Kumo Daimyo Plot - Library Research


Amani, Hiroyasu, Ogosokamaru, Hiei, Hel (emitter)

Date: June 30, 2013


Hiei is tracking Kashikoi, the Chief Financial Officer and the man whose name they were handed secretly. Ogo helps Hiei lose his KRD tails to follow Kashikoi. Meanwhile Amani and Hiroyasu are in the library doing research on Kashikoi, who oddly shows up just at the library. Hiei risks letting Hiroyasu's KRD tail discover who Hiei was following. Hiroyasu discovers why the KRD might be interested in Kashikoi.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Library Research"

Raikage's Library

Three scenes at once that come together at the end. It is cliche, but it works for anime. Hiroyasu is in the library trying to get some information on Kashikoi, the chief financial officer of the late Raikage. He has to figure out how to lie to the old kunoichi in charge of the archival room, find information without leaving a trail for the KRD to swoop in and find after, and get out ALIVE. Well, the last part should be easy enough.
Hiei is out in the streets trying to figure out a way to sneak away from the KRD tails and find their way to Kashikoi.
And Ogosokamaru has to start earning his respect. The first thing he can do is start making up for his past as a criminal. Figuring out how to do that is the first step.

Hiroyasu nods to Kunoichi, "Yes Ma'am, I do. I think one of my team-mates filled a bad expense report, so I need access to the financial services archives." he cups his hands in a whisper "If I don't verify, management will have us picking up trash again." he sighs "You know how it is, they don't respect the paper they just want to running around swinging swords and throwing kunai, than filling out things properly" he shakes his head.

While Hiroyasu was inside the library getting the goods on Kashikoi, Hiei took Kayaru's advice and only looked like he was people watching again. This time, he's sitting at one of the stone tables in the village center with multiple bowls of ramen before him. If the KRD decided to check up on him, all they'd see is him enjoying a tasty meal. In actuality, Hiei is in perfect position to watch the front doors of the administration building. If Kashikoi comes out to go home, Hiei will most likely spot him. The only problem is how does he ditch the KRD long enough to follow his target. As he munches on a piece of pork cutlet, an ideal begins to form in the barbarian's mind. Kayaru said that some problems couldn't be solved with brawn, but with brains. Smiling to himself, he now had a pretty good idea of what to do when the time came.

Amani came to that same library to look up information of the medical kind. She needed to brush up on what she's missed out on and she's certain there have been reports published lately that need some looking into, though she did go with another purpose in mind. She wanted to look up information about certain kinds of wounds. She was hoping she would find something close or similar, but wasn't certain if she'd find anything significant. Still, doesn't hurt to try. Weird how the goings on of the day can continue despite the presence of the KRD all over the place.

Speaking of ramen, Ogosokamaru was eating as well. But he was at the tent, which was now staffed and they were running more smoothly, due to some unseen invisible support system. It's almost like someone of the Daimyo's stature had even given a thumbs up to what they are doing. Or that someone is willing to take the fall for something. Whatever the case, Ogo was now on day 18 with no breaks, 18 hours a day seven days a week. Tsugi was having a heck of a time getting him food and telling him he needed to eat. He would be so enthralled in things that he would forget it on occasion. Even once, Ogosokamaru, after a long 36 hour stint since the night was unusually busy, he had to actually sit down due to exhaustion.
Ramen, he was told to go get at the same place as Hiei. He looked extremely tired, lack of sleep and proper taking care of himself. He didn't mean to martyr himself like this, usually if questioned 'why'-
His answer was always 'Someone has to do it. If not I, then who?' So he eats slowly and carefully, remembering what food tasted like almost.

The old Kunoichi eyes Hiroyasu for a moment. She nods, "Alright, financials section it is. I'll leave you to it as I know you are familiar with this section. You have twenty minutes." Twenty minutes? That doesn't leave that much time. He'll have to be quick. Luckily, Amani walks right behind Hiro and the old lady. The old Kunoichi librarian responsible for everything blocks Amani's way, asking, "Can I help you?" Amani would know that she needs to ask permission to get into the archives. Of course the old lady would give Amani permission…so let's assume she does. "You have twenty minutes too. I'll come back to let you both out at the same time." Did I mention that the archives are locked and the old kunoichi has the key. The archive is unlocked and they are let in.
Hiei on the other hand does spot very many people coming and going. The only problem is that the chief financial officer wouldn't leave via the front door. He's high enough up where he gets a carriage all to himself. It is one of those fully-enclosed horse-drawn carriages too…but it does have the Raikage's seal on it, meaning that it gets special permission to pass through places. There are a few of these carriages. Hiei will have to figure out first which one is which. Luckily for him, he has Ogo's help.

