Kirigakure's Moody Spring Weather


Hayase, Juushin, Naoya, Renai, Taree, Yuriko

Date: September 7, 2014


A group of Genin gather to complete a contract of getting two vessels sea worthy again. With an incoming storm rather than abandon the mission they rush to save at least one of the two vessels. One ship manages to make it to the harbor though the other one sinks deeper into the sea.

"Kirigakure's Moody Spring Weather"

Land of Water, Docks

Dawn broke less than an hour ago, casting the coast line with a orange tint that began to brighten the landscape. There were few clouds to block out the sun's rays but in the distance there were darkened clouds, likely a storm brewing far out and over the sea. Within the past few weeks of spring season, many ships were damage by the sudden storm, notably vessels sailing from other nations to the chain of islands. Kirigakure had been contracted this time to manage and repair a pair of vessels that had run aground a week prior. The crews and most of the supplies of these vessels were of loaded since their beaching but some supplies might remain unaccounted for. The task was limited on how much further funds it could afford so bringing the ships to the dock would complete the contract, as such it was limited as a mission prioritized to younger Genin who likely were strong swimmers.

Renai had received her orders and come immediately to the shore to eye the ships. She had arrived just before dawn and sits up in a tree, waiting for whoever might be leading them today. The girl has a bottle in her hand and she sips quietly from it, enjoying the last bits of her breakfast while she can. This looks like it will be exhausting.

She sighs softly and finishes the drink. An arm reaches back and she shoves the bottle into her bag of scrolls and books. With that, the green-haired kunoichi swings down to the ground with a soft thud and starts walking toward the beach to see who's in charge and who she should report to.

Yuriko had received her orders, and already she sat at the harbor where all of the boats had been pulled in. Her bottom parked on top of a dock support beam as she eats her breakfast with one hand, though automatically. Mornings are not her forte. The young Kaguya grumbles to herself with a mouthful of rice as her free hand rubs at one of her eyes, rubbing away the sleep while also wondering where the rest of the Genins were. Being the first one is never fun.

Hayase comes a few minutes later, rubbing her eyes. It's too early for her tastes. Her hair is twisted back into a knot, to keep out of the way. Besides that, she looks much the same. She crams the last of a biscuit into her mouth, as she approaches. She supposes any tools might need for this project is already there. She walks along the dock to meet up with the other Genin, and says, "Morning," a bit tiredly.

Running to the scene, Juushin was running a bit behind as she had got caught up in laying in to some training. Now, however, she has arrived albeit a bit behind to the scene of the ships where she is to assist where she can. The mission wasn't glamorous but it was an assigned mission and so here she is. As she arrives however, she does notice some familiar faces and starts to wave, "Oh, hi." She states upon arrival and idly looks around at the various sights to be seen before she nods her head and makes her way to beside Renai, "I miss anything exciting?"

When the mission came up for just a simple repair mission out on the water Taree jumped for it. Hopping to get her mind off the recent Assassination attempts and the looming pressure of the silence menace she would head out to the docks and vist the harbor master to get particulars of the trip. From there she would head down to the docks, past the rows of ships, even right by the missions assigned ship. Taree would keep going even beyond the warehouse down by the smelly fish market to a small lone little dock.

At this little dock was Taree secret pride and joy. A small twenty foot catboat, a small part of the legacy she received from the katsurou incident, quickly Taree would check the sails and her rigging. After making sure nothing was a miss she would do one final check on her supplies and untie the boat from the docks. Hand signing the boat would start to gently slide forward in the water. Once out in the harbor she would move the boat gently up against the main vessel of the mission and calling up to the larger vessel, before she threw up a line. Walking right off the side of her small vessel Taree would water walk up to the dock and join the rest of the assembling Genin. Waving to everybody "Hi guys everybody ready for a nice day on the water?"

