Kitsune Crisis Part 2


Fuuta, Soren, Sakuryu, Yuzuna

Date: October 15, 2012


The second scene of the Kitsune Crisis plot.

"Kitsune Crisis Part 2"

A small village on the outskirts of the Land of Water

Well wasn't this just a fine mess? An angry fox spirit, a demolished shrine, and a town full of people either unconscious, or calling for the foxes blood. "So we're sure this is going to work?" he asked, in the lead this time. The group were cautiously making their way towards the sighting area. If they weren't careful, the fox was going to get the drop on them, and that would be very bad.
Regardless, they were making their way there now. Not much time to adjust the plan if things weren't going the way they had planned. So far, the plan was to make an offering, one of Soren's rations outta do the trick on such short notice, and try to go through a few of the places old rituals, trying to calm the fox down. If that didn't work, then they were still 4 Ninja, they outta be able to handle themselves should anything important come up.

Fuuta looks to Sakuryu then back to Soren. "Well it's all we've got. I think it stands to say that this is the best nonviolent course of action we can take." Fuuta gestures to Sakuryu "Besides Raindrop knows what she's talking about. The girl is like a super egghead when it comes to these things." he chuckles. Fuuta folds his arms and inclines his head as he muses a few things over. "Let's hope it works. I can’t harm a fox directly due to the customs of my tribe. Even with the exile the Nogi still uphold the customs of the Yoko." he explains briefly. Fuuta cracks his knuckles "Let's keep those fingers crossed eh Raindrop?"
Fuuta glances over to the Hyuga specifically fixated on her pale eyes. It's hard to tell what she's looking at or what's on her mind. Fuuta grumbles as he didn't like variables like that. This mission so far was a collaboration between the Leaf and Mist but that doesn't make Fuuta completely trusting of them. He returns is attention forward and shrugs "Oh well. One thing at a time." he mutters.

Sakuryu looks things over, a little smile on her lips as she sees the countryside. "Everything is fine I believe, I think this will bring us closest to our goal." She chuckles a little bit more before she hears Fuuta's comment. "Do you *Want* to be frozen again Fuuta-San?" She asks with a grumble, her hands threateningly fluttering through the handseals, her eyes narrowing as she looks at him, holding the last seal. "Yeah, don’t hurt the fox or I hurt you…. I want to study these things….I have a theory…"

Soren shakes his head. "I had -no- intention of hurting this fox. My first concern, though, is us making it out of here alive. If we have to defend ourselves, we also have to consider that. But we're not hurting the fox." he says, looking back towards the other two. He takes note of Fuuta's grumbling, and glances back towards him. "She does have beautiful eyes doesn't she? But hands off sir." he says with a smirk. Figured he had to lighten the tension somehow. Regardless, they're getting close. "Yuzuna-chan. Keep your eyes open please. So Sakuryu-san, what is this theory of yours? I'd preffer to know before we run into this fox creature." he says, with a smile.

Yuzuna blinks her pale opal eyes slowly as she shifts her gaze from the others while she listens, "Making sure everyone is able to escape should the need arise should be first priority, I agree." the Hyuuga heiress murmurs. Now the possibility of not hurting the fox, that could be up for debate. Her attention shifts to Fuuta and Soren with their brief exchange, her pale eyes blinking once with a flicker of muted surprise beneath the calm mask before fading completely. "Soren…" Yuzuna sighs his name. Shaking her dark head once to herself she closes her eyes and presses her hands together, index fingers pointed upwards. "Byakugan!" she whispers sharply, snapping open her opalescent eyes as veins bulge and spiderweb from the corner of her eyes, lashing over her pale skin across her temples.

"OI! I told you it's Fuuta-sama! And no please I'm just getting over the last one…." he mutters. He spots her making the handsigns and groans "Seriously don't or I will pinch you sooo hard." he threatens lightly. With everyone upon the agreement that the fox isn't to be harmed Fuuta let a sigh of relief go. Soren's comment about keeping off Yuzuna makes Fuuta takes another look then goes back to Soren. "Her eyes are definitely bewitching. But don't worry I have other things in my sights." he waves to Soren. He looks back ahead keeping his eyes peeled for any oddities or movements. "A theory you say? I have one too. But let's hear yours Raindrop. 9 times out of 10 you have something interesting to say." He glances back to Yuzuna "Oh also could you keep an eye on our chakra flow…part of my theory hehe."

