Kumo Daimyo Plot - Faceless Factory Raid


Hiei, Hiroyasu, Hel (emitter)

Date: July 18, 2013


Hiei and Hiroyasu, along with Mouse and Turtle, storm the factory base of the Faceless. They deal with a trap seal and two Faceless threats in order to get some valuable information on the rest of the Faceless.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Faceless Factory Raid"

Kumo's Industrial Sector

It is the middle of the night. The curfew is in effect and very few people are out. Those that are out are most likely patrolmen or people with special permits for businesses that require night-time activity. The abandoned factory that was purchased by the Faceless through Kashikoi is in a back alley of the business district. There are no lights on and no one appears to be around. Still, this is the factory, so hopefully something useful can be found inside.

Tonight is the night. This is the night that was decided that the factory would be raided in an attempt to find hard evidence of the corruption of the KRD. After his run-in with Goat, Hiei was certain that the particularly hostile man was involved with the Faceless. Hiei would have liked nothing better than to see him go down. Currently, he runs silently along the rooftops of the buildings. Eventually, he makes it to the roof of the building right next to the factory. Dressed in all black to blend in with the darkness, even his white hair is covered with a cowl and his face is covered by a mask. He's not even using Fukushu or Saiai, instead using some nondescript swords he got out of the ninja academy. Hiei covered all his bases. If he was caught, unless they physically caught him, they'd never know who it was that tried to raid them.

Hiroyasu is really making a poor attempt at concealing his identity, he is wearing a Tengu mask with a large pointy nose otherwise he wearing his usual clothing with a black hooded traveling cloak outlined in just a hint of white. He runs along the rooftop trailing Hiei in typical infiltration formation his arms in a v-formation in his cloak leaned forward as he moves more adept than his usual boulder wearing self. He has only been given the most basic of outlines of what had been going on to his other members who had run in with the faceless already, but this could be link to give them the upperhand or strike a blow against them should prove a fruitful sortie.

Most of the patrolmen stay clear of this area because of the Yakuza influence…and even the ones that do just aren't paying attention to the roof-tops. Hiei and Hiroyasu make it to the roof-top of the building across from the factory. There are a few different entrances. There is the main entrance, through a gate and into a main hall, there is a basement entrance, there is a roof-top entrance, and there are a bunch of windows that would enter the main section of the factory. No one can be seen inside or around the grounds of the factory. Suddenly though, a flash of light catches Hiei and Hiroyasu in the eyes from several roof-tops down. It is Mouse and a larger guy that Hiei would know as Turtle. They've been doing their own reckon.

Hiei crouches down until he's on all fours. His swords are even positioned differently on his body. The longer one is on his left hip, with the shorter one in the small of his back. At the flash of light, he peers in that direction, recognizing Mouse and Turtle. Hiei turns to Hiro and taps him on the shoulder. He points at Turtle and makes the 'ok' sign, to indicate that he's with them. Then, motioning for the other shinobi to follow him, he makes his way swiftly towards the two KRD ninja. Apparently that stealth practice at the hot springs was paying off. He doesn't make a whole lot of noise when he moves.

RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…28

Hiroyasu crouches down, taking a coiled kneel, His eyes are drawn to the light, then the symbol is acknowledged with nod, before he shakes his hand in front of his face pointing to the roof then the ground, and giving a shrug , raising a single finger, then closes his eyes before opening them with a nod. He holds up two fingers to his eyes, then making a fist holding up 2 fingers, and points at the factory. It seems they have been practicing their non-verbal communication. He gives a quick sweep of his hand in a circle to the two rogue KRD agents, or rather those who were strong enough to stand up for what was right.

Mouse and Turtle nod and move toward the building. The two of them head down to the factory grounds and start circling around it. When they've done the full perimeter sweep, which is fairly quickly, they make their way back to the roof-top on Hiei and Hiroyasu. Mouse says, "We've been watching things here for a while since the information the old man gave us. We haven't seen anyone coming and going, so if they are in there, there must be a hidden entrance too somewhere." The large turtle nods and thumbs the building, "Let's go do this thing no?"