Scratching at the top of his head as he makes his way towards the docks and away from the open coast, Naoya looks around to see who else might have already arrived. When the young teen moves down to the docks and soon and takes note of the gathering already. "I thought I'd be the only one here." Tilting his head to one side, he eyes Yuriko's meal and grumbles quietly to himself, a reminder that he skipped his own before coming.

Raising an arm, the young teen begins to motion towards where the vessels were, but then he seems to take note of Taree walking closer and another boat he hadn't seen before. "When did.. not my problem," was muttered to himself before turning back towards the others. "If it's this many of us, we should be able to get these ships finished before it noon or.. All of you were called over here for the patching job, or are you going to be joining the fishing ships?"

Renai peers down to Juushin as the girl walks over to her. The ex-Touketsu shakes her head and narrows her eyes slightly to peer around in the bright morning light. "Nah, we all just got here." Silently, she takes note of who all is showing up, greeting those that greet her with polite nods and soft 'Heys'. Taree is watched as well with a lifted brow. She doesn't know this one all that well, if at all.

When Naoya arrives, Renai straightens up a bit, listening to him. He seems to know what's going on. Maybe he's in charge? At his question, she shrugs a shoulder. "I don't think I was given a designation, Naoya-san. Where do you want me?"
page Not going to ask how she carried that much.

Mouth full of breakfast, Yuriko chews silently as she watches other familiar faces, all Genin, appear one by one. Even Taree, docking her own ship before making her way to dock where everyone is gathering. Only Hayase thus far looks the way she feels. "Why so early in the morning." Yuriko mumbles the rhetoric question, not really wanting an answer but still wanting to put it out there all the same. Though her mood is lifted, if just some, when Naoya nears and eyes the breakfast still left in her hand. This makes the smallest Kaguya smirk some to herself.

With a longer breath she finishes the last of the onigiri and pushes herself up, rising to stand on top of the support beam. "Everyone is here, yeah?" she asks, assuming they are. "Sounds like we're going to be in two different groups. One to get what dropped into the ocean, and then another to fix the ships." Yuriko lifts a brow. "Who here are strong swimmers?" That may be everyone, since it's the Land of Water after all, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

Hayase to Yuriko and grins when she sees her breakfast. "Always with some food to hand," she says. And until this time, Hayase had never failed to mooch off some of it. She flicks the crumbs from her fingers, and watches as each of the Genin comes. She looks more cheerful with each one, and they all get a friendly nod. While it may look like it's a companionable gesture, Hayase is happy mostly because more people means less work. And Naoya points out that they made be done before the afternoon.

A plunge in the water doesn't sound too fun though. Hayase a bit reluctantly holds up her hand. "I'm a good swimmer," she says, which in Kirigakure terms would mean "excellent" anywhere else. She looks to Naoya, who seems to know the direction this is taking.

A look at the various genin and she looks toward Naoya with a blink. She smiles at Hayase, giving her a wave before looking over at Yuriko and nodding to her as well, "I do hope you got enough to eat." She grins before she turns her gaze again to Naoya and then ponders him. Juushin stretches her arms up before pondering, "Well, I am a good swimmer but if something needs to be dealt with in the water, I'm not going to be as good. My abilities are all pure taijutsu." She nods her head, "So, I'm not as good a choice to be sent under water." She then smiles at the others and then shrugs, "So if it is all the same, I may be a better choice to work repairs."

Taree was amazed at all the genin that wanted in on this little mission. Smiling to herself knowing that more hands will make the work all that easier. Listening to the others Taree would move over to her cousin, Naoya, and tap him on the shoulder. "No worries nobody really should have to get to wet. Between Naoya and I we are both water users. I can make small patches of water hard as rock." Feeling her own stomach grumble Taree would pull a apple out of her pocket and start munching on it. Nodding and chuckling at Yuriko's question Taree would answer her. "You always start a boat trip so early so you can make the tide. If you have to fight the tide to leave the harbor it can take half a day. If we leave now hour tops."

