Kumo Daimyo Plot - Faceless Foes, #8 Defeated!


Amani, Kotone, Sado, Nariko, Hiei, Hiroyasu, Hel (emitter)

Date: July 29, 2013


Kumogakure at lunch time, the village's Genin has gotten together to get some food, it was casual at first, new faces and the usual trash talking. Until lunch is interrupted by a faceless attack!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Faceless Foes, #8 Defeated!"

Kumogakure Village Center, Marketplace

It's midday, there is spring time breeze over head. Just a typical day, or as typical as they go in the village. The winds are still and the sky cloudless, as the world warms with the arrival of Spring. The streets are busy with the day time crowd, there is almost no trace of the explosions or left-overs from the many events of recent time. The once bustle created by the mobile mission center is gone, now that it has moved into the Raikage's Building. The Food vendors, are shouting their wares to hungry day time visitors.
Hiroyasu dressed in his usual garb with the addition of black traveling cloak is seated at one of the tables with his friends, Nariko and Hiei Yotsuki, along with Amani. He has a simple lunch box sitting in front of him with steamed rice and left-over curry. "So how is Sasuke Goatchiha?" he asks Hiei putting a spoonful in his mouth.

Hiei is sitting at the table, along with Hiroyasu and Nariko enjoying a bowl of pork cutlets and ramen with all the trimmings. It's been awhile since he's just sat around and had a quiet lunch with his friends. The only person missing was Misaki, and who knows where she was right now. "Sasuke Goatchiha? He's doing well. I'm teaching him taijutsu..well..rather I'm teaching him how to headbut on command. I admit I've become pretty attached to the little guy." He slurps up a helping of ramen before looking toward Amani and pointing at her mean with his chopsticks. "You gonna eat that?"

Eating ramen, making many slurping sounds is Nariko. "This is some good ramen." She lets out in between bites. Apparently she was hungry. She had managed to find a good time in her training to get some food with some friends. She took a moment to relax from her food. "Oh that's right! I want to come see him again sometime. I'll never get over goats if I don't try. When would be good for you cousin?"

"Sasuke Goatchiha?" Amani questioned. "This another goat I don't know about?" She questions while enjoying some soup for the second time. This was some good stuff. "I think I need to be told something. By something I mean everything."

Finished with his strength training down at the lake, Sado had been super hungry and decided to make his way up to the food vendors of the Village Center. Still wearing both sets of ankle and wrist weights, the Genin was always training, but food trumped drills any time of the day. Once Sado arrives in the Centre, he notices so many people shouting their wares that the options seemed endless! Finally choosing a hot dog stall, he gets his two hot dogs, complete with lettuce and all the fixings, and goes to find a place to eat, heading nearby where Nariko and her friends were.

Kotone makes her way into the village center, having enjoyed an ice cold swim in the lake and a bit of sunning in the spring sunshine, she has made her way back to the village just in time for lunch. "Hungryy…" she says as she puts a hand on her rumbling tummy, making her way toward one of the food vendors she buys herself a lamb-kabob covered in pungent smelling exotic spices. She takes a bite from the meat-onna-stick as she turns around and glances about the place- spying the goat-man. "Yoo!" she calls out with half-chewed food still in her mouth, offering the group a wave, she makes her way over.

"So you really called him Sasuke huh?" She wonders of the goat-puncher, tilting her head a bit. "What a dorky name." She comments. Just then, she spies Sado over there, and she offers the boy a wave too.

Hiroyasu frowns at the ramen they are eating "Teaching him Taijutsu huh?" before looking at Amani "It's Hiei's Pet Goat.. from my herd" he says having another spoonful. Before offering some to Amani "Try it, it's fruit curry I made it for Hanako-san" he says holding it at her while looking at Kotone, "Yamayuki-san, Join us?" he asks a group of friends for lunch how great!

Hiei explains to Amani. "Sasuke is awesome. His surname is a play on words based on that Konoha clan Uchiha. They embody everything that Sasuke is. Stubborn, prideful, and generally full of themselves. So I call him Goatchiha because of that." He stares at Kotone for a moment. "Yamayuki-san. Nice to see you survived the incident with my Sensei. Apparently he's gone back to being the demon Reizei. I was gonna check on you, but I got called away on an emergency." He motions to a seat, seconding Hiro's suggestion that she joins them. He flashes a smile at Nariko. "Come by the house in the evening. I'm usually home then. You can help me feed him..it'll help you get over your apprehension." He eats more ramen and silently regards Sado. Kid looked familiar, but he couldn't quite place him.

Nariko looks around a moment before slurping up some more ramen and that's when she spots Sado. "Hey! Sado, come join us!" She yells over to him, waving her arms above her head, almost like a maniac. When Kotone shows up she smiles. "Hey, long time no see Kotone." She says sarcastically with a laugh shortly after. She looks at Hiei and nods. "Sure thing, I can't wait."

