UnNatural Disasters - Kirigakure: Corking the vat


Daomi, Michi

Date: May 2, 2012


The flooding of Kirigakure was still going on and as of yet, no one had stepped up to deal with the problem. This left Daomi with a bitter taste in his mouth and wanting to find the issue and deal with it. His first issue was simply finding another that could come along. Lo and behold he met Michi. A giant of a woman, a host much like himself and a yin to his yang.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"UnNatural Disasters - Kirigakure: Corking the vat"

Island near the Land of Water

It was closing in on the end of summer across the lands and with it brought the hottest days of the season. Naturally, each nation experienced the heat differently and for the Land of Water, the thick mist that normally covered the land and reduced visibility was merely a thin layer of moisture that could be felt in the air. For some, it was miserable. A feeling that made most uncomfortable and sticky. Turning good hair days to bad and making even the friendliest fisherman a little grumpy. Fuel to the fire when one considered the higher then normal waters that still flooded the Kirigakure. Preventing vendors from selling any goods since they don't have any to sell and keeping most imports and exports on hold, at least for the time being.
The whole situation was a bit, perplexing to say the least. Natural Disasters happening around most of the lands could in no way be a coincidence. Something, someone, an individual or a group was behind it all, but why. For what reason and to what end? Minor annoyances were simply all this was and sure if it's not stopped soon it may escalate, but still. Why?
Daomi didn't know. He hadn't the slightest clue. He did however intend to find out and put a stop to it. Not for fame or glory though. He was doing it all for himself. When something bothered him and it was something he might be able to control, he'd deal with it. "…." A deep breath escaping from his mouth as he stared out across the waters, while he stood on the soaked docks and leaned against his cane for support.

Mildly Annoyed, Suprised, and Confused. When put together with a few other contradictary emotions playing about in the background of a certian Kamizuru's mind they all ultimately added up to one thing. Michi had careless taken a mistep in following directives. As a result, any attempt at personal studying and thereby satisfying the conditions put forth before hand by her Aunt inorder to travel beyond the borders of Iwagakure were put on hold in favor of following the Tsuchikage's personal directives: Access Kirigakure's standing and garner their potential support regardless of the former.
Regardless of the former directive's result the latter was definetly a necessity based on what was hinted in the missive. After all, it is rarely a bad idea to have the support a village with such 'stamina' after being so used to acting the part of the fall guy.
So, despite whatever suprise might come with her arrival at the docks from the direction /of/ Kirigakure, Michi would investigate the so called natural disasters and use whatever success gained as the proverbial 'foot in the door' to inter-village 'friendship'. Unfortunately given the nature of the mission and the atmospheric conditions an exchange of the usual attire was made. Specifically the removal of her coat, gourd, face mask, and flak jacket plus maroon steel toed boots being exchanged for maroon ninja sandals. Her headbanned was however still prominently in view and even without the jacket, the low, dronning sound of insects was still evident from time to time wherever she stood.
"We will be in trouble zu-zu." She mused as she peered across the vast expanse of water ahead with the original intent to check for any signs of 'life' out on the surface before moving on to whatever fisherman or disaster helpers were around. One in particular, a wraith by all accounts, made her stop in place by a few meters away from it. Him.

There were many things coursing through the young Okumo's mind as he contemplated just how exactly he would approach the situation. How exactly he would tackle something as grand as what laid before him. It would take more then just him and his brood this time around, no matter how massive in numbers they might be. He was going to need another to come with him, if not for support then at least to draw attention away from him as he was growing far too weak and frail to be the center of attention when it came to combat.
Suddenly, the thoughts he was going over and over again, each possibility and outcome instantly coming to a halt and replacing by the bothersome and sporadic buzzing near by. Curious as to what would be causing such a noise that was quiet enought to practically ignore, except that path lead to ignorance and Daomi always sought out knowledge, he turned toward the nuisance and his eyes landed on that of a giant of a woman. Practically seven feet tall if not taller, it was amazing she wore clothes tailored to such a body and not tattered rags or bed sheets.
Incling his head, Daomi inspected her as she was apparently staring at him. It was obvious with nothing else around, it was her creating the noise. Insect-like in a way, reminding him of the Aburame he ran into on his investigative trip to Konohagakure during the war, but different. More…specific. A host like him perhaps, but not to bijuu's, merely insects. Though merely is speaking modestly. "An Iwagakure shinobi this far out…"
Lifting the cane up and pressing it ahead of him as the boy slowly made his approach toward the woman, unafraid and uncaring how she would react to such. "Are you here to help with clean up or perhaps more?" He'd stop several feet away from the other to make it easier on himself as glancing that far up was bad business for posture.

They grew agitated. Even without them being within her body or their 'bond' to one another, their aggression was truly becoming palapable. A truly disconcerting and overall helpful emotion to let freely be expressed given their situation. And yet, Michi refused to silence them as briskly as usual. Her curiosity was truly too great in regards to hunting down the source of her children's sudden rebellion. So she calmly crossed her arms beneath her breast, and waited without turning from what -should've- been the most obvious source.
"Ah… zu-zu." She mumured, realization dawning in her eyes (although hidden given the goggles being in place) followed by a sharp, but low whistle. Within seconds later, the buzzing from her form went silent completely. Afterwards, Michi took her time in looking the boy over while analyzing his question, hunting without success in 'flaws' within it she could exploit. "We… I am here to do whatever is necessary to expedite the return of normality to these Lands following the abornamility that has befallen it, zu-zu." She finally replied, politely and calmly, and with that every present huskiness to her voice. "As per my current directives at least before I must return to my studies, zu-zu"

