Kumo Daimyo Plot - Faceless #5


Hiroyasu, Hiei, Amani, Hel (emitter)

Date: July 30, 2013


Faceless #5 asks Hiro, Hiei, and Amani to give him a swift death. His brother was killed at the Faceless Base, and now that his brother is dead, there is no purpose to his life. The team offers death for information and evidence to convict the rest of the Faceless.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Faceless #5"

Kumogakure, Village Center

The village center, the scene of yesterday afternoon's attack, has already been summarily cleaned. The blood is gone. Still, the next morning is somber and grey. The clouds hang heavily over-head and some rain mists down lazily, making everything wet, but not really drenched just yet. Another lone figure with a black mask but brown clothes walks into the square.

The black hood and cloak hugs around the frame of Hiroyasu as he moves from the entrance of the village heading to the Shrine, he had spent the evening out with his herd in the plains, he was about pass through the village center just a quick pass through like always, except it wasn't like always, there was a lone figure with a black mask.. Of course it was, a day after he almost gives in to exhaustion and let here is another one.. his hand sliding into the rakusu holding on several seals, to be honest he just needed a distraction to run, he couldn't take one on alone.

Hiei is clad in his traveling cloak as he makes his way from the Yotsuki compound towards the village center. The only reason he's wearing it is to keep the rain off. He would much rather be resting in bed, even though Amani had healed his wounds, his body was sore, and he was going to take her advice of not doing anything strenuous today. As he spots a familiar cloaked figure, he moves towards him, if nothing else to greet Hiroyasu before filling the list of supplies he was given from his mother before heading back home. But Hiro's stance indicated that something was wrong, looking in the same direction that he was looking, Hiei sighs heavily when he spots the Faceless. Stepping up beside Hiro he murmurs in a low voice. "This is the last thing we need today."

Another one of these people? Amani just got speared by one yesterday. In fact, that wound still hurts, though it's been healed. She was coming from the direction of the hospital as her time was spent there making sure people were okay after the event that took place. Questions were asked, but she said nothing. Her focus was medicine and that's all that mattered. She felt like she wanted to question the person that was in the center, but decided against it. She will just watch for now. She caught wind of Hiro's and Hiei's presence in the area and only a glance was given to them in subtle greeting. This person here was more important.

The figure in black turns to look at Hiroyasu and Hiei and then just leans down and starts examening the stones that make up the walk-ways of the village circle. He touches them, shakes his head, and stands again. After a bit, the figure turns back to Hiroyasu and Hiei and then does something odd…he removes his Faceless mask. "You two…I know who you are. I am not here to fight. If you wish to kill me so be it, my purpose is now past. I have come to right the wrongs my brother created by the taking of my life.

Hiroyasu's brain was saying ~It's a trap~, he was on the ready before looking at the arrival of Hiei and Amani, at least he couldn't ask for better backup. "We've heard such things before, right before the trap is sprung.." his senses extend out, were they truly alone. While that is pinging through the spiritual plane, he says to Hiei "You ready?" he asks before nodding to Amani across the way.

Hiei steps away from Hiroyasu, giving himself enough room to draw the sword from over his shoulder. He flat out says, "I don't believe you." For the moment, he only draws the katana. He is aware of Amani's arrival and nods to her briefly before placing his eyes back on the Faceless. His feet slide forwards slightly as he moves into a fighting stance. "I'm ready."

Amani was unaware of what was being spoken, but things became clearer as she drew near. With her Nejigan active, she caught part of the proposal and already felt that it was a lie. The last guy wanted to talk…with his weapon. "I won't take your words at surface value. The other like you made it clear what he had to say. What's your special freedom you're fighting for, hm?" She joined Hiro and Hiei, ready to fight.

They are indeed alone. No-one is waiting out there in the morning mist. The man makes it easy and tosses the black mask to Hiei and Hiro's feet. It doesn't look threatening to have the mask tossed over. The next move could be taken momentarily as a threat though, as the man drops to his knees and then prostrates himself to the village center. He's prone, hands are out-spread, head down. "My freedom is gone. I joined to protect my younger brother, and he no longer is alive. As I said, my purpose is gone. With my brother dead, I might as well join him in the after-life too. Believe me or don't…I really couldn't care less. Please, take my head in one fell swoop…that is all I ask."

Hiroyasu leaps out of the way from the mask and shouts "bomb!" sliding with his hands over his head.. wait wait wait.. nothing then the guys falls to his knee, they must have Genjutsu'd this guy as a sacrificial lamb. "You want to die?" he says getting up from the floor. This was sort of wrong, or rather backwards.. They usually threaten to kill them, not have be killed. It wasn't right.. "Tell us more" he needed time to figure out the hook or trap maybe it was the rain.. maybe it was seeded with a toxin or poison.. he covers his mouth and nose with his hand.

