Kumo Daimyo Plot - Containing the Chaos


Ogosokamaru, Kasuya

Date: June 25, 2013


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"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Containing the Chaos"

Village Center Area, Kumogakure

Kasuya walks quietly into the Raikage's office and hours later walks just as quietly out. However, she looks far more wearied than before she entered. Lengthy conversations or more than a minute of chatting with someone is rare for her. And now she had to give a torturously long briefing. Where has Kasuya been for months? Kasuya hasn't confided in anyone about it. In fact, upon her return she's spent the day resting, eating, and now strolling away from the Administration building quite alone. A few people wave to her, but when she doesn't return the wave or even a smile any attempt to communicate with her is given up by most. She looks much the same as ever.

Looking very differently, and possibly more mature(?) is Ogosokamaru. The Village Center area was a perfect place for him to attempt to set up shop. Or, at least be found for those of the Shinobi of Kumogakure to find him that are willing to join him in this massive attempt to quell the mild chaos within Kumogakure. As of right now he had a few ninja around him, letting them know where to go as others are bringing information of where problems have arisen, and to grab who they can to go and fix it. He looked tired.
More tired than usual. The idea that he never sleeps is physically adhering itself to the proclaimed rumor, other than the counteracting rumor that he meditates for a few hours each night instead of actual sleep. In any case, there was a short lull after those last couple chuunin left to go take care of the small issues that could be handled right now, and Ogo even sits down, looking at that single map of Kumogakure he had, under the borrowed tent from a kind enough vendor they had liberated from some would-be child thieves, who would have gotten away with it if some people hadn't been right there just out of the kids' line of sight. In any case, Ogo was sitting in the back of the tent, looking at that single map with different colored little flags stuck into it, each one designating various problems that had arisen, peaceful civilian conflicts, violent ones, even shinobi conflicts, scheduling conflicts, and any others that numbered enough to be of merit and attention in this form.
And for now he just stared at it. This location for the tent was chosen becuase it's right outside for the elders to see. If they want to complain to him about what he's doing, trying to keep order, then they can come complain away.

Kasuya's gaze pauses when she sees Ogo in the center of the activity. She knows that look in his eyes-not what he's planning, but lack of sleep. There aren't many people who get less sleep than her, but from his face he's threatening to be one of them. She's tempted to just move along. What she doesn't need is another long meeting. At the same time, she hasn't seen him for the better part of a year. She brushes some sand off her shirt and goes over to him.
"Ogosokamaru-kun," she says quietly. "It's been awhile. Looks like you've kept the volcano from exploding." Without permission but also without shoving him aside she'd circle to look down at the maps. From how he's set up, he doesn't seem to be going for total privacy. She looks over the maps with idle curiosity.

Ogo stands up when he notices Kasuya, "Kasuya, it's good to see you again," he nods to her when she moves around him to look at the map. He explains the different little flag colors for various incidents. All within the last twenty four hour period.
Volcano? "Oh, not really. Just trying to keep it from erupting any more than it already has and containing the fires." He looks at the map again, and sighs. "We're doing what we can with who will help us. And," he throws a thumb over his shoulder towards the Dome, within which the elders to which he is referring, "If they don't like the fact I'm trying to fix this, they can come down here and do it themselves. -Someone- has to do something. And, here's what we are doing." He keeps saying we, referencing those that are already helping his efforts.

Kasuya's eyes rove over the map as she makes sense of it. As if it will help, she reaches out and straightens some of the flags a little so they stand up. She drums her fingers lightly against the parchment, and for several minutes just gazes down at the map as if committing it to memory. Which she actually is. Then, she straightens up and turns to Ogo with the faintest smile.
"Why aren't you Raikage yet?" she asks. She's still wearing that faint smile, but her words aren't joking at all. They're questioning, and actually a little disappointed. She waves that away, and at that moment her stomach gives a pronounced growl. "No matter. Well, I haven't eaten much. Maybe we can get a bite." She'd step away from the maps and strategies and wait to see if he'd fall in beside her. "I heard you have a team. So, how are they performing so far?"

Ogo looks at her with a deadpan stare for a second when she asks that question. To his luck she waved it off, but that still didn't mean he wasn't thinking on how to answer that question. Becuase he really didn't. I'm not cut out for it? He glances at the map, the tent, and the couple of chuunin and genin that were there helping with the few administrative duties he had been able to give them that those individuals were apt to do. His past? Maybe that was it. Someone somewhere knew his past and begrudged him for it? Who knows? Ogosokamaru doesn't.
His train of thought again derailed when she spoke of food he had asked just moments ago. As she walks, he nods, "Yes, I do. Tsugi?" He says to one of the chuunin, "Please, if anyone comes with reports that you feel require my attention, don't hesitate to come get me." He points down towards where a few restaurants were in the Village Center, "I'll be getting food. Are any of you hungry?" He was offering to get them food, all of them declined in one way or another kindly.
He looks at Kasuya, "But yes, my team is well. I have two taijutsuists, and a medic. Alone each of them has holes in ability, where the other two easily pick up and complete the circle fairly well for their level." Towards the block of restaurants they go, "You pick the place."