"Thank you" Hiroyasu says with a bow of his head in respect, you have to be exact with her she is notorious through in her records keeping. "Alright, I need finance records for the head office, tax records, land rights, business records if I have time. Let's hope her shelving is as through as her records" he offers out a fistbump in greeting to Amani, "Tsukikage." in a locked vault who would know.

Hiei glances over when Ogosokamaru sits down near him with a bowl of ramen. He flashes his sensei a smile, but he doesn't have time for pleasantries when the carriage that bears the seal of the Raikage begins to move through the streets. Hiei attempts to slip into the crowd and when he's close enough, he attempts to Henge into one of Kashikoi's group so he can follow them without sparking the interest of the KRD.

"Uh…no?" Amani remarked to the old woman. She looked past her towards the archives and then back to the woman. "I'm only looking for medical reports. Recently published… Are they in that area or can I find them out here in the main library?" She wondered. Though, she thinks she might have to look into the archives eventually. There might be some information on the wounds she's looking into. Perhaps they've popped up before in the past?
As she's given permission anyway, she shrugged and figured she'd look into the archives for a bit. Guess now is as good a time as any to seek out some info. "Hey," she offered to Hiroyasu followed by a fistbump. "What's going on? I just got let in and I didn't even try that hard," she chuckles. "Guess I'll look into whatever I came to find out here. Ten minutes here, then ten minutes in the main library."

When Hiei goes on his little trip, Ogo might have been there one moment, then not the next. At some point, Ogo's head would pop out from a random place, looking right at Hiei at close range, of course he might be better at seeking than hiding, but a moment later Ogo would be out of sight again. Though consistantly from as close a range Ogo could get to, look at Hiei's progress, then dissappear again. Sometimes in plain sight as the cart passes, multiple places Hiei might see. Apparently Ogo needed to take his mind off of running the mission of quelling chaos and just.. unwind. And messing with his pupils is how he unwinds. Mind games.

The finance records are easy enough to find once Hiro makes it over to the designated area. Kashikoi's stamp of approval is on each page, except for the last one (the most recent one). It looks by the time and signature that he comes once a week, on Monday afternoons. It is Monday afternoon. The carriage that Hiei and Ogo are trailing is headed here. What a coincidence. The tax records are filed right next to the financial records in an adjoining shelf. The tax records are well documented, but there are just so many of them. What exactly is Hiroyasu looking for. The land rights and business records though are in a slightly different section. It might be harder to get to those in time and in secreet.
As for Hiei, well…he's not exactly the best at being stealthy. Ogo on the other hand is. Unfortunately, the KRD is good at seeking as well, and the tail manages to keep up with Hiei. Fortunately though, they think he is just trying to slip their tail; however, that means they now think he is trying to slip their tail and want to know what he is up to.

Hiroyasu nods "20 minutes, Since the threats on the Damiyo, and no Raikage to classify things for dissemination, pretty much all important information has been sealed in the vault. Medical, Jutsu, Financial, Mission Logs" he points at the vault door "Out there is just light reading, for the public. I guess she saw the headband and just assumed you wanted in here. She records everything you say in the log, her mind is like razor." then he wastes no more time on the pleanstries, "I got to go get these things quickly" and he runs to fetch as many as he can, skimming through the leaflets of papers he glances at the one without a signature "Interesting.." he says trying to skim it to get the gist of it, he didn't need exact details, then reads the previous three dated before it, looking for what is normal about them versus the one that isn't signed. He moves over to the tax records seeing that they are too numerous, he skips them for land and business records. "What does he own, what does to claim to have invested in the community" he asks to himself scanning his finger across the records. "I could use your help! Please Yamayuki-san?" he shouts trying to scan what he needs.

