Konoha Defiles Kumo


Satomi, Nori, Hiroyasu

Date: August 7, 2013


Nori and Satomi train in the Raikage's personal training grounds…supposedly with permission. Hiroyasu finds out about it and yells at Nori, who really didn't know any better.

"Konoha Defiles Kumo"


We can borrow this area." Satomi says while walking Nori in. They travelled here recently. And due to the lack of open training grounds they got a very special one instead! Since there's no raikage, team Satomi can use HIS training ground! Satomi's loving it! Sitting down by the shrine and just relaxing, waiting on her students to arrive for training! Since exams start tomorrowwwww!

This is a ridiculously short trip, but hey, if Nori can walk with Hiei and Hiroyasu back to Konohagakure, he's happy to make it. Walking into the Raikage's personal training grounds, Nori meeps, "Are you really sure we're allowed? I mean, this seems almost like we're tresspassing." He herms, but walks out into the middle of the area carefully. "So, I need some practice before we head out. I've developed a lot of new jutsu lately that I haven't had a chance to test out. I sort of had Fudo attack me, as a test dummy I mean, with a few of his jutsu to get a feel for what he had available in his arsenal. It is strong. It made me want to test more of mine, but I don't want to fight someone I may face in the survival round before hand. What do you think? Care to help?"

"No not trespassing." Satomi calmly states before turning towards Nori with a smirk. "I don't mind helping you out…" She says. "Though note, exams are coming up! I'm not going to hold back on you!" She gets into a battle stance and lets her chakra flow. "You ready then?"

Nori nods, "Just don't kill me like last time. I'm not sure the Kumo-mednin will be willing to heal me as well as the Konoha-mednin. I have the added benefit back home of bugging my brother to fix me up." Satomi might remember that Nori's brother is a surgical mednin in the hospital.
When she asks if Nori is ready, he nods and transforms his mind to better focus on the tasks at hand…analyzing the battle.

Satomi starts simple, lifting up her right hand making a set of seals. It's hell viewing technique, Nori has seen her use it before. She expected him to be able to defend against it. It was a diversion for her shadows to be able to reach. If they do, she has earth bullets ready, which begin firing one by one at Nori's chest to send him sliding back!

Nori has indeed seen the hell viewing technique before, and as soon as he feels his own chakra levels being messed with, he alters his chakra flow slightly to stop the distraction. He sees the shadows coming in because his mind is heavily focused, and he uses an earthen barrier that pops up out of the ground to toss him out of the way of the shadow. At the same time, the earthen barrier continues upwards so the earth bullets don't hit him on his way down to the ground. Rolling out of the earth spring-board jump, he comes up and smirks.
Satomi would have seen what's coming before too. He starts backwards though and performs several handseals. Loose arms of dirt come out of the ground to grab and drain Satomi. A visual link is attempted to be made in order to have Satomi see an earthen monster grow out of the ground and come to attack Satomi's own 'spiritual energy'. Physical attacks wouldn't work against this elemental spirit, and it would attack her chakra, so if it does hit, there are multiple reasons for why her chakras would be drained.
Finally, he bites his thumb and summons something new. This one she hasn't seen before…but seeing as he's tried a false summons on her before, who knows if this is real or not. A large owl, about the size of a tall adult human, pops out of nowhere, "Sorry Daikufuro-san, but I need some help practicing for the upcoming exams. Do you mind lending me your wits for a little while?" The owl considers the question and just nods before flying off up into the ceiling of the complex (or if it is an open room, the sky).

Satomi watches carefully as Nori shoots out his attacks. She ducks and weaves away from the spirits who chase her, only to realize they're fake as she expands the reaches of her shadows. "I almost forgot!" Satomi admits. Sighing a bit while she tired herself out seeing through those spirits! When he uses the earth hands move Satomi wasn't even there. Her clone crumbles against Nori's earth move. Satomi then moves in with another attack. Lifting up a flashbomb and throwing it up high, when it goes off (hopefully Nori was looking at it) Satomi makes her shadows chase him, using the distraction to try and catch Nori!

