Kiri Medical Supplies


Nori, Tsun, Osamu, Sekisetsu

Date: May 20th, 2010



"Kiri Medical Supplies"


A chill wind blows through the trees, the promise of a storm before morning heavy on the air. Sunlight trickles down on the small hollow in the woods, the beams dancing along the ground in what seems to be an empty space. However, there are the telltale signs.. the bugs are silent, the birds are far away. Something is here, in this hollow, something that they deem dangerous enough to hide themselves from. Yet the beast itself, though well hidden, is not hidden at all. Merely darkly dressed and in the shade of a tree… Nori waits quietly, reviewing the small scroll with the teams orders on it. The carrier hawk perches on his shoulder, waiting for its meal and a return note. Nori frowns as he crumples the paper and eats it, and then gives the bird a bit of his jerky. "Well, seems we gotta delivery to make," he says coolly to the surrounding woods.

Arriving not to long, would be Sekisetsu, who, so far, had been begining to understand mission protocal. The young aspiring sealist, had been for the most part, wandering the camp which had been in these parts, bored, and looking for some mischief to make. Her plans not to get caught, had been foiled a few times, and even now, her reluctance to visit pranking doom upon those who had been settle in the camp, had been very evident. Her life however would be interrupted momentarily, as she would then be assigned to a squad led by Nori, whom she had managed to meet only once. She would arrive after a jog, and say, "So you that Nori guy thats in charge, right?"

"Noooooooriiiii-kuuuuuun~ Look!" Tsun would calls out, hanging upside down from a tree, by traditional means, her legs hooking over a thick branch. Giggling she'd wave at him if he bothered to look and then stick out her tongue. Apparently she had been here for a while perhaps, amusing herself with tree climbing it would seem. Physical work was not minded when it was convinient for her it would appear.

Eventualy another would come along, most likely not noticing Tsun as she was in an awkward place. So she'd call out again, "Hey!" Apparently proud of herself, as she tries to get as many eyes on her as she can, her hands holding on tight to the edge of her skirt to make sure that the show was nothing more than her hanging upside down.

A little plump boy in a black gossamer robe stumbles his way through the woods. This boy, Osamu, seems a little frightened; he walks slowly, looking around from left to right and up at the canopy of the trees, needing to turn his upper body to get his low hood to look any direction but forward. His arms are limp by his sides. He doesn't walk in a straight path, but meanders his way. Despite his turning path he brushes up against bushes and trees frequently. He makes it to the location where the other kiri nin are gathering, but as he rounds a tree into the clearing he is walking backwards, looking up into the trees behind him, and he falls backwards, landing on his behind. He clamors up to his feet, clumsily yet silently, then turns around and takes a step back, apparently in surprise, as he notices Nori and Sekisetsu.

Nori glances at Tsun and snorts, then turns his attention to the others. He frowns, and then stretches… a stretch which seems to topple him from the branch he sits on, but he lands in a crouch on the ground. He takes his time studying them before leaning back on his heels, he scratches his back on the tree trunk. "I am Kaguya Nori, Or Crazy Nori as some are prone to say," he gives them a sharptoothed grin as he continues to scratch his back bearlike against the tree. "I don't know why they decided you should be on a team with me, maybe they're hoping you're gonna die, or maybe overcome some sort of diversity, or maybe I'll just get bored and we'll go catch butterflies instead of doing the mission and keep us all out of trouble for a while…" He pauses and stops scratching his back as he glances up at the trees. "Er… anyway, we got a mission. We gotta get to the shore and pick up some supplies for camp. Its dangerous, because the shore is being watched, so once we get out of the perimiter, you all shut up. I don't do hand signals stuff, so just tag along and try not to get me killed too." He gives them a wicked grin and stands up. "Any questions?"

"Umm.. yeah.. Umm.. do we get bathroom breaks? Cause I just had a green tea with alot of honey, and um.. Me and Green Tea… yeah.", would be said by Sekisetsu as she would scratch the back of her neck nervously. "And another thing.. How do you guys grow those bone thingies?? Is it easy? Does it hurt? How come you they call you crazy? Do you own a straight jacket? I once saw a brown one, and it had zippers, and buttons, and alitte tiger on it that was all like, "Rawr!!", and I was like cute! Blahblahblahblahblah blarghum blarghenowitz, blargenstein!!" The questions would seem to turn into rambling before long, and if Nori wouldn't say anything else, he would be bombarded with more questions.
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Tsun glares at Nori when his back was turned, she'd then delve into more faces. It seems Nori got quite the mature team. "Let's see." Tsun let's go of the tree, flipping over and landing roughly on another branch, stomach first. She'd cling to it for a bit before slowly sliding about to hang from that branch. From here it was safe to let go and drop down to the ground below, which she would do with a heavy thud. Strapping on her water tank, she'd follow up.

