Kumo Daimyo Plot - On The Run


Hel (emitter), Amani, Hiei, Hiroyasu

Date: July 15, 2013


Hiro and Hiei attempt to move their client Kashikoi to a different safehouse to keep him out of the hands of the KRD. With help from Amani, they find an abandoned factory that turns out to not be so abandoned.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - On The Run"

Kumogakure Industrial District

The road to getting back into the village with Kashikoi was not easy. Luckily there were three shinobi (with Kayaru) that could help distract, know all the back-alley passages to remain out of the public eye, and know the closest hiding spots when the KRD come around. The team manages to smuggle Kashikoi to a temporary hiding spot, where he stayed for a few days, but between the Yakuza and the KRD tails, the team will need to keep moving him or Kashikoi will get caught. Kashikoi sits at a bare table with a few scraps of food in front of him. He hasn't had visitors for fear of tails finding him, so he's a little on edge, waiting for Hiroyasu and Hiei's return.

As Hiei approaches the safehouse with Hiroyasu, he is careful, very careful not to attract too much attention as he moves through the streets and alleys, doubling back and then doubling back again before finally going to his intended destination. His run in with the Faceless has made him way more careful than normal. "Hiro, any chance that we're being followed?" He asks the sensory ninja. If Hiei couldn't see it with his eyes, he just plain couldn't see it.

Hiroyasu in tow, Hiei had point with him slightly trailing behind him, he was executing the circumlocutional approach vector but with so many boring turns and doubling back. Hiei must has been particularly nervous or cautious. His hood covering his face might conceal the smirk on his face, he was day-dreaming while they walked about something that made him happy. He snaps back into it when they stop for ~directions~ "Oh, let me see" wha-na-na-na-na, if it had a sound to other sensors, his mind is focused to a razor's edge and he peers out into the darkness of his mind. "It's a little cloudy today, but I think we won't see any rain." he says hoping that Hiei got the veiled reference.

The meatballs must be brewing up in the clouds still…because for now it is quiet. The safehouse is ahead and there is a set of loose boards that Hiei and Hiroyasu can peel back to get into the building (better than not having to go through a public door). The alley is dark and quiet, and inside, it looks to be the same.

Hiei nods at Hiroyasu's veiled reference. "Understood. But should it start raining, I'll need to know about it." He pats him on the shoulder before removing the boards and then slipping into the darkness. It was time to move Kashikoi again and the building they had in mind hasn't been used in Kumo in years. The old man would be safe there. As long as he continued to keep his head down and not tell anyone where he was. He calls out softly once he gets inside. "Kashikoi-san? It's me. How are you holding up?"

Hiroyasu looks up at the sky "I think if it started raining, you'd hear the thunder before you saw it" before nodding and following Hiei through the inconspicuous door, "I really think we should give him a pseudo identity. It might come in handy" he whispers at Hiei leaning in while they wait for an answer. Now that they were in the smaller building the noise from the outside was less pungent to his senses, he draws that mental blade from it's sheath, which is mind focused again he attempts to sweep the now smaller area for anything unusual. He once again finds nothing out of the ordinary, he contemplates reporting but feels they should be forthcoming with each more "I've done a sweep of the interior, nothing unusual to my Eyes" , my eyes, It had been awhile and he hopes Hiei remembers what that means.. they really to get back to practicing together.

Kashikoi's eyes can be seen through a slit in the boards making up the safehouse's walls. The old man says in a whisper, "Oh, thank you for finally coming. Do you have more food? I'm starving. I know I wasn't safe at my mountain retreat, but at least I had food." He sighs quietly. "Forget how I'm holding up though, how are you guys holding up? Any closer to stopping the Faceless corruption? Is it safe for me to come out now?"

Hiei takes off his backpack and hands it over. It's got provisions in it such as food. He nods towards Hiro. "Good idea. You come up with one and we'll use it." He turns to Kashikoi and shakes his head. "Sorry. You're going to have to be patient with us a little while longer. After you get a little food in you, we're going to move you to another location. It'll be safer that way."

Hiroyasu retorts "Really he is the one that will need to live with it for awhile. It should be something he'll respond too.", the faceless; a new threat in the already long list they have piling up against them "I made most it of myself" his contribution to the effort beyond his walking chakra detector status , and his heal me that hurt status.. or capture that with one of those seal thingie status.. sigh. "We need to move soon, while the area appears clear. Don't rush but don't dally" he says looking around the room curiously.

