Kumo Daimyo Plot - Taming the Beast


Ogosokamaru, Misaki

Date: Unknown (log received June 27, 2013)


In an attempt to keep her from being deemed a heartless weapon (and before she becomes one anyway), Ogosokamaru works with Misaki to control what she has in store since she seems a focal point in this scenario with the KRD and everything else going on.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Taming the Beast"

Somewhere in the Land of Lightning Mountain ranges, in a relatively lush valley

It's as if Ogo had known something like this was going to happen. In the mountain range to the north of Kumogakure, there was a place Ogo would have led them to get to some sort of safe haven he had (or someone else had a long time ago) dug out of the side of the mountain. But the catch was, there was a huge boulder just inside the cleft that when lifted would reveal a hidden cave behind. Air was flowing through, as well as water from an underground spring that flowed out, the water pressure pulling air down with it, and causing the influx of new air through natural shafts in cracks in the rock above, making this place a very nice habitable spot to hide away for quiet some time. A small network of cave systems large enough for people to climb through comfortably was present. Once there in the near-pitch black conditions with a torch of several Ogo had stashed, along with a few weapons and a small scroll that was more than likely holding dry foodstuffs, and a table with an oil lamp and a few bedrolls in a neighboring chamber that was definately dug out at a later time, due to the squared dimensions.
After arrival and a dimly lit supper along with a short(?) rest, which could have been longer due to the lack of sunlight and time not existing down here for the most part. The long journey there took several hours, including twists and turns, stops and backtracking, hiding their tracks and finally finishing the journey at that entrance boulder that only the strongest could really lift, and noone would expect a genin to lift it, added with the tunnels that led to carefully hidden exits at the surface and the final river escape if worse came to worse.
But, the morning Ogo asked Hiei and Hiroyasu to stay, and he brought Misaki out to the small, lush valley between two goliath mountains that were capped with snow, threatening to avalanch down into the relatively hot and muggy valley at a moment's notice. There, in the large-animal dwelling, dense forest, Ogo stands in a small clearing with Misaki, being overly enigmatically silent, looking at her where he sat her down (either forcibly or coaxingly, or maybe she's resting from the second journey) silently, contemplatively.

Misaki was impressed, sensei actually made an effort. And this is ideal! She waddled along with Sensei through the cold mountains, wearing her travel cloak to keep somewhat warm in the cold snow. "It's cold up here sensei.." She says. Breating between her hands, creating a blue flame. She hovers it between her hands, sometimes Matatabi's fire affinity is very handy. "Howmuch longer?" She asks, her ears bright red and painful. Her fingers numb. The cold mountain air is cutting sharply into her lungs.

When they pause Misaki sits down on a slab stone, looking at Ogo. "Why all the trouble all of a sudden. Weren't you too 'busy' to care?" She was clearly still mad about him not showing up, at least subconsiously. Matatabi hushed her and her eyes turned more symphathetic. "Sorry.." She says. She knows Ogo probably knows she was tortured (not because he was there to hear her scream his name, but rather because she thinks Hiei told him.) Wait, what if he's in on it? With KRD? She quickly dismissed that thought. Her amber eyes following Ogo's movement closely. "I need a moment to catch my breath." She says.

It was a few minutes before Ogo spoke. He ignored her comment about being 'busy'. And he got straight to the point, deftly and almost abraisively.

"Do you know why they tortured you?" His voice faltered when he said that word. Like he could still hear her screaming. "..and I could have stopped it. I could have rushed in and killed you. Stopped the pain right then and there." That was the level that would have been needed for him to do anything about it?
Reasoning of why he chose this distant and secluded location? Reason he had the hideout so well hidden and under such of his own secrecy?
He waited now for her to respond, and in waiting he drops to his knees and takes up an almost meditative position. Hands on his thighs, toes curled up so the balls of his feet were on the ground beneath him, sitting on his heels, watching her for her retort.

While Misaki would normally have tons of retorts at the ready she keeps them to herself now. Or maybe she has none. "To see if I snap." She answers in a monotone way. She clearly wasn't happy about it, nor his solution. "Oh yea, you're not even - in - Kamen." She says at Ogo with an accusatory glare. "What do you know!" She crosses her arms. Yea, while normally they resort to hitting kids through books to avoid bruising, with Misaki they could go all out! She would heal up anyways…

"Come on, I'm ready." She says, still not sure what Ogo had in store for her.

