Konoha Ranger Patrol


Kefka, Hige, Daichi, Shugo, Tsuchiri

Date: November 17, 2015


A team of Konoha shinobi is sent to deal with some animals that got into a rogue batch of soldier pills.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Konoha Ranger Patrol"

Small Village in the Land of Fire

Always dispose of hazardous items properly! That's a key thing for any experimental lab. Things they make, especially dangerous ones, shouldn't be allowed out to spill out. Of course, when you've got teenagers who're bored of their jobs at this place handling it, they figure not reporting a little spill can't /REALLY/ hurt anything, right?… Right?
Not so apparently. An old medical ninja who specializes in soldier pills was having some he found to be faulty disposed of while he made up another batch. The kids who were supposed to make sure they all made it to the burn pile spilled some down a hill and couldn't be bothered to gather them back up. This led to a grizzly bear, some squirrels, some rabbits, and who knows what else all getting some samples of these pills. There aren't any left out of all of them that spilled, which spells a rather disastrous situation since some of these animals are already on a rampage around a small village. Trees have been knocked over onto houses and other buildings. Bird feeders have been emptied and destroyed. Laundry has been ravaged. Someone even reported a picnic basket missing. Luckily no one has died or been seriously injured yet, but the locals are asking for help from Konohagakure.
While there's no real need to kill any of the animals, they do need to at least be subdued until the effects of the pills wear off. Do the Konoha shinobi have big enough hearts to simply stop the cuddly creatures from destroying anymore without killing them, or can they simply not be bothered? Let's find out

Well this was quite a debacle. Whoever it was that let these pills go so easily would need to be punished. Heavily. But that would be later. For now, there were more important things to worry about. Like keeping super creatures from continuing to traumatize poor villages and keeping Yogi from stealing any more a pic-a-nic baskets. Hige and Konsho are at the gates, waiting and ready to go to take care of this mess. To kill or not to kill…that was the question.

Shugo heard the reports of the animals while packing and couldn't help but want to go try and make sure that whatever creatures were being troubled were safely detained until something could be done for them. Tugging on his Haori and buckling his pouch to the front of his pants, the Nara started off quickly for the entrance of the village where he could try gathering some more specific information on where the animals were located at. Catching sight of Hige the Nara would speed up rather than slowing down with some form of misguided relief. If the pup had heard the rumours he already had an idea of poor innocent animals being put into a pot for tomorrow's stew. Not on his watch!

Daichi headed out to the gates. Animals seemed to love roaming and raging. Of course these ones were not doing it without the helpof whatever those food pills were. He made sure he had everything of his before he left, and it didn't take him long to make it there. Upon arrival he waves to everyone already here. "Hey. So anything else I need to know about these things." He hadn't wanted to kill the animals, but he wasn't going to be upset over them being killed if it came to it…'

The inuzuka village has a hard time keeping news not-public… if you've been there enough to not be suspicious. There's news of some forest critters going crazy, that's an interesting enough premise for Chiri to hop up and investigate. A long stint of running, haphazard tree jumping, and a final glide, she's at the village gates and eyes the gathering crowd.
"Hey. You all here for that… um, wildlife gone wild?"

Since the area they're going to is on the western edge of the Land of Fire, it takes some time to get there, but they eventually do reach it. Assuming they approach or enter the village, they'd spot the place in a bit of disarray. It's not like there's a lot of fear in the area, but people are doing their best to stay indoors and out of the way of the creatures that are currently disrupting their lives. It would almost look like a ghost town were there not eyes of civilians peeking out from behind curtains to see if anything's happening or if help has arrived once in a while.

Hige looks over others as they arrive. This had been kind of a thrown together mission obviously. Look who got thrown together. Hige nods in greeting to each, then leads them off towards the wild animal park that this village has become. "All I've gotten is that a bad batch of food pills were partially lost and eaten by animals who are on a bit of a rampage now. We can either kill them or try and keep them out of trouble until the pills wear off." Explanation done, Hige and Konsho would continue on until they reach the village.
The teen walks into the village and looks around not only at the trouble that's already evident, but also at the people hiding inside their homes. Hmm. "Keep an eye out while we try and find someone who might actually tell us any other details. Like how long it's going to take for the pills to wear off." There has to be a village elder somewhere, right?