"Oooh. I thought he didn't like goats…" Amani frowned. She could've had a goat. She'd have milked it, bred it for goods and a bunch of other stuff… Little does she realize at the moment that she has access to all that. "Eh? Fruit curry? What kind of sense does that make?" She reluctantly jabbed a fork into the fruit curry to try it. "So, he's named after a clan in Konoha. I think you named him well," she chuckled at Hiei. "So, what's up about a demon Reizei? Sensei, as in Ogo?" She questioned. She barely longed toward Sado and Kotone, but did offer waves to them in greeting.

Sado spots Nariko and Kotone, both girls he had seen earlier, and pauses, looking at all the people assembled. "h-Hi, Kotone, Nariko…. everyone else I haven't met." he says, standing there in his tattered clothing and training gear looking sheepish and feeling stupid. "I'm Sado, like Nariko said, nice to meet you." Still standing there with his plate and his hot dogs, the 8 year old wasn't too sure what to do next.

Kotone nods her head then, "Sure thing!" she calls out, and hops up to join the group, taking a seat next to them. She takes another bite of her kebab, "Hey that smells good." She comments, peering at the curry. "Needs more meat though. Meat is king!" she says then, "Beef, Lamb, chicken, Caribou, bear. Doesn't matter what kind, meat is good." she says then and nods sagely. "Ah, digit, forgot to buy a drink." She realizes, then peers at Sado as he gets closer. "Hey! Run grab me a juice?" She calls out, and tosses a coin his way. Sucks to be the youngest.

Then she looks back to the others, "Oh, I heard some more about what happened with boss man pee-cereal." She has given him a new name. "So, apparently, he ended up going on a date with Hanako-chan, but then his /actual/ girlfriend caught him, which is why he was in such a bad mood. How lame is that?" she says.

Hiroyasu whines "It's the proper combination of sweet, savory, spicy and exotic with just a hint of jasmine rice." at Amani, "The Demon Reizei, what he used to call our Sensei Ogosokamaru. Our training was so cruel the people of Konoha actually took offense to it." at her question, before greeting Sado "Katayama, Hiroyasu" he bows his head bringing his hands into a prayer steeple "A Pleasure to meet you Sado" was that his surname or given name.. he shrugs. "Kotone-san you are such a gossip" he tries to stick the spoon of spicy curry in her mouth instead of the saucy words escaping it.

Hiei comments, "That's why one should always be faithful. The kunoichi always find out. Always. It's like a special talent or something." He looks at Sado and offers him a fist to bump. "I'm Yotsuki Hiei. Nice to meet you, Sado. You just graduate the academy?" He does notice the weights on his arms and legs. He did that back in the day, too. Also carried boulders around while wearing them. It was pure torture. But such was the training under the demon Reizei. He grins at Amani. "I like goats just fine. And Sasuke kind of grew on me. I felt guilty after I knocked him out. He startled me." He tries his best to look innocent.

Nariko looks at Kotone and shakes her head. "How was the rest of your training Sado?" When Hiro talks about Ogo and his nickname she smirks a moment and then shoves a spoonful of ramen in her mouth. She's not very ladylike or proper when she eats, at least this time. "Hey Hiei, you might like Sado's training. He likes rocks too. I know you like them too so I think you guys should train together or something." She smirks and looks to Hiei, giving him a wink.

Amani wasn't usually one for gossip, but if that's the reason he's acting like demon Reizei, then she isn't sure what to think. This fruit curry was good, but she doesn't want to admit it. "It's alright…" she smirked. "Hey Sado," she offered to him while taking the bowl of fruit curry away from Hiro. "I need to eat more to determine if I really like it." In goes another fork full. "You knocked him out? You guys are on edge all the time. Is that a clan trait?" She wondered. "You guys and rocks. I just don't get it…" She enjoyed a bit of her soup now.

Sado awkwardly catches the coin while balancing his hot dogs on his other hand. He looks at the coin and then looks over to all the busy food vendors before noticing Kotone has already starting talking to others. Pocketing it for now, he figures it was as good a time as any to start eating, taking a nice big bite of the first hot-dog. He chews with his mouth closed, though it almost opens as Hiroyasu says his bit. He catches himself and nods his head with a smile, cheeks full of food. Hiei gets a solid fist bump, his kind of Yotsuki. He manages to swallow before clearing his throat. "I did, just a few weeks ago. It's nice to meet another Yotsuki." he says, smiling to Hiei before he shoots a smile to Nariko, yet another cousin! To Nariko he flashes the V-ictory sign, "No broken fingers or anything, and many broken rocks." he explains.

Kotone hees at Hiroyasu, "Hey, I don't make the rumours, I just spread 'em!" She insists then, like that is so much better. And then she is about to say something else, before she has a mouthful of curry. She blinks, and then chews thoughtfully. "'s like I thought, needs more meat. Nice though." She comments, before swallowing and finishing off her kebab with one last bite. She peers at Hiei, and then tilts her head, "Shouldn't you be faithful because you're dashing gentlemen not stinking louts?" She asks innocently. "Well, they like to train with rocks because it reminds them how hard their heads are." Kotone informs Amani then and nods sagely. It doesn't work so well when she has a bit of curry rice stuck to her lip.

