Kumo Kadets - Convincing Festivities


Michiko (emitter), Hanami, Furoo, Yori, Raion

Date: July 31, 2015


Kumogakure sends a team to start trying to recruit from villages that may be a bit less willing to send shinobi after so many deaths within the Hidden Village.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kumo Kadets - Convincing Festivities"

Land of Lightning

With the number of shinobi deaths going on, the public morale isn't all that high. Parents are also less willing to send their children to join the shinobi forces, however much their children want to join. With a number of recent pleas to excuse villages from sending their children on her desk, Michiko sighs and summons a number of people she feels would be up for dealing with the task she has in mind. For now, she waits at the gates, but she doesn't seem at all ready to go. The shinobi she chose were told to prepare for an all-day mission. They would likely get back before midnight, so they might as well not pack too much.

Hanami jogs lightly through the village, not really worried about being late or anything and not obviously wanting to push herself before the mission itself. Packed lightly, she gets to the gates and spots Michiko, waving. "Hey there Michiko, how are you?" Her tone is light but there's clear concern. Things have been rough these days, so many successive hits.

Arriving at the appointed spot, Furoo peers at the girl at the gate and looks to Hanami as she arrives. Furoo puts her staff down and leans into it. Her arm wrapping around it as she looks to Michiko, "Sup?" She asks and then looks over at Hanami as she nods her head to her. She glances between the two, "What is this all about anyway?"

Raion, followed closely by his Nincat Pansa, come runnning up the path. Raion looks happy, as always, and Pansa looks a tad grumpy, as usual. As he approaches he waves and slows down to a stop near the group. "Hey. Sorry if I'm late, looks like I'm the last one here. What /is/ this all about?" Raion asks. He was wearing a backpack loaded with all the stuff someone would need for an all day trip! And a bit more, as just-in-case stuff. Food, a sleeping-bag or two, a few pillows, etc! That said the backpack is pretty full. If not over-filled.

Yori received the message and packed a few small things that he might need for the trip before making his way out to the gate. When he arrives he gives a bow to the group in general before looking to Michiko, trying to figure out why they were here. And why she didn't look like she was going with them.

Michiko glances around, nodding to everyone as they show up. "Good, you're all here," she says approvingly before handing Yori a map. The girl says, "As you know, we've had a number of shinobi deaths lately. Because of this, the smaller villages are more reluctant to send children to Kumogakure to join the shinobi forces. I thought it would be a good idea to send shinobi to the villages and try and convince people that we /aren't/ trying to kill their families. And that the incidents that have happened are /supposed/ to happen rarely." She sighs softly, then nods to Yori. "Yori-san, you'll be in charge of the team. Raion-san is second in command." Then she gives them all a slight bow. "Now if you excuse me, I have a date to prepare for." She says it like it's not that big of a deal, though she does seem a bit more cheerful as she walks away.

Hanami listens to Michiko, nodding a little taking it seriously. Things have been down lately, hopefull they'll be able to keep people's spirits and faith up then. When Michiko mentions a date she raises an eyebrow but hey, the girl is busy, so she looks to Yori, "Okay then Yori, so do you have any idea how to proceed? Or rather go over that when we get to the first village?"
Hanami also waves to Furoo and everyone else when they arrive.

Looking at Michiko, Furoo blinks and watches her walk off before grinning as she states, "Good luck!" She calls out before she idly spins around on her staff once and eyes Yori, "Well, fearless leader, lets get moving, no?" She hmms and then looks to Raion before looking at Hanami. She then considers, "We gonna go give out hugs?"

Raion listens to Michiko, and nods. "Second in command, got it! This will be interesting." When she begins to leave both Raion and Pansa look expectantly to Yori, "Well Yori-san?" Raion asks, a smile on his face as always. Pansa stays utterly silent and watches Yori.

