Konohagakure Genin Games


Sosuke, Hiei, Yamamoto

Date: April 23, 2013


Yamamoto runs a mini-makeshift-carnival at a secluded location in Konohagakure

"Konohagakure Genin Games"

Konohagakure Windmills

Windmills [Konohagakure]

Found here are several windmills made out of a dark wood expanding into the distance. Each windmill sways at its one pace, the windmills within this area appear beautiful but children tend to not be allowed to wander here due to the danger of the blades that can suddenly turn faster. A small river stream snakes its way through the area before finally entering a hill section further in the distance. There are no trees or birds seen here, simply the windmills and short green grass.



Standing at 5'5" Sosuke doesn't boast a tall stature. However his physique couldn't be described as anything less than lean and robust. There is an artistic design to his muscle tone which seems to mold to his bronze skin. Sosuke's eyes are a mixture of topaz and orange in color and are the most noticeable feature on his face. His hair is snow white and held by black bandages for length, on the right side of his head he has three small tails and under it a braid of hair held by a black cylinder with metal decorations, and on his forehead he has three black dots each differing as the waning phase of the moon.
Sosuke wears a black long shirt which is split under the belt and arrives at the end of the thigh, the upper part of the shirt is fishnet and sleeveless. It covers half his neck, the shirt is held by a dark grey belt made with simple fabric. On the right lower arm he wears white bandages that start from the elbow and go down to the wrist, on the opposite arm he wears a black fabric cuff that extends just as far as the bandages on his other arm. On the lower half of his body he wears dark blue/grey loose pants held under the knees with white bandages, the calf is covered by metal protections with three rectangular openings on the front side where is possible to see fishnet. On his feet he wears simple black shinobi sandals.


Hiei stands at around 5'2 and has a slender athletic physique. His skin is a very dark coffee color but it makes his light blue eyes stand out. His hair cut short and is swept back in a spiky manner giving it a wind-blown look. His arms are a little on the skinny side, but they have definition. His legs are toned and muscular, indicating that is probably where the bulk of his physical power lies. His forearms are scarred slightly and there is a vertical scar below his scalp that extends around his eye and ends on his cheek, a former wound that has healed over.

He is clad in what would be considered his own personal style of what a shinobi should wear. On his upper half is a black garment that is sleeve-less and exposes his arms. It has a 'V' in the neck where a black mesh type garment can be seen underneath. At around the throat the garment pools around, making it look like he's wearing some sort of scarf around his neck, the ends trail down past his shoulder blades on the back. A multi-pouched belt surrounds his slim middle and a pair of baggy black pants adorn his legs. Strapped to the small of his back is a sword in a sheath. On his hands are fingerless gloves with metal backs on the back of the hands. On his feet are comfortable looking shinobi shoes and the headband around his head indicates that he is of the Village Hidden Among Clouds, the Land of Lightning.


A young man in his late teens with ochre coloured skin. He is tall and muscular. His eyes are opal. He wears a dark red vest open in the front and dark red pants which are baggy, but brown wrappings cover the shins and calfs of the pants and keep them tight to the skin. Brown tabi cover the feet. Around his waist a thick bright yellow sash is tied to leave a pair of foot long tails hanging, and a matching yellow bandana tied in a skull cap covers his hair and bears an Iwagakure forehead protector. From the edges of his bandana spills thick shoulder-length black hair.

It is late in the afternoon, partly cloudy, and still a little hot in Konohagakure, though the breeze that blows through the fields is relieving. Out in the fields around the windmills of Konohagakure some temporary structures have been set up. One of them is a strength testing boot with a big wooden mallet and one of the old-style bell-ringer levers. One is what looks like a precision aiming booth with shelves arrayed at various distances, though no targets are present. One is a large ring that has been cleared of grass for some reason. The final one, and the only one attended, is a pole standing out of a shallow tub of water, the water being held in by a combination of the ground below and wooden planks arrayed in a circular wall four feet high. sitting at the top of the pole is a young man from Iwagakure by the name of Yamamoto. On the ground beside the tub are stones of various sizes. Beside the tub there is also a large sign saying, "Knock him off, win a prize."
The "entrance" to this area is a crudely built torii gate with a sign on the top saying, "Genin Games."

The windmills were always of place of value tranquility for Sosuke but today there was a bit more going on at the site. "Genin…games?" Sosuke reads as he walks about the area. "This village is certainly more festive than most others. A luxury I wonder…" he muses to himself before stopping by one particular mini game. "Knock him off win a prize." Sosuke reads aloud again. He then looks to the various stones ranging in size. Sosuke blinks "Seems a bit crude. But he doesn't seem too bothered by it." Sosuke says peering up at the man at the top of the pole.