"Uwah, the weather sure is nice today." She observes then, "I feel like I could just chill out here all day." The young Yamayuki adds a moment later. "Oh, hey, cuz, my dad is coming soon. He said he's gonna teach me about the Nejigan." She tells Amani.

Hiroyasu winces at the mention of boulder training, it was true he actually wore one from time to time as a backpack but it's hollow and made of pumice. Then Amani steals his lunch, but but.. that was his.. "Ok Tsukikage.." he relents to her. Now lunchless he just sticks licks his spoon and puts it between his lips. "I'll make you a special meat curry next time Kotone-san." he raises a finger "but it's not for free. Hanako-san sang me a beautiful Aria for her payment". "Breaking rocks, Sado? Hand to Hand Taijutsuist?" he asks now noting the body weights.

Hiei laughs at Nariko. "Quit hating. Sado has got the right idea. It's supposed to increase your strength and your stamina, which anyone knows is important to Taijutsu. You're just mad cause you're lazy…cousin." He adds before shoulder bumping her, obviously teasing. "Sado, you should try boulder training. You take a boulder, toss it up the mountain and then punch it into rubble as it comes back down at full speed." He pauses when Kotone makes her comment. "Hey, I love my girl. I'm totally faithful because I want to be." And it had nothing to do with her being able to level a village..promise. He shakes his head. "It's not a clan trait. So we're a little more aggressive than most people. Is that such a bad thing? When there's beating up to be done, who is the first clan they call? Ours, of course. Because we're good at it. Now, I'm beginning to learn that what we lovingly call the 'Hiei Approach', isn't always called for. But man is it fun!"

Nariko looks to Amani and shrugs her shoulders. "I don't get it either. Yotsuki boys. It must be the male trait because clearly I don't have it." She shakes her head and then looks to Sado. "Well, as long as you haven't broken any bones in your body yet I suppose it works out." She laughs and then looks to Kotone. "That would make sense. I think my head is hard as a rock, but I don't think I'm willing to try hitting it against one to find out." She shovels the last of her ramen into her mouth before putting her chopsticks down and bringing the bowl to her mouth and downing the liquid. She moves when he shoulder bumps her and smirks. "I'm not lazy, I'm just…interested in whats around me." Yeah, that's it.

"That makes a lot more sense," Amani replied to Kotone, chucking. "Ooh, you're learning about Nejigan? It's going to be so fun! You might get dizzy, though. It feels weird getting access to it for the first time, but you'll get used to it real fast," she nods. Looking over her claimed curry, she observed her soup and then passed her bowl over to Hiro to eat. "You can have mine," she snickered. "Wait, who sang for you? And why?" She wondered, while snacking down on the fruit curry. "I don't believe you," she adds to Hiei offhandedly. "There has to be something clan related about what you do, I mean, just look at Sado. He walks around with weights on. I fully expect him to be punching goats too," she joked, laughing in agreement with Nariko. "That, I can believe."

Sado watches Kotone chow down her meat, making his decide it was time to finish off his first hot-dog as well, stuffing the rest in his mouth to chew down. He secretly hoped no one asked him an important question while his mouth was so full, and speed up the chewing motion just in case, to hopefully clear his mouth faster. Sure enough some questions about his training come up, and Sado manages to chew fast enough to not keep them waiting too long. After a hard swallow he clears his throat and starts with Hiroyasu's question. "I am training my body to be able to reach it's peak condition for my clan jutsu. I use only my hands, you are quite right." he says with a smile." he explains, wondering if it was a rare thing for people to fight with their hands for Hiroyasu to hear about.
Sado looks over to Hiei with a strained expression after hearing about his training. "I am working with rocks and 30kg weights right now, my father will certainly put me on boulders within the year if I know him." he says with that strained smile. Nariko gets an amused face, as they talked about this earlier. "Definitely a 'thing' for anyone who wants super muscles like me." he points out. "Like a rock." he adds knowingly to Nariko. With Amani's 'joke' about punching goats, Sado snickers along with her, finding it hilarious.

Kotone ponders that for a moment as Hiroyasu asks for some kind of payment, and she mulls it over, "Hrm, I could stop telling everyone you stole my first kiss?" She suggests to Hiroyasu as payment for a meat curry. She grins at Hiei, "Hey, I like the Hiei approach too. Show up. BOOM! Stuff falls down, everyone is happy. Well, 'cept the folks who owned the stuff that fell down." She adds a moment later, "Buuut… they're mainly bad guys so, who cares right?" she chrisp. "I don't think it's just a Yotsuki thing, either. My dad likes smashing stuff, too." She tells Nariko "Like, whenever he sees me, he says 'let me hear your war cry' so I have to yell at him. And then he shows off and shows me his 'war cry' which usually blows up a mountain or something. It's so embarrassing."

Sado's pocketing of her change seems to go unnoticed for now- lucky for him, Kotone has a short attention span. She raises her eyebrows at Amani then, "Oh, Hanako-chan is just a super pretty songstress. Nothing to worry about with kiss-stealer there, I'm sure." She teases.

