Kirigakure Spring Festival


Maikeru, Meruin, Sekisetsu, Yuuka

Date: January 13, 2011


The shinobi of Kirigakure take a day off to have some fun.

Warning: Contains foul language.

"Kirigakure Spring Festival"

Marketplace [Kirigakure]


Ah, the bustle of the heart of the village; It's wallet. This is the village's main marketplace, where a variety of wares, goods, and services are traded and bartered. A number of stalls here are rented out and occupied by food vendors, most of which offer cuisine with distinct foreign influences and variety as they are manned by people who have brought their goods from outlying islands and distant nations alike to sell, and are attempting to earn a bit of extra cash for their time here.

Of the more local, permanent stalls, there are many. Their wares ranging from Kaguya-done scrimshaw carved out of fish skulls and bone, to vegetables grown by other villagers and sold here, to a bit of fresh fish brought further inland than the ain market, if it is to be found in anywhere in the Land of Water, it is likely to appear here, in the massive marketplace within the land's shinobi village.


Today in Kirigakure's marketplace, the grip of winter has slowly been unclenching, its icy fingers starting to fall away to let the recuperated and rejuvenate, so that the snow and ice may fall away and heat return. In the Land of Water, however, with heat come the mist, and the tendrils signaling its return lay scattered around the edges of the marketplace.

Despite the leaving of winter, it was warmer than it should be at this point in the season. The reason for this is because of the multitude of people milling about and the activity that came with them. The buzz of general chatter and laughter, the symphony of plodding steps and rustled cloth. With the rising in tensions from so many changes that moved Kirigakure into unsteady ground, certain higher ups have facilitated a rare fair of sorts, to keep people's minds off of their worries and to placate the citizens of the populace and military both.

The fair had picked up steam, now, and was in full swing, the sun shining down onto the huge number of people that'd turned out for a city sponsored event. There were events and attractions large and small scattered all about the marketplace. Two light shows happened on opposite corners, fire ninjutsuists throwing up dazzling displays in a myriad of colors, a phoenix flying through the air until it shifted into a dragon of swirling green and violet. It flew skywards a great distance before exploding into a shower of scintillating butterflies that gently fanned the air with their wings as they floated down earthward, dimming until they vanished.

The smell of food pervaded throughout the stalls and activities, accompanied by the sounds of sizzling meats, steaming vegetables, and the hawker shouting their avocations for them. The smell of sea was ever-present, adding a tinge of salt to the smell that only enhanced the appetizing scent. Despite the marketplace usually selling many goods from many lands, they somehow managed to bring in a fresh assortment of exotic cuisines.

Meruin stood by the side of a recently constructed stage, still smelling of fresh pine where one got close enough to notice. He was mostly in the shadow caused by the large stage, looking up at the curtains that covered it as though it were a magician's box. The stage was too high for the young Okumo to see on top of, but he knew that there would be nothing quite yet. The actors were preparing themselves as he stood there, and their production would begin in anywhere from ten to thirty minutes. Quiet and unobtrusive, he stepped away from the stage so that he was less in its shadows, and looked out at the crowd that was beginning to assemble.

Walking around the marketplace, Maikeru looks around at the gathered crowd. He moves through, headed in no direction in particular. "So much wasted potential," the growling voice of Jigoku emanates from his arm, though not very loudly. "Think of the power you could gain." Glancing down at it as he walks, Maikeru says quietly, "If you don't shut up, it's going to make it rather hard to continue scouting the area." With that, he looks up and continues walking around the marketplace, moving through the crowd. Kirigakure has been an interesting place so far. Perhaps this will be a good place to stay, even if there are some examples here, like Yasushi, who make him wonder if these people have any sort of standard of maturity when selecting who to allow to move forward in Rank here.

Yuuka hesitates at the very entrance of the marketplace while the spring festival is in full swing, the lantern and booth lights bright for attracting attention while music plays bring the talking and laughter of the ever-moving crowd. Her bright aquamarine eyes, detailed with the red paint markings of her clan, are wide as they look back and forth between one thing or another, never having ever experienced, let alone seen, a village festival. Her kimono isn't its usual white, as it’s more for the special occasion, the pale white shimmering with the offset of light blues and purples that shift with the lightest movement of her clothing. Her snow white hair no longer down, but twisted upwards and pinned into an updo by a pair of decorative chopsticks. Her long and enveloping sleeves press lightly over her chest as Yuuka hesitates, absently biting at her bottom lip as others pass around her to the festival themselves. Still… As shy as the Kaguya kunoichi is, she takes a hesitant step forward, then another as she maneuvers around others, first only wishing to explore and absorb the multitude of attractions before deciding to participate, if at all.

