Konoha ANBU: Weapons not for sale!


Eremi (Hayai), Naru (Kairyuu)

Date: January 30, 2013


For the purposes of keeping balance, the ANBU of Konohagakure dispatched Hayai and Kairyuu to perform a bit of espionage to make sure none of the Five Great Shinobi Villages got an unfair advantage over another.

"Konoha ANBU: Weapons not for sale!"

Takumi Village in the Land of Rivers

The missives were delivered, sent by carrier birds to the respected individuals. They were sealed with red ink and a symbol of the ANBU burnt into the seal. Written within the letter itself were clear instructions to simply suit up and meet at the normal rendezvous point. A building located near the Hokage's office, but free of any indication of what the purpose of the building actually is.
Several windows dotted the building, but were covered and latched from the inside. A single door appeared to grant entrance on the front and entering was as simple as opening the door and walking in. Though if you didn't belong, chances were you'd wake up some where else.
Once inside there were several rooms that led to other places of the building, but the main entrance is where the briefing would be taking place. There was little in terms of decoration. Some chairs against the wall and a few mats in the center of the room. Near either side of the door stood two ANBU guards. Hayai had only just arrived and was already kneeling on one of the mats as he waited for what was required of him.

With everything on Kairyuu's side in order, it didn't take long for her to be informed that there was a new mission required of her. As soon as the message was delivered she found herself suited up and swiftly moving through the entrance of their rendezvous point. The mask of a Kitsune hung tightly against her visage as she briefly peered at the Anbu guards by the door, offering them a brief knowing gaze until she beelines further into the room. It was here she noticed a single shinobi kneeling down upon the mat, prompting her to do the same as she took position along side him and took a knee, her eyes gradually looking about the room to see just what exactly would be necessary of them. For Kairyuu it was a little short notice, much like any Anbu mission really. For now she maintained her silence, keeping herself absolutely still as she awaited what was to come.

As if by mere coincidence, the moment Kairyuu kneeled down a door opened up and a man with a ceramic mask shaped like a dragon and covered with a white, hooded robe entered the room and approached the two kneeling ANBU. Through his blacked out eyeholes, he'd observe the two in silence for a moment before finally speaking. "Hayai and Kairyuu, newest to our organization." His voice was calm and smooth as he talked, not a shred of anger or frustration behind anything that he said. He wanted those around him to trust and confide in him. "We've recently discovered through a previous reconnassaince mission that the Takumi Village, known for crafting exceptional weaponry that each village purchases goods from, has been secretly working on more advanced types of weaponry. Were these to be sold to any of the Five Great Shinobi Villages, it would greatly tip the scales of balance. This is not something we can have."
Lifting a hand up, he'd adjust his mask a bit and clear his throat, "For your mission, I am having you both head toward the Land of Rivers where the village is located, discover where they are making the weaponry and then destroy it. What ever supply they already have made and any materials used in creation. While this sounds simple enough, you must also avoid being detected. Takumi might be a small village without Shinobi of their own, but we'd rather avoid an incident. Now while it would be better to send more skilled members of the ANBU to finish this mission, I feel this will be a great way to test just exactly who we have allowed into our ranks. Succeeding will start your future within our groups on the right path. Failure…" He simply shook his head and then walked away.
The moment he had left, Hayai glanced up, peering through his Rabbit shaped, ceramic mask and then stood up. "We should probably get going. The Land of Rivers is outside the borders of Konoha to the southwest and could take some time. Being spotted on our way there wouldn't be so bad, but once closer, probably only travel during night time." Glancing toward Kairyuu, "Unless you have other ideas or insights, I'm willing to listen. Otherwise, we should probably head out."

"Interesting…" Kairyuu whispered quietly under her breath as she took in the information. Considering that Kairyuu had just recently returned from the Land of Rivers, it was a bit of a surprise that something like that had been happening under her nose. It only went to show just how much intelligence Konoha had to offer. "It sounds simple enough, we can finish this mission swiftly without trouble," Kairyuu replied back to the dragon faced man, a hint of confidence burning within that tone of hers. Her eyes then shifted to Hayai himself, peering over him intently. She generally didn't have a clue as to what he may have been capable, aside from his obvious potential she was still quite curious as to what specials he might have had.

