Kumo’s Kidnappers - The Bait Lies


Rockpath (emitter), Ryouji, Hanami, Arashi

Date: October 11, 2015


Ryouji takes a small patrol out to check the outskirts of the Land of Lightning, and his group encounters a rather pathetic bandit.

"Kumo’s Kidnappers - The Bait Lies"

Land of Lightning

Kumogakure has been host to all sorts of trouble lately. Attacks from within and without, though in not so many words. Which is why patrols are being sent out more often. Ryouji is the leader of this little group, and he's supposed to take the route along the eastern front of the Hidden Cloud. Arashi was assigned to assist, of course, and maybe a genin as well? Regardless, time for a patrol! Lucky for them, they take off at midday, so it's only stifling hot rather than terribly dark and early.

RPCOMBAT: Ryouji defends against with a PERCEPTION…29
RPCOMBAT: Ryouji defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…25

Ryouji rides along on Echo, his white mare looking as bored as the rider is. But it's ok, patrols are needed as this small group rides along on the eastern trails from the village. Ryouji isn't about to let the village be attacked…again. Ryouji does look back once in a while to make sure all of his two team members are still behind him.

RPCOMBAT: Arashi defends against with a PERCEPTION…27

Arashi keeps following along in silence keeping an eye on his surroundings. It is a simple routine. Nothing special about patrols unless you actually come across threats. Recently though that has been a high possibility. So here we are sending out patrol after patrol trying to make sure the village isn't attacked again. He stays a certain distance behind Ryouji to make sure if anything happens he has enough time to react himself.

Hanami takes up the rear of the patrol on her horse, not exactly against what should be a relatively straightforward patrol. One, it was necessary. Two, with everything that's been going on and working to rebuild this was the closest she got to a break. Even taking this easy she doesn't let down her guard though and casts her senses upon the wind as the group travels.

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…40
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…39

Thus so far, the group wouldn't find much of anything, really! It was, in all appearances, a very boring patrol. Which actually might be a good thing! It's only until they get to the furthest point from Kumogakure that Hanami would pick up something… Odd? Something chakra-like, but there wasn't much to it. Of course, it was a bit more noticeable, so that could be bad. She would be able to tell it was a bit further east than where their patrol would normally take them.

Ryouji keeps riding, not picking up anything and pondering if he should whip out his notebook to start jotting down some rap lyrics. Not singing them of course, he might get hurt by someone if he did. And it'd alert anyone who might be out here where they are. He gives a yawn and reaches forward to scratch behind Echo's ear.

Arashi would keep moving along not noticing anything. Every once and awhile he would think he hears something, but nope he doesn't. So he keeps on moving checking every little spot he can as quickly as he can. Keeping an eye on how the others are doing he noticed there leader taking a notebook out and writing something. Is this really the time to be paying attention to a notebook… He shrugs to himself.

RPCOMBAT: Arashi defends against with a PERCEPTION…18

Hanami frowns as her senses pick up something. A noticable chakra signature which is definitely odd out here. She kicks up her horse a bit, moving up just past Arashi so Ryouji has a better chance of hearing her as well, "Hey, there's something up ahead. Can't tell much past it being some kind of chakra signature, to the east a bit off our patrol route." With them being alerted she focuses her senses on that spot to see what else she may pick up.

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…26
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…28

Nothing thus far! Hanami was a bit closer to the source, but… it disappeared! Why? Not sure… Either way, it was certainly odd, no? That spike of chakra she had seen earlier was gone at the sound of horses.

Ryouji slows to a stop on Echo and dismounts. He calls out, "We'll head over on foot." He slides his swords from the saddle to his back holder, making sure each is in place. "If everyone is ready, let's go." He takes off running, slow enough for everyone else can follow.

Arashi would quickly move to match his pace still keeping the same distance behind him. "How far off were the chakra signatures Hanami? Probably best to give us an estimate of how long until we reach there just in case it is something dangerous." He keeps his eyes looking around to make sure he doesn't easily get caught off guard.

RPCOMBAT: Arashi defends against with a PERCEPTION…15

Hanami halts her horse alot with the others, slipping off she draws her chakra and lightly catches the other two with little effort though when she does she looks confused and frowns, "I…not too far up ahead but the signature vanished as we came to a stop. Whatever it is, I think it must've heard us or something, so we should go carefully." With that she tries to move more quietly while straining her senses to get all she can.

