Kumo Daimyo Plot - Faceless #10


Hiei, Hanako, Misaki, Ogosokamaru, Hiroyasu, Atsui, Nariko, Amani, Hel (emitter)

Date: July 30, 2013


Faceless #10 resides in a brothel (think wild west campy musical place) and the team has to extract him without hurting any innocents and capture the man.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Faceless #10"

Kumogakure, Industrial Sector

It is early evening in Kumogakure, and after Hiro, Hiei, and Amani managed to gain valuable information against the Faceless and present it to, well…anyone and everyone presumably that they could find…a task-force has been created to track down, round up, and capture or kill (as a last resort) any further Faceless members that could be found. A military tribunal would be brought together so that the Faceless would pay for their actions.
The goal of this mission is simple. One of the Faceless members has been tracked to the local brothel in the industrial sector. He is known to frequent this area, and in particular, he has a soft spot for the ladies. The team has assembled outside the brothel. It is up to the team to figure out how to handle this.

Hiei paces back and forth in front of the brothel. He's shaking his head adamantly. "I'm not going in there." His mother would kill him. Not ground him, not discipline him, but put him in the ground. Then his parents would focus on having new children. Not to mention if he even thought about going in there the tailed terrior would kill him first. When Hiro comes up with a workable plan, Hiei nods before saying, "I'll hang out on the roof of the building. Once they lure him out through the exit, I can attack him stealthily, do as much damage as possible for the rest of you guys lay into him."

Hanako smiles brightly as she glances toward Hiroyasu, acknowledging the compliment. In fact, having heard about the mission they were about to embark upon, Hanako had brought a change of clothes specifically for this situation. She drops her backpack and reaches in, pulling out something a little more risque - a yellow corset with a short skirt and a pair of stockings. Far more suitable if she was going to be dressing up. Clearing her throat, the kunoichi looks around and asks, "Umm, anywhere private I can get changed?"

Misaki looks at Hiro and smiles. "Oh oh, a crate…. And we put Nariko in it!" She pauses and thinks. "And then it's held up by some wood, which we can drop with a rope! And then…. Wait.." She taps her chin. "That would mean Nariko's trapped with him.." It doesn't occur to her that the traditional critter trap - might not be - as effective on humans who can shoot lightning bolts! "Sorry Nariko, it seems like you're bait." Misaki smirks and shakes her head. "Just kidding.." She then looks at Hiro and shrugs yet again. "Sorry, out of ideas!" She looks up. "I think I'll go with Hiei!"

Standing outside, crossing her arms on her chest. When Hiro compliments her she nods her head, but of course there was always a catch. She looks to Hanako and shrugs. "I'm okay with that..I suppose." What was she getting herself into. She's been getting into a lot of situations good or bad since she arrived in Kumo, she wasn't sure if this was really a good thing, but she was helping protect her home. She looks at HAnako and shakes her head. "I should've come prepared like Hanako." She mutters to herself. "Whenever you're ready Sensei."

Ogosokamaru was standing a few feet away from the group looking at the Brothel. "I'm not going in there either. I'll post up next to the door though, and if something goes wrong for the girls," he looks at Hanako and Nariko and the things that Hanako brought. A couple seconds later he looks back at the building, "Yes, I will post up next to the door," he coughs, and lifts his hand up to pull the hood up over his head of the black cloak he had purchased just for this specific mission. And, he looks at everyone, Hiro included, "Hiro, maybe a barrier seal once we have him subdued? ou can post up with me, 'little brother'" he says, reaching over and putting his hand on top of Hiro's bald head.