Hiei nods and speaks in a whisper. Can never be too careful. "There probably is a secret entrance. They wouldn't want the public to know when they're coming and going. Not even the Yakuza, who they have in their back pocket. Less people that know, the better. At least that's what I would do." He points to the rooftop access. "That's our best point of entry. Come on." He understood earlier that Hiro sensed two people inside, he'd let him tell that to their allies while he tried to figure out exactly where the information they want might be located.

Hiroyasu watches them as they circle about then return, when mouse speaks then hiei does. He replies softly "Two Jounin equivalent chakra are located deep within the complex. I am unable to locate them further than that, sorry." before adding "The best entrance is not a secret one, but one that every sees but never notices." giving the old adage if you want to hide something put it in plain view. He moves to follow hiei where-ever he chooses to go at this point there was not enough information to formulate a specific strategy.

The factory roof is barren. There isn't even a door on the roof-top access stair-well leading inside. No trip-wires, no traps, nothing that would show this to be a hide-out. It really isn't that bad of a cover. Once inside, the main factory floor is dark. There are large vats that are empty now but probably were used to melt stone into metals. There are large machines that probably stamped kunai and shuriken. There are even looms for shinobi clothing. On the wall is a large mural of the mountain that the village rests upon, along with a Land of Lightning shinobi fore-head-protector. This was once a nationalist's dream location.
As for how to get to the basement though, there are stairs which head down, and it is dark…very dark…almost too dark.

After accessing the building via the roof, Hiei stands inside on the main floor of the factory for a moment, getting his bearings. He had never been inside this place before, though he did know of it's existence. The kunai that his father gave him when he graduated the academy were made here a long time ago. He takes a brief moment to inspect the machinery before heading towards the basement door. Peering into the darkness, he couldn't really make heads or tails of what might be down there. But the time for caution was over. It was time to take risks. So, being very careful, he descends into the darkness. He tries to allow his eyes to adjust as best he could.

Hiroyasu holds to the ends of his cloak around him as he walks upside on the ceiling, in his mind a Shinobi hideout would be a best accessed using their skills, he avoids a ground based path until the very end he leaps down to the floor, he grabs Hiei by the shoulder and stops him with a sudden jerk. "Fuinjutsu, but I can't make it out.. anyone got a light" he whispers with a light hiss looking a between them.. "could be a trap fuinjutsu or alarm.." he says before pulling a seal from his pouch and keeping it pressed between his forefingers.

This is when Mouse and Turtle show up behind Hiei and Hiroyasu. The Mouse picks up a long piece of wood and holds it up to the Turtle who breaths in a bit and spits out a small lick of fire. The wood catches and the Mouse holds it up for Hiroyasu to see. The fuinjutsu is written completely around the edges of the entrance. It is small and Hiroyasu was good to see it. After reading it all the way around, he'd know what it was. It is a portal seal. You walk in and find yourself somewhere else. Where exactly you find yourself, who knows…but it is probably quite far away.
There has to be a way to alter the seal and get you past this portal and into the basement. Mouse shrugs, as does Turtle. It is all on Hiroyasu or Hiei's shoulders.
Hiei's shoulders droop slightly before he nods to Hiroyasu. "Arigatou." As far as getting past the seal, he knew nothing about them. Half of them, he didn't even know how to read. So what he does is take a step back to let the seal master take a whack at it. While Hiro does his thing, he closes his eyes and listens for anything that might be amiss. Hiro said there were two jounin level chakra auras in here somewhere. He didn't want to meet them whoever they were. One Jounin…maybe with a bit of luck on their side, they could probably take him. But two? It'd be suicide. He pats Hiroyasu on the shoulder and whispers. "I have faith in you, man." Looking between him and the doorway with the seal on it.