Glancing to the side, Naoya looks towards Renai and briefly dips his head then sticks out his thumb, pointing behind himself down the coast. "The two ships are down the way, the hulls look a bit rough, might be holes I didn't see near the rear of them. Mind making sure nothing tried to take to the decks and make nests in there?" Turning to Yuriko, he gives her a half shrug when she poses a question then says, "I can hold my breath a good while, float and wiggle my limbs until I get to shore.. I don't know how well I'd be in a current though. I like to stay dry."

The young teen begins to look at the others, listening to their answers before pointing to Yuriko to ask, "Do you have your frilly swimming suit under those layers? Could use your help under the waves." Turning to Juushin, he nods lightly and says "Maybe you should try to focus on making sure the decks are clear and try working on things from the inside. Help us find holes where water's flowing in." Turning to Hayase, he furls his brow a bit before nodding lightly, "Why don't you stay inside with Juuchin-san and maybe dive if the lower layers are too deep?" Glancing to Taree, he nods his head twice to her, "We'll be working under the waves trying to sure up the patches from the outside too for what we can't just replace. The pressure should help keep it in place." The teen would look from Taree and out towards the sea when she mentions the tide, quickly using his tongue to run across his teeth while he thought. "That's something.. I'm not use to. We'll work on getting them floating first, work together cleaning up afterwards?"

Naoya looks around towards each one of the other Genin, checking to see if they had other thoughts on things. Even though he waited, the young teen began to slowly walk backwards, heading towards the coastline where the ships were beached.

Renai nods once when Naoya tells her what to do. Not bothering to hear what the others will do (though she does catch a bit as he continues talking behind her), she takes off walking toward the ships, reaching her arms up above her head to stretch. Anticipating things creeping and crawling in those damaged hulls, she forms a seal. Those that could sense chakra would notice that she just drew the stuff into her body. Renai likes to be prepared.

As she nears the ships, the green-haired girl reaches through the earth with her senses, trying to find things that might be hidden in the sand or maybe even near the lower layers. That ability will be dulled remarkably once she climbs inside so she'd rather use it while she can.

Glancing to Taree, Yuriko's own bright aquamarine eyes blink lightly as she listens, pondering the use of water ninjutsu briefly before dipping her chin with a small nod. "That sounds like it would work well then, using water ninjutsu to pull the shipment from the bottom of the ocean up to the surface. Between the two of you… do you think you can do it? I'm not sure how much chakra will be used for something like that to be honest." she admits.

Glancing back at Naoya, Yuriko narrows her vivid blue green eyes at him, before wrinkling her nose and crossing her arms in front of her. Making her seem like a force to be trifled with on top of her post. "I can make any kind of swim suit I want, any time I want." And to prove this, the small girl reaches up to the collar of her yukata and pulls it down, revealing the pale skin of her bare shoulder just before a band of ivory snakes up over the shoulder and disappears under the collar once again. Topped off with several cute frills.

Yuriko scoffs and jumps from her post, landing easily on the dock. "Alright. Let's get going then."

Hayase grins to the other Genin when she mentions her 'pure taijutsu' style. She shrugs. "Me too," she admits. She looks thoroughly thankful when Taree mentions she's not the only water user around here. Hayase listens carefully to the conversation flying around, as they begin to map out a plan. It needs to accommodate the extra people. She nods at the mention of her job, and gives Juushin a slight smile. "That's well coordinated," she says, with a nod .

At Yuriko's mention of making her own swimsuit, Hayase gives her a quizzical look. She'll have to see that sometime. She thought it was Okumo who could make clothes from spider silk, not Kaguya. She shrugs, and rubs her hands together, ready. She follows after Juushin, to the part of the hull they need to start on.

Juushin did indeed mention that she was only good at pure taijutsu. She smiles at Hayase as she is ready to get going and she then starts moving in the direction of the first ship. Juushin looks over at Hayase as they move and she nods to her, "Good see you again. I guess we're at a type of beach again." She nods her head and then starts moving toward the ship, getting ready to climb on board so they can go inside and try to do some patch work on the inside of the ship, "Sorry I ran off last time during our conversation, was kinda…well, I had things to deal with." She nods again, her feet not looking too worse for the wear from their last trip.