"Are you?" He reaches into the back of his jacket, adjusting something for a moment, then from behind his back, he pulls out something white.. in the form of… a Hare.
He throws it on the ground in front of himself, it landing in a small cloud of dust from the dirt that was most of this little clearing. "What I said to Goat was true. That he'd be on that table if it was tried again." He stands up, and while picking up the mask and putting it back in it's place, he steps towards her, and holds up a finger, "First and foremost, you must learn to control your power, or you will have to learn to -be- controlled. Do you understand?" As if she would be able to register anything after he pulled out that mask. Yeah, he was there. The Hare was told to get out right before they started. They told him he wasn't even supposed to be 'down here' then, and he ought to be reported for it. He did try. Neither of them would have made it out of there alive if he had tried anything drastic.

Misaki widened her eyes at the mask. She looks between it and Ogo. "You…are?" She sighs. "I had a hunch.." She admits. "Though doesn't this mean that?" Even she knew this was treason. Just, treason to whom? She could understand the shifty loyalty to the elders. Heck, she would kill them if she got the chance. She chuckles when he repeats his threat. "Control?" She shakes her head. "Everyone keeps saying that." She looks at Ogo slowly. "I am as much in control as you. How would you respond if someone told you to control your soul?"

"I did that the day my father was murdered by my own brother and uncle. I had to learn how to turn that rage and hatred inward, bounce it back out again and focus it on what was more important. My own survival. Until I came to grips with the truth, I couldn't come back." His voice was raising into the military leader type he hadn't used since Hiei doubted himself, cut himself with his own words.
"Bring it out! I want to see you control the full extent of it!" And he stood there with his arms crossed, waiting defiantly, like he wanted her to prove him wrong, because it was easy to tell he didn't believe her one bit.

"I did that the day my father was murdered by my own brother and uncle. I had to learn how to turn that rage and hatred inward, bounce it back out again and focus it on what was more important. My own survival. Until I came to grips with the truth, I couldn't come back from that deep dark hole I was thrown into, dug into my own soul by my own flesh and blood." His voice was raising into the military leader type he hadn't used since Hiei doubted himself, cut himself with his own words.
"Bring it out! I want to see you control the full extent of it!" And he stood there with his arms crossed, waiting defiantly, like he wanted her to prove him wrong, because it was easy to tell he didn't believe her one bit.
You desert everyone you're leading or following.

Misaki looks at Ogo and shakes her head. "It's not like that." She explains. She lifts up her cloak and throws it off, followed by her shirt, which leaves her in her sports bra and a meshed shirt. She then focusses some chakra so Ogo can see her seal. "See this?" She says. "Nobody gets it.." She complains, pointing at it. "This is - not - a cage in which I keep a tiger with the power to destroy a village by farting." She says. "This is - me - …" She points at the seal. "This is us, us is me." She looks at Ogo. "I can as much control Matatabi as I can control myself. If I'm happy, he's happy. If I'm angry, he's angry." She looks at Ogo. "Get it?" She shakes her head. "I can't let it out… or show you the full extend of it."

Ogo walks up to her and leans down to look at the seal. It was a connection seal. Binding, but not to restrain. To mesh, to blend. "I had one on me much like that one, but it was different.
He grabs the collar of his jacket, and pulls it off with a flip of his arms towards the rear, and tosses it onto the ground nearby. Then, he unbuttons the vest that was underneath, and throws that to the side as well. The muscle shirt underneath is then pulled up to the back of his neck and around his shoulders. (She could imagine this is what Hiei would look like in six or seven years) He turns around, and goes to one knee. The very faint outline of an eight -layered- seal, with multiple keypoints on each layer, each layer inward getting more and more intricate and detailed, until in the center was the faint line of an inward spiked circle, with a single seal within it the kanji 'Slave'.
All of a sudden, it all darkens, coming into plain view long enough for her to see everything clearly, then he lets out his breath, as he had been holding it back to push something through to make that little effect happen, and he was breathing hard as he stands again and pulls his shirt down, starting to sweat even in this cold. Ogo turns around and looks down at her. "I was under someone else's control. To the point in one moment I almost killed Ei. I struck her with everything I couldn't hold back. Yours-" He reaches down and pokes her in the belly, "-is a pact. An agreement to share wisdom, emotion, and above all, power. You feed off one another, and each of you is stronger for it. The only key being, her physical manifestation is within yours, somewhere in your chakra, lies hers." He didn't know if Matatabi was a he or she. Being feline, feline was more feminine. Either way, that might detract from Ogo's explanation. "All you should have to do is ask, she give, and you recieve. All within the paramaters of the Pact seal." Then he shrugs.
"At least that's what I understand of it." So he could be wrong???