There was no doubt about it and no need to even question in lengths, let alone at all. The noise was in fact coming from her and as Daomi approached, the incessant buzzing only growing louder and somewhat…voracious made it all that more interesting. Was it because of him or perhaps the spiders he housed? Arachnids are no threat to the creatures capable of flight. Unless of course they fall victim to the traps they set out to catch them. Jealousy perhaps. That even though the spiders could freely move along almost any surface, they still couldn't reach the skies. Something winged creatures enjoyed flaunting at every chance.
Daomi straightened up some, turning his head away at the whistle. It was confusing as to why it was being done at first, until the buzzing ceased…parlor trick."That is…quite a mouthful." Though not surprising. There didn't seem to be anything in small portions about the woman. Go big or go home would fit her the best. "The necessity to do such lies out there." Extending a slender finger out into the open waters before placing the hand into the opening of his silk kimono.
"I would suggest…that before you return to your studies, it would be in the best of both our interests to temporarily join together in finding what has befallen Kirigakure. The /"two"/ of us would and should be more then enough for what ever we find." Shifting his weight some before glancing around the docks, his eyes coming across that of a small boat tied off and left unattended. "We could take my boat, but there is one condition." Turning back and glancing up at the woman, "I don't row." Holding up his cane for emphasis.

'He is analyzing me' Michi thought with the barest hint of a smile in her expression and the /only/ change from its usual emptiness thus far. Her amusement of course did not escape her children's attention. Thus, under 'threat' of another uprising for becoming already 'enchanted' by her polar opposite, Michi took a deep cleansing breath to help refocus once more on the important. Such as the fact the fact for the past few minutes the boy had been speaking while she drifted off to 'la la Land'.


If insects could sigh her children certianly would have done that upon realizing what the delay on her part was about before 'recounting' everything to the best of their unnatural ability.
"Those are acceptable terms. However, are you certian that such a boat will suffice, zu-zu?", She asked — COMPLETELY more for his sake then her owns of course. And well, of course her children's sake too… not that their woes mattered all that much to her beyond affecting performance. Once satisfied either with an answer or midly more aggravated by a lack thereof, Michi is quick to follow behind the Okumo should to the boat. Unfortunatly, a nagging thought at the back of her mind, two in fact, would keep her from taking another step without looking over back to the remnants of fishermen and workmen alike. "At your discretion, Can you tell me what has been learned from those around before, during, and after this 'abonormality'?"

Ignoring the first question, Daomi simply continued ahead toward the boat until reaching the edge of the dock and where it is tied off and with cane in hand giving it a good solid poke with all the strength he could muster. He was testing it of course, making sure it would in fact suffice. When it didn't sink and only bobbed then swayed back and forth a bit, he nodded in satisfaction before slowly extending one leg and hand to climb in. Once aboard the small boat for three at most, he sat on the opening bench, placed the cane on his lap and looked back toward the woman.


Pausing for a while before finally finishing, "At least not of any importance. Fishing was growing scarce, the water was slowly rising, attempts were made to block it off, but was to no avail." He shrugged his indifference before turning his gaze away. "No one has done any investigations as of yet. With the whole kidnapping incident, most of the forces were a bit pre-occupied. You and I will be the first and it's my assumption that we start by looking at the source…The waters themselves. Perhaps even a nearby island or the likes."

Even after watching Daomi perform his test, Michi still appeared dubious about their transportation. So she stalled for a few moments more by glancing back as far as as she chould before relunctantly taking that final step that would determine her destiny.
A discouraging dip, but still… safe.

"I see, zu-zu…", She murmured, settling in more for the task ahead. At the same time she couldn't help but become distracted once again and turn towards the ocean. Another trip down memory lane perhaps?
"An island turtle perhaps has settled along the wrong current, zu-zu?", She asked more to herself then Daomi. Despite the intent, in turning away to undo whatever bound the boat at the last minute before pushing away Michi certianly gave the Okumo plenty of time to answer. Or even inquiry. "Any reported changes to this nearby islands, zu-zu?"

So many questions and if the Okumo knew the answer, he wouldn't be on this borrowed boat with a giant of a woman about to go find out why. Though Daomi couldn't complain and he wouldn't. It was enjoyable to have the company of another that used communication rather than brute force. Not to say that the woman couldn't, but still. "Anything is possible I imagine." Staring at her as she rowed before turning his attention at the waters that surrounded them and the village that slowly disappeared into the distance. Idly he shifted to the edge of the boat, extended a hand and allowing it to rest upon the waters. Upon doing so a handful of tiny arachnids emerged from his sleeve, coming into contact with the water and skittering away on top of its surface. Their hydrophobic legs keeping them afloat.
"They're not food." He said aloud, not directed at his spiders even though he was looking at them. "My name is Okumo Daomi by the way." Shifting his gaze back to the woman, "I'm a genin and I'm not fond of violence. Not the physical part of it anyways." If the two came in to trouble, it would be beneficial to know at least this much of one another. "Not that I've heard and not that it matters. The current, though unnoticeably slow and almost undetectable is clearly coming from one direction and heading toward the village. We just have to back track it. Eventually it will get stronger and we'll find the source."

So in part her suspicions had been correct. An Okumo alone in a boat with none other than a rival. Truly a recipe for disaster… if the duo had been atypical for their own clans. A lucky break if anything and one Michi had no intention of avoiding taking advantage of the fullest. Still, to be so close to such a being — knowing full well what they represented — unnerved to chuunin to the point that rowing became that much more difficult thanks to the trembling in her own hands. Only the comfort from the low buzzing, a sign of sympathy from her sons, put her at enough ease to return to being on tax and focus. In particular, on the Daomi above all, but never without losing sight of their course fully for too long.

