Kumo Daimyo Plot - Hidden Agendas?


Ogosokamaru, Hiei, Hiroyasu, Misaki

Date: Unknown (log received June 27, 2013)


None given.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Hidden Agendas?"

Unknown location

It's as if Ogo had known something like this was going to happen. In the mountain range to the north of Kumogakure, there was a place Ogo would have led them to get to some sort of safe haven he had (or someone else had a long time ago) dug out of the side of the mountain. But the catch was, there was a huge boulder just inside the cleft that when lifted would reveal a hidden cave behind. Air was flowing through, as well as water from an underground spring that flowed out, the water pressure pulling air down with it, and causing the influx of new air through natural shafts in cracks in the rock above, making this place a very nice habitable spot to hide away for quiet some time. A small network of cave systems large enough for people to climb through comfortably was present. Once there in the near-pitch black conditions with a torch of several Ogo had stashed, along with a few weapons and a small scroll that was more than likely holding dry foodstuffs, and a table with an oil lamp and a few bedrolls in a neighboring chamber that was definately dug out at a later time, due to the squared dimensions.
After arrival and a dimly lit supper along with a short(?) rest, which could have been longer due to the lack of sunlight and time not existing down here for the most part. The long journey there took several hours, including twists and turns, stops and backtracking, hiding their tracks and finally finishing the journey at that entrance boulder that only the strongest could really lift, and noone would expect a genin to lift it, added with the tunnels that led to carefully hidden exits at the surface and the final river escape if worse came to worse.
While this morning Ogosokamaru had gone off with Misaki, he had asked Hiei and Hiroyasu to stay in the hideout while he and Misaki were gone. There were a few things to pass the time, look like they hadn't been used in years with all the dust on them in the 'living area' away from the running water source and food stockpile area. Goh, some cards, that game that the Nara play all the time in Konoha. That one didn't even look opened before.
After what might seem like an eternity, but in reality was close to four hours, Ogo and Misaki would return, a little roughed up, but it didn't look like they had been attacked, more than likely training.
Ogo comes into the main hiedout area from the caves behind holding up his sword as a light with electricity crackling quietly and emitting a blue-white glow, he lets that down and looks around for a moment, then goes and rummages through the crates that are labeled for food.

Hiei had spent a little time exploring the cave with Hiroyasu. Hiei simply closed his fist and channeled a little lightning so that it crackled much like how Ogo's sword did. It was pretty nice being your own light source. After exploring this cave and some nearby, Hiei had returned to the main dwelling and simply sat down in the lotus position and closed his eyes. As of right now, he hasn't moved in several hours. Perhaps he had finally taken Hiroyasu's advice and meditated. Or perhaps he was sleeping and didn't want anyone to know about it. At any rate, he's still sitting there, the card games or the shogi board hasn't been touched by him at all. Seems it just wasn't his thing.

Hiroyasu, sits nearby, working on a stack of seals. "Calm down yotsuki-sama. Consider this training for when you have to do stake outs or guerilla war" he says drawing some complex seals on the paper.

Ogo finds something, and pulls out the scroll, setting it on the floor next to him. He then unfurls it, and places his hand on it in the middle of one of the circular designs right there close in towards the start of the scroll. A small cast iron cooking setup appears, with even sticks ready set up to light up easily. Now, 'little' is a relative term, as this thing looks like it could handle about four gallons of water easily, which it will, since the next thing Ogo is pulling out of that scroll is the food itself. Ramen. Just add water and heat, right? It's already got seasonings and freeze-dried meat in it, along with a few pieces of freeze dried meat that just need to soak in hot water for a few minutes, boiled to sanitize and eaten right there. Some pork and beef, as well as some poultry product as well.
He does this, and then, plates come out as well. He's got a whole kitchen in there! But, he at least sets the table with four placements. Though this process takes over ten minutes, he's idly continuing this while he says out loud, hopefully all three of them hear him, "Misaki, Hiei, Hiro! Come get some food. I know you are all exerted and probably hungry." The amount of noodles would feed Hiei probably four times over, Ogo three times over, and the other two several more times over, unless they were like Ogo and HIei when it came to eating, in which case Ogo cooked just enough. :D

Hiei exhales softly and rises to his feet. "Huh. Hiroyasu was right. Meditation really is kind of like taking a chakra nap. I feel refreshed." He stretches a little and leaps into the air, executing a spinning back kick. "I'm not as tired as I should be. Mostly because of that insane training regiment you have us on, Sensei." He moves to take a seat as he looks at Ogo. "So, are you going to tell us why you dragged us out of the village? I know the KRD was still watching us, but I don't think they'd haul us in just yet. Besides, we were going to start looking for that guy."

Hiroyasu says "See I told you.. i'm not crazy" setting down his brushpen and moving to the meal, ramen why is it always ramen. "This seems rather extreme, I know that you know more than you are telling" he looks like a bird eating picking at it rather than eating it.

