Youth Kidnapped Army - Konoha Gets Involved


Hige, Rockpath (as Saorin), Kyuketsuki, Toshio, Zankuro

Date: February 12, 2015


Some recovered youth from a previous mission receive word from their friends: Kidnappers are after them. Hige, involved in bringing the first two back, seeks to bring back the other two and research the kidnappings. They run into trouble however and, while the kids are safe, the information gathering is lost for another day.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Youth Kidnapped Army - Konoha Gets Involved"

Forest few miles outside of Konohagakure

It's a warm day in Konoha and though Spring has (again) come it doesn't mean an end to the rains. A light mist falls over the Village at the moment, light enough that it almost doesn't seem to be staying long on the ground. No sooner does it touch then it's gone again. Have to enjoy those warm showers. Notice went out to a handful of shinobi, mostly Genin, to meet at the front gates for a mission. The letter said to pack for a day of travel and be ready for a possible confrontation. Pretty much nothing too outstanding for a mission of C rank.
At the gate stands Hige and Konsho and both look quite grim. If you can tell how a nin-pup looks that is. The boys arms are crossed over his chest as he waits for the others to arrive. No one else is present with him for the mission which is quite strange considering he's still but a Genin.

"You never ever are cheerful are you?" Toshio says as he walks up to them and shrugs. "So whats the specifics of this mission? PEople going to ambush us?" He asks curiously since their last mission went quite well.

Kyu rounds the corner and starts walking towards the other two, hes still got a few scabbed over scratches on him and he his clothes are cut in some places, he reaches the two of them and bows. "I was called? Whats the mission? And are you alright Hige? You seem a little.. Down." Kyu seems genuinely worried.

Zankuro was always prepared for travel, so he took off for the gate the moment the letter arrived. Truth be told, he acted with haste mostly just to get out of the house and away from his sister. Since the arrival of spring she's been a wee bit cranky as of late. Why? He knew not, or cared to risk his life to find out! "Yo! Your Ash King is heeere~" Zankuro calls out during his leap from a nearby building to the main entryway. "And I'm… er.. Why's everyone so glum?"

Hyuuga Saorin enters the area, looking mildly nervous. She's surprised to have been tapped for this mission, but she's ready as ever to go for it! The girl bows in greeting to everyone, pale eyes looking around at the group she's not overtly familiar with.

Hige nods in greeting to Toshio before shaking his head slightly. "I am cheerful from time to time. Just have to have a reason to be. You won't be either after I tell you what's going on." He doesn't elaborate for now however as he notes the arrival of the others. "Hey Kyu. I'm fine, don't worry." When the ground shakes at Zankuro's arrival Hige greets him silently with a nod before looking over at the last to arrive, the other Genin he'd met the other day. "Saorin." He offers. Now that everyone is here he motions them closer so he can explain.
"A few weeks ago Toshio and I had a little problem with a supposed 'family' that was moving some items. It turned out they weren't nice people." He doesn't elaborate on /that/ either. "Among them were four kids who we found out were forced to fight. Two of them we brought back but two others escaped and we were unable to go after them." He lets that all sink in for a moment before he continues. "The other two have tried to contact the two now under Konoha care because they are in trouble. It seems that there is some kidnapping scheme going on in the village they took shelter in and they fear they'll be next. Since I and Toshio have both dealt with them in the past I requested he and I go along with any others that were free." He looks to Zankuro and gives him a faint smile, "I also asked to lead the mission, as long as Zankuro oversaw everything. So he has the final say." Sorry Zan, you got stuck with it again. "We're going to try and bring these other two back and find out any information we can on the other kidnappings. Any questions?" Hige seems soofficial. It's really weird for him. Even Konsho is eyeing him a little now.

"Was wondering when we had to go for those others again." Toshio says as he nods. "I am willing to help out, whatever it takes to stop those idiots from using kids to do their dirty work." He says as he waits for the others to add their input. "As future Hokage, I wont let anyone enslave any from the land of fire." He says as he smirks.

Kyu listens carefully and shakes his head when Hige finishes, answering his questions about whether or not he has questions. Kyu chuckles a bit before saying something jokingly "Out of the hospital and into the field. I have no questions and I'm ready to move when everyone else does." Kyu looks prepared to go, and every does a small stretch to really be ready.