Saku drops her hands with a little nod. "You get away with it this time.." She says with a huff, her breath cooler as she relaxes. "You try to get in with my family and I swear my new technique will be used on you!" Saku says with a little narrowing of her eyes, a little hmmm escapes her lips as she nods. "Okay my theory IF this is a fox spirit is that we can locate the locus of the energy, aka the center of origin and look around to find the true meanings or any scribing around to see what it's about. There are some things I want to keep to myself mind you…. some of the information I got isn't………very accessible to many others." She gives a little fox grin.
Soren chuckles. "Huh… fair enough. Anyways, sounds like a fair enough plan. Let's get this straight before we get there though. You two… you're from Kirigakure, correct? Yuzuna is from Konohagakure, and I'm a currently unaffiliated with anyone. But until this is done, we're a team. I don't want to see anyone stabbing each other in the back, or whatever. We've got your backs, you've got ours. And unless we keep true to that, we're not gonna make it anywhere with this mission, got it?" he says, turning and looking at Fuuta specifically, as he seemed to be reacting the worst to the mixed team up. Regardless, he looked back towards the front. "Anyways… Fuuta-san… You're thinking it may be doing something to our chakra networks? Some sort of Genjutsu maybe?" It would certainly suck if that were the case. They were getting really close now, best to be aware of everyone's thoughts before it showed up.

"I can do that, yes." Yuzuna replies to Fuuta, her hands relaxing as they gently fall to her sides. Glancing at Saku out of the corner of her intense opal eyes, the young kunoichi arches a dark brow as the other girl openly states that she was going to keep some information to themselves. She hadn't really expected them to welcome them with open arms, but still. "All I ask is that you share as much as you are able, so that we can work together and survive this together if possible. I do not want to risk anyone's life because of one small detail was withheld." Soren probably said it better than she did, but this particular Hyuuga kunoichi has always been one of few words. But right now that doesn't matter. Parting her soft lips she breathes softly as Yuzuna redirects her attention to their surroundings, sharpening her senses.

"Uhhh I think after my brief but very…uh enlightening experiences with you I think I'll want to avoid the women of your clan. I like my body temperature above freezing." he winks and pokes Sakuryu on the forehead teasing her. "Anyway I'm more likely to be done in by Raindrop here than either of you." Fuuta shrugs "So long as you don't transgress Fuutama Fuutama will leave you be." and that's all he has to say about the matter. "We're here to help these villagers…our rivalry can continue when we're done." he smirks. He looks back to Sakuryu "Just make sure you tell the lady with the bewitching eyes anything she should be keeping an eye out for specifically." Fuuta catches a shadow out the corner of his eye as he spoke to Sakuryu. "To answer your question Soren I have my suspicions. Kitsune are known for being master illusionists. No doubt you can see why I'd ask your friend to watch out for that. It could also explain the state of the victims." Fuuta turns in the direction he spotted the massive shadow. "Heads up." he alerts to group.
Saku rolls her eyes at Fuuta "Careful how you say things.." She smirks a little bit as she walks along, her eyes scanning over the horizon slowly, her arms stretching out a little bit as she looks back at Yuzu. "I am only keeping things I speculate to myself, Nothing important to the quest I assure you." She says with a little nod. "Judging from how far we've been walking I think we are almost upon the old village and the shrine.

Soren shrugged. "She has a point Sakuryu-san. But if you really feel it has nothing to do with the mission at hand, then I won't pry." To Fuuta's comment, he just snickers a bit. But at Fuuta's alert, Soren manages to take a moment, glancing back towards fuuta, before his strength starts to leave him, the world spinning around him as flames of the dead appeard around him, seeming to try and drag him down with them, leaving him without the strength to resist.
To everyone else, Soren had turned to look at Fuuta, before his eyes glazed over, and he fell to the ground, the shadow of the fox leaping out of the forest, and landing over top of him. The beast stood roughly 7', it's body made of writhing ebony, shifting deep blue marks trailing down it's sides. The only clearly defined bits of its anatomy were the bared fangs, vicious claws, and it's piercing eyes, red on black, with Ivory white Irises. It stood over Soren like a predator over a meal, its eyes transfixed on the other three.

