Kiri Patrollin’


Ishino, Minori, Renai, Isra

Date: September 14, 2013


Ishino, Renai, and Isra come upon a troubled merchant and Minori.

"Kiri Patrollin’"

Kirigakure Border

Finally the exams were over. People were returning home and to their jobs that had been left untended while they were away. Slowly the shinobi filtered back to their own lands. But rumors, ahh.. rumors never slept. Rumors and mutterings were whispered about in Konoha. A few of the fliers brought back to Kiri as well. Everyone was watching the political stage, Kiri and Konoha.. how would Konoha deal with this latest thing?

Of course, while the main characters ont he stage squared off, that didn't mean that others didn't try to do what they could for power. A few border skirmishes, here and there, lands testing one another without actually trying to provoke anything. Kiri's merchants were getting harried some due to this latest threat. It'd been noted by one of the merchant reports that this came from Iwa-nin, the land of stone symbol unmistakable.

So it was that Ishino, Isra, and Renai were sent out on a border patrol. Two of the swordmen being active in the area made most not want to be around to cause trouble. From the other side of the border line however, were some bandits trying to play it close. Minori was hired to protect the 3 wagons of the supply convoy as the merchant did the trip from Land of Stone to Land of Water. The bandits were riding up on them as they approached that boarder line. Ishino were walking with the other two, in an easily ground consuming gait, while the old man was there with him and holding an umbrella over them and the girls if they desired it.

The green-haired kunoichi walks alongside the older man, her fingers up in those earthy tresses, gathering them up into a high-set ponytail to be out of her way. Her brown eyes are alert, cautious of the area, but she seems rather at ease. Have no fear! Ishino is here!

Renai doesn't speak at all really. She only smiles up to the old man that travels with them. She's just generally happy to be doing something besides training and student drills at the Touketsu compound. So she follows. Will she be useful? Strong enough? Time will tell.

+ Minori had been preparing to leave Konohagakure for some time when a merchant, worried about the safety of his goods, had approached them. Minori had found it an easy opportunity to make a bit of money on the side, and perhaps get a merchant in their pocket for later. It definitely did not hurt to have people owe you. However, Minori was hoping, against general intelligence of the recent week, that their trip would be eventless.

It was not the case that it would be… uneventful for Minori, in fact, things were starting to get worse when the sounds of horses rushing towards them could be heard in the distance. After a long drag on a full-glass pipe, Minori blows out a puff of smoke and turns to the merchant driving his own cart. He seemed far more worried than Minori, who merely informs him to take cover and not run off before moving to the back in intercept the cavalry. ~Well… so much for not having to do anything today…~ Minori lets out a sigh and prepares for combat. ~Hopefully there is just one or two…~

Isra enjoyed the umbrella that was nearby. It wasn't much need, but it was welcomed. Border patrol in the shade? Yes, please! Bandits roaming around these parts are causing trouble and need to be dealt with. Strange, it seems, that Iwa is on the prowl too. Everything would have to be watched closely. Maybe this was the thing she needed or hopes it is. She hasn't been feeling like herself lately and this may aid in revitalizing her in some way.

Ishino looks ahead, horses, wagons. He'd point out towards where the merchant looked to be harried by the bandits. "Remember, Renai-san, Uzumaki-san, no deaths." Ishino would start that way, the older man carefully folding up the umbrella and putting it away. His gloves were carefully checked as the henge of the old man fell away, revealing Time Keeper that would start ticking, filling even that open space with the steady count of seconds going past. "No death, however, doesn't mean no pain. Let's make sure they understand to not bother merchants going into the Land of Water."

The bandits road fast, approaching the caravan quickly. There were 10 of them, all on horses. All but one had a wicked curved blade out, galloping closer and closer as they'd start yelling. "SLOW DOWN!! YOU OWE US!!" Owe what? Well the merchant would speed up the caravan, panic setting in, he wasn't going to slow down, that's for sure.

Renai nods as Ishino reminds her not to kill anyone. Well, that's fortunate because she probably would have given the chance. The girl pauses in her steps, letting Isra and the others get ahead of her, the sound of the ticking washing over her. She closes her eyes for just a brief moment, letting it sink in and calm her nerves. One.. two.. three.. four.. She inhales deeply.

The kunoichi lifts her hands to form a focusing seal. The chakra moves within her and she snaps back into the present. Her steps lead her behind them, brisk, but keeping a fair distance for any main action.

+ Minori grumbles as the merchant takes off. It was only going to make the problem here worse. Having to chase down the merchant just to make sure that he didn't get himself killed outside of her view was frustrating. Minori back pedals a bit, before turning and rushing after him, listening for the horsemen getting closer to make sure that they did not get them from behind unaware. "Stop, you fool! You're going to get us both killed!"