Kashikoi is happy to see the backpack. He takes out an onigiri and bites into it. He finishes it quickly and then says, "I can save the rest for later…that will at least stop my stomach from grumbling as we walked around." Kashikoi puts up a hood and nods. "Okay, show me the way, let's go." The way to the next safe-house isn't all that far from the current location really. You've scouted it before and it looks clear, but…it won't be (foreshadowing).

Hiei nods and leads Kashikoi out the way they came in so no one is seen leaving by the front door. "Have faith, Kashikoi-san. This will all be over soon." He peeks outside before actually walking out. "I'll take point with our package between us as you bring up the rear, Hiro. Let me know if anything is out of the ordinary. I don't want to take any chances." It wasn't like Hiei to not want to take chances, but it seems like he was taking this situation very seriously. He takes his time, making sure the path is clear before him before moving through the streets and back alleys towards their destination.

Hiroyasu was strangely the opposite, usually he is having to pull twice the load of actually thinking critically and acting with enough caution for his own team of barbarians, this being responsible for himself thing was a pleasant thing. "I will be sure to let you know about any changes in the weather." he looks at Kashikoi "We still need something natural to call you, which isn't so easily unidentifable or plastered on Kuza den with a black bounty" he snides before moving into his position as rear-guard, or casual interloper depending you observation of them in the street. He follows at a safe distance, keeping an eye on his part of the sky.

Kashikoi. That was a familiar individual. She'd know him anywhere, considering she saw him face to face. Though, this place is not what she was thinking of. "A slum? How terrible," she muttered to herself. Oh well. Better than nothing. If someone was to jump her, she can't be say she'd be too nice about it, even if it wasn't intentional. Around here, something of that nature is just begging to be attacked. She'd arrive at the place that was described to her with eyes activated to ensure she could catch everything.
You beep Amani!

Kashikoi grumbles and shakes his head, "How about just Dad? I never did have kids…but I'm thinking now that was a bad idea. It would have been nice to have support now through all of this. Other than you guys of course." He ahems and shuts up. The trip to the next safe-house isn't that far, so the trek should be fast…only with the back-tracking and circling, and staying to the shadows, it probably isn't. They get there though eventually, and sure enough Amani is waiting outside. The slums are empty, even to a trained Eye. There is a broken window that the team can crawl through to get inside. Once inside, they'd find a big open space with a bar against the far wall…probably a good place to hide behind.

Once they arrive at the safe-house, Hiei smiles when he spots their contact. "Hey, Amani." It's then back to business. "Hiro, this place was clean when I scouted it out a couple days ago, but if you wouldn't mind, could you take a look inside, please?" He peeks in through the window and then moves to open it before vaulting inside to take a closer look around. He tries his best to do it quietly.

When they arrive at the location, so a does that smirk to his lips again. "Tsukikage" he greets her casually before looking over at Hiei with a nod "You really need to develop some combat awareness. I am a poor substitute for sharp eyes. Anything lower than Genin rank chakra is practically indistinguishable from the noise that stronger local sources create" Hiroyasu glances at Hiei and Amani when he says that. He really need to train with a professional, his accuracy and resolution need serious tuning. "Seems clear" he says having just explained his own limitations to them. He crawls through the window offering out a hand to help the next person, "Keep an eye out" he whispers to them.

Amani salutes Hiro silently, offering him a smile in return to his greeting. When it was mentioned that the area was clear, she hopped up and made her way towards the window to get help inside. "How have things been going so far?" She inquired of the group. Hopefully well. They needed this to happen in their favor. Kumogakure was a mess as it is now.

The coast is clear…they enter the establishment and suddenly the world errupts around them. They all die! Or not. It really is quiet in here. The room is wide open except for the bar. Once inside, they have a little bit of time to check their surroundings when voices start echoing in the back alley from outside. The voices seem to be coming towards the safe-house.

Hiei replies to Amani. "Eh. It'd be better if we didn't have to keep moving.." He pauses. "Dad..every couple of days. But I have high hopes for this place. Nobody uses it anymore, I'm told." He looks at Hiroyasu. "Suck it up, son. Use what you got." He abruptly stops talking as he hears the voices. He whispers. "Did you hear that? Dad..find a shady spot." He points towards the bar, indicating for the old man to hide behind there.