Kasuya only glances at the people that Ogo talk to before she moves on. She seems to know what restaurant she wants to go to. "There's a place I like on warmer days," she says. It's just a simple noodle ad dumpling cart. But once there she takes some time looking over the small menu. In the end, she orders a bottle of chilled sake, cold soba noodles, and several red bean paste buns. She plops down and starts eating them swiftly yet methodically.
"I heard something else," she says. "About one of those kids on your team. So, I'll ask it in plain words. What do you plan to do with the bijuu?" Far from sounding like the type sympathetic towards Jinchuuriki, Kasuya mentions Misaki in about the same way someone might mention a dog. She looks up curiously as she slurps up her noodles.

Ogo ordered his food, which was the large bowl of noodles with a couple dumplings in it, pork flavored noodles with a little bit of a myriad of meat strewn in there. He sits across from Kasuya at the table a bit more calmly than she did, and sets his chopsticks next to the bowl after she asks that question. Usually he'd be done eating by now. "Absolutely nothing." Maybe an answer she wasn't expecting. He had just hashed this out with someone else, and it didn't really end all too happily.
"She is the one who will deal with the bijuu. She will learn to control it, or.." he takes a breath of pause, hating that he really does have to say this, "Or she will learn to -be- controlled. And knowing her personality, she'll take learning to control it any day. So the motivation is there." And he then picks up his chopsticks, and they hover over his bowl for a moment, looking up at her, "Does that answer your question?"

Kasuya watches Ogo's expression closely as he talks about their newest Jinchuuriki. And then, after swallowing a bite of bun, she reaches over and gives him a hearty slap on the back. "The higher ups were wise to put her into your hands then," she says, as if he'd given a stirring speech. "I can only hope she's not stupid," is all she says, and then lets the matter drop. "I've been going around for many months," she says, "keeping an eye onthings."
She concentrates then on shoveling food into her mouth. As she does she adds, "I think it's past time for the next Chuunin Exams though. And another event in which all the villages will have to set aside their differences and come together."

As she slaps him on the back, he nods. Her slap wasn't as hard as her ninjutsu, Ogo can testify that. He litfs the bowl up to his face, and a couple moments go by when she's talking about the chuunin exams. Then the now empty bowl is set on the table, chopstics rolling around with one end in the bottom and the other leaning on the rim rolling around to make it halfway around the bowl. Kage talk again.
Ogo's look turns perturbed for a moment, "And, we'll have no representation unless one of the Elders comes out of the office they are hiding in." He turns his head to look at the administration dome with a hint of disgust. But it fades quickly and he crosses his arms over his chest and leans back in the chair, watching Kasuya eat quietly before he thinks of something, then looks back towards his makeshift headquarters tent like he was about to head back there and get back to that energy-draining work he's set himself to.

Kasuya says, "I dreamt last night that I was the Raikage," Kasuya says suddenly. "In my dream, if you're Raikage you get free food from all the restaurants. So I spent my first day as Raikage going from place to place, gorging myself. I came to this restaurant first." She taps the table at where they sit with her chopsticks, and finishes off the last of her noodles. Slurps them up in a spray of broth and then wipes her face. "I knew it was a sign." She sets aside the dining utensils and turns to face Ogo squarely."

"I dreamt last night that I was the Raikage," Kasuya says suddenly. "In my dream, if you're Raikage you get free food from all the restaurants. So I spent my first day as Raikage going from place to place, gorging myself. I came to this restaurant first." She taps the table at where they sit with her chopsticks, and finishes off the last of her noodles. Slurps them up in a spray of broth and then wipes her face. "I knew it was a sign." She sets aside the dining utensils and turns to face Ogo squarely.
"Ogo-kun, I'm going to be blunt. You should be the next Raikage. We're doing a weak show by having no Raikage. Light doesn't shine from your butt, but you're one of the better ones for the job. Have you considered doing more than just thinking about it…actually pursuing it?"

Ogo just stares at her, the butt comment gets no laughter. Bioluminescent anything from the buttock is probably a sign you need to get checked. But on a serious note, he just shook his head. "No. I put to gether a group, and once this calms down, or at least gets to a manageable position, we are going to see the Diamyo, and ask him directly why he hasn't selected a new Raikage. I've got.." he reaches into his pocket for the list of numbers, no names, he dare not write anyone's name down for their safety and or their families incase someone had prying eyes and prying swords, "Three Jounin, excluding myself, and four chuunin coming to see the Daimyo on that trip. It's all I could muster, but if someone gets wind of it, and has the same ideas as those going for the Daimyo, we'll not be caught by surprise, or at a disadvantage."

"Is that all huh," Kasuya murmurs, when Ogosokamaru talks about his escort. She's rubbing her chin. Then she sets down her bowl with a sharp click and stands up. "Well, it was um nice to see you after so long, Ogo-kun," she says quietly. "I hope your day goes well." She sets down a few coins to pay for the meal. Whatever she was doing, it clearly hadn't bankrupted her. She takes one last look at Ogo, almost questioning, and then goes on her way.

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