Yori blinks at Michiko when she hands him the map and says he's in charge. But…but…there's other Chuunin…Granted he doesn't voice his thoughts but his eyes get really big for a moment before Michiko leaves. Well carnival. He opens the map to look at it, recognizing the location immediately and then slowly closing the map and sticking it in a pouch. He turns to look at the others, swallowing nervously before he nods. "Alright, um, we're going to head out to this village and visit with the people there. I'm sure they have questions and we'll answer those to the best of our ability. And, um, well maybe we'll give them a demonstration so that they can see what their children could become." And maybe the children will be impressed enough to want to bug their parents to come.

Hanami nods to Yori, waiting for him to lead the way before taking off at a quick but easy pace as they go to the first village.

"Perfecto!" She declares and Furoo pulls her staff up and flips it into the holster on her back. She then nods her head to Yori as she reaches back carefully to seal the strap into place, "You lead the way then, Yori-san!" She then looks over at Raion and then at Hanami, "Don't get too excited now. We only have to convince a bunch of people that dying really is the least of their worries." She chuckles and then looks forward, "You could grow up boring."

And so the team sets off! The journey proves to be an easy one, though maybe a few bits of troublesome wildlife appear randomly on the path. They're easy to avoid, though, so unless the team feels like actively provoking lions and bears and bunnies (oh my), they should reach the village before the sun has reached its peak.

And so the team sets off! The journey proves to be an easy one, though maybe a few bits of troublesome wildlife appear randomly on the path. They're easy to avoid, though, so unless the team feels like actively provoking lions and bears and bunnies (oh my), they should reach the village before the sun has reached its peak.
The village that they are visiting is in the middle of the Land of Lightning, and it is comparatively larger than most villages. The buildings tend to be two stories tall while its highest building is a grand four stories! It also seems to be very busy, and there's a huge line of shops along the main road, meaning people EVERYWHERE.

Alright, well, nobody said anything negative so that's a good start. "Okay, let's go then." He says, turning before taking off at a good clip. Hey, they got some distance to travel and not a ton of time to do it! As they travel he keeps an eye on their surroundings, leading them around the wayward animals as they travel. Once he nears the village he motions for the others to slow down as he does so himself before walking the rest of the way in. He blinks as he looks around, having seen the village on a map but not having visited before. "Wow…" he says, sounding surprised at the size of the buildings and the number of people.

Hanami enters the village with Yori and the others, looking around, "Yeah, bunch of people. Pretty popular spot. Should we look toward places like taverns or something? Or just announce ourselves?"

Looking at the area as they arrive, Furoo nods as she looks around, "This is good." She nods and then walks up and pats Yori on the shoulder, "I mean, look around at all the people!" SHe nods her head and then grins as she looks around, "So many excited faces going about their day and getting all excited about their time here." She nods her head and then she points up, "What better spot than this?" She then points down right at the ground and then looks around, "What do you say everyone? Wanna start telling everyone how awesome we are?!" She then looks around.

Raion looks around and thinks as Furoo begins her enthusiastic speech. Raion looks at her and smiles. "If that's what Yori wants to do. But I think it'd be better if we put on some kind of intense show… Hm, two or more of us could fight, or fake fight, and hold back a LOT so there's no chance that one of us gets injured. It might turn people away if we get all bloody. Just a thought." Raion shrugs.. Maybe that might scare people… Meh who knows.

A closer inspection of the village would reveal that this central market area is extremely decorated. Seems to be a celebration of sorts! Probably for the coming of spring or something similar. Not all the shops are for necessities. There are plenty that have toys and games and fun masks, and it's pretty obvious that the celebration has yet to start. People aren't quite wearing their festive clothes, and many more people look like they're hard at work hanging things and prepping food for later.

Yori looks around at what's going on as well as listening to what the others have to say. Although he kind of side glances towards Furoo at her rather enthusiastic idea. "Whatever's going on here, it hasn't started yet. We're going to make a good show of it. I want you all to help set up, treat everyone nicely, friendly, be yourselves. Let them see what shinobi are really like. I'll see if I can find who's in charge and see if we can be allowed the stage for a bit of a show." He looks back at the others to see if there's any questions. Or dissent.