Hiroyasu pauses looking at his new bowl of soup, he pulls the spoon from his mouth putting it in it.. Tasting it.. urgp tastes like laundry water with basil. "Hanako-san, she sang a Yamayuki Aria for me in exchange for food. Cultural exchange" he says pushing the soup away.. guess he was done. He nods to Sado "I understand Yotsuki quite well" before looking between Nariko and Hiei before looking back at the younger Yotsuki "A Personal touch in combat, very nice." he was being his flatterer self in honesty another barbarian was not what he needed on his score card to manage.
Hiro sighs deeply as Kotone continues to rib him about it, he leans to Amani and whispers "She won't stop teasing me about that, the only way to end it is to follow up with a threat, but i want permission first. She impersonated you in a stage of undress.. I think revenge is called for" before looking at Kotone several times before looking at her "I didn't Kiss Hanako-san, you don't kiss a classy lady like that on the first date" he was never going to escape this, so embrace it.

Hiei shrugs. "Hey, I wore arm and leg weights my first few months out of the academy. They help with both strength and speed. And you know how fast I am, Amani." Hiei looks at Hiro with something akin to shock. "You kissed another woman? How dare you? Do you respect Amani-san so little.." And his tirade would continue if it weren't for the fact that someone said that Kotone was pretending to be Amani at the time. Hiei stares at Kotone. "That was below the belt, Yamayuki-san. Boo. No biscuit for you."

Nariko looks to Amani and just laughs. "Well, what if we just start a new tradition. I think meditation is cooler than rocks. But then again, the only reason I could imagine breaking rocks is to find jewels or make jewels." She looks to Sado and just shakes her head. "You want rock muscles? I didn't know rocks HAD muscles." She snickers a moment and then looks to Kotone. "Okay, maybe its just a male thing. Maybe they just have too much of something that cause their brains to go 'Rock smash!' and 'Must smash rock!'" She says in a deep voice at the end while also imitating rock smashes with her arms, paying mind to not slam her fists on the table, there was too much food that shouldn't be spilled. She looks to Hiro and nods. "Yotsuki isn't hard to understand."

"I think I can do without super muscles. My jutsu is more delicate. It can tear into muscles given the chance…or skill," she smiled deviously. "I can shatter rocks too." In due time, at least. Soon…

"My parents never developed Nejigan, but I did. They can still use sound jutsu, though. Our house is fairly quiet… Anyway." She plucked another piece of fruit curry and pointed it at Hiro jokingly. She was enjoying her little victory over stealing his food. "But I can understand that. Cultural exchange. Not many know about how Yamayuki work around here. That needs to change around here," she nodded. "Any permission you want is granted by me," she whispered back to Hiro. She slipped the curry into her mouth and smiled. "I can understand weight training, just not rock trading," she shrugged. "You're fast and I hope you haven't been doing anything against my orders," she winked at Hiei. She seems not to respond much to the whole fiasco. "I'd like my soup back," she took it back from Hiro without any response out of him. Double victory. "I do think it's a male thing, though. Rocks and guys? It just all fits. Sado, you should consider this all when you start attracting the ladies."

Sado chews quietly as he listens to the conversations, trying to keep up. A kiss is brought up and Sado's nose cringes. 'Who would want a kiss?' he thinks to himself, the idea not something that the 8 year old finds appealing at all. His father has brought him up well enough to know to keep his thoughts to himself, though, and so he stuffs more hot-dog into his mouth and chews. He smiles at Hiroyasu as he calls it a 'personal touch' and compliments him, at least he thinks of it like that, anyway. The rather adult conversation is pretty much over his head at this point, so he takes the opportunity to take another delicious bite, almost finishing it off. Turning to Nariko, he swallows his food and explains, "First rock, then steel, then…." he says, thinking what could be harder, "Diamond! I will be walking around breaking things with one finger one day." he says with a firm nod.

Kotone chuckles again, but she goes quiet as Hiro starts talking about a threat. She doesn't like the sound of that. "Ehehehe… I'll lay off for now." She promises, gesturing her hands defensively. "Hey!" she says to Hiei, "I didn't know they were dating! It was a prank, a prank!" she repeats. Oh how the tables have turned. She blushes a little bit, but she is saved by Nariko's comments on rock smashing. "Yeah! I think so too. Maybe at some time in ancient history, men as a whole were dealt some unforgivable slight by the mineral world, and now it's programmed into their nature to wreak terrible vengeance on the inanimate?"

And again with the whispering between Hiro and Amani. Kotone is getting nervous now. What horrible revenge do they have planned for her. "So. Um. Anyway…" she scrambles for a subject to change to but comes up blank.

The clouds blot out the sun for a moment…OH'S NO'S Foreshadow no jutsu…but it is only the clouds and they pass by. With the sun shining again, a figure leaps onto the roof of Hiru's little shop of ho…goodies here in the village circle. The figure is dressed in a black long-coat and has a black mask, much like a Kamen Rai Da's animal mask, but minus the animal. The Faceless man also holds a long-spear in his hand, which he sweeps out across the open air in order to draw some attention for those below. That shining sun sparkles off the spear-tip. The Faceless man calls out, "What a fun little outing you all are having. I really do apologize for interrupting it, but I must insist on doing so. Tell me, this gathering, it is a freedom you'd fight to protect right? We aren't much different you and I, for I fight for my own freedoms. Do we really have to fight this out then? I'll spare anyone who joins me instead."