"Oh, I see," Amani hummed. Guess she won't need to spend much time out there, after all. "I guess I should watch my words. If I'm being recorded for everything," she puffs. "Oh well." Time to go record hunting. She takes off, seeking out all the files and information she can find on various procedures anything from simple to difficult. She also sets about looking for some records about the wounds she found. It'd be tough trying to find anything of detail on them, but she hopes to find something. "I'll help. I'll be over in a split!"
She came down from the shelves she was looking into, hands full of information to go and help Hiroyasu. She set her records down on an open table to free up her hands saying, "what should I be looking for?"

While KRD would be increasing interest in why Hiei was trying to lose them, Ogo knew the KRD's tactics of follow and observe. So, a simple trip here, a little push there, get one to chase him and lead him into a trash can.. or stuff him into one. Water clones to confuse one of them, each one melting into water as the KRD would try to follow them off on some random goose chase. Unless they found Ogo again, he would keep himself in shadows and under mundane disguises for moments at a time, giving Hiei the opportunity to simply walk with the convoy for now. Ogo running distraction, at least as best he could.

The financial records are actually impeccable. The only difference between the previous scrolls and the latest one is only the lack of approval. They records are easy to follow. Everything that is needed is there. Names involved in transaction, product desired, quanitity, cost per, cost total, dates, signatures, everything.
Having gone to grab the scrolls from the land and business sections, Hiroyasu and Amani have their work cut out for them. With Amani's help, the two shinobi split the two section's worth of work. Hiroyasu would find that the land records show the CFO having a cottage in the mountains close by to Kumogakure, along with directions on how to get there for tax purposes. He also owns a small apartment in the residential section. All in all, he doesn't leave much of a trail. No wife, no kids, just work. Assuming Amani is told what to find, she would note that Kashikoi has one business still in his name. This is how he made his wealth and fame. Cheese. Seems that cottage out in the mountains has quite a few goats…and those goats make milk, which makes cheese. Kashikoi sells that cheese at a high price, and people pay for it. The operation has long since moved to bigger and greener (or is that golder with ryo?) pastures, but the cheese business is still strong.
Ogo and Hiei successfully lose their tail, thanks predominantly to Ogosokamaru's knowledge of the KRD. He may have to deal with the Koman Da later for pulling a stunt like that, but who cares right? The trip to the library from the CFO's office isn't too far, and Hiei and Ogo can follow the convoy there easily. When the CFO steps out, with a small group of advisors, Hiei and Ogo fall in line behind nad head inside. Once inside, the group of advisors disbands (much to their chagrin) and Kashikoi nods to the old kunoichi. The don't talk, but their eyes say much more than they ever could. There's a hint of something there, as if all the years of walking past eachother, of small talks, have progressed to something more. The old lady just lets him in with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. Kashikoi smiles back and heads into the vault, leaving Ogo and Hiei to get past the old kunoichi. Hiroyasu and Amani meanwhile are called after, "Ten more minutes." Wait, they should only have like, five more minutes…the old kunoichi has been distracted.

Hiroyasu uhs "That isn't right, her timing is off.. She is never off" he looks at Amani, "Shelve what you got, let's go look at the stuff you pulled earlier, something is wrong.." he grabs her by the arm and runs over to her stack of books, his constant practice with his zen meditation is allowing him faster and faster response times in his sensing ability. "Hiei and Sensei are outside, they are not supposed to be here… and someone is coming in.." he whispers to Amani "I know this is asking a lot of you, but can you use your neji to listen in on this guy? I'll make it up to you I promise.. whatever you want." he pulls out a seal putting in on the table scribbles, ~Ramen Lunch, Reported 41.95, Actual 14.95~ this would be what he showed to the Kunoichi when their time was up. He stands over her shoulder like they are studying something.

"Um, okay." Amani, along with Hiroyasu's help, begins to shelve what she took up, disappointed that her progress was stunted due to someone coming in. Still, this seemed serious as her arm was gripped, after all, so she sucked it up and went along with it. "Listen in on what's being said? Absolutely," she offered and activated her nejigan at its highest so everything would come in with supreme clarity.
She made a note of focusing in on whoever was present.