Looking over the side of their boat Taree would look across the water to the damage hulls firmly beached on the sand. Turning to look at the clouds and the weather in general, to make sure a storm was not baring down on them. Secretly looking to see if any thing was around that drove the ships to run aground before she looks toward Naoya. "What exactly are these ships supposed to be carrying. If we can unload a chunk of their cargo with might just float off the ground when the water starts to rise with the tide." Raising her arms at the edge of the boat, Taree's broad would start to crawl to the surface of her hair and clothing. Jumping into the water the little spiders would start to circle and encroach around the ships seeing what they are able to find.

Watching as Renai passes him, he nods lightly towards her as he already makes her way to the ships but he doesn't watch her for long. A smirk appears on his lips when he listens to Yuriko's annoyance as she answers and turns back to watch the display. "It'll be the three of us, you'll be helping us. Even if you can't manipulate the water, you'll be able to help work down there." Naoya shrugs faintly towards Hayase and turns around fully to make his way to the ships.

Looking to Taree, Naoya simply points up towards the sky before saying, "They didn't say but seeing that they sailed, maybe livestock or minerals?" Looking up and towards the ship, the teen eyes the badly damaged sails but it was hard to tell if that was recent or what caused them to lose control. "Weapon shipment maybe?" The teen shrugs his shoulders as he begins to wade into the shallows along the side of the ship, keeping a hand onto it's hull as he moves deeper.

For now, Renai feels no damage around the hull of one ship, but the other. The girl approaches the structure, looking up at it's bulk and then down to the buried hull. She frowns and looks around for a moment to make sure no one or anything else is near. Forming a hand seal to focus herself, she sends her chakra into the sand. The material would lurch, though resistantly, in a way that would leave the damage visible to her so she can inspect it more closely. She still doesn't quite have a proper handle on manipulating the stuff. Once finished moving the sand in her way, Renai moves to climb cautiously into the ship. Her senses aren't as strong in here so she pauses, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the dim light.

Yuriko wrinkles her nose at Naoya's smirk one last time, but follows. "Yeah, alright." she answers, willing to go along with diving for the ocean floor. She begins to follow, her footsteps touching the surface of the moving waves. "Hm…" Turning her bright eyes to the water beneath her feet, the Kaguya starts to stretch her senses to search for what might be beneath her feet.

Hayase looks to Juushin, thoughtful. They'd met before…? Oh yeah! She looks down at Juushin's feet. "I had to get back to training too," she says to the other Genin, or rather, to her toes. Her attention after that moves to carefully examining the ship, being careful to check for any damage or valuable cargo. Her knowledge on how to repair a ship is around zero (maybe like patching up a house?), so she also keeps an eye on everyone else to see how they might deal with the damage. Most like her are scouting around, inside and outside the ship.

Climbing up into the ship, Juushin smiles at Hayase and nods her head, "It's always a good idea." She then chuckles even as she gets into the ship and starts heading down into it to where the areas are that are damaged and the like, "Lets see if we can find anything, first?" She hmms and smiles to Hayase before nodding again and making her way into the ship. She looks around above water level first before she starts making her way into the areas that are likely going to be flooded, "You can swim ok, right?"

With everybody running off to the ships and underwater Taree would just about jump over the side of the boat and join in and help, but stops herself. Looking at their own boat and the few sailors on it she decided it would be best to have someone stay on the boat. Being marooned on two recked ships stuck in sand would be a harsh way to go. So Taree would do what she could to help on the two ships with her brood. Hand signing and concentrating on her brood in the water. Sending them orders to explore the small cracks in the hull. Slowly applying her water proof silk to the small cracks. Nodding to herself, and thinking outloud, "With any help that will take care of the small leaks" Listening to her brood Taree would keep surveying the sand and the water around them.