Hiroyasu is now double lunchless, his girlfriend was insatiable it seems. Then his attention turns to the man on the roof "Faceless.. #8" he says for Hiei and Amani who got the deck of cards of faceless. "Don't listen to him.." he snarls reaching into his rakusu pulling out a trio seals and leaping from his place with a twist his feet landing on the wall and he charges up the wall releasing the seals which catch blue chakra flames and flying at him.. Hiroyasu was doing this Yotsuki Style.

Hiei has long since finished his food and when the Faceless man appears, he doesn't really say anything. He rises to his feet and looks at Nariko, shaking his head to her slightly before he reaches up to draw Fukushu, his katana, from it's sheath on his back. That was his answer in a nutshell. He holds two fingers close to his chest as lightning begins to gather on those two fingertips. He aims them at the Faceless as a bolt of lightning sears in a zig-zag pattern toward him.

Nariko looks to Kotone and laughs. "that's exactly it." She then looks to Sado she smiles. "Let me know when you're able to make diamonds, I will take a few." She snickers and right before she was about to figure out another witty comment about the Yotsuki a figure appears in front of them. Her first reaction is to move her chair out from under her and then make for some of the regular villagers to help usher them out of the area. "You should head that way, go as fast as you can!"

All focus on the gathering was cut short as the light of something reflecting caught Amani's attention. She turned her head up towards the sky at the passing clouds and then to the man speaking to them. She continues eating regardless as she was still hungry. "I haven't finished this. Want a bite for the run?" She set the fruit curry down in front of Hiro as she began to focus her energy toward battle. This guy was going to feel her wrath today. Bow with her at all times, she drew it from her back and took aim at the guy. He needed to be taken out. His freedoms didn't belong here…

As the conversation amongst the new associates of Sado is stopped by a masked man in a cape standing atop a building, Sado finds it really had to follow his father's advice of keeping his thoughts to himself this time. Luckily someone else already brings up the question of who the masked pervert was so he doesn't have to. But then both Hiei and Hiroyasu suddenly start to attack the man above the Village Center and Sado is left confused. Should he be doing something specific here?
Nariko's comment gets a chuckle, as Sado points out "They would be part of my body, so I think I will keep them." he says as he holds himself protectively for a moment. "I get the idea that this guy's presence is bad… I guess I will help out with whatever I can.." he says as he idly spins his wrist weight bracelet, deciding not to drop them just yet.
For a few moments Sado is gone into the crowd as he uses the time to get up on the store top and behind the guy, flinging himself at the man with a straight arm out intending to clothesline the guy from behind in all the excitement.

Kotone is distracted from her conversation by the sudden appearance of a pretty villainous person, and she turns and looks towards the man up on the nearby roof. She scratches her head a bit, "Hm. Who are you?" She wonders of the faceless man. Behind the times, much? "Oh! Wait, I know I know, you're that guy from the travelling puppet theatre right?" She asks next. Apparently, it's not just Demon Reizei the Yamayuki girl likes to suicidally provoke. However, she glances towards Hiro as he gets serious, and she does the same.
Kotone hops from her seated position to stand up, and she reaches behind her back to the scroll case, unfastening it, and then she pulls it loose, releasing a handful of instruments- a Koto, shamisen, even a rather large Taiko drum in the surrounding area. She forms a couple of quick seals, befor ehopping over to the Koto first, artificial nails spoofing onto her fingertips, she strums out a couple of quick chords, sending blades of invisible sound towards the designated bad guy.

The Faceless man shakes his head as Hiroyasu tells them all not to listen to him and then back-tracks, "Wait…number eight? What the cipher. If anything I should be number two." Why number two? Is there a number one?
Still, he is about to say something when the charged paper seals come flying at him. He starts by spinning that large spear and initially deflects the first two attacks, but the last one gets through that spin and hits him in the chest. He grunts but doesn't worry about it too much just yet. With the lightning arc headed his way, he jumps to the side and shouts out, "Hey now…I'm here to talk." Suuure he is.
As Nariko calls out for the villagers to leave, the Faceless man calls out, "No no…wait…awe, come on now. Don't be like that. We're all Kumonin." He certainly has a silver tongue, but Hiei knows that all too well. The arrow from Amani's bow is ducked under, just barely, and Sado's attack from behind is stopped by the Faceless man's hand grabbing Sado's own. "Do all of your ilk just attack a man coming to talk or is it just all of you?" The man lets go of Sado's wrist with a little bit of a shove. It isn't an attack, just a…get away from me punk…motion.
Kotone's own attack at first isn't recognized. Invisible sound blades, come on…really? How friggin awesome is that. So, he's hit. It only takes one though and he understands what is happening. He dodges the second invisible blades and bounds off to land in the middle of the group. "Seriously, are we going to do this? Decide the fate of the Raikage here and now without talking about it?"

