Kumo Daimyo Plot - Assault on Hope


Hiei, Hiroyasu, Misaki, Hel (emitter), Ogosokamaru, Kayaru

Date: June 19, 2013


Hiei, Hiroyasu, and Misaki are in the training center when a Kamen Rai Da (KRD) group blocks the only entrance. The Hare (Ogo) and the Goat (an NPC) try to find out what information was passed to Hiei and Hiro (and Ogo & Ei) by the Jounin runner in the previous scene. The Hare and the Goat step on each other's feet and philosophies of dealing with Team Ogo.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Assault on Hope"

Kumogakure Training Center

Hiei also stumbles when they don't strike the dummy at the same time. He turns to walk back to his mark before nodding to Misaki. "That's an excellent idea, Miso." He hmms. "We scream Double Lariat, and by the end of the word, we strike. Let's try it." He leans forwards slightly and then he takes off. He yells. "DOUBLE…LARIAT!" And then he strikes the dummy as hard as he can.

Hiroyasu nods "What I need is something akin to yotsuki-sama's lightning shotgun. Area of Effect, right now I lack the ability to engage multiple targets.." he sends another barrage of earth bullets at the dummy. "I just can't figure out how to bridge the gap yet.." he frowns looking at his hand for a moment.

Misaki copies Hiei and this time she managed to synch up much better! In fact, the impact produced a very loud 'thud' … "Heh…" Misaki smiles. "Wait guys, I have an idea.." She pops out her nekote and goes to work on the wooden dummy. When she's done after a couple of minutes it has a mask on! That of a hare (the only mask she could remember!)

Unfortunately for Hiei and squad, the Kumogakure training grounds is not quite like the Konohagakure training grounds. Sure, the fact that it is indoors makes it a private place to practice away from prying eyes…unlike in Konohagakure where anyone could really be spying on you. Sure, this room has safe Tatami mats and walls making it safer to get thrown around in here, where as in Konoha you're liable to hit rocks on hard-packed dirt when thrown. But…when it comes to escape routes, nothing beats a big open field, especially when the main entrance is suddenly filled with a few members of the Kamen Rai Da.

Within that KRD squad of howevermany masked figures, was one wearing the mask of a rabbit. The Hare, many called him, for his incredulous speed. Probably faster than Ogosokamaru COUGH COUGH. And since the kids or probably very few others had seen Ogosokamaru's full potential, and The Hare had frequently used the scare tactic of his complete array of speed-based ability to attempt to frighten possible evildoers into submission, it was safe to say that maybe The Hare and Ogosokamaru would level the village if the two ever crossed paths. But, in any case, The Hare was taking a back seat in this group, only there as backup or an advisory position of sorts. The red tattered cloak signature of only Hare as the others usually wore the mask and the generic Jounin vest of Kumogakure. Hare wore nothing denoting he was Kumo, other than the mask with the Village of the Cloud on the forehead of the rabbit-like facade.

As Hiei and Misaki finish working on their new technique together, Hiei notices that figures crowd the only exit to the training ground. Looking up, a spike of fear shivers down his spine. Not for himself, but for Misaki. He immediately glances over at her before turning to face the KRD. unconsciously even to himself, he takes a step to stand halfway in front of Misaki before he frowns. "So, you've finally decided to show your faces. Figuratively at any rate. Get tired of following us kids around and decided to come by for a chat?" His voice turns low as he asides to Misaki. "If you want us all to keep our lives, please don't blow up at these guys. Remember what I said back at your place. We have to play this calmly. Hold my hand if it helps." And he offers it to her for support.

Hiroyasu finishes firing out a barrage of gravel shards, looking at his hand as he flexes his finger and rolls his wrists. That's when the atmosphere became this heavy dense fog of anxiety. Hiro hears Hiei speaking up and shakes his head, of all the time for bravado now was not it. He remains silent looking between the masked faces which block the exit. There is a quick glance at Misaki and Hiei to make sure that there wasn't about to be a lot of explaining to be had.

Misaki looks at the kamen people, and then Hiei. She looks at his hand but ignores it. She takes two big steps foreward. "It's me you want right. Leave my team out of it.." She says loudly. Her eyes flare up into two different colours. Hiro would feel her chakra burst for a moment. "I mean it.." She says loudly. But then luckily her chakra calms down again.
"Touch me, and this time I won't keep Ogo-sensei off your koopa. He will save me. He promised." She says. Crossing her arms. Despite having screamed his name last time at no avail. She had this dream, his voice was there. She still trusted him, Matatabi made sure of that. But another session in the Kamen torture room would just be unbearable for her. She would break. She clenches her first. "What do you want?" If Hiei approaches she stretches out her arm so he can't walk past her (given, he can walk around.)