Satomi drops on one knee after that combination hit her. Those hands drained her harshly, leaving her with barely any energy left. She sits down and holds up her right hand. "Hold it Nori, that's enough…" She says with a smile. "Nice fighting." She says, trying to catch her breath. This kid is strong! Next time, she knows to be even fiercer! Due to their incident the other day she was careful about what abilities she used! Resulting in this crushing defeat. She drops onto her back and catches her breath. "Nori, you're pretty strong." She chuckles.

Nori stops as Satomi tells him to and bows to her, giving her the sparring sign. He says, "Thanks…so, you think I'll do well in the exams?" He smiles and looks out the door, "Let's get out of here and go find Hiroyasu-san and Hiei-san and Misaki-san if we can, ne?"

Nori and Satomi have come out of the Raikage's office area. By the looks of it, they've been practicing together. They're sweaty, so /hopefully/ that's what they were doing…or else Nori will be killed by Daisuke. So, they were practicing, but where? There's nowhere to practice inside…but…there they are.

Hiroyasu is making his way through the village center, catching the unusual sight of two Konohagakure exiting the Raikage's building.. I guess that isn't strange a lot of diplomatic offices and things still reside in there san a raikage. "Yo Nori!" he says running up to them, before sliding to a stop and bowing his head to Satomi "Nara-san" he says before looking at them with a raise brow, "It's not that hot out here is it? Altitude sickness?" he asks calmly.

Satomi peers at Hiroyasu and shakes her head, pointing over her shoulder. "Nah, Ogo showed me this cool place to train in. The elders prefered us to train there, since he's scared we're some move copying Uchiha. That said, have you seen Fudo around here? The bugger got permission to leave early against my objections. Did he behave? I hope so…" If only she knew … She would probably shadow sew him against a tree for say ohhh a week!

Satomi had to run off for whatever reason, maybe to go beat up Fudo…leaving Nori there with Hiroyasu. "Ano…that was odd. So, yeah, I'm not sure about the Elders, but Satomi-san said she was given permission by someone to train inside the Raikage's personal training area. I asked if we were tresspassing or if we should go somewhere else, but my team leader said she got permission, so I accepted her word for it. Why, should we not have been in there?"

Hiroyasu looks at Satomi as seeks out the lurker and passive aggressive blight, "Oh.. you shouldn't really have been in there regardless. It's kinda like sacred grounds.. How would you feel if I ate my lunch in the Hokages office? Because Daisuke said I could" he chose someone both with rank and relation. "No offense Nori-san but you defiled like a national treasure.. why would the Elders let someone deface our property.. they won't even let me train in there.. and I'm a servant to this village, this land and our Damiyo" he sighs, putting his fingers on the bridge of his nose "Sensei okay'd this didn't he?" he sighs again.

Nori blinks. "It is sacred ground?" When he speaks about eating his lunch in the Hokage's office, Nori would blink, "Ano…I wouldn't really care if you ate your lunch in the Hokage's office. I'm not even sure Hokage-sama would care." He herms, but the boy is smart and adds, "I think you might be saying something more like, defacing the Will of Fire monument of fallen soldiers, even if it is with a pretty picture, because Daisuke said it was okay." Nori actually grows really quiet then as Hiroyasu goes on. "I, I, I'm not really sure. Like I said, I asked if it was okay and was told someone approved it. I think Ogosokamaru-sama told Satomi-san it was okay…but I don't know." He starts to cry, the poor kid. "I didn't mean to tread on your sacred ground. I didn't know. Please, forgive me." He falls, prostrates himself, then goes full fledged laying on the ground. It is like, just about the farthest you can go in showing that you are sorry and asking for forgiveness. The young Yamanaka boy is really really soft when it comes to sacred sites and rituals and ancestor spirits, so yeah, it is a sore spot. He doesn't say anything about how he is a guest here, so maybe he is being shown things Hiroyasu, as a non-guest, wouldn't be allowed to see. That is fairly common actually.