Hanami nods, then looks around at the gathering crowd. Making sure to keep a smile on her face she tries to answer any questions that the crowd might have. She'll try and focus a bit on the kids who might feel like they'll get ignored or are unable to ask their questions.

A blink at Raion and Furoo shakes her head, "That sounds like a terrible idea." SHe chuckles and is about to say more when Yori speaks up and then she nods, "Be myself! You got it!" She salutes and then is gone pretty quickly to a nearby food stand and peering at the various options as she points, "One of those, two of those, three of those, one of those and then another one of those!" She nods her head and then grins as she looks at the various foods.

Raion frowns to Furoo when she says his idea is horrible. "Oh. Alright then." Raion then looks at Yori. Thinks. Then nods with a smile, a smaller smile than he had on earlier, but still, "Sounds like a great idea Yori. And this is why you make a better leader than me. I come up with bad ideas.." Raion nods, and begins to walk around acting as friendly as possible. Pansa tries his best to not look grumpy… But for the most part fails. Big grumpy kitty.

RP: Raion transforms into PANSA.

Well, the people about are all a bit startled to have new people, but should anyone actually offer to help, they would gladly accept it. Pansa is assaulted by little kids, of course, all of them wanting to 'pet the giant kitty!' and ride on his back and such and so. So cuuuute! Furoo has the man she's ordering from a bit baffled, and he starts picking things out. "That'll be fifty Ryo, miss," he says, bagging up the various meats and sweets she ordered. Since Yori is hunting for the person in charge, a bit of asking around would eventually lead him to a local flower shop where someone was quickly barking out orders and talking about various supplies and the like. Gee, wonder who that is? The voice was, by the sounds of it, an older gentleman.

Dear fair, what did he just unleash on this village? Well, Yori did tell them to help set up so hopefully they would. Still, so far they're just…well…sigh. The young Saito shakes his head slightly. What would Furoo think when Raion's idea became the show? Time would tell. Yori sets about asking for who's in charge, being his generally polite self. Once he found the shop he would enter and politely ask to see the person in charge…

Hanami makes her way around the area, continuing to try and talk to the people who seem open to it, answering their questions if they have any as best she can. She'll also lend a hand where she can, while glancing at her companions to see what they're up to.

Pulling out her wallet, she grins, "Perfect!" She then pulls out the ryo and offers it over before gathering up her food and promptly going over to a nearby spot to sit and immediately puts out all the food before starting to devour it, "This is the best mission ever!" She declares and continues to chow down before she considers to herself, "Perhaps I should…perhaps I should help somehow…?" She hmms and then shrugs and continues to eat.

Pansa is annoyed by the kids climbing all over him but he deals with it, accepting the attention and trying to follow Raion closely. Raion on the other hand keeps walking around and trying to draw… positive attention. He keeps up his friendly smile and even encourages kids to contiue their assault on Pansa. Which Pansa seems… Upset about.

The older gentleman looks like … a chef! He's certainly dressed like one, at least. "Hmm? Who're you?" he asks, already moving to the next station as Yori attempts to chat with him. "I don't have any time for games, kid, so be quick about this," he says huffily, stopping at one of the local vendors to see how they're doing.
Those who are mingling with the people would find themselves being tugged about suddenly. Raion by kids who want to play, Hanami by an older woman who needs help setting up some streamers in her shop, and Furoo by a young man who seems to be trying to set up targets for 'archery'. It can't really be called such, as everything is a toy and nothing is lethal. Also, they're using slings…. So it really can't be archery. But the sign up there says it!

Yori blinks at the chef as he follows patiently after him, before tapping his hatai-ate lightly as if to bring it to the mans attention. "Ahh, gomen. I'm a shinobi from Kumogakure. We came to see your lively festival as well as help where we could. We were also wondering if we might be able to put on a performance of sorts if there was some availability?" His eyes scan the rest the area after he's done speaking, trying to get a feel for what was going on.