"Party, Party, Party!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! Woooo!!!!" "…" "Niyami-o-jii-san… Why you gotta be all snivelly and mean?! It’s a /fair/!! You should be having fun!!!" "…One of these days, Seki-chan, you will learn the value of hard earned ryou. Until then… This will be the face I wear for occasions such as this." "…Cheap skate. OoooooHHH!!! Candy Stand!!!!!! Rawr!!!!!" "…Kami, give me strength." Niyami would have been very very reluctant to take his own niece to this fair of sorts. It wasn't in his character to simply attend an occasion, just because it was there. However, he loved Sekisetsu, and feared the girl’s insatiable way of aggravation, and nervous stomping. If he hadn't taken her, Niyami would not hear any different from her for the next few months. Vindictive little imp.

Anyway, he was here, and unlike the fancy garb that Sekisetsu had on, his was a bit lazy. A tall man, handsome, with long blond hair, he was seen towering over his younger niece, and sporting a rather formal, yet decorative summer Kimono, lazily thrown on. The full dynamic of this ensemble, was hindered by all of the shopping bags, and such that were being carried on his person. Half of the items weren't even his. They were Sekisetsu's… The Spoiled Brat. As if his budget had not been strained enough, the re-imbursement of a local stand owner for the 'accidental' charring of one his tables, proved for a rather strained wallet. Apparently, Sekisetsu didn't like her unagi under-cooked.

Soon Yuuka would be the first to be spotted, all because the lollipop licking Sekisetsu, and her bag toting uncle, were heading out of the place. Sekisetsu would look to Yuuka, and say, "Pretty-o-nee-san!!!", before running to the girl, leaving her poor uncle to simple struggle and sigh. "If you get /that/ kimono dirty, I'm getting refunded for these others, Sekisetsu!!" "Awww, quit ya worrying, ya old fart!! I'll be fine!!" "*Emission of heat from body, as well as flaming eyes.*"

Meruin's dark eyes continued scanning the masses. The crowd was still growing as peopled wandered over just to see what was going on. The stage made things fairly obvious, and so, many stayed, chattering with a few others as they waited for this addition to the festivities, often eating one thing or another.

The eight year old gave the people one last sweep of his gaze before an easy looking leap took him onto the stage. He quickly passed through the heavy velvet curtains, vanishing behind them.

As he makes his way through the crowd, Maikeru decides he's about had enough excitement for the evening. Plus, Jigoku trying to convince him to massacre these people is rather irritating. So he starts heading toward the marketplace entrance to try and get out of here. As he approaches the entrance, however, he hears the familiar screaming voice of a child. He looks for the source and spots Sekisetsu bolting toward Yuuka and leaving some guy holding a lot of bags. Chuckling a bit, he starts heading in their direction.

Yuuka blinks her bright blue green eyes with some surprise to hear the squeal of a name being called out over the dull roar of the moving crowd before she sees Sekisetsu running straight towards her, leaving someone behind. She blinks yet again as her leg is suddenly tackled, young arms of the girl hugging her tightly in greetings. Her expression softens as a gentle smiles tugs as her soft lips and she chuckles lightly, lifting one of her slender hands from inside its enveloping sleeve to pat and brush back Seki's hair from the young girl's face. "Konnichiwa, Sekisetsu-chan. How are you today?" Yuuka asks softly, "Are you having fun?" Her bright and kind eyes look up at Seki's uncle with a look of sympathy, "I am fine, really. She only took me a little by surprise." She glances back to Sekisetsu with another smile, certainly happy the girl wasn't distrustful and brooding towards her as she once was.

The same stage had been where Kuroenko Niyami, had planned for he and Sekisetsu's next stop. The grimace on his face would be apparent as he would watch the crowds heading toward the stage. "…Blaste-..Hmmmmmmmm. We're going to miss it.", would be only a precursor to various mutterings and curses, the likes of which would make a woman close the ears of her child, before staring at the man with a scowl. Sekisetsu would ignore her uncle of course, without even seeming to show that it was intentional. "Hehe!! I'm fat and happy!! This place is awesome!!!" "To her at least… I am at least glad that she did not ruin your raiment… and hers as as well.", would be muttered saltily by Niyami, as he would finally arrive in front of the two young women.