Needless to say Michi was both caught off guard and befuddled by Daomi's first statement. Out of worry she narrowed her eyes upon him, his actions, then relaxed back in belated understanding.
"Disappointing." She mumured with a slight nod accompaning her words. "… Kamizuru, Michi. Chuunin… Instructor of Iwagakure, zu-zu." She replied uncertianly with eyes averting momentarily with every pause before honing in on the water ahead. Listening, waiting, and observing in silence for a few moments afterwards. Then without any visible command they began to crawl their way out. Wasps, while not the elite or the most experienced compared to their predecessors, squeezed themselves from enlarged pores along her neck, then expanded to such a size — albiet just barely above normal as expected for their 'appearant' species — as to make one wonder the hows and whys as to how this could be. An optical illusion?
Regardless of the truth, twelve paired wasps took off in every direction generally ahead in patterns fit to scan both the ocean and to a certian extent the sky itself. As always the data she felt from the them was exhilirating enough to elicit a small sigh of content. "Two… Is there any possibility of sending for back-up on standby ahead of time, zu-zu?" She asked dreamily.

Slowly, Daomi lifted his hand from the waters, giving it a flick to expel any remaining water and then placed his hand upon his lap. The spiders he sent out were to feel any push against the water. The tiny velvet hairs that cover their body and grant them their hydrophobic nature would easily detect any opposition in surface tension. For him, it was the only thing he had planned in means for finding the source of the floods.
Michi on the other hand, with her wasps sent out in all directions, once again flaunting their ability to fly, would have an easier, faster and wider area to cover and at a much larger range to do any reconnaissance. Daomi began to ponder such possibilities with his own brood and instantly like a light going off a look crossed his normally bleak and expressonless face. A clear sign of success as his eyes glanced up in contemplation before staring back at Michi, "It's nice to meet you."
His hands trailed off his lap and felt the wood upon which he rested before gripping the edge so he could lean backwards a bit. An attempt at gaining some comfort on this otherwise stiff voyage. "You're more then free to do so. Though I am not worried nor care for back up. They already assume me weak. My clan that is, and I do not wish to give them more fuel to feed the fires of their discontent for me." Turning away, "Besides, we're merely investigating. If it looks too dangerous, we'll head back to the boat."

"Understood." She replied flatly because truthfully what more could be said? As cruel as it may seem to look down upon those 'born' a failure, all who live within their age — especially those born to clans — know that more than just prestige as an intimidation factor is necessary to survive. A strong body and in most cases, a strong mind were, WILL always be in high necessity. And to bear not even a pale imitation of the former…

Michi had to literally shake her head, if only a little, just to clear it off the lingering negative that came with such negative thinking. To dwell on the past, the unchangeable aspects of reality would only distract from the completing the necessities of the present. "Nothing like or similiar to this has happened before… has it, zu-zu?", She asked offhandily without pause from rowing or altering their course except to 'follow' the current as best as possible. Given her strength despite her size, progress was not to be expected by much more than that of an above average genin. Meanwhile, more presistantly her hunters continued their scans.

All except two who, out of hunger, diverted their course to try and getthe drop on a seagull…

"Not in my short life span." Daomi replied before staring off into the nothingness of the vast and seemingly endless waters. It was rather peaceful, being so far from civilization, not having to worry about wars, strife, disasters and the day to day monotony of being a shinobi. Though even that feeling was short lived as the sound of the paddles splashing into the water and the boat ripping through it quickly snapped the young boy from his day dreaming and back to reality. Eventually they would reach the source of the floods, such idle thoughts were better to be left at home.
It would be the wasps to first locate it. An island lush and green, full of vegetation and thick with foliage. Upon closer inspection, where the waves would normally splash into the shore, instead they are being pushed away by water that seems to be flowing from deep within the island itself. The spiders would feel the difference in the push and pull as they brought up the rear, a distance behind the wasps themselves, but relying what little information they were gathering back to their host.


Unless easily distracted byy the noise Michi is the first to notice the source as well as the new occupants of their boat still squirming around between them. "… A joke, zu-zu." Michi deadpanned upon coming to understand the mass of white and yellow was none other than her two youngest hunters making short work of a suprisingly resilant seagull. Closer inspection of the bird would reveal the numerous number of puncture wounds about its body. All of which were chosen poorly as far as ensuring that the venom in their stings are used at maximum efficiency. But then again perhaps the very same altered genetics that allowed them to grow to such ridiculious size, /regrow/ their stingers without dieing right afterwards, and Michi's own lackluster attempt to cull their ambitious natures were really to blame for the poor bird suffering for so long?!


MEANWHILE with the more COMPETENT hunters! Although a few broke away to give a direct report to their mistress, a few remained to investigate things more closely. Six divided to ciricle around and dangerously close to the water while three tasked themselves with going over admist the underbrush. This left only the most experienced of their brood to standby, 'observe' for the time being, and fervently hope that nothing bad happens to the advance scout. But if something must happen as a result, at least a quick a painless death would suffice.

"… More research should've been conducted ahead of time, zu-zu." Michi stated blandly. All the while beneath Michi's foot and by some glorious miracle, the two young hunters struggled frutilessly to get free… as well as get hold of their precious prey!

The new 'stowaway' was of course noticed by Daomi, but more then that was the fact that the wasps were trying to…eat it. He was pretty sure bees were palynivores or at least herbivores…Though they weren't something he knew much about and considering the size, perhaps they were altered in some way and actually require larger sources of nutrients. "Research into?"
Eventually the Okumo's spiders made it to the island as well, not bothering with stopping and continuing deeper. Like their host, they were unafraid of what laid in wait. Be it friend or foe, they did what was expected of them and would be rewarded in kind. With sustenance and a home, otherwise they'd be cast aside, forced to survive on their own.
As the bee/s continued further in they would come to two men, not paying much attention to their surroundings and standing watch outside a cave. Their feet were protected by insulated boots to keep them dry as from within the cave a thin layer of water poured out over the island. The two men were engaged in mindless chit-chat, irrelevant and doing so simply to pass the time.
"It would seem we have found the island." That being all Daomi knew at this point. He reached for his cane and gripped it in his hand. "Should we push ahead from the boat, travel by foot or head home now?"

