Kumo Daimyo Plot - Confronting the Fraud


Hiei, Hel (emitter), Hiroyasu, Kayaru

Date: July 9, 2013


Half of Team Ogosokamaru, finds themselves staring down the final lead in the corruption in local government. They seek out the information from the disposed chief finance officer. Their information is broken by an aspiring but inexperienced KRD member code-named 'Mouse'. A fight is turned into a battle of wits and trusts as they give her doubt about her orders. Kayaru joins them to provide morale support.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Confronting the Fraud"

A Shack nestled in the mountains

Ogosokamaru acted as your personal carrier. He not only distracted the KRD, but then carried you both over his shoulder to get out of the village and deep into the mountains. It will take the KRD some time to find you. Using the research that Hiroyasu did of the Village's Land Rights, you find Kashikoi's remote hut. It is up the mountain away, surrounded by goats…and a light is lit inside. It is early evening and the shadows from the light are already playing across the rocky mountain landscape. Ogo sets you both down and heads back to the village to continue to throw off the KRD and buy you all some time.

Hiei takes a moment to orient himself after getting dropped off like yesterday's garbage. He clears his throat and looks up toward the hut and begins to walk toward it. The sight of the goats reminds him. "Oh, by the way. It might amuse you to know that the goat you gave me is doing pretty well. He eats a lot, though. And I still haven't fully settled on a name for him, yet. I'm thinking Sasuke. That's a good name for a goat, right?" He pauses because he new he was nattering on because he's nervous. "So, what do we say to this guy? Is he even in there?"

Hiroyasu is none to thrilled about being treated like student again needing someone else to hold his hand, When they arrive and Hiei speaks to him "Sasuke is a good name for a goat, why not?" he pauses raising a finger, his response time has been improving what used to take moments to achieve has been progressively being more easy "Beside the goats, outside He is the only one in the house." whispering before pointing at the house in typical tactical hand-signs. "We are ready, do you remember the plan?" he asks sheepishly.

Perhaps next time they can get away from the KRD tails on their own, but maybe Ogo wanted to get a little of the plottage on the way without having to deal with that part of it…deus ex machina style…apologies. The wind whips around the mountain top, creating an almost eerie whistle over the slopes. The braying of the goats adds to the odd feel, as every now and then one of the goats sounds like a kid crying out to its mother or a girl screaming. Goats can sound funny like that.

Hiei scratches the back of his head. "The plan? Oh..right, the plan!" He clears his throat as he racks his brain trying to figure out what the plan is. He stares for a moment. Blinks. Claps his hands. "Right, the plan. I figure we walk up to his door…knock on it, and then tell him why we've come to see him. We should be vague at first. Be all like, we know what you did!" He pauses. "Or we could just tell him the truth….and I'll let you do most of the talking. Cause if I do it, I'll say something wrong and make it worse. But I'll at least knock on the door." And he does just that.

Hiroyasu chortles "Yeah that sounds about right, I have the evidence prepared. We just need to be forward, at this point being sneaky isn't going to serve us" he adds taking a note from the Hiei playbook of run up the middle, punch in the nose, then reveal all your secrets in a single diatribe. "Let's try the truth, At this point it's a sharp as any weapon we have.." then Hiei knocks on the door.

When the door is knocked, the person inside whimpers, jumps, and yells, "Go away. I don't want any trouble. Why can't you just leave me alone. I did your dirty work for you, I promised I'd leave Kumogakure, you got your wish. I don't want any more trouble. Don't kill me." The funny thing is, that when Hiei knocked, he didn't know his own strength because the door opened anyway. There was no lock. It was a simple hut with a simple door after all.

Hiei glances over at Hiroyasu and shrugs faintly before walking on in the room. He is dressed in his shinobi gear as well sporting his usual array of weapons. So, he takes a page from the Hiro playbook. Let the joker tell off on himself. He doesn't ask any questions, he just walks into the room and crosses his arms while looking at the man. And he attempts to look menacing. Well, as close as a fourteen year old can, anyway.