Amani's hearing at this point would be far better than needed to hear the mumblings of Kashikoi, the chief financial officer of the village. The older man heads into the financial records section, opens up the last scroll that Hiroyasu had been looking at moments before. Kashikoi states something about 'over priced', and then 'good enough', and finally, "that was a steal." The sound of him writing his name into the scroll and putting his stamp of approval down can be heard. He closes the scroll and heads over to the tax records. This is when things start to get interesting. He doesn't go to the latest scroll, but rather to a scroll towards the back of the first rack. Amani would be able to tell which scroll it is (with her hearing) based on the echos the scroll makes as it comes off the shelf. She could triangulate it just fine. The financial advisor opens the scroll, scratches the hairs on his chin, and sighs heavily. He erases something, adds a few notes, and mumbles, "I'm sorry." He rolls the scroll back up and puts it back in place. The old man moves toward the latest tax records.
Meanwhile, outside in the library, Hiei and Ogo have arrived, but there is one problem. If Hiroyasu is here, that means at least one more KRD member is around…only no one that is here is wearing a KRD mask. Icognito! What to do. If they approach the CFO, they could give their target away. If they don't, then they could lose their opportunity if no KRD member is in the library. What to do?

Hiei moves into the library and turns to say something to Ogo, but he's done disappeared on him. Hiei would curse, but it was a library so he was supposed to be quiet. It occurs to him that even though he and Ogo lost their KRD tail, the one on Hiroyasu is around here somewhere. He makes his way towards the vault, it was the reason why he was here. It was a huge stroke of luck that the guy went into the one place where Hiro and Amani already were. Hiei sighs a little and realizes what he's got to do. It was time to take one for the team. He gets as close to the vault as he can before turning to a random male and says, "Hey, Punk. I heard you were sleeping with my girl. I'm gonna kick your ledger!" And he throws a punch right then. His plan? Create a diversion big enough that the KRD person here would have to come see what the ruckus is. This will give Hiro and Amani time to talk to the CFO guy unhindered.

Hiroyasu quietly stands over Amani's should letting her gather the information, his senses extending to their max, which was unfortunately not that great, outside of the vault he can tell that Hiei and Ogosokamaru are there but nothing further, their time was drawing close to end, but he couldn't just go and talk to him and raise suspicion or have him act defensively. He almost speaks then realizes it might overwhelm Amani so he continues to monitor the chakra's.

Amani is managing to capture the conversation as it's being spoken, though she is frustrated at some points. Politics is not her strong suit neither is economics or a lot of those other things that grown friggin' people have to know about, but she listens anyway because it's important and retains it all in memory to repeat back later.
When noise starts popping up from elsewhere, she notes that one voice is familiar and from the sound of things, they were getting help. Looks like now would be as good a time as ever to get going, but she waits up until she's certain that KRD agent moves away and figures out what the heck is going on. She'd then make her move silently to try and get to the CFO and talk with him along with Hiroyasu.

The random kid that was just standing there gasps as Hiei moves to hit him. The poor kid was large for his age, but he was otherwise just a young boy. In other words, he was a student that looked like he should be a Genin. Even though the kid was taken aback, his size at least helped him take the punch with dignity. He didn't fall, but he does cry. "What are you talking about?" He cries. The old kunoichi is there almost instantaneously. For someone so old and decrepit, she sure can move quickly when the quiet and peace of the library is threatened. The old lady pulls out a ruler and tries to bring it down across Hiei's knuckles. "Stop that young man…"
A few people look up as Hiei attacks the boy. Some are staring just to see a fight, some are annoyed that their silence has been broken, but one…one is staring with a brow raised. Maybe, just maybe…that is the KRD guy? He looks old enough, and he is a shinobi. He is reading a novel on gardening.
The old man senses something else is going on outside too. He starts for the vault door and knocks on it. It is then that Amani starts to approach him…or is she approaching the locked door to the vault. "Konnichiwa," he says and bangs on the door, "I'm ready to get out…" Kashikoi looks to Amani, "Um, Can I help you? Are you ready to get out too?" He seems quite nervous with Amani siddling on up to him like that.

The old lady does succeed in hitting the back of Hiei's knuckles. Or rather, the knuckles of his after-image. Hiei is now standing behind the elder gentleman reading the book on gardening. He looks over his shoulder for a minute before he says in a low voice. "The KRD files." And then with a maniacal laugh, he blazes for the front door. Hopefully, the poor bastard follows him, if not, well Hiei was pretty much going to get kicked out of the library anyways. He'd catch up with Hiro and Amani later on so he can find out what they discovered in the vault.