Hiroyasu frowns, "I thought you were just here to get some silly piece of parchment signed.. What reason is there for you to spar in the Raikage's Private Training Area for Himself and Personal Guests.. I mean we don't even hav.. on.." when he starts to cry, Hiro pauses unsure exactly what to do, "Er.. You know you asked if it was alright, and that was all you could do against a superior. Nara-sempai should have more respect, I never through of her as careless.. regardless Sensei.. uh.. kinda oversteps his authority.. he's not the raikage yet, he's a Jounin. And unless some super secret order which only he has seen would give him all the powers of an ordained Raikage.. which is.. stupidly possible" he sighs again looking to the side, lack of information biting him again.. you'd think as Ogosokamaru's Assistant he'd be aware of this stuff, or at least get a ninja carrier bird with a scroll.. "Hey, look.. not like i can arrest you.. so how about some lunch?" he was mostly resigned to the fact there was nothing in limited little genin powers that could remedy or answer this..

Nori states plainly, "I was here to walk with you and Hiei-san to Konohagakure for the exams," Aweeeeee…blech. "I don't really know why the others are here though to be honest. I was sparring because I wanted to get in some sparring time before going to the exams. I'm not really the sparring type, even though I've learned a lot in the past few months. I guess I thought we were part of the personal guests, even if there isn't a Raikage." Nori gets up though once Hiro basically says he's off the hook. "I won't do it again. I wouldn't do anything on purpose to upset the alliance Kumogakure and Konohagakure have. Again, I am sorry, now I'd love some lunch, but I'm paying to make up for it." He is pure innocence…and no, this is not a bribe, even if it sort of looks like it.

Hiroyasu shrugs "We have 2 sparring arena's, one is even open to the public… So i don't understand the absolute need to just use the most restrictive, most exclusive training arena.. because you thought you could. Tradition, Honor, and Respect all thrown to the side because someone felt entitled. And being Uchiha? what kind of lame excuse is that, your clan and rank are known to us.. We allowed you entry to our land and our village.. we know who you are.." he snorts "didn't stop the other Uchiha from lurking around, inciting anger in an attempt to do who knows what. Lurking around our hotsprings fully clothed leering at our Kunoichi and Shinobi.. who does that?!" he exclaims moving the Yamanaka along to a row of street side vendors. "Your the guest, my treat." he says.

Nori pats the dirt off his outfit (should have put his usual one on, not the street-urchin one ahem). The boy shrugs, "I have no excuse. You are correct. I thought we were allowed to train there as guests, partially to protect the secrets I have for the up-coming Chuunin Exams, and partially to protect what secrets the Kumogakure-nin have for their exams. It wouldn't be fair for me to go and spy on everyone's moves. Then again, I cam here knowing that I might not get a chance to practice prior to the exams and came anyway." He sighs outwardly and then pauses.
"Wait, what? There was another Uchiha here that was inciting anger and leering at Kunoichi in the hotsprings?" Nori blinks twice, "Who else is here and what happened? Does Satomi-san know…or, eh, Ogosokamaru-sama even?" Nori facepalms and sweatdrops at the same time.

Hiroyasu shrugs "If you were here just to escort us, then your mission should have stopped you at the gate right? Or is it common for you to just operate outside your parameters because you want too." that urked him a little as he strived to be the model of a good solider and a trustworthy Shinobi. "Whatever, nothing more to be said about it.. I'll ask Sensei about it, he'll probably sweep it under the rug like usual. And everyone will be none the wiser.. better that way ~I guess~" he stresses the last part, was it really okay for people to do wrong and just get away with it.. isn't that how the KRD ruled.. maybe he was just sensitive to that.. "Oh yeah, when I approached Uchiha Fudo and Hayato Kin at the Falls the other day with Nariko, Hayato-san and Uchiha-san were at almost at each others throats, Hayato-san had his weapon drawn and Uchiha-san made some kind of comment which caused Hayato to leave immediately.. I suppose to prevent an incident.." he nods as he buys himself a white rice bowl and some vegetables, "Then at the hotsprings, he was get this… fully clothed stalking around the outside of the poor just leering at everyone. I know Kumogakure has the most beautiful Kunoichi in all the lands but it was just awkward and a bad example of konoha.." before nodding his head "What do you want? Nori-san?" he asks.