The clan head of the Kurenko clan, would give a slight bow, as much as the bags of swag would allow, before then saying, "She is having fun, as you can well see." "Hehe!! Damn straight!! This is my uncle, Niyami-o-jii-san!!! And this Yuu-" "It is nice to meet you finally, Kaguya Yuuka-san. I am surprised, and, then again, understanding to see you not in the company of your brother, Yasushi-sama. I do take him to be caring of you. I do not take him however, as a patient man to crowds.." "Awww.. That’s right!! I don't see Big Meanie-san around here, anywhere!! Why didn't he come?"

As he approaches the two Genin, Maikeru is about to greet them when Niyami steps up to them. He lets them speak for a moment before giving a light bow of his head. "Good evening, ladies," he says as he brings his head back up. "I trust you are both doing well." He glances to the man holding all the bags, a faint smirk coming to his face. "It looks like the young one is doing especially well tonight." At the talk about Yasushi, the Jounin's smirk grows a bit wider, though he makes no comment on that as of yet.

Her smile grows with warmth before Yuuka pulls her hand away from Sekisetsu's head, "That is good to hear. And I am glad to also hear you're enjoying yourself as well, Sekisetsu-chan." The young woman lifts her bright eyes to glance to Niyami, gently smiling at his bow before she closes her eyes and returns it as well, straightening her back and opening her eyes back up to Niyami, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Kurenko-sama." she answers softly. When her brother is mentioned, her bright aquamarine eyes blink once before a faint frown forms and she glances downwards slightly, the smile on her lips not as bright as it was a moment before, "Recently he has become our clan's Head and has taken up many responsibilities… He is understandably busy, even during festive occasions…" When another voice joins into their conversation, Yuuka blinks her vivid eyes before looking over her shoulder, seeming surprised to see Maikeru not too far away as he approaches them. "As well as can be, yes. Thank you for you concern, Maikeru-san." her soft voice replies gently, "And how is your evening? Are you enjoying the festival?"

"I see… Yes. That seems about right. Well, the General has always been the sort of man who plays a variety of roles. For someone quite vicious, its nobility is undoubtable, Yuuka-san. You should be quite proud." This was where Niyami's more aristocratic, and rather high society manner seemed to shine. He himself knew how it was to be in a place of high standing. It took away from life’s pleasures. However, this same reason played a role in how he treated Sekisetsu. For deep down inside, even though he seemed annoyed and very fussy, he enjoyed spoiling Sekisetsu rotten. She had fun, for him. "And to reiterate, it is a pleasure to meet you as well, Yuuka-san."

Maikeru's voice would be heard from behind, causing both Niyami and Sekisetsu to turn, though Niyami's turn would show less shock. However, the surprise Sekisetsu showed, was enough to seem more like fright and excitement packed in with a dash of amazement. She'd almost bowl over Niyami just to get to Maikeru. "Maike-chan!!!!! My Beef-Cake!!!!", would be said as the girl would practically dive tackle the Jounin. Niyami would make a rather casual sidestep, though the bags of merchandise would be obviously annoying him even further as he moved. His face would look rather stale, coupled with a sweatdrop. "…Maike-chan?", would make his awareness of who Maikeru was, completely obvious. This said allot about a man who made sure to know /everything/ that was going on.

Maikeru would be scanned up and down by Niyami, who would be sure not to make it obvious as he would offer the man a slight nod. "Yes… To my annoyance, and grief, she is enjoying herself." Oh be quiet ya old Stick-in-the-Mud!! Its Maikeru-chan!!! I'm supposed to be excited!!" "…How easily amused you are, Sekisets-??" It seemed that the older Clan Head's statement would be interrupted by the arm Maikeru was sporting. He'd know exactly what to make of it, though his surprise, along with his muttering, made one thing clear. "I didn't think it was even possible… Tell me, Maikeru-san. Why have I not seen you in Kirigakure before now. With such an unique… feature as that arm, I would have thought you to be quite known in these parts." "That's cause he's from the Land of Demons, Niyami-Stuffy-san!! "The Land.. of Demons? …Peculiar indeed."

Winter not being over yet, the sun had dropped quickly, and it was starting, now, to get dark, the sky turning a beautiful but unrevealing mixture of darker purples and blues. Up and down the rows of stalls torches were swiftly lit, bringing a warm light to see and play by.