After having lunch with Satomi, Hiei, still taking a day off from training, had heard about the Genin games out by the windmills. He begins to walk out towards that way, figuring he could visit Nori while in the area. Once making it there, he begins to look at the booths while commenting. "We definitely don't have these back home." He's wearing casual clothes today, dressed in navy blue and the only thing that indicates that he's a shinobi is the lightning patters on the back of his shirt with the Yotsuki clan symbol emblazoned over it. Stepping up beside Sosuke, he also reads the sign next to the mini game. "Win a prize, eh? People actually do this for fun?" Satomi did tell him to try to relax and have fun so…

Yamamoto notices the Genin entering his makeshift carnival and immediately jumps up from his sitting position to stand on the post. "Greetings little men, I am Katen Yamamoto of Iwagakure," he bows, extending one arm to the side and putting the other arm across the front of his waist. When he straightens out he continues to speak. "Unfortunately you will have to make due with me today, and today there is the splash tank. Try your best and win a prize, but if you can't win you will have to get me ropes or paper lanterns to decorate with." He smiles at the two Genin. "That's right, this is a betting game. If you win, though, I will buy you a stack of dango or some other sweet treats. So what do you say? Think your tiny arms can hold out against my balance? I'll even give you five tries a piece, but no Genjutsu. This is a contest of ninjutsu skill or taijutsu strength, whichever you prefer."

Sosuke continues to gaze up at the man only glancing to Hiei as he walked up. Sosuke listens with an open mind as the man explains the terms of the contest. The young Gansao glances around then smiles before looking back to Yamamoto. "My name is Tsukinamida Sosuke. I'll gladly and graciously accept your challenge." Sosuke states with a bow. His then looks to Hiei curious to see what his response will be. Sosuke left his scythe at home but today he wouldn't need it. "I can make do with Taijutsu." he muses in his head.

Hiei looks up at the man and then recognizes him as one of the Iwa-Nin from the lake. He smirks faintly. "Challenge Accepted." He then adds for Sosuke's benefit. "Yotsuki Hiei." He nods towards him before looking back up at Yamamoto. Taijutsu would be the way to go for him as well. He looks at the rocks laying around and picks up one, hefting it in one hand to test the weight. But he doesn't throw it just yet.

"Oh-ho-ho! We have some little men who think they are some hot stuff," Yamamoto says. "Well, I hope you have come prepared, little men, because it is Katen Yamamoto who you face today, and it is no easy task to make me move when I have planted my feet!"

Sosuke nods and moves after Hiei to pick up one of the stones. He picks a lighter one, something he can get a feel for. Sosuke tosses the stone in hand and looks up to Yamamoto. "Five tries if I recall…" Sosuke nods. He then positions himself and prepares to give the stone a toss. "If you're ready then." Sosuke says before slinging the stone at Yamamoto's foot. It wasn't the most strategic through but it was traveling pretty quickly.

Hiei watches Sosuke hurl his rock and then he waits to see if it connects. After it's over, he'll take a moment to line up his shot and then draw back his arm and fire a release. "Five tries. Surely I can hit him in five tries." He murmurs to himself.

As the stones fly up to Yamamoto, they bounce ineffectively off his skin. Or maybe not off his skin, as anyone trained in chakra-sensitivity could tell that he sheathed himself in chakra just before impact. He yawns audibly and then changes his smile to a look of apathy for a moment as he says, "Come now, is that everything? Surely you can do better." He smiles again at the two Genin. "Four more tries."

Sosuke watches to see how Yamamoto would brace himself against the stones. He is rather impressed with the way he rendered the stones ineffective. Sosuke nods and moves to pick up another stone. This one was the same size as the last. He tossed it up and down in his hand for a moment before taking aim then launching it at Yamamoto. Sosuke stepped into it this time figuring the man would try and tank it instead of dodging it. Sosuke aimed for the sternum this time hoping to unbalance Yamamoto.

Hiei watches and then hmms slightly. "Chakra manipulation. Interesting. Hiro would get a kick out of this." Knowing that his teammate was all about the chakra where he himself was more of the physical type. He leans down and picks up another rock. "Let's see if the next one does any better." He takes a step forwards and fires another one towards him.

Yamamoto laughs a bit as the stones brush off of him yet again, the one to his sternum bouncing into the water below with a splash and the other one deflecting past him. Again, Yamamoto doesn't move. "That tickles," Yamamoto says. "In Iwagakure I have been taught to stand strong like the mountain. This is decent practice, at least, if not as harsh as usual."

