Kiri vs Kumo: Village Devoured


Ishino, Kiji, Arashi, Naruko

Date: February 27, 2017


Kumo-shinobi are sent to a village in the Land of Grass to beef up it's security from an impending bandit attack. Little do they know, a rival group had hired professional Kiri shinobi to destroy it.

"Kiri vs Kumo: Village Devoured"

A Village in the Land of Grass

It was a deceptively simple mission. This village, in the land of Grass, was offending someone with enough money to get them destroyed. The mission's outline was precise. Wreck the place. No survivors of the village. With that said, it was also known there would shinobi of another main village there to try and stop it. The mission's outline didn't say they had to die. Simply destroy the place.
Receiving the mission, Ishino decides to do it himself, ordering Kiji to come with him, it'd be a simple matter to get from Kiri to shore, then HARPS was deployed. This wasn't a subtle mission.. and Ishino wasn't subtle.

Kiji had simply nodded and followed Ishino as she received the orders. It was not unheard of for something like this to happen and Kiji was kind of in the mood to destroy something. Might be nice not to hold back or once.

Arashi was one of the main ones sent to handle this defense of this village. And all he could think was 'Well this is great. Kiri of all things was likely to have a very good chance of causing a lot of troubles. And he wasn't exactly the strongest Jounin they had. If they sent someone much stronger then they would be a tough thing to deal with. Naruko was with him as well so hopefully with the two of them they could at least prevent some damage. He had perimeter walls set up to provide a sorta area where they could fight outside of the village. And quickly set up traps along the path towards it. But of course he did not expect a giant robot of sorts to show up so much of his prep was likely in vain. He would let Naruko have her own defenses set up. Split up and work with villagers to do multiple things so hopefully she did more.

Naruko certainly went along with the mission, not entirely concerned about the mission herself. There wasn't much for Naruk to do in terms of traps, she placed a few things but her main purpose was to make sure there were more eyes on the area than what was already available to them. She muses quietly and instead uses her shadow clones to take a good clear look about the area, keeping track of any odd movements that would appear as though shinobi were coming. She says nothing for the time being, merely playing the nice role of watch guard until things got a little more serious. She honestly didn't know what to expect from this challenge.

Ishino was carrying Kiji on HARPS where those handles were at. There'd be Kumo nin. Unfortunate, but ultimately unimportant. As they topped the ridge, HARPS' every step would send a small tremor ahead. They approached at a steady ground eating pace that only a 20' tall puppet could do. "Weapons online. Begin targetting. Remember Okumo-san. No survivors of the village. We can let the shinobi go. Politically, that's wise." Thudding into range of the walls, Ishino would stop, as both launchers on either side of HARPS cycles up and would unlease a massive barrage of shuriken at the walls.

Kiji nodded to Ishino and stepped up on top of harps as her back sprouted wings. Walls were walls were nothing to someone who could fly.. assuming they could even take that barrage from Ishino.
Kiji's aim was to land in the center(ish) of the village. Upon landing, the blood flowed around her, forming 5 clones beside herself. Each wielded heavy weapons and began taking everything and everyone around her out in mighty swings and aims. One clone would target civilians with a blood bow while others would destroy whole buildings with gore mauls.

Arashi watched the attackers show up and instantly he felt like this was doomed. They weren't taking any chances it seemed since news of defending shinobi had happened. Didn't matter any.. He would try his hardest to defend and save as many as he could. He moved to Naruko first and started to speak. "Naruko. You and your clones need to do as much as you/they can to save these peoples lifes. I doubt we can stop the destruction of this place so get as many of these people as you can to safety. And that blood lady flying overhead. Just use clones to keep her busy. I don't want you in a direct confrontation with her if you can avoid it." He stated quickly before turning right back towards Ishino in the giant HARPS robot. Great… Well this should be fun. Arashi's chakra raised quickly and he just formed a few hand seals before placing his hands in front of him and blasting out a lot of water that he would attempt to use as chains to hold this giant thing in place. "Oh yeah Arashi. Go defend this village. Shouldn't be a problem. Giant enemy you say? Oh no I am sure you can handle it." He said to himself in a frustrated voice. As the chains started to take hold he did send a single beam of Storm Chakra right at the middle of this thing to try and keep it back. He was more focused on the chains so he doubted it would get a direct hit.

The situation was definitely looking dire. Naruko was expecting some bandits, or just a traditional enemy to come along and cause some destruction. The amount of chaos inflicted by two single shinobi was highly overwhelming, and completely blind sided her. Those traps she laid out before? Pretty much useless at this point. Naruko would heed Arashi for the moment but… there wasn't any way she could keep up attempting to save the the villagers, not unless these ninja were put down. "Everyone! Get out of here as quick as possible! Naruko shouts out, her clones all dispersed while her own form began to shift an turn, two tails arching from behind her while she dipped down into all fours, skin melting away in a swish of vibrant blue and black flaming chakra. She was a little bigger than her normal self but not at all the towering beast her innards actually held. The beast's paws raise slightly only to suddenly slam into the ground beneath her, branching an arm full of spectral orbs of fire to catch both Kiji and the massive puppet in a condensed explosion. Keeping those two occupied was needed in order for the others to escape.