"Yes, there are things I'm not telling you. And they are good reasons for this extremity. Reasons that I cannot tell you, only show you. But right now is not the time. For right now, we are merely out here training, and that is the extent of it. If you decide to persue that investigation, be my guest. I'll give you a map, show you where we are, and you can navigate yourselves from here back to Kumogakure or beyond at that point." He was serious, there were certain implications about this situation that he had to delicately approach and inform them about, but like he said, not right now. He served himself a bowl full of the ramen, Hiro had already recieved his, and Hiei was next to get it, then the bowl stayed empty for Misaki, waiting for her to arrive and she could fix her own bowl with however much she wanted. And, to eating Ogo goes, slow and meticulous, like each bite is savored, dissected by his mouth and ingested at the correct moment. Maybe like he was enjoying what could be one of his last meals. No pressure, kid. No pressure.

Hiei picks up his chopsticks and begins to eat. He cuts his eyes over at Ogo while he's eating. "Forgive me, Sensei. But that's stupid. Witholding information will get us killed. I saw your face back at the apartment. I know you know something about what happened there. Fine. I think Goat did it. He said that he was the one that dove into garbage when he was interrogating us, and it was garbage in the kitchen that you were looking at. I think the KRD sanctioned that search." He pauses to eat more. "And you never told us what happened with the Daimyo."

Hiroyasu nods "of course it was the KRD, it was a classic smash and grab. You go in find what you want, then you smash the place to hide exactly what you took cause it takes time for it to be sorted out. This is classic espionage, I suspect they were looking for the note which I think damages them. If it didn't it would just be some lost item in a cold case " he does eat a few noodles, not to be rude, but would probably make his own meal later. "They will use our lack of rank,lack of trust, and any lack of knowledge against us, no matter where we are." a couple more noodles cause he was hungry.

Misaki shows up while rubbing her eyes. "I smell food." She tells the group. She had been sleeping a little further down. Or snoozing, or resting. Whichever it is, she's back now. But she did't catch any of the conversation. "Left some for me?" She asks Ogo. While holding out her hands. SHe was hungry!

When Misaki comes out, Ogo remembers what had transpired, and says to himself, but out loud while looking off into the darkness in some far corner of the room where the light doesn't touch, "Inconsistency will shatter a man like a sword." He breathes deep, looking between Hiei and Hiroyasu for a moment, then he reaches behind his back underneath his jacket, and pulls out something white… alabaster? No, too shiny. Porcelian? Maybe. Either way, when he set it on the table, it was instantly recognizable, but it might take a moment to sink in.
The Mask of the Hare. Ogo stares at it for a moment, but doesn't go all dramatic like one might think. He casually talks, "If it was the Kamen Rai Da, it was withheld from me. I think they are going after you guys becuase of me. Well, being told to go after all four of us becuase of my identity as The Hare." He even says it, 'my identity as' like he was living two separate lives, which was mostly true.
"I was put on teams that I shouldn't have been on," looking around at all three of them, gesturing with his eyes and a lift of the chin towards the cast iron pot for Misaki where the food was for her to get as much as she wanted out of the four gallon cast iron pot that was still nearly 3/4 full with ramen and 2x2x2 cm beef pork and fowl meat chunks. "Like when we were sent to question you, Goat was put on that team for a reason, to test -my- reaction." He wipes his face, giving them a moment to catch up and absorb all he's telling them, "Any questions so far?" He takes a couple quick big bites to at least eat something while the conversation is going.

Hiei asks quietly. "Which one is your true face?" He looks down at his half-filled bowl of ramen and pushes it away, like he has no appetite anymore. "I know why KRD wear the masks. I wasn't lying when I said that I wanted to join their ranks." He looks over at Ogo. "Just tell me one thing, Sensei. Who is the real you. Reizei Ogosokamaru. Or the Hare?"

Hiroyasu nods to hiei "Well said" before looking at misaki, he raises from his place and goes over to the pot and makes misaki a healthy portion of ramen, while they talk. He brings it back and hands to her "Here you are miso" he says before sitting back down.

Misaki takes her portion from Hiro and smiles. "Thank you." She says politely, throwing Ogo a look before blending into the conversation. She already heard some of this, but it was good hearing it again. Since she didn't understand so well in the first place.

Ogo sits down in the fourth chair at the square table, looking at the mask on the table face. "Neither one is really me. I'm somewhere in between. I'm not as cruel as the Kamen Rai Da mask here signifies. But I do it to stop problems within the Land of Lightning. I'm not as heartless as I am to you three. Or at least was. I trained you all in the beginning with the Spirit of Lightning. Always ready to strike at a moment's notice, without warning, and powerfully. That is what being a Kumogakure Shinobi is to me. You three know what that means to me as far as physical exercise and bodily improvement and using the tools and weapons you have to your advantage," eyeing Misaki for a second before going on, "And I trained you all harder than other team leaders would have, because I know, if I can break you, the enemy can, too. And far easier, because they don't have to show mercy." As if he every really showed mercy while training them! Hah!

