Kumogakure Graduation Day


Misa, Hiroyasu, Hiei, Ryouji

Date: January 30, 2014


It's graduation day in Kumogakure's ninja academy.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kumogakure Graduation Day"

Kumogakure Ninja Academy

It's a warm spring day on the grounds of the Kumogakure Ninja Academy. The courtyard has been decorated befitting that of a graduation ceremony. In attendance are the various families of the graduating shinobi, along with some of the village elders, and of course, the Raikage. Academy instructor, Yotsuki Hiei, clad in his formal robes with a sword belted at his waist steps forwards. "First we would like to thank the Lord Raikage for honoring us with his presence…" He inclines his head. "..then we would also like to thank the proud parents of these students for coming out to support them on this most momentous occasion." Hiei flashes a smile and then addresses the students. "Today, as your final test, you will be allowed to challenge an instructor of your choice. To showcase the abilities that you have learned thus far. But before we begin…I would like to say a few words to this graduating class." Hiei clears his throat lightly before he begins.

"What does it mean to be a Kumogakure Shinobi? You will fight for the people of the Land of Lightning. Like many before you, for the glory of the village, you will have to stand in harm's way. We are not saviors, we are soldiers. We hold ourselves to the highest ideal under the orders of our Lord Raikage. We have no choice but to trust in his wisdom and do what must be done. If we lose and die, then it was worth fightning for. If we win..then we live on to fight another day. The only thing that we fear is what might have been if we don't stand up and do our duty. You should be proud that you are now counted among the most elite shinobi on the planet. With courage, you will find your way. I look forward to following your respective careers."

Ryouji is in his new outfit and hair style befitting a genin. Hair is shorter and his outfit is much more sensible for missions. He stands with the other students, hands behind his back and chin a little higher in this ceremony. His bokken is as always, by his side. He plans on replacing it later, but for now, he's trained with the bokken so it only makes sense he uses it. He feels pride welling up but knows the test is coming so he pushes that feeling aside. He's calculating on who he should pick to fight. It only seems right that he fights Hiei, but his choices are varied for now. He does wait for other students to pick before he does.

Misa was dressed as a nin. A genin, to be precise. And in spite of the work she had put into her hair in Kirigakure - all that work was dashed to pieces at this point. Hair flopped this way and that - cut unevenly and not braided at all - the young woman drawing in a bit of a breath, moved regardless by the speech of her sensei.

It was a big thing for Misa. And the speech was inspiring, in its own way.

Unlike Ryouji, her mind was not roiling over the thought of the fight - it was in the responsibility that would come thereafter. Misa had her mask on, and was wearing mostly dark clothing - netting and gloves over her arms, a short tunic on her top - and a little skirt, worn over leggings and ninja shoes. When Hiei's speech finishes, Misa nods her head once, and glances down to her feet - the serpent coiled there. Before both young woman and snake turn their unblinking stares back to Hiei.

GAME: Save complete.

- They had formal attire?! uh no one informed Hiroyasu that it was required.. then again in his priest-like garb he was always old-fashion formal. Standing, rather ansy, next to him was the Yotsuki Heroine ~Nar-riiii-kooo~, in his head the sound of thunder rolls in the distance as he crosses his arms into a pose of stoic reverence, if only the wind could catch his robe to complete his mental image of himself. "Well said Yotsuuuu-kiii-sama" he says trying to conceal his sarcasm with a light cough into his hand. -

Hiei listens to the applause and once it dies down he smiles again. "Without further ado, let us continue this ceremony in Kumogakure tradition." His gaze takes on a look of concentration. "Hebisuuhai Misa. Reizei Ryouji. Step forward and select your opponent." He claps his hands once before he steps back. He then looks over at Hiroyasu and waves him over as he lowers his voice. "Do you remember when we did this? I am so excited for them." He then places his hands demurely behind his back as he waits for the students to make their choices.