Hiroyasu listens "While that is what we have come to speak to you about, we are not with the KRD. We are coming in" they probably had limited time before someone noticed everything was not right. He enters into the simple house his eyes, his ears, and his mind on alert for traps or worse a desperate man feeling cornered "We might be able to help you, but you have to be honest with us, our time may be short.. " he adds.

The man grunts as he notes Hiei and Hiroyasu enter of their own volition. They aren't wearing KRD masks, so the idea that they aren't KRD sinks in fairly quickly when Hiroyasu mentions it. "So then, who are you and why are you here in the first place? If you're here to kill me then just get it over with already won't you?" Kashikoi stands. You can tell that he's old to begin with, but he's aged even further from stress over the years (and probably last few months). His hair is just about completely grey.

Hiei relaxes and then moves to shut the door. Mostly to keep the goats out of the room while they talk to the guy. "We represent a group that is aware of your extra activities, Kashikoi-san. We'd like for you to explain why you did what you did." When he stands up, Hiei places his hands beside his waist. If the old man tries anything, he'll be eating kunai. (prepared action)

Hiroyasu nods "We intercepted a foreign runner who had a message to contact you. Under further examination, we found you were cooking the books for the KRD. If you can explain we -might- be able to assist you. This isn't easy as you might understand and our time is limited.. So speak quickly, clearly, and be as detailed as you can. Facts will save you quicker than lies.. and I will know if you lie so don't play with us.." he was not putting up his usual goofy front, it was serious Hiro who came to play today.

The old man takes a seat and puts his face into his hands for a moment, perhaps collecting his thoughts. When he speaks, it is precise, "When my company first started, it did really really well. I became known almost overnight. Who would have thought my cheese would be that good? It was my mother's recipe anyway. Still, I grew my business efficiently and quickly. I became the Chief Financial Officer. And then I started gambling. I got into debt. I did something stupid one night after I lost too much ryo and the KRD found me. They covered everything up, gave me some help and some extra ryo. Everything returned to normal at first…and then they started wanting help. First it was innocent things, like extra ryo for their budget. Extra land for their training facilities. Then it started getting less innocent. They wanted bribes, to hide ryo that they found on a raid…laundering on larger scales. Soon I was cooking the books on their taxes so they could hide income." He sighs. "Now I am no longer an asset to them. I resigned, quit. Without the Raikage, I am no longer serving anyone. I am solely a hindrance to the people." He cries and shuts up.

Hiei frowns and his frown deepens the more Kashikoi talks. This..was major. And because he knew all this, it was a sure bet that the KRD would kill him. Especially since he's resigned. Now he's not an asset, he's a liability. "Answer a question for me. How much do you know about the KRD's inner workings? Does your knowledge stop at just what they're spending and hiding money on…or do you know certain things. Like why they are hounding Team Ogosokamaru?"

Hiroyasu nods "Typical flip, they probably had you setup from all along. We need weapons against them to end this travesty against our village. It's an embarrassment what they have become.." he was looking at this guy, in his medical opinion he was in the late stages of depression and stress induced health degradation.

The old man considers Hiei's question for a second and then answers, "Well, I know some. As for Team Ogosokamaru, I don't even know who that…oh wait, that's that Jounin running as the temporary mission's office right? I can't really say why they're hounding that guy or his team. I can tell you a little about where their ryo is coming from and going to, and who all did the dealing with me, but not much else." Kashikoi lets out a long slow sigh as he addresses Hiroyasu's question, "Most likely you are right. It probably was a setup, but I let myself get ensnared by acting foolishly. It was a stupid decision all those years ago and it has haunted me since. I don't know what good I can be, but if you're looking to get them back, I can help you if you help me."

Hiei looks over at Hiroyasu and then back at the old man. "Then tell us everything you know about the KRD's dealings with you. Please be as detailed as possible. I want to know how much of a grip they might have on Kumogakure." He pauses. "Also, do you know how much direct control the village elders have on them…since we currently don't have a Raikage."