Siddling a little closer to Osamu, she'd attempt to break the common comfort zone, not seeming to care for it a bit. "So yeah, why do I keep getting missions with you Sketch?" Tsun would once again try to make conversation with the boy. "As awesome as it would be to already have a stalker, most of my stalkers are sorta, stalking for all the lamest reasons. It makes it so less."

Osamu doesn't move away from Tsun, having already experienced where that leads. Instead, he just stands silently and slowly turns his hood to look at her. He doesn't move, but just stands in place. A couple of spiders will crawl onto Tsun's foot closest to Osamu.

Nori tilts his head slightly to the right, his eyes glossing over and his teeth grind audibly as Seki's questions flow out like spilled beer, and just as foamy… or maybe the foam is coming from his mouth. When she finishes the speel, he turns quickly and starts stalking off. "Okay, if there aren't any questions lets go." He gives a maniacal laugh, and then leaps up to a tree branch and then flickers on ahead, starting a pace that they could keep up with, but they'd surely be too out of breath to keep talking… or so he hoped…
As the troupe moved through the woods, the air grew heavier, and the wind ceased to blow. Dark clouds could be seen through the tops of the trees, and an ominous feeling feels the air. Though the lightning could not be seen, the clap of thunder could be heard, sending the forest creatures into a frenzy of chirping.
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"But..But.. My questi-…*sigh*..nevermind.", would be said by a sweatdropping Sekisetsu as she would began to move with the group, keeping steadily behind Nori. She would have a small seal tag, at the ready, her finger, glowing with chakra, drawing two patterns of kanji upon it, and reading it for a purpose unknown to most.

Stopping when he did, the girl would not seem to notice the spiders coming her way. Instead there would simply be an exchange of awkward silent. The girl's mouth twitching a few times as she stares at him with a rather agitated expression. A few more seconds until she would sigh, doubling over and pleading with him , "Ah come on say something… At least a ridiculously apathetic." She looks up, her facial expression goes flat, along with her tone, "…hi…" It would be then that she'd realize that Nori had already left them behind. "Huh.."

Turning, she'd kick off her right foot, following along in a lazy jogging pace from the ground. "hey you, shrimp. Do you know which way he went?" Note, Tsun's got an inch on Sekisetsu. "'Cause we kinda weren't looking and I forgot to look at the map."

When Tsun begins to move away, Osamu begins to run away silently through the woods. He is as clumsy as ever, but seems to be going at a pretty decent speed, a bit faster than an average adult can run. The thing that keeps him lagging behind Nori is not that he doesn't seem to know which way to go, but that he keeps tripping and falling and then needing to pick himself back up.

Eventually Nori reaches the edge of the woods, where he stops and crouches in the sparse grass, his eyes roving the beach. He glances towards the sky as the first pattering of rain falls. Silently he waits, his ears perked, as the team follows in behind him. His eyes search the beach, looking for the camoflaged boats, boats that were waiting his signal before hitting shore. Already the waves were starting to rise as the incoming tide and the pressure of the storm promised rough docking for the ships, yet another obstacle for their mission… as if the fact that the beach is being watched by the enemy wasn't enough…

So they got to their destination, cool. Well Tsun liked to chat but, she also liked being alive so now she managed to shut up for the time being. Stopping behind of Nori, she'd loom over the crouched Kaguya as best she could, peering over his shoulder. She'd then whisper. "Why'd they have to bring it in on this side anyways?" Tsun would ask, a bit bugged, though given the strength of the Kumogakure ninja she had faced before, she felt no need to really be intimidated by the fact that they have to bring down even more. She would ease away from Nori adjusting her waist line and making sure her gear was buckled on tight. Despite her not being one to move much in battle, it's always nice to make sure that you don't lose your stuff even to the simple movements.