Reizei Ryouji steps forward and lets his arms slip to his sides. He lifts a hand and points at Hiei, "It only seems proper, Hiei-sensei, to pick you. It's not about winning or losing this match. Only a demonstration of abilities." He gives a small smile and adjusts his bokken and saya making sure they're both on tight but able to slip out of the belt at a moments notice.

And it was at the proclamation of her sensei that Misa does step forward - the serpent making an annoyed noise as his little coil atop one of her feet was disrupted. Turning her eyes towards Ryouji briefly, Misa draws in a deep breath, the young woman turning in place - the serpent desperately trying to coil around one of her ankles.

And Misa lifts up a hand, to point in the direction of Hiroyasu. The young Hebisuuhai does not say a word - just let her pointing finger linger in his direction for the longest of moments, before she lets it fall back down, watching the man carefully. Misa did not appear to be armed with anything, however. But both her sensei would probably know such things were not the case.

- Hiroyasu glides slowly from his spot next to the now very vocally supportive Nariko.. letting her cheer them on by herself, calmly taking to Hiei's side "They were very lucky to have such a strong and diverse set of teachers and instructors.. and Nariko" he says to Hiei before rubbing his chin "I honestly don't really remember it. I'm sure we did.. I wasn't as skilled as they were or even as ready.." he whispers to him "You know I still can't henge.." speaking into the sleeve of robe covering his lips from view. Before placing his hands into a prayer steeple and bowing respectfully as he is chosen by the young Hebisuuhai Kunoichi. -

Hiei smirks a little as the young Reizei chooses him. He half expected them both to choose Hiroyasu, but he did have a bokken handy just in case. "Challenge accepted." He leaps down to where Ryouji is as the students move away to give them some room. Hiei takes his stance, his body in a mirror image of the Reizei style of swordplay. "Whenever you're ready, Reizei-san."

Ryouji sucks in a breath, "Yes, Hiei-sensei." He shifts his stance more to the side and rests his hand on the hilt of his sword. Right away he charges his sensei but closes much faster than if he was going to attack with his sword. Instead, he leaps up and does draw his sword, but lashes out with the blunt end of his hilt aiming for Hiei's chin. He follows up by a quick draw slice and a reverse of the blade all before landing in front of his sensei.

Misa does draw forward in a bow towards Hiroyasu. This time, Misa doesn't look towards Nariko, towards Hiei, towards Ryouji - towards her serpent. Misa's focus was entirely on Hiroyasu, her eyes wider than they were normally, fixed points on the older nin. And with a breathing out that pushes a breath past her mask - she does move. The serpent was coiled on her foot - she lifts her foot and tosses the serpent to one side - and falls the other direction.

It might look like she were tumbling, like she made an error.

Until the kunai lash out, little sharp darts flung (perhaps a bit inexpertly) in the direction of the older nin, Misa hitting her shoulder - and landing in a crouch after a roll.

- Hiroyasu elbows the Yotsuki "You thought they wouldn't chose you didn't you. I half expected them to choose Nariko and learn quickly why that would have been a poor choice." he says before moving out to meet his opponent. Giving her a respectful bow "I wish you success.." he says before taking a relaxed stance, perhaps too much so.. as the Kunoichi's clever ruse strikes him -unaware- with a Kunai right between the eyes… as the body falls over there is sudden rush of smoke as his body goes ~boofmph~. Appearing from the cloud of smoke the second kunai glances off his shoulder in a light shower of sparks as it deflects off his concealed chainmail… leaping backwards the last barrage of Kunai strike him in the chest sending him falling like a deadwood, a moment later.. ~boomfph~ a piece of wood covered in Kunai is laying where his feeble body once did. Leaping like a crazy man he rolls across the ground snatching up a hand full of pebbles.. with a flick of his thumb the solid piece of rock hurls at the young Hebisuuhai deceptively begin. -

Hiei forgot for a moment that he was fightning a Reizei…no matter how young he was. Ryouji managed to get a hit on him right off the bat, impacting his chin and knocking Hiei's head backwards. Hiei instinctively raises his bokken to block his next strike and then when Ryouji strikes again, it seems like he struck Hiei for a second time. Only for Hiei's body to go poof and be replaced by a wooden log. Hiei appears behind the boy and aims an open handed strike towards his lower back.