"Is there anything around here we can use to our advantage? This environment must have its share of dark places to hide in or something…" Amani remarks as she looks around. She prefers not to activate her Nejigan considering where they're at. There aren't any sounds she wants to pick up on around here, even if it'd help her to scope the place and pick a place. "I can just…stay out here. I can stun pretty well, I think," she mentions to Ogo. "Besides, sending the guys in there will probably kill them from blood loss. I can only hope that the girls will be okay…" She's too young to enter the place and keep watch. Guess she could go ahead and activate her Nejigan for that purpose, but ugh…

Hiro and Ogo are posted outside the door, along with Amani. Hiei and Misaki are keeping watch from the roof…and Nariko and Hanako are heading in as bait. The brothel has large open glass windows so that passers-by can see inside the main-portion of the establishment. There is a stage, a bar, and tons of tables…and they are all packed. As the team arrives, the stage lights up, the curtain opens, and a slew of dancers, both male and female, come out. The woman are fully dressed as traditional geisha, while the men are dressed in western style business suits (is that Ishino???…oh, nope). The crowd meets the dancers with a raucous laughter and even a few jeers and whistles.
The dancers are actually putting on a rather funny skit. The men are chasing after the women but never being able to grab them. They fall, run into eachother or props, and two of the men end up kissing by accident. The house is laughing, including the target. One Fukui Yori. He of course is without his black mask, but with all of the intelligence the team has gathered, both from the dossiers as well as from Faceless #5…they'd have the ninja bingo cards that show the target's face. The man has a full bottle of sake in front of him already emptied, and by the looks of it, he's working on a second.

Hiei and Misaki would suddenly find themselves being walked in on by a young boy with binoculars. "Oh, eh…, ahem…bye," he says sheepishly before scampering off. Hiroyasu, Amani, and Ogo get the added task of turning away customers that are coming in. Now that the show is going on, more are turning up. Good luck making them listen to reason! Hanako and Nariko get to go inside!

Hiroyasu sneers, "You could just Henge into a disguise Hanako-san", any reason to play dress up right? "You as well, Nariko-san." He makes the handseal for henge as a reminder. "Uhh how about no" he says to Misaki, before looking at the others they prepare. "Stunning him is the best early option." before at Ogosokamaru, and mouthing little brother with a raised eyebrow and taking his position as agreed upon.

Hiei turns to Misaki. "Sweetheart, is your ADHD acting up again? Try to focus, okay? This is not a game." With a hop and a couple steps up the side of the building, Hiei settles into a crouch. He pulls the black cloak over him and pulls up the hood, hopefully, besides the kid that came up here, no one else would notice them up here. "I'll go first and move out of the way, then you come immediately after me. Hopefully we'll have him groggy enough where Hiro's seal can put him to bed. That is, if no one messes up the plan."

Hanako ducks around a corner, finding a dark place to quickly get changed, and then she's back in jiffy. With the corset shaping her body she looks even sexier than before. The skirt is short enough that there is a gap between it and her thigh-high stockings where a little skin is visible. She musses up her hair quickly and then looks over to Nariko. "Well, are you ready?" she asks, striking a dancer's pose with one hip out. And with that she walks right through the front door. Its obvious that her strategy is to catch the man's attention as quickly as possible. She sashays right in front of the target, facing away from him, and leans her backside against the table as if she's stopped to watch the show. The move gives the Faceless plenty of opportunity to stare at her bum.

Misaki's already on the roof by the time she gets instructed to be there. Her iconic multi-tool gauntlet shining on her arm. She nods at Hiei. "You know I don't have that!" She says while rolling her eyes. Sighing and peeking over the horizon! She then looks down into the brothel, calculating the best angle of entry. She was in mission mode now. "So, wait on the signal, destroy strudel… Get out… Got it!" She grins. "Oh no wait, capture it!" She grins while a flash of blue briefly shoots off her body before she lays down flat on the roof, so even if you'd try you wouldn't be able to see her!

Nariko claps her hands together. "Transformation jutsu." She disappears into a cloud of smoke before reappearing dressed similar to Hanako. She puts her hand on her hip and smiles. "Sensei, I was born ready!" She quickly catches up to Hanako, following her into the room. She sashays over to the faceless and puts her hands on his shoulders, beginning to massage him. "Hey there, enjoying the show?" She asks coyly.

Ogo gets to the front door, and by the time he gets there, Hanako and Nariko were getting in there. He posts up a foot on the wall next to the door, occasionally looking over his shoulder at the target and what the target was watching. Ogo looks to Hiroyasu to see how he's doing, if anyone were to come up, Ogo would attempt to tell them, "Max capacity bub, hit the road." Or something to that effect with some lowlife accent.