Hiroyasu nods to mouse and turtle, he closes his eyes taking a deep breath and exhaling before opening his eyes and glancing at the seal again. "Teleportation Fuinjutsu.. clever trap and how they enter and exit without being seen." he mutters to himself. He pulls out penbrush and resoviour from his back pouch, he crosses several matrices, realigns the chakra flow, and makes an inverse pulse in another. "There we go, it's inert for now. It will likely revert in a little bit. Keep in eye out this isn't amateur work" he whispers putting up the penbrush and walking through the door carefully to prove that he was right to them and himself and that it was safe.

Hiroyasu ends up in the middle of the sky high above a mountain ravine. He falls to his death. Oh wait, he doesn't…that's what /would/ have happened. They are safe and sound. It is no longer dark even. Once they get inside the stairwell, there are lights even. These are just torches lit by fire, much like the one Mouse is already holding…but they guide the team downwards. The basement is lit well too. Hiroyasu found the chakra signatures down here somewhere. There are two Jounin in the basement, and the team is trying to quietly find information on them. The basement is split into four storage areas, with a door to each. There is probably something interesting behind each door, so which doors will it be, 1, 2, 3, or 4?

Once Hiro disables the seal, Hiei pats him on the back in congrats before moving down the stairs. Once into the basement proper, Hiei points at himself and then points a door number 1. He indicates that the three of them that are left each pick a door and go see what they could find. They didn't have a lot of time, and the longer they stayed down here the more likely it was for them to get caught. So walking up to the first door, Hiei opens it slowly and then walks inside.

Hiroyasu sighs "Not wise" as Hiei essentially tells them ~Let's Split up gang~ but he has little choice as he was not the team lead of this mission. He moves to the third door, inspecting it for anything unusual before pawing at the handle timidly like it might bite, he jerks back when he paws at it a few times.. before opening it and peering inside.

Turtle opens door 4. It is a storage room with not much in it. This is where they probably piled in everything else that was in the basement just to make room in the other three rooms. The room is literally almost over-flowing. Turtle pokes it just to be sure this isn't another genjutsu or seal or anything…and it isn't. He looks over then to the others.
The Mouse opens Door 2, and finds a toilet. Hey, shinobi gotta go when shinobi gotta go…and there weren't toilets on the main floor because that'd be a waste of space. She walks in to investigate.
Door 3 is Hiroyasu's and he finds an open office area with a desk and filing cabinets. Jackpot. There's bound to be something here of use.
Finally Door 1 is open to a map room…and two Jounin that look up at Hiei as he opens the door and walks inside. Both of the Jounin are wearing black Faceless masks.

Luckily for Hiei his face is covered. He stands beside the door and just as the two Jounin turn around, he turns back towards the door. "My mistake. Got turned around. Was looking for the toilet." He says in a voice deeper than his. He hurries back out of the room while trying to look like he's not hurrying. Maybe they bought it? Shutting the door firmly behind him, Hiei speed walks over to where Turtle is. He whispers. "Two Jounin, in that room. Wrench, we're in trouble."

Hiroyasu chooses wisely, then becomes unusually suspect of his fortune and tries to determine if he has been bamboozled… determining that he probably has not, He begins the search for the information they needed, anything to make them so caustic that not even the dark alleys and seedy underbelly will shelter them. "I hope hiei is alright.." he shrugs going back to searching through the cabinets finding himself getting sidetracked by interesting but useless to their mission documents.. "who knew.." he marvels at one before shaking his head and going back to the search.

The Jounin turn immediately and make way for the door. When the door is closed behind them, they litterally blast it off the hinges with some form of fire release. They fly out of the door and stop when they see Turtle and Hiei standing there. The Jounin both pick one of these tresspassers and move in for the kill. Luckily for Hiei, as the Jounin comes in with a hefty punch, the Mouse flies out of door number 2 and manages to snag the Faceless's hand with some wind…lessing the killing intent.
Hiroyasu meanwhile has more cabinets, a desk, and a large scroll-shelf to sort and sift through. He can hear the sounds of combat behind him. Better finish that task.