Naoya would take his time entering the water and before long would disappear under the surface. The young teen would use the ship as a means to keep himself underwater as he brings a hand up to knock several times along the hull. It wouldn't be until he found some of the worse damage that he could be seen surfacing and climbing to the deck of the ship. "There's damages down below like we thought, don't know how bad." Looking around, the teen notes Taree and then Yuriko but he had lost sight of Hayase and Juushin, but he managed to see Renai make her way deeper into the ship. "If you manage to find the damage on the inside, there should be enough supplies here, if nor we can take Taree's ship back to the harbor for more." With that the young Okumo picks up a bundle of nails along with a hammer and a set of precut sectional planks before walking off the deck to return where he first noticed the damage not tended to by taree.

Renai takes a few moments to look around the immediate area of the ship, looking to see if any supplies are readily available. Seeing none, she moves back to the hole and climbs back out onto the sand. The genin makes her way back to the others, looking over the progress, or what she can make of it anyways. Motioning with a hand to the other two, she remarks, "There's a breach in the hull of that one. But the other ship is fine." She looks around a bit for some supplies to patch it up with. She doubts applying sand or dirt will hold for long in these waters. Definitely not in the hull where the pressure of the water would just be too great.

Yuriko quirks a pale brow, watching Naoya disappear under the boat before resurfacing again. "Hm." she looks from him to her feet again, at the surface of the moving ocean. "Hey Naoya-chan." she calls to the deck. "I feel something down there! It's like the whole hull is alive or something, or… maybe lots of things? Hard to tell without going under the water." she murmurs, not sure how else to describe it exactly.

Hayase goes down with Juushin, but after awhile splits off to cover more ground. "I can swim great," she tells Juushin, a bit boastful. She scowls at the nasty smell inside the ship. Is that mildew or something? No, it's something more unnatural, that fills her nose and makes her gag. Rot. Not the dark odor of plant rot, but a sickly, cloying smell. "Something…" She flinches away when she sees creatures skittering around. The concentration becomes thicker the further she heads down, as well as that smell. "Juushin-san, what is that smell?" She gulps and continues forward.

A blink and she hmms before tilting her head. Juushin sniffs the air a few more times before looking further into the ship and hten looking at Hayase, "Umm, I believe that smells like the last soup my dad tried to make…well…" She frowns a little before shrugging and then hmming, "I guess, now he'd be just as bad at making food as he would now." She nods her head before looking further in and then blinking as something moves nearby, "Umm, I think we might have a pest problem. Don't we have two okumo out there? I mean…we really ought to get them as this would be their area of expertise." She nods and starts to tug Hayase toward the exit. Juushin does not relish the idea of trying to punch and kick their way through a hoard of rats.

Back on the boat the sun is still shining, the waves are calm, and Taree was getting a little bored. Her spiders were making short work of the small holes. The water proof silk was great for tiny leaks. For bigger leaks you really need board, a mallet, and well a little silk. Keeping her senses peeled for anything or anyone that suddenly needed help she would keep her brood sending and receiving what information she could gather.

Pausing mid stride when Yuriko calls out for him, Naoya turns in her direction, his eyes casting a glare in her direction. "Why don't you take a peek then? Might just be Taree's brood or so they seem larger?" He turns after a time also to Renai when she mentions the hull breech and begins to move towards her signalling. "Eh? Over here?" It wouldn't take him long to find it and begin to try and patch over the exposed hole. Naoya looks around as he works, looking mostly at the sand at how it was oddly exposed.

After collecting a few things, Renai heads back to the hole she intends to repair. She pauses at the breach though, her senses still moving through the sand. There's something not right. A pattering or something. She blinks and tilts her head from side to side, trying to listen.

What in the world /is/ that? Renai drops her supplies on the ground with decision and climbs back into the ship with purpose. The ex-Touketsu would move swiftly through the length of the ship, shoving doors open and investigating and making her way from deck to deck until she finds what's making the noise.