" That idea sounds fine with me, as long as we move swiftly we shouldn't run into any issues even if we are spotted," Kairyuu finalized and soon began to pick herself up from her kneeling position. "I do know of some short cuts and places I consider safe spots along the way… But yes we should get moving right away,"

Hayai listened to the woman and then nodded, "We both know the way there, but if you happen to have a better route, then by all means, please lead the way." Extending a hand toward the door to allow Kaiyruu to go first and he'd follow behind without objection. As they left, any communication between the two would mostly be light. Naturally, both would want to keep their identities hidden from the other. It allowed them to take on a whole new persona and act completely differently then they would otherwise. Still, curiousity about the other and who was behind that mask couldn't be helped. Not for Hayai at least.
Leaving the village and heading through the forest, eventually as they traveled they'd come to a stopping point for a short rest, but longer if needed. Food and drinks would be consumed and any breaths would be caught. "Pretty decent path you've lead us on. Come this way often?" It was an attempt at starting some sort of bond between the two. Though they were both ANBU, trusting each other doesn't come as simple as wearing a animal inspired mask. "I'll be sure to remember it if I'm out this way again."

Traveling from the Land of Fire was going to take quite a bit of time, even more so as they neared closer and closer to the Land of Rivers. Kairyuu knowledge of the area had definitely paid off as they made their slight detours, allowing them to sustain their own upkeep for the long trek ahead. As they had paused in their step Kairyuu was only faintly winded. While she didn't reach for any sort of refreshments for the trip she did at least slow things down just a little bit. It would have been in their best interest to not pace themselves too much, arriving tired at their mission would only doom them in the battle to come.
" Not very often do I go through this area, but when I do I tend to remember and point out locations for me to return to if I ever go to this location. I should be asking you the same thing though, you said you've been through here a few times also? Hayai?" Kairyuu questioned him, an arched eyebrow arching from behind her mask. It was certainly interesting for them to bond in such a way, though it also felt nice being able to carry an alternate persona… A face that could be replaced with the interesting life of an Anbu operative.

Hayai would grab for his mask and adjust it upon his face. It would probably take some time to get used to it, but hopefully the feeling would dissipate as the mission went on and even after it ended. "That's pretty smart." Acknowledging that Kairyuu had some intelligence about her. "I've been out to the Land of Rivers a few times and even beyond it. Never for something like this, more lower ranked missions really. Protection or the likes." Shrugging as if it wasn't a big deal.
The dialogue between the two would continue, if it did at all, until it was time to head out again. If Kairyuu still knew better paths to the Takumi Village, Hayai would have no problem following, otherwise they'd travel side by side until reaching their designation, taking breaks as needed. When they arrived it would be well after midnight. The moon was high in the sky, granting what illumination it could to the darkened forests and the small village below. There were several houses clustered together and what appeared to be a large warehouse off in the distance. Easily noticeable to both.
Glancing about, Hayai wished he had spent more time learning the silent communication before his first mission, but that's just wishful thinking. "There doesn't seem to be any guards about." Keeping his voice low. "Not like there should be. It never had a reason to keep a watch, but I guess after tonight that might all change."

After they settled off from their resting spot there wasn't much conversation left for Kairyuu to speak about. If anything she was more so focused on the mission, or perhaps hesitant as to how serious they needed to be. After all they were both elites amongst Konoha… Was they suppose to be stern? Perhaps friendly? The thought had crossed her mind and it aws certain that only time would be able to determine how they would grow together. As midnight strolled around surpisingly Kairyuu was in good shape. The rests inebetween kept her energy at optimal levels. The chill of the night kept Kairyuu vigilant, hidden away under the shadow of her garbs as she hunched over to take a closer look at the warehouse from afar.
" Just to inform you, I am a mid range combatant, It is easier for me to look at things from afar before jumping into action as well… I don't see anything in particular but we will need to keep our guard and remember what the mission is… Not that I need to tell you my self," For a moment there was a slight simmering of red hue illuminating from behind her mask, though even that was somewhat obscured unless there was focus on her. " I can keep a look over the area and warn you if anyone gets close…"

Hayai continued to peer about the small village, wanting to make sure this mission went smooth and there was in fact no one on guard. When Kairyuu spoke, he nodded in response while still keeping a low tone, "Good to know you've got my back." He'd smile, but his mask hid his emotions. Every thing he said would have to be conveyed in how he said it. "I prefer close range fighting myself. While I don't mind taking my time before going in, sometimes I don't mind just rushing in." Twisting slightly, he'd glance over at Kairyuu, "I don't see anything and you don't, guess we'll be off."
Taking off from his spot, Hayai would rush through the shadows while keeping his approach silent and unnoticeable, expecting Kairyuu to do the same. Stopping only once he felt hidden, observing the area and taking off once again until reaching the warehouse. The building was quiet, save for the sounds of the furnaces that still burned through the night and their fires that beemed through the windows. Hayai would nod toward Kairyuu, then head toward an opening where he could see inside.
What he saw was the weaponry the Takumi Village normally creates and sells to other villages scattered about the place, but nothing like the information they were given. Based on the source, he knew the information was reliable. He just wasn't sure where to find it. As he continued to look around, there was a man sitting in a chair with eyes closed and possibly sleeping. Stepping back toward Kairyuu, he'd reveal the information to her and wonder what she wanted to do about the man and maybe allow her to take a look.