The lead man is wearing a goat mask. It actually has two horns that follow the shape of the top of the man's head and wrap around his ears. The Goat listens to Hiei and Misaki blabbering and just shakes his head for a moment. He then stands there in silence for a moment to build the tension. Finally, when he holds his hand up to his ears (covering those horns), he asks, "Are you done Beast-goomba? You really are vein. We're actually not here for you believe it or not. We're here for the boys. Now, whether or not they play along, that all depends on how damaged the Goomba gets. So, you going to co-operate, or are you going to give us a hard time?" He doesn't even give them a chance to respond. He assumes they will play along. "We know the man you caught the other day passed something to you. We want to know what the nature of the information was exactly."

The Hare is leaning against the doorframe as the farthest to the right by the sight of the three genin. When the Goat starts talking about 'goomba' this and 'goomba' that, his hands go out in a questioning manner, "And we never thought to ask their sensei? Obo-whatsisface? The guy that thinks he's fast." He does a sarcastic shake of hands and head (mask along with it) to show the 'wooo I'm scared' thingy, "Whatever~" Attitude shown. "Either way, wouldn't he be bound by some rules to tell us if his kids have been blabbing about something that happened several days ag-"
The Goat held up a hand, and the Hare raised both his hands in another 'whatever dude' fashion as he just crosses his arms and watches for now, very closely indeed.

Hiei glances over at Misaki and Hiroyasu and then he forces himself to visibly relax. "After Ogo-Sensei and I tackled the guy, he dropped a piece of paper on the ground. When we looked at it, it was completely blank." Everything he's saying is true…to an extent. "Now, I don't know what happened to it after that, because I get bored easily, especially when it doesn't involve fighting." If they'd been watching him, they'd know this to be true. "Matter of fact, I really didn't care enough to find out what was on it, if anything. Just like I didn't care about the brawl in the marketplace until one you guys made me and my friends put a stop to it." He crosses his arms and leans against the wall himself.

Hiroyasu remains silent while Hiei speaks, "It was a blank piece of paper when I examined it. I guess he was going to write something but didn't have the chance" when he held it and looked at it, it was blank afterall. He was more mission mode hiro now than happy hiro and his demeanor was showed it. He was analyzing exit strategies, misdirection possibilities and what to do about Misaki when she murdered at least of them in a fit of rage..

"You have your answer. This is as far as you'll go. Point a finger at them and I'll cut it off myself." Misaki threatens. Looking at the group, though remaining grounded. If you would have told Misaki she would have said this 3 month earlier she would have laughed at you in the face. Seems this team did do things to her!

The Goat even looks a little bob-ombed, if you can tell just by body language verses facial features (with the mask and all), by the Hare's interruption. Still, the Goat lets Hiei speak and doesn't even interrupt. He remains silent even when Hiroyasu speaks. It isn't until Misaki speaks that the Goat holds up his hand. "Beast-Goomba speaks big words for a little weapon. The Beast should teach the Goomba to hold its tongue when speaking to the Kamen Rai Da, for some of us placed the Beast seal onto the Goomba…and we can remove it just as easily." Okay, so that is probably a bluff, but who knows.
When the Goat's attention is drawn back to Hiei and Hiro, the man states, "Now…let's try this again or I'll start by breaking the Goomba's femur…and not just break, shatter. It'll heal, but it will take a bit to move all of the pieces back in place. He handed you a piece of paper…it wasn't blank as that wouldn't make any sense. What was on the paper? What was the information he passed to you?" He holds up both hands. "You have to the count of the number of fingers I have on my left to answer." He's missing three fingers. Better start figuring out a plan as his fingers bend and close into a fist as the countdown begins.

All the Hare can do is lower his head and his fingers touch his mask like that's his actual face, three fingers and thumb on the forehead of the mask as his head leans forward, the visual for a deep sigh of mental pain. He snaps up and steps off the wall, stepping up and putting a hand on Goat's shoulder, "How about we ask where it is, first? Did you attend the questioning procedure class, Goat?" And with that, he looks at his hand, and points lazily, "Oh, and remember to whom you lost those fingers." Superiority, maybe the truth. If it were actually The Hare or Ogosokamaru that took them off, it would be a good thing, being that this was Ogo's team, and the Hare was talking to him right now.
In any case, Hare looks at the kids, then Goat, then the kids. "I see no dog… what's with your pottymouth today?"