Hearing the voices of others, she would make her way toward them, calling out. "Did you guys find something?"

His glare earns a slight smirk, though it lasts just a moment. "Yeah, it's something big I think…" she murmurs, though mostly to herself as she glances back at the hull thoughtfully. While others are focusing on the breach (from the sounds of things), Yuriko moves closer to the boat itself, walking calmly on the water as she lifts a hand out to touch the boat. With a little bit of concentration, a bit of fingertip bone pushes from the flesh and starts to spread over the surface of the hull.

Hayase's nose wrinkles at that smell. She's beginning to have a suspicion as to what they'll find at the end of this search. When Juushin suggests they turn back to get some better 'equipped' for this, she gives a very willing nod. In fact, she's very much more vocal as she calls, "Pest control people? Could you come down!" She goes back up with her partner, though she does keep a wary eye behind them if vermin starts leaping at their back or some such.

In agreement with this situation she starts moving away and when she hears Renai, she calls out, "I think we have a serious pest issue down here." Juushin calls toward Renai as she walks upward and then looks back as well to make sure they aren't being followed and then she looks forward, "We probably gonna need some Okumo or someone more equipped to deal with a lot of pests."

Seeing the storm rapidly approaching, Taree knew she needed to get everybodys attention now and back on the boat. Hand signing she would concentrate on the water around the shifts. Sending commands to her spiders to find those in the water and form arrows with there little bodies pointing back to the boat. The people in the ships that was just as easy. Slowly sending out her chakra she would raise the mist on the edge of the boat. Sending it up the deck and down hatches. Just little tendrils of mist, just enough to get peoples attention. Then she change the chakra letting it hum and condense sound. Slowly sending soft murmering through the mist. Making it whisper softly "Storm incoming. Moving fast best come back to the ship"

The only sound from Naoya would be heavy pounding as he patches over a large breech in the hull that Renai reported. The repair wasn't a very neat one but it covered most of the exposure. With a sigh, the young teen leans back and sits on the mound of sand before looking out to the sea, "Big? Where? I'll go look with you." Setting down his remaining supply of nails and boards, he also set down the mallet and starts to make his way to Yuriko. When he sees Taree's brood, he arches a brow before nodding lightly. "Guess this means we have to work quick. You ready?"

Well, Renai just doesn't really know what to do so she shrugs and heads up when hearing that the storms are coming in fast. She appears on the deck for a moment and looks about the area. The girl moves to the side of the ship she's on and looks over the edge for a moment. She frowns and then leaps over the railing and lands on the ground with a soft thud. Seeing that Naoya has already attended to the breach, Renai steps back and surveys, wondering what else she can do.

"Yeah," Yuriko murmurs, hearing the other voices now calling out about 'pests'. She isn't sure if it's vermin she feels, but there's something down there. "Lots of them… On the bottom of the ocean and… moving into and out of the boat. Tiny feet…" She mumbles this as Naoya approaches. Her bright eyes blinking in Taree's direction, Yuriko frowns and pulls her hand away from the hull, standing straighter. Her gaze finally glance back at the boy. "Yeah… I'm ready."

No pest control seems to be coming. That's too bad. And then the voice comes telling them a storm is coming. "A storm is always coming in Kiri," Hayase points out. If they stop every time a storm comes, ninety percent of the missions would be marked as incomplete. Although this one is rather more influenced by it. "I'm at least going to see what's down there," she says, and bravely: "Probably just a dead cat." She stomps back down. avoiding the hull sides to try and make least contact with the vermin. That's when she sees what's below, and she gags. There are rotting provisions…ahd the vermin below had consumed that poison. They were tainted, bloated lumps of meat now. Hayase gags and claps a hand over her mouth. "Ugh…" she says. But then she ought to give a warning. "Poison!" she shouts, in a carrying voice. She steps away from the mess. She can't even begin to know how to deal with it, so she just keeps repeating her warning and calling for an Okumo or /someone/.