Hiroyasu nods "I am sorry to be terse about it, but you will need hurry. They may discover that we are not in their watch and become concerned.. So be quick, be clear, I can handle it don't be fooled by our age." he says trying to get across that they are serious. "Let him tell us, instead of asking him questions he may not know yotsuki-san" he says hushing Hiei.

The old man states, "I can help you, assuming you can guarantee my safety." He looks over Hiei and Hiroyasu and then sighs, "I'm probably going to die shortly anyway, so having a pair of body-guards, even ones young as you, can't hurt." He collects his thoughts quickly and starts, "I was always only contacted by one of the members of the KRD, the Goat. I don't know who he is behind the mask, but I'm assuming that the KRD Commander is in on the corruption too because of the tax dealings. He gets the budget, he'd have to know that money was oddly coming and going. I'm good, but I'm not /that/ good." He sighs again and continues as he fiddles for a drink, "I know that they hide a lot of the ryo they get from illegal seizures and I know that they finance some of the Yakuza members in Kumogakure from tracing where the ryo is coming and going. They keep their hands as clean as possible while others do the dirty work."
"There was one time though," and Kashikoi takes that drink in one shot, "where two others came in with the Goat to talk with me. They wanted to buy a building but needed the ryo to go through some secondary and tertiary accounts. These two were just as frighteningly manipulative as the Goat, but they wore black masks….completely black. The Goat didn't call them by name, so I gave them the titles of the Faceless. I can tell you where the building is. I'm guessing they are using it as a base."

Hiei falls silent and lets the old man talk. He nods periodically as he begins to understand just how far the corruption is going in the village. "Hmm. The Faceless, huh?" As the man continues to speak, he leaves it to Hiro to further question him while he moves over to a window to look out. Just in case they had been found out and someone was coming. Sometimes being paranoid keeps you alive.

Hiroyasu nods "We cannot promise you amnesty but we can attempt to provide you with protection as long as you remain cooperative with us." he says pushing the glasses on his nose. Hiro glance at Hiei "You want to get on the roof, we are going to need any advanced warning. I'll handle this, we can debrief later." who is looking out the window, "It'll be easier for him to interface with just one of us. also you could act the fastest in the case of emergency." he adds before looking at the man "Continue.. Please" he says.

As Hiei moves to look out the window, he'd find something moving in the darkness. Of course, it could have just been one of the goats right? Only, there's something nagging at the back of Hiei's mind that it was more than a goat. It was bigger, faster, less sure footed than a goat. Wasn't it? Maybe Hiei's eyes are playing tricks on him, either way, better to be safe than sorry.
Hiroyasu on the other hand would notice someone trying to sneak up on the hut. Someone was trying to get closer and closer without having the goats start bleating like crazy, and so far it was working. Whoever it was, they were decently good at stealth. Inside the hut though, Kashikoi says, "The KRD owns a good portion of the land and buildings in and around Kumogakure. They seize property illegally, detain anyone who gives them trouble, and most likely make them disappear. Their operations take ryo, and they are looking to retire comfortably too probably, but I've also noticed that they are buying off people with bribes. Toward what ends, I'm not sure, but they are people of influence…and it isn't always ryo that they pay them with. They use land, protection, fame, and more." Kashikoi frowns. "If I had a guess, they're looking to start a coup d'etat based on the attacks against the Daimyo. I wouldn't be surprised if it were all the KRD and this Faceless organization."

Hiei gets a disturbing expression on his face when Kashikoi comes to the assumption that the KRD just might be behind the assassination attempts on the Daimyo. And his father still hadn't come back from his protection mission, yet, either. He was supposed to act as one of the Daimyo's personal bodyguards. Then Hiei catches movement out of the corner of his eye. Was it a goat? No, it was bigger than a goat. He says quietly. "Hiro, I think we have company." He grabs the upper part of the window and vaults up onto the roof. He crouches there while trying to get a fix on their visitor.