Misaki looks at Ogo, she isn't all that vexed by the display of muscle or the seal. Even though she bears one, it doesn't concern her much and thus his seal is somewhat downplayed. Nor is the singifcance of 'Ei' in this story lost. She didn't know Ogo had a relationship with her or anything, heck, she didn't even know who Ei is and she couldn't be bothered to ask!

"It's an agreement, but I still need to ask. And Matatabi sure as critter doesn't plan on going all out here! We both don't know the extend of its effects, but looking at the fact I slept for three days straight, it can't be good for my body!" Misaki says urgently! ~Exactly..~ Matatabi adds in her mind. "I-I'm not so sure if this is a good idea Sensei." She adds quickly.

She feels her chakra churn with Matatabi's. All that power, usually it's fine. He could hold back easily. As long as Misaki didn't lose herself in emotions. She even could withstand torture without releasing him, that road really doesn't work. Try killing Hiei, or Hiro, that will conjure up a reaction for sure! "I can do basic stuff, but it's a fraction of the power within me." She looks around her. "I could probably blow up this mountain.."

Ogo kneels down again, looking her square in the eyes. They have similiar colored eyes. Or at least both unique. Another quality they share. "This-" he reaches up to tap her in the chest, where her heart lies, "-is controlling this-" and he places the pad of his index and middle finger extended on the middle of her forehead, "-which in turn controls this-" and he then does the same touch to her stomach, in the middle of the seal, "-which as you say, -is- you. So when you can't control it, it controls you. So, where is the -real- control loss?" He was digging to the heart of the issue. Ironically, the heart is probably where the issue is, and not a lack of ability to fully control Matatabi's power.
"Because I'm sure, the chakra will have different effects when you are the one telling -it- what to do, turned inward, bounced back and focused, as opposed to bursting forth when the real control is lost." Now he sounded like some old wise man. Though he got his advice from someone that died right in front of him, and that image of Maikeru zooms through his head again.
<Do me a favor, kid. Don't let it consume you.> The final strike from Masahiro is about to land, <Monsters are feared in life, but we die alone.> And moments later, the struggle was over, Ogo being the only one that survived that battle.

Misaki looks at Ogo. She shakes her head, she isn't bright enough to get his wise lesson. Not yet. "I don't understand." She says towards Ogo. Looking at him with her confused innocent eyes. Matatabi got it, but he stays out of it like he usually does. "I just told you, I can't control anything! I can just control myself." Misaki blinks at Ogo. "I c-cant do it!" She clenches her fists and tries forcibly taking Matatabi's chakra which caused her to fire a blank. Not even a trickle of her own chakra showing up.

"That! That right there. That confusion, that fear. Don't give in to it. Hold it back, calm yourself. Have some patience for cryin out loud." Yes, Ogo just used some slang. He's a human being after all! Well, maybe partly.
"What I mean in simpler terms is, you need to control your emotions. If you have a calm cen- Here, look at it this way." He stands up and backs up a step, and draws his tanto. Not his sword, but it will work for visuals. "Now, if my tanto is facing this way," he turns the blade to face himself in a normal wielded position, "the blade is facing me, which could hurt me. But, by learning how to hold it correctly, train myself how to use it the right way," he flips it around, now holding it with the edge outward. "Then I can start learning how to fight with it as a tool and a weapon if I need it, instead of just flailing it about wildly because I'm scared, or unsure of myself with it." He resheaths it, watching with a waiting expression, but this time it's hopeful, hoping she understands.