Hiei exhales. "I find that answer acceptable." He leans back in his chair while crossing his arms over his chest. "How do we fight the Kamen Rai Da? Do we even have to? They're supposed to follow the direct orders of the Raikage. Only we have no Raikage. So I have to assume that they're acting under the orders of the Elders. And if that's the case, I blame them all for the way things in Kumo are right now." He makes a fist. "I am filled with the Spirit of Lightning. I just can't sit here and hide while my home is being destroyed from the inside out." He looks back at Ogo. "There is a way to stop this. We have to assassinate the Elders and put someone in charge as Raikage."

Hiroyasu takes it in, watching his sensei's body language as he spoke to them his plan, concern, and justification for his behavior. "Hiei? really?" he says deadpaning at hiei as he speaks in extremes.

misaki looks between the group, slightly confused about the interaction. "Ogo doesn't want to hurt any of us.." She says, drawing the conclusion that, something like that is what Ogo's aiming at. She was just guessing though, barely awaken ow.

As the three of them give their opinions that really do reflect their personalities. Ogo even vocalizes them as he knows them. "Hiei, you're brash and ready to get to the dirty work. We will not be assassinating anyone. Because where does that put us? As criminals, even if we were right, how does that look compared to a 'non-violent' group? Yes, they can hide their actions behind the scenes, and that's where our disadvantage comes into play." He looks at Misaki, "Our disadvantage being we can't do all the things they can without getting caught and branded as traitors and thrown into j-" He looks at Misaki, then she says her little thing, "You need some sleep. Go lay down and get some rest." He waves the 'buh-bye wave to her, telling her he wouldn't have her stay. "Overworked, and out of it. Maybe they wanted to keep you that way so you couldn't wake up and learn any truth for yourself." And then to Hiro. "You keep these two balanced. And I've heard about what you have done and said to keep them out of trouble." Ogo just shakes his head, "If only I'd known someone like you when I was younger who didn't happen to be my brother." And from there, he looks at the two boys, seeing how they process this now divulged stuff.

Hiei growls faintly under his breath. "I can't stand all this inaction, Sensei." He stands up and begins to walk around the table, just needing to do something with his body other than sit still. "Okay, assassinating the Elders might be a little extreme. If we can't outright kill them, then perhaps there is a way to illuminate their dealings in the dark." He pauses talking and walking. He looks at Hiro while snapping his fingers. "What if…what if that's why the KRD are so freaked out? What if the guy on the paper." He hits himself in the forehead softly with his fist. "I can't remember his name right now, but that guy. What if he knows about some of the stuff the Elders are doing off the books? Stuff that would be the end of them should it become public knowledge? It would explain why they'd ransack a Genin's house for a scrap of paper, wouldn't it?" Hiei isn't a very smart guy, but he does have his moments.

Hiroyasu waves to misaki "I'll come wake up you up in a bit and fill you in" before turning back to the other two "We need to be careful, if they are using common espionage tactics, the next phrase is discrediting. They will look or make oppertunties for us to hang ourselves. We need to keep a calm head" he pauses looking right at hiei when he said that "The best thing we can do, is make it look like we are doing nothing." he listens and nods "I told you I think they are worried that the paper contained a secret too hot, if they didn't it wouldn't be worth the effort" just like usual stuff he says takes days or weeks to register with the barbarians. "It is what I do best sensei" he adds.

Ogo looks at Hiei. "Well, another thing, it's not the Elders that are controlling the KRD directly. It's another person, and I don't know his name, only his face and he's called the 'Commander'. But, with that-" he looks at Hiroyasu, "Even if we do nothing, if we're even percieved as a small enough threat that can be snuffed out whenever they want, then we're done for. We need a threat so massive to them that they cannot both ignore us, or percievably end what we threaten to do to them with our deaths. That way, they theoretically stay off of us, and we gain the upper hand. But it's very delicate. Hiroyasu," he says, looking at the young preteen. "We absolutely need delicacy." Maybe he understood what Ogo was getting at, maybe he didn't, but Hiro seemed the most qualified. Ogo finishes his meal, and gathers up what Misaki left at the table and his own. "We need to think on this. For right now, I need rest." Yes, Ogo needs rest. He had spent the two previous nights with maybe three hours of meditation as opposed to his normal five. So, for now, Ogo would go get some of his time in with his own form of meditation, and after that, it's time to work with the boys.

Hiroyasu nods "I should elaborate, doing nothing means nothing they see as important, if we act like they expect us too they have a plan already in the works. We need to act counter to their plans, they expect us to act against them, be hostile they have made it hard for us to do anything but. If we change our stance they will have to assume that we have something, they will waste considerable effort and resources chasing the ghosts we can create." he nods "Very delicate." before looking around "I'll clean up, you go get some rest Sensei" before taking the bowls from his sensei, "Team ogosokamaru, is like a strike of ligthning. There will be no warning when we strike, and the thunder me make will rumble the heavens. But you need to be honest with at least me, so i can plan accordingly. They might act rash if they knew some things, but I can only continue to deflect it if I know as much as possible" an honest request is but a difficult one, sometimes his intelligence betrays his age.

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