Hiroyasu jerks his head instinctively, he couldn't tell exactly where but he could tell someone was trying to avoid detection. "Yes Someone is here, they are expelling some serious effort to remain invisible." He looks at the old man "We need to get you out of here now. We only saw 1 exit, does it have any others? Now is not the time to be modest or sly. " he does acknowledge the information "That is far worse then we thought, but quick where is this base of operation.. we need that now. I won't lie to you, if they sent an elite after us/you we are outmatched. So tell me what we need to strike them should they overpower us.. We will strike at their heart, and bring our village back from this sickness.." he says with some pride, while fidgeting in his pockets for an array of seals.

Kashikoi stands up and looks at the window before thumbing the other window behind them. "Well, I'll need some help, but you can boost me out the window." He mustn't care about his pride anymore after what he's done. The old man thinks for a moment, "Fine, the location is at <insert location on grid to be determined later here>. It is an old war-time factory that pumped out kunai and other weaponry by the dozens during the last major war effort. Once the war was over, the profits disappeared and the factory closed." Kashikoi heads over to the window and says, "Now, hold up your end of the deal and get me out of here."

Outside, when Hiei hops up to the roof, the figure that was trying to hide forgoes their stealth and stands. It is a KRD member wearing the mask of a Mouse. The Mouse states, "Yotsuki-san…and I'd guess the rest of your team is here. You are to come forward with your hands at your sides. In the name of the Raikage, and in the name of the KRD, you are under arrest for aiding and abetting a felon. Kashikoi, the former chief financial officer was found to be laundering ryo from the former Raikage. You are to be detained and questioned. Come quietly and it will be easier on you back in the village. Give me trouble and we'll make life impossible for you." Oooh, oooh, impossible!

Hiei stands up to his full height and shakes his head. "I'm afraid I can't do that. You'll make life miserable for me anyway." He performs hand-seals quickly. "Here's my official answer. Ninja Art: Lightning Needles!" The needles form around his body before flying toward the KRD agent." Hiei then flips back inside of the window. "Mouse is here. Whatever we're doing, we need to do it now."

Hiroyasu nods "I've heard about that building.. I think" before listening to Hiei who doesn't follow the plan "That's great Hiei, weren't you supposed to stay out there to keep him occupied so I can get him out of here.. not trap all of us in the same indefensible building" he was being mean, but Hiei could take it, he thinks. "In the future don't regroup unless we call for one.." he says helping the old man out the back window, then himself.

The little Mouse makes a hand-seal and leaps up into the air, using the wind currents to propel them a little further and faster than a normal jump would allow for, but it doesn't quite work. The lightning needles catch Mouse's feet and they fall to the ground. This one must be a new recruit who was sent out to the boondocks to watch over Kashikoi's hut or something (you know, because the other higher ranking members wouldn't want to just sit an watch a hut for hours on end if they didn't have to). So, this Chuunin-esque figure lands with a grumble and singe-marks on their leg. The Mouse darts back into the goat tribe and moves for stealth instead. They are using normal stealth techniques of ground cover, timing, and distractions to make their moves toward the hut. Hopefully Hiro and Hie can't follow their movements. When the Mouse is close enough, it starts gathering chakras to make something big happen.

Hiei glances over at Hiroyasu and grunts. Dude always has something to complain about. He turns and kicks the front door off it's hinges and steps outside. He looks around for the Mouse. If he's gone stealth, then he'd never find him. So he does something that Hiro wouldn't approve of. He taunts him. "Come on, little mouse. Surely you big back KRD guy isn't afraid of little old me? Come out and face me. I'm just a lowly Genin. You guys have been watching me right? Do you have the heart of a man, or the heart of the animal who's mask you wear?"

Hiroyasu ushers the old man in front of him giving him the ground between him and the KRD agent, "Yotsuki-san, he's hiding in the herd. Preparing an attack, intercept him." he directs him to the general location of the sudden surge of chakra. "come on, we need to figure out where to get you too. We need somewhere we can defend.. we have kill him or he will ruin us." to both Hiei and the old man. He glances around looking for anything they can use to their advantage but he can't take his eyes off the old-man or the target for long so he is left quickly scanning but not finding much with the small glances.