Misaki looks at Ogo as if he's explaining quantum physics to her. He didn't make any sense. "Ofcourse you hold your weapon that way, what does that have to do with anything?" She asks Ogo with a frown. Propping her fists into her sides while staring at Ogo. What confusion!? What fear!? She has none! Or .. well that's what she tells herself!

Ogo sniffs idly, looking at her sidelong. Ok, this wasn't working. Time for plan E and a half. He reaches up to scratch his nose with the back of a finger, "What if I told you, and this would be a complete lie, but what if I told you Kamen Rai Da build that hideout. They were waiting in the cave system for you and I to leave, and probably already have Hiei and Hiroyasu in custody on the way to the table?" 'The Table' is what those KRD who tortured her referred to the room in which she was handled.

Misaki looks at Ogo and blinks. "This isn't funny." She says in a wry almost annoyed tone. "Where are you going with all of this?" She was out here to train. I was born to lead, not to read! That sort of stuff. "I would try to rescue them ofcourse.." Misaki says. "I-don't … I?" She looks at Ogo with her amber eyes again. "I don't understand!"

Now Ogo was getting frustrated, but he focused it on trying to get through to her. Maybe… maybe that would work? He runs up to her, his hand extended outward, and the way his hand can wrap around her forehead, his thumb and his pinkey each were digging into her temples on either side, his palm just above her eyes, so he could still look at her, and he keeps going, nearly lifting her off her feet before he pushes downward, aiming to move her head down onto the ground, yelling.
"What is it! What are you afraid of!?" Nearly at the top of his lungs, trying to get her to at least open up now, more than anything. "Matatabi! Why don't you think she can handle it!?" He was even yelling at the bijuu now… not like Matatabi can hear him, right? At least Ogo thought not, more of asking Misaki if she knew why Matatabi was more reluctant than she was.

Misaki looks at Ogo, she was waiting for him to teach her something, not just idly jibberjabber on nothing. What's he-HEY.. "What are you.." She flails a bit until she's suddenly picked up. Her head being pushed down to the ground, but she resists. What - is - she afraid off. It's a simple question, but she doesn't think she can answer it. "Pain.." She stays instinctively. But not physical pain. "In my heart. Pain that doesn't go away." Misaki says. Tears welling up in her eyes while she's stuck on the ground. Her hands start glowing.

"Let me go.." She says with a rough gritty voice. "LET ME GO!" She suddenly says, echoing through the valley, a double voice. She promised herself never to be pinned down by anyone again. This counted as a pin, because the rock under her hands suddenly cracks before crashing, exploding into tiny particles before dissipating due ot the raw power coming off her body. Her eyes begins twitching, changing colors. "STOP!" She commands, though her voice clearly isn't entirely her own anymore.

Ogo keeps holding her down, even after the double voice begins. And he's yelling right back at her- err, them? "Is this what you call control!? If so, who are you trying to control!? Me? Or yourself?!"
His mind went right back to the conversation he had not two days ago with the Kamen Rai Da Commander about killing, control, and cowardice.
Now Ogosokamaru was yelling, "You could let go, give in to it and -kill- me! But that's not control. Killing someone and getting them out of the way is just cowardice. Fear! So WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF!?" He screams down at her, and since the rock is gone, dirt below would be the next thing to press her head onto.

"GO… AWAY!" She shouts, followed by a roar. Misaki looks right at Ogo's face before her mouth opens widely. Her lungs fill up with air. Suddenly, a tail shoots out behind her, breaking rock and anything in the way, when she exhales a huge fireball that would make an Uchiha jealous sprouts out (she never did that one before, but then again… technically it's Matatabi.) She looks at Ogo before releasing it right at him! "STOP!" She says, in her own voice again, almost crying. Matatabi inside her head is dealing with a 'wobbly' situation here, he can see the seal flicker. Ogo's tearing at its foundations! ~What is that BAKARA doing!?~ Did Matatabi just swear?