It seemed that saving Slappy, Skippy and the gang was one of the few motivating factors for the usually lazy Shugo as he pushed hard to keep up with Hige so that the Inuzuka didn't try immeditately eating those poor animals when they got to the village. Shugo was forming hand seals as he ran, focusing his chakra to the point that his shadows blackened under foot in preparation for the mortal combat to come. "You plan on catching them then? I was thinking I heard Konsho and your stomachs growling all the way from the Nara village." Shugo remarked with a bit of relief in his tone as that made one less person needing convincing against the eating of poor animals. Perhaps he could try telling the others that the animals could be diseased.
Once they reach the village and Shugo comes to a stop he joins Hige in scanning over the area, carefully looking for what might be awaiting in the darkness for the unsuspecting shinobi….Green eyes scanned over the village, taking in the peering eyes of the villagers from within their homes here and there, the peeking eyes from within a window and a subtly closing shutter as though they didn't want to draw attention. How crazed could these animals have become?

Daichi nods at the answer from Hige. He didn't bother saying anything else as they had to hurry to the village. Right away upon exiting he would start looking around to try to spot things, but it wasnt until they got to the village that he would concentrate mainly on it. "Is there anyone specific we should look for Hige? Or just ask around randomly." Then an idea pops up and his sketchbook is pulled out. "Maybe I can do a sketch if someone can describe the leader." He smiles some obiously thinking it was an amazing idea.

Tsuchiri blinks. "So, are we euthanising them, or restraining them?!" she asks of the jounin, despite that, her first move is to make her way as high as she can, climbing atop the nearest building and scanning what she can from the vantage point. She's gotta sync with the area, of course!

As they inspect around in their various manners, the team would find out that these creatures are certainly not shy about leaving a trail. They probably wouldn't be too difficult to find even… if there were a need to do so. As Hige looks around for a leader of some sort, suddenly a squirrel leaps off a treetop at his face and then another at Konsho's. Tsuchiri, Daichi, and Shugo would each find a series of rabbits rabbit coming their way from the woods and diving at them with intent to pretty much just slam into them guts and knock them over.

"Just keep an eye out, is there's a village elder they should be coming out to see us since they requested the help. Just make sure…watch out!" Hige calls out the last as he just barely catches the arrival of the critters in their little attacking swarm. Konsho jumps away and Hige sidesteps the squirrels with a muttered grumble. "I was going to let them live, but if they're this feisty…don't put yourself in danger. If you can't subdue them, kill them." Hige would take point on that as lightning surrounding his claws before he lashed out at the squirrel while Konsho did the same to the other one. Troublesome creatures.

Shugo was waiting and even though he'd not seen anything he let his shadows crawl along his skin and cloak his torso in a shell so that he could withstand attacks. And rightly so as the first rabid rabbit bounced off his chest. The one he wasn't expecting however was the rabbit that lunged against his rear from behind and knocked the Nara flat on his face. Climbing to his hands and knees, Shugo rubbed at his nose slowly before forming and holding the hand seal of the Ram, letting his shadows snake out toward the attacking animals with two or three tendrils, trying to catch and hold those creatures in place for someone else to take them down without too much of a struggle. "Don't get mad from just one attack, Hige. They're just hocked up on whatever was in the stuff they ate. Think of if Konsho ate bad food and got mad about it!" Yep, he pulled the puppy card.

Daichi nods once more to Hige. Before he could say anything Hige called out to them to watch out, and Daichi acted quickly. His weights were pulled off before anything else, and right as the two rabbits made it to him he was gone. He noticed that Tsuchiri seemed to be unfocused on the situation happening so far, and he moved by her side pushing her away just enough to cause the rabbit to miss the both of them. Another one would reach her, but hopefully she was ready. Anyways he pulled out three shuriken before throwing them to hit whatever rabbits he could. No holding back now for them.

Tsuchiri was decidedly not too focused on what's jumping at her. Enough that when she does notice DATABASE BLOAT RABBITS ARE GOING TO EAT ME, she scrabbles to a leaping stance and hops off the roof, chakra feathers fanning out on either side of her torso and gliding onto the adjacent rooftop. "I'm not rabbit food!" she exclaims, feathers returning to their normal fanning spread. "Everyone okay?" she calls out

While the rabbits are pretty good about avoiding getting destroyed, the squirrels attacking Hige and Konsho get obliterated. The travesty! One would think an Inuzuka would have more sympathy for animals. Then again dogs aren't big fans of squirrels and other creatures. Of course, just avoiding being hit doesn't mean nothing else is coming for you! The rabbits continue to jump at the ones still on the ground while another wave of squirrels come down at Hige and Konsho. In the distance the roar of a bear is heard, seeming to be getting closer. Better get ready!