Mouse continues to sit there, concentrating their chakras while using a goat as protective covering. This KRD member must have some ease of presence genjutsu or something to keep the goats so calm around them. Still, as they are just about done gathering their chakra for a large charged attack, they hear Hiroyasu's voice, what with the echoing nature of mountain slopes, that their location is known. Rather than stop, they simply try to finish their charge and get off the major attack.

Hiei hears Hiro and immediately runs toward the goats while doing hand seals. What the KRD guy probably didn't realize is that Hiei doesn't really care about goats and doesn't mind breaking a few eggs to make an omelet. "Ninja Art: Lightning Shogun!" He thrusts his arm out, shooting a blast if electricity toward his target.

Hiroyasu continues their tactical retreat, "Try to minimize collateral if possible, as a habit.. so we aren't mindless barbarians." he needs to assist Hiei but he couldn't leave the old man undefended. He makes several seals and stomps the ground, the telltale tears of terrain begin to leak upward and swirl around his hands, he attempts to anticipate the enemies course of action and fires several bullets in that area.

The chakra reaches its full limit for Mouse's attack and suddenly the KRD member finds themselves, and the goats all around them, blasted by an orb of lightning. The Mouse's body sizzles for a moment, but they get up and start moving…only to be fired upon by Hiroyasu. Seals are formed and the Mouse bursts into the air, but again their timing is off and they are smacked into. The second dodge is slower as they have drained their chakras now with all of the charging. They are hit again and flop to the ground…but once more they are trying regular stealth maneuvers. They are outflanked and out gunned at the moment, so they try to regroup their chakras and come back attacking again.

Hiei doesn't stop there. When Mouse retreats, he follows behind him, trying to keep track of his movements in the dark. "Come on, Mousy. All this sneak around? You really are afraid of us, aren't you?" Hiei realizes that this man has to die. He can't be allowed to report in that he and Hiro were helping Kashikoi.

Hiroyasu reaches out again, this young member was not as seasoned as the others his movements were easier to ascertain.. What's worse is he probably thinks he is serving his country, maybe that work to his advantage. "Mouse! is it? Did they tell you about how they serve our village. The murder of citizens, the stealing of hard earned wages, harassing anyone who doesn't allow them to rape our village for profit and power? Did they tell you that, are you part of their retirement plan or are you just fodder to throw out when they need a deed done without regard.." psychological warfare, maybe it might work in some fashion, but not likely.

Hiei's taunts don't really get the Mouse to respond. They are too busy focusing chakra to use naturally, but then the kunai come at them. They manage to dodge both, but are again all out of chakra. They really put all of their cards in that one attack (which luckily did not go off or else it would have been a big badda boom). The Mouse is sitting there, running, trying to figure out what to do next when they hear Hiroyasu's comments, and something seems to hit home or ring true because they stop and call out, "Hold on a second. I'm not saying I've seen things that I didn't agree with. I'm relatively new to the division and am just moving along with it not trying to stir the pot…but…what evidence do you have that anything about what you say is true? Why are you trying to sneak away with Kashikoi-san?"

Hiei states. "Your superiors have been pulling the wool over your eyes, man." His fist crackles with lightning, though he hasn't directed it at Mouse just yet. If Hiro could get through to this guy, he wouldn't have to kill him. And possibly they might gain a potential ally.

Hiroyasu says "Think about it, why would they let a terrorist retire. He was the chief officer of the finance division. They were wringing money out him for years, blackmailing him for a setup they perpetrated years ago. Who else could hide the illegal coffers, fudge numbers, now he retires and all of a sudden they label him a terrorist? We were like you, idealists, we thought our country was the best in the world because it could be, and should be.. but we are hampered by a disease, you don't agree with just what you have seen in your short time.. what do you think they are doing behind your back? Threatening your family? Have you seen them lately, are they well? Any unexplained mishaps? They beat his girlfriend, the did things to her in the interrogation room, now they label us rogue elements because we want to protect the innocent, our duty.. We have ample evidence they have been financing the Yakuza to do their dirty deeds.. I'm willing to let you go, go find out for yourself. If you love our land, like we do, you will not stand for it" to be honest they might could take him out but not without endangering the old man and exhausting themselves.