The tail sprouting behind her was his cue. But for what, exactly? This was completely uncharted territory, but if she's yelling stop, then it's not her, is it? This isn't Misaki anymore. "If you two are really one, then who's in charge of this right now?! Who's the one in control?!" He was out of the way of that fireball, but it did leave singes on his side, red from minor burns that weren't from direct contact, just the -heat- that chakra fire gave off.
Him calming down a little bit, "If that seal is for you two to stick together, and you ask for Matatabi's power, then why are you stealing it like a greedy little child?! Calm down and keep your wits, Misaki! This is what you need to learn to control or it will control you, JUST like it's doing NOW!" He's trying to get through to her. If need be, he'd subdue her. At least this was a good place with plenty of space for him to run circles around her until she wore down.

Misaki lashes out with the tail, trying to catch Ogo with it. If it hits he would have a chakra burn that doesn't disappear with regular treatment! Though then again, it was a wild lash and would only really hit if Ogo didn't try. She however was slowly calming down before her chakra cloak even activated. After a minute or so her eyes snap back to normal, she takes a deep breath, and she's back. "Okay now what?" She asks after a long silence of Ogo holding her down, quite awkwardly. Like a tame kitty cat! She did contain herself just now. ~Apology accepted.~ Matatabi says sarcastically. She rolls her eyes and apologises for sapping his chakra without asking in her mind, before looking back at Ogo.

That tail was something else. Wild, not aimed right at him. He had spent the last twenty years making sure he wasn't an easy target to hit, and recently, nigh impossible. But that tail was fast. Though, he was faster.
It took a little effort, as opposed to his usual demeanor when people come at him. He did, though, move in to try to hold her back, and slide her back against a tree, which cracked under both the pressure of her tail between her and the trunk, and Ogo's pushing wasn't helping. Yes, awkward position, but she came to!
Ogo breathes a slight sigh of relief, and eases up, looking at her eyes, making sure they were back to normal. Yes, ok at least that change is visual and probably with the emotional portion, we'll just speculate on that for now. "Ok, now… You didn't ask. So, ask. Be sure to say please, mind your manners." He sounded like a big sibling trying to look good in front of mom and dad, or a chuunin telling her what to do to look good in front of a jounin or something like that. But hey, make the kitty happy, and everyone's happy at this point, right? Because the cat could possibly wipe Kumo off the map if he really wanted to take over.. let's hope he never felt like it.

Misaki looks at Ogo now she's calmed down. "Okay I got it.." She hisses at him. "Now will you let me go?" She chuckles. "Please?" She shakes her head and waits for Ogo to actually let go. "What is this all about anyways?" She looks at him. "I thought KRD was tasked with making sure I don't snap. What's this all about? Who told you to do this… and why?"

Ogo looks at his hands on her shoulders, and lets go, and backs up. "Okay, so, this is really all about you being able to control your explosions, so you don't hurt yourself your own, or Matatabi's power."
When she asks about who put him up to this type stuff, it was his turn to shake his head, "Noone told me to do this. I'm helping you with this, so you never have to be put through that again. This way, there is no breaking point. Not that you cannot be broken, but it's not a matter of if you end up like -that- if you do get furious," pointing at his shoulder and outer side of one side of his pants and shirt where it was slightly darker color than the rest that was still the creme color as before. "And, with this, someone comes after you, you can control this and defend yourself more effectively if I'm not there…" an internal scowl, "Or not 'allowed' to be there." And with that, he points at her stomach, "Now, ask her nicely," refering to Matatabi, and pointing at the seal, specifically.Kaiyo pages: Hwy I never got a vote for the scene the other day
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"it's a HE.." She says with a frown. She stares at Ogo monetarily before sighing. "What do I need to ask him nicely?" She looks at Ogo. "Lets get to that sanctum you were talking about first. I need a rest." She says. Training later, for now… she needed some rest. And maybe some normal talk with her sensei!

The Jounin smirks. "Well, for more of his chakra, of course. Or, how about we talk with -him- as well tonight, sorry about that gender thing, and we'll see if we can't make some progress that way, tonight." And from there, he would pick up his stuff, throw his cloth vest and jacket on, and from there he'd lead her back to the mountain sanctuary, leading her in through an exit that came out on the entire other side of the mountain, but it seemed shorter when in the cave. Probably because it was through the mountain, and not around it and back halfway through after that huge boulder.

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