Hiroyasu makes several handseals and closes his eyes as he runs up the wall face, his chakra flares for a second before his eyes open, the inkly blackness swallowing the white and pupil before a faded seal burns in where his pupils should be. He takes a deep breath as the battle field information floods in, he skids to a stop. He flips off the wall with a twist landing on the ground, charging at the guy. "Oh come, going to play the talkative melodramatic.. you ruined my lunch!" what lunch his girlfriend had all the lunches.. He weaves several handseals before the ground cries tears of dirt and rock which swirl around his fingers, he points at them at the faceless. "I don't give Yakuza sympathize a moments breath… you can waste your last when I bury you!" he snarls.. they really have done terrible things to his genin and it shows.

Hiei speaks. "The result of this battle will differ from our last one, Faceless." This was the guy he faced at the monastery. Hiei makes a quick hand seal before placing his hands together to call upon the power of the Yotsuki. "Release! Lightning Aura!" A bright blue aura surrounds his body with bolts of lightning encircling his body. His muscles expand and quiver as if they are the subject of electric shock. He reaches up to remove Saiai, his wakazashi. With his increase physical abilities, it looks like he simply vanishes in a tuft of dust as he runs up the side of the building. He flicks his wrist, sending lightning down into the blade itself before attacking towards his abdomen. "No one wants to listen."

Nariko helps get as many people out of the area before turning back around. She runs over to Amani. "Hey, you and I should go at him at once." She smiles and then looks to him. She shakes her head and then runs at him moving her arm back and then once closer she pushes her arm towards him in a punch.

"What Raikage? We don't have one to be deciding any fates over," Amani states to the man. #8, as he's been called. Hiro's reaction to this guy is severe and she understands why. Looks like she needs to pick things up. "Go at him at once? Sounds like a plan," she states to Nariko, following after her lead. When she throws out her attacks, Amani draws up chakra around her hands to suck the very energy out of the Faceless and follows up with an arrow of sound fired toward him as she moved past to a safe distance.

Sado's attack is blocked and pushed to the side, causing him to stumble to get his balance again. 'This man is skilled, probably moreso than me at least, but at least I can help with some distractions' he thinks to himself after he has caught his balance, He looks down at the group on the ground and the man, who has confidently landed in the middle of them. Again he fiddles with his weight bracelet but decides he won't need it just yet. But as everyone transforms, especially Hiei as Sado shows interest in the technique, Sado begins to feel more and more out of place.
"Can't just do nothing, now, can I?" he says to himself as he looks down on the battle. He finds an opportunity after Nariko charges forward to gain his attention. He jumps off of the building, his hands raised above him, using both gravity and his weights on his body to put speed behind the attack. Intending to bring his clasped fists down ontop of the man's head, Sado would assume a miss or block and, crouching down from the force of gravity as his feet hit the ground, he lifts one leg straight up to aim for the man's chin. Again, the combination was not quite done as his foot swings around to correct his balance and allow him to bring his straight arm out again to attempt to sideswipe the guy to the ground with a clothesline.

"Go ahead and talk then! No one's stopping you!" Kotone calls out to the guy then, before she kicks the Koto op into the air, and then sticks her leg out to catch it to give a better playing platform. Her fingers move back and forth over the strings playing out a more energetic tune and sending another volley of the invisible blades of sound towards her oponent in wide, arcing patterns- hopefully making it a little harder for him to avoid them all this time. "Take this, and that, and one of those!" Kotone calls out her attacks- somewhat diminishing the whole 'surprise factor' thing. "You guys are a pain in the butt, so get lost!" she adds.

They'd rather not talk. HOW DARE THEY! In contempt, the Faceless man says, "So be it…" Faceless #8 pumps chakra into his legs and moves with utter grace to get out of the way of those earth bullets. That spear lashes out and moves to tap Hiroyasu across that bald head of his, perhaps to create a scar and mark him.
Hiei on the other hand is given a, "We'll see," followed by jumping over the blade in an arc. He lands and moves to sweep Hiei's legs before dealing with Nariko and Sado. Nariko's attacks are dodged, but as she is teaming up with Sado, the Faceless man is hit with the combination of attacks and grunts. They both get a wide sweeping round-house kick to try and push them back.
Amani on the other hand comes at him at the same time as Nariko and Sado, but with more force…in a sense. Her subtle touch drains him of chakra and stamina and he moves to grab her and throw her, but he does dodge the bolt sent his way. Finally Kotone's invisible attacks get him again, but after the first one, he moves quickly. He's going to have to watch her more closely. He sends out kunai at her to get her to pause hopefully.

Two Cloneyasu appear and run through with spear while he real one ducks under it, he would love nothing more just tear up his exposed side but the younger graduates were the target, that would not sit well with him.. He pulls two barriers seals one for each Genin he throws them and they speed ahead of him as they form into two small bucklers of chakra, he ducks under them catching them both in the gut with his arms right when the attack shatters one of the barriers with a masterful amount of strength and catching him in the shoulder, but he moves them out of danger, his shoulder mangled as it was popped out of joint from the extension grabbing the two then taking the hit. He looks over at his shoulder hits it against the chakra barrier that stood, with a sickening snap-crack it pops back into place. "He is Jounin Strength, watch yourself" he says trying to play it cool, but inside he was crying.. He turns on his heel trying to not let them see his eyes watering from the pain.. look cool.. He pulls out a seal holding up towards the jounin and a vortex of chakra absorbing tendrils lash at the Jounin before he throws a backup seal "Capture barrier!" he shouts putting two hands together to give hiei the opportunity.

