Kumo Bandits: Surprise! Ambush


Hiei, Hiroyasu, Michiko, Kefka (emitter)

Date: February 16, 2014


Hiei, Hiroyasu, and Michiko are on a standard patrol on the look out for either escapees from the recent prison break or any signs of them and they get almost more than they can handle.

"Kumo Bandits: Surprise! Ambush"

The rough lowlands of Kumo

As most Kumo nin are aware, the old prison deep in the mountains had been compromised and the new prison in the lowlands is currently being built to replace it. Multiple prisoners had escaped which increased the need for patrols around the Land of Lightning. This is where we find Yotsuki Hiei at this time. He is clad in his Yotsuki Armor while sitting atop his trusty warhorse Snake Eyes. He surveys the area around him while on patrol and then takes the reigns to move on to the next sector. As he moves slowly down the trail, he is on the lookout for anything that might be amiss. He comments to his companions. "You know, I don't mind days like today. It's quiet."

Michiko got dragged into patrol duty at some point and is now with Hiei (and whoever else). She remains fairly alert, scanning the area every now and then to make sure nothing will catch her off guard. "Quiet days are nice sometimes," she replies. "But they never stay quiet for me."

- Hiroyasu sitting on the back of his warhorse Jinx, was likewise on patrol and not really happy about it either. "Well quiet or not, its just another day. Anyways, you know how it is when you start complaining about it being too quiet.." he rubs the mane of his horse for a moment. -

The quiet time that Hiei enjoys is rather short-lived it seems. While some of the bandits hope to just quietly get away, others know they'll eventually have to put up a fight. Thus, they have prepared for such an occasion with an ambush. Just at Hiro's words, a series of sharp objects begin coming down from above them on the hills, some knives, forks, sharpened bamboo, and just about anything that could be shaped to be a weapon that'd be available in the wilderness. The source, a group of bandits that're scattered on different points and trying to get a jump on the shinobi.

Hiei heard the whistling of something traveling at high velocity and instinct makes him flatten himself against the saddle. He sits up and grunts. "You always have to be right, don't you Hiroyasu?" He slides off Snake Eye's back and goes into a crouch. The horse was well trained, and knew that when it's master got off to go find somewhere shady to wait for him. He looks at Hiroyasu. "Can you sense where they are?" He smiles at Michiko. "Looks like you're about to get some on the job training."

Seeing something sharp getting thrown at Hiei leads to Michiko try and avoid whatever's going towards her. She fails, a bit too slow this time around, and is hit in the arm. She sighs. "Yep… Can never seem to stay quiet for me…"

- The horse was the first to tell something wasn't right and Hiroyasu was second in line as he pulls the reigns and does a little dance of hooves and dirt as the misc of sharp objects rain down. The acute senses sprawl out into the distance.. "Not sure how I missed them.. might have been overshadowed by local sources.. Not much to say.. a group of barely visible signatures and handful of minor signatures.. uh." he pauses for a second. "Hard to estimate but I'd guess with their numbers and threats.. D rank Threat" he says to Hiei, before snorting "Don't blame me, its just how the hands of fate tend to dole out surprises." hopping off his horse and it takes off to a safe distance as it was trained to do on Dismount in combat. -

With at least one shinobi struck, even if lightly, the bandits seem to be getting a bit more daring. The amount of objects thrown seems to increase a bit, the lower level bandits attempting to impress their bosses by putting these guys down where they are. However, as it seems they've been spotted somehow, some of them start to look a little nervous… It's not like the bosses are going to risk their own tails to save them, so they may be in a bit of trouble here.

Hiei nods at Hiroyasu. "These guys must have a death wish." As soon as he finishes that sentence his body rocks back and forth as it's filled with knives and sharpened forks. He falls backwards just as his body goes *poof* and his clone disappears. He steps out from behind a boulder. "Yep. They're desperate alright." He closes his fist and lightning begins to lance around it. He takes a good look around, then comments. "I'll see if I can draw their fire. Patch up Michiko and then you guys pick them off at range." He leaps out into the open. "You losers can't hit the broad side of a mountain."

Michiko curses as she tries to make a clone. But by some (un)lucky miracle, she's the one to get hit. She tosses a few Kunai in the direction of where she thinks the attacks came from, not expecting to hit anything.

- Hiroyasu pauses for a moment watching very carefully and then trips on purpose as all the objects fly over him and land in the dirt behind him.. He grabs a handfull of pebbles and using his thumb starts flicking them at the bandits as it were being launched from a sling-shot. "Over there" he says pointing the two whom he forgot to direct to the enemy.. He is also make an effort to surprise his actual level of skill and rank from those enemies present.. to prevent them from fleeing or getting spooked.. -

As Hiei comes up, the distraction works quite well, the bandits' eyes growing rather wide as the giant of a man leaps up their way. Object after object flies his way, trying to stop him from getting any closer. This opens them up for the incoming attacks. While they manage to dodge a few strikes, pebbles smack others and knock them over while those standing are busy dealing with Hiei.