Zankuro had been rubbing his belly nervously as he looked to the others when he caught sight of Saorin in his peripheral. Curious, he turned and started to open his mouth for a greeting, but tenses up. Hige had started the explination, so he turned back curtly to give the genin his full attention. Despite his easygoing demeanor, the Sarutobi observes more acutely then what is let on.
He folds his arms across his chest at some point. It was mostly just to hide idle hand clenching from the news that was dropped. Zankuro had to grit his teeth behind closed lips when his feelings began to get a little out of hand. "Well… none from me I guess.. Wait actually, yeah. I'm — well, the rest of us are gonna need a description on this two missing kids, and any intell about this village we're supposed to be heading too. I'm all for walking in blind to a surprise party, but this.. is a little more serious." Zankuro chuckles awkwardly, meaning to diminish the heavy air a little.

Saorin hears the mission and her face pales. It's already pale, too, so the fact that this is visible is saying something. "I see… We need to get them back. I can use my Byakugan to try and find them, too…" she tells the Inuzuka with a determined look. She looks about ready to charge off, though she does wait for any orders from Hige or Zankuro.

Hige can't help but grin a bit at Toshio's reiteration of his desire to be Hokage. "Yes great box-kage, Kibako-kun. I'm glad you feel that way because I don't intend to let anyone get away with something like this either." In fact he feels ready to rip out some throats. But that's not the point of this mission. Just get the kids and get information. A nod to Kyu when the Uchiha says he's ready. Zankuro's words draw the semi-feral eyes of the Inuzuka and he nods slightly. "Good point. The two are in their early teens, one boy and one girl, both with black hair and about Toshio's height. Probably siblings." Hige thumbs over to the taller boy. Of course everyone is pretty much taller than Hige so good thing he was specific.
"The village isn't much. It's one of the smaller ones about half way between here and the border to the north. All farmers from what I've gathered. Reports have started that a few other kids have gone missing too so it's probably not too long before they send in a request of their own." It only takes the wrong kid to disappear to make that happen. Hige himself looks like he's itching to get moving and he looks around at the rest. "Alright if you want more info or have more questions ask on the way. Let's get moving. I'll take point, Zankuro can be our rear guard. Shouldn't be any trouble but you never know." With that he neatly put the three less experienced genin in the center to be watched over. Another quick nod before he turns, "Let's go." He says and with that he takes off into the trees to start the journey at a good clip and Konsho follows right behind.

Kyu assumed they would be walking or running there but when Hige suddenly leap leaps up into the trees he looks almost taken aback for a very brief moment then sighs muttering "of course" before following behind Hige, leaping up into the trees. Kyu tries his best to keep up with Hige, he thinks about complaining but instead remains silent as taking the trees can give them a stealth advantage possibly.

Zankuro sweatdrops as the realization sinks in that his efforts to ease the tension had not gone off without a hitch. Rather than attempt again immediatly, he simply slipped back into the less intrusive role of observe, nodding every now and then as the information is dispensed. Hige's readiness to move out — while understandable and warranted — worried Zankuro a little. Unfortunately, the travel plans were the best for the group for the most part, so he kept his lips shut after arranging for Saorin to stick closer to the rear with him. The Byakugan's three hundred and sixty degree would be a valuable asset to prevent being tailed. After all, the posibility of the information they recieved being rooted out was a very real possibility! Maybe? c.c
In any case, Zankuro keeps to the back, watching over all as best as he could without missing a step or lagging too far behind. He wasn't exactly known for his speed. "Anything else.. you can tell… us about the kidnappers, Hige?… Toshio?" He asks in between leaps… and breathes.

Saorin takes off as well, forcing herself to join the others into the trees to jump after. She isn't that used to traveling in such a way, but she manages to keep up with relative ease, the girl activating her Byakugan a bit preemptively to get used to her newest team members. It wasn't going to be a long pairing, she imagines, but it would do for the time being.

"Don't know anything about the kidnappers. First anyone in the Village has heard of it happening in this particular village." Hige replies over his shoulder to Zankuro as they go. It takes a little over an hour to get where they're going and they aren't even quite there yet when Hige signals a stop and drops out of the trees, still surrounded by forest. "I'm picking up their scent here." He says softly as he looks around at the surrounding trees. "But it's still at least another half mile to the village." The Inuzuka continues to sniff around and follow the scent.
Meanwhile Kyuketsuki would notice signs of a number of people having passed recently through the area. Footprints in the dirt here and there, just little things out of place. Zankuro would pick up on a threat as a group of people began to approach their position from either side. Saorin would, after looking with her byakugan in the direction Hige was currently sniff-walking, be able to see two teens surrounded by another handful of people with weapons.