Ryouji senses the replacement technique half a second after it appears. "Hurm…" he says as the first strike finds a home but the other gets blocked and the second hits the log. He disappears in a puff of smoke as well, the soulstrike hitting one of the training dummies from the gym. It's got a picture of Ryouji's face, cross eyed and its tongue sticking out. It falls over as Ryouji smiles from his hiding place. He throws the brown tarp off of him, showing the small depression he used and launches himself at his sensei throwing out a punch with his free hand then retreats putting distance from his target. He pulls a kunai out throwing it and tries to figure out how to range this fight. Might be a better idea.

There was a brief look of horror that manages to permeate the calm that normally accents Misa's face, the young woman dipping her head down to stare out of the tops of her eyes at Hiro as he falls back… Misa rising to a stand, her heart thudding in her chest…

When Hiro does appear out of nowhere like that. The pebbles come up, and Misa lifts her hand, her eyes going a bit distant in spite of herself. And the rock strikes her in the centre of her forehead, the stuffed snake - it was stitched together quite horribly, a rush job - kinda dropped from her hands as the young woman kinda falls back unto her butt. Stunned.

Or mostly stunned.

Curling up on the ground, Misa lashes forward - leading with a thrown kunai towards the centre of Hiro's mass, before her foot lashes out with a kick, the young woman remaining low to the ground in a crouch as she tries to stick Hiro in the side of the leg with her other kunai.

- Hiroyasu attempts to twist out of the way only finding that armor that doesn't protect you when it isn't covering where you are hit, the bright thin line of blood cresting from his normally pale ( for a Kumogakurian) skin of his neck, a poor dodge when you move into the attack. Her kick seems to hit but there is no thud of heel or sound of a hit.. it seems like he just moved in the exact same direction as her attack minimzing any effect. The Kunoichi and her crafty kunai swirl around striking him in the leg burying into the chainmail woven throughout his priestly garb. Flicking another pebble at her with a quick flick of his thumb before spinning around with a spinning back kick before sliding to a halt giving her a nod of appreciation. -

Hiei's eyes widen when Ryouji dupes him with the old replacement technique. He chuckles under his breath. "Atta boy.." Then he's promptly hit in the face again from…out of nowhere? He immediately goes into a dazzling display of flips and aerial acrobatics as he dodges the kunai from the younger shinobi. He retaliates with a swing of his bokken and then runs forwards, throwing out his arm in an attempt to connect with the boy's torso in a classic Yotsuki clan manuver.

Ryouji brings his bokken up against the wooden sword of Hiei, both cracking together hard. Ryouji does not see it, but a small crack has formed in the weapon. But continuing on, he ducks down, missing the lariat before stabbing up with the point of the wooden sword in a double stab quickly and efficiently.

It was a little silly, overall. But Misa didn't expect much less from Hiroyasu. It was how he could go all out against her, and some part of her respected that. Or would, if she wasn't focused entirely on trying to press her imagined advantage of surprise. And this time, when the pebbles flick out towards her - Misa was ready. Kinda frog-hopping to one side as the pebble rockets down towards her, Misa then attempted to somersault away from him - but such things were only disrupted by the foot that Hiro manages to plant in her flipping belly.

And Misa lands on her head a bit. For most, that might be a horrible end to the proceedings for most. But not shinobi.

What it does is have Misa kinda rise to her feet - the wrong way around. Giving her head a shake, Misa twists back towards Hiro - giving the older nin a nod in return as she flicks her hands behind herself - returning with two more kunai in her hands, held like daggers, her unblinking eyes deadset on his own.