"Islands such as these." Michi replied reflexively without a second thought or averting her gaze from the island. An island that thus far held the most likely reason for the recent disruption to all normality, MOST of the abnormalities within the Land of Water.
She could not retreat with that thought in mind. No, especially without fufilling her purpose even if that meant becoming a sacrificial pawn again.

"… If and when one of my hunters return I will—" But the rest is cut-off by her own violation from the sound of buzzing hastily making its way back from the island. A wasp — although obviously exhausted from making haste — quickly alighted upon its mistress shoulder and crawled to the nearest pore. Something from within met it however, read, accessed, then disappeared to pass along the message while the other seemed to 'collapse' right on the spot.
"… I see. In which case, we shall acess what we can from here while I send one of my own to 'report' to my…" She trailed off, frowning out of uncertainty, "…Handler. /He/ will then remain on standby until I send further word in two hours. However, should I become incapicated or similiar and as a result, unable. Steps will be taken to ensure that this mission does not fail." Michi replied, calmly and fluently. As expected given one of her station. Although a little more force behind her words were left out given that though she spoke to a child, Daomi was by no means as stubborn as the brats that tended to grace her class. "For the time being we shall have our children investigate further. Hopefully without arousing too much suspicion. Also… do you know how to use the water walking technique?" She asked with the silent hope behind her words desiring a yes. Otherwise, both of them would suffer a certian level of discomfort.

They recieved no words, but a signal did reach them. A sense of urgency and curiosity. In other words, they had to get in closer but cautiously. Sacrificing a few if need be to keep the men distracted after learning anything 'special' about the men. Special chemicals, an insignia. Anything to give away something their mistress would need to 'hear' directly about first from another scout being return while the others try to sneak further into the cave.

Daomi tilted his head curiously at the larger woman as she spoke out loud, either to herself or as a means to communicate with her swarm. Something he himself has never needed to do so before. "Yes, I can water walk. In fact I learned that before Tree Walking, which I do not know how. So if you intend me to climb a tree, I'm afraid that answer will be no."
Slowly the frail boy rose from his seat, finding his balance in the rocking boat and using his cane as if to find steady footing on the water itself. He knew she wanted for the two of them to send their broods to investigate. Which was fine. Daomi simply wanted to be facing the island and prepared if they are some how ambushed while in a boat.
"What about yourself? I'm sure you can walk on water as well, but with your height while out in the opening would be no different then that of a starting a camp fire in the middle of night to hide your presence. You are sure to attract attention." He didn't mean it as an insult. His tone was as normal and calm as it would normally be heard. In fact, her stature could almost be something he was jealous of.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" The shrill screams of a woman deep in the forest would be heard as if frightened or in imminent danger.

Glancing over toward Michi, "What do you think that was?"

When the giant bees try for stealth and reconaissance, instead they are instantly spotted. "What the cork is that!" The elder man would shout, while the one that shrilled, the younger of the two, is bouncing and bobbing behind the elder, "It's a pining bee! Get it away! Get it away! I'm allergic. Normal bees would put me into shock, but that thing is huge! Is it from the island? We have to get out of here!!!!!" The elder man shook his head and began to focus his chakra as he brought his hands up to his mouth and shot out several series of water bullets at the bees.

Michi almost let out a sigh of relief upon hearing Daomi's admission. The single most crisis she actually feared more than what was possibly awaiting them on the island, currently that is. "Normally, but I have not survived this long without finding ways to adapt to situations such as these." Even as she spoke her children were hard at work ensuring that everything was prepared for what they had anticipated their mother's plan to be.
No matter how much they loathed the idea for the consequences that would follow.

Then came screams from the island that only elicited two feeling from the giantess: Shame and Amusement. "Minor Distractions. Distractions that you must use to your advantage while there is still time, Okumo-san.", She stated with her gaze still locked solely on the island. Within a few seconds later a smaller group of bees crawl forth from her neck. Fully prepared unlike their predecessors to crawl if need be along the shadows once close enough.

Meanwhile back on the island, half of the reconassiance team halted all progress to stare at the humans, glaring balefully in indignation for being called bees of all things! The other half stared more out of amusement from their reactions. Regardless of their varying reactions they all 'tensed' up as soon as they noticed one of the man start making handsights and take a breath. In perfect unison they weaved in out of the paths of the water bullets, knowing without being commanded what their task was at thsi point. Keep them distracted, keep them angry, and /make/ them waste as much energy as possible with trying to strike the proverbial 'fly on the move with a closed'. A few even made certian to try and lure their attacker into striking his own, but rather or not they were successful matter little.
The rest, were more direct in trying to bite sneak around and gnaw at a couple of necks!

Or something to that effect…

Eyes still looking ahead at the island in front of the two, Daomi offered a nod, "When you strive to adept, the possibilities of survival increases. If you choose to simply exist, you will surely die." The boy peered over his shoulder at the woman, before turning his head back around, "Unfortunately, I've exhausted what arachnids I have that can move across the water. Any more help from my brood and I'll need to be in contact with the land. It's up to your swarms and if I can find any currently living on the island."
Those that Daomi had sent out had finally reached where Michi's wasps were and the two men. They didn't approach however, at least not above the ground. When it seemed to them like they weren't being noticed, the spiders began to burrow into the ground, slowly moving about as they prepared a trap near one if not both the men.

