What If? Get in the Game - Koseita Man



Date: October 7, 2012


What if the special weapons acquired by the "Blue Bomber" also came with personality chips?

"What If? Get in the Game - Koseita Man"

Skull Castle

"This is the end for you, Koseita Man!" Dr. Wily yells from the cockpit of his latest doomsday machine. "You may have defeated my eight Robot Masters, but you'll never triumph against my ultimate Skull Crusher! Prepare to become scrap!"

The little blue robot stares up at his gigantic adversary with a look of determination. As the Skull Crusher lifts its leg high, Koseita Man's body shifts in hue, becoming a bit lighter. Oddly enough, his expression and demeanor changes too. "Dude, Skull Crusher? Really?" e.e Koseita Man tilts his head back in bored derision, so far that it almost looks like he's falling over. Then he sort of does, sliding to safety from underneath the stomping foot. "It's always skulls with you, can't you, like, show a little originality every so often?" Koseita Man sighs and flops his arm cannon toward the Skull Crusher's ankle, sending out a torrent of water. "These special weapons aren't much better, I mean, Water Wave? Way to come up with a clever name, Captain Redundant." :P

Wily curses as the feet of his Skull Crusher rust tight. "You won't be able to stay such a wet blanket for long, Koseita Man!" he yells, detaching the legs and engaging thrusters to turn the Skull Crusher into a flying fortress. Energy cannons and missile launchers turn and empty their contents at Koseita Man. "Did you really think I'd give up that easily?!"

Koseita Man's color changes slightly again, turning a touch darker. "Of course not. I've analyzed your psyche." Koseita Man calmly sidesteps several energy blasts. "You are possessed of a neurotic desire for acknowledgement." Koseita Man fires an Ice Slasher at an incoming missile, freezing it in place. "This drives you to nearly unlimited lengths to prove your worth, typically through attempts to defeat worthy foes." Koseita Man hops onto the frozen missile, using it as a stepping stone to leap above the Skull Crusher. "In point of fact, the only impulse you have strong enough to overcome this…" The Ice Slasher streaks with pinpoint accuracy into the mouths of the Skull Crusher's weapons. They freeze the inner workings and cause them to backfire. Koseita Man lands on the other side of the Skull Crusher as it crashes to earth, not bothering to look. "…is your cowardly fear of death when faced with inevitable defeat." :|

Tears of combined rage and shame course down Wily's face as he pilots his personal saucer up from the wreckage of the Skull Crusher. "You are so COLD, Koseita Man! I'll make you regret not taking me seriously!" The saucer sends several balls of crackling energy zipping toward Koseita Man.

Koseita Man's color changes again, this time very noticably, turning an intense red. He smirks. "Not serious?" Koseita Man jumps and dives through the group of menacing energy balls. "I was just waiting for YOU to get warmed up!" Koseita Man laughs daringly, recklessly even, while Wily continues his assault. He jumps and slides around energy blasts and lightning bolts, sometimes grazing even closer to them than he needs to. "Yeah! C'mon! Gimme the heat!" All the while, a fierce glow builds inside the robot's frame. Wily wrestles angrily with the controls of his saucer, looking for a spot to fade in where — aha! He can get in right behind Koseita Man there, and he'll never be able to dodge! Wily phases his craft back into the material plane and grins with triumph, anticipating Koseita Man's failure to avoid a solid hit. Then Koseita Man turns around with his own wild grin, and Wily realizes he has no intention of avoiding it. o.o Koseita Man whips his arm cannon around and unleashes his pent-up energy. "ATOMIC FIYAAAAAAAAA!!!"

Moments later, Wily crawls from the wreckage of his saucer, coughing out smoke. He looks up and sees Koseita Man striding toward him, a bit charred from those energy blasts, but still very battle-capable. Wily prostrates himself and rubs his forehead in the dirt. "I'm sorry! I'll change! Please don't hurt me!" ;.;

Wily stiffens as he feels a touch on his shoulder. x.X; After a moment of nothing happening, though, he nervously lifts his head. He sees a green Koseita Man kneeling on one knee and beaming at him. "Aw c'mon, Wily, don't be so scared. You won't get such an awful punishment from an easy-breezy guy like me." n.n

Wily blinks. Another weird personality change? c.c And it looks like it's in Wily's favor this time! But he did mention punishment… "W-what are you going to do, then?" o.o;

Koseita Man chuckles. "Just give you a little ride. TORNADO BLOW!" :D Koseita Man lifts his arms, and a powerful wind sweeps the area. Wily feels himself being lifted up and hurled to the horizon. "Uh, uwa, WAAAAAAAAGH!!!" D8


Koseita Man taps his chin. "Hmmm, maybe I overdid it a little…oh well!" ^.^

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