- Hiroyasu slowly lowers his foot back to his calm stance.. rubbing the back of his head sheepishly as she brandishes her Kunai after her embarrassing tumble. Seemingly almost absent minded he digs around in pocket of robe pulling out two slips of paper that he wields between the two forefingers on each hand. "Excellent, Show me what you have got.." he says taking a deep breath and waggles the strips of paper at her come hitherly. -

While Ryouji took advantage of Hiei over extending himself when he performed his Lariat, the younger shinobi forgot that he had another hand..the one holding the sword. Hiei slipped it underneath him, taking the stabs on the broad side of the wooden blade before he slides to a stop to face the younger shinobi. Hiei throws down his hand, causing a cloud of smoke to appear around him around the same time he leaps high into the air. Hiei had tested Ryouji's speed. Now he would test his intelligence. Thinking that he's duped the new genin, he twirls his sword around his body quickly, so quickly that the blade turns a neon blue as he brings it down towards Ryouji's head. But that's the fake. He purposely misses, only to have his hand come up at the same time that he struck to deliver a small volt of lightning towards Ryouji.

And Misa rolls her neck, her eyes kinda glancing down and to one side. Her serpent looked perturbed. It was making a little noise at the back of its throat, glaring at Misa like she had done something wrong. Why was she jumping all about? Why was she making little motions with her chin towards Hiroyasu? He thought she liked Hiroyasu.

The serpent swivels his head towards Hiro, and kinda flickers his tongue at him.

Misa rolls her eyes. Ducking low - Misa whips her hand up, flicking a kunai directly at Hiro's face - dropping a smoke ball at her feet at the same time. Misa was hoping that the kunai would distract him enough for him to believe she would linger in the smoke - but Misa was actually lunging towards the bushes to one side. Hoping to sneak around to flick another kunai from concealment at him.

Ryouji closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and relaxes. He brings the sword up reflexive. Too much training with the sword as he senses what he thought was the sword above him. But he picks out Hiei's intentions over the jumble of intents in the room. All the adrenaline and fear, all the anger and frustration, and excitement. He sorts them out until he finds Hiei's and what he's wanting to do. "Woh!" he grunts out as he pushes back and rolls letting the zips smack harmlessly into the ground from the smoke. He comes up from the back roll and throws out a volley of shruiken at his now visible teacher.

- There was a moment as the smoke was filling that everything went dark before the sudden eruption of flames in the inky blackness gave away their masters. It was one thing to fool a sensor with such a simple trick but it does happen.. just not today. As the Kunai is flung into the smoke, it flies back out again having been caught and turned around on its master before leaping out behind it was the form of Hiroyasu, with the two strips of paper in his fingers, he slices at her as if the paper were steel.. the light blue aura of chakra flowing through them might mean they could be.. -

Hiei rolls forwards back up to his feet and his battle awareness allows him to figure out where Ryouji was coming from next. He flips the wooden sword, deflecting the thrown shruiken at first before he begins going into another display of acrobatics. He finishes up with a horizontal corkscrew flip to land in a wide crouch. He begins to spin the sword around his body as he runs towards his student, the blade once again glowing neon blue. However, this attack was real as Hiei switches to a two handed grip on his sword. He'd see how the Reizei handled pure, raw, power.

Ryouji didn't save up this chakra for nothing. So he uses it and does a hand seal with the hilt of his sword in between the hands of the sign. It works, but not as well as Ryouji would have liked. In fact, it doesn't work at all for the clone he wanted. He gets smacked, hard in the shoulder and he cries out in pain. He feels the muscles and bones there go crunch but doesn't fall. His knees wobble as he goes down to one knee, his hand holding his sword dropping and the other holding the shoulder which begins to ooze blood from such a strike. Raw power indeed. He instead finishes the hand sign grimacing in pain. His form wavers for a second and disappears in a puff of smoke. A clone? Or merely a distraction to get over the pain for a few seconds. A student from the line up suddenly breaks rank and throws two kunai out at Hiei. A sneak attack or a crazy student?

Misa's first instinct was to get out of the way of the initial returned kunai. With so little time to react, so little time - she fails to dodge - said kunai thudding into her shoulder. Wounded a moment, Misa's mind flickered less to ninjutsu, and more to other sorts of defenses, the young woman lifting the two kunai up to try to cut through the chakra-hardened bolts with the kunai first in one hand - then the one in the other.