Hiei falls onto his back from the sweep, but he spins like a top on the ground, popping back up to his feet. He flips his blade to the serrated side and strikes out at the Jounin before swinging both blades at once. This guy was playing with them. No matter what he did, he had a defense for it. They were getting nowhere fast.

Nariko's punches don't hit like she wanted them to do. She then seems shocked to see Hiro intercede in the kick that was intended for her and Sado that couldn't move for a moment. She shakes her head to clear it and bring herself back in the game. "Thanks Hiro." She mutters to him. She wasn't into bad talking her opponent, especially seeing how this opponent fought. She makes another run at him with a few punches intended for him.

"Tch." Her shot missed. Guess she's going to have to try again. Amani flashes though seals quickly enough and busts out enough sound to create a barrier between her and the air. She needed to slow down to land so she could double back and attack the Faceless once more. Besides, the attack Hiro just took came out quite clear to her. She may not have been close enough to see it just yet, but she heard it. That was enough for her to see to it that this man was taken out. He decided to mess with them on the wrong day… "You underestimated… I came back!" She shouted as she made the motion to sweep past him once more. Her gaze was burning with rage.

Sado is surprised that his combination hit for the most part, figuring the timing of Nariko's attacks did the trick, perhaps they had potential to be a team. Sado didn't have much time to think about it as he throws an arm up to block an incoming attack that never hits, leaving him a bit disoriented as he had prepared his body for the attack. A sickening sound from Hiroyasu, his saviour, causes Sado to cringe a bit. "You alright?" he asks as he composes himself again, waiting to see what the others do.
For the most part the attacks on the masked man leave an area open for an opportunity. Watching Nariko, he moves after she does, using the 360 degrees around the man to the full extent. As Nariko attacks the man, drawing his attention again, Sado times his attacks to hit close to the same time, this time his combination of attacks are aimed at the mask of the man, to at least smash that and get some answers. He starts with a wide swing aimed at the side of the man's head, from behind or to the best of his ability to get behind during Nariko's attacks. With the weighted bracelet on his wrist he feels it should be enough to strike the mask hard enough if hit. He figures after that attack he will probably have the man's attention, and so he uses his rock smashing training, pretending the man's head (and mask if he does turn around) is a rock, recoiling his other fist before he takes a step forward, swinging the fist above his head and straight towards the man's head/mask with all his might.

As the Kunai comes flying her way, Kotone flips her Koto up try try and intercept the Kunai- but it's thrown with too much force. The instrument shatters with splitnering wood and twanging strings, and the Kunai slams into Kotone's shoulder- and sends her falling backwards and down to a knee. She reaches up and yanks the Kunai loose, before rolling over to the Taiko drum next. She pulls her scroll loose and the artificial nails vanish, replaced with a pair of thick bambo sticks. She begins hammering out a slow rythm on the Taiko drum before suddenly slamming it a couple of times sending a deep, reverberating sound wave out towards her opponent- trying a new tact since he's adapted to the blades of sound already.

"Jounin strength? I like the sound of that. I usually just hear 'he's strong'," says the Faceless threat. The black mask spins to note Hiroyasu and growls at him before gracefully moving away. This creature of a man is fast, and in that regard, he flashes out the spear, trying to extend it to catch Hiroyasu on the head once again. This time the spear moves out far more quickly than before. He /has/ been playing it seems. To Hiei, the black robed figure leaps up and over Hiei…and while doing so, he lashes out viciously with the non-pointy end of the spear to give him three quick wacks across the arm. Hiei's arms get targetted often hmm? Nariko, Amani, and Sado again move as a team, and while the masked vigilante is quick to move through Nariko's attacks, that subtle touch of Amani is just too much for him again. He finds himself raped of energy and chakra. The man grunts and sends that spear out to take Amani out of the picture. To the other three, he sends out shuriken in a flash before trying to retreat. As he moves to run away, going the way he came, he calls out, "You have the Spirit of Lightning inside you. The Raikage will be determined by either my organization or yours…"

As the masked man tries to run off, he's so out of energy that he stumbles over his own feet. He had wasted too much, been too cocky and over-exerted himself. He's in trouble now.

Hiroyasu's seal infused eye swirls as he focuses on the faceless, they meet glances as he is charged with a tip of the spear, he pulls up a piece of paper, the raging tip of the spear thrusts forward but bounces off of something unseen as the seal was destroyed the instant it was created, their timing and attack were so in sync it looks as if nothing happened just both standing there until the spear if deflected..
All the boulder training pays off as he ducks under the spear charging towards the three being attacked with Kunai he throws out seal after seal three in total as a giant multi-faceted wall spirals into existence, he makes a quick array of strange seals, and continues to run as the ground begins to rumble and a creation of rock looking like Hiro and it smirks looking at the back of the man as he focuses on the other, it's stone fist attempts burst through him in a palm strike. He runs to Kotone who is the accosted because he couldn't save her.. he slides to stop slapping his hands together to summon force the chakra with force, the girl healing chakra and he places his hands over her wounds.. "Stay still" he snarls.. his seal kissed eyes looking around as they swirl when he focuses on her injury.