The Mouse stands, holds their hands out and takes a few steps forward in a 'i surrender' approach. As they get closer they state, "Suppose I believe you on this one, you really think I'd let you out of my sight that easily? I want to see this evidence you have. I want to know what is going on." The Mouse starts to move their hands, speaking, "I'm just going to take off my mask as a sign of trust here," and so they do, only to find that the Mouse is a female…a particularly BEAUTIFUL kunoichi. She eyes the two boys and the old man and says, "Now, show me this evidence and we can go from there."

Hiei's jaw goes slack when he gets a good look at the KRD agent. She was gorgeous. "Wow.." He mutters before reminding himself that she's the potential enemy and kicks himself for temporarily lowering his guard. He moves to walk over by Hiro and the old man while he waits for them to talk about the evidence. As far as he's concerned the evidence was in the library, under guard from that old kunoichi. Going back there was pretty much suicide. The rest of the KRD would definitely pick back up on their trail.

Hiroyasu is less than impressed, he had his shinning star , all others seemed so much more dim now. "Most of it exists as public record, If anyone cared to look." that would be vague enough. "What more do you need? Take off the mask walk down a street you don't see happy faces, you see tired faces, you see worried faces. Put it back on and you might not even see any faces as they won't look at you.." he looks at Hiei then nods his head at the Kunoichi as in keep an eye on her. "So they are funneling stolen cash from Yakuza dealings and fronting it all from the old factory." he repeats before looking at the old man, he moves to put himself between her and him, he didn't trust her, the three seals resting between his fingers tells that quite clear. "What else?" he asks.

There is a small hut in the middle of the mountain chains somewhere that houses Kashikoi and his flock of goats. Kashikoi is the chief financial officer that served under the last Raikage…and he just so happens to be corrupted by the KRD. After finding evidence against him, Hiei and Hiroyasu came to talk to him. Kashikoi gave a confession and even a potential headquarters for the corrupted KRD, but then a kunoichi attacked them. This KRD kunoichi has listened to reason for now though and wants to see this evidence. Maybe it is a trap, or maybe not.
Kashikoi nods, "There is more evidence inside the hut. If you come back in I can show you it…please come in." Kayaru may be coming in because Ogo dropped the team off. They may need to get escorted back into the village somehow.

Hiei motions back to the hut and is now a little sorry he kicked the door off it's hinges when they believed they'd have to make a run for it. He looks at Mouse and points two fingers at her, then back at his eyes. Yeah, he was watching her. Hiei was an equal opportunity butt-kicker. Her gender wouldn't save her from that in his eyes. Once back inside he leans against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. It was Hiro and the old man's show now, to make the kunoichi KRD believe the truth.

Hiroyasu guardedly escorts the man back to the hut, it did not escape his dragnet that this member had so far fought with only with stealth and guile, it would not be past her to feint surrender. His fingers idly waving the seals in his grip, "Alright, let's see what you have.." he looks at Kunoichi and says "Move without asking, and Hiei will separate your legs from your torso. We clear?" he asks.

The Mouse eyes the two boys and winks, "Typical teenagers, quick to want to touch the merchandise. The old man can check me. You two can stay right where you are too. I don't trust you any more than you trust me. So far we have a lot of promises for evidence, but nothing presented yet. Give me something small to ease my mind. If you don't want me knowing where the evidence is then I can step outside and wait for you to retrieve it." She eyes Hiei, "Where's the other member s of your team anyways, or is it just you two?"

Hiei pffs. "The way you all have been hounding us, I'm sure you already know where the rest of our team is." He hasn't moved off his perch on the wall. He didn't want to be that close to her. It would get in the way of his swing should he had to draw his swords, but he does keep her within striking distance. He adds casually. "You don't have anything I haven't seen before." He says in reference to her comment about what typical teenagers want. She should know by now that Hiei and Hiro aren't typical teenagers.