Hanami smiles kindly at the old woman, "Sure, be glad to help." As she's helping with the streamers she asks the old woman about what kind of activities and such are going to be going on, as well as trying to casually mention that they're shinobi from Kumo visiting the villages, seeing how things are going.

"Aww, but I've still got two more helpings of the dumplings!" She declares as Furoo is tugged along to help with 'archery' set up. S he then starts to help setting things up while pointing out, "This is not archery." She nods her head and then continues to set things up, "You should use bows and arrows and…well, nto slings." She nods her head, "I could help you set that up!" She nods her head and grins at the young man who wants her help, "Wouldn't that be great?!" She nods, "Arrows pulled taught with sweat dripping as they try to hit right into the target and the sink a sharp arrow home!"

Raion seems to not mind the requests to play! Hey, it'd be fun! Pansa on the other hand grumbles and quietly complains. Both go either way. They both willingly play with the kids, Raion a bit more enthusiastically, and Pansa… Hating his life. Tag would result in Raion and Pansa being unbeatable. Hide and Seek? Instantly win when seeking, but it's a coin flip when hiding.

The 'chef' eyes Yori a tad suspiciously, then sighs. "We pulled our village from yours for a reason, you know. You guys are losing too many ninja for our liking," he says, crossing his arms and stopping in his frantic travels. "Well, what do you say to that? And I'm not gonna think about letting you perform until you convince me it's a good idea to send our villagers over to Kumo for training."
The older woman that Hanami is helping smiles a bit when the Shinatobe accepts, and she starts making the streamers. "Oh, this is one of those fishing booths. I'm not going to bring the fish out for a while, but it'll be fun for the children to bring home a pet. And the parents can always give the fish back if they don't want them. A shinobi, eh? I remember my mother was a kunoichi… It was different times back then, but she was always glad to have been one. I didn't wish to follow her footsteps, though…"
Furoo gets a blink and the man slaps his forehead. "Dang it. I put the sigh backwards.." He sighs. "Could you flip the sign for me? I'm gonna keep setting up." Raion and Pansa would have their hands (paws) full with the kids, hopefully. A game of hide and seek would ensue with the foreigners being 'it'. Sadly, that was too quick a game, so the children quickly decided tag was better.

Yori offers a proper bow to the man, "I am Saito Yorishiro, and I have been in Kumogakure since I was eight. Yes, we have lost some of our members lately," he says, pausing to make sure his voice doesn't break before he continues. "But incidents like what has been happening recently are rare. Now that the Recluse has been destroyed, and the men from the prison are taken care of, we are at a time of relative peace." He takes a deep breath before continuing. "I lost good friends in the recent fights, and I can attest that it isn't easy. But without each painful loss we would not have had success. Without the shinobi who faught, lived, and died, these groups would have roamed free, and this," he motions around him to the village, "would be under attack from them instead. The death toll would be much more significant.
"That's why we train shinobi, to fight these fights with the best chance of success so that they don't go up blindly against these enemies, such as what would happen if we hadn't stopped the Recluse. We can't do that without every person available who is willing to protect what they love. Whether that's their families, villages, homes, or lands."

Hanami nods to the old lady as she continues putting up the booth, "I remember playing that game, it was fun. Caught a couple fish though they didn't seem to last sadly, but that's the way of things. Still a good game." She hmms, "My mother was a kunoichi as well, father too. I didn't want to be at first either, so I can understand. Then well…things changed and I changed with them. Now here I am. It's tough, and there are times I get discouraged. But…well I want to make sure people can be protected,"
She frowns, lost in troubling thoughts for a moment before shaking her head, "I've lost…a lot. More so than I wish on anybody. Even when discouraged, I never regret deciding to pursue this life because even if I can only make a tiny bit of difference, or even save one life, that's important. It's worth it." She shrugs, "Sorry, it's been quite the time lately, stirs up the memories. Anyways, I bet the kids will love fishing, just make sure they don't shake those bags, poor little fishies…"she gives a half smile at the old woman.