Osamu runs onto the beach, at some point having gotten behind Tsun. His form under his robe is a little less plump than people might remember, though still on the heavy side. He military-crawls out onto the beach, though he doesn't make much progress for the effort he is putting into it and his but sticks up a little high at times. He doesn't say anything, he just crawls up next to Nori, positioning himself opposite of Tsun.

Nori growls, "Okay, I'll run up the beach and launch the flair, drawing the attention of the shinobi. The boats are in the water, they'll arrive somewhere right ahead of us… While I run decoy, you help get the supplies. They'll have skidds that you'll have to drag. Be sure to cover your tracks." He gestures towards a rock out on the beach. "Thats your post. Wait until you see the flair." He grins at them. "If I die, I'll kick your asses in the afterlife." He chuckles lightly and the springs out onto the sand and flickers away up the beach.

Hearing the plan, Sekisetsu would sigh, and see two things wrong with it. One… the skids.. Being as large and filled with supplies, they would seem pretty heavy. Something that her scrawny arms would not be easily able to do. Now she could run distraction. But then again, in a better world, Sekisetsu would probably less lazy when it comes to speaking her mind. She would nod, and be obediant (a rare thing to behold), and then run to hide behind the rock until the flare had gone up.

Tsun would look his way grinning, "If you die, well… you made yourself the decoy." Tsun would then start running off before the Chuunin decided to change his mind, heading off to the post. She'd then crouch down, and do something that was very rare for her, she'd put her hands together and make a handseal. Making sure to keep her actions a bit on the low down, the ocean would slowly start to gain a mist over it. Slow to a point that it seemed rather natural and wouldn't be in full effect before the flare went off of course. "What a pain… it's so far away."

Osamu tries to get out to the rock. He army crawls the entire way, which makes him go somewhat slower than the other nin. When he gets there he sits down with his back facing the rock. He is slightly thinner now, apparently being of what might be considered an average build beneath his robes. "What is a skid," he asks in a soft voice, directed at neither one of his companions in particular.

Moments later a bright orange flare shoots up, into the sky, followed by a shout. The sounds of battle being joined can be heard, and someone's crazed laughter, followed by screams of pain. Even so, the team is left for far too long… and just as it seems the boats would never arrive, a low whistle comes over the water. "Ahoy," comes the voice. "Get o'er heeyah." A huge man with a pegged leg leaps out of a boat as it hits in the shallows sand, seemingly unphased by the waves as he drags it further up the shore. "C'mon ye lubbers, get to work, and bend your backs to it." Three other boats come ashore, and the seven swarthy crewmen start chucking skidds at the young shinobi. Within the boats are assortments of small crates with crosses on them… the supplies are few, but obviously fragile, and very important: Medical Supplies for Kirigakure's wounded.

Seeing the man with his peg leg and his barnacle bunch, Sekisetsu would say, "What took you guys?! I gotta pee!!", this being said as she would began the "peepee shuffle.". She would look to the water which would make it even worst and when it would seem like one of the crew would have been moving to slow. She would frantically push the man out the way and say, "Out of the way!!", and began running the skids back and forth, almost without any help. "Move out the way!! Hold water!!"

"Oh great all this and the boats don't show u-" The whistle would then be heard and she'd quickly shut up and look over. Her lips purse, as men come in, their accent a bit annoying while… very entertaining to the girl. She didn't know whether to start laughing or to tell them to shut up and just give them the stuff. Though there wasn't time to ponder over that, stuff was getting chucked their way. Water would come shooting from the faucet of the water tank, zipping about and quickly shifting into a viscous form. Spreading out, it would catch a few of the palettes and she'd turn about to carry them to a safe spot, all under the cover of the mist. Terrible thing was, despite carrying so many skids at once, the purpose was defeated by her simply walking back and forth instead of running.

After dropping off the first load, she'd head on back for some more, a few of the lackeys noticing her previous carrying style, they'd send even more her way. "Ugh… the first amount was fine enough." She'd say sarcastically and when she turned back around she'd make sure to get Sekisetsu's attention before letting water run out of the faucet as she gives a satisfied, "Aaaah~" And then casually continue on as if nothing had happened… hey, at least having to pee is making Sekisetsu work harder than Tsun. Maybe if she made it harder to bare, Sekisetsu would get everything done for them.

Osamu is the last one over the rocks, his question evidently going unanswered. He just climbs to the top of the rock for a minute and a couple of the skids start to slide across the ground apparently on their own before he begins to get down from the rock. "I'll cover the tracks," he says, softly enough that he might not have been heard over the hustle and bustle of the seamen.