By the large stage, a row of workers quickly rush out and set up poles from which hang numerous paper lanterns, their dim but pervasive light bringing an intimate aura to the crowd standing nearby. Shouts rang out from a pair of men as the workers retreated, the two garbed in a formal affair, shouting that the performance was soon to begin.

Catching the part about Yasushi being made clan head of the Kaguya, Maikeru blinks. And he thought Clan Heads were supposed to be mature and wise. Wow, he really has to get to know this area. At Yuuka's questions, he responds, "It's been alright. I'm trying not to draw too much attention, so I'm not really participating." When the young girl practically dive-tackles him, the Jounin chuckles a bit. "It's good to see you too, kid." He then turns his eyes to Niyami, waiting as the two exchange words. "Yes. I'm a Jounin from there, in fact. I've only been in Kirigakure for about a week." He holds the glowing red, possessed arm up in front of him, a faint smirk coming to his face. "This did make me quite… well-known in the Land of Demons, as I'm sure it will likely also bring some unwanted attention here."

Yuuka blinks her bright eyes with honest surprise and shock as she watches Sekisetsu actually dive at Maikeru, further surprised as she practically screams 'my beef cake' and repeatedly 'chan'. She blinks once more before she lifts one of the long sleeves of her kimono to cover over her mouth, hiding the smile behind it as she closes her eyes, clearly chuckling softly to herself in obvious amusement. Sekisetsu was diving after Maikeru like a crazed fangirl hopelessly chasing after an idol, though it wasn't much of a surprise to Yuuka. The young girl was at that age, of course. Turning her snow white head, the Kaguya kunoichi glances to the stage yards away as workers set up a growing number of lanterns, casting dim and strangely intimate lighting and shadows over the crowd. "I… wonder what this is about…" Yuuka murmurs softly to herself in thought, curious.

"Hmmm.. Interesting indeed.. Perhaps you have already gotten the attention already, Maikeru-san.", would be said by Kuroenko, though it was unclear whether or not these words were threatening or not. They were sort of just left up there, to hang for a while. However, Sekisetsu would be sure to change the mood with her shouting of the words, "Well, you sure made yourself known to me, Hot-stuff-san!!! You're gonna be my date for the day, so can't go anywhere." "…I am not sure if Maikeru-san would like for a leech to be strapped against his leg all day, Sekisetsu." "I don't suck blood though, Niyami-ojii-san!!!" "…No you do not, Seki-chan. Just the mere life energy. That, and one's finances." The girl would pout.

Meanwhile, Yuuka's words would not be ignored. They would actually wake up Niyami, as he would then look to the time, and shout, "..Balls!!! Its starting already!!! Come now! The theatre's first act is underway." Niyami wouldn't seem to even care if anyone was following, the man's normally quick walk even quicker, despite the bags which burdened him.

Glancing over to Yuuka as he notices her chuckle, Maikeru hides a smirk before returning his eyes to Niyami. His eyes lock with those of the man, a much darker side of him showing for a moment. "For the sake of those paying attention, I only hope it is the correct kind of attention." Dark memories from just a week ago course through his mind… The rage when he found Aika dead, all because a shinobi he didn't even know wanted the power of his arm, the bloodlust… He shakes it off quickly and turns his eyes back to Sekisetsu. At the young girl's words, he blinks a bit then listens to the exchange between her and her uncle. With a light chuckle, he ponders a moment. "Well, Sekisetsu, I don't know how people respond around here. It might be viewed as cute, then again it might be viewed as more creepy than my arm." When Niyami turns to rush them to the play, the Jounin glances to Yuuka, watching to see if she follows, though not staring.

Looking back to Sekisetsu and Niyami, she watches the humorous exchange between them with amusement, her slender fingers covering over her mouth once more as she chuckles quietly. It was clear that the man and his niece had a close and special relationship, and it make Yuuka happy to watch them. At Niyami's quite sudden curse, the Kaguya kunoichi blinks her bright eyes as they widen, her hands coming up to cup over her mouth as she flushes. The next moment he takes off in a quick sprint towards the stage, leaving Yuuka standing quietly where she is as she hesitates. Coughing softly, she averts her eyes and tries to ignore the flush in her face, mentally pushing it away, "I… think I am going to explore the festival a bit…" she barely murmurs.