Hiroyasu helps those who need it through the window, "If you don't learn better situational awareness the faceless will get you when i am not around.. " in response to being told to deal with it. He can hear the voices echoing off the walls in the alley, "Hiei help me, we can stash him on the ceiling" he looks at amani with pleading eyes if they were lugging around a full-grown adult he would take her instead since he knows she is incapable. "Tsukikage, hide behind the bar. 1 person will harder to notice" he looks to Hiei then to Kashikoi "Alright, dad hold on" he looks at Hiei "You ready Yotsuki-san?" placing and arm around the old man preparing to be spider-goat.

"Noted," Amani stated to Hiei. "…Dad?" What was this dad thing going on? She peered at Kashikoi. He was the only one that could be called 'dad' here. No other name could be used? "Hm. Looks like there are others around…" She prepares to use her jutsu, but first she needs to focus and concentrate. A glance to Hiroyasu let her know of her concerns, but she sighed softly and reassuredly. It'd be alright. "Hiding behind the bar," she repeated while making her way ovr.

Kashikoi has already been helped out a window, stayed in a small cramped space for days, and now has to get held up on top of the rafters….but he takes it all in stride and doesn't complain any. He even holds up his hands to get taken. Up they go into the rafters, except for Amani. The only question is, will the voices outside pass or will they come in? No dice. They come in. There is a door, with a lock, and apparently the band of people who are coming in have a key. When they enter, the people are talking about gambling. Apparently they are coming here to setup for some sort of card game. Alcohol and women are involved too…and it seems like both can be sold during the game. This is a Yakuza game. They are in the middle of the lion's den. So far, no one has headed on the inside of the bar, leaving Amani safe for now…but there are plenty of people on the other side of the bar using it to put alcohol (and women) on top of the bar.

Hiei stands on the ceiling with Hiroyasu holding Kashikoi between them. He frowns. Yakuza. He looks at Hiroyasu. "Any bright ideas, Katayama-san?" Hiei draws a kunai with his off hand, holding it in reserve should they need to run and gun.

Hiroyasu cuts across his neck with his free hand as Hiei blurts out words, he looks to the side and makes a note to never take a Yotsuki on a tactical stealth adventure again, maybe kanbei might be available.. wait.. what was he thinking.. He puts his finger to his lips then places two fingers at his eyes pointing down at them, and then cupping a hand at his ear and pointing two fingers down before giving him a pejorative sign. In short, ~Don't talk, look and listen.. idiot~ He glances over at bar his worry crosses his face before he does as he instructed his teammate to do.

Amani could hear the noise of the bar overhead as she listened in. This place was for Yakuza, hm? She felt the overwhelming urge to lash out against them, considering what they did back in Kumo. That was something that could never be forgiven. Unfortunately, this isn't the time to satisfy her vendetta. There's three of them plus Dad to keep safe. With Hiei having spoken aloud, she thinks to do something quickly before the Yakuza manage to catch on. So, she uses sound mimic and voice throw in tandem to replicate Hiei's and Hiroyasu's voices. She directed the jutsu so that they'd seem as if they were outside the building, speaking with one another. She tosses in a few mocking remarks on the part of Hiei. It just seemed fitting. Whatever happens, she has her bow ready to do some damage.

"What's was that?" a voice amongst the crowd bellows, there is a stirring amongst them as it gets quiet really quiet. Her quick thinking and sonic manipulation sends a mimicry outside, "Just some punk kids outside, Come on, let's get this game going" one of the derides, Several begin to lay out the making's of the illicit gambling entertainment, others are entertaining themselves on the top of the bar with their female property, flirting, talking, drinking poorly at that as it spills on the bar leaks off the side.

Hiei shakes his head at Hiroyasu before shoving the hold man into his arms. Typical Hiro, wants to sit back and wait and watch. Hiei had a plan and he was going to use it. Walking towards the group, while still on the ceiling that is, he makes a short handseal. "Transformation Jutsu." He Henges into the Faceless that he fought two nights ago at the monastery. He turns to look back at Hiroyasu, lifting one finger before he drops from the ceiling into the crowd of Yakuza. Landing in a crouch, he speaks. "Ladies and Gentlemen. My apologies. You'll have to move this party elsewhere. We have need of this building tonight."