Soon the supplies are loaded on the skidds, three skidds total, and the sailors are getting back in their boats. "Guh Luck kiddies," says the big man with the peg leg. The storm over head cracks, and thunder rolls, rain begins to pour in torrents. "The stahm is yah frond et seems!" He laughs jollily as they disappear out towards the sea, vanishing as soon as they came. Meanwhile, the distant sounds of battle are covered by the rain pounding the earth. No telling how long it would be before the patrols would come, precious seconds could mean the difference between life and death, not just for the team, but for the shinobi that were dependent upon those supplies.

And where was Sekisetsu.. well she just couldn't hold it after that stunt Tsun pulled, so she is behind that same stone… seeking privacy to spring a leak. She would need a few minutes.. be patient guys.. It was alot of green tea.

"The storm is wha?" Tsun would look back at the boats as they started to head out, she'd then look back to the supplies. "Alright you guys let's get the supplies deeper in." Tsun would lift them up and start jogging back to their starting point, dropping some of the supplies off. Turning around, she'd initially look towards where the supplies were before looking back to where the fighting was going on. "What exactly did he want us to do?" Tsun would stand there for a moment and then look around, "Where's Sekisetsu…" Tsun grumbles, "Ah well sounds like he's having fun. No need to help him I guess." Tsun would start backing off, going even deeper to get to the extraction point… if that existed! She would at least take them in to a point where a Kumogakure ninja fighting would just so happen to stumble upon it.

Osamu goes over to one of the skids and grabs the ropes and begins to pull, leaning into the effort a lot. The skid begins to move some as Osamu sinks into the sand, but it doesn't go far before Osamu stops and climbs on top of the skid. "Where is Seki-chan? I can't cover up her tracks if she isn't here," he says as softly as ever. He shrugs as his skid begins to move across the sand, causing him to fall on it. He gets up into a seated position as more spiders flood from him, causing his body to shrink under his robe until he is fairly thin. His skid is not leaving skid tracks anymore and has a decent number of spiders trailing behind it and along the sides on the ground. "I guess I'll get my own tracks," Osamu says.

Voices can soon be heard against the thundering storm… which means they are close. Very close in fact, though they can't be seen through the torrential down poor. They call out to each other, as if they are looking for something, but what can only be guessed. Had Nori been captured, and had they wrung the information regarding the mission out of him? Every moment becomes more perilous as the team dawdles on the beach…

Osamu's spiders seem to move his skid at a pretty decent pace. A person might not know it right away, but he keeps an eye on the last skid until it is almost out of sight. Jumping off of his own skid, he runs back to the last one and begins pushing it, trying to go as fast as he can manage in an effort to catch up to the other skids. Where is Sekisetsu? He doesn't know and it really doesn't matter to him. Right now he has to get the skid off the beach. His last swarm of spiders, previously waiting in the trees and sand, joins him and begins to clean up the beach behind him as best they can.

"Probably went and died… yep." Tsun wasn't talking about Nori here, she was talking about Sekisetsu who was still missing. Just exactly how much green tea did she manage to intake anyways? "Hey, you." Tsun turns to the approaching Osamu, "Hrm…" He didn't seem to be worried about another person coming along him at the moment so she shrugs, assuming he has no idea where she is still either. Weighing the options many alive compared to two alive was much better, plus it sounded as if there was a search team on the way. 'Don't have the jump on them either this time.' Sort of waffling between helping and running, she'd finally make up her mind when Osamu passes her and starts moving along with him.

Minutes pass as the two Genin enter the woods, trudging as along under the rain as they move back towards camp. It takes almost no work to cover their tracks, as the rain obliterates them almost as soon as they're made. There would be no pursuit this evening. As they round the next corner of the path, they stumble across a bruised and bleeding man wearing only torn pants. His now-red hair glistens wetly, with a silvery hue, and his body is covered in cuts and puncture wounds, even now a kunai or two are embedded in his back where its obvious he could not reach. However, whats even more surprising is the girl he has over his shoulder, the young Sekisetsu, she is unconscious. "Well, how was that? We get most of the supplies at least?" He surveys the haul and gives them a grin. "Good job, kids. Now lets get back to camp before my adrenaline runs out." Nori chuckles softly and starts leading the way, limping along at a slow pace so that the struggling Genin can keep up.

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