"Haha!! Balls!! Awesome.. Hey.. Wait!!! Where ya going???" Yep.. this was Sekisetsu's reaction to her uncle just up and leaving, taking all her stuff with him. It was enough to even release her from her cling to Maikeru.. temporarily. The moment he was completely mind, she would then re-cling to him and say, "Well.. Looks like you're all mind, Lover-Boy!!" Poor Niyami would have seemed not to heed much to the dark side of Maikeru. And Sekisetsu, was just to dull to get it. However, Sekisetsu would be fully understanding of Maikeru's worries. Didn't matter to her though. "Ummm… Like I care about what people say!!! They already call me some kind of Demon, Imp, or otherwise!! One day, you're going to learn just how dumb people actually are around here.. Now come one!! I gotta craving for fish!! You too, Pretty-san!!" With authority Yuuka and Maikeru would be dragged against their will.

A faint smirk touches Maikeru's lips as he notices the flush in Yuuka's cheeks. He shakes his head and glances up to Niyami and Sekisetsu. "This place is… quite different." When the girl starts to drag him and Yuuka, he chuckles a bit. "I suppose we'll be going after all." At the young girl's words, he responds, "Well, if many of them are like that Yasushi guy, I'd say we're close to living among cavemen." Either he's gotten his mind off whatever Niyami's words sent it to, or he's just getting really good at hiding it.

Yuuka blinks her bright eyes again as she is suddenly being pulled by Sekisetsu's rather strong grip, her feet following after as her expression softens some. "Sekisetsu-chan…" she breathes her name before sighing and shaking her head. Not that she minded. Being pulled through the ever-moving crowd, she shifts her gaze from one booth to the next, her smile growing at the various games and the rich aromas of cooked foods wafting through the air. At the mention of Yasushi, Yuuka turns her head to glance at Maikeru, blinking at him once before frowning gently in thought, "Your opinion of someone you have met only once is a strong one…" she murmurs softly. "He has had… a difficult life… that is all."

With Niyami gone, it seemed that these two would be left to the device of Sekisetsu. These devices, mind you, weren't of benefit to the course of mankind. Not at all. The conversation would have been rather unnoticed by Sekisetsu, whose one track mind could only think about how good from grilled salmon would be. The hunt would only last a few minutes, the endless crowd not being a complete obstacle. They would arrive to a rather neat looking stand, in between a flower stand, and one with really neat weapons, belonging to a blacksmith from the Land of Iron. Sekisetsu's mouth would drool endlessly as she would watch the cook baste the a filet before roughly throwing them on to the fire. The sizzle would only proceed the smell of lemon, sea salt, and only a small bit of pepper.

"Yeah… That’s going into my mouth real soon." "Aaaah.. a customer.. What can I do for ya, Miss?" "Feed me!!!" "…" "You got any salmon?" "Yep!! Its fished from the finest area's south of he-!!" "Don't care!! How much??!!!" "…For you little lady, I can give ya one free." "Eeeeeeeee!!!!!!"

Glancing around at the booths and different cuisines being served, Maikeru observes quietly. When Yuuka speaks to him, he turns his eyes to her. "So have I. That's no excuse." With that, he goes back to looking around, eyeing a few different dishes that he hasn't tried before. When they approach the salmon stand, he glances at their menu while Sekisetsu seems to be having a fit at the counter. "No matter what kind of life you've lived, in the end… you are who you choose to be." He sets the menu back on the counter as he waits for the child to finish zapping away the server's brain power.

Coming to an sudden stop in front of a food stand, Yuuka blinks her bright eyes at the light lit inside the booth, the air inside rich with the aromas of cooking fish as several speared by long sticks are cooking on top of a grill. A soft smile tugs at her lips at the exchange between Seki and the cook before she glances back to Maikeru, falling quiet once more. Several moments pass, her eyes almost sad and distant as she murmurs, "I am… not so sure about that." she murmurs softer, "Sometimes the life is not lived at all, and decisions… are forced upon you." After another moment, she looks back up at Maikeru's eyes and tries to offer him a soft smile, "I apologize for my rudeness. Just, please. Do not judge him so quickly. Sometimes people are not what they appear to be."

Holding up his possessed arm, Maikeru says, "Believe me. I know how that can be. At some point, though, you gain the ability to choose to allow yourself to be who your situation dictates or carve your own path. The decision may be conscious or it may not be, but the decision is always made." He brings a slight smile to his face, giving a nod as he lets his arm down. "Time has a way of revealing who you truly are. We'll just have to wait and see."