"Smart poplar bees! They're mocking us and clearly being controlled! No bees are that smart!" The elder man would continue his slew of insults as the swarms danced around his attacks. "What ever man. I'm gettin the oak outta here!" The younger man threw his arms up and took off running in the opposite direction through the woods. Even the slightest chance of being stung just once was too much for the man to risk. So if any wasps were to follow him, he was simply going to keep running until reaching shore and then jumping into the saftey of the water "Hey! HEYYYY!!! Get back here!" Shouted the elder man as he turned toward the other.


The elder man took several stingers to his neck and any other body the instant he turned around. It was looking as if the man was going to go down and then poof! A cloud of smoke appeared and disappeared to reveal a log in his place. The man now standing off near a tree. "You little buggers! Where's your master! Whatever. I'll go look myself." He took a step in the direction he thought they would be only for his foot to end up in the pre-laid trap.

"AARRRHHHH!" The man shouted as the ground opened up and several webs shot forth to grab at the man. At the same time, the hidden spiders climbed up the webs and began biting on any open skin they could.

Michi may have felt buoyed by feelings of mischevious joy from her hunters, but not enough to blind to Daomi's words. Words powerful enough to draw her eyes to the frail boys form, if only for a few seconds, to study him more closely. The Kamizuru however was given no time to speak without attention being put back upon the mission at hand once again.
"… Too dangerous still. Instead, presumebly if you can keep your children's instincts contained long enough, my own can help yours build a bridge of sorts. Several in fact. Unless… your current brood has had that trait for whatever reason bred out of them? Web making I mean." Michi explained simply without never once truthfully believe that /any/ Okumo would dare to do something that counter-productive.
Michi did not however wait for answer before re-direct her latest batch to keep the charging man on the island by blocking his path. At least, that was the plan for the inch think three foot tall floating wall of bees awaiting their siblings quarry to come running at them. The others of the second group at which point pressed on high enough to keep from being accidently swatted and further into the cave discretly while the wasps remained presistant. Even if that meant stinging the man the death as soon as he feel for their 'comerades' trap.

What a horrible way to go. Unless of course their target was a clone…

"Hnn… Now, what is this?"

Daomi hummed silently to himself as he thought out the possibilities. "What about your own's instincts?" Posing the question, but not waiting for an answer as he shook his head immediately afterwards. "No need. As just as I thought, it's rare to find any spec of land that doesn't already contain arachnids. I'll manage. For now."
Luckily for the Okumo, he managed to find a handful of spiders here and there around the island, willing to lend him their help. Though it would take some time for the whole to join together, they still skittered from their nests, away from their home and converged to a single point where they could group up and be more useful as a swarm, then singular.

"What the?" The younger man that was sprinting through the woods spotting the wall of bees up ahead and instantly applied his breaks. Back peddaling his feet and kicking into the dirt to try and stop only to fall foward, landing on his face and covering it in mud. He didn't stop to recover though, rolling over and picking himself up before darting into a different direction. Arms flailing about, swatting away any monster sized bees that attempted to get too close. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!"
As for the elder man, the webbings were sticky, but not strong enough to hold him. The trap itself wasn't one to ensnare and prevent movement, only to momentarily latch on to and allow the spiders their meal. Not wanting to waste any time as he knew the bees were coming, his hands rushed through the hand seals and the water in the area pooled toward him before covering him in a dome of impenetrable water.


An air bubble escaped the elder mans mouth as he held his breath while contained. The spiders that were on him began to float off his form and a small bubble formed in front of each of their mouths, granting them little air. While they waited, their tiny legs kicked this way and that to swim closer toward the mans face. Their beady eyes looking into his. It was a creepy sight to behold.

Within the cave, where the bees flew in a group, their buzzing bodies echoing off the walls would be covered in darkness. Further ahead, a bluish glow could be seen. Granting light and alluring any one, any thing, to come closer.

A giggle escaped Michi's mouth just a few seconds to fast for her hand to come cover it up. Her children's emotions were truly an infectious thing with poor timing considering how their chase had coincided too closely with Daomi's question. Such a truly embarrasing act deserved a self-recrimination of the highest degree, but she put it off for the time being.
"Hnn… Suiton user and a coward… And, something… alluring is on that island too." Michi spoke aloud as her body tilted back into a more relaxed position. Immediatly after she simply closed her eyes as if preparing to drift off to sleep right then and there…

As much as they had enjoyed chasing the man around like cats versues one very big mouse, their instincts warned them not to let such an obvious display of cowardice get to them. The power of desperation was not something they could afford to underestimate. Thus, they divided themselves evenly, to try and circle around and pin him in from all his side.

Meanwhile back to the hunters…

Speed, 'Stealthy', and Intelligence were the main qualites her hunters were bred for. Experience however was something they still lacked unfortunatly since one out of the four left was swept up into the bubble of water; suffering no quick death unless by some miracle it was ejected or managed to squirm its way out of the bubble. Those that managed to swerve in time immediatly retreated far enough to keep from suffering the same fate even by accident, and remained always on the move but on standby.

The outbursts from Michi, whether intentional or not were merely ignored by Daomi. Whatever the reason behind it, he didn't care. If it was important, she would share. Otherwise it was already forgotten. Unlike the growing pain he was beginning to feel in his legs. Most of the weight was applied to the cane he balanced on while shifting his body around to find more comfort. However, simply waiting in the distance was not Daomi's style. It was safer, of course, but took far too long for his likings. The surprising thing was, he didn't expect to grab the one behemoth of a person, that would rather wait things out, then act.
"Hopefully it isn't destroyed before we can see what it is…"

The younger man was desperately running for his life, but the bees, the bees seemed to be toying with him. Not leaving him alone no matter how far he ran or which route he took. It was growing annoying that while he was fighting for his life, they were simply continuing with their torture. If he could, he would run on until reaching the saftey of the waters that surround the island, but he's running out of steam. Panting and heaving, soon he would come to a stop.