Kyu drops out of the trees and listens to Hige, he looks around at the many things out of place and foot-prints, he tenses up a bit. Something gave him a bad feeling about this. He looks around and follows behind Hige, keeping an eye out nervously. He doesn't say anything due to his bad feeling and remains completely silent.

Zankuro winces, then nods grimly. In truth, he honestly hadn't been expecting much, so the news came as no real surprise to him. As luck would have it, by being the rear guard the Sarutobi is able to stop himself from leaping down with the rest and lose the better vantage point in the process. Otherwise, he may have missed the warning signs of another group making their way towards the rest.
Against perhaps his better judgement, Zankuro quickly digs out a scroll from his bandolier, and chucks it at Toshio's or Kyu's head. Whichever one looked the least alert. Presumeably, if they look back up, Zankuro would signal for them to warn the team about the approaching groups direction. The Sarutobi in the meantime would remain on watch, awaiting Hige's follow-up orders.

Saorin curses. "I can see them, but they're surrounded by a bunch of people with weapons. We need to hurry up," she calls to Hige and Zankuro, speeding up slightly and gathering a bit more chakra than she had initially focused. Worry is clear in her voice, and her pale eyes, now noticeable due to her Byakugan, seem focused on nothing as she looks on.

"I can always run up and distract them, let you guys rescue them when everyone is busy with me." Toshio says as he catches up, looking about curiously as he tries to make a plan.

Hige hears what Saorin says and frowns deeply, opening his mouth to say something when Zankuro's scroll throwing catches his eye. The boy turns to see what's going on before his ears catch it as well. Concern, that's not good. He's about to have them all get ready when Saorin just goes flying overhead without a care in the world. Hige lets out a soft growl before he looks back at the others, "Come on, stick together. We'll have them follow us to this other group." With that he takes off after Saorin, expecting the rest to follow. "Saorin, wait!"
While the group heads in one direction they are indeed now followed. It's impossible to tell by whom or how many people there might be but it's obvious they are coming. Up ahead Saorin will find herself a trio of men who have the two kids pinned against a steep hill face. The kids look like they've been trying to defend themselves with kunai and are losing.

Kyu nods nervously at Hige "right!" He stays close to Hige, keeping an eye out.

Zankuro chockes on a outcry of his own as Saorin sped past the others. He curses underbreath almost immediatly after, then curtly nods to Hige. He would stick to the tree tops for as long as possible, keeping an eye out behind the group. However, he had /no/ intention of making things easier on their pursuers.
"Katon: Zukokku!" The seals are quickly made, and after a deep breath, the Sarutobi spits out a fireball towards the ground well behind the group. Even if he couldn't get an accurate read on their tails group, the moment that fireball hit the ground, it would be spread truly like wild fire. It was Zankuro hope that he could later seal the fire later before it got truly out of hand. But again, only hope…

Who cares that someone's calling for her to stop? There are kids in danger, here! Saorin just continues to race on ahead, completely ignoring orders to 'stop and stick together'. Once she arrives at the scene, she narrows her focus to the three pinning two of the kids where they are and strikes quickly, dashing towards all three men and using her Byakugan to strike an accurate blow to a point that would disable them temporarily.

Zankuro sets fire to the entire forest and, well, that does pretty much take care of their pursuers. And the wildlife. Poor Bambi. Not everyone gets incinerated however as two figures jump away from the flames and give chase. Female twins, just for Zan. They each make their own set of handseals to attack the Sarutobi, one sending a fireball while the other arcs lightning towards him.
The three men facing the kids are surprise attacked and all three of them fall victim to the stuns. Their systems lock up from Saorin's attacks but it would seem they weren't alone in corralling these kids. From slightly up the hill another handful of people that were coming around behind the kids jumps down. One of them attacks Saorin on his way down, bringing a large two handed sword in an overhead strike towards her. The others attack the genin that appear behind her. Hige is left to deal with man using an axe to slice at him. Kyu gets the joy of full on taijutsuist who just tries to punch his face in!