Hiroyasu is shoved the heavy old man, he clutches him with a soft grunt. He looks around there has to be a large rafter or something that he can safely put ~dad~. Typical Hiei just charge into battle with the first idea he had, it's no wonder no information was ever shared between its hard to shout it too the barbarian leading a fool hearty charge and not that it mattered cause any plan was not a plan at that point. He moves slowly at a limp like speed holding on to Kashikoi with all his strength as he finds a thick and heavy rafter for him to hug. He looks at him and places a finger over his lip before moving off in case they spotted him he wouldn't compromise the payload's location.

Amani facepalmed herself lightly. Well, guess that's the end of that…sort of. Maybe things don't have to be so bad. She readied her bow to fire at the door to the building, but was only momentarily distracted by the drink spilling over the counter top. If that's how sloppy it's going to be now, she doesn't want to stick around here to know what will come of it. She thinks she already has an idea…
So, she draws her bow and aims it at the door, utilizing the sound readings of the building to see if she could strike the door and get a decent vibration out of it. No need to feel so secure around here…

There is another break in the Ruckus as a disguised Kumo-nin descends from the roof, "Hey old man, you don't own us. We don't owe you nothing!" one of them throws an empty bottle at disguised shinobi it breaks on the floor due to poor aim. "Yeah get out! ", "The boss ain't said nothing bout no ninja needing our safe-house", "Hey, he isn't the usual guy!", "Yeah, What's the code word gramps?", then there is two loud thuds against the door, "Hey, go see who that is." one of them says to the guys on the bar, "Can't you see I'm busy here?" he retorts before a stare ensues. "Alright, alright.. But you owe me a round" he snorts waking over to the door and about half of others at the bar follow, it seems they were expecting trouble. "Yeah who is?" he says at the door, ~no answer~, "Are you stupid? I said who is out there?" he says again moving to the handle.

Well the jig was up. Time to rock and roll. There is a puff of smoke as Hiei drops the disguise while drawing his weapons. "Nope, not the usual guy at all. But I really was serious you guys leaving. Gramps." Hiei's swords glow with chakra before he begins striking out towards anyone within range. Man or woman.

Hiroyasu is watching from the roof, it's kind of like watching a game as the pieces below him move their moves and make their stands, there is a smile as he watches amani launch two arrows at the door, she had been practicing.. then he frowns.. without him.. He glances around the room was large enough, it didn't have any load bearing columns to get in the way. He leaps from the ceiling making the hand-seals as he flips landing on his feet the ground quivers beneath him and rumbles as Stone columns begin jutting up out of the ground in rapid fashion sparring no enemy as the angry stone porcupine rages at them. "Ninjustsu: Mutliple Rising Stone Columns!" he says and they pulse going for body shots.

Amani sidles along the bar to find a place where she might be able to snipe people in moderate peace. Drawing back her arrow, she takes note of the five Yazuka in the room and aims for one of the two attacking Hiei. She'd like to have this battle be one of ease, not difficulty.

The group at the door charge out expecting reinforcements outside, The Yakuza watching the old man were already reaching for their weapons, swords and steel shine as they are thrown from their sheath. The Yotsuki charges in them, there is a flash of blue as he catches a few of them by surprise sending them into a spiral of blood and curses "You'll pay you little punk" they curse at him as others surrounding the young ninja dodge his furious slashes. About then the flow begins to rumble and stone columns begin to shoot upwards, the group fighting the yotsuki already in the fray and avoids them as the shoot up. The second group covering the young ninja is not so lucky, many are struck and struck hard in the chest the sound of broke breaking against stone, several who fall prey do not get back up. The third group solidering up the rear sees what happens and scatter only to find a hail of humming arrows coming their way from the opposite direction. "They bought a Kunoichi.. she's not bad either.." one of the those avoiding arrows chides with a perverse grin.
The first group bares their steely teeth against the yotsuki sending a clash of steel as the five yakuza gang up and strike at him in a chaotic whir of blades and rage. Meaning the group stuck by the columns help their comrades to their feet and charge at Hiro, swinging swords and curses his way. Amani is nestled behind the bar with some distance between her and her group of 5 miscreants, they pick up glass bottles, full and empty, anything they can and hurl them at her trying to get a solid blow.