Remaining silent for the rest of the mission was undoubtly her top priority. With a single man being at rest within the warehouse she felt a little at ease, allowing them to push on to the next objective with incredible ease. "Go ahead and slip inside, as long as we don't wake the man we should be fine… If he is alerted we will be able to subdue him before he even knows we are around…" Kairyuu was banking that her eyes would be able to tell if there was tension building up to stirr him awake.. If he wasn't asleep he had to know they were already about around him, so catching him by a surprise was key. "The real weapons are somewhere… WE might have to dig deeper or see if there is anything else hidden and unusual within that space. Kairyuu was going to allow Hayai to keep the lead, while she kept herself at ease by keeping their backs checked. Her eyes were consistently peering around to keep them on their guard.

"Alright, sounds good." Hayai would take point, sneaking into the building through one of the wide windows that ventilated the smoke from the furnace. Once inside, he was careful of his steps, making sure to not knock over any of the stacked weaponry or step on something that might startle the man awake. The task itself didn't look that easy to accomplish. They were an older individual and from the looks of it, in a deep slumber. A wrong move and the man would fall out of the chair. Something Hayai kept at the front of his mind while looking around.
Everything seemed rather, open. There didn't seem to be any extra rooms that would lead off some where else, but as he continued his search, his eyes just barely managed to catch sight of an off coloring of smoking mixing in from behind one of the furnaces. Looking toward the rest, it seemed to be the case with all of the furnaces. He'd point it out to Kairyuu, then after moving behind the furnace, he'd spot a grate in the floor that released smoke from beneath it. There was a basement. Now the trick would be finding the entrance.
Peering at the floor, he'd look this way and that, trying to find a change in the elevation of the floor, a hatch or some indication of a door to beneath them. Eventually his search would lead them to where the man was sleeping, sitting on a hatch to beneath them. Looking at Kairyuu with a bit of disappointment from behind his mask, he'd sigh then chop the elderly man behind the neck. Ensuring the man stayed passed out and moving him toward the exit before returning and lifting the hatch for the two of them to enter.
The area beneath them was sweltering with heat. Closed quarters, with the same amount of furnaces, but the only ventilation was the small vents above each one. "We have to be quick. The man should be out for a while, but staying down here could be bad for our health." Walking about he'd pass the secret weaponry the village was creating. There were oddly shaped swords and even some armor scatter amongst the mix, he knew better than to touch it, but that wasn't to say he wasn't curious. "I have some explosive tags in my pack if you want some to pass out as well, otherwise, that's all I got." Reaching behind his back, he'd retrieve the seals and start placing them on the walls, furnace and piles of weapons and materials.

Hayai was taking a good lead upon things, leaving Kairyuu to simply keep her eyes around or find an opening herself. As the moved throughout the warehouse which more or less was a oversized scorching forge. The the man seated right upon the hatch at that point Kairyuu knew that they had to move fairly quickly. once Hayai took care of what appeared to be the guard and the slipped down into the basement to see where the "real" weapons were being crafted. Kairyuu couldn't help but to form a smirk along her lips, narrowing her eyes down upon the area and could feel her hands slip into her pouch at the mention of explosive tags. " I have tags…and I also know fire ninjutsu… We can set the explosive tags and I will light these place on fire to ensure that every bomb goes off as needed…" Kairyuu stated as she looked around a little bit more… she wasn't going to dare touch the weapons but some of them definitely looked weird.

Placing the last of his tags, Hayai looked to Kairyuu to make sure she was finished as well and ready to head out. "Looks like we're good to go." Heading out the hatch, he'd pick up the man and drag him a safe distance away before heading to the outskirts of the village, leaving Kairyuu to follow up from behind once she used which ever fire Ninjutsu she was planning on using to make sure the job got done. He made sure to keep a close eye, in case someone ended showing up before they left, but this was a rather cut and dry espionage mission that once finished, they could head back to Konoha with minds at ease.

The stage was set with explosive tags planted all throughout the the underforge. Little by little Kairyuu moved throughout the forge planting each explosive tag from her pouch in order to assure that her explosives would be able to spill throughout the entire basement and literally rock the warehouse beneath it as well. "Alright, we are all set here," Kairyuu responded back to Hayai, grinning behind her mask as they both step back up the hatch sprining the man along with them. Kairyuu kept the hatch open and slipped outside of the warehouse, making sure everything was clear until smashing the window with brute force and after there was some distance she began to summon up her jutsu. "Katon! Zukkoku!" Kairyuu exclaims after a set of hand seals, from her lips spews a single bullet of fire blasted from her pursed lips. Suddenly her fire smashes into the underforge below and expands like a wild fire storm, igniting each explosive tag in the base below and rocking the area with an earth shattering explosion.

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