When Hige catches up to Saorin he has half a mind to chew her out. But the other half of his mind is on what's incoming. With the three currently disable he moves to sidestep the swordsman that comes towards him quickly before following up with a swift sweeping stomach kick towards the man, followed by a punch towards the head. Konsho comes in last of all to try and latch onto his arm with some razor teeth. While he fights he watches the others around him to make sure they're okay, also watching the two teen who are now huddled against the hill.

Kyu sees the punch coming and leaps back, leaving an illusionary clone where he was standing, as soon as the Taijutsuist's fist connects it poofs into smoke, Kyu brings his hand up to his mouth, forming an O with his index finger and thumb, he fires three senbon sized darts at the Tai user, firing through the (probably illusory) smoke.

After expelling just a large jutsu, Zankuro has to pause for a moment to catch his breath, hoping the others could do without him for a moment or two. He flinches at the sight of figures leaping from the fire, and tries to form hand seals in preperation to defend himself. But then, he got a closer look…
"Hamana, Hamana, Hamana~" He says with a bit of drool slipping past his lips. Those weren't just any suvivors of his attack. This were flat out twins! Gorgeous Twins! Zankuro can't help but smile goofily up until they started flinging fireballs and fracking lightning! He tries to complete the seals in time, and even succeeds. Sadly, the fire rocket can't keep him from getting partially burned and toasted.
Zankuro lands upon another tree distinctly more sound of mind this time around, though angry. "*sniff* *sniff*… What is… *gasp*.. My shirt!? That was a — Oooohhh, you girls gonna get it now!!" He slams his fist together. "Gate of Rage, Gate of Vengeance, Open!!" He yells, buffing out almost instantly. Immediatly after, he leaps at the two, flashing seals meant to create an illusion of binding for both twins before he sent shuriken at the lightning one.

Saorin is able to dodge the attacks easily, moving quickly to once again strike those she's facing off against. The man who attacked with the swords gets a paralyzing strike as well before she follows up with an attack that would stop his chakra. "You better let these kids go…" she threatens, using her Byakugan to keep an eye on everyone around her in the immediate area.

When Toshio joins the rest of the group another man appears from the trees further up the hill, coming down at the poor Kibako-kun with a knife held in one hand in a very stabby motion.

Toshio comes and when the man tries to stab him, he moves, dodging before drawing his sword and slashing with three strikes, but for those with good eyes, the slashes moved twice in a quick movement.

The axeman neatly evades the attacks by Hige and Konsho, stepping back from the kick and punch before sidestepping the ninken as it goes flying by. Once the ninken has passed by he turns back towards Hige and raises the axe, slicing at Hige in two well placed attacks.
Mr. Taijutsuist is only confused by the mirage of a clone for an instant before he realizes what's going on. When those bolts of fire come out at him from Kyu he neatly slides away from the first and jumps over the second. The third is close but it's still a miss as it skims just by his ear. The man seems none too enthused at the ninjutsu based attacks and he lets out a fierce yell as he charges at Kyu with a swift punch towards the chest followed by a harsh side kick.
Zan's twins may be of the hot variety but they don't seem to be all that nice. That certainly don't seem upset to have ruined Zankuro's best shirt and in fact they're preparing to attack again when he beats them to the punch. The Fire Twin gets caught up in the genjutsu and finds herself falling out of the tree tops while the Lightning Twin manages to avoid the genjutsu trap at least. She's not so lucky with the shuriken however and takes it in the shoulder. She also drops from the trees, though more controlled before she runs over and kicks her sister to break the genjutsu. Still only the lightning twin is able to attack and she quickly makes handseals before sending a duo of lightning bolts at the Sarutobi.
The swordsman is not so lucky when it comes to the feisty little Hyuuga genin. At the attacks from her he finds himself first frozen in place, then his chakra channels getting clogged up. He staggers back a few steps to regain himself as he stares down the girl before he moves forward again with a renewed vigor with a pair of quick slices towards her head.
When the knife man misses in his attack he doesn't appear to hesitate in the slightest. In fact when Toshio attacks in return he neatly evades the first two while blocking the last with his knife. He follows up immediately as well as he slices once at Toshio towards his chest, then flips the blade in his hand to bring it back in a stab.