"Konsho is a ninken, not just some wild animal," Hige responds even as he and Konsho both avoid the attacking squirrels by hopping back a little. "There's a difference." When Tsuchiri asks if they're okay he just gives a wave, grumbling a bit in annoyance. He wasn't exactly made for capturing after all. He tended to kill. It was so much easier in general. Didn't have to take care of anything down the road once it was dead! Running a hand through his hair annoyedly he decides to go a little less lethal at least. Lightning flickers around his hand and needles shoot out towards the mass of creatures. Just leave them stuck in the ground. That should do it. And they might live.

Shugo would blink when he saw the first of the rabbits charge and with it being too late to dodge, he did the best he could with hardening his shadows over his form to dull down the damage as well as he could. Coughing hoarsely from the strike, the genin wasn't ready for the second rabbit that kicked the Nara off his feet and sent him tumbling across the ground in a heap. The idea of catching those darn animals was looking less and less appealing as he drifted in and out of consciousness on the ground.

Daichi was flipping around now trying to avoid the barrage of rabbits. There were so many, and he was quickly knocked around by a few landing near Shugo. He didn't know if he had time to patch himself and Shugo up, but he couldn't just let his injuries stay untreated. Hige would be better to stay fighting as well though…. He doesn't have time to worry now he has to finish these. He looks at a few rabbits nearby, and slides his foot across the ground a few times to knock the rabbits down or away.

Hax rabbits! Chiri's not going to be RABBIT FOOD! The shiftest of the pair's lunge is interrupted by a slight shift in Chiri's positioning, followed by a burst of violet chakra pellets. The second gets worse punishment. A brief flicker of glimmering star chakra forms over Chiri's left eye, sending a solid ray of her chakra out to its path, aiming to knock it into the roof and allowing her to aim at it- and its friends with her feathers. Each one tracking another of the rabbits nearby before shattering their ends and launching two volleys of chakra shards at them all indiscriminately. DINNER SHALL BE SUCCULENT THIS NIGHT!

BZZT! BZZT! BZZT! The angry puppy man KOs these poor innocent creatures with his fierce lightning! And Daichi's kicks open up the little woodland monsters for Tsuchiri's first round of attacks to get pulverized without issue, though some of them manage to avoid the next assault. This all leads to one angry snarling bear charging in at Hige and attempting to knock both him and his ninken down and chomp chomp CHOMP! The others are assault by flying squirrels coming down out of the tree to scratch, claw, and facehug!

Grumble. Nothing but trouble these animals are. And to think they even thought about saving these creatures. Hige and Konsho see the bear coming and both manage to avoid it's mauling attacks as they jump away, landing next to Shugo long enough to grab him and move aside of the creatures. "Is it okay if I kill them now?" Hige asks Shugo far too sweetly, very much in a 'I told you so' manner. "Tsuchiri. Watch Shugo. And maybe…back everyone up a bit. And…" he glances around. Hmm…there's enough space here. Surely a new crater in the middle of town would be welcome, right? "Yeah that should do it."
Two Inuzuka take to the skies then, coming back down towards the ground and all the creatures, squirrel, rabbit, and bear alike. The duo spin and lightning starts to flicker around their forms and focus into even more deadly fangs and claws as they come down, seeking to commit a bit of a massacre of the animal variety.

Shugo would laugh a bit only to groan in response at both how the laughter made his ribs grind and shift, and how the movement of being safely moved from int he line of fire felt. "Stew sounds good…" Was what did finally manage to leave the Nara by the time he was let down and could struggle to sit up while watching what came next. With an arm over his middle and one eye closed against the pain, Shugo watched the interesting attack Hige and Konsho were working to rain down onto the animals while at the same time, working to move back in case the damage was anything like what Shugo had seen Hige himself manage to cause in a single sitting. It wasn't going to be pretty either way.

Daichi was getting hit more and more just unable to avoid everything. The only upside to these stupid squirrels coming out of the sky….he could kick all of them around some in the air. All that meant was him landing on the ground from the last attack against him, and with a wince jump into the air to do a few spins. Hopefully that would kick around a few.

Tsuchiri's being accosted by YET MORE FUZZY CRITTERS! "Auditit! You're ALL going on my dinner table! Kaido will have a FEAST!" she shouts. The gliding creatures need to learn who the master of the skies truly is, chiri fires a pair of chakra rays from her forearms towards the swooping creatures, then leaps back to make some distance. She dredges up still more of her reserves when her feathers begin to flicker and become faint.

Through a series of vicious and deadly attacks, there's a large pile of furry bodies all across the ground. A rather gruesome sight this is, but at least the village is safe once again. Mission accomplished.

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