Soon, was now. The man lurched to a stop before falling to the ground, awaiting his death of bee stings.

Trapped inside his own device, the elder man continued his stare off with the spiders. Glaring at them, while they simply floated and waited. It was a battle of who could hold out longer, but either way, if the man won, the wasps were waiting. It was a decent attempt at gaining defense, but he needed to react.

"Blurble gurgle blurb!"

The man shouted out through his breath and suddenly his water prison exploded from all sides, sending sharp water spears in all directions like a porcupine juts out its quills in defense. If it hit, the man was successful, otherwise, he was free to be attacked again.

As for the wasps making their way further into the cave, they'd gain a brief glimpse of a three foot tall pot, covered in seals, glowing blue and water pouring out its top. Near the pot stood a young lady, with long blonde hair and a toothy grin on her face. Her hands were already in the finished seal when a giant water wave shot up from the ground, encompassing the length of the cave and pushed forth toward the bees to take them out or push them back the way they came.

"If they become desperate that will most likely become the end result of this venture before… /IF/ they escape us." Michi sighed softly over the thought, then opened her eyes and rose far enough to keep rocking the boat too much while stepping out onto the ocean. Although she erred on the side of caution in the act the boat may rock considerably enough to risk through Daomi off if he's not carefully. However in case of such an event Michi — with speed rarely seen unless commanded by a superior — will reach out to take hold of his shoulder or whatever piece of cloth is available to keep him steady; but, only should the need arise.
"They have managed to seperate one from what it feels like so I will go now to retrieve him…. Okumo-san, while I do not mean any disrespect, we will reach the target faster if you were to accompany me by.." She narrowed her eyes in consternation. "… riding upon my shoulder. However if you prefer to stay here until I return, or to risk investigating further by your own means then I understand." She stated calmly with the readiness to wait for a decision for two minutes and no more before leaving the Okumo to his own devices.
Regardless of the outcome the only key difference between the two will be either Michi stepping up and lowering herself to allow Daomi to clamor up before taking off briskly, OR truly take another moment to send out a few more of her children to scout out the fastest route to her quarry without too much risk of exposure pre-emptively. Her thoughts are only tempoarily derailed at one point or another at this time by feelings of great pain as two of her flight are cut down mercilessly.
A pain that was easy enough to push down after years of enduring similiar bouts throughout the years.

"… I see. So this is a part of the abnormality…" A husky, eerily calm voice drifts from out of the underbrush. Soon after the trees begin to tremble in tune with the ground, preceeding Michi's form materalization in near the cowering man. "If this is to be so. You will do nicely." The Kamizuru would state as she bent forward to pluck the man up by his head. If he should move in hostility instead of passing out like so many before him after seeing her approach, her bees are there to drone loudily in the hopes to dissuade him. Otherwise, they would be force to start landing and ONLY land on him and prep themselves for the 'lethal' injection.

Seeing his only two comerades left either, both by batch and from another's brood get slaughtered, the one wasp that remained could only hover there and try fruitless to come up with a plan of attack. A scenario that perhaps his mother had covered for just such an occasion.
As luck would have it the wasp did not have to 'think' for long before his lesser brothers would come pouring out at great haste ouf of the cave, completely panicked by the torrent of water that nearly took them out.

"… Goro… lead them, take him out." Michi whispered faintly without any real hope that her words would reach the lone wasp. Her feelings on the otherhand she /had/ however… and succeeded in passing on enough for the wasp to 'understand' and carry through. Albiet without the full flight being willing to throw themselves into action anytime soon.

Surprisingly enough, despite the frail childs appearance, his balance is unwaivered. Bobbing up and down against the waves created from the boat as Michi stands up and onto the water. Though he does take note of the way the woman reacts to such, as if her help may be required if he were unable to do so. A trait Daomi was going to be sure to remember about the woman.
Slowly, he tilted his head up, his emotionless face mirrored in the womans eyes. "No disrespect taken and I appreciate the offer." The boy then shook his head, glancing to the left and the right. "Even this far out and away from Kiri, I can never tell when my superiors are watching me. The clan elders. I'm sure were they to see me or know about me taking such a hand out. It would be the end of me. They have no time for weaklings in their midst." Taking a step forward, "You go on ahead, I'll be there sooner then you realize." Waiting for her to turn around as he extends a hand toward Michi's backside and flicking a spiderling to cling onto her clothing. When she disappears into the distance, he begins his slow walk across the water toward the island.

When the elder mans water prison exploded around him, sending water spears in all direction, a smile lined his face as he watched two of the bees cut down before him. Leaving only one left. "Better run little bee! My stings just as sharp!" He cackled, forgetting about the spiders that were trapped in the prison of water with him. Waiting for it to be released so they could fall to the ground, skitter across the ground and up his pant leg. o.o
Coincidentally, as the other batch of wasps came pouring out of the cave, to meet up with the other, a black rolling swarm of spiders came from the surrounding woods, all seemingly directed toward the men.

"Oh sh…OW!"

Feeling a bite on his leg, he instantly slapped at it. Squishing one of the spiders, but one still remained as well as the swarm rushing toward him and the bees coming in to bite. The elder mans hand waved of the bees aside, but there were too many to defend against and eventually they got through. Their giant stingers piercing his skin and injecting their venom enough so they he fell to his knees, then his side and began to convulse.

"Urgh. Don't sting me!" The younger man shouted as the giant of a woman came in to view, then picking him up by his head with enough force and strength that his legs dangled beneath him. The blood in his body pumping in and out of his heart, creating a chain reaction, causing the man to hyperventilate until he did in fact pass out.