Ishino watched as the 'defenses' are all but demolished, Kiji launching overhead to come into the center. A small nod is given and just before Ishino started forward, that alert system came up to warn him, incoming fire! The plates on the front of HARPS shift, taking the impacts from the strikes as they'd cause the puppet to shudder. "Oh. We have people who want to play. Alright." Ishino shifts forward, HARPS moving again to stomp determinedly on as the next salvo from that weapon system would start at the outside of the village's edges. Anyone. Anything, that stood? Would simply be leveled by the barrage of shuriken.

Kiji turned to glance when she sensed the unique spike in Naruko's chakra. Curious. But it was not enough to surprise her or distract her. In the meantime, Kiji was surrounded by concentric circles of blood as the fireball came her way. The pale skinned pale haired Okumo simply stood there as the flames were deflected around her and.. did more damage to the surrounding village than to Kiji.
"Not very smart of Kumogakure to send a Treasure." But as the buildings burst into blue flame around her Kiji was more focused on the water around them. She allowed her blood to mix just a bit as she expanded the 5 life-sized clones worth of blood to envelop as much of the village as possible And then… She lifted her hands, using a web of blood to trap as many villagers as possible before they could flee.
Kiji, did, however, aim a more advanced more solid web at Naruko.

Arashi watched as this robot kept moving on and just shook off his attacks. "This thing.. " He watched as it prepared another attack and Arashi used that water from earlier to get himself in a position between the village and HARPS. He formed some hand seals and more finesse versions of those beams from earlier started forming and circling them. And then they grew and continued like an orbit. He focused harder to keep them growing and moving away from him in an attempt to have them block every shuriken thrown his way though it did drain a bit to do this. Why couldn't Michiko have been here. She was much better at this whole shinobi thing. He was able to stop most of those Shuriken at least.. Not all but either way he wasn't done. He turned those lasers quickly from an orbit defense into an attack as they quickly shot towards the robot in an attempt to keep him away from the walls. That was going to be a major issue if it had the chance to get inside. No attack needed. Just had to walk.

As the web of blood began to hone in upon her Naruko was able to slip away from the technique, albeit very narrowly. The cloak which shrouded her for legged body ripped and shattered off into a different direction, displacing and recollecting herself closer to the villager and away from the initial attack. She would attempt to shield some of the citizens who Kiji continued to attack, hunkering down and allowing her aura to manifest further, burning /darkly/ and evaporating away the blood chakra which wasn't able to persist. "Alright…This attacks need to end now!" Naruko roars, while her two tails begin to form orbs of spectral fire at their tips. The flaming mixtures are then hurled at Kiji and Ishino in an attempt to deprive them of much needed energy to keep up the attack.

HARPS stumbles under the twin assaults. Read outs show the armor to be reduced down to 12% left. "So fast? Interesting." The cockpit would hiss open as Ishino gets out with a small stretch. From the back of HARPS a panel opens and Time Keeper, in it's puppet form would hop out, landing with a dull thump. As it stands, Ishino steps up to the edge of the cockpit. "I concur. This needs to end. Quickly." Focusing himself, that chakra whipping through those threads and to Time Keeper, the ticking of that clock would be heard by all.. but for those whom he was targetting? It'd carry with it a wonderful land of fantasy that is their life, ticking away in their own Time's Thread.

Kiji leapt into the air once more, wings bearing her aloft. She felt the burn stinging her skin and some.. most >.> of her dress was disintegrated. Luckily for Arashi's sanity, she wore shorts and wrapped her chest under that dress, not that it helped when even those bore some holes. Ah well.
The thing about Naruko's fire attacks defending the civilians, she had already soaked the ground with her blood and water. So though she burned away some of the blood that held the civilians, the blood under their feet was still viable and had soaked the ground… on purpose. Tentacles lifted from the ground as Kiji found a tower to land on. 'tails' like Naruko's own but made of blood sprouted around Kiji as well. She had had plenty of contact with Bijuu in the past. The woman stared at Naruko with black on blue eyes, coldly… As the tails on the ground slaughtered the people Naruko had tried to defend.. Each one in a separate location and very hard to defend against…

Arashi was hoping Naruko was having an easier time helping the village though she was helping attack this big thing.. That was stopping. "Hmm…" He watched closely and then suddenly he was unmoving and actually fell to the water below since the water he was standing on was only up higher from his own chakra holding it. That would hurt if he got out of there alive. Though their mission was the village.. Not the shinobi so he doubted that would be a major issue.

The village was definitely getting a further beat down with the mass of attacks whirling in both directions. Naruko could only hope that the others would remain safe as she could only do so much to prevent wide area attacks like this. She grinned that her attacks had actually hit but her enemies didn't seem to be going down any time soon…and it was within that moment she felt herself getting pulled into a Genjutsu. Her chakra network began to spike, pinching at her nerves in order to keep her into the fight. "Not… now…" Naruko could be heard muttering under her breath, her potential final words if she wasn't able to break out of this genjutsu… And….such was that. The small beast merely collapses in place as Naruko herself is trapped in a lofty dream. Starting from her first experiences as a shinobi.

And that'd be that. The two shinobi down, it's a simple matter of TK pausing next to HARPS' leg as the gremlins would pop out in turn, all those who run are devoured. The buildings are wrecked by the puppets as he quickly and effectively demolishes them with Kiji's help. A puppet delivers a scroll to Kiji, simple enough to use and *POOF* in a nice outfit, like she just got there. Once done, the two shinobi, Arashi and Naruko both, are dragged off to the side and a tent is set up over them, protecting them from the weather until they finally break free of the genjutsu. By then? HARPS, Ishino and Kiji would be gone. Mission complete.

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