Blinking, Furoo walks over and turns the sign around before saying, "Oh, that makes a lot more sense…but makes this a lot more boring." She nods her head, "I think personally it'd be more fun if it were archery." She shrugs, "To each their own." She then looks over at the guy and then back at the targets, "You really ought to set up some kind of staff usage training or booth or something." She nods and then she taps the staff on her back, "Did you know that many villagers are trained at a young age to use a staff weapon as many basic tools can also be used as a staff." She nods her head, "It's versatile as well." She then steps back to look over what she did before blinking, "I think it is time for a break and some food."

Raion enjoys the games of tag, he gets to run around! He does go easy on the kids, but he doesn't just /let/ them win! He proves himself to be a tough adversary, and if anyone asks how he got so good, "It's because I'm a Ninja! I've been training to be faster, stronger, smarter, and overall just awesomer than I was! I was just a normal kid before I started training as a Ninja." Raion nods, he's lying… Sorta. And is aware of it. Pansa, following that small speech, was 'it', having been tagged by one of the kids, and dashes and bumps headfirst into Raion's side, somewhat hard. "You're it." Pansa grumbles, and Raion laughs, clearly unharmed.

The man crosses his arms. "I see…" He then sighs. Yori made a few good points, and it wasn't completely his decision to cut the village off… Which is probably why he's considering the Saito. "Fine, you can take the stage after the opening ceremony. Usually no one wants to go them because people get hyped up and wanna get going, so you might have your work cut out for you." Then he disappears.
The village continues to prepare for the festivities, and eventually night falls over the village. However, that doesn't mean darkness has. Lights are filling the village streets with a soft glow that allows people to look around, and a huge stage near the village center is there for all to see. The opening ceremony simply is a description of what this festival is about (the coming of spring) and introduces some of the booths that are open this year.

Yori bows to the man when he gives them permission to use the stage before exciting to see what the others…are…up…..to….."Um…" Yori looks over the spread out group curiously. At least Hanami seemed to be doing what he said with the whole helping set up thing. Guess he couldn't really fault Pansa and Raion either. That kind of fit their style, now where was…"Furoo-san!" Yori calls, wondering what the hell the girl is doing. Oh well. "Raion-san, Hanami-san. Can I speak with you all please?" He asks, trying to gather them up.
Once he has the others gathered he gives a small nod to them. "They've given us permission to use the stage after the opening ceremony. It may be difficult to keep an audience gathered but I intend to try. I will try and speak before hand, for the adults. After that, I do believe we should put on a show. So they can see what shinobi can do. Any suggestions?"

Hanami says goodbye to the old woman when she's called away and heads back over to Yori, listening to him. "A show? Uh…I don't know. Maybe target practice stuff with kunai…or maybe showing jutsus that uh…can be performed on stage without destroying anything? I've never done a performance before, sorry."

A blink as she hears her name called and then she starts off quickly back to the area where she was called to. She plants her staff as she arrives and only hears the tail end of what was said and then grins as Hanami talks, "Please! I can totally put on a great show. Nobody showier." She chuckles and Furoo then considers, "Though, I didn't get to eat a full meal so I might not be up to it and I'd really rather be taking a nap." She actually ate four out of the six meals she ordered but who's counting, right? Either way, she grins toothily and leans forward on her staff a little, "I'm sure I can find something fun to show off."

Raion hears the call from Yori, and bows to the kids. "Sorry, I gotta go. We might be able to play more later, maybe." Raion smiles and goes quickly to Yori, though Pansa arrives before Raion, to get away from the torturous kids! Both listen to Yori, and nod when he's done, and asks for ideas. "Well. A show, maybe we could use purposely weakened Ninjutsu, to where it looks cool, but wouldn't hurt anyone even if it directly hit them. That, or you could announce a spar between one or more of us, maybe. Or we could purposely hold back when it comes to fighting so neither of the ones sparring /actually/ get harmed… I don't know. Or Furoo-san could put on some kind of show… Or Hanami-chan's idea." Raion shrugs, "You're the leader."