Hiroyasu makes a quick seal, an advanced clone takes his place continuing to appear to be reading something.. It's just repeating the actions of moving it's head and pretending to flip a page. Distraction in place, he ducks down the aisles to the tax section, he didn't know which scroll to pull as his source of that information is engaged with the source. He speed reads how the the records were sitting on the shelf, he had to have been sloppy being so jittery… ~Bingo~ he finds a scroll which is ear marked by being shoved into the shelf, he pulls it and begins to read it putting the information into perspective.

"Need help? No, not really. I just thought that I'd greet you and ask you if you were well," Amani bowed to the man out of respect. While still bowed, she said, "I hope that today is finding you well as it's found me," she rose from her bow. "I didn't mean to scare you. I study medicine, what do you do?" She inquired of Kashikoi while he was still in here. She figured she could strike up a conversation with the guy. "Whatever it is that you do, it looks like it gets some real nice clothes," she chuckled.
Hiei has disconnected.

The man behind Hiei grumbles something inaudible as Hiei states the KRD files. It could be that the KRD man is about ready to bust Hiei to pieces once they are alone, or it could be the KRD calling for backup somehow, or it could just be a concerned individual wanting peace. Either way, the old kunoichi looks like she is about ready to burst a blood vessel, "Get out or the KRD will remove you." She doesn't know Hiei it seems. She then hears the banging of the vault door and grunts. "Can one of you strong shinobi get this paperback out of here." She turns and heads for the vault, unlocking it. "Sorry dear. You all set?" She stares at Amani for a moment, "Oh, eh…you and Hiroyasu-san done too? Time's up," she calls out pleasantly, well…in front of Kashikoi at least.
A minute before the vault is opened - Kashikoi eyes Amani, "Ah, I see. Yes, lovely day. I work for the Raikage's Office. It doesn't pay well, but my previous occupations did." He doesn't go into what those were. For someone saying it is a lovely day, his eyes don't seem to show it. He looks tired, scared, nervous…all the signs of someone working too hard under duress. The vault opens and Kashikoi says to Amani, "Bye." He doesn't say anything to the old kunoichi, but tries to fly out of there as if he thought Amani were going to try and hurt him.
Hiroyasu meanwhile finds not only the scroll, but also the passage that was erased and changed. It is a tax document for the KRD. Numbers are changed showing overall income levels having been higher, or maybe lower, than they were. Either way, it works to the KRD's advantage. They might be stealing ryo. The old kunoichi calls for Hiroyasu then.

Hiroyasu reshelves the report properly, "Coming!" he responds to the old lady, circling around to where the clone was holding his spot, so that he seemed to be where he was supposed to be. He grabs the ramen ticket and makes his way to the old Kunoichi "This was what, I needed." showing her the ticket he had made, since she had to checked everything for her ridiculous log. "It was indeed wrong, he transposed a number almost a 30 ryo error!" he says with a shake of his head and adjustment of his glasses, somewhere between the rows is a small puff of smoke as his clone disappears while he talks with her. "Thank you, this really saved our team from a verbal lashing." he rubs the back of his head.

Amani still had her nejigan activated, though there's no telling if that was picked up by Kashikoi or not, but the way his voice sounded clearly betrayed the emotions that she saw on his face. Her hearing with her eyes activated picked up on that, at least. Looks like not everyone in the administration is a sympathizer. This may be able to work in their favor soon enough.
She deactivated her nejigan and walked out of the vault as she was told her time was up by the old woman. Prior to leaving, she went and retrieved the medical records she wasn't able to read up on before and came back with them under her arms. She intended to look into these. She still had her own work to do, after all.

The old kunoichi takes out her pad once Kashikoi has gone out of hearing range and nods to Hiroyasu and Amani. Kashikoi heads right for his companions and eagerly makes his way out to the carriage. The librarian asks, "Okay, so what scrolls did you touch and what did you change?" Hiroyasu explains this and she marks it all down. Amani would have to go through the same proceedings, but she is stopped by one of Kashikoi's aids. It is one of Kashikoi's companions. He bows to the old Kunoichi and says, "My master gives his apologies. He did not have time to sit and talk today. He gave me this note to give to you instead." She takes it, reads it, and blushes. "Tell your master thank you." And that is all from the old couple. The old kunoichi forgets what she was doing and waves Hiroyasu and Amani off so that she can go reread the note a few times. They are left to do what they want. Meanwhile, as Hiroyasu and Amani head out of the vault, a woman with a child stands and walks out ominously.

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