Hearing Hayase call out, a blink comes to Juushin's eyes and she rushes up top side to call out, "There's poison or something down below, possibly lots of somethings moving around." SHe nods her head and then points inside, "I think it's pests or vermin but it seems there might be some kind of poison, too. I don't think we are properly equipped for this but I know patching the ship isn't the only thing to do. A lot of rotten stuff is below."

Taree would watch the storm progressing steadily closing in on the beach vessels. Knowing from experience what would happen when a true storm hit a beached ship. The ship would be ground to pieces against the shore till it was ripped into peaces. Calling back over to the ships she would single to the others. "Come on back. If the storm arrives while badly damaged hull is still beached it will be torn assunder against the sand. If we hurry we might be able to get the other ship off the bar and moving before the storm arrives" The wind starting to pick as she spoke.

Furling his brow, Naoya turns to the one working ship and moves away from the hull of the ship and back to where he had left his supplies after listening to Taree. "We're sealing a hole on this end, should be good after this point!" The teen's voice was raised but just as quickly silenced with a splash as he moves under the water's surface under Yuriko's guidance to try and find where the creatures were to patch the ship quickly. Those who could sense chakra would be able to see he began to focus a notable amount in preparation.

Renai listens to the others as they start moving to eliminate pests and finish making repairs. But Taree's words hit her most. The ships need to be unbeached. She makes a hmming noise and starts backing up. She needs to be here to be helpful. Being on the ships will all but make her useless.

The ex-Touketsu moves a good distance back into the shore and then stops, focusing. It would take time for her to prepare basically the opposite of what she does with Doihara-sensei. They should have time to finish patching the holes at least if they haven't already. Instead of stopping the tide, she intends to make room for it.

The ground tremors and then moves as she drags the sand back from around the ships, letting in inches and inches of water that would help in the unbeaching, giving them a bit to start floating on. Well, that's what she's hoping. The material collects around the girl, creating a dune beneath her that will probably rush back out like some weird tidal wave of sand when she releases it. The more she collects, the harder it seems to control.

Naps. She will definitely need naps and cookies for like a week.

Yuriko blinks her bright eyes up in the direction of Hayase and Juushin as she hears the warning called out, her brow quickly furrowing with a small frown of worry. "Here. Let me help you through the water." she says to Naoya. Before he dives underwater, the Kaguya reaches out to touch his wrists, creating ivory gauntlets. When he dives, Yuriko tries to guide him in the right direction of the hole in the hull.

Hayase is ill equipped to deal with poison, or repairing ships. But she still looks around for any breaches that may cause trouble in the makeshift sealing of the ship. It's corpses and poison everywhere below, but it seems they'll fix the ship in time. She takes out a water bottle and empties it out before carefully filling it with some of the contaminated water. Maybe bring it back to have it studied more closely later. She climbs back up, gulping in the much cleaner air once she's on top. People seem to be working quickly. "We should stay away," she says to Juushin. "I'm not sure if that poison needs to be consumed, or just exposed to. I'm guessing the former, but it may be the latter."

A simple nod is given to Hayase and Juushin nods before looking down at the others, "We can't do internal repairs safely with that poison down htere." She nods her head and then moves quickly off the ship and nods her head again, "I will see what I can do or ask the sailors about poison on the ship." She nods again, "Call if you need heavy lifting."

The wind was really starting to pick up enough to make things hard to hear. Hearing all the discussion about poison on the ship. Making Taree shake her head grimacing at the thought. "We are not equiped to handle strong and massive amounts of poison. We need to come back and just sink the poisoned ship. or take it farther out to sea. Its to dangerous to take back as is. It could be one giant trap. Ready to explode once it got into port." Looking at the boat Taree mind raced getting ready to sink the boat herself if she had to.