The first was a terrific failure - entirely a miss, the paper slashing into her. The second one - Misa strikes the paper with steel - and the weapon itself is cut through, the tip of the kunai sliced off to thud into the ground - Misa's own body struck next, opening another wound.

Now there was a bit of panick in her throws - Misa throws first one kunai, and then the other, aiming lower, then higher - before somersaulting to one side.

And seemingly vanishing. The observant might notice that the bush had grown a bit to one side. The observant may also note the crooked branches. And the observant may also notice this bush kinda… starting to inch around. It was leaving droplets of blood, as well.

- Hiroyasu twists left, sways right, spins around.. almost touches the ground in a fluid dance of dodges away from her kunai, before there is sudden disappearance of his opponent.. "Well.. uh.. right.." he says clearing his throat into his hand before tossing the two strips of paper aside as they burst into blue flame and turn to ash having exhausted themselves. He brings his hands into a prayer steeple and takes a moment to gather his wits, and let her collect her own. Their battle had been difficult for her, but equally difficult for him to match her on her level and provide a real challenge without being overpowerful. "Take your time" he says. -

Misa did take her time. Of course - she waited to do just that until she was in a position more or less behind Hiroyasu, the young woman checking her belt - just one kunai left. Well. Misa flicks her eyes down to her shoulder.

Perhaps more than one. Bringing up her hand, Misa winces, biting down so hard on her forked tongue as she yanks the kunai out of her shoulder, the shredded tunic showing a flash of caramel skin before it wells up with blood. She had to remain quiet. This was her best chance.

Even if Hiro was still just testing her. There were certain points that she tended to fixate on - limbs in particular. And when the sorry-looking bush behind Hiroyasu suddenly becomes a kunoichi, Misa whips her kunai in a horizontal slash against his hamstring - before she leaps straight up, hoping to bury both kunai into Hiro's shoulder, side-by-side. Perhaps like fangs.

Hiei blinks when Ryouji tries a tactic similar to his. He doesn't see the student launch a shruiken at him until it impacts him in the shoulder. A trickle of blood flows down his arm as he backflips to avoid the second one. Having the boy in sight again, he rushes him, his body warping slightly as he executes a flash strike towards him. However, upon completion of the technique he plants his foot and spins, aiming an overhand power strike towards Ryouji.

Ryouji's eyes pick up the speed of Hiei, easily. Ryouji has never been able to pick up the speed before and he just side steps him from the flash strike. He spins towards Hiei and brings his sword up to block. The sword is in perfect alignment, the angle perfect, the grip couldn't be better. The sword however, had a crack and its flaw is now shown. The power of the strike downward on the sword shatters the wood. Chunks of it fly out everywhere leaving only the handle. Hiei's weapon connects sending Ryouji bouncing away this time. He couldn't stand a strike that breaks his weapon into splinters. Ryouji hardly registers it. His mind is all fuzzy from the pain but he does know at least he's on the ground. He looks up and over at Misa getting struck over and over and not looking the best just a short distance away. If it's the pain or his distracted and befuddled mind he couldn't say. He's still holding the shattered hilt of his weapon. It'll have to do. He looks at Hiei and says, "Sorry…" then pulls himself up and rushes over to Misa and Hiro. He must be punch drunk, he's going to get in the way of their fight and try to get in the way of any of Hiro's attacks.

Misa did take her time. Of course - she waited to do just that until she was in a position more or less behind Hiroyasu, the young woman checking her belt - just one kunai left. Well. Misa flicks her eyes down to her shoulder.

Perhaps more than one. Bringing up her hand, Misa winces, biting down so hard on her forked tongue as she yanks the kunai out of her shoulder, the shredded tunic showing a flash of caramel skin before it wells up with blood. She had to remain quiet. This was her best chance.