Yori considers the different options that his team gives him, falling silent for a few moments as he works out some kind of plan. After a time he nods. "Okay, we'll do this. I'll make the announcement, then we'll have you three do a three-way spar. Don't try and hurt each other, and make it…showy, but not too much show. We want them to believe it's real, but perhaps make it look a little more interesting." He looks between the others to see if there's any objections before he offers a small nod to settle it.

Hanami nods to Yori, "Okay, sounds like a good plan." She then moves back, contemplating her skills and what might work, not really sure what she'll do but figures she'll come up with something.

A wide grin and then she looks at the others, "Don't worry, I'll go easy on ya." She chuckles and nods even as she shifts around and nods to Yori, "You won't regret this." She chuckles and steps away spinning her staff about herself idly before sliding it back away and grinning, "This is gonna be great…I had better get something to eat before I start." She nods and starts off.

Raion smiles and nods. "Alright. I'll do my best to be fancy!" Raion considers how he'd manage that… He has no clue how he'd manage to be fancy with speedy claw strikes… Maybe get close, but actively /try/ to miss by an inch? Maybe only use Lightning Ninjutsu… Raion isn't sure.

After the team is all planned out and ready, that's about the time that some of the guys who run the festivities come over. "Two minutes, kid. Then the chief will walk off." Through the speakers, the team would hear, 'And we have a special guest today. You might have noticed them helping out with our setup, but if not, I'd like to introduce some Kumogakure shinobi. They wished to perform for us, so I let them." Then Yori is called up to the stage…

Yori takes the stage and clears his throat, preparing his not at all prepared speech. "If I can have your attention please. We're here from Kumogakure to assist and enjoy in your wonderful festival. We're also here to answer any questions you might have. But let me say first that I understand there is concern. While that concern is quite understandable in and of itself, I want to take a moment to help with any misunderstands.
"The recent events that we've had to deal with are unfortunate, but they are also rare. In these times I have lost many friends, and it's never easy to deal with that loss. Yet with each loss it also brings new life. Without the sacrifices made by these shinobi, the evil people who orchestrated the various attacks would have moved right on to other villages such as this and caused many problems on their own. But it was because we had trained shinobi that we were able to keep that from happening and to protect you. But our numbers do, sadly, decrease. I know, it's not easy to think of the possibility of a loss. But I would gladly sacrifice my own life if it meant saving even one other person besides myself. I don't expect everyone to feel the same, but I hope that some of you will understand.
"Now, just to give you an idea of what a shinobi can do, I would like to introduce my team who will be doing a light spar. Everything they show here is done in defense of villages such as this. Everything they show here can be learned by anyone that might wish to also join with Kumogakure to help keep our land safe and free of danger. Not everyone will learn everything, but these techniques go far in keeping other peple safe." With that Yori offers a deep bow before giving the stage to the others.

Hanami waits for Yori's speech, smiling kindly at the crowd. When he's down she nods to the crowd and moves back into a better position to face Raion and Furoo, her face serious but amused. Most of her stuff sadly would probably cause some damage to the stage if nothing else, so she eyes Raion whenever he's ready and shapes a couple wind chakram. Throwing them they'd look like they were headed straight for him but Raion should be able to figure out they wouldn't actually hit him and he can move easily out of the way. Once past they'd dissolve and the worse anyone would get from them would be the feeling of a light breeze if that.

Coming out on stage, Furoo is grinning wide as she watches the crowd a moment, peering out at them while using her staff as a leaning post before she glances over at Hanami to watch her attack Raion. As she attacks Raion, Furoo starts off toward Hanami quickly. Even as she comes near her, she'll plant her staff into the ground to use it as a polevault and jump into the air, pushing off the ground with the staff to send a kick Hanami's way that doesn't have much in the way of power behind it. She then will spin around and spin her staff behind her back and attempt to give Hanami a hit across the back of one leg. She would then keep the staff spinning around her as she steps back and away.