As Hiei makes his way up the hill his body is impacted with sharp objects only for it to disappear and be replaced with a wooden block. He appears off to the side only for his body to once again be impaled and this time there is another *poof* and his clone disappears. The last volley, he simply shifts his body to the side to avoid the attacks. Not seeking to kill these vermin, he keeps his own attacks to low impact techniques. He grabs two kunai from the sheath on his thigh and sends two of them for the bandits. He then forms a handseal and extends a finger towards another, sending a low grade lightning bolt towards him. "Please surrender. Make it easier on yourselves."

Michiko notices some of the bandits that Hiro pointed out and launches some more Kunai in their direction. Her throws are a bit sloppy with her injury, though… She knows it too! So she just kinda hopes the attacks work and moves to the side so she isn't as big a target.

- Hiroyasu was about to unleash another volley of pebbles but noticed the pain in Michiko's efforts, Moving to her side he rapid punches his fingers into her chakra pressure points relieving as much pain and stemming any bleeding the best that can be done with a precusory application. "We really need to strain defensive strategy with you.. or find out where you keep the injury magnet" he jests patting her on the shoulder before keeping a closer eye on her. -

Smash! Stab! Zap! The bandits do not fair well against Hiei's attacks, most doubling over in pain or otherwise incapacitated. However, just as they are asked to surrender, about twenty larger men leap down onto the hill where Hiei is, charging at Hiei with makeshift blades in an attempt to bring him down first while some of the weaker ones charge Hiro and Michiko.

Hiei meets the charge head on. He draws his blade as he goes flipping around, performing a horizontal corkscrew flips to avoid the bandit's weapon. He lifts his sword and deflects the weapon of the other two bandits. He takes his sword and slashes out, then spins around in a circle and extends his arm, aiming to impact them on the chest. He then takes on a high guard defensive stance. "Hiro! They have reinforcements!" He yells to inform the rest of his party.

Michiko looks grateful for Hiro's healing techniques and looks pretty ready for battle now. She does poke her tongue out at him for the jest. But just then a weapon aims itself at her and buries into her arm, resulting in a *poof* as she turns into a log. Then a firebolt is aimed at the bandits. Times 3.

- Hiro attempts to swap out but can't make the symbol in time before he is charged by one of the bandits and their sharp pointy stabby-stab finds true. The trickle of blood escaping from his shoulder as he attempts to poke them with a rapid succession of jabs with his first two fingers on each hand attempting to jab into some pressure points. -

The bandits fight valiantly, but it seems their luck against Hiei is just not going to turn on the upside. Blood and flies through the air from the slashes, along with bodies from the strike of the trunk-like arm. Still, more of them come for him. Meanwhile, fire rains down on some of the bandits, scorching some of them that start running around in a panic while a few others manage to get out of the way of coming attacks by Michiko and Hiro to continue their assault.

Hiei backpedals as the attacks come on. He lifts his sword to parry the first one, but his aim is off and it creates a gash along his forearm. The second two attacks are successfully blocked with the side of his blade and he performs a handseal just before his body blurs from sight. Appearing next to Michiko, the sound of steel against steel rings out as he parries an attack meant for her. He then turns, extending his first two fingers towards the bandits. "Lightning Release: Lightning Arc!" A bolt of zig zagging lightning explodes from his fingers towards his mark. "They just keep coming. Any suggestions?"

Michiko gives Hiei a grateful nod for taking out one of the attacks meant for her. However, her hands aren't quick enough to avoid the next attack and she ends up getting hit again. She steps back a few times, taking a moment to recover before sending some more fire towards the enemy.

- Hiro has to stop toying with them, he didn't want to do what Hiei was doing which was present himself as a larger threat than he is.. which could cause them to lose their nerve and flee and then they would have to hunt them down again.. but he can't continue to just be a pin-cushion so he gives it a little more effort but does not bust out the earth-shattering jutsu.. sticking strickly to Taijutsu.. even if its specialized pressure point attacks. -

With the explosion of lightning, many of the bandits are sent flying back. Some of those standing manage to dodge the fire raining down at them, though they are then caught by Hiro and begin to lose steam. "Are they going to help us at all?!" one of the cries out just before the higher ranking bandits plummet from the cliff to target Hiro and Hiei while one of the others flings a sharpened bamboo stick at Michiko.

Hiei sticks his sword in the ground and moves forwards, when the higher level bandits come for him, he simply ducks and moves his body to the side in order to dodge their attacks before performing a set of handseals. "Ninja Art: Lightning Needles." Slivers of lightning encircle his body and then fly out towards their respective target at a wave of his hand. He immediately goes into another set of handseals before placing his closed fist down by his waist. His fist crackles with lightning before he shoots it out, palm side up, before a blast of lightning explodes from it. "Lightning Shotgun!"