Sosuke blinks as his toss is once again ineffective. It wasn't as though he didn't expect it but he was rather shocked as to the degree of which Yamamoto's body withstood the stone. Sosuke looks to Hiei as he spoke up "Chakra manipulation? I see. He's using chakra to harden his body." Sosuke moves back over to pick up a larger stone now. The muscles in his arms flex as he plans to put a higher degree of strength behind this one. Sosuke takes aim a bit more cautiously this time. His eyes narrow and he slings the stone once more. It travels at impressive speeds for Yamamoto's knees.

Hiei nods. "I've seen the technique before. We aren't fazing him because we're not actually hitting him." He picks up a larger rock himself and then holds it in one hand. The Yotsuki are known for their strength, and Hiei was no exception. He hurls it at Yamamoto. "Come on…" He murmurs.

Yamamoto takes the hit to the knees, but only barely. His eyes widen a bit at that one… and the first mark has been made on his actual person. It is obvious from the dirt mark on his knee that the other rocks weren't connecting at all. "Oh," he says, looking a bit worried as the other larger rock flies in and hits him in the torso. "You gusy almost got me that time," Yamamoto says. "Maybe I shouldn't have left bigger rocks sitting there," he says, looking at the larger rocks yet sitting next to the tub. He resumes his smile and looks back to the Genin. "Well, too late now. Only two tries left, little men. Dango's on the line and I REALLY like dango."

Sosuke nods to Hiei "Yes I gathered. Might I run something by you, Hiei-san?" Sosuke walks over to Hiei and leans in. His words are muffled from Yamamoto's point of view but he glances to the man's knee. Sosuke makes sure to point this out to Hiei. "It's just like any other material. After a while it will weaken. I've decided to help him already given the condition this 'event' is in." Sosuke explained. "So I gather, if you're willing to trust me, you'll catch on after my last two attempts." Sosuke nods and moves away now to pick up two larger stones. He sighs and inhales a fair amount of air. His arms grow larger, the muscles expanding considerably and veins became more prominent. Sosukes winds up and slings the first large stone for Yamamoto's knees. He'd then release the second and final stone for the same target. In rapid succession he's mounted an assault against Yamamoto's knees.

Hiei leans in slightly when Sosuke speaks and nods his head. He got it. Picking up two of the larger rocks, his muscles bulge outwards as he hurls one, then the other towards Yamamoto's knees. "I see. Attack the same spot and that area weakens. I'll have to remember that."

Yamamoto watches the two boys pick up the stones and says, "Oh, you've got a plan, do you?" As the first two stones come in from Sosuke they strike at Yamamoto's knees and deflect off. Then the next two stones, thrown just afterwards and at the same spot by Hiei, strike the knees, first one, knee gets knocked, pushing its foot off the pole, then the other knee gets swept out from under Yamamoto. As he flips head-first into the three-foot deep water, Yamamoto cries, "Oh!" He lands squarely on his head with a splash and rolls onto his back. before sitting up, tossing water with his sudden sit-up. He laughs some, and rubs the back of his neck. "That was quite the plan, and it looks like you got me. It was probably not the best idea to do this the same day that that Nara girl wrang my bell by wringing my neck." He stands up, water flowing and dripping off of his soaked clothes. "I should probably get a deeper tub for the next time. I didn't think the Genin would be clever enough to work together like that."

Sosuke smiles softly when Hiei's rocks make solid contact. He looks to the young man "Exceptional work." he compliments before walking towards the tank. "As per the terms I'll assist in the gathering of papers, lanterns and decorations. You owe him a meal." Sosuke nods softly "That's accurate correct?" he asked making sure it was alright with Yamamoto. "The Nara girl? That's too vague for me to know who you're speaking of. But Nara are crafty by nature. They have an aptitude for finding another way." Sosuke states briefly. "Your art is an interesting one though." Sosuke glances back to Hiei "Had it not been with his familiarity I probably would've resorted to cheating." Sosuke said with a straight face. It was a joke but he never was very good at telling jokes.

Hiei nods at Sosuke with a smile. "Thanks." He looks back at Yamamoto. "But I would have never knocked you off the pole without his plan, and him targeting that spot. So, in all fairness, he deserves the prize and I'll assist in gathering lanterns, decorations, and papers." He reaches out to pat Sosuke on the shoulder. "He's right though. Anyone that spars a Nara would probably have issues. That shadow possession jutsu of theirs is pretty hard to handle. Trust me, I know." He looks back at Yamamoto. "So, how about it?"

Yamamoto gets out of the tank. "Don't worry about it," he says. "Neither one of you would have knocked me off without team-work, and team-work is part of being a Genin, so you both knocked me down and all three of us get Dango." Yamamoto shakes his body off to spray water all around. "I have some things to do before I buy you guys stuff, so I've got to go, but I'll be sure to buy you guys some stuff next time I see you." And with that Yamamoto flickers away, leaving a trail of water splashing after him in his wake.

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