Yuzuna lowers her chin with a slight nod in Sakuryu's direction, "I understand, and thank you for your consideration." It’s that kind of communication with other villages that reassures her faith that one day there may be peace and understanding. Thought is abruptly snapped to the present as the group catches Fuuta's warning, quick to react as she turns and instantly bending her knees to extend herself into the stance of her clan. Just before Soren becomes limp and falls to the ground. Her shoulders tense subtly as Yuzuna gives him a glance out of the corner of her intense eyes, lingering on him briefly before flicking back to the towering shadow leaping out and landing right on top of Soren's body. Her jaw clenches, "It is not real…" Yuzuna growls faintly. "I see no chakra, it is a genjutsu…"

Fuuta looks onward at the fox that stood over Soren's motionless body. Yuzuna's words confirm his suspicions but that ddoesn't help them now. Fuuta sighs and rubs his head. "Well it's not real. Good." He looks to Soren now. "But the state your friend will be in is very real. I need to free him." Fuuta inches forward with his hands up. "Raindrop. You know that thing you do when you get a brilliant idea or notion? Would it bbe too much trouble to ask you to share any such ideas and or notions at this time." he looks between the fox and Soren. "Ahem allow me to introduce myself. I'm Yoko Fuutama. That's my…well her…." he motions to Yuzuna "Friend you're standing on." Fuuta smiles softly before bowing his head respectfully. "Perhaps there is some way we may persuade you into sparing him?" Fuuta asks with a shrug. He was cooking up a few ideas while he bought time. This is one of the most enraged spirits he's seen.

Sakuryu nods. "I kind of expected this." She takes a breath and looks at Yuzu "Please relax your stance and bow." She stops and kneels before the jutsu image, bowing down respectfully before clearing her throat. "Great Spirit of this land, I am Shirayuki Sakuryu, I have traveled over a great distance to help clear your land and restore your shrine to glory, I offer these as a gift to you. All I ask is that you release who you have bound and show us the most respectful way to the shrine and your form so that we may give you the best offering possible. " She bows again before sliding a bag over onto soren, its black velvet and tied tightly closed. She would scoot a little back just in case the real form darted out. As she watches she resumes pose, keeping her stance both respectful and proud.

The blazing terrors continued to claw at Soren's flesh, in an almost frantic manner now. The pull against his strength was getting faster, more frantic, as he tried to resist. He felt the spirits tugging at him, trying to drag him down… but it seemed to ease up a bit, the steady drain on his strength waining as he laid there helpless.
The giant form glared at Yuzuna, growling at her, and Fuuta alike. But finally, ah FINALLY, someone showed some difference. As its burning gaze fell on Sakuryu, the growl subsided, its head dipping just slightly. Its gaze then returned to the other two, the growl resuming.

Her shoulders tense further for a fraction of an instant before Yuzuna forcibly relaxes her shoulders. She pauses another long moment further before taking a step back, straightening the curve of her back. Sakuryu expected this, but clearly didn't care to tell them about any of this and now Soren lay helpless on the ground. With a light breath from her lips the Hyuuga lowers herself to her knees and bows low to the soft earth, "Yuzuna of the Hyuuga clan, Great Spirit." she murmurs softly, falling silent as she listens to Sakuryu speak to the fox, or the illusion of the fox in this case.

Fuuta sighs and smiles before dropping to respectful kneel. "Way to go Raindrop. I always knew you had more going for you other than the adorable factor." he lowers his head now. "Yoko Fuutama of the Nogi tribe." he reintroduces himself properly. Fuuta remains still but glances upwards towards Soren every now and then to see how he was doing. He'd entrust Sakuryu with adhering to the fox spirit. She was doing wonderfully so far.

Sakuryu nods and sits up before her as she would at an official meeting at the Clan house. "I hope that you can accept us for what we are, and trust our ambitions." She bows once more and sets her hands on her knees, looking respectfully at the Shadow before looking over at Yuzu to make a respectful sidenote after nodding to the fox to give a pause. "From what I read the foxes would listen to us and attack if we spoke our plan. And if we show wit, we are more likely to gain respect from the noble Yoko Spirit." She says nodding back to the spirit again.