Michiko is actually quick enough to avoid the sharpened bamboo stick! It hits the log with a loud *thud*, the genin quickly moving out of the way so she can catch her breath. The last attacks she launched were a bit tiring…

- Hiro scoops up two small rocks which like liquid form into spiked gloves around his fist and he punches at the bandit charging him with the sharp end of the pointy blades of his impromptu weapon-change. "You okay, Michiko?" he asks making sure their subordinate is alright and not in need of evac. -

With explosions of lightning and raining bits of earth, the bandits fall one by one until eventually all of the first two waves of bandits have fallen. The final, however, is a bit stouter, as about thirty higher ranking bandits leap down from the hilltops to surround and charge the shinobi in a last stand.

Hiei runs to meet the group of thirty bandits head on. As they attack, he dodges their strikes as well as uses his sword to parry them. He flings out his arm in an attempt to knock them backwards before his body warps and disappears briefly as he attacks at high speed. He ends his movements by sliding to a stop behind the group, only to turn and face them again. "Finally. Some competition.." He comments.

Michiko shakes her head. "I'm fine, thanks." The next wave of opponents find their attacks hit their mark. Not. The Michiko they hit disappears with a poof just as a fire appears and heads towards the group.

- Hiro brings his hands together and suddenly there are 3 of him, two of them take the hit and poof into clouds of smoke, the real one attempts to move out of the way and finds himself unluckly in his choice finds himself caught by another stabby-stabby poking him uncomfortably. "Alright.. good.. to know.." he groans with a strained voice. Using the stone bladed glove, he attempts to punch, stab, and crush his way through the bandits engaged with him. -

These bandits seem a bit more prepared, ducking under Hiei's arm strike, though his follow-up hits dead on and opens them up to get fire rained down on them from above before they can move out of the way of Hiro's flying stones. It seems their aptitude is higher than the rest, one moving with impressive speed to strike at Hiei with a real blade while the others continue to try to surround and attack the others.

Hiei was still using his short sword Saiai, and hasn't bothered to draw his katana yet. When the bandit moves with shinobi-like speed to attack Hiei he parries his fist strike and then blocks the second with his blade. He leaves his sword connected with the bandit's for a moment as he offers him a smile. "Your comrades didn't listen, but I'll offer you the same thing. Surrender, and the rest of your gang will be given fair treatment at the prison. Continue to fight us, and I can't promise that you'll get out of this situation without a world of hurt." His body vanishes to stand in front of Michiko again as his blade meets the attack meant for her. He tosses his blade into the air and then strikes out with a series of lightning infused palm strikes towards the one that attacked her. "Back off." He comments before lifting his hand as the hilt of his sword sword falls into it. He hopes the genin doesn't think him watching her back means that he doesn't have faith in her abilities. That was very far from the truth. She's part of the team, which means he's going to watch her back no matter what. It's what Kumo nin do.

Michiko doesn't think Hiei is underestimating her. She's pretty grateful for his assistance, actually, as some of the attacks he blocked would have left her some nasty wounds. That being said, this one attack rather hurts as it catches her in the side. She curses again and launches some more fire towards the enemy.

- With Each strike that come down upon him seems to strike him greaviously but only for the form to burst into smoke with a loud pop and wisp of smoke.. "Don't you ever get tired.." Hiroyasu huffs as they continue to hack away at him nearly ceaselessly. Leaping back he makes a simple handseal and takes a moment to catch his breath. Be moving in and attempting to put them down with his gentle but straining touch as his fingers jab at the vital points and make them tired of fighting. -

While the bandits manage to dodge most of the fires, the strikes begin to catch up, and they slowly begin to slow down. Hiro's efforts to wear them out come to a head as they begin to collapse all around. "You… won't… take us… alive," one groans out just before he passes out, rather negating his statement with the entirety of the troop falling to incapacitation and burns both of fire and electricity.

Hiei slides his sword back into it's sheath and then walks over towards Michiko. "You did well, kiddo. We're proud of you." He looks at Hiroyasu. "We'd better call in for additional personnel. We'll need help with transport." He removes ninja wire from his belt and begins to tie up the escapees. If any of them are in danger of bleeding out, he administers first aid as well.

Michiko grins, fishing around in her pack for her water, which she almost immediate drains. Flop. "Thanks."

- Hiro nods "Go ahead and start tying them up, I'll make sure Michiko is alright." first he pulls a whistle from one of his inner robe pockets and blows on it and a hawk screeches and flies down setting on his shoulder. He scribbles something nearly unlegiable on a strip of paper and slides it on the leg of the hawk. "A Cart should be here within the hour, to take them to the prison.. so we just need to stay put until then." before moving to the young shinobi, his hands glowing green as they glides over her shoulders, back and arms.. the wounds starting to seal themselves and bruises reversing.. along with a sudden burst of vitalizing chakra. -

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