Kumo Daimyo Plot - Tentsplosion!


Ogosokamaru, Kotone, Hel (emitter)

Date: July 21, 2013


A KRD public practice first thing in the morning is interrupted by more Yakuza. This time, Kotone and Ogosokamaru, along with the KRD, are there to defend the area. The KRD looks to be the primary target, only the real target is Ogo's tent, which is blown up this time.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Tentsplosion!"

Kumogakure village center

It is early morning. The thunder-claps of lightning that signal the wake-up call for shinobi and villagers alike have not quite yet gone off. The KRD is out and about on an early morning training exercise. It seems that the group has lost a lot of cohesion and the Komen Rai Da's Komen Kaman Da wants to get everyone playing nicely together. Everyone is in attendance, even the Commander himself. The leg-less man sits on bench in front of a fountain and calls out to the KRD to stand at attention.
Kotone, while not a member of the KRD, is most likely out on patrol, ensuring that while the KRD are undergoing their exercises, the Yakuza (who have been a real threat to the village recently) aren't acting out.

Kotone is still a little sore from her recent sparring session with Kanbei, but thankfully Hiro's megical jutsu has done wonders and let her return to active duty in time for this particular task. She is not exactly thrilled about guard duty? But she does like to be active and doing stuff. She stifles a yawn as she wanders along her patrol route.

Ogo was in a strange situation. Being the lead Ninja of Kumo at the moment by unofficial word of the Daimyo, he was basically taking charge of Kumo for the time being. So did he show up today? Of course! He'd be there. Just, oddly the Hare was given a task yesterday and is not in attendance. But who would notice that? Right?
Either way, Ogo looks like he's waking up to a bowl of ramen he's holding in one hand, eating up with the other wielding a pair of chopsticks. Never a bad time to eat. The bowl steams up in front of his face a little, but he's still watching with intent on the KRD and the commander.

As Kanbei comes wandering into the village center, she'd note the KRD agents gathered. There are about 20 of them at the moment. Some are undoubtably not present for various circumstances, but even still, 20 masked shiobi standing in columns is impressive. These are some of the elite of Kumogakure, and they are virtually unknowns behind those animal masks.
One of the KRD agents flashes from the column and flashes again right in front of Kotone. "Sorry, this part of the village center is off limits, even to patrol. I don't suppose you could go around? We're about to start a training exercise and while we don't mind you watching if you aren't on duty, we also don't want you to get hurt." Another one of the agents would pull the same stunt on Tsugi, Ogo's personal secretary in the tent. And a third would do the same to a small group of villagers that were wandering in from the east. The villagers had a horse-drawn cart with them and looked like they were coming into the village to setup a vendor stall or something. Ogo would know that this group isn't supposed to be here at this time. The Kamen Koman Da doesn't seem to note this and only appears to be happy that their 'public display of power' is starting.

Kotone scratches her head a bit as she considers it, "Welll… I'm pretty sure my superiors would have told me if there was any change to my route…" she says. She's not a hundred percent certain, but it seems unlikely something like this would happen and the patrolls not know about it. "I'll have to get the go-ahead before I can go around." she tells him then, bowing her head a little, "Sorry."

Ogo would wave at one of them that Tsugi was good to go. He eyenarrows at the cart. "Hn." He grumbles at it. Something ain't right. He walks past Tsugi who would just stare at him with that little twitch of hers when he's not paying attention to what she's saying, and Ogo heads over to the cart. Looking at the KRD agent(s) that (is/are) there to stop the cart. "You're gonna have to go around." Ogo said. Leaving no room for insisting or otherwise arguing over it.

