cave." Kitaru would make a single seal, two lines of chakra could be seen searing from him, that Dark Cloak once again going to encircle Naru. The first was a direct strike at her chakra, forcing her to try and avoid it, as the cloud of the Cloak would colence into that circle of mirrors, all about her they would gather, raising out of the ground or coming in from the sky to slam into place. The first one she looked at would lock her into place, forcing her to be still, the reflection taking control of her body to force the stillness that it had.

Tsiro knew it. She never gave up. If he did not respect her abilities, she'd have been able to take advantage of the sitation. Tsiro dashed backwards and began to spit out bone needles from his mouth at her. She was tired and hurting. He wanted to further cause her to wear herself out. Of course Kitaru was not doing so well either. The boy knew this fight was about to end and they needed to press her if they were going to win.

Narusegawa for the most part was finally laid to waste, each of the attacks hit their mark leaving her stumbling forward with blood pooling at her feet, there was absolutely nothing she would be able to do at this point, She laid on the ground limp, out of energy no longer able to protect her scroll, essentially left for dead.

Kitaru would quietly walk over to Naru's body. With her out cold, he'd rummage around until the scroll was found and hand it over to Tsiro. Tiredly, he'd release his hold ont he cloak. "We gotta move. I felt her breathing. Let's get Eri-san and get out of here Tsiro-san.. before anyone else reacts to the echos of combat and comes to vulture us." Walking over, he'd head for Eri, waking her up enough so they could finally get out of there. Naru pushed it to that point, so he felt no pity it seems. Simply the emotional stillness of the mirror's edge.

Tsiro nodded his head. "Lets get out of here. We need to go recover." Tsiro states as Kitaru moves to grab the scroll. He was ready to strike if necessary, but he did not wish to. He then looked at Naru. He was certain she'd be knocking on his door in Kiri after this. More than likely trying to burn it down or something. He could sense the hostility.

"Why don't you just leave them both with me?" an inflectionless voice would ring out before a man this is considered perhaps the dark horse of the exams. His name is not well-known, but he has made actions bold enough to show that he at least has some measure of power since he painted the cross on the temple to declare it his medical center for the Exams. The masked Tadashi appears about ten feet from the group with a flicker and walks over to where Naru now lays. "I can heal the wounded. With their scrolls, your interest in them is now complete." A pulse of chakra would go out to read Naru's current condition, as well as everyone else's in the area, as he steps between her and the Kirigakure shinobi. "You really /don't/ want to screw with me in your condition. If you are bad enough off, you may come for healing as well, but you will not start a fight in the temple," he says as he focuses chakra in preparation to heal Naru enough to be sure she will survive the trip to the temple.

Kitaru would raise a brow, studying the new guy for a moment. He'd give a slow shake of his head. "I'm tired and wounded a bit, however I'm going to keep going in the exams. You're welcome to fix her. Naru-san is a worthy shinobi and I would hate to see her fall here. Eri-san is just drained due to her combat with me." Kitaru would head over to where Eri was at, waking her up before he'd walk off with her and Tsiro. Yeah, he was all about will power at this point. They were probably going to have to guard him while he recovered from this fight. But hey.. Tsiro and he now has scrolls.. right?"

Tsiro gritted his teeth as someone else showed up. In the current condition neither he nor Kit were going to last long. This was going to be problematic at best. Luckily for him, the new guy seems to want to defend Naru. Tsiro had hoped she'd be knocked out of the exam, at least so she'd not be hunting him later in the exam. Oh well, sometimes you just complete a mission without going the extra mile. Tsiro offered a nod of his head before walking off with Kitaru.

"Good choice," Tadashi says with a nod to both Kirigakure shinobi. He watches them as they walk away for a moment before turning to kneel beside Naru. Shifting his chakra to flow more freely to heal her at an accelerated rate, he moves his hands through a few seals. A green glow of healing chakra forms over his hands before he places them over the girl, that chakra beginning to flow over her body and into her wounds to start healing her from the inside out. "Wow, you really took some bad hits there, didn't you?" he asks rhetorically as he heals her, a look of focus in his eyes as he concentrates on keeping her alive.

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