Her expression softens some, though Yuuka quietly reaches out a hand to gently touch the arm he holds out, pushing it downwards once more, "Then if you understand… you also realize that attitudes are masks. Just because you have only known him a moment does not mean that he is what he appears to be. Nor am I…" Pulling her slender fingers away, the snowy-haired young woman lowers her vivid blue green eyes, quietly lost in thought for several moments as Sekisetsu finally gets her cooked, steaming hot fish. "Regardless how you were viewed in the Land of Demons, you seem to be a well-mannered gentleman, Maikeru-san, who keeps to his true beliefs."

Glancing to the hand on his arm, Maikeru blinks before looking back up to Yuuka. He listens to her words, pondering on them for a moment. "… We all have on a mask in one way or another," he says. "Perhaps we'll eventually all get along well. If I end up being a part of Kirigakure, we could even end up working together." The amount of destruction that could be caused by Maikeru and Jigoku fighting alongside Yasushi, judging by his show of power the other day, could be rather devastating to enemies of the village. "So, is there anything you want to check out here?"

Yuuka blinks her bright aquamarine eyes a couple of times at the question as she turns her head to glance around curiously for a moment or so, "To be honest, this is my first time attending a festival of any kind… I am wishing to see a little bit of everything." As she looks back to Maikeru, a soft, gentle smile grows on her lips as she absently reaches up to brush back a loose lock of snow white hair behind her ear. "How about you?"

"Oh, really? You need to get out more," Maikeru says with a faint smirk. He looks around, pondering where to go. An idea suddenly comes to his mind, and he turns back to her. "I've got an idea… Have you done much traveling? I don't mean going across to another island on a mission. I mean going places to relax." He glances around, pondering which booths to go to for this little experiment.

Her expression softens some as Yuuka lowers her gaze, a smile that wasn't truly a smile on her lips, "I did not have the chance to until recently…" she answers softly, a quiet moment or so passing before she breathes out slowly and looks back up to him. Blinking once, she frowns just slightly in thought, "I have done a little bit to other lands, for missions with Yasushi, but… What do you mean by places to relax?" the Kaguya asks innocently, curious.

"Oh, really? You need to get out more," Maikeru says with a faint smirk. He looks around, pondering where to go. An idea suddenly comes to his mind, and he turns back to her. "I've got an idea… Have you done much traveling? I don't mean going across to another island on a mission. I mean going places to relax." He glances around, pondering which booths to go to for this little experiment.

Her expression softens some as Yuuka lowers her gaze, a smile that wasn't truly a smile on her lips, "I did not have the chance to until recently…" she answers softly, a quiet moment or so passing before she breathes out slowly and looks back up to him. Blinking once, she frowns just slightly in thought, "I have done a little bit to other lands, for missions with Yasushi, but… What do you mean by places to relax?" the Kaguya asks innocently, curious.

As the woman speaks, that smirk grows a bit on Maikeru's face. "Let's see if I can educate you a bit." Walking over to a table near the booth, he pulls a chair back. Holds a hand down in a gesture, he says, "Sit down for a moment please, and I'll be right back." After waiting for her to sit, he moves, walking quickly between booths, getting a bag from one to put a box from each in.

Yuuka blinks her bright blue green eyes at Maikeru a couple of times, glancing to Sekisetsu momentarily with some concern for leaving the little girl to her own devices. Then again, she was a shinobi. Looking back to Maikeru as he holds out the chair for her. She smiles gently for a moment before she follows him, quietly lowering herself into the offered seat as her small, slender hands lift to lightly brush the material of her faintly shimmering kimono smooth. When he leaves, Yuuka turns her head to glance at him, watching with some curiosity at what the man could be doing.

After going to several different shops, Maikeru comes back with the bag stuffed full of small boxes, each containing a different exotic cuisine from a different country. He begins pulling the boxes out of the bag, setting them all on the table. "Something different from a lot of different places," he says as he pulls out a pair of chopsticks wrapped in a cloth and puts them on the table in front of her. "Try them."

Time stretches on as Yuuka waits, concerned some as she frowns softly and looks around the restaurant, seeing as Maikeru has disappeared somewhere for the moment. Moments pass before he finally does reappears again, now with a bag and pulling out various boxes of different foods as he sets them on the table one by one. Blinking with some surprise at the extensive selection, its only until Maikeru sits with her does she lift a thin brow, a smile growing on her lips as she glances her bright eyes to him. "This is… very interesting. Is this what you meant by places to relax?"