[NPC System]: Faceless roll(s) One Punch KO slightly Intercepted from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 39. - Rolled by: Hel
RP: Hiei transforms into RAPID-MOVEMENT-MODE.
RPCOMBAT: Hiei defends against with a BREVITY…43

As the door blows off it's hinges, Hiei makes a quick hand seal and whispers. "Release: Rapid Movement." He backpedals away from Turtle as the Jounin come for him. Even with Mouse's interference, that punch was going to kill him if he couldn't get out of the way. The punch seems to connect, but it goes completely through Hiei's body. He had waited until the last possible moment before blurring out of the way, much like how a Reizei would with their Blur technique. Now he's perched on the ceiling with sweat rolling down his face inside of his mask. He couldn't use any of his jutsu…they've seen it before. They'd know it was him. He couldn't call out for help, either. But surely Hiro heard that loud blast when they knocked the doors off the hinges. Unless they look up, it would look like Hiei simply vanished. He needed the extra time to come up with a plan.

Hiroyasu continues to search, but he is not finding it quickly enough.. there is too much to read, not enough time.. "by the goat ogre's beard!" he curses when the room shakes in a explosion, he can feel the sounds of battle beginning just out.. Now was not the time to be shy.. but they cannot live if they see what he is about to do. He brings his two fingers together into a prayer steeple, he takes a deep breath and finds his calm center before… he opens his eyes, their begin to leak inky blackess from the outside swirling inwards before all the white if overtook, a dim fuinjutsu seal begins to scribble itself across the blackness. The rush of chakra surges through him and he prepares to speed read.. god this gave him such a headache, he shakes his head for a second.

RP: Hiroyasu transforms into GIJIFUGAN-I.

What are the chances that they /don't/ look up. They're Jounin. Granted, Mouse has joined the frey, but Mouse is only a Chuunin. Turtle on the other hand looks to be evenly matched with his Faceless opponent. As soon as the Faceless sends out a fire release phoenix blast, Turtle calls out, "I knew it…Lizard, it is you. You wingnut." Luckily Turtle's earth armor covers him like a carapace and he's protected by the fire blast.
Hiei is out of the range of the blast, but Mouse and Hiei's opponent (and Mouse herself) have to deal with the blast. Mouse sends out a wave of air to redirect the blast, but the fire only intensifies. That might have been part of the idea though, for the Faceless is caught in the blast while Mouse is propelled backwards like a jet. She hits the rear wall with a thud. Unfortunatley for Hiei, the Faceless flashes right next to Hiei in the rafters and moves to poke him in the shoulder. If this wasn't a battle, that would be a care-free gesture almost. In reality though, it is designed to make Hiei unable to move his arm for a bit.

[NPC System]: Faceless roll(s) Arm Paralysis from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Hel
RPCOMBAT: Hiei defends against with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…25

Hiei was trying to come up with something..anything..that could get them out of this situation. However, when the Jounin appears next to him, Hiei went to move away from him, but not before he's poked in the arm, and that arm goes completely dead. Hiei was screwed. He couldn't form any hand seals and the arm simply dangles there like dead weight. So, he does the only thing available to him. He draws his sword with his only good working arm and slashes out at the Jounin before dropping from the ceiling to increase the distance between them.

RPCOMBAT: Hiei attacks with CHAKRA-SHARP…27
[NPC System]: Faceless roll(s) Dodge from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Hel

Hiroyasu eye's process more visual information than in their normal form, giving him a more readily available situation awareness. While speed reading a document, he leans against the desk, there is a sudden click and a previous closed flap on the wall opens up to reveal a stack of very interesting looking files.. "Dossisers.. of all the faceless." he says flipping through them before rolling them up and tucking a capture-seal amongst them, a little trap just in case. He slides the files into his Koromo into a safe place. "Now to help out.. hmm.." he looks around, stone excellent.. He opens the door looking at the battle in progress, preparing his next move carefully.