Hiei went on alert when Hiro yelled bomb. He hops back several feet while looking at the mask. After it becomes apparent that it's not going to blow up, he walks over to it and crushes it under his boot. "After everything your group has done. I have no mercy left in my heart for you. The only thing I have left is contempt." He looks at Amani and raises his brows slightly. He's never seen them do this before. It had to be some kind of trick. Until the medics made sure that he was sincere, he'd keep his distance for now. He closes his fist and it crackles with lightning. "Hiroyasu, give me the word. I can finish him now."

Amani responded to the mask toss with a sound blast to keep the guy in place, stunning him. It was more of a reaction than anything, but she's still somewhat glad she did it. She doesn't want to kill just yet. It's frustrating to her, but there's nothing to be gained by killing in cold blood like one of these fiends. "…" She was silent for a few moments. "You should tell us everything you know…" She held up a hand to indicate holding off on killing him. "Do you understand that we are hurt, that we're suffering much like you are right now? I'm sure you do. Your words…as much as I hate to admit it, are true…Either that or you're able to bypass my eyes. All the readings I have at this point don't tell me you're lying, but I want to believe you are…"

The Faceless, well…now re-faced man, looks up as Hiroyasu asks him to tell them more, only to be stunned by Amani. He can talk through it at least…"What more is there to say. My brother was killed in the factory explosion. While I wouldn't doubt it if you were the ones that killed him, his own stupidity and over-reaching ambition was what really did him in. I tried to stand by and protect him from his own greed and blood-lust, but I am a failure. I couldn't do it as a child, even though he was my younger brother, and I guess I couldn't do it as an adult. The only honorable thing left is death." Hiei's words cause the man to just nod, "I understand. I'll give you my word. Finish me now." Eyes turn to Amani and he says, "Tell you all I know? That could take…too long. I am too tired and too ready to die."

Hiroyasu looks to Hiei and shakes his head "Not yet, we don't get much opportunity for information gathering" he says. "Then let us be more specific." why is that someone always says something so ridiculous like tell us everything, remind him to talk to Amani later about word choice. "How about tell us something worth knowing, something useless. Because there is graveyard of little brothers that your group has filled. Aligning with the Yakuza, using them as your enforcers.. now you grow you a spine to it being wrong?" he snorts.

Hiei nods to Hiro and sheathes his sword and crosses his arms over his chest. The medics will get this guy to talk. Hiei will do what he always does in situations like these. He keeps his mouth shut and tries his best to look menacing. Amani said that he wasn't lying, at least in her eyes..which is pretty literal in her case. "Death is the coward's way out. If you truly resent your actions, then help us stop the rest of them."

"Hm," Amani folded her arms. "I have all the time in the world to listen, but yes, I suppose something 'useful' would be the more proper thing to say in this situation…" She shifted her weight to one side. "There's no honor in death for you. I never understood the concept of honorable death. Probably because it's been used loosely. Besides, why can't anyone find honor in life? No, what you're admitting to is that you want to die in shame. If you die now, you'll forever be a failure having helped no one, not your brother, yourself, or anyone else. Your answer to this is to die with all you know and not share it so as to keep others in the dark. As dark as your mask is. Faces without knowledge. Your brother might as well have died a thousand deaths by that logic. But, if you still feel you want to die, then the least you can do is impart knowledge and then depart. You'll be remembered for much more on that note."

The Faceless man eyes Hiroyasu and then Hiei before looking back to Amani. "Something worth noting? Something useful…and something that would redeem all the evil I've allowed. I've known what I was doing was wrong from the start. I am a weak man. My love for my brother was my undoing. Death may be the coward's way out, but my entire life has been cowardly. What other path is there for one like me. Death for one as corrupted as me is the only honorable thing to do, but perhaps I don't deserve even that much. Perhaps you are correct." The man listens to Amani and then thinks for a good long time. He eventually sighs and finally says, "I could tell you the person responsible for everything. I could give you the contacts of the Yakuza and where they are hiding, and I could tell you what the plans are for the group…how they want to choose the next Raikage, no, not choose, control would be a better way of putting it. They already have control over some of the elders. They want control over the Daimyo, and through the elders, they are getting there. I will tell you all this, if you promise to give me a swift death."

Hiroyasu shrugs "That's fine, you provide us with the information and we will give you the swift death you seek. a Fair trade" next conversation, delegation of roles.. too many people asking too many different questions without rhyme or reason.. They needed more focus, more training, and maybe a vacation.

Hiei raises a brow towards Hiroyasu. He was actually going to grant his request. Hiei nods. This was the Hiro that he liked working with. He volunteers to do the deed by drawing his katana and sending arcs of lightning through the blade itself. He wouldn't strike until Hiro and Amani were satisfied with the Faceless' answers, but in the end, his head will roll. Hiei would see to that personally.

Amani really didn't want to kill the guy. This was a hard decision to make, but she supposes she'd have to go though with it. "Then do so." She inhaled deeply and sighed. She was bothered by all of this. "You guys keep going. I'm going to go to the monastery." She didn't say much else other than casting her eyes upon the Faceless man before departing. She was a bit upset and needed to go calm down.

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