Kiri's Delivery Service!


Kokuro, Sei, Michiko

Date: July 29, 2014


A fresh Kirigakure genin arrives in Kumogakure to deliver a celebatory parcel to Okumo Sei, the only participant of the tournament from her village. She meets some people on the way, including the local Iwata Michiko.

"Kiri's Delivery Service!"

Kanayama Hiko Training Center [Kumogakure]

It is pretty early in the morning, and the training center is bustling with activity. Many of the students and genin that couldn't participate in the tournament are being fueled by the excitement it's brought to the village itself. The excitement has even spread beyond the village, and that is where Kokuro comes in. A villager wished to show his support for the one and only participant from Kirigakure, though because of his trade as a smith he would've had to leave the village and lose customers to come offer his gift. To solve this issue, he put up a notice about how he'd hire any genin who felt like taking the trip, and since travel is more open due to the tournament, Kokuro was allowed to take it even though she lacks the experience many genin in her village did. Unfortunately Kokuro did not count on being approached by a Sunagakure shinobi, so at the moment she is following in the steps of Kitiro. She does constantly gaze the crowd for her target though, the sooner she could get back home to where she felt more comfortable, the better to her.

It's not unusual to see this particular genin in the training center. Iwata Michiko is a Kumogakure genin, and a participant of the Chuunin exams. She's also reading a book as she makes her way into the training center, though this sight isn't at all strange either. At least for her. Unfamiliar figures out of the corner of her eye causes her to look up. She's used to strangers being around here with the exams going on, but it doesn't mean she has to like it. And it definitely means that she wants to investigate a bit further. She shuts her book before she approaches Kokuro and Kirito, bowing slightly to each of them. "Hello, there. I hope you two are having a nice time in Kumogakure?"

Sei himself was dealing with the exams. Two exibition matches as this 'Ayame' seemed to be no where to be found. Restless, wanting this over with so they could move on to the finish, Sei made his way to the training area. He noted people in it, a small pause only on Kokuro at seeing another kiri shinobi here. Musing, he'd shadow behind Michiko, while not exactly attempting to hide, persay, he was quiet and kept within that small blind spot most people had at their back. if only to get closer to Kokuro and Michiko to find out what they are doing. He was, as usual, quiet, focused and intent as he studied those around him. Already his brood was spreading through that training area, telling him much more than what most normal people could get.

Kokuro peeks out from around Kirito whenever the Kumogakure-nin addresses the two of them. She offers a respectful nod to the girl before she returns to looking around the building. She was a little worried about being caught getting a little distracted from a mission, even if it is just a delivery it could be the start of a bad reputation with any future missions she participates in. "Y-yes…it is um…very nice here…very different from my village…" It might be troublesome to spot from around Kirito, but she does bear a forehead protector attached to her belt, denoting she is in fact from Kirigakure. She watches as Sei moves in from behind Michiko, and steps out from behind Kirito to bow more formally to him. "Okumo-san. I have been instructed to deliver this to you. Compliments of the village smith to praise you on your efforts here in the tournament." She straightens up to retrieve the small parcel from the safety of her belt. It has been wrapped in a soft cloth to ensure its contents remain safe, which appear to be mostly things a smith would provide; some coins, kunai, senbon, and a block used to sharpen the blades. That is, of course, after Sei opens it to inspect it.

Michiko has sharp eyes, and she looks the girl over curiously, noting her posture, tone of voice, and especially her headband. "That's good to hear." Michiko typically likes to keep her senses on high alert, even in her village. As such, she notes Sei behind her. The girl turns slightly to address him as well, bowing slightly to the older 'genin'. "Okumo-san. It's nice to see you as well." The greeting happens about the same time as Kokuro's voice comes out to address Sei. Michiko carefully steps back so Kokuro can give Sei the parcel, her eyes peering at the package as well. Some sense tells her it's weaponry, but she's not quite sure why she has such a suspicion…

Sei pauses curiously at the offering from Kokuro. Why's he instantly distrust it? Still.. she IS kiri nin.. Sei takes the package with a small half-bow to Kokuro, a nod given to Michiko with a whistle in greeting. He'd finally carefully open the parcel, checking out the contents with some interest. Indeed, the spiders came out then, a dozen of them going to crawl over the items, testing them in a way that was quite unique for Sei. Satisfied, the items would be linked to webbing and dragged off, going to vanish inside of that white silk coat. Sei looked curiously to Kokuro, studying her for a moment longer in that enforced silence.

Kokuro straightens up more fully and can't hide the fascination in her gaze as Sei's spiders help him put things away in the robe. She clears her throat and offers a nervous smile, realizing how rude she was being without having introduced herself to Sei. Business first and formalities second wasn't the worst thing she could do as far as etiquitte went though. "Shimizu Kokuro. Genin. I um…think you've worked with my cousin Kiji-sama in the past. She mentioned you and the others you work with." For now, Kokuro tries to push back the warnings Kiji had given her in the past about the fellow genin, not wanting to appear anymore nervous and timid than she already does. It would reflect badly on the village, especially in front of other shinobi.

Michiko introduces herself. "I'm Iwata Michiko, a genin as well, from Kumogakure. It's nice to meet you, Kokuro-san." She doesn't try to pry too much into the affairs of the Kiri-nin. Michiko considers the area, looking around idly as she considers what she wants to do today. With so many foreign shinobi around, she almost doesn't want to show off her true skills, though they've likely seen the recent contest between her and Sado when she went full-tilt. "Okumo-san, are you doing well after yesterday's contest?" she wonders. She doesn't doubt that he isn't, considering his wounds were much less serious that the ones she sustained.