Smiling slightly, Maikeru says, "Not quite, but it's a sample of several different cultures you could experience by going somewhere else." He sits back, crossing his arms over his chest. "Kirigakure isn't really that good for relaxing. Too cold and tense here, along with a severe lack of culture that excludes violence." Glancing around the festival, he says, "Well, other than little events like this."

Her smile grows warmer, brighter as Yuuka shakes her head gently, lowering her gaze downwards as she reaches out to take the pair of chopsticks in her slender fingers. "This is a rather well-rounded collection of different foods." she murmurs, her deep eyes glancing between the boxes as she tries to decide which ones to choose first. "I would not say that necessarily. When you first spoke of places to relax I had originally wondered if you speaking of hot springs of some sort." She closes the end of her chopsticks around a piece of cooked meet before glancing up at Maikeru's eyes. "You have not been here that long, but you are already thinking that now?"

"I've been wandering around here quite a bit," Maikeru says with a shrug. "The springs are a nice place to relax here, but I'm talking about going somewhere that would totally ease your mind, take it off of everything here totally." He uncrosses his arms, bringing them up behind his head. "I'm not saying it's just a terrible place, just not all that culturally interesting." With a smile, he waits as she eats.

Yuuka faintly lifts a brow at Maikeru across from her, smiling some, "Really." the smile grows some before she shakes her snow white head and glances down, lifting the bite of food to her lips as it slips between them. Chewing quietly for several moments, she eventually swallows before glancing back up at the man seated at the table across from her. "Has there been anything in particular you have had a positive experience with so far in Kirigakure? So far you have very little opinion of anything here. I have begin to think that you are not enjoying your stay here so far."

Trying to retain his smile, Maikeru chuckles a bit. "Well, I keep a pretty good face up, but… To tell you truth, any experience could be blanded by the memories in my mind from the moments before I ran here from across the sea, so try not to take too much offense." After a light pause, he says, "But I have enjoyed the company of those I've met here. Spending time with you, for example, has been quite enjoyable."

As Yuuka searches through the wide selection of food, her bright eyes briefly glance up to spy at him, her gaze lingers with silent sympathy and understanding, even though she might not fully understand what he had experienced before coming to the Land of Water. Listening to him, her expression finally does soften as she murmurs, "That is good to hear. I had hoped you were not completely miserable anyways… But, please eat as well. I feel almost silly eating by myself."

Smirking slightly, Maikeru says, "I'm not. I'm simply adjusting." At her suggestion, he emits a low 'hmm'. "Well, I've already eaten a bit, but I suppose I could get something." He reaches into the bag, pulling out a small bowl and a spoon. Removing the cover from the bowl, he opens a small helping of soup. He retrieves a spoon and begins taking small sips of the soup.

Yuuka blinks her bright eyes at him for a moment, her lips parting as she hurriedly answer, "Oh please! Do not eat if you have already! I was just…" her words slow as she glances back down at the food. "I apologize. I was thoughtless again." she says, her words almost too quiet to hear as she appears to become shy. Her chopsticks move as she picks another piece of food, slipping it between her lips as she eats just as quietly. "This is really good…"

Chuckling a bit, Maikeru says, "Relax. There's no need for an apology." He takes another sip of the soup before pushing it away and tossing the plastic spoon into a nearby trash bin. Replacing the lid on it, he puts it back in the bag. "See, there are many things you have to experience outside combat and missions. Each one comes from an entirely different culture, an entirely different place to experience." With a smile, he sits back, folding his arms once again.

Her gaze flicks to the plastic spoon before Yuuka looks back to her food, quiet still as she listens to her companion. "Learning from these different lands and cultures also gives us a way of viewing its people, their strengths and weaknesses. But I suppose that is part of how my clan views the world…" she murmurs softly, the tips of her chopsticks lingering around a piece of rolled sushi before picking it up. Her bright eyes seem to stare at it for a brief moment before the Kaguya kunoichi takes a small bite out of it.

Listening to her analysis, Maikeru smirks slightly. "Yes, that's true, but you've got to learn to take your mind off tactics used to destroy people once in a while. If you let it control you at all times, it becomes all you are." Glancing up at the sky, he emits a low 'hmm'. Looking back to her, he says, "I apologize, but I must excuse myself. It's been a pleasure to be in your company again. I'll see you soon." With that, he stands, giving a light bow of his head before he turns to walk back toward the entrance.

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