Amani keeps her post by the door to this place. Things were about to get crazy around here. She activated her Nejigan and was surprised at the lack of cringing she'd be doing. She placed some efforts into focusing so that she'd be ready to fight this guy. He doesn't need to be converting all his fun into them when the time comes to attack.
"I get the feeling everyone is having fun with this. It's hard for me to conceive of…I don't get it. Are corsets supposed to be fun? They look dangerous. How do you breathe? Move, for that reason. Can someone tell me what's going on?" She frowned about all this as everyone dispersed. Bah… If anyone wonders why, she's around, she's an orphan.

Atsui got sent here with the others to aid with a mission. End this faction that is causing issues for the village. He got told to be there by those who trusted him.. and was horribly late. Well.. at least he wasn't a key part of the whole thing, right? Instead, he'd simply come along, focusing himself as he'd silently hop roof tops until he was close enough to drop to an alley, throw a hood up on a long cloak and walk towards the place. That Byakugan would go active, giving him that sight all around him, so even without raising his head, he'd be able to see at least Ogo out on the street. Great, they were already moving in. He'd approach Ogo, stopping next to him and pitch is voice low, the hesitance he normally had scattering his voice even further. "Uhh.. I.. I uh.. I.. I am.. here.. here to help.. I.. I was.. sent.. to.. to help.. I.. I'm sorry.. I.. I missed it.. but.. but.. but I am here.. so.. so tell.. tell me where to help..?"

Yori spots Hanako as she leans over in front of him. He calls out, "Hey, you're blocking my view…" Whoops, guess that didn't work at first. Maybe he's more of a brain's kind of guy? Nariko's massage at first gets the man to focus. Lightning starts to edge around his eyes as he turns to see who all has him by the throat…or shoulders, but close enough. Then, he notices that it just looks like one of the girls and he eases up. Jumpy? Who can blame him. As Nariko gives him a massage, he relaxes. "That feels, lovely. Tell me Miss, do you do this for a living? When the show is over, think we can continue this at your shop? It's been a rough week?" He looks again at Hanako prostrating herself in front of him, "Oh what the heck, I can't see the show now anyway with that thing in front of me. What do you say? I'll pay well for a good massage, and you seem to have strong hands." Strong hands it is for the win!
Outside, there are a few angry customers. "What do you mean max capacity? Those two girls just went in. Come on man, there aren't bouncers here usually. What the heck is this, Sunagakure? Come on…let's go find some other village that knows how to treat its struggling workers right. Maybe Kirigakure?" There's a smart individual. So, the street is empty, the target is on his way out if Nariko agrees, and everyone knows their part. Everyone except for Atsui that seems.

Hiroyasu waves on the bums err customers, he doesn't speak letting the Jounin handle it. He looks at the leaf who comes out of no where, he grabs the nin by the collar and says "No minors kid!" he says gruffly pull the leaf nin to the side and out of the way "We are luring him out, just wait for the others. We are trying minimize collateral damage.." he looks up at the roof at the two barbarians, "hopefully" he adds. "Stick with me.." he says altering his position to give the uninitiated leaf someone to guide him.

Hiei says to misaki. "We're waiting for him to come outside first before we jump him, dear."

Hanako turns around to look at the man, and leans forward over the table, resting her elbows down to give the man a view down her cleavage. Then she notices that Nariko has got his attention already, and simply shrugs. "Well, looks like you're going to get a better show anyway," she says as she follows the pair towards the street. Meanwhile, she gets ready to blast the man with a burst of sound, in case anything goes wrong with this plan.

Miskai was there on the roof with Hiei, watching and waiting as quiete as she could. She resisted moving when she heard all the other people rambling on about being denied entry. figuring the bouncers might need help. she contains herself however and gets ready. "Dear?" She whispers back. "I like Miso better.." She tweaks Hiro's ear before focussing again. Waiting for the man to be outside before her foot literally creates a dent in the roof. "Oops.." She whispers.

Nariko smirks as he compliments her massage. "Sure, why not." Of course when he subtly suggests going right then she leans up and stops massaging. "Anything for a paying customer." She winks at Hanako and then her hand reaches for hers, guiding him out the doors of the brothel.