Hiei holds up a hand. "Let's review the facts. Nobody handed me anything. I saw the paper on the ground after I tackled the guy. Not to mention I briefly lost consciousness from banging my head on the ground. Secondly, I don't care enough about the situation to lie to you about it. Heck, I want to join you guys when I get older, and on top of that I know I can't take not even one of you on my best day. So, in light of all that, don't you think it would be pretty stupid of me to lie, knowing that you have unpleasant jutsu you can use on me that I can't do a thing to stop? Come on, guys. I'm known for being a little belligerent sometimes, but not even I would really want to pokey you guys off."

Hiroyasu is shocked, no stunned, err flabbergasted by Hiei's mature line of reasoning and logic.. he didn't even spit at them or add in a backhanded insult.. Advanced Henge must be.. this is a plant, the real Hiei is already in the chamber?!.. He shakes off the weird thoughts "He's right, it was blank. No ink, no pen imprints.. just paper." they must be desperate for information to have sunk this low. I wonder if their interrogation went poorly.

Misaki looks at Hiei and nods. "Yea, no information. Shyguy off.." She looks at Hiro for a moment, just to calm her down. Her eyes snap back to normal. They're going to be alright. "Where's sensei when you need'm…"

The Goat shakes his head as the Hare speaks. "Perhaps the Rabbit has a point." Animosity much? "Where did the paper go? Do you have it? Did you leave it on the ground? If so, I don't remember anything being out of the place there as I was on the scene a short time after the Kamen Rai Da initially disbanded. You see, they call me in," and the Goat looks to the Hare, "when a scene needs to be analyzed. I go through the garbage, I shift through the grasses…I am the Goat for a reason. So, you say there was a paper. I say you have it or you know who does. The other traveler that was there. Where can they be found?"
When Hiei is the voice of reason, the Goat only shakes his head, "There are all sorts of reason for people to lie. Sometimes it is to protect someone dear to them, other times it is to protect themselves. If I find out that you two are lieing, and I will find out if you are lieing, I'll come find you myself. The Beast-Goomba knows how we handle things when we come for you. So, last chance. What was the information the runner passed to you?" Last chance, oooh, big and nasty.'

The Hare just looks at the Goat from the side, sidestepping once in between the Goad and the three Genin. "You need to watch your mouth. This is -your- last chance, Goat. Sifting through the garbage does not mean you must become one with your surroundings, a piece of trash. You were given the order to investigate, not discriminate and falsely detain. That is someone else's job. My job is to make sure you stay in line." Maybe, maybe not. Only those given the specific jobs of each mission and task know what their job is, unless it's to keep someone else from overstepping usually, or if they are in charge of a mission completely. Right?
The Hare turns around, and without a threatening tone, but firm, he completely steps on Goat's toes: "Now, the three of you. What is the name of the person who obtained that piece of paper, as it's our only shred of evidence against the Jounin to take him in for more than just roughhousing in the market." Maybe not totally the truth? KRD has taken people in before, Misaki would know that. Hiei by Misaki's word would know that. Also, the other KRD might or might not go along with his bluff to coerce the kids with some kindness and make it seem more like an investigation and less like bullying, which the Goat seemed to be better at than actually sifting for information. So now Hare has his back to Goat and facing the three Genin, maybe halfway between.

Hiei snaps at Goat. "I already failed in protecting someone when you tortured my girlfriend for birdoed reason other than to get your jollies." He sighs, calming down. "I've told you twice now what I know. I saw a merc standing nearby but I didn't commit her to memory. I kind of deemed it not important while I was rolling around in the dirt with what I thought was a thief at the time. Trying to do a service to Kumo, believe it or not." He pushes away from the wall. "As for where the paper is now? I have no idea. But like I said, it was blank. I don't know what kind of evidence you'd get from a blank piece of paper anyway." He shrugs. "Now you know what I know. Are we done here?"

Hiroyasu says "Some mercenary in the crowd, there are hundreds looking for cheap work. I was more focused on tending my team mates concussion, oh and being detained by the KRD at the time of incident as the suspect.. When i was there it was a scene of people tackling the guy. It could have been a festive decoration it was blank, probably from the cart he knocked over.." he shrugs. "I was obligated to tend medical assistance so I didn't do much else" he adds.

"I wasn't even there. Regardless, you have your information. Go away." Misaki says, crossing her arms. Yea, she'll tell that buzzy beetled Kamen how it is!

Kayaru would head over towards the training hall as was part of his routine. He'd also heard mention from a few others that the genin that 'Him' trained was over there. Considering that, Kayaru figured he should go talk to them, to let them know a bit of what's going on. Getting closer to the training hall, eyes would narrow in contemplation. That was a lot of people there for a training hall. They were officals too. It wasn't until he got close enough to see who was being talked to, that Kayaru would finally move. That oh so recent level of power, a heady release that increased his speed admirably had a burst of power flush through him. One, two steps and with that blur that the clan was known for, he'd be gone, leaping with a pivot in the air to make it over the heads of those at the door, to land with one foot and blur forward, attempting to put himself between what looks to be a man wearing a rabbit mask and the genin he was to take charge of when 'Him' wasn't around.