Nori shakes his head, "No, it wasn't my mission to escort you. That is why I came. I came because I wanted to see you as friends before we saw eachother in the exams. The mission, like you said, is for some diplomatic purpose. I wasn't going to come…it was voluntary…but I wanted to see you guys." Nori sighs again and then listens to the story about Fudo. "Seriously? Fudo-san? I mean, I can't say I know him that well, but I wouldn't have expected him to let things get to that point. We're guests here. He should have apologized at the slightest hint of any offense…and if it ever got to the point where swords were drawn, he should have fled, not the other way around." Nori shakes his head, "I apologize for his transgressions. I will personally make sure someone deals with that. He should not have let it come to that point, especially given that the team is here for diplomatic reasons; although he's not part of our team, so I'm unaware of why he is here exactly." Next, the hotspring story just gets Nori to sigh even more loudly, "I agree, we aren't usually like this…rude and disrespectful. We are not setting the example that you and Hiei-san set." Luckily he doesn't know about Misaki's little incident with the Hokage. Ahem. At the question of what he will have, Nori ahs, "Whatever you think is the best." Yup, trying the local fair.

Hiroyasu shrugs "It's done, whatever it was." before nodding along "I've only met him once or twice before.. he always seem intense but not hostile.. You would have talked to the Chuunin Hayato-san about the details, I only came on it right as whatever it was at the peak before Hayato-san left in a hurry." before he buys nori something local, "Here try this, mountain cuisine" he says before moving to a table with a open seat for them. "It was uncomfortable, everyone pretty much left the hotspring after he did that.." he adds below bringing his hands together and bowing his head before picking up his chopsticks. "Ah, you excited about the exams? Yamanaka-san?" he asks before trying one of the vegetables.

Nori smiles and nods as he sits and eats, "Oh, I am very very excited. I love survival stuff ayway, so I should have a lot of fun I think." Nori lets the Fudo thing go. They'll just have to trust him that he will follow up on it. Nori digs into the food and smiles at the taste of it, "This is delicious."

Hiroyasu nods "I'm not really looking forward to it at all. It's just a spectacle for the enjoyment of the Daimyo's.. as a Medic I deplore that they will just relish in blood sport and call it a test. Worse they are pitting friend vs friend, family vs family.. it's barbaric" he huffs shoving his mouth with a large helping of rice trying to silence himself.

Nori laughs, "Well, I can't say that I care much what the Daimyo's think…but I do get excited at the prospect of seeing other people's strategies and jutsu. I'm a nerd when it comes to what people are capable of doing. I find it all very academically interesting. I'm sure you and Hiei-san have grown a lot. How is your sensory ability coming along?" Heh. When Hiro speaks about the barbarism of it, Nori shrugs, "Well, it isn't like you and I have to kill eachother. There might be some nutty nin that go overboard, but at least in the survival rounds I'd love to work as a team and survive together. I hear that the forst is dangerous. Heck, I've put dangerous beasts into it myself." He grins at previous missions long gone. He eats some more. "In the tournament rounds, if we make it that far, I expect to be civil…no fights to the death or anything stupid like that. Besides, if I were a Daimyo, someone who went until they were on the verge of death would be a liability, not an asset. This is a test, something that can be taken over and over again, not some life or death challenge. After all, what does it get me if I pass? I already am in charge of missions. I already get sent on higher ranked missions. All I get is the Rank and a pat on the back. I am going more for personal satisfaction…for witnessing all the world has to offer."

Hiroyasu shrugs "eh.. fighting is my least favorite topic.. It's painfully simple.." before chewing on a few vegetables, he seems bashful "oh uh.. I'm sorry I haven't been able to achieve the next level yet.. it eludes me." he rubs the back of his head before going quickly to sip his tea.. "I don't plan on making it to the finals, they say medic's rarely do as we tend to focus more on our job and heal people who go nutty.. and they always do. Hiei and Misaki will, once they go get into the mindset of fight or flight.. they fight until they cannot.." he sighs before, "I'd have rather my country and my land saw fit to honor my service not trivialize with tests of sport.. I worked hard and sacrificed a lot, you know.." he probably didn't not much escaped to the world at large about Kumogakure's inner strife.