Hige's attacks miss but he's not so lucky when it comes back at him. The first axe move catches him in the shoulder and gives a nasty little cut across it. The second attack he manages to avoid. He lets the bleeding happen as he focuses back on the man in front of him. He jumps in the air making to attack the man but instead goes for the three who are recovering from the Hyuuga's earlier stun, Konsho joining him as they spin in the air and sail towards the ground in a tangle of claws and fangs.

Kyu sees how painfully ineffective his attacks were and decides hes just going to avoid his opponent instead, he starts splitting into illusionary copies and doing nothing else, besides walking around calmly, predicting which Kyu he was going to try to hit, and trying not to let that one be the real one.

The Sarutobi winced after seeing his shuriken land. Zankuro is more of a lover than a fighter. If possible, he might've let the twins run off after attempting a bit of wooing. Sadly, he's still a little committed off, and the lightning twin wasn't even going to give him a chance to try. Thoughtlessly did he leap down after the two, handseal already formed and chakra building up in preparation of controlling his landing. Zankuro has to turn himself into a human rocket early on just to avoid one of the lightning blasts.
He isn't as successful as he would like, but still manages to shrug off the tingling sensation left behind enough to twist around enough in midair, throwing his weight and evading the second. He lands roughly. "Sheesh! Look we…" Zankuro pauses, then shakes his head and starts forming seals. Talking would have to wait, for now. Chains of earth spring up around both, meaning to bind them long enough for the barrage of shuriken to hit there weak points.

Saorin shakes her head a bit, ducking under the sword slashes with ease so she can move in quite quickly to strike even more Tenketsu points on her enemy, hopefully knocking him out of the battle once she's done. "Stupid…" she mutters as her palm strikes him (or attempts to) for the third time.

Toshio flickers from the slash but the stab does get into him. He drops his sword when close and forms handseals. "Blazing shuriken." He says softly before spitting out flame bursts at the man who stabbed him, hoping the close distance makes it harder to dodge or block.

The axeman is ready for Hige's attack and becomes confused when it doesn't happen. Instead he watches the Inuzuka plow into his three friends who are now down for the count and he rushes the boy and his ninken with his axe. Before he arrives however he pulls out a kunai to fling at the boy, attempting to distract him before he cuts him to bits.
The taijutsuist is equally as confused as his axe partner when the mirages appear and disappear at being hit. What's more odd is not being attacked. That just makes it more difficult to find the right one! He continues beating around with some wild kicks to try and find the real Kyu!
Apparently Zankuro doesn't have a thing for twins as his genjutsu completely slips by them both. No one gets to be tied up for the Sarutobi. But as a consolation prize the Lightning twin does take the shurikens and crumbles to the ground in pain. The Fire twin isn't done yet though and launches a barrage of firey little bullets at the Chuunin!
The Swordsman is again not very good, nor very lucky it would seen as his attacks miss once more. As he turns to slice at the girl again he finds himself suddenly sapped of all strength as his chakra network shuts down on him and he crumples to the ground.
Knifey seems pleased with himself at how easily he's beatinga little kid. Well actually thinking on it that way makes it not seem so great but they're here for the kids, right? Apparently he should've been thinking less and paying more attention as the firey shuriken burns into his chest and knocks him back a few steps. It's not enough to put him down however and he charges at Toshio again with some angry knife slices.

Hige deftly avoids the thrown kunai as well as the first axe attack. The last attack hits him however as his focus momentarily shifts to his surroundings and the others. "Saorin help Kyu." He barks in an angry growl, though that anger isn't directed at the Hyuuga but instead at the man in front of him. He doesn't even look at Konsho or acknowledge any pain as he and his ninken launch themselves in a vicious attack, this time right at the man.

Kyu thought he had the situation under control when suddenly the Taijutsu user leaped at him, delivering a hard kick to the gut, he stumbled back and quickly seemingly split in three, one headed left at a run, one headed right, and one turning and running back, Kyu uses this confusion to slip away as the user attacks the fakes, he watches him closely, ready for the next attack

Zankuro winces again, but doesn't lower his guard. He truly hated hurting girls; especially hot twins. Hot twins that may or may not be willing to fufill one many dreams dreamed by boys his his age.
That thought gets quickly burnt out of his skull when some of the fireballs managed to hit him despite all of his slick dodging skills. Something about his inner fire just wasn't working out right as things stood. "Enough!" He yelled. "Just… enough, sheesh." Zankuro adds, growing quieter with every word. Despite the inherit dangers of the action, the Sarutobi closes his eyes and clears his mind, focusing on both gathering more chakra and a mantra. When next he opens them there is not a trace of his early anger or pervy ways. He is calm, and yet… determined.
He pops out another scroll from his bandolier, kneels, and summons a first aid gear. After digging out some salves he tosses the box over to the feet of the fire twin. "I don't want to fight you. Never did. And there is no point to us fighting anyways… 'Sides that…" He glances over to the fallen twin. "Shouldn't you be taking care of her instead of fighting me? I mean.. you two can't be getting paid nearly enough to make all this trouble worth it… and if you are, well, give me a couple of weeks and I'll pay ya double if ya leave now…. Fair deal?"