Kotone's KRD agent says, "That's fine, you can go ahead and talk to your super, but you can't come through here to do so." Ogo's attempts to yell at the KRD agents involved in telling the cart owners to go around gets the KRD agent to turn around and yell at Ogo, "Thanks but I've got this all under control." As the KRD agent is turned around, the cart-owner brandishes a sword and runs the KRD agent through. If the mask wasn't there, blood would be spurting out of the KRD agent's mouth. The group of vendors give the cart a great big heave-ho and the cart, along with the horse, go flying towards the KRD assembly and the village center (with Ogo's tent not too far way either). Whatever is in the cart, it probably isn't good. The KRD agents begin moving immediately…

Kotone's eyes go wide when she spies the guy getting ran through over the KRD agent she's talking too's shoulder. "Look out!" She cries out as the cart comes flying towards the assembly. She forms a hand seal and summons a couple of clones incase any attacks get aimed her way. For now the whole 'go around' thing? Yeah, she's ignoring it.

RP: Ogosokamaru transforms into REIZEI-BLUR-III.
RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru attacks with FLING…76

Ogo catches the KRD agent falling to the ground, and lay him down, and from that crouch, he leaps towards the group of KRD, landing and quite ready to catch and throw the cart off into the distance… up into the air, and hopefully over the wall of Kumogakure. "Everyone, defensive formation four!" Uh oh, here goes his cover as an agent… but hopefully people are saved from certain doom.

[NPC System]: Explosive Cart roll(s) BIG BADDA BOOOM from 50 to 100 and get(s) a 68. - Rolled by: Hel

The cart is grabbed and thrown into the air, along with that poor poor horse!!! As it is thrown into the air, it explodes, creating a huge fire-ball over the village center. The Raikage's building sways from the blast, but no damage occurs. Debris and the like rains down on the village center. The debris isn't going to hurt anyone, but it does make the scene very eerie.
With Ogo taking command, the Kamen Koman Da grunts and calls out, "KRD, engage." It is a battle of the leaders it seems. Who will the KRD follow? In the confusion of who to listen to, chaos ensues. Some go to engage the group that sent the cart over, while others go into a defensive position. Who knows what Kotone starts to do too? Not that it really matters because the enemy combatants engage first. One of them throws out a kunai wrapped in explosive tags towards various people gathered in the circle. One of them just happens to be Kotone. Another set of combatants run for Ogo and move to engage him in hand-to-sword combat by tackling him in a group.

[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Explosive Tag Kunai from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Hel
[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Group tackle for Ogo from 50 to 100 and get(s) a 78. - Rolled by: Hel
RPCOMBAT: Kotone defends against with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…26

The clone Kotone summoned takes the hit for her, and she counters with her own speciality. She inhales deeply while forming a short sequence of seals, and then she lets out an extremely high-pitched scream- with such intensity it causes the air to distort infront of her in a cone towards her attacker.

RPCOMBAT: Kotone attacks with SOUND-BLAST…25
RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru defends against with a PERFECTED-BLUR…66
[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Explosive Seal Wall from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Hel
RP: Ogosokamaru uses HEROIC-SURGE.

There's a pile of them that get to Ogo. Covering him in a mound of people. It's more like a dogpile than anything really coordinated. But a few moments later, Ogo bursts from beneath, pushing them off of him violently. His hand goes to his sword, drawing it slowly with that singing of metal from sheath.

The kunai thrower that hit the clone but not the real Kotone notes that there is probably some form of attack coming his way and he throws out a seal wall with a twist. The wall explodes outwards as soon as it is created. Kotone's voice flows through the explosion and stuns the man who drops to one knee holding his ears. The wall though acts as an attack too and has fire and debris, much like the debris still raining down upon everyone, burst toward Kotone. With the explosion having woken up most of the surroundings, people are actually starting to make their way out toward the village center, wondering what exactly is going on. Great, now there are other people to worry about…both as possible new combatants, and as potential victims.
The KRD agents each have their own small groups to deal with now. As Ogo's group gets thrown off him, they regroup, nod, and start in on another attack. When they come this time, they move together and go for Ogo's tendons with small scapel-like knives. They are trying to slow him down. They apparently have had a little time studying what Ogo is good at.