"No deaths. Yeah, seeing as how I hold an explosive sword, that might be kind of difficult and, bah, I'll be fine," Isra waved her hand to dismiss the matter and laugh. She had seals to use. "Not a problem." She thinks some cover might help in this matter. "I can help give that wagon some cover with a smoke tag. Could even hide a barrier seal in it so that it can keep them protected from any attacks. That way, there's more freedom to attack the bandits. Sound like a plan?" She questioned as she began to take out the respective tags for both and prepared them on some kunai. Kunai and tags are always best friends.

Ishino nods towards Isra then. "Do it. That would be perfect." He glanced over at Renai then, pointing to the merchant on the wagon. "Get him to stop any way possible, within the parameters of the mission." Aka, no deaths. Ishino kept strolling forward as the bandits bore down on Minori. They'd swing at her, seeking to take her down, the potential guard of the merchant left behind? Of course she'd be a target! Ishino sighs and the ticking from Time Keeper got heavier as some of the bandits would stall, the genjutsu wrapping about them as they'd get lost within a solemn moment. It wasn't all of them, but at least it was less people attacking Minori. If she couldn't handle that? Well.. easy enough to not include her in the report.

Renai nods once in confirmation to Ishino and takes off toward the merchant to get herself closer. She begins forming hand seals as she runs, the ground before the wagon starting to rumble and crack. Clumps would lift ahead of the wagon and begin exploding in quick succession. Harmless dirt bombs. It isn't a full stop, but maybe she'll at least slow him down enough to catch up and take over the wagon. As the air clouds, she lowers her hands, pulling her shirt up over her nose and mouth as she heads in to find the merchant to see if her plan worked.

+ As the horses get closer, Minori whirls around, preparing to erect a defense. Several of the horsemen had slowed and stopped, which seemed strange, however, Minori did not have the time to take and examine their behavior, there were weapons en route. A quick twist to the side gets Minori out of the way of the first sword, and a flick of the wrist releases a number of poison-tipped senbon out of the volomnous sleeves that they wore. Another quick twist and then a duck and two more swords are evaded, narrowly, at least. ~Why did I have to get involved in this…?~

Isra got to work with the smoke tag and seal barriers that would protect the wagon from extensive damage for a time. At least it'd be hidden, momentarily at least, by the smoke. It'd also provide cover for the group as they attacked. They'd be okay for now, she thinks. She'll be support until otherwise indicated. Heck, the raid already began against the bandits. Only a matter of time before they're taken down, hopefully.

Good. At least the one hired can do her job. The driver would slow, horror on his face before he disappeared into the dirt cloud. He thought the bandits were ahead of him as well. So thus stopped, Renai would be able to find him in there with a kunai ready to defend himself. Although he didn't seem to be stark eyed terrorized so as to ignore conversation. Isra was quite capable of both putting the smoke cloud up as well as the seal barrier, causing the horses to shy away from the wagons. They were set for now there at least. The riders continued past Minori, the few that Ishino had halted slowly blinking awake and looking around. Ishino would call out in a pleasant enough tone. "Greetings. I understand that your current endeavors is such to attempt to obtain materials others carry for your own personal consumption. However, this group is now under the protection of Kirigakure. Please desist before we are forced to hurt you."

+ Minori curses as smoke goes up around the merchant. There was no way to determine whether or not it had been some sort of trap and her charge was now dead, or had fallen into a hole, or something… however, with the raiders continuining in their… well, raiding… Minori was unable to wait around, and was forced to keep up defensive tactics lest a sword or something break through. Not something needed. When Ishino speaks out, however, informing the raiders that they were going to be… hurt if they didn't stop, Minori lets out a sigh of relief. ~Well, at least I don't have to do all the work…~ An audible grumble accompanies yet another dodge.

Renai places a hand on the driver's shoulder to reassure him as she lowers the shirt from her face. "Shhh.." She takes the reigns from his hand and gains control of the wagon and wheels it to safety under the protection of some trees. Once there, the kunoichi hops down and presses a finger to her lips.

She leaps up into the tree above the wagon and peers back toward the scene unfolding. A hand reaches to idly retrieve a kunai, just in case. Every now and then, she glances to the driver to make sure he's being good. She really doesn't want to have to encase him in dirt to make this work.

Huzzah, the wagon has been stopped. That's good news. If it hadn't, things would have taken a turn for the worst. Isra had caught up with the others at the wagon, waiting around until she felt the coast was clear. "So," she spoke softly. "Everything alright so far?" She questioned before looking.further and seeing raiders were still about. She took to the trees along with Renai to be available for hurting people should it come down to that. She prefers capture if possible, but hurting works just as well.

