Kumo Daimyo Plot - Udder Chaos


Ogosokamaru, Hel (emitter)

Date: June 24, 2013


The Hare (Ogo) reports a botched mission attempt to the Kamen Rai Da (KRD) Koman Dan (Commander). The Commander and the Hare argue over what the Goat did in the previous scene (scaring Team Ogo). The Hare learns about what really happened to Misaki's parents.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - Udder Chaos"

Kamen Rai Da Commander's Office

Udder chaos. Yes, udders. A herd of mountain cattle had gotten free from their pen, and due to a single joke at the wrong time, 'Udder Chaos' was misunderstood by a clerk who alerted the Kamen Rai Da, and they responded to just a bunch of cows out of their pen. What a grand waste of time.
Hare never got himself a mount. The generic mount being a horse, most KRD members do ride such for the distances outside of Kumo or when roving the village continuously. Though a few didn't have normal mounts. Especially those with summons, but usually those summons were made contract while in KRD disguise. So it was usually only for said mount that the contract was for. Not much more else.
Hare chose not to have a mount. Usually commented on it making one lazy. And they were slow. He was usually the first one there anyway, and he just shook his head and was heading back before the others got there. Now, when they returned, Tortoise, a very large lumbering member, couldn't stop from making 'Udder Catastrophe' and 'Udder mayhem' jokes the whole way back. And yes, they walked. Now, coming back into the Administration dome of Kumogakure, some got so tired of it a fight nearly broke out, but Hare and the other senior member broke it up before it started, and now they all return to report the findings to the Kamen Koman Da. (Pun, yay)

The Kamen Rai Da's Commander, or as most of the KRD calls him behind his back, the Kamen Koman Da (nice), sits in his office. Most of the time this is where he is found for his legs are missing below the knees. While it isn't known exactly how this guy lost his legs, it is rumored that he lost them in a fight with an especially dangerous bingo book criminal as part of a KRD task force. The criminal was caught, but not before the damage was done. Luckily, if he needs to use his legs, the Koman Da can create special cloned legs to walk upon. As this limits his combat potential, he has been stuck behind that desk.
The Koman Da is a very strategic man, so when everyone comes back, he yells, yes, yells, "What the cow is wrong with you, fighting amongst yourselves. We're in a state of chaos and you, the supposed shining beacons of order and strength, are nearly fighting amongst yourselves. Get it together or get out of the Kamen Rai Da." He's not in a very happy mood. "Report," he grumbles as his voice returns to normal.

Hare seemed to be the senior member on this current team, and he stood at attention, "Commander, the report we recieved was inaccurate. It seems Turtle is under the same capacity as the individual who brought the news to the secretary initially, making jokes about udders, and the 'Utter Chaos' we expected to confront was, in fact, a herd of cattle that were out of their pen. By the time we had arrived, half of them were already back in the corral."
Turtle might have been noticed with his shoulders shivvering slightly holding back his bellowing laughter. Hare waited for the Koman Da to finish his yelling spree so he could go get some food in his stomach. But did follow up with the finishing line from most of his reports, "Nothing of importance to pass on."

The Koman Da eyes the Turtle as he is fingered as the source of the disturbance. "Turtle. 1000 boulder squats before you get to sleep. I will not tolerate this lack of respect for the situation in Kumogakure right now." The face of the KRD, literally, he's the only one without a mask, makes a few handseals and stands when his legs are grown. He walks around the desk and says, "Everyone is dismissed then except for Hare. I'd like to have a word with you." As the Turtle walks out too, the Koman Da points and says, "1000…and I'll know if you've done even one less." He probably would too.

As the others leave, and Turtle is still stifling laughter, he says, "Hai-aaahahaha!" As he leaves, knowing full well the boulder squats would be worth it. And, making Turtle do boulder squats is like making a bird do wing-flaps. But, either way, they all dissappear out the door with great speed (Even Turtle!) and Hare is the only one standing in the small underground office in front of the Koman Da's desk, now with his gloved hands clasped together in front of him, he asks, "Yes, Commander?" with simplicity of just a question, wondering what this was about.
From his position perched on the desk, he may very well have taken on a bird mask in his earlier days with the KRD. The Koman Da shakes his head when they are finally alone. "I really don't know what I'm going to do with this group of boys. When did we stop making men of our Jounin? We haven't had enough hard fights, so they're all soft and green." Shaking his head, he stares off for a moment. When he returns his gaze to the Hare, the Koman Da asks, "I received a report from the Goat saying that you stepped in to protect the Jinchuuriki while your team was questioned. Is that true? I am questioning your commitment to the KRD and to the village here Hare. Hopefully we will never need to use the Jinchuuriki, but when it comes time, she is a weapon of the village. I need to know that you won't stop her from behing used, even if it means her death. Her death can mean saving the entire village, but that also means that your weakness for her could mean destroying the entire village too." He stops there and waits for a response.