Hiei's arm is targeted again and this time the end of the spear strikes it's target. He sheathes both swords while the guy goes to limp away. Hiro's earth clone seems to be giving chase, so Hiei sent him a farewell gift as well. He holds his fist down by his waist as it crackles with lightning. Shooting it forwards, he rotates his palm so that it's facing outwards. "Lightning Shotgun!"

Again Nariko is saved by the gracious actions of Hiro. "Thanks again." She mutters. She looks to Hiei, looks like she will have to ask him for some help after they survive this. Once the wall is gone she makes a run for him again and attempts to hit him one last time with a few punches.

Amani summoned up sound to slow down the spear that was sent her way, but the attack proved to be too much and broke through, catching her right in the stomach. She stumbled back a few steps before wrapping her hands around the spear and removing it from her body, leaving a wound open in her body. It was painful, though she could push through it. She wanted to see the face of the one that attacked her friends. She didn't even bother closing her eyes to the crackling of lightning emitted by Hiei's lighting shotgun. "Just so you know, your spear is being kept as a souvenir. The selection of Raikage is tilting in our favor. Guess your freedoms weren't worth the fight you put into them…" She raised the weapon that was previously embedded in her, but she didn't strike.

As if completely in sync with Nariko, Sado also mutters his thanks to Hiroyasu, unsure of whether such protection was demeaning to his ability or not. He obviously had some work to do, but he had gotten some licks in for sure. As Nariko goes charging off, Sado composes himself and feels the battle is won. What now? He heads over to the table to finish the remainder of his second hotdog, which is cold by now. Sado was never one to waste food, though.

Kotone winces and cries out in pain as Hiro applies his medical Jutsu, "Warn me before you do that!" She complains- of course, he probably did and she didn't notice while she was drumming out her tune. With the fight over, she flops back, sitting on the ground, pretty beat. "So… he's dead?" She wonders. "Shouldn't we have like, interrogated him or something?" She wonders. "Oh whatever, the higher ups can sort all that out."

The attacks of the young genin were relentless against their superior opponent, their number, their tactics, and their varying array of skills made it difficult for the faceless to handle them all, it wasn't a glorious end of two even matched opponent in the beautiful waltz of death, but a horde of bees stinging an the mighty Tiger until it charges into a lake and drowns from fatigue. Unable to block the assault the Faceless is struck by the Earth Cloneyasu several times in the back before it's crumbles back into the ground, Hiei lightning shotgun peppers him with a spray of deadly shards of silvery shocking sensation.. But the final blow, the final blows was by the Yotsuki Female, Nariko's strike hits him in the chest, the soul strike sending a rippling in his internal organ's if you could see his insides they begin to shiver, her follow up strike sending another ripple in his organs and they explode one by one in a gory mess inside his chest, his eye's roll back in his head, he crumples to his knee in a nasty jostle.. Her final strike hits him in the face crushing his nose into his face and sending him toppling over backwards, his body bent, and broken.. his end at her hands wasn't pretty or painless it was a living hell for the moments he could feel..

Hiroyasu finishes healing up Kotone, "Not a word about this.." as his hands have to do what they do.. "Yeah he's dead, if he lived they would just free him or spare him or absolve him.. they are the higher ups right now." he snarls before the seal on his eyes fades and then recedes with the black washing his eyes back in white before he falls over on the floor..

Hiei comments. "There's no point in interrogating him. He wouldn't have talked. He's Kamen Rai Da…if he had been allowed to live, his buddies would have freed him, and we would see him again. It's better this way." As Amani places a hand against his chest to heal his wounds, he nods a thank you to her. "Arigatou, Amani-san." He looks at everyone gathered. "Like Hiro says, do not speak of what happened here today. It's important that you don't." He pulls himself up to his feet. "I'm heading home to rest. Nariko, Sado…you coming?"

Nariko stands above him breathing heavily. "You don't to Kumo spouting stuff like that off and get away with it. Especially during lunch." She looks back to the others and smiles. She couldn't help it, she got a little angry. She waves to Hiei and nods. "Yeah, I'll follow you. Maybe I can get in some Sasuke time." Clearly she was meant to be a fighter, she wasn't phased at all by her last punches. "Poor Hiro, I hope he will be better." She says mostly to herself, but loud enough for the others to hear.

"You're welcome…" Amani looked over Hiei to see if she'd healed him well enough. The diagnostic she ran gave her the all clear. "They're right. He should be dead, but we can check over his body to see if he carried anything useful beyond his spear." Upon hearing a drop, she looked back to see Hiro was on the ground. She approached him and performed a diagnostic. Just exhausted…for the most part, that is. "Time to get you home," she sighed. A smile spread across her face for the first time after this battle. Today was a good day.

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