Even if Hiro was still just testing her. There were certain points that she tended to fixate on - limbs in particular. And when the sorry-looking bush behind Hiroyasu suddenly becomes a kunoichi, Misa whips her kunai in a horizontal slash against his hamstring - before she leaps straight up, hoping to bury both kunai into Hiro's shoulder, side-by-side. Perhaps like fangs. There was a low, rattling sound that was coming from the back of her throat at that, Misa pausing a moment there, lingering as she brings up her feet - hoping to kick off Hiro with another backflip.

In the midst of her struggle, she sees Ryouji coming at them both, her eyes widening in expressed shock. But she was too 'busy' to do more than just that for now.

- Haphazard sidestep and the first slice towards his hamstring misses as he seems just lift his foot without much effort, before a simple turn sideways and one of the knives goes far wide.. The other on the other hand grazes down the sleeve of robe, the deadly little viper does have some fangs even if they are barely able to get through the woven chain that hides in plainsight in the layers of his monkly robe. Hiroyasu nods appreciatively "Good! Adapation, Improvisation, Tenacity, ingenuity! Most Excellent!" His eyes roll lazily to the side as the entrance of her savior is eminent. "Teamwork, Loyalty, Devotion.. Wonderful!" then looks back at Misa "Your Hero comes.." Hiroyasu begins weaving seals and several angry columns of stone begin to spring up from the ground at the young reziei as if the earth were furious at him. "err..possibly.." he adds with a smirk. -

Hiei blinks as Ryouji's wonderful bokken is shattered. He winces a little inside..he knew how much the kid loved that thing. However when Ryouji abandons their fight to run to Misa's aid, Hiei shakes his head slowly before settling into the lotus position, propping his chin up with his bokken. He sighs. "Ah, young love." Then he smirks a little more when Hiroyasu sends those stone columns towards him. "Hmm." Is all the Yotsuki says about that.

Ryouji gets slammed hard by the stones shooting out at him. They slam him squire in the gut doubling him over and sending him rolling off and onto the ground. "Diploma…." he chokes out, pulling himself up quickly. He looks at the handle and jams it into his saya and pulls it out. "There we go…." and charges forward while looking at Misa. Without saying a word he closes the distance to Hiro and slashes with the saya. The lacquered red wood leaving behind a red slash with the two swipes.

If there was one thing Misa's fellow student did do - it was apparently draw the 'heat', so to speak, off of her. "What about Hiei?!" hisses Misa, using the distraction to kinda drop off of Hiro's back with a spin. Replacing a kunai in her belt - Misa does grunt a bit, the mask on her features drawn in with a sucking breath. Spinning from behind Hiro, Misa flicks a hand forward… and one more smoke bomb lashes out at Hiei's face. If Misa's aim were true, it would bonk him on the nose. With a spinning motion, she'd send a kunai at centre mass in his direction, before Misa completes her spin - and lunges back towards Hiroyasu with a wild stab, hoping to catch him in the arm.

- Persistent, very persistent. With some fleet of feet, he dances along with the strikes his body flowing and moving each the strikes from the Reizei. Barely missing him at times and gingerly passing by him others.. As the young Hebisuuhai spins around there is a pit in the gut of Hiroyasu as he has to do what he has to do, Spinning around he attempts to put a foot to her gut, a lesson for leaving it wide open before looking at Ryouji with hungry eyes, his fingers pursed together and he hen-pecks at the young Reizei attempted to strike vital and painful areas with just the blunt of his fingers before turning the same attention to the young Kunoichi.. it wasn't to harm them just incapacitate. -

Hiei blinks when he's suddenly attacked by Misa. He's bonked on the head by her attack and then he leans to the left as her kunai sails past his face. He sighs. "Alright, enough." Standing back up to his feet, he tosses the bokken aside and vanishes, appearing in front of both students as he sends a lightning infused palm strike towards their respective torsos. "I suppose I wasn't much of a challenge, Reizei-san. However, that's enough for now." He looks over at Misa. "That's enough out of you as well. Allow Hiroyasu to patch you up. You both did well. I'm very proud..but there's no need to go overboard."