As the kid approaches, Ogosokamaru watches Hiro take care of it. Amani gets a look, and then a nod, "We're waiting for him to get out here, then we're going to subdue him, and bring him in for trial." THe next guy just gets a thumb jutting down the street. Ogo didn't care how people complained. He kept telling them to go away. Aside to Amani, "Does that help you?" And he checks over his shoulder inside again, "Here they come.." And he readied.

"I can help with that stuttering problem. I'm a doctor….orphan. Orphan doctor," Amani remarked to Atsui with a nod. "If any of that translates to your jutsu, I'll 'help' you." Her services were free of charge too. With all the complaining visitors around here, the medic thought she could have brought a small bowl to shove in their faces to provide her money. She could've even made up a few lies. Had a mom who worked in there, cousin, something. Keeping their heads above water. Temporary layoffs… Good times.
Anyhow. "I understood what we were doing, just didn't understand why people were getting so excited about it. What's so great about women running around in kimonos and corsets?" She asked back to Ogo. That answer can wait. People are coming. Time for surprise defibrillation! That's fun, right? Everyone likes surprises.

Atsui blinks, eyes Amani in confusion, a small shift of his head under the hood, but he wouldn't actually look at her directly. "I.." Hiro showed up, pulling him off to the side with a quick explination and said to stay with him. Looking Hiro over, he'd give a small nod in answer. "I.. I can.. can do that.. I.. I am.. more.. more a tai.. taijutsuist.. but.. but.. I.. I will.. be.. be ready.. ok..?" Atsui shifted on his feet slightly, they were trying to minimize colladeral damage. That meant that it's a good idea for him to strike then, right? Afterall, he can stop the chakra flowing.. making everything else demolish the target to get them subdued.

The target comes out holding Nariko's hand. Hanako is in persuit, and everyone is just waiting there for him. While he didn't know Hanako or Nariko's faces, he'd instantly recognize Ogo and Hiroyasu at the door. He'd even recognize Amani as she talked to Atsui. Seems the Faceless had bingo-cards themselves. The guy's chakras start to flare up, almost going off the charts…lightning crackles about his eyes, only to have it all go flat. "Oh what the heck. I don't feel like going out in a blaze of glory. That massage really relaxed me…I give up. Take me to your leader…done. You guys are very efficient," he says as he stares at Ogo. The man's hands go out in front of him horizontally as he makes himself ready for the cuffs. He turns to Nariko and says, "Don't tell me you're with them? If you aren't, I can still pay if you massage me as they walk me to my cell. I could use it."

Hiroyasu teters on the edge of readiness, the fight was about come to a head, he licks his lip in anticipation.. here it comes, the sudden flare of chakra.. his fingers quiver then.. he lands face first into the concrete he had lurched forward only to try to the back peddle when the guy surrenders.. he slides on his face.. there is a pause of silent.. "Face in Concrete no jutsu! Successful" he mumbles from his prone position, his leg twitches before he hops up spitting out gravel. Before giving the victory sign, "Just as I planned.. " he clears this throat brushing off his shirt.. before looking to the others with a raised eyebrow.

Hanako stops as the man starts raising his chakra, and opens her mouth. Out comes a note, pure and moderately pitched. Using her chakra she shapes the soundwaves into a barrier behind the man, a precaution in case he decides to try and flee back into the brothel for help. Maintaining the barrier with chakra control alone, Hanako says, "Well that was easier than expected. So, Ogo-san, does that mean you're shouting us all to dinner after this?" She grins at the man cheekily as she waits for their new prisoner to have his new bracelets slapped on.

Misaki gets up on her feet to peer at what went down. She sees activity! So she jumps, rolls out on the concrete and displays her nekote: "HIYAAAAAAH" She says loudly, looking around her awkwardly. "Eh… guys?" She asks. "Where is the bad guy?" She looks around, her eyes widen and she gasps. "We already caught him!?"

Nariko looks at the man and then gives a wink to him, reverting back to her previous look. "Sorry hun, I don't associate with creeps." But as Hiro falls on his face she raises a brow at him, shaking her head when he jumps back up. "Right…Are you okay?" She then looks to Misaki and raises a brow. "Umm, hes right there." She says pointing at the guy.