The bandits would pull off at the suddenly much more heavy resistance. The wagons guided by Renai off to the side, It was her and Isra that would be between the bandits and the gear. The driver had come to realize they were helping him, so calmed down, keeping the animals under control instead. Ishino would watch the bandits as they regrouped. leaving off from attacking Minori who would get a polite nod in greeting from Ishino as he'd stand beside the puppet, waiting. After some discussion between them, the bandits would ride closer, looking menacing. "Lookit, we just want the goods, we don't want to hurt anyone either. You lot git, give us what's on the wagon, and we'll all go our separate ways. What do you say?" Ishino raised a brow, looking at the bandit with an un-nerving calm. "That, was not what was offered."

+ Minori was thankful for the respite from combat. Having signed up for this sort of thing had not really included death, or so one would have hoped. Minori turns to Ishino when he nods to her and returns the nod with a slight grin of appreciation before turning back to the raiders and taking a few steps backwards towards the merchant she was charged with protecting. When the bandits declared their intent to take the goods, she was not thrilled. They were being persistent, even against odds that had fallen further from their favor. They should just give up, she figured.

Renai is still, save for a hand moving against the tree limb as she watches. She's not making any noise by the movement, but is moving her fingers against the bark. One.. two.. three.. four.. She can still hear the ticking.

She twirls the kunai once and falls still again, whispering beneath her breath, "Tickity Tock. One.. Two.. He'll come for you. Tockity Tick. Three.. Four.. Hit the floor. Run." She grins, biting the inside of her lip as she waits in patience.

"…" Isra looked at Renai and back to the wagon. At her again and then the wagon. She sat quietly, looking between the two for some time before she spoke up saying, "You're going to give me a warning when you snap, right? Be cool and let me know. I want to be the first out of here when your rage against the machine starts," she grinned while watching the events below. They just wanted the goods? Easy excuse, but she wasn't buying it.

Ishino glanced over at Renai and her words, then chuckled softly at Isra's comment with a shake of his head. Looking back to the bandits, Ishino stepped forward, sweeping into a deep bow. "Ah. Then it is my pleasure to make sure you understand what shall transpire here. For you see, I am Doihara Ishino. Seven Swordman of Kirigakure." He'd straighten up smoothly. "Seeking to harm those within my protection tends to be fatal. I would readlily advise you to not contemplate that action but instead turn away. It is the last warning you get." Ishino stepped back to stand near Time Keeper, the puppet taking on a combat stance as it'd draw out the blade that Ishino was known for wielding. The raiders were really uncertain now! They'd huddle again, talking among each other with heated whispers. Ishino sighed and glanced over at the other three. "Will one of you lovely ladies please do something to encourage them to flee? I really don't wish to have to do the paperwork for dealing with these people the appropriate way."

+ Minori listens to the exchanges between the… swordsmen and the bandits. ~Well, I just got into an interesting situation…~ She backs up even further, moving to stand next to the carriage and looks around. ~Well, at least none of them are insane, or anything…~ The green-haired girl was obvious a bit off her rocker, and that was okay, as long as it didn't involve Minori. The rest were… it didn't matter. She turns back to observe what the bandits would decide upon after their silly huddle up.

Renai turns her eyes to Isra and just grins, emitting a soft giggle. She turns her eyes back to the raiders and with his cue, she nods, "Hai, Sensei!" The girl hops down and lands with a soft thud on the earth below. She straightens up and lifts her hands to perform seals. The earth around her rumbles and cracks and starts to jerk upward, airborne and breaking apart.

Her hands close in the seal of the ram and the little stones lurch forward to pelt at the raiders, like a kid throwing rocks… only they might hurt a little more.

Looks like Renai is on the case! She hopped down and began attacking the raiders swiftly. Isra just has one question… "Was that girl trying to show her up?" Everything turned into baseless suspicion against her. She just happened to get beat to the lunch. She wanted to explode them. Oh well. Rock party!

The raiders were getting edgy, maybe talking themselves up into attacking a swordsman? Didn't seem to matter though, the rocks that Renai started pelting them with seemed to be enough. Especially when one rock smacked a horse on the rear who neighed in protest and took off. The startled bandits would suddenly find themselves taking off like the first. Ishino would watch them go, before shaking his head and looking back to the merchant, the cargo and the girl that was guarding him. "Greetings Madam. My apologies for taking over the defense of your charge. We however, were assigned with patrolling the area. There should be no further issues as you are now within the Land of Water's boarders. Please, have a pleasant day."

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