COMBAT: Hanami attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 18
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…38
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…24
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a PERCEPTION…32

When Ryouji motions for everyone to get off their horses and start making their way on foot, that's when the trouble begins. From seemingly out of nowhere, a bunch of throwing knives are sent at the trio! It is then that someone appears atop a rock and peers down at the three. "Hoho, what have we here. Doesn't seem like much of a gold mine, though… Jake is sad…" Then the man just disappears! Where to, though?

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against SHARP(19) attack from Rockpath with a PRECISION-PARRY…41
COMBAT: Ryouji defends against STEALTH(24) attack from Rockpath with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…40

Ryouji's ears twitch as he hears the woosh of the throwing knives. He grips lightning cutter at the hip and pulls it free within a heartbeat to block the throwing blade. It sparks off the blade and goes flying away as Ryouji returns the blade home. He reaches behind him and pulls out a kunai with a paperbomb attached. He easily picks out the target above and readies the weapon. He throws it and flips through hand signs to shoot out a stream of air. It'll push the paper bomb faster as well as add more punch to the attack combo. He says, "There he is!" Of course, the explosion might be obvious.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against SHARP(26) attack from Rockpath with a SPARK-SHIFT…40
COMBAT: Arashi defends against STEALTH(25) attack from Rockpath with a PERCEPTION…17

Arashi quickly reacts to the throwing knives moving out of the way. He looks around at his surrounding, but doesn't attack immediately. He lets the other two keep them busy while he focused his chakra. The explosions happen, and he quickly moves backwards to prepare for his attack now that he was ready.

COMBAT: Arashi focuses 3508 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Hanami defends against SHARP(27) attack from Rockpath with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Hanami loses the roll and sustains 307 damage.
COMBAT: Hanami defends against STEALTH(27) attack from Rockpath with a TENSE…5

Hanami looks up suddenly as the man who might be called Jake appears and the kunai fly for the party. She draws on wind but not fast enough and takes the blade in the arm. Her breath hisses between her teeth but she keeps going, no stopping now.

COMBAT: Hanami focuses 2319 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SHARP(20) attack from Ryouji with a BLOCK…25
COMBAT: Rockpath takes 298 partial damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against EXPLOSIVE-TAG(25) attack from Ryouji with a DODGE…34
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against BLADED-GALE(37) attack from Ryouji with a DODGE…34
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 344 damage.

The man ends up grabbing the kunai with his bare hands and flings it back at Ryouji with a good flick of the wrist. "You'll need to do more than that~" he says cheerfully, wincing as suddenly all sorts of cuts appear along his body. "Bah…" Then the man throws a few more throwing knives at the other two who did nothing before trying to sneak off again!

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against EXPLOSIVE-TAG(31) attack from Rockpath with a WIND-DASH…27
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 468 damage.
COMBAT: Ryouji defends against STEALTH(18) attack from Rockpath with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…39

Ryouji blinks in surprise when the guy takes the blade and throws the explosive tag back. "What tha…get down!" It explodes in a fireball around him flinging him back and sending him sprawling. He coughs and makes a hand sign to shoot out a stream of air with one hand while throwing out shruiken at the guy. Then he gets up patting some of the smoking bits of his clothes. "Ok, this guy is toast, I'm done playing nice." he says, licking a finger and putting out a bit of singed sleeve.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against SHARP(23) attack from Rockpath with a DODGE…12
COMBAT: Arashi loses the roll and sustains 257 damage.
COMBAT: Arashi defends against STEALTH(25) attack from Rockpath with a PERCEPTION…16

He would jump backward when the explosion when it happens, and he would prepare to attack. Once he does though a knife hits him. He looks around, but is unable to find the guy himself. "This guy is getting annoying. He keeps moving around." The smoke helped with the guys escape, and he simply waits for another attack.

COMBAT: Hanami defends against SHARP(23) attack from Rockpath with a WIND-DASH…35
COMBAT: Hanami defends against STEALTH(17) attack from Rockpath with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…36

Hanami gets her game back zipping around the attack with a twist and darting closer before flinging a wind-laced chakram at the man Jake, intending to wound. She follows it up with a quick flash of hand signs and a quick gesture causes the air above him to solidify and press down trying to knock him to the ground. She looks to Ryouji, "Careful, we don't know what his game is. Better that he can talk."