Hiei's swords flash as the sound of metal against metal rings out in the room. He's surrounded by ten guys right now, and even though Amani's arrows fly past him, his body moves automatically to dodge any that get too close. He parries one attack while blocking another one coming towards his back by raising the short sword behind him. He goes into a series of acrobatic aerial flips designed to both dodge incoming attacks and confuse his opponents. Love him or hate him, Hiei's movements are like poetry in motion, no movement is wasted. His dual sword style is much like a dance as he moves in and around other people while attacking and defending. He doesn't talk anymore, there are no witty jabs or smart alec comments. He plants his foot and his body blurs from sight as he bounces from one yakuza to another while striking out at high speed.

Hiroyasu watches as the five yakuza charge at him, individually they were no better than a villager but their numbers far than more made of up their skill. The 5 separate shards of steel piece through the young genin, there is a moment of doubt followed by ~Boompfh~ a wisp of white smoke. This is where he wanted to say something clever but he couldn't find the words with his rage, he hated the yakuza, for what they did to that innocent woman in his apartment. He leaps out from where he was hiding having hand-sealed and the swirl of rock and stone around his fist told the purpose. "Ninjutsu: Hollow Earth Bullet" and he begins a rapid fire volley spraying stone shards into his attacks.

The battle was getting heated in here, but with free range, Amani felt that she could go agead and make all the motions to attack these Yakuza. They don't deserve to lie, right? Then again, dying is a gift. Suffering seems like a much more viable option. In response to their throwing of bottles, she returns sound to repel them away. She then starts back where she left off and fired off two arrows to attack the goons seeking her out.

The group of Yakuza fighting with Hiei, parry his slashes sometimes with two of more swords defending against his attacks as they seem to fight as a cohesive unit against him. Their individual weakness made up for their group strength. "Ahh, did you mommy teach you swordplay like that, I got a sword for her" the loud one of the group chortles taunting the young fighter. In the middle of the room, the Yakuza fighting Hiroyasu celebrating running him through "Well that was easy.." then he disappears into a puff of smoke, "Stupid, shinobi tricks!" they snarl as a rain of stone slicing into them many of them feeling the warm sting as shards of rock riddle through them sending some to their knee's then over on the floor in a pool of blood which flows like a flood from the dozens of holes. "You! Punk! Nobody GETS AWAY WITH THAT! WE THE YAKUZA DON'T YOU KNOW, WE WORK FOR YOUR BOSSES." His anger let that slip before the other one adds "Hey these are those rogues.. they one with the price on their heads!" he shouts, seems the KRD has stacked the deck against them. Finally back at the bar, the final grouping is hurling anything that isn't nailed down, yet right before it gets to her a loud snap or bang and everything just shatters or splinters. "She's definitely worth the price! Can we Keep her?" one of shouts back to the ones fighting Hiei before he catches an arrow in throat and falls over.
There isn't much fanfare as they continue to flash steel against the young shinobi. "Kill them, you get the same pay" they shout back to the group at the bar, the two left standing while not as strong as before were powered by rage and lash out at Hiroyasu with wild and aggressive slashes. The group at the bar now one less loud mouth charges over the bar with swords in front of them trying to skewer her.

Hiei pauses to look at the man who was talking about giving his mother a sword. As a result his attack cuts his head completely off his shoulders…and then his body goes *poof* in a puff of smoke. Standing upside down on a low hanging rafter, his fist is thrust downwards while crackling with lightning. He smirks faintly. "Up here. I'm about to do your mother a favor, and make you not her problem anymore. Lightning Shotgun!" Point blank to the face. "The girl goes nowhere. If anyone touches her, I swear you'll never touch a woman again. Because you'll have no hands." Who knew Hiei felt so strongly about Amani.

Hiroyasu sneers at his boast about being contracted out by ~his~ boss, "I will never! never! work for them. I serve my country, and I serve my village!" he snarls, he hated them, if he had the power all Yazuka the world over would drop dead in the goriest of fashions. He has no such power so he makes do with his more limited range, he begins making a long and complex chain of hand-seals as he sidesteps the two wild apes throwing poorly swung swords at him.. "Ninjutsu: Multiple Stone Columns!" he says and the floor begins to rumble again as begins to eject columns of stone not at one or two but all 3 of the groups the entire floor becoming a weapon of blunt destruction, the building itself shakes slightly from the foundation quivering.. suddenly.. "it should hold.." he hopes.