Hiroyasu says "How about not, you aren't allowed near the old man. You can either submit to a search or we can just have Hiei escort you outside. That sexist bit doesn't work on actual cloud shinobi. We treat all genders the same, because you tell a Yotsuki Kunoichi she's not equal and see what it buys you.." a broken neck that's what.. "So do you want to see the information or you want to play your mediocre looks vs my intellect?" he chides.

The kunoichi looks offended, "Mediocre my perfect rodent. You better watch yourselves or I'll show you why they call me Mouse in the KRD." After that outburst she nods, "Fine, frisk me outside then," and she points to Hiei to do it. Stepping outside, she puts her hands up and waits to be groped. She has kunai and flash tags and a sword…but nothing too crazy. Her biggest threat is her hands forming seals.
Meanwhile inside the old man goes about ripping up the floor boards and getting some scrolls out from a hidey hole there. He takes them out and hands them to Hiroyasu, "Here is what I have," Kashikoi states in earnest. "It is a few documents of building sales, copies of illegal seizures and bribes and tax documents. Not much, but the trails could be followed for the truth to be revealed." He nods.

Hiei comments. "Your rodent isn't perfect." He points to the door before going out with her. He performs the search with a cold detachment. While he's doing it, he talks to her. "You can't really blame us for being on edge. We've been dodging you jokers for months now. Your group has ransacked my best friend's home and kidnapped and tortured my girlfriend. The fact that I don't attempt to kill you on sight speaks greatly about my self control. So..no more threats, huh? We give you the information you requested and we go from there. Deal?"

Hiroyasu pulls out a blank seal and using his pen brush makes some pertinent notes about the documents, he doesn't have time to copy them verbatim but he has enough forthwith to copy down the best parts while he can hear Hiei outside fraternizing with the enemy, talking too much again.. "Alright, so just the 1 scroll" he says out loud sliding a few of the scrolls into his robe. Leaving the one scroll on the table with the information he had already jotted down.. he was attempting to be sly. The old man should be able to see it, "Is she clean?" perhaps that was improperly phrased he thinks to himself.

The kunoichi shrugs to Hiei, "Like I said, I've seen some things too that I wasn't so sure of myself. Still, what you're talking about is too massive an issue to bring forward to, well, no one. The Daimyo? The Elders? They either are in on it or don't appear to care. The only one doing anything about the chaos right now is that Jounin in the circle. So, if the evidence is real, we'll bring it to the public then and start a revolution?" She heads on in after the frisk and looks down at the one scroll on the table. She reads through it, thoroughly and herms for a while. "Okay, so we have the ledgings of an old man known for being corrupt, or at least that is how he'll be portrayed. That isn't too promising; however, if we can find more solid evidence from these leads, we can maybe bring a case against some of the KRD members and anyone else involved."

Kayaru got sent out as backup for the two Genin in his team. He considered them his team as 'He' was busy with trying to sow order from chaos. Either way, Kayaru got the location and made it top priority to reach it as soon as he could. He managed to make it there just as Hiei was escorting someone with a mask into the building. Musing, Kayaru would frown as he'd approach, blurring to land silently outside of the doorway, before stepping into the area. His hand rested casually on the hilt of his katana, ready, but he was obviously not going to draw until he saw what was going on. His attention would go from person to person, studying them each intently, waiting to find out what he could, since it seems he obviously just walked in on.. something.

Hiei frowns as he walks the kunoichi back into the room. "How sad. But very true. Most people don't care about anything unless it affects them directly." He smirks after she looks at the scroll. "So we show the general population that it does affect them. We.." He pauses when Kayaru walks in. "Kayaru-sama." As for what they could do to find solid evidence, Hiei looks around the room and simply shrugs. Politics wasn't his thing.