Hare would be caught off guard, but he would attempt his best not to show it. Especially to this man. "She is a weapon just like any other shinobi of the village. But you do not test fire a cannon in the underbelly of a ship. Nor do you make a weapon out of a person and torture them knowing they have the power to decimate everything we know." He was now on a roll, unless the Commander stopped him. "She has things and people here she loves and wants desparately to protect. I can tap into those much easier and less dangerously than your current… methods." He couldn't even say the term that was exactly what it was. Torture.
Yes, he did consider her a weapon, since that's what she was basically taken on to be, but his perception is definately faltered from that singlular thought process. Maybe more than even he knew, "And I promise you, if you keep going the path you are, any fool can see it's destructive consequences." Giving logic to the illogical is like playing chess against a pigeon. No matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon still knocks over all the pieces, craps on the board and struts around victoriously.

The Commander listens. He is good for that much at least. Once the Hare is done, the Commander starts. "Perhaps you are right about not test firing a cannon in the underbelly of the ship, but unfortunately we need to know if the cannon is fail-safe when placed inside the ship. To your point, the KRD member who pushed the Jinchuuriki's buttons was punished for their stupidity. All subsequent trigger tests will be performed outside of the village. Still, we need to know that the Jinchuuriki isn't a threat to us just walking around. We need to know she can control the weapon that she is. Otherwise someone might touch the cannon wrong and it could go off in the hull. We can't have that."
The Commander continues, "As for love…perhaps. Even that is a threat though. If the girl loses herself in her emotions, and she is coming of age to be sure, then the bijuu could be released and we could be in trouble. So, destructive or not is based on what side you are on and for whom the best interests lie. I am okay with denting a tool for the sake of the tool box, or to put it in your terminology, I am okay with damaging the canon for the sake of the ship, to be sure that the ship survives the canon."

"Then sir, you make sure the ship is where the cannon -wants- to be." Then it hits him, "You're planning to just poke and prod at her until she goes off?" Ogo took a breath, "If you would let me do my job, I can help her and guide her. And, the only person who's touching the cannon wrong is you, sir, if you continue doing this." Ogo was now pointing accusatorially at the Commander. "I'm for the village. First and foremost. And I was entrusted with her because the Elders knew I could handle her if the Bijuu went wild on us. Or was I just another test to see the limits if she did go wild? If she could bring down the best the Reizei have to offer?" He was never one to gloat about his abilities. But sheer fact of the matter was, there wasn't anyone he knew that would challenge that statement, so for all intents and purposes, it was fact as of now.

The Commanders stays cool where Ogo is angry. As Ogo's finger gets up in the Commander's chest, the man looks down at it, then looks back up to Ogo. "I'm going to give you about one second to sit your goat down, think about who you are talking to, and calm the camel down before I boot your pony off the Kamen Rai Da, declare you unfit for duty, and place you in prison for disrespecting a higher ranking officer. Do we have an understanding?" The old man would wait for Ogo to settle down before he continued…assuming Ogo would calm down that is.
"What do you do with a new sword Hare? You go out and you test it on a tree, or some other material, to see how sharp it is, how it feels in your hands, the balance and length of it. If we use the Jinchuuriki, we need to know what her extents are, if we can count on her every time. Maybe we need to bring her in on what we are trying to do, but that too could skew the results of the experiments. We need to know we can rely on her powers, both in time of battle, and in times of restraint. The only way I know how to do that is to whack her around like I would with a sword. If you have another way to test a weapon, where you are sure her mental faculties wouldn't lie, wouldn't want to please us, wouldn't do whatever it could to follow her own goals…then by all means, please let me know. We are all just tools of the Raikage Hare. We are all here to be put to the test."
"That being said," the Commander goes on, "I do not doubt your loyalty, but I do question how far you are willing to go…how much you are willing to sacrifice. Our individual lives are easy to sacrifice, but the lives of those we love, for the village, now that is the test. I would kill my entire KRD team if need be to protect this village. That is what it takes to be a Commander. You may have this role some day if you prove to the elders that you can handle this kind of commitment." And so he settles down.

Ogo sits and listens as the Commander speaks. As the man with no legs finishes up with the audacious argument about sacrificing loads of others to save the village, Ogosokamaru breaths in deep. And he starts by standing slowly, cue badass background music, "If you let me, I will bring her to the level that is needed to protect the village. I would sacrifice myself for -my- students. -My- clan.." he steps right up to the commander, "..-my- village. I'm not alone in this thought. Self sacrifice for the good of the village. But you.." Ogo even reaches up and pulls his mask off to the side, just enough so he can look this man in the eyes. "You would have others sacrificed. When did we stop making real men in the Kamen Rai Da?" He pushes the mask just enough back onto his face, the echo from behind it starting again to dilude his voice to unidentifiability.
"When cowards were put in charge."
"Willing to sacrifice others for the realization of their dreams? You sir.." Ogo lifts a finger to touch the Commander under the shin, in that soft portion beneath where the tongue is inside the mouth, usually stopping someone from talking is a good use for that pressure point, "..Are a coward." He lets go, "And what Raikage? The one that still has to be chosen by the Daimyo? Maybe you know why the delay.." and unless the Commander stopped him, "I will train her up to the level needed, unless you throw me in jail, at which point I tell you," in reference to the point of real men dieing for their causes, and he points again at the Koman Da.
"She will make a real man out of you if I don't first, commander." And with that, any attempt Ogo would make to get out of there as quickly as possible, the tendrils of smoke in slow motion beginning to erupt from under his feet as he preps that instantaneous movement skill of his, hoping that the Commander didn't have a trick up his sleeve.