With Yuriko's guidance, or rather dragging, Naoya found the hole but didn't notice any creatures at first. Planting his feet to the ship, he proceeds to work some what upside-down. After the first two planks seals up much of the hole, several armored limbs begin to poke through for a time before treating back inside hastily. Naoya's first reaction was quickly, he slams down the mallet near the next set he sees before placing another set of boards over the remaining opening. It would slow the water from seeping inside but it would have to wait until Taree to seal it fully.

Looking up, Naoya nods to Yuriko but he could feel a tremor of the sandy bank moving the ship, causing it to drift slightly away from the coast before slowing. This spooked the young teen more then what ever was now trapped within the ship, sparking him to surface quickly.

Renai stops, pulling the sand back as she sees the ships starting to float on their own. She whispers softly to herself, counting, waiting. Her eyes narrow slightly and then she nods once. Simultaneously, she jumps upward, flipping herself up into the air an off the sand dune and releases the manipulation. The material, held in place suddenly releases, rushing back toward the water. It doesn't look quite as bad as she expected. Maybe not a tidal wave then. Just a gentle nudge to the ships maybe to get them further from the bank.

Regardless, all of that is out of her control. She has no more. The girl doesn't so much land as she bellyflops onto the shore with a poof of sand around her. Groaning, Renai rolls herself over, sliding her bag off her back. She removes a pack of cookies and a blanket. Cookies and naps. Naps and cookies. That is all life requires. (For now, at least.) She haphazardly throws the blanket over her head to keep from drowning on rain and slides a cookie beneath to nom on until she falls asleep.

Yuriko waits for several pensive moments as she watches, feeling relief wash through her as the boy glances up an nods at her from under the water. The boat drifts some from the tremor of the sandy bank, making the girl tense some and hurry to where Naoya was surfacing. "Come on. The others said there's poison. And whatever it is I felt down there…" her words trail off. "Well, we should wait until after the storm to look at it. The rest of the repairs can wait that long I think." Yuriko holds out a hand for him, willing to help him out of the water.

Hayase glances at the water bottle. Yum, nice poison. Pesticides probably if those vermin were eating it. Still, better play it safe. When she emerges she goes to the edge of the deck and straight into the water with a splash. That's enough to wash a bit of that gunk off, and hopefully not to do too much harm in the ecosystem. She goes over to Renai who already has cookies out. For a minute she watches the team going over the ship, as she wrings out her wet clothes. The mission seems to be on hold. "Medical center for now," she says, and heads off.

With the ship starting to refloat Taree stops and braces herself against the rail of the ship. Concentrating she hands signs and extends her water shaping and manipulation techniques. Slowly pulling the vessels away from the sand. Starting to propel them out ot the see. Gritting her teeth she would struggle, "The heavily damage one is turning like a stuck pig it must really be holding some water."

Naoya looks up when he hears about poisons again before looking towards the other ship. Looking back to Yuriko, the young teen takes the girl's hand soon wading out of the water. Quickly making his way onto the beach, his feet sink a bit in the shifting sands but quickly finds Hayase and Renai, "Are you two okay? Did you two feel the tremor too?" Looking away from those gathered, he soon looking out to sea where Taree would be.

The storm that had been brewing out to sea was rapidly approaching. High winds began to howl, bringing with it almost sideways blown winds, the true storm was still a ways out to sea. Under Taree's kneeding, the ship that has been worked on most began to slowly edge out from the sandy shore. While it was low in the sea, it was floating for the most part, the second vessel that has begin to be lodged free didn't fair as well, the more it was dislodged the deeper into the coast it became until waves could easily splash against the deck, washing away many supplies brought out to be used for basic emergency repairs.

The team of Genin could easily pile up into the ship that Taree ferried with her and act as a tether for the better of the two vessels to bring it into the harbor for a more proper examination. Half of the mission was a success while the other half could be salvaged but at this point a more experienced team would be needed to bring it up to the surface and have it become sea worthy once again.

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