[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Explosve Seal Wall for Kotone from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Hel
[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Tendon Tactical Slice for Ogo from 40 to 75 and get(s) a 57. - Rolled by: Hel
RPCOMBAT: Kotone defends against with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…17

This time the blast catches the real Kotone. She covers her face bit is knocked backwards as the blast comes her way, her forearms a little cut up and a nasty splinter stuck in her leg. But she gets back up again, and pulls loose her scroll. She slaps the scroll, producing a Shamisen. she strums the pick against the strings, sending blades of razor sharp, invisible sound towards her stunned assailaint.

RPCOMBAT: Kotone attacks with THREE-STRING-SWORD…26
RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru defends against with a PERFECTED-BLUR…87

The scalpuls going for tendons don't hit their marks. Matter of fact, a lot of them would probably feel a very precise sword attack at various.. painful.. areas of the body. Or, at least Ogo was trying to make as many cuts on them as possible, three slices at a time and in all directions at those 'merchants'.

RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru attacks with DOUBLE-SLASH…50
RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru attacks with DOUBLE-SLASH…53
RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru attacks with DOUBLE-SLASH…35
[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Dodge from 20 to 50 and get(s) a 36. - Rolled by: Hel

The stunned man is still shaking the ringing out of his ears when the invisible razor sharp 'strings' of sound come at him. They cut into him and draw blood. He stands, looking slighly confused. The man calls out, "Quit cheating and attack me like a real shinobi…not some wandering magician." Apparently this Yakuza doesn't like the way the Yamayuki is using invisible attacks. The man pulls a kunai out of his pocket and flares it into three separate kunai, each with explosives. "Had I known you were going to be a cheater, I would have upped the ante immediately." He throws out the three kunai at Kotone.
Ogo's attacks manage to slice two of his attackers to the point of blood being drawn…yet, they are wearing armor, so they remain standing, albeit weakend. The third man in the group completely manages to dodge the incoming attack. The three of them turn and throw the scapels at Ogo. The scapels are a distraction to the real attack, which is a set of explosive tag kunai being thrown at…Tsugi and the temporary mission's tent.

[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Triple Shot Kunai from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 23. - Rolled by: Hel
[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Scapel Throw from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 57. - Rolled by: Hel
[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Kunai at the Tent from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 39. - Rolled by: Hel
RPCOMBAT: Kotone defends against with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…23

The three Kunai hit Kotone- who goes up in a puff of smoke. "And sneaking around disguised as villagers isn't?" She calls out to the guy, continuing to play some kind of melody on her Shamisen which actually matches the tone of the combat.

RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru defends against with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…54
RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru attacks with INTERRUPT…76

The Reizei Jounin goes to knock the scalpuls out of the way with his sword, and two of them clink out of the way. In a brief moment, he sees the explosives going for Tsugi. He's turning before he blocked the last of the scalpuls. Now, with that protruding from the back of his shoulder, he goes for Tsugi, tackling her out of the way and when they stop rolling, Ogo gets up to look at the aftermath of their temporary headquarters tent basically left in shards and shreds. He reaches up and yanks the scalpul out of his shoulder. A deep breath, and he turns around to look at what's left of the fake merchants. "Not your smartest move. KAMEN RAI-DA! ATTACK!" Ogo bellows. And he can get very loud. His booming voice echoes through the mountains within which is nestled Kumogakure. A faint white mistlike chakra starts ebbing around Ogo. The highest version of his kekkei genkai he's unlocked so far.

RP: Ogosokamaru transforms into BLUR-MASTER.

The tent blows up just as Kotone's music reaches her crescendo, and both ring out into the night. The KRD move in on Ogo's order. Now everyone is on the same page. They take on the Yakuza threat, switching combatants who were poorly matched (i.e. the ones who had studied Ogo were taken by someone else quickly). In a few minutes, the group is left rounded up in hand-cuffs or dead. They were a fair match, even for the KRD elite. The Yakuza that have moved in were dealt a big blow tonight, but then again, so too was the mission's office. The symbol of order was struck down by the Yakuza, despite the KRD being there. The Yakuza mission was a success, even though so many of their better members were captured or killed. Everyone is left to deal with the mayehm that follows such an attack.

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