RP: Ogosokamaru transforms into BLUR-MASTER.
RP: Ogosokamaru makes a Spd roll and got 17.
RP: Hel makes a Spd roll and got 21.

The Commander listens. When Ogo again lets his anger get the better of him, and that finger poking occurs, the old man just sits there and takes it. It isn't until Ogo tries to flee that the old man makes a set of handseals.
Door-CLOSE-NO-JUTSU! The door suddenly slams right in Ogosokamaru's face as he moves to get out of there quickly. The door is thick too, as if the Commander is used to people trying to escape his wrath. The Koman Da now screams, no…screaming is too soft for what comes out of this man's mouth, "You aren't ready yet for a position like mine, or the Raikage. You have to be willing to sacrifice others, not because you want to, but because you have to. You think I would choose for a little girl to get tortured, for her parents to be…for her parents to abandon her, or for her to be used as a weapon if I had a choice? I'd rather her sit back, play with her friends and play with her toys, but we don't horsing have that option you or I. We deal with the real world. Here if we don't prepare for the very sheeping worst, it will come and destroy us all. Some day Hare, you may be the one making these decisions, and I hope you've learned by then what it takes to be a leader. It is not about deciding to throw your life on the line. Anyone in this village would be willing to do that, I don't doubt it. The burden is whether you let your team go out on a suicide mission so that the village can remain safe. So you want to think me a coward, that's your right, but until you have to make the tough decisions, you better hope I never hear that word come out of your mouth again or so help me I'll strangle the life right out of your veins." And the switch turns off. "Now, I expect you to run the perimeter around the village 1000 times before you go to sleep or I will throw you in jail. Got it?" The door opens.

The Commander's yells just gets that same expressionless mask on Ogo's face. No reaction that's visible, unless the commander had x-ray vision he couldn't see that Ogo was glaring. If only he lasers for eyes. "Then if you aren't a coward, you'll ask -me- for anything needed from my team. Instead of going behind my back. That shows a lack of trust of the previous Raikage's decisions. And unless you fancy yourself the next one, I would call that getting very close to tre-" he stops, and knows if he says it then certain parameters would be put in place, and things would change for him, and his team. Even though it would fix this, it would cause hell for Misaki, Hiei, and Hiroyasu, as they would be under even more scrutiny. Gotta go the hard route.
"I would call that very stupid, or just plain mad." A turn to the door, that is now open. "Yes, I get it. Ogosokamaru will be out training with his team at an undisclosed location. It would be a conflict of interests for me to tell you.. if I knew." Red tape comes in handy sometimes.
"Their time of departure is as well undisclosed. But promise me one thing." He turns to look at the commander one more time and say, "If you think he won't defend his team and this village from an enemy within, as much as without, you are mistaken," before he backtracks on something and lifts a hand up to the mask, going for something but ends up adjusting it.
"You faltered when you spoke of Misaki's parents. What aren't you telling me?" And he waits in the entrance of the small underground office, waiting for an answer in silence.

The Commander doesn't respond to most of what Ogo said. He knows that if he pushes this, he may lose one of his best agents. To the bit about the training, he simply nods. To the point about the enemies both domestic and foreign, the old man with the missing legs adds, "The good of the many outweights the good of the few. Some day you will understand that Hare."
Lastly, the Commander considers something for a long time. After several minutes, he finally speaks in a slow measured tone. "The Raikage was a great leader…and while I know you don't understand, and you probably never will, but he made the decision to punish Misaki's parents. I want you to know that I spoke against it. Her parents were killed by the Raikage's orders because her parents commited treason and were stealing Misaki away. They were taking the tool that will hopefully keep the village safe away, possibly to someone else that would use her to destroy us instead. If you really have this village's best interests at heart, then you will understand that her purpose is to protect us and destroy our enemies. That means controlling her. If it is through love, well, we can try it…but that usually proves a dangerous needle to thread."

Absolute shock. Granted, Ogo had expected as much, knowing that they could have tracked her parents down in the first place, with such a short lead on them with the 'official story' given out. Ogosokamaru looks down, left and right, like the answer would be there on the floor, the switch he could step on so that he would be sent back in time to stop it. Or at least to tell her any day of those two years she spent waiting by the gate. And watching her, knowing deep down her parents wouldn't be coming back, but not having the clarification or proof needed to tell her with conviction.
He raises his head again, looking at the commander from behind his mask. He knew where to go. That hideout he carved out of a mountain himself several years ago, right after he left the village, knowing that his own brother and uncle had killed his father.
Ogo thinks to himself now, narrowing his eyes angrily in the shadow of alabaster and ceramics. "Then we have already sacrificed the few for the many. Let's not have to do that again. I will train her, as a shinobi and a jinchuuriki, and a member of a very capable team."
After that, a popping noise and a slight vacuum pull of air trying to follow the extremely fast, extremely mad Ogosokamaru.

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