Nori listens and nods. "Fighting isn't my favorite topic either, but strategy is. While there exists strategy in fighting, one doesn't need to fight to do strategy. Screw fight or flight. Trick your opponents. That's what I'll be trying to do. Out-smart them. Beat them at what they are best at, being nutty, by taking their ability to be nutty away." Nori smiles a devious smile. Then the bashful Hiro comes out and Nori bahs. He puts down his bowl for a moment, "Am I going to need to be Nori-sensei again for a little while and push you to get to that next level. It is more useful then you could possibly know Hiroyasu-san." Nori continues to eat again, slurping somewhat. "Even at the tournament, when they force you to fight…there are ways to fight without being barbaric. With any luck, you'll see what I mean." Nori does nod, "I get it. Service is important, but the exams do act as a service in a way. They show the youth's strength of their nation. It is almost like a deterrent in a way for wars. At least, that is how I look at it."

Hiroyasu shrugs "That's what everyone says, but everyone who says that is also competing so.. I reserve judgement." he sighs at being chided about his lack of progress "I have nearly master the level I am at.. but I can't just devote all my efforts, I have patients at the hospital to tend too, work at the Raikage's Building, mission debriefings to decompile, Between that I have to find time to keep up with Hiei and Miso. I have been putting some effort into it, and it's really payed off.. and I will eventually find that point where I excel to the next level.. eventually" he mutters the last part before stuffing his face.

Nori nods, "That is true. I may be trying to psych you up to get you to go and then trick you into an ambush…one never does know. Then again, I can sense your chakra flow, so I have a fairly good idea." He winks. "Oh come on, look who you're talking to. We are all busy, so that's not really an excuse Nori-sensei would take." He chuckles. "In all seriousness though, it just takes time, which I know is hard to come by. It'll get there when it needs to be there for you. I'm sure you've grown a lot in other skill sets. And for the record, I'd rather take a mednin and sensornin into combat than Hiei-san or Misaki-san any day." He shrugs.

Hiroyasu shrugs "You can any try tactic you want on me, but My job is to support my team. Everyone is all excited about this or that and have been training for months. Personally i'll be glad when the silliness is over and we can get back to actually doing good for the land.. oh yay show of power, mutual togetherness.. yeah well we still have Yakuza problem, the faceless are still out there evading capture and our village's pride still sits empty with at best an impersonator at the helm.. Yeah.. real important" he sighs before sipping his tea again. "Thank you,that does mean something" he says setting down the cup.

Nori nods to Hiroyasu. "Then show what support you can give. Show how you can keep Misaki-san and Hiei-san in check. Their penchant for running off and fighting, when that isn't the right strategy for the situation, is probably still too common I'd imagine. Being a Chuunin is all about knowing how to deal with people like that." Nori then listens to all of the issues plaguing Kumo. "I didn't know it has been that bad. I guess that's why you're in a bad mood." He wasn't this bad when he was in Konoha. "Well, I'm not so sure I'm supposed to know about all of that, but if I can help in anyway, maybe after the exams, I'll head back up here and sort it all out with you guys. If they let me of course." He shrugs.

Hiroyasu uh-huhs and nods a few times, "You'll forgive me for being so rude.. I don't mean it.. but people have been telling me for months how I should do this or that, or how my training just isn't adequate. Frankly I'm tired of hearing about it, they have put more effort into a game of sport than helping the people live better lives.. which is more important? from the buzz and constant talk you'd think sport", he tries not to snarl but he really has had enough of this for the village! for the fighting! for the strategy! "A Death squad came to my apartment, and murdered a child's mother in front of their child. Hounded by Anbu equivalent shinobi for months, and trying to fight back.. It's been really bad at times, Yamanaka-san." he puts down his chopstick, he was done, "That would be nice! You can visit us for a change, we could use your more advanced spiritual sense to help us locate the rogue ninja still out there.. they need to pay for what they did.." he says with a sigh before putting his head in his hands then slapping his cheeks "Sorry! Sorry~ not time to get somber, Thank you for coming all the way out to get us.." he says with a smile.

Nori finishes eating too and listens to the rest, "You've had a rough time of it here. Why didn't you ask for our help sooner. We're only a messenger hawk away. I would have come had I known." Nori sighs. "Well, as far as what you should or shouldn't be doing, I guess I'm just as bad. It's just that most people probably like you and want you to prosper and be happy…so they try to give you advice to help. Father used to say that sometimes unwanted advice is worse than outright meddling in people's affairs." Nori stands then and says, "Well, I should go find Satomi-san and tell her about Fudo-san's actions. Maybe blind, gag, and bind him." He heads off.

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