Turtle and Lizard crash into the bathroom area and disappear from sight for a bit. Hiroyasu might still catch their chakra-flare-ups every now and then as they engage eachother. The other Faceless member however is about to have a three on one fight. Perfect odds! Hiei was momentarily out one arm, so when that one-handed swing comes, it is slightly off and the Faceless man lungest past the swing with lithe grace. Keeping to the rafters, he cracks his knuckles and says, "What a treat, time to use some Ninjutsu." Handseals start up and he focuses chakra…only to unleash it quickly. A shock of lightning from one hand mixed with a spray of water from the mouth (and a second separate handseal) gives a wide-arc attack that tries to attack everyone below him. If it hits, it'll carry quite a shock.

Hiei attempts to dodge the attack. The Jounin threw some lightning move that he's never seen before. With his arm dangling by his side, he now finds that he's unable to move any part of his body. Not to mention he felt himself being drained when the attack struck him. Luckily, he's blasted himself with lightning so much that the pain is familiar and he's still able to think on his feet…so to speak. Drill hiding his identity. Drill what the KRD might do to him if they find out who's raiding their base. He begins to build a massive amount of chakra inside of him. The moment he's able to move again, he was going to get serious.

Hiroyasu makes a quick handseal, and two cloneyasu's appear, they are sprayed with the water and sparkling lightning sending them into a swirl of smoke, meanwhile the real hiro ducks out of the way unharmed. He needed to take this down a notch, but it was unlikely to work.. strategy never seems to sync up with reality. He needed to immobilize and reduce the threat. Reaching into his pouch under his dark cloak he pulls out two seal throwing them at the Jounin opponent hoping they get lost in the spray of fire.. The first is his capture-seal, the second is chakra-suction.

COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with CAPTURE-BARRIER-SEAL…26
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with CHAKRA-SUCTION-TAG…28
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks you with CAPTURE-BARRIER-SEAL and rolls a 26. Action?
COMBAT: Hel defends against CAPTURE-BARRIER-SEAL(26) attack from Hiroyasu with a CHAKRA-DODGE…30
COMBAT: Hel defends against CHAKRA-SUCTION-TAG(28) attack from Hiroyasu with a CHAKRA-DODGE…22

The attack manages to get at least one of the three enemy combatants of the Faceless…Team Mousakamaru…but the other two come at the Faceless at the same time. With Hiroyasu's first attack, the capture seal, actually gets dodged almost by accident because the Jounin was moving out of the way of the Mouse's wind-blast attack. Even though the chakra-infused legs moved out of the way of Hiroyasu's seal, he got hit by the wind-blast, which caused his body to get lots of little cuts all over. Then Hiro's second seal catches up to him and he grunts as he's not only hurt but drained of chakra. The Faceless mask turns upon Hiroyasu and the man flashes down to attack Hiro with a cocked hand. The attack coming is one of full force, and as the man lunges forward, he tries to hurt Hiro. He then moves to attack Hiei and Mouse next with a pair of kunai.

COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiroyasu with POWER-PHYSICAL-II…26
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with SHARP-II…29
RPCOMBAT: Hel attacks with SHARP-II…30

Hiei was still frazzled from that lightning attack and the fact that he only had one arm to work with. His arm, at least, becomes workable again and he reaches up to draw his sword to deflect the kunai when it rakes him across the bicep. Hissing slightly with the pain, he looks over at Hiroyasu and Mouse respectively. Making a quick handseal while the Jounin focuses his hate on Mouse and Hiro. "Release: Lightning Aura." His blue aura intensifies as lightning flows around him. He attempts to take advantage that the Jounin took his attention off him for a moment by attacking him from behind, swinging both swords at once.

RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-AURA.
COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with DUAL-BLADE…49
COMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against POWER-PHYSICAL-II(26) attack from Hel with a SEAL-BARRIER…23

Of course, make yourself useful and you become noticable, become noticed get hit.. it was going to plan.. against him.. He is charged by the raging Jounin. He raises a barrier which spirals outward but is shatters under the extreme duress placed on it by the extremely powerful attack. It strikes him right in the jaw sending him spiraling backwards and into the wall with a healthy bounce… his hand moves to his lips, blood dripping between his fingers as he spats blood onto the floor.. "mmowh!" Hiroyasu exclaims between his fingers with some excitement..
There is a moments pause as he sputters more blood from his swelling lips and jaw, He makes several handseals in rapid succession before stomping the ground, the stone walls, floor, even ceiling ripple as multiple stone columns leap out of them like stony fists trying to strike the Jounin with a solid blow.. and keep some distance, he could not take many more attacks like that.

COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with RISING-STONE-COLUMNS…26
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with RISING-STONE-COLUMNS…22
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with RISING-STONE-COLUMNS…24
COMBAT: Hel defends against DUAL-BLADE(49) attack from Hiei with a DODGE-III…48
COMBAT: Hel defends against RISING-STONE-COLUMNS(26) attack from Hiroyasu with a DODGE-II…38
COMBAT: Hel defends against RISING-STONE-COLUMNS(22) attack from Hiroyasu with a DODGE-II…35
COMBAT: Hel defends against RISING-STONE-COLUMNS(24) attack from Hiroyasu with a DODGE-II…28

Mouse is hit with the kunai in the leg. As a KRD agent though, she fights through the pain, leaving the kunai in. She sends out a funnel of air, and the Faceless man rolls out of the way only to get attacked from behind by Hiei. The blades cut deep wounds into the Faceless's flesh, making it look like two wings had been torn from the man's back. The Faceless man calls out, "I like your style…attacking an opponent from behind. You would fit in well with us." Does this guy know who Hiei is or is that just a coincidence? The second Faceless to say that Hiei should join them.
The walls, ceiling, and floor starts to attack him now on all sides, and the Jounin goes into leaping from each one of them using tree-walking. He's losing this battle, but he's not about to let these tresspassers go that easily. He stops and tries to harness some chakra in order to attack again with more power. That last attack from the bald one really drained him.

Hiei replies. "You're better than me. I have to take every advantage." His voice is deeper than his normal one. He's still trying desperately to pretend to be someone he's not. But it's very possible that the Jounin may know who he is. Which means he has to die. He flicks both wrists, sending currents of lightning down both blades. Hiei hasn't forgiven him for that lightning trap he did earlier. It was time he repaid him by showing him what a real lightning jutsu user could do. When the Jounin stops to gather chakra, Hiei strikes again. He wouldn't give him the chance to recover. He leaps up onto the side of the wall, using tree walking and moves in for the old one-two strike.

COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP…52
COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP…33

Hiroyasu feelings something akin to a nagging beep or chirp in the back of his skull as the Jounin gathers a large amount of chakra.. This guy has been able to avoid most of his strikes, he needed to hit, it needed to matter.. he struck him in the face granted the mask absorbed like nothing of the force before it has protected his identity if his jutsu usage hadn't betrayed him. He spats out a wad of blood from the lips of the mask, wiping the blood stained hands on his cloak reaching into his seal pouch, he retrieves two seals.. it was time for the double whammy. He charges at the Jounin releasing both chakra-suction seals to the left and right of the Jounin.. he had to try to negate this guys well of chakra or they would feel the brunt of his attacks again.

COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with CHAKRA-SUCTION-TAG…32
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with CHAKRA-SUCTION-TAG…28
COMBAT: Hel defends against LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP(52) attack from Hiei with a CHAKRA-DODGE-II…52
COMBAT: Hiei attacks you with LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP and rolls a 33. Action?
COMBAT: Hel defends against LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP(33) attack from Hiei with a CHAKRA-DODGE-II…48
COMBAT: Hel defends against CHAKRA-SUCTION-TAG(32) attack from Hiroyasu with a CHAKRA-DODGE…15
COMBAT: Hel defends against CHAKRA-SUCTION-TAG(28) attack from Hiroyasu with a CHAKRA-DODGE-II…43

Mouse wasn't about to let him get his full chakra focus, so she sent out another blast of wind at his feet. Hiroyasu's stone columns though take the brunt of the wind and the Faceless threat keeps his feet. With his chakra charged, he starts dodging again in a more eloquent fashion. When Hiei comes off the wall at the Faceless, the man moves onto the other wall. Horizontal battle time! Kunai are thrown out from the wall, only to tip-toe past the second attack…which is then followed by a strong punch that looks more like the Faceless man launching himself off the horizontal wall towards Hiei.
The black mask twists to note Hiroyasu charging at him and he pushes away from Hiei and mounts the ceiling (poor ceiling). The seals are sent to either side of the Jounin, so when he moves to dodge to the side, he manages to run right into one of the chakra seals. Again, he is hurt and his chakra is drained. This man hates…hates…Hiroyasu now. Once more, another power-house punch is sent for Hiroyasu (his one-hit-KO punch). He's trying to end this it seems.

COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with SHARP-II…24
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with SHARP-II…28
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with POWER-PHYSICAL-II…17
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiroyasu with POWER-PHYSICAL-II…22
COMBAT: Hiei defends against SHARP-II(24) attack from Hel with a DODGE…26
COMBAT: Hiei defends against SHARP-II(28) attack from Hel with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…45
COMBAT: Hiei counters against a POWER-PHYSICAL-II(17) attack from Hel with a PHYSICAL…33

Hiei dodges to the side as he leaps from the wall to the ceiling, following the Jounin. Sticking to solid surfaces is no longer a hindrance for him. He side flips out of the way of the second kunai attack and when the Jounin launches towards him, he spins in place interrupting his attack with a solid kick towards his torso. Hiei's body vanishes briefly as he attacks the Jounin with one blade and then the other one glows faintly as he attacks yet again. "Yield." Is the only thing Hiei says to him.

COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with FLASH-STRIKE…34
COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with CHAKRA-SHARP…32
COMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against POWER-PHYSICAL-II(22) attack from Hel with a SEAL-WALL…36

Hiroyasu and his increased visual prowess allow him to see that there is an attack coming for a repeat of the last, and he was not about to let another fist land true against him, although it was probably overkill, he produces a seal which spills chakra out of it in a torrent which spirals into a large bulwark which hums softly as his opponents fit slams against it finding no give or sign of stress. He makes several handseals and stomps the ground, the shards of broken stone and dust begin to leak upwards and swirl around his hands as he makes his classic dual finger bang pose, he begins unleashing a torrent of bullets which rip through the back of the shield as it explodes into a cloud of fading shards of chakra.

COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS…21
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS…27
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS…33
COMBAT: Hel defends against PHYSICAL(33) attack from Hiei with a DODGE…23
COMBAT: Hel defends against FLASH-STRIKE(34) attack from Hiei with a CHAKRA-DODGE…31
COMBAT: Hel defends against CHAKRA-SHARP(32) attack from Hiei with a CHAKRA-DODGE…22
COMBAT: Hel defends against HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS(21) attack from Hiroyasu with a CHAKRA-DODGE…24
COMBAT: Hel defends against HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS(27) attack from Hiroyasu with a CHAKRA-DODGE…32
COMBAT: Hel defends against HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS(33) attack from Hiroyasu with a CHAKRA-DODGE…25

