Knives for sell


Ryukishi, Tosai

Date: Unknown (log received July 28, 2010)


One Man’s Wares is Another’s Suspicion

"Knives for sell"

Marketplace [Konohagakure]

Marketplace [Konohagakure]


The entrance to the marketplace is barred off in the evenings but during the days access can be granted by entering a bright red colored archway. A huge multi colored marketplace filled with just about anything ranging from fresh vegetables, fruits and fish to even a selection of different types and colors of spices and seasonings. A giant area dedicated completely to the sale and distribution of all things one might need to prepare a decent meal.

The marketplace isles are filled with women seeking and finding ingredients for the evenings supper and men looking for some interesting objects of food to eat. Although mostly cooking necessities are found here, the small odd areas or two provide places where snacks can be purchased and consumed. The marketplace has a brilliant display of colors in all directions ranging from the roofs, the colors of the walls and the matters of interestingly colored spices.




Ryukishi there seems to be a rather large crowd drawing into the market place today. The villages all standing and watching, as it seems a new salesmen is in town. His little wagon all set up and locked down, showing off the banner 'Ryu's imported metal wares'. "Come on down, and experience the widest, most well crafted metal wares you have EVER seen!" Calls out from the man, who is no doubt Ryu from the sign. "These knives can cut anything, from the most toughened squid….to even the most delicate of chicken. It has it all!" He then points at two young looking children. "Ever had the trouble of keeping -your- chopsticks away from his? Well look no further, my metallic, engaved sticks will do just that!

"You look like a Toujen." Ryu says to one of those kids. Which the boy admits, "I’m Tsuka.." Regardless, Ryu hands him a pair of these chopsticks. "Toujen LOVES these wares, my friends!"

Was it funny for an Akimichi to be in a marketplace? Nope.. seemed common place, especially with the fact that the Clan's village, was not even a mile away. And with food being the abundant good sold it wasn't like they would stay away from it neither. Tosai's chili recipe, had been missing about 4 ingredients, that would turn it from 4 alarm, to about 8 if used. Not having them at home, would of course bring the sleepy nin out, in the middle of the noon day, in a bathrobe, and some black geta. He would seem to wander, lumbering through the crown like a large sleepy oaf, and yet, not seeming to bump into any person at all. He would move to about first vegetable stand he would see, before he would then look to the screaming of a nearby vender.

He would look to the wagon, and the guy screaming, something about metal wares, and wave his hand dismissively. It seemed to utensils were getting quite the show, as he would look to the people, and the wonder and awe the exuded. Tosai, would gather a bell pepper, 4 chili's, and an orange, before he would then chin rub, looking to the crowd of fork fanatics, and then walk over rather slowly. He would see the small child being called the wrong name, and given a pair of chopsticks. he would look to the man, and then to the look of the rather surprised kid, and face palm. This 'Ryu' guy, had been hamming it up quite well.

Tosai, would look to the metal, trying to figure it out, but nothing would seem to catch his attention. Looked like regular knives, and chopsticks.. nothing more.

Ryukishi continues to look around, obviously doing anything possible to get the people enthralled to his wares. Of course when Tosai had taken to looking from the crowd, he would be a prime target for Ryu's sales pitch. "Look at that, a true enthusiast for the pleasure of food." He called out, slowly making his way to the Akimichi clan member. "As you can tell, this guy knows how to eat…and very well. Obviously normal -fake gag- wooden chopsticks are not enough for THIS MAN." He points. "Right here."

"I bet you could use a set of pots and pans to supply your healthy lifestyle?" He asks. "Or maybe my patented cut-all knives?" Quickly moving a case out, he opens it to reveal the cutlery. If you buy today, you can get even get a family supply of chopsticks absolutely free. You hear that F.R.E.E!"

And oh, how this would have annoyed the big guy. Be used in the most sappy of sales pitches, all because of how…plump he had been. Tosai's eyebrows would furrow, as he would look to the man, and sweat drop. He would try and ignore him, and the steady crowd of on lookers, but even then, it seemed that the man was just as persistent at making a quick ryou, as Tosai had been at making a quick escape. It was not polite to make someone a target. It was truly impolite to make a fat person, a target. And this man, did not know who he had been messing with, as he would then see Tosai, stood at his own full height, and looking at him, rather seriously. Tosai, hadn't had the time or the patience to put up with the man. After all, how would feel if you woke up with a hankering for a chili recipe, and didn't have all the ingredients for it. Tosai would say, "I would take this… act of yours somewhere else, sir. I will not be made an unwilling assistant to ya pandering."