Saorin nodded to Hige's instructions and dashed over to help Kyu, using her Byakugan to eye the Tenketsu points and attempt to strike them to both paralyze and drain the man of his energy. She is a bit slower as she tires, but other than that, she's fine.

Toshio gets sliced twice and this causes him to give a growl as he kicks his sword up and slashes at the man, normal sword slashes to try and bring knife guy down.

Taiju hits his targetbut then that target splits again into three more. Grumble. He seriously hates these types. Why can't they just fight with their hands and feet like they were meant to! He chases after various clones around to try and get them down one by one. That's until Saorin gets involved. He avoids the stunning attacks but takes the actual juuken strike, causing him to jump back in pain. He ignores Kyu now as he focuses on Saorin and aims a trio of attacks towards her.
The Twins aren't looking so hotas in well. They're still hot. And apparently Zankuro's words to them are enough for now, as well as the fact that he's not attacking again. The quickly help one another up and make to leave, though the Lightning twin glances back at Zan and gives him a smile. Then, unless he stops them, they go off.
The knife wielder gets sliced up by Toshio and he decides he's had enough as he drops his knives and tries to run. Nothing scarier than a bloody teenager with a sword apparently. At least not when the sword is bloody too, from beating up said person.

Hige and Konsho, when they end their gatsuga, both come out of it transformed. Well, Konsho is transformed into Hige at least. Now there's two Inuzuka kids and no dog. Of the axe attacks only one of them got hit though it's hard to tell which one at this point. Still, a little trail of blood runs from a leg. It doesn't stop them from attacking again, trying to take the man down while the rest of the team is cleaning up the rest.

Kyu stops and sees the Taijutsu user got distracted by Saorin, he smiles seeing his opportuninty to be a distraction at very least, once again preparing to fire his fire darts. He makes the O and exhales sharply three times. Firing three darts.

Zankuro almost wavers after the recieving the smile, but manages to hold firm until the twins are out of sight. "Wheeew~ That was close…" He frowns. "That's… prolly gonna bite me in the butt someday." After a moment's pause the Sarutobi eagerly shakes his head rapidly, dismissing the thought, then takes off to finally rejoin the others. Zankuro doesn't so much as announces his presence with words or noise, but by trying to lockdown the two supposed strongest fighters. Well, the /only/ two fighters left besides the knife wielder trying to run away. The genjutsu would last only for a moment, but hopefully the others would be able to finish the job from there before the Sarutobi would have to break cover.

Saorin jumps back and avoids the flurry of physical attacks aimed at her, the girl somehow able to avoid getting hit for most of this battle. She then moves in, striking once at the man near his arm, then twice at his chest. She's fighting how he wants! Just with a bit of chakra added to improve her strike's Attack power!

This guy is good! Despite a close range gatsuga the axeman manages to avoid the seeking claws of the boy and his ninken by the narrowest of margins. As he prepares to swipe at the Inuzuka pair again he finds himself unable to move thanks to the genjutsu cast by Zankuro. He topples over where he stands, frozen in place.
Taiju was doing okay against just the Hyuuga but that's because he didn't expect that silly runaway boy to do anything. So while he focuses on the girl he really doesn't expect those three attacks to nail him from behind. Combined with the strikes from the front and he has absolutely no chance as he crumples to the ground in a heap of burns and pain.
With that the Konoha nin have come out victorious. At Hige's instructions any surviving but injured baddies are tied up to nearby trees to be retrieved by the village folk and the rest are left where they are - carrion food. With the two teens they came to help the group heads off to the nearby village to inform them of what happened and send guards out for those they left. They would all stay the night in the village to recover from their injuries before heading back to Konoha the next day, taking the two grateful teens with them.

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