Amani had to question the type of person that leapt over counters. Far be it from her to consider them stupid, just terribly thuggish. She sent out a booming sound to take care of the literal counter attack and send the guy back. She then focused on unleashing arrows against them to prevent them from attacking any further. She felt herself growing tired under the circumstances and wanted to be done with this mission. Besides, it only managed to show how unskilled she e

The group fighting Hiei, the strongest one apparently, thought they had struck him down but he turns the tables on them, several didn't expect an attack of that magnitude and their defense of trying to block it with their swords is ineffective sending them into quiver as they literally bake in their own flesh and fall over 2 down, the 3 remaining managed to step out of the way or find themselves only caught by glancing blow. All this dodging and moving and they avoid the rise of the angry columns. The surviors fighting Hiroyasu are not as lucky, in fact they are extremely unlucky as they slammed repeatedly by multiple columns before being flung into the wall a mess of broken limbs and completely shattered and flatted chests, it was not a pretty sight. The group at the bar charges at the young kunoichi only to find her to reject their advances with a solid wave of sound pushing them back over the bar, landing in various states they are easily pounded by the rising stone columns sending 2 of them into death rattle as foam curdles from their lips, the 2 that remain are more furious than ever. "Shut kid! I will carve all their names into her! You will pay, you Kunoichi Witch!!" he snarls.
Their numbers reduced to half, the group fighting Hiei have not seemed to lost any will, they charge him making slash after slash switching between the 3 that remain. At the bar, the two that remain including the one who is raging charges at Amani again, he would taste her blood!

Hiei snarls. "It's time for you all to die." He makes a quick hand seal. "Release: Lightning Aura." His body is surrounded by a bright blue aura infused with lightning. As they use their swords to strike him down, it appears they might have done just that, however their blades pass completely through him. Hiei waited until the last possible moment before dodging, leaving an afterimage in his wake. Hiei descends from the ceiling yet again, only this time his blade is crackling with lightning. "Like I said before. The girl is off limits. You'll have to go through me to get to her." His eyes flicker over to Amani briefly before he looks back at the crowd.

Hiroyasu finished off his group, it seems they weren't as good or as lucky as the others, he looks over at Hiei who looks like he is about to get serious and lay into them.. not to mention he would probably complain if someone interfered.. Turns his attention to the small group growing ever smaller as her arrows pick them off. He didn't need to defend because she was more than capable of it herself and doing him proud.. however he wanted to help her put an end to the loudmouth making threats. He makes a few seals and stomps the ground the sudden scatter of rock and gravel swirl around his fists. He points his fingers at them and begins assaulting them with a rain of rocky shards.

Strange. Kunoichi witch sounded like a compliment. Amani smirked in response to the 'insult', though it quickly disappeared. The fight was still going, after all. They wouldn't be given the grace of seeing her smile for long. They needed to know their deaths were certain. Drawing back on her bow, she aimed her arrow right between the eyes of her attacker turned prey. He has just met the huntress.

Again, and again their swords their swords strike at empty air, Hiei was proving too quick in his juiced up state, when he struck from the ceiling it was like flying guillotine two of the Yakuza swordsmen stand their ground, The sudden sound of metal versus metal, then the clink-clink as two shards of broken steel separate along with the two heads behind them as the Yotsuki's Lightning Charged sword sends them rolling into a heap. The last man standing grips his sword pensively, his teeth grit. "I will send you to an early grave. You can't keep up all these Shinobi tricks for long!" he boasts, Charging at Hiei his sword gleaming in the light matching the fury and hatred in his eyes, it was to be the final blow that one last strike which finally decides who will is sharpest.
Meaning, at the bar of debauchery! The two remaining are charging back over the bar determined to carve their fate into her deserving flesh. However they are denied again by a sudden shockwave of sound which send them reeling backwards into a barrage of rocky shards. The quiet one caught in the air is riddled through the back until the rocky shards burst from his chest and he hits the ground with a soppy thud. The loud one, oh yes he, found himself in an unusual position flying backwards from the wall of sound, an arrow launched from his front, a shard of stone from his back, they meet in the middle of skull with a light kiss of their jagged edges. There is no rattle for him, his world goes dark, the last thing he saw was looking down the shaft of her arrow as it pierced his skull without mercy.