The Jounin laughs as Hiei tells him to yield. "Yeah, like that's really going to happen." The countering kick gets the Jounin in the chest, which leaves him somewhat stunned for when Hiei comes at him. The blades hit their mark and large spurts of blood erupt over the floor. The Faceless man drops to the floor and just tries to back peddle away from Hiroyasu's incoming bullets. He manages to sneak behind some of the old columns, but eventually the bullets catch up to him and he is hit. He is in an awful state…but he starts laughing. It is then that he makes one more set of handseals quickly and screams. Seals erupt over his body and in an instant, he is on fire. Self immolation? Death capsule jutsu? Either way, it will be hard to figure out who he is unless someone can somehow put out the fire over the body in a hurry.
On the other hand, a huge explosion comes from the bathroom and shoots out into the hallway. That will make it hard to even see the flaming body, let alone get to it somehow. When the explosion subsides, Turtle comes walking out. He looks beat up badly, but he's alive. He says in a huff, "You should (huff) see, (huff) the other (huff) guy…" and he falls to the floor on his butt. "I'm fine (huff)."

Hiei watches the Jounin fall from the ceiling and then erupt in flames after Hiro's earth bullets shot the nail out of him. He drops from the ceiling himself, in preparation to persue the Jounin, but the fire the man wraps around himself stops him from doing it. Then there is the explosion and Turtle emerges in pretty bad condition. Hiei wasn't hurt that badly himself, mostly minor scrapes and bruises, but he was tired. Bone tired. The first thing he does is check on Hiroyasu. "Are you okay? Anything broken?" Next the goes for Mouse, to see if she's damaged. He offers Turtle a salute and a nod before looking back at the Jounin. "He deprived us the pleasure of killing him ourselves. What a coward." He looks around. "If we have what we came for, I suggest we get out of here. We can patch ourselves up once we're out of the factory."

COMBAT: Hiroyasu heals Hiro for 405 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.

Hiroyasu slides down the wall, when Hiei checks on him, he mutters "No… and No…" he responds to both questions, holding out his hand it begins to glow green and he places it against his own chin under the mask, he is like for a minute or two while Hiei continues to check on the others. He removes his hand. shaking it in the air "Alright, We can go now…" he wasn't going to wait for his jaw to swell shut before it went treated why was it always the face?! "I'll provide a quick boost" he walks over to the turtle alley clapping his hands together and they begin to swirl with a aura of blue he lays his hands on the shoulder and the aura glows around him for a second before disappearing.. Stamina restoration on an ally "Medijutsu: Stamina Restoration!" he says before pulling off his hands.

Mouse looks up at Hiei and nods, "I'm fine. My leg needs to be mended, but I can hop out of here." With the 'quick nap' jutsu on Turtle, the man snaps up to his feet and shivers visibly, "What the screwdriver was that? I'm going to call that the Get-Up-And-Go jutsu." He nods and starts moving for Mouse. He picks up the girl and says, "No hopping, let's walk out of here." And they start moving. When Turtle hits the stairs, he asks, "Anyone have enough juice left to destroy this place? If we can get it torched, that might delay them finding out the place was attacked." And with that, the two KRD agents are out of sight. Guess neither of them can handle destroying the evidence of their break in.

Hiei nods at Turtle when he picks up Mouse and then waits for Hiro to finish healing himself before he walks out with him. "I have the juice to do it. I just don't have a technique powerful enough to pull it off. I'd have to take it in sections and that would take way too long." He looks over at Hiro. "You have any ideas?" He's still careful not to use names. One of the bad guys could be a Yamayuki afterall.

Hiroyasu rubs his eyes through the mask, "Enough juice to destroy a building.. Would take a serious explosive seal for that" then he pauses "Like an improperly used teleportation seal.. Yeah I can probably implode this place." He goes up the stairs on the way up, he gives Stamina infusions to Hiei and Mouse just in case they were going to need a second wind.. "Alright you get out of here, I'll be right behind you.." he hoped, messing with a seal this complex would take both skill and luck and hopefully it won't just explode immediately in his face or suck him into the bottom of the ocean or something unseemly. He takes the time to reconfigure the complex matrix into a positive feedback loop meaning it would build and build until the chakra breaks the matrix and explodes outward with great force, this was how small scale explosive tags worked just this was going to be much much larger.. He sets the seal into the loop and begins running up the wall to try to make it out of the ceiling before the explosion goes off.

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