Ogo has his hand on the handle of his sword as the man comes out and powers himself up, but the sudden stop has Ogo even more on edge. But he pulls out the pair of hand-shackles he brought with them, and opens them, going to put them on the guy.
A look to Hanako with a chuckle, "Maybe. WHoever wants to come along, sure." And Hiro gets a worried look, then to Amani, the 'is he ok?' kind of look.

She didn't need to be an orphan or a doctor?! Amani wonders what this guy is playing at. Another trickster. She saw that lightning crackling in his eyes. "Eh…" Guess that was simple? "I'm not sure I can reconstruct faces, so you might not want to kisses the concrete anymore, Hiro…" She stated to him. Amani shrugged at Ogo indicating she wasn't she, but she did pick up a number of vibrations that ran through his body. None that appeared to hurt him, though. "Guess we can go home?"

He didn't tense. Not exactly. Atsui was simply prepared, it was a fluid style that he used, so there wouldn't be any of that prelimenary motions. However, Hiroyasu had also said to stick with him, so Atsui didn't move forward other than a step when Hiro face faulted. Shaking his head slightly, he'd watch the genin for a moment before walking closer to the man preparing for the cuffs. Him? He didn't believe it. Atsui figured either someone else was coming, or this guy was trying to lure them into a false sense of security. He didn't say anything, didn't lift his head so his face could be seen, he simply put the guy within range. He was within the eight trigrams reach, which would be the attack edge he needed to stop the man if he did try something.

The man just lets Ogosokamaru put the cuffs on him. He has a barrier behind him, shinobi all around, and Ogo is there. He's probably heard what happened to the other shinobi that went up against this crowd, and that was without Ogo. He can't run because of Ogo, so…he just gives up and goes along with the bunch. He might go, but he wouldn't go quietly, at least in the literal sense of the word. He speaks the whole trip if they allow it and walk him to his cell, making random comments about booze, Nariko's hands, Hiro's bald head and now-ugly face, Atsui's stutter, and Ogo's lack of a misses…although how he knew that last part is anyone's guess.

Hiroyasu rubs the back of his head as Amani chides him, "Not my fault, did you see how it was dressed!" he shouts pointing at the ground with a huff before clearing his throat and moving to help them escort the loudmouth.. his bald head, wow like he hasn't heard that one.. "Did someone offer free meal?" he asks thinking her had heard someone offer.. he looks at Hanako being pretty sure it was her, he can't forget her voice. Before averting his eyes to safer pasture as he watches Amani casually as they walk along.

"Everyone will need to submit a statement of how this happened. If people can't believe how this went down." A moment, "And it's procedure." Course, there wasn't much that happened anyway, so Ogo looks at Hiroyasu, "Yes, I was offered via Hanako to buy everyone food. I guess we have time now to go eat. Sure." And Ogo signed some paperwork at the prison to get that guy nice and comfortable in his maximum security cell and whatnot.

Nariko looks at Hiro and smiles. "Glad to hear it." Though the mention of food makes her stomach grumble. "Hmmm…I am a little hungry myself." When Ogo talks about a statement she sighs. "Oh fine." Paperwork, the best thing to ever be invented. "Ah, well, if it's free food why the heck not!"

Atsui was silent the entire time the guy was with them. He'd simply wait for one of the more annoying comments about one of the others, something he'd see them react to, as that was what the guy was trying to do, before he'd reach out and simply.. tap, the guy's spine. It was of course, a casual touch, much like anyone else would do, but that touch was loaded with that chakra for a Juuken strike, something to cause pain and at least disrupt the guy's sass. Not that Atsui would say anything about it, heck, only those who were behind the guy would even see what happen. He, however, didn't like the man's lip and did something about it.

"Hmm," Amani mumbled while Hiro passed by. She smirks, following up with the group as they took the guy away. This mission was a success. She can return home without having spears thrown through her stomach. "Food sounds nice right about now. I could go for more fruit curry," she teased. Ah, it's time to go get cleansed. A dip in the hot springs should do the trick. Hopefully without all the extras.

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