Hiroyasu nods "That is why we aren't shouting everything we know to anyone who will listen, we are following leads and looking for that thing that people -won't- ignore something that affects them. Well this is all we got, now we move along to where it brings us." He was not going to share the other documents with someone who just out of no where turns good. "You should know something right, things that sickened you? Have been down to the KRD sponsored gambling houses run by the Yakuza, or maybe seen or heard about the Yakuza attack in the middle of Kumogakure last week?" he was pressing her for information now.

Kashikoi takes a seat as many of his past deeds are coming to light. He looks miserable, but who can really blame him. The kunoichi meanwhile shakes her head, "I know only a little bit about things. I know that the higher ups tell us not to go into the gambling houses because it would cause too much of a war and spill out on the streets. I think that is bull, but I'm still new at all of this. I also know that people that have spoken out about policies of the KRD or the Elders have been forced to keep quiet, mainly under the guise of political stability right now. It is gearing up to be a regular tyranny-style take-over. Information flow is being blocked too, and with the Raikage gone, all of the elders and Daimyo are off getting things ready for the new Raikage vote…leaving the KRD in a free-for-all."

Kayaru gives a small nod to Hiei and Hiroyasu, Kashikoi would be studied as he simply looked shamed. Then his attention turned to Mouse, watching her for a long moment. "You do realize that's not an excuse, right? If something is wrong, then you act to correct it. If you're told to keep silent for those in power to maintain that wrong, then you have to go over them. If it takes a revolution.. then it takes revolution to get it corrected. Agreeing to keep quiet is as bad as doing it yourself."

Hiei holds up both hands. "Wait, wait. The way everyone is talking…well it sounds like civil war or something." He looks around the room. "If that happens, more lives will be lost than even I'd be comfortable with." He looks at Hiro. "You mentioned the old factory that the KRD is probably using as a base of operations. I think we should start there. As far as I can tell, they're not paper pushers. That's what they used Kashikoi-san for. So it stands to reason that they might have been sloppy and kept records of things that not even the old man was privy to." He pauses. "I think we should raid it. Quietly."

Hiroyasu nods "That is definitely a good place to start. It's the next link in the chain. We don't need any more citizens being executed by death squads just as show of that they can.. my apartment will never the same after that.. To execute a mother right in front her child, with her child crying for mercy.." he looks to Kashikoi-san "We need to get you somewhere safe. They will come for you and even if she isn't the one.. they'll send another for you both." he says still fidgeting the seals between his fingers.

Kashikoi nods eagerly, "Yes, I upheld my end of the bargain, now please get me to safety." Mouse on the other hand doesn't look as pleased that Kayaru arrived. It must feel like an ambush. Still, she pffts, "Don't go judging me until you've walked in my shoes." She turns to the others, "Even if you make it into this base, which is probably going to be crawling with higher level shinobi, you don't even know what to look for or where to find it. As for me, I'm going to stay here, report back that the old man has had no visitors and isn't going anywhere. It might buy all of you some time while I sort things out on my end too."

Kayaru eyes Mouse back with a frown. "You have no idea." Looking toward Kashikoi, a small nod was given. "Get packing. You have five minutes." Kayaru then looks over to Hiro and Hiei. "We'll need to smuggle him out past the boarder. Then we take the single part we do have to follow it. I would say we wait on the raid till we can verify what information has been obtained. As she said.. knowing what to look for, makes the raid much better in providing results."

Hiei feels a flash of anger. They were underestimating the Genin. Again. How many people does he have to kill to get some recognition around here? But he doesn't say anything like that. Instead he says, "So you guys pour over the evidence again. We sit on it, and in the meantime the corruption continues. Great plan." He holds up a hand. "Recently, I've been reminded how important it is to hang back sometimes, make a plan, and try to come up with backups for the backup. But there has to come a point when we need to realize that we'll never have /all/ the information and that sometimes just plain old taking risks is necessary. I'm just saying to consider it, is all."

Hiroyasu agrees "No one will tell us anything, so we don't know anything.." and with Hiei of all people.. "We do need to get him outside the border where it is harder for them to operate" he says in agreement with Kayaru too.

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