Raion listens to Yori's speech and looks at the others, crouching down a little. When the chakram come his way he turns sideways and hops up a little ways, doing a flip, for added style as the two simply pass harmlessly under him, as soon as he hits the ground he dashes at Furoo, to complete the triangle, and makes two quick swipes at her, he's holding back, but it doesn't look like it at all.

The crowd blinks when Yori comes on, listening with an eerie silence. A few of them greeted the Saito with boos, and others had introduced him with cheers. It was clear, though, that many more 'boos' were going on. A few people completely left the area to get on with the festivities. But for those that remained, many were moved by Yori's words. The adults, at least. The kids weren't all that convinced. Until there was mention of fighting! That sounded exciting and really got their attention. A lot of kids that weren't too young started to really pay attention.

Hanami doesn't let the boos distract her though, just focusing on the show. When Furoo leaps at her with the kick she's ready, a burst of wind speed and she ducks and spins beneath it only to twist and hop up so as not to get him with the staff. Her body blurred with the speed, after Raion's attacks she darts in to elbow Furoo in the stomach. If it hits the strike doesn't have much power to it but there's a burst of wind that would push her back a couple feet followed.

And then Furoo ends up cut a little, though it's really quite superficial. Luckily the girl isn't a slouch when it comes to toughness so the scratches don't really do much in the way of blood drawing, just leaving some nasty red marks on her skin as she dodges out of the way of the attack from Hanami, flipping her staff around, she flips it left and right, spinning it around before she hmms and rushes forward, planting the staff again. THe end hits the stage and she ends up going up the staff. She ends up doing a full on single hand handstand on the top of the staff before spinning around on it once and flipping over completely to do a split legged kick to both Raion and Hanami at once while bringing her staff up off the ground. She'll land with both legs and spins the staff to try to whap Raion for that and while it's not her best attack she does put a bit more oomph behind this one…perhaps as a bit of revenge for those scratches.

Raion frowns when he actually connects with his claws, and decides maybe he should let her hit him back… He of course doesn't let the joke-attack hit him, as that would give away the whole act clearly, but when the staff comes in, he makes it /look/ like he blocked it to the audience, while willingly taking the punch, after that he decides to not use his claws, and does a quick low sweep at Hanami, spinning to attempt to kick the legs out from under Hanami, and then dashes to Furoo, attempting to land a… Toned-back gut-punch.

The crowd watches, some of the kids thoroughly entertained by the fight. Others were a bit more reserved. In general, though, the mood of the audience had improved significantly since Yori was first introduced.

Hanami takes the hit from Furoo but turns with it, using the spin for momentum, though she'll probably have a nice bruise no doubt. When Raion tries to sweep her legs out from under her he instead hits a chunk of discarded wood from the festival setup. Hanami herself despites to have a sense of humor, and the crowd would suddenly find her standing in the front rows, grinning and clapping, "Nice show, way to go!" She'd probably then hop back up on stage.

Simply pushing herself out of the way suddenly at the last moment, the gut punch hits nothing but air as she appears behind Raion and slides her staff behind her back and into its holster, "Good stuff!" She grins and bows to the crowd before giving Raion a push toward his back and then chuckles, "Keep those claws sheathed, Kitty person." She then grins and looks over the crowd idly.

Raion stands up straight and smiles to the crowd as the spar comes to an end, when he gets pushed he laughs softly, and bows to the crowd as well. "Well, that's our display. And that's only the beginning. If anyone is interested in recieving more information on becoming a shinobi, or just any questions at all, feel free to come ask."

The more appreciative members of the crowd cheer while the sour ones go off on their own. Noticably, though, the amount of people in good spirits is far more than half. Before, it was far less… It seems that the team was able to sway the opinion of many in this village, which was a good feat. Especially considering its size. "You all should enjoy the festival before leaving," the village elder offers. "And now, please excuse me. I'm going to go have fun with my family." He bows and makes his way off.

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