Ryouji says, "He won't attack…" oh how foolish. He looks surprised as Misa attacks him, "Well…now he will…" as he hops backward, avoiding the slow strike from Hiro, but didn't see Hiei blink in front of him. Way too fast. And lights up like a christmas tree for a second. Smoke trails off him in several spots and he puffs out a cloud of smoke. He drops to his knees and twitches from aftersocks of lightning. "Y…yeah…t…that's enough. I..I agree…s…sensei."

It was a flurry of attacks. And the advertisement that it was a 'soft touch' was entirely inaccurate. In the midst of it, there was a shimmer that perhaps distracted Hiro as another Misa appeared. Which was all well and good - until Misa looks up at the towering form of Hiei, whose lightning knocks her flat unto her butt, the young woman dropping out cold nearly instantly - limbs twitching with the electricity dancing over her form.

Eventually, the shocks to Ryouji's nervous system fade and he can move without twitching. He sits back and whews, then looks at his wounds. "You do hit harder than I thought, Hiei-sensei. And move faster, much faster. Awww, my sword…" ok, it just registered as he looks at the hilt and saya. He lifts it up and the saya just now falls off with a clatter. It didn't last much longer and splits down the middle. "…such is the way of things. I'll need a new sword then." he says either in shock or oddly in acceptance of it all. He doesn't move much as he lets Hiro work on him.

- Hiroyasu watches as his kick lands true to the lesson of leaving oneself open.. then they both avoid his rather slow attempt at pressure points to cause them pause "Yotsuki Hiei! You will pay for that.. I will arrange it with Nariko.. and Ogo" he growls moving with a burst of unnatural.. quickness which was actually his unabated speed. Catching the Hebisuuhai, and his hands glowing green as he frantically tries to keep everything in order. "They aren't made for that kind of punishment." he snarls before calling out for the medical personal on hand to take the young student to the infirmary for observation.. not that she wasn't already familiar with the poor paint scheme and spartan decor.

As he approaches the Reizei with a hands up defensively. "You'll need to accompany her if you could.. I'll give you a little quick boost" his hands with pursed fingers poke, prod, and press at several important chakra points causing a sudden swell in vitality as several wounds clot and afew bruises soften their swelling. "Quick fix, now go help your teammate" he says moving to his feet. -

Hiei reaches out to catch Misa but Hiroyasu beats him to it for once. Odd that. He asides to Ryouji. "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear." He blanches slightly at Hiro. He was going to get it. He murmurs, "No..no not that. Not her. I'll face Sensei. A thousand times over. But not Nariko. It was an accident." He looks left, then looks right. "Yeah..go see the medics. I..have somewhere to be." A gust of wind accompanies his departure as he appears up at the podium again. "Congratulations, you all pass."

Ryouji is looking better now, the bleeding has stopped at least. The pressure points worked great. But yes, it's time to go. He gets up looking at Misa with concern and says to Hiro, "I hope she'll be ok." He's ready to go but looks where Hiei was and shakes his head sad for his sensei but accidents happen.

The burst of energy that accompanies the healing jutsu has Misa kinda… moaning a bit, the young woman taking a sudden breath in of air. Eyes open, but see nothing, before they flutter shut again. "We passed…" she says, before lapsing back into quietness. It was a happy sort of quiet.

- Hiroyasu nods his head "Oh yeah, she will be okay. Not to be humorous but it was just a bad case of shock. She was already at, if not past her limit when you joined. I was cautiously seeing if she could go above and beyond.. as you may have noticed. my attacks really lacked any force or threat.." as was obvious by them both avoiding his strikes with relatively ease. "Its not a Kumogakure ceremony unless someone ends up in the emergency room." about then Hiei becomes a ghost in attendance. "Well, She is the headmaster of the academy.. and saw the whole thing.." clearing his throat before looking around.. "If you need me, I will be at the hospital tending to our Genin.." and by that.. he means he will go bug someone more compentent then he to do more skilled work then he. -

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