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against BLADED-GALE(30) attack from Ryouji with a DODGE…21
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 393 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SHARP(30) attack from Ryouji with a DODGE…23
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 224 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SHARP(25) attack from Ryouji with a DODGE…27
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WIND-SHARP(26) attack from Hanami with a DODGE…35
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against MACROBURST(36) attack from Hanami with a DODGE…22

Well, this guy tries to jump away and avoid all the attacks, but he's largely unsuccessful. He ends up getting stuck to the ground. "Hey, no fair!" he grumbles, using most of his energy to try and keep upright. That gust of Hanami's was strong, and it was knocking a lot of the wind from his lungs.

Ryouji says, "Alright, we got 'em!" He leaps and starts running up the side of the cliff where this guy is apparently. Ryouji grabs lightning cutter and pulls it out just an inch to capture a shaft of sunlight to shoot it into the guy's eyes. He leaps over the edge and pulls it free, giving him a quick slice. "Now surrender, attacking a kumogakure patrol isn't a very smart move."

He would eye the man as he is held to the ground. Once that happens Arashi would ready his own attack again. Finally he would be able to do something besides dodge. He releases a blast of energy in his direction. If it collided with him there would be an explosion on impact with a fairly large blast radius. "Foolish of him wasn't it."

Hanami nods as Ryouji moves in to get the man to surrender. "What were you hoping to accomplish by attacking us? Simple looting? Would've been better off keeping your distance." She moves in to get closer when Arashi laser beams the guy! Hopping back from the blast radius she whips around, "What were you thinking! Whether he just thought we were an easy steal or not, we had him subdued!"

COMBAT: Ryouji successfully interrupts attack number 3: LASER-BEAM from Arashi against Rockpath with a roll of 39 vs 24.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against GLINT-OF-THE-SAYA(36) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SHARP(22) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 275 damage.

The man was already cowed by the wind, and now he has to deal with light in his eyes? He isn't too thrilled about that, and he ducks, only to be sliced up a bit more. ""Fine, fine! I surrender!" he says, flopping where he is. When Arashi shoots a bolt of energy at him, he squeezes his eyes shut, certain that would be the death of him….

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against LASER-BEAM(24) attack from Arashi with a BLUR…46

Ryouji turns and time seems to slow down for him. He feels the heat coming before the explosion at his back. Ryouji turns his head, picking up the laser out of the corner of his eye. Ryouji reaches out and grabs the guy, slipping under the man's arm with his. Then he's gone, leaping off the ledge with a blur of motion as his body shifts forms for a moment. Just long enough to gain some strength and speed so he can clear the explosion. Ryouji lands next to the pair of teammates and glares at Arashi for a long moment before grabbing the man that's captured by the arm and bending it behind his back to keep him from squirming away. "Common, let's get you back to the village." he says. He looks back at Arashi and Hanami and says, "Are you two ok?"

Arashi looks at it, and had released his attack before he knew Ryouji was going to ask the man to surrender. He had no idea why you wouldn't just kill the guy and get him out of the way, but guess he was wrong to attack. He looks at the explosion happen and sees Ryouji appear next to him. He only noticed the glare coming from him as he speaks about taking the man back to the village. When asked if he is ok he answers only with a shrug, and stays in silence for pretty much the rest of the trip.

Hanami sighs, seeing Ryouji had pulled the man out of the way. She starts walking past Arashi, "This wasn't the time for such an action." Then she's past and looking to Ryouji before glancing at the wound in her arm. Taking a bandage from her pouch she starts wrapping it up, "I'm okay enough. Stupid mistake is all, nothing serious. I'll get it properly checked out back at the village. Overall though I'm glad things went this well, right?" She looks back at Arashi too, with a pleasant enough expression, deciding to chalk up the attack as an accident. When Ryouji heads out she'll follow along easily enough.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against YANK(26) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against YANK(29) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…10
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against YANK(23) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…7

Well, this dude is yanked this way and that, much to his unhappiness. He's pretty sure those stars weren't that close to the earth, right? Or is he … bah. Regardless, Ryouji and team wouldn't have to encounter anything else strange like bandits suddenly attacking or whatever! For the time being. Back over there near the rocks, though, something was watching…

RPCOMBAT: Ryouji defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…39

Ryouji still has his senses tuned, but as he begins tying up the guy he's not really interested in anything that might be around. He tosses the guy over the horse and rides out.

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