The Goat is stepped in front of…and Ogo comes to within inches of actually stepping on his toes, but he is stepped on metaphorically anyway. The Goat is about to speak over the Hare, but instead just lets the Hare ask away. When once again the boys keep the same story, the Goat looks to the others. "Well, Hare…it may be your job to keep me in line, but it is my job to see just how far you are willing to jump. Break the Beast-Goomba's leg. I want to be sure they are telling the truth." The thing is, the threat of torture is what works to get useful answers. The torture itself rarely gets useful answers, in fact it gets whatever the questioner wants to hear. The confessions are useless unless a scapegoat is needed. As Kayaru tries to blur into the room past the officials, most of them don't seem to care even that he's trying to get to the boys and Misaki…scratch that…the boys.;p

When Hare is given the 'gentle suggestion' to break her leg, he turns halfway around at the waist, like he was looking sidelong at Goat. "Well, first off I don't see a beast-goomba anywhere," he holds his arms out to the sides and turns 180, looking at Goat over the other shoulder, but his right arm suddently flings straight up, only to catch the would-be saviour by the ankle, and in one deft motion looking like it didn't take much effort, Kayaru would be thrown to the side. Whether or not he would land on his feet is another story, but Hare just proved that he was the faster of the two, at least right now.
He would step down in front of Misaki, holding up a hand towards Hiei, one of those ones that tells the person to calm down, easy does it, as he gets right up to Misaki's face. "But the last time this one was on the table, I wasn't there."
"And you know I would have stopped it had I been.." and he pauses for just a second, was he talking to Misaki directly? But he continues just as that thought might come and go! "..Goat." And he stands up, looking at all of them, and ruffling Misaki's hair deftly, "No, I think they are telling the truth. I'm certain they were trained better than to lie to authority, or they might be forced to haul rocks or something stupid like that," he speaks as he turns and walks back towards Goat and the other KRD, "And don't you go trying to do that to her again, or -I'll- be the one putting -you- on the table." And with that threat out of the way, Hare makes the 'shoo' motion to the rest of the KRD there. Was he really the one in charge? And what kind of enigmatic stuff was he saying about not being there when Misaki was tortured? Find out next time on:
Kumogakure: Assault on Hope! …Or whatever you want to call this stuff. Really though, that name is good.

When Goat orders the Hare to break Misaki's leg, a phrase comes from Hiei that Hiro and Misaki have never heard from him before. Neither had his mother. "Bowser you, Goat. We are done here." He grabs Misaki's hand and walks for the door. Whether they part and let them pass is up to them, but until they do, he'll just stand there while staring at them. "Instead of harassing us law abiding citizens, how about investigating the murder of a kumo team that got slaughtered on their way to Konoha. A real crime."

Hiroyasu was keeping it cool, it was also keeping his response in line with theirs giving just a slight difference to show his difference in point of view. It was a dangerous gamble, "We are loyal citizens to the land of lightning, we are servants to this village and it's leaders. We are Shinobi bound to do what is best for our village as chosen by those above us. And I swear that I have and they have told nothing but the truth.." he has a serious problem with reality these days.

"Yea what the little doofus said." She points at Hiro. But then perks an eyebrow at the Hare. The hints slowly fell into place. Though she couldn't make anything of it now. "Good, now that you're leaving us alone. Hiei and I were practicing.." She chuckles. "Unless you want to be our dummy, mister goat?" … NO mister goat I expect you to die! *strokes cat*

Grabbed and flung.. DANG the rabbit head was fast. Kayaru would manage to righten himself, so instead of planting face first into the wall, he'd land into a crouch, immediately launching off again to skid to a stop closer.. but not trying to get too near the rabbit mask and the other one. Shaking his head slightly, that hand settled subconciously on the katana hilt. "There isn't going to be any torturing. This team has answered your questions. You need to move on now. They're under my care when… when the jounin is not around." He'd tighten his hand on the hilt. "I am obviously not to your level. That will not stop me from stepping in to protect them. If needed."

The Goat clicks his tongue. "I expected as much out of you Hare. You've grown soft in your old age. Too bad. I would take the young Hare over this one anyday. At least the young Hare did what had to be done in order to complete the mission." But, rather than pushing the envelope, the Goat turns and walks out of the training room even before Hiei can push past him. The other KRD memebers glare…or at least that is what it would feel like with those masks turning as Hiei and Misaki move past them. Still, they get to go outside, and when they do the Goat is gone too. They are free to go it seems.

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