Sei studies Kokuro for a moment more before giving a whistle with a nod of agreement to her. Looking to Michiko, there was a brief smile flashed her direction. Not that he didn't know how, he just normally didn't smile it seems. He'd roll up his sleeve, spiders skittering further up his coat as he'd pull at one of the silk patches that had been made over his wounds while Sei had waited for Michiko to recover. She'd see that he's already mended up, the skin there just a light off color as it finished mending the shallow damage. Replacing it, Sei rolled his sleeve back down then.

Kokuro couldn't help but think to herself that talking to Sei was a lot like talking to a song bird. It was a little different, but it was something it'd be easy to get used to. She nods at Michiko's introduction and offers a half-bow to her since she didn't before. Once she straightens up she does lean in to peek at the silk covering the healed wound on his arm. There seemed to be many uses for that silk, it was quite curious. Of course the spiders probably helped to close the wound too, since they're where the silk comes from. She reaches up to scratch at the back of her neck once Sei pulls down his sleeve again. "It is good you are fairing well Okumo-san, no one in the village had doubts that you would. I do not know if I will be staying for much longer. After my meal I will likely be starting back towards the village, so I will not get to see the end of the tournament."

Michiko returns the smile, however brief it might be. She looks curiously at the skin beneath the silk patch and nods. "Ah, I see. I'm glad to see you're healing nicely, Okumo-san. Apparently my fire can be a bit strong, but the dampening seals likely helped with that." To Kokuro, she hmms faintly. "Ah, it's a shame you won't be able to see the end of the exams. I hear the Okumo-san and Ayame-san will be fighting an intense battle. Ryouji-kun and Sado-kun are also going to be fighting, which I am interested in seeing." She taps the book she has in her pouch. "I hope you have a good trip back to Kirigakure, Kokuro-san, when you decide to begin traveling again."

Sei muses contemplatively before giving a small nod with a whistle of agreement. Reaching to the small of his back, he pulls out a small pad that he'd open and hold up. Those spiders would come flowing out of his sleeve then, settling across that white surface in an eerie syncronization as they'd settle in place and tuck their legs in. Spiders turned into dots, dots into lines and lines into words of that flowing spider script. ~I appreciate the delivery. Your mission is complete. You are allowed to stay at least one more day to get use to the different location. Consider it training. Adaptation to a foreign village.~ Sei nods to Michiko then with a solemn whistle, waiting for Kokuro to show she read all the words before the board would be lowered.

Kokuro watches curiously as the spiders start to form the flowing words, then offers a nod to Sei once she's finished reading. It did help to explain the lack of words and whistling, he must not be able to communicate directly. With those spiders though, she hardly imagined it to be a problem for him. "Thank you Okumo-san. I could um…certainly use the training." Something about that statement brings a perplexed look to her face. "Perhaps that will give me enough time to at least watch over one match." She nods at Michiko, "Thank you, it is appreciated. Thankfully a few carts are offering safe passage between the lands for a small fee. It would have been a…stressful trip otherwise." She turns and tells Kirito she will meet him at the inn's restaurant he mentioned soon, which receives a nod and him heading for the exit. She returns her attention to the two and looks at the book Michiko brought in with her, "May I ask what it is you were reading?"

Michiko recognizes the spider script instantly, reading it before she can help herself. Well, she's also a speed reader, so that didn't help prevent her from recognizing the words in an instant… Michiko pulls the book from her pouch to show Kokuro its contents, and specifically a bookmarked page (she slipped a sheet of paper where she marked. Bending the pages is a crime!) It proved to be a book of simple jutsu, the girl apparently wanting to hone the basics before moving on to her more complicated techniques. "Simply studying and making sure my technique is right. I was hoping to go through most of the moves listed here so I can keep my skills sharp."

Musing contemplatively, Sei gives a small nod with a light whistle. Thinking for a moment he'd look around, then finally shrug and look to Michiko, holding that pad up once again. ~Michiko-san. If I was to set up another exabition match. So Kokuro-san could see the reaction of the fight as well as the watchers, who would I contact for it and who could I have a match with? I know you mentioned a Sado-san. Would they be a viable combatant?~

Kokuro nods in understanding after Michiko explains the purpose of the book, "While I waited here I brought a scroll to help me as well…" She trails off to read Sei's board as new words are made, then looks down shyly at her feet. It was surprising that Sei thought of doing something that would help her. She would have to make sure she paid extra attention at that match. She pondered whether or not it would seem strange for her to bring some parchment and charcoal to take notes with. She soon looks up from inspecting her sandals, realizing the gesture could be mistaken for disrespect rather than how much it meant to her. "Thank you Okumo-san. It would be an honor to observe you in the ring."

MIchiko eyes the board, eyes scanning the contents quickly before she starts to ponder. "Well… I know Sado-kun is available sometimes. You could also have a good match against Suzume-san, but she isn't in the exams…" Michiko frowns slightly. "Don't go against Zankuro-san or Ryouji-kun. I don't doubt their abilities, but I don't think they would fare well against you, Okumo-san. Sado-kun would be a good opponent for you, though, if he decides to go all-out." She nods slightly. Then to Kokuro, she nods as well. "I see. Well, be sure to actually test your abilities. A book does no good if one doesn't apply those skills."

Sei would nod in response, the spiders dropping off of the board as he'd fold it up to put it away. A formal bow was given to Michiko, then Kokuro, Sei turned away. Time to go find someone to fight for an exabition match. It'd be useful to teach another genin of the Kirigakure village. So he would have to find someone to make it good.

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