The drain of strength slowly trickled to a halt, as the beast glanced at all three of them, dipping its head to each of them in turn, before fading away.
Soren's body shifted, slowly rousing. "Ooooh… my head…" he said, his cranium throbbing as the genjutsu subsided. "What hit m*oof*-"
From the trees, onto Soren's head, drops a small fox, just big enough to occupy the space atop Soren's cranium, and just heavy enough to shove his face back into the dirt with that drop. "Raindrop-kun. You are well informed for one not of the Myo or Nogi tribes. And you show wit!" she says, in a soft, almost chiming voice. "Yoko Fuutama-san, I would have expected such action from one of the Nogi tribe, but… it is excusable under the circumstances. Hyuuga Yuzuna-san… this one… is important…?" she asks, poking at Soren's head with one of her pads. He doesn't seem to be moving much.

Yuzuna pauses for several moments before lifts her pale eyes, slow to lean back to sit straight and proper as if she were sitting in on an important clan meeting. The girl allows a small sigh of relief as the looming shadow of the fox's presence fades away completely, though blinks when a tiny fox lands on the back of Soren's head. That… was not expected. Where did it come from anyways? She blinks once more before a faint hint of a frown seems to edge into her otherwise passive expression. "Could… you please not do that? Also, is Soren-kun alright?"

Fuuta rises slowly and smirks "Why thank you. I have my father's personality I'm told." he points to Soren. "Yeah. Is he….ok?" Fuuta blinks a few times. "Well he said something right before you landed on him so I suppose he'll be fine." Fuuta looks to Sakuryu. "Nice work Raindrop. It looks like my greatness is rubbing off on you." Fuuta smiles before looking back to the fox that appeared. "It's a great honor to meet you." Fuuta says once more bowing slightly to the fox.

Sakuryu Smiles to the fox bowing her head again. "Thank you kind fox. Raindrop is what the man to my left calls me due to his…..sense of humor… I guess he thinks it's called." She gives her fox like grin and giggles respectfully. "How may we help you and this land? The people have sent us to exorcise you but we have come to amend the situation leaving all the wiser with you and your land staying intact." She nods a little bit to the fox as she waits for the reply

The Fox glanced between all three of them, and nodded towards Yuzuna. "He is fine. He's very resilient. Very enduring. He still has strength left in him. He will recover soon enough." She glances between the other two, before her gaze fell upon Sakuryu. "He seems… flamboyant… and dense…" The fox flicks over, landing on Yuzuna's shoulder, giving her a soft nuzzle. "I apologize for hurting him… but certain… measures… are currently needed…" she says, before jumping again, bouncing off of Fuuta's head, and landing on Sakuryu's head, just small enough that she still fits. "And what may I call you then, little pale one?"
After a few moments, Soren groans again, this time, managing to push himself up a bit. "Ooof… that… sucked…" he says, trying to push himself up to his knees, struggling to get that far.

Yuzuna breathes softly as she lowers her chin, thankful at least, though becoming the unexpected perch of the tiny fox causes the girl to blinks. Being nuzzled… the fox spirit was surprisingly affectionate. And the most usual thing of the evening. It isn't many that can say they were nuzzled by a spirit. "Measures?…" The fox jumps from her shoulder, bounces off of Fuuta's head and lands on Sakuryu's head. Pressing her lips together Yuzuna turns to stand and then kneel beside Soren, holding out a hand to him to wrap her fingers around his wrist, helping him steady himself. "How are you feeling?"

Fuuta grumbles slightly. "Dense?" Fuuta mutters. He folds his arms and snorts "Whatever." This was Fuuta's first actual encounter with a kitsune but he didn't imagine it would be like this. "Certain measures?" Fuuta blinks as it nimbly bounces off his head. He looks over to Sakuryu now with the fox. "Well you two are getting along famously." he remarks. Fuuta waits to hear the measures this fox spoke of. The beast he could do now was remain respectful and patient, two things he need much improvement on.

Sakuryu thinks a little bit "Hmmmm I think the *measures* would be to use the facade of a demonic shadow fox so she doesn't get hurt and isn't found, because of her smaller size most would come after her, and if they knew she had a physical form they might hunt her right?" She asks as she looks up at her head happily, seeming very content to have the small creature on the top of her head. "Oh my name is Shirayuki Sakuryu, Feel free to call me whatever you like." She smiles and cups her hands together in front of her in case the fox wanted to set there.