Tosai hadn't been talking in a tone as to say that Ryu, as a merchant, had been false. Not at all. He hadn't found any reason too. It was just really weird for him to be put on the spot that way. He had been trying to keep his cool, and he would turn and began to walk away, only to have Ryu seem to pop up asking him of pots and other needs, and starting his sell, right as Tosai had been trying to get away. Tosai would grab one of the things, and say, "Hmmm.. so.. you think this can put up with my cooking needs, huh?" Tosai would then look to the pot, and shrug, before staring at Ryu and beginning to bend and fold it, with his bare hands.. But then something weird would happen. Tosai, would have a hard time doing that. In fact, the metal, wouldn't even budge!!

Tosai would look to it, wide eyed, and suspiciously, and just as he would move to try it again, someone in the crowd would say, "Hey!! That big guy!! He couldn't even bend it!" The crowd would began to murmur, before soon people would start demanding prices, and then raising up money. Orders would be called out in the air, and before long, the crowd would go nuts!! Meanwhile, Tosai, was stuck, looking at the same pot, as if it had been now a new mystery for him to solve. He would peer at Ryu, very, very curiously,


Would lightly risk a pat on the Akimichi's shoulder…well more realistically his side, as Tosai was an extremely tall man. "That's right people, strongest, best…AND MOST wondrous wares In. This. Village!" Quickly he ran back to his cart and pulled out all the wares he had for sale. "Pots and pans, Cooking plates. You name it I have it! I even have engraved name-plates for your labeling needs!" However, the man was crafty in how he sold his items. After only about 5 minutes of wheeling and dealing, he shut the side of his cart. "Alright! That is all I can sell for today." The crowd stopped and looked at him almost disappointed. "Don’t you fret folks, I will return here tomorrow for all your buying needs!"

The crowd continued it's low said whining and slowly disperse from the scene. Ryu's slowly looked around for Tosai, once the madness had been brought to a halt. "Hey, you!" He said, finally finding the Akimichi. "I would like to talk to you." He said, slowly jogging to Tosai. "You see, that is what we call…a -good- sales pitch." He announces, finally getting within earshot of the bigger guy. "All thanks to you." Before Tosai can even speak, a huge wad of cash is brought into sight. "How much do I owe ya?" He asks curiously.

As he would feel the pat to his side, Tosai would snarl at the small man, and look on as he would sale what he had wanted for the day, and after a moment, close up shop. He would look to the man, and watch him curiously. A scam artist? Probably. You couldn't get no cornier a sells pitch from anywhere else. Who ever this guy had been, he had been smart, and rather sly. Tosai would watch him approach again, with a wad of money, and look to the man, with some disgust. He would come close to the man, bending down, to stare at him, face to face. He would look him over, and say, "Keep ya money. The only thing you owe is an explanation of this. You make these pots?" He would look to the man, still trying to figure out, what in the hell these pots had been made of. Tosai, to say the least, was dumbfounded. He would look to them then the man, then them before reaching for the chopsticks. Tosai would try to bend them.. Nothing. This was getting weird. A metal he couldn't bend? This was not good.

"Okay.. spill it. Where ya from stranger, and please, be truthful with me, before I /really/ get annoyed?"

Ryukishi just smiled and packed away the cash he had made into his pocket. Of course the rest was in his safe box of the wagon, but the sum he would use for lodging and food would be on him. "To be completely honest, big guy. I’m not truly from anywhere. Parents were as you can see, wandering salesmen like myself. We usually wander the borders of all the lands, peddling our wares. Though, as an explanation for the pot. My father was one of the -best- blacksmiths around. Learning from him, I make -quality- goods." Course, the man backed up as Tosai leaned down to stare at him. "If you want, I could show you how to make these…for a nominal fee of course."

Oh yes, he was quite the crafty man indeed. He had the stocks, people bought them. He had the info, people would want it. "How about this, I treat you to some…" He looked over Tosai for a moment. "A -meal- and we'll call it even for using you in the pitch?"

Had Tosai had learned that line before? Yep. A family of traveling weapons dealers during the Clan Wars. Said the exact same thing before it would then lead to him being attacked from underground by multi-armed ninja, armed with enough poisons to literally put him 6 feet deep. Tosai would only see suspicion in this and say, "Well, indeed, your cart has been tagged. So you only have a day before you will be asked to leave by the local police. So.. in that case, I suggest you stay out of trouble." He would look to the man, as he would then look to the pots. He wouldn't say it, but, no matter how good a black smith was, there were still plenty of things about certain metals, that shared a common quality, and not to many could outlast the strength of this Akimichi. Tosai would look to the man as he would continue to negotiate, and say, "No thanks.. I got better at home." He would then be offered a meal. "No thanks.. I got a meal to cook at home. Besides.. I wasn't helping you." And with that the man would turn around, and walk off, heading to a local butcher and then home…

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