Although at first it might have seemed that their combined persistance would amount to nothing, Michi's children were unwilling to return to their mother alive without doing everything they could. Thankfully a kamikaze style death — except for those unmodified by their mother who chose to sting instead of bite — is averted due to the aid of further reinforcements, a swarm of island spiders joining the striders from earlier.
Those that survived refused to stop until they were absolutely certian that their target would stay down. Afterwards, they took to the air, routed the few bees still flying around in panic from the earlier near death experience, then divided themselves again. Half the survivors reporting to Michi immediatly while the others joined Goro in entering the cavern once more against their better judgement. Quietly at a crawl despite their instincts demanded flight among others…

"Only if you stay…", is all Michi manages to get out before the man passed out in her hand. If not for her upbringing Michi might've shown some sign of satisfaction in things being made easier… but she hadn't. The Kamizuru merely tossed the man over her shoulder and commanded a few of her children to slip into his clothing just in case he managed to slip away somehow. Without warning her colony grew agitated, 'screaming' in her head 'invader, invader' over and over again until her own agitation grew to match. "Quiet, zu-zu" She commanded frostily, silencing them instantly. "… We shall return. You shall guard.. Others, shall return to her, tell this…zu-zu", She added before lowering her voice into agitated whispers along the way back to the boat.

Minutes, perhaps even a full half an hour or more later, Michi would eventually — unless intercepted by Brood — make her way directly to the cavern, but not enter just yet. Waiting while keeping her distance from Daomi's brood and co.

With the elder man down, body filling up with the large quantities of poison injected into him, he was no longer a threat and the injections kept up, he'd quite possibly be sustenance for both of his attackers. For now though, the spiders skittered off the man, splitting up and going back out into the woods. They were no longer needed and they knew it. They did what was asked of them and unless called for again, they'd return to their webs.

The bees that entered the cave, choosing to take to the sides of the caves, instead of buzzing about and drawing attention to themselves would make it in a bit further this time. Reaching a small opening in the cave where the glowing pot covered in seals and pouring water out from the top was that stood next to the woman, whose eyes peered into the darkness. Her hands were at her sides as she waited, knowing that eventually others would enter.

"Hello…" Would be the response from Daomi, as he watches Michi carrying a man upon her shoulders toward him. "Well, you just stormed in and handled things didn't you? Now I'm thoroughly confused as to why we even waited for so long. If this whole time you could have done that…" He was being sarcastic to a point of course as he waved the woman off so he could continue ahead. The area was still flooding, so obviously things here weren't finished.
When the boy finally made it to the entrance of the cave, Michi would already be on her way back from dropping off the hostage. "Three passengers for the dingy…" Commenting to himself before leaning forward to peer back into the darkness. "Should I lead or you?"

Upon reaching the fringest of the light Goro instantly came to a stop, knowing without needing to speak that the others behind would follow suit and flexing what little brain power and 'combat tatics' had been hardwired into him. If they were lucky rushing the enigmatic woman might have proven successful in disrupting her long enough. Goro however quickly squashed that plan given their number. Instead he signaled for the others, the smallest of the group to try and slip forward in whatever shadows that were left within the glowing room as quietly as possible, but if unsuccessful, ready to rush the woman the moment she made any attempt to try to wash them away again.
Goro, stayed patiently behind…

"… Caution is best regardless of ease found in early success, zu-zu" Michi stated briskly before folding her hands behind herself and drew her eyes to a close. "…. I shall lead, but we still proceed carefully, silently if possible—", Michi turned to look down at Daomi fully now. "Stay in my shadow, mark with your children other paths out of this cave if possible, and remain on guard, always, zu-zu", She explained before turning to slip into the cave. Even if it meant spending most of the time practically crawling the whole way through.

The woman, as she stood near the pot, made no attempt to do anything. Remaining motionless save for her chest expanding and collapsing with each breath and the lids of her eyes blinking every now and then. Her sole duty seemed to be in guarding that pot and she had no intention of doing anything else. So the small bee, sent out from the rest of the group would have luck in getting closer. How close of course depended on the bee itself. Too close and the woman may just react.

Daomi nodded in understanding, waiting for Michi to enter the cave first before he followed behind. His footsteps walking on top of the water that poured out of the cave entrance and his cane pushing against its surface for support. Every step the boy took, swarms of arachnids would make their way from his clothing and into the darkness of the cave. Scouring the floors until reaching the walls and finding that there's only one entrance in and out of the cave. They then made their destination toward the ceilings, skittering across its surface and making their way to the glowing room ahead as well.

Back near the boat, the younger man began to stir awake. Eyes blinking a few times before suddenly sitting up right in the boat and looking around the area. "Fools!" He laughed as he reached for the oars to begin paddling.

The younger man really, really, REALLY should not have woken up. What was even worse, he should not have thought to try and use the boat to get away. Still despite an /obviously/ bad choice being made that in turn deserved an immediate reprimanded Michi's little spies give the man a choice. Listen to their warning buzz amongst his shins, pants pocket, shirt, and even hair… OR be stung to death.
Of course there was /always/ the possibility of chosing option c, but the chances of the younger man diving in the water fast enough were 1 in a trillion raised to the power of three. Good odds for a dumbelm.

As for the bee responsible for the initial sneak attack he continued to stay on the move until either he could fall directly atop the woman's head, or burst forward along with his comerades following swiftly to try and take her out. The eyes and hands being their main target until further reinforcement can arrive.

Their mother on the hand would continue to creep as far ahead as she could until (unless the cave was straight from opening on forward) all but a single bend is left seperating Michi from their targets. She risked not a whisper or even so much as a flare of chakra in case their enemy was in some way a sensor-nin. Instead the only warning that Daomi would be given to prepare to attack is light tap on the shoulder before making a move. A charge to pin the woman to the wall should a flood not be inevitable or ahdere herself to the ground incase of an overwhelming flood results from the distraction team failure to keep her hands from forming a sign.