The fox nods. "Very astute, Saku-chan." she says, curling up on the pale girls head. "But not what I was reffering to." She glanced over at Fuuta. "You are of the Nogi tribe? Then you should be aware of the Myobu, and the Nogitsune? Well, the Nogitsune are disrupting the balance. They are winning. You can imagine what that means. I was sent here to protect the shrine, and to try and gather some strength, when we Myobu are otherwise so very weak."
Soren took Yuzuna's hands as she helped him settle, and smiled to her. "I'm fine, love. Just… dizzy. She sapped alot of strength, it's making me a bit light headed…" he says, staying down for now.

"I think the spirit was referring to why it chose Soren-san specifically." Yuzuna murmurs lightly, helping the boy to his feet and taking a cautious moment before releasing her hand from his. Then turning her raven head, she studies the tiny fox on top of the other girl's head. "Is that what you meant?" And even though Sakuryu had researched the kitsune and its people, the Hyuuga girl finds it odd that it wasn't Sakuryu that she chose but Soren to disable. A precaution from the sounds of things.

Fuuta blinks at the fox "So you were evaluating us." he grins at the fox. "You only revealed yourself after a demonstration of our wit and knowledge." Fuuta shrugs "That or you were having a bit of fun, hard to tell sometimes." He jests lightly. The statement about the Nogitsune disrupting the balance snags Fuuta's attention and breaks his playful mold. "What do you mean? The Myobu have been able to keep the Nogitsune subdued for so long. How is it…?" Fuuta rubs his head and lets out a heavy sigh. "When you say strength, what do you mean? Is there something here that is supposed to help the Myobu fend off the Nogitsune?"

Sakuryu smiles and pets the little fox softly, chuckling as she seems to be perfectly at ease with the little creature. "Hmmmm Maybe it works like in the old fairy tales? The more worship and land the more powerful the spirit? So maybe if we restore the shrine and the worshippers things will go better? Or maybe she has a different plan that we could do to better help them out?"

The fox lifts its head, glancing at Yuzuna. "Yes and no… Saku-chan seemed like the least threat at first glance, I still can't take Fuuta seriously, and you've got those eyes. He was the obvious first to whittle the number. I did not expect two of you to be so well versed in the ways of the Kitsune…" She then turns back to Fuuta. "They've gone to great lengths, and have been slowly stealing the orbs from the Myobu. I have been taking strength from the people here, in an attempt to find a way to retrieve them… but I think we may have a better option… if some of you would be willing to retrieve them for us…?" she asks, yawning again. "Ah… and I am Yukihana." she says, laying her head back down, on Sakuryu. "It is good to meet you Saku-chan."

"Hm." The long sleeves of her kimono loosely cross in thought. "I wonder how it is that the Myobu did not know that the Nogitsune have been stealing the orbs. Or maybe they had just did not mention this to us." Yuzuna softly presses her lips together as she lifts her pale eyes up to Sakuryu, the Byakugan faded from them. "Would you know where the Nogitsune are located?"

Fuuta glances to Yuzuna then back to the fox, Yukihana. "I see. They've managed to steal your orbs." Fuuta rubs his head "It was the Yoko clan's responsibility to monitor such things. That explains why the Myobu didn't see it coming." Fuuta sighs and bit of disappointment comes along his face. "If the tribes hadn't split this probably could've been avoided." the young man shakes his head "Alright then I'm in. It's my duty anyway. All I have to do is recover the orbs right? No problem for the GREAT Yoko Fuutama." Fuuta grins regaining that smugness.

Saku just blinks at Fuuta "Um…. your…. bravery is astounding but I think even we aren't a match for Nogitsune, at least not in a one on one." She sighs a little and rubs her head before looking at Yuzu "That question is difficult….see they both supposedly live in another world… and they come through at certain places and do things with us, It's said that the place they come through is any of MANY places. I read Heaven, Hell, a forest glade here on earth, a mirror world, a world divided into elements, and a world we can’t even comprehend…it's all difficult to fathom…" She frowns as she pets the little fox on top of her head.

Yukihana yawns a bit more. "She's right… alone, you would not be much of a challenge for the Nogitsune… but together you may stand a chance…" Yukihana glances at Yuzuna. "They will need someone to watch over their bodies while they are in the spirit realm, recovering the orbs. Otherwise, sleepy-san, Fuuta-san, and Saku-chan should be able to recover the stolen orbs." she says with a smile. "Or a few of them anyway. But that may be all that is needed to give the Myobu a fighting chance." she says grinning a bit, and nuzzling into the pets. "So, for now, I will lead you to the shrine, where we may deal with the task at hand."

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