Hiei states confidently. "You can't defeat me. But I understand your position." He runs towards him as well. His katana drags the ground beside him, creating sparks on the floor as he runs. When the yakuza strikes, it seems like his sword goes through his body again as Hiei runs past him. He plants his foot and then swings both swords towards the yakuza's upper body. "..but don't lose your head over it.." He spins the swords around his body in a dazzling display of speed and control. Of course, he's also showing off a bit, too, before striking a pose. He looks over at Amani and then Hiroyasu. "This was fun." He comments with a genuine smile.

Hiroyasu looks around "But not needed, could have just waited for the right moment and escaped. Without making enough noise to alarm everyone in the district." he frowns shaking his head at Hiei before moving over to Amani "You were spectacular, my Huntress." he says giving her a hug before planting a deep passionate kiss on her. He couldn't help it really, all the excitement of a proper battle, the thrill of victory and the fire in his young heart consumed him for a moment.

Amani had to admit, this fight was pretty fun despite the close calls she had along the way. ''Was I really that spectacular? It certainly felt that way…'' She smiled, though it gave way to longing as she led herself into Hiro's embrace and presented herself as a prize to him. The kiss they shared satisfied the burning lust to hunt, to kill. It replaced the urges with calm and serenity. Feeding those emotions would have eaten away at her and she'd have never been able to enjoy thus tender moment between them. Those Yakuza couldn't take this away so easily. Though, it could be said that Hiro has a healing touch. ''I'm glad you thought this of me. I admit, I was growing tired…'' She explained after their lips separated.

Up from the rafters, his voice trembling like mewling cat, "Son?.. Can you get me down.. now.. please?" he pleads hugging the rafter where he was left, the floor was coated in a layers of blood, debris, broken stone, and broken bodies. In the corner, the women who were the objects of their attention quietly sob and wail. "Don't kill us.. they told us they would hurt our families if we didn't do what they said.. please have mercy.. we didn't see anything.. we promise.. please don't kill us.. Please Kamen Rai Da" they must have heard that from their handlers, and didn't understand it to know it was not the right word, these were different ninja than those mentioned.
Outside, the sounds of bells and gongs sounding, it sounds like the entire district is converging on the factory from villager to yakuza elite would be here soon.

Hiei comments. "That's the great thing about taijutsu. Doesn't tire me out nearly as fast as ninjutsu. I can still go more than a few rounds yet." He sheathes his swords and sighs while watching Amani and Hiroyasu kiss. He wishes Misaki was here. She'd have enjoyed the fight and they would have made out like animals afterwards. Bloodshed always got her frisky. He looks over at the women. "Go. Tell your families that Goatman, Huntress, and Shiro no Inazuma saved you, not the KRD." He looks up and chuckles before walking up the wall to retrieve Kashikoi. Bringing him back down from the rafters, Hiei grins. "Now, the place isn't being used anymore. Might need a cleaning though.." He idly scratches the back of his head as he looks at all the dead bodies.

Hiroyasu reluctantly break the kiss, when Hiei assigns them names for which his was the most obscure, "You know they might confuse me with The Goat.. besmirching my good name" he mutters before putting an around her shoulder "Oh course, you were there for us and even tried and successfully distract an entire squad." He looks at Hiei "We can't stay, this safe-house is no longer safe. If we are lucky they will think it was a gambling fight gone wrong.. or at least the faceless will cover it up for us." he pauses "Come on dad, we need to get you ~home~" which is actually just the next safe house in the rotation it might have been a little earlier than planned but it was preferable.

"Well, I wouldn't say that I was all that tired. Granted, ninjutsu does have a way of draining you. I find that I'm not as prepared or skilled as I'd like to be, but I have plans of changing that in the future. To your credit, Hiei, taijutsu is a bit easier to use. Adaptation will be my difficulty, since I'm so used to a certain way," Amani explained with some agreement. "Huntress, hm?" She chuckled. "I see we have some cleanup to do here…or we can leave it to someone else. Dad?" She spoke the name with some difficulty. It didn't roll off the tongue easily as she knows Kashikoi isn't her relative. "Yeah…we should get moving. Can't keep you here. Too dangerous. Let's move out before more problems arise."

Mission Complete

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