"Stroke~! Stroke~! Stroke~!" The younger man would sing joyously to himself as he started to paddle, wanting to be as far away from the island as possible. Content with leaving the others behind as if he was never there so long as it meant being free from the bee stings. No sooner did he pull back on the oars that he heard the eerie sound of buzzing. Quickly his head snapped to the left and right, eyes scanning the area, but he saw nothing. "Whew" He exhaled in comfort. 'Must just be my imagination.' He thought to himself.
Then his eyes suddenly went wide and his head dropped to his pants. There was moving around there and far too many bulges to account for. It was..it was the… "BEEEEEEEEESSS!!!"


The oars dropping from his hands and dipping down into the waters depth while the young man himself slumped in the boat and fainted once again

The woman jerked and brought her hand up to squish whatever had stung her on the head, "Ow…what the." Blood? She blinked a few times as she looked up to catch sight of a behemoth of a woman charging at her like a stampede. Her plans were to move out of the way, but the poison from the bee made it a little bit difficult, turning her muscles into jello momentarily.
However, when Michi tackled into the woman, she would be drenched in water. The woman replacing herself with that of the surrounding environment. "Get out of here Kiri scum!" She'd say as she walked out from a nearby shadow, blood pouring down the side of her face. "I'll drown you all!" Her hands started going through hand signs, then stopped as she simply focused.

Feeling the tap on his shoulder, Daomi knew it was time. Especially with Michi charging ahead. Daomi remained the same, slowly moving forward until being able to see their target. Needing both hands, he rested the cane against his hip, made a few hand signs to extend his chakra into the womans, then grabbed the cane once again.

Score one for the bee team who also get to live another day~ Well, those who didn't happen to have resided on the one side the younger man had decided to fall upon…

Poor, poor souls…

"So, the possibility of…. this being…. out of misguided revenge is higher… now, zu-zu", Inbetween coughing up water, wax, and saliva thanks to keeping her mouth a little to open during the charge, Michi states aloud as she rose and turned about to look upon her enemy again. An enemy who had foolishly placed herself in front of Goro and the remaining troops. Said insects who immediatly burst forward with Goro in the lead, sacrificing themselves to try and sting the woman again with reckless abandon before a second wave started to crawl their way forth out of Michi. Some to attack as well, a few dropped away to examine the pot more closely, and others simply put themselves in position for another wave if need be.

Michi in the meantime kept her eyes focused upon the enemy as her body moved once more to physically cut off her enemy's sight of the glowing pot.
"Please surrender, zu-zu." Is all the Kamizuru bothers to add tonelessly with a visage to match… in a bland sense.

The woman was trying to focus a skill without being attacked, let it build up for a few rounds and then unleash a devestating attack powerful enough to take down even the Amazonian woman. That was her plan at least, but with so many insects swarming toward her, she was finding it difficult to keep from being attacked until finally, she was hit. Stung in the side that caused her to jerk and spasm, swatting away the creature her hand signs came undone. "No I won't surrender! You surren…."
The woman stopping mid sentence when she suddenly sees hundreds of spiders dropping from the ceiling. Frantically she moves about, doing her best at dodging them. Unfortunately though, so were real and some were mere illusions, forcing her to unnecessarily dodge something that wasn't there and be caught by the real ones. "Get off me!" She shouted, but to no avail. The spiders continued to fall, landing on the woman and slowing her down. This allowing the bees and wasps to hone in, sting the womans frame like a voodoo doll and inject her with their poisons until she too fell over, convulsing.

When it was over, Daomi stepped out of the shower, walking past the slowly dying victim and over toward the pot. "Should we destroy it? I doubt there's anything else we could do really. It seems to be a…portal of some sorts. Bringing water from some other source so it fills up on this side, near Kiri. A simple trick, that can easily be devestating."

The giantess expression never once changed as she watched her fellow woman struggle in vain against the hordes posed against her, real and imaginary. It was all overall just too bothersome to even try to care.
Not that she would've given any sympathy to someone impeding her studies abroad.
Besides that there was also the shouting to take account being so aggravating that Michi took a step forward, a hand balled up into a fist. Of course by that time the enemy is done before she could vent.

"Bothersome, zu-zu." She murmured, then turned away shaking her head dismissively. Simultaneously this action caused those that survived to stop their relentless assualt and take to the air once more in disappointment at not being allowed to do more… for the time being.

"No. There is no telling what those seals covering its form might due if we're reckless. For now we shall remain here and wait for reinforcements to come with what I hope is someone better equipped for this… Also—" She replied without turning her gaze from the pot until an idle thought gave her pause for thought before looking towards her 'companion'. "If possible, can you have those at your command bind her. Even if she dies from the poison it is best to preserve her body as much as possible… The same to the man outside as well… And Oku… Daomi… san, Thank, you, zu-zu", Michi stated briskly with a faint smile in her voice before returning her gaze back upon the pot.

"… A sacrifice even here though… something is not right, zu-zu." She muttered worriedly underbreath.

"If you insist." Daomi replied, clenching the cane within his hand as he moved over toward the downed woman. Once close enough, he didn't bother with instructing his spiders to bind her and instead did so himself. Extending one hand, the webs shot forth from his finger tips covering the woman and wrapping her tightly in a cocoon. If he were any closer toward the spiders he housed, he'd soon begin to feast upon the nutrients laid out before him, but he wasn't there. Not yet.
When the woman was bound he rose to his feet to step out of the cave, doing the same to the dead man as well before returning inside to Michi. "It was no problem at all. I'm just thankful we were able to get this far. Soon enough the flooding will be over and…well, I'm not really concerned with the rest of the world." Seeing as how Michi didn't want to deal with the seals herself. "I guess now…we simply play the waiting game until reinforcements arrive." However long that might be, but at least it was truly almost over.

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