Kurome and Hinotori’s Training, Session 1: Taijutsu Test


Kurome, Hinotori

Date: June 14, 2015


Hinotori has decided to assist his clan head in becoming stronger so that she doesn’t get her butt kicked by mere genin!

"Kurome and Hinotori’s Training, Session 1: Taijutsu Test"

Uchiha Clan Village

As promised, Kurome had shown up at the place that Hinotori said they should meet for training. It was so early that the sun wasn't even over the horizon, though the tinge of light was revealing the day to be very cloudy, indeed. The woman sighs softly, wondering if she'll be considered 'late' or not. They had said 'early', and nothing could be earlier than this, lest it be considered late.

Hinotori did say be there early but he wasn't meaning this early, and so when Kurome gets there he isn't there yet. ITs' an hour later when Hinotori finally shows up, he yawns and rubs his eyes as he looks around at the training area that was picked.

Kurome has almost dozed off when Hinotori finally arrives. She gets up and offers a light bow, offering with a smirk, "Should I call you sensei, or is Hinotori-san fine?" she asks, a bit of a teasing tone to her voice. She had plenty of time to wake up, after all… So she isn't groggy

HInotori gestures for her to sit down, "Before we start and well your the clan head, what would you feel is appropriate?"he asks as he looks at her. He smiles enjoing that she is joking. He sits down next to the tree and he studies her for a long moment, she is cute which he likes but he wanted ot see if she had a good strong head on her shoulders as well. "Please tell me a bit about yourself Kurome-sama." he says to her. "I want us to get to know one another and be able to trust one another. What you tell me stays only between us, you share what you want."

Kurome peers back at Hinotori, considering the other Uchiha. "Hmmm… The question is how much to tell you and what… I suppose you might nit have heard of me since i tried to keep myself scarce. I took missions that were usually meant for weaker shinobi specifically so there wasn't anything memorable. A bit of catiousness that stayed with me even after experiencing the peace offered by Kenosha's system."

Hinotori nods his head. "I see." he says as she speaks. "What are you wanting out of your training? What are you wanting to learn and what do you feel is a fit for you?" he asks. Hinotori looks very relaxed, but his questions are very direct, something about him she may have read, along with he's always at ease and most of the time can be found sleeping in ceratain areas of the village. Also one of th emore dangerous in the art of taijutsu, as that is is spciality.

Kurome hmms softly. "A bit of Taijutsu, I think, would be good to learn. How to use the Sharingan… I suppose just a bit of help in everything since I don't have any one thing I'm good at. I definitely want to work on my Taijutsu because I'm not as good at that as I am Genjutsu and Ninjutsu." She had heard Hinotori tended to be relax, of course, but she figures that he probably isn't as relaxed as he appears. Or at least, when he feels like it, he is very aware.

Hinotori nods his head, "I can teach you taijutsu, my style has grown as each level of my Sharingan has, so some skills you will need to learn before using it with your Sharingan." he tells her. "I will do what I can in ninjutsu, I don't do a lot and what I do have, I use within my taijutsu or set my opponents up with a ninjutsu I know they will beat and catch them unaware." he tells her honestly. Taking a breath, "Please stand up." he tells her as he moves to get on his feet. "Turn around for me and no I'm not checking you out." he says before she will protest.

Kurome stands up, turning around without protest, though she does chuckle at the extra comment. "I can learn ninjutsu on my own, if necessary. Create my own things. As it is, I can only use flames." She waits patiently for Hinotori's next instructions.

NOdding his head he grins though. "Alright your cute." he winks at her. "Don't be dependent on one style. I've known many Uchiha who only rely on fire, and than never progress it beyond a higher point. Utilize everything you can, my blood cousin Naru-chan and Fuyu-sama, are the two I know who along with me have a very high degree if fire ninjustu. WHen it comes to taijutsu, I will be very crititcal. I will teach you my style, and we both will learn Konoha Iron Fist. Understood?" he asks.

Kurome shakes her head and wonders if Hinotori deserves some kind of poke for that comment. "No hitting on the clan head," she scolds lightly. Then she nods to his comments. "Mm… I didn't do much when I was a child, so it was here that I did my growing. And then random encounters with a few more skilled shinobi have left me with a very odd assortment of abilities."

Hinotori grins, "I can't help it, the clan head is really cute." he says bluntly. He grins and walks over to a tree and leans against it, he gives a small nod of his head as he listens. "Well we will get starated. I want you to run this entire field." he says gesturing out around them, "I want ten laps to get you warmed up, and no cheating. Your not going to use charka until I tell you. People become too dependent on it and when they aren't able to use it, they freak out. So how I learned, I didnt use chakra unless I was told, so that I could rely on my own body and not the chakra that we build up through our training." he pauses, "Now get going."

Kurome rolls her eyes lightly, poking gently at Hinotori should he get near the woman. "Hai, sensei," she says, offering a smirk. "No chakra, too? I have my work cut out for me." She stretches just a bit, then starts on her laps, keeping a steady-paced run that would allow her to finish the 'warm up' without dying at the end of it. Good thing Shinobi generally have higher than average stamina… Like a marathon runner, but even more expansive!

As Kurome does her laps, Hinotori lays down and leans against a tree and goes to sleep. Yup, he goes to sleep taking a quick power nap until Kurome finishes. He did smile when she poked him and honestly it was nice to see her smile and nothing wrong with a bit of flirting. Still he sleeps and as Kurome begins to finish her laps, he raises his hands up indicating he wants her to do ten more laps and he turns and yawns and goes to sleep again.

Ten more laps?? And he's over there sleeping? Kurome is definitely going to get him for that! … Just… as soon… as she's… done… Phew. The pace for the second round is a bit slower than the first ten, but she eventually finishes the warm up so that she's very out of breath and a bit sweaty. It's only because of the cool air that she's not dying of heat.

HInotori finally wakes up, stretching out and he smiels when he sees that Kurome is done with her run. "Good." he syas as he looks at her. "A bit on the slow side, but you should be good and ready to go huh?" he asks as he looks at her. He smiles seeing that she is sweaty and well he knows hemay have made her mad, but this is training. "Alright, drink up and we will get to sparring." he says to her as he tosses her a cold bottle of water.

Kurome catches the water, opening it and taking a huge gulp for her initial exhaustion. Then she sips it a bit slowly for the rest of it, recovering enough to stand upright and nodding. "Tough teacher," she comments, setting the water aside to get ready for the spar. She was all loosened up, though, so no need to prepare extensively. Just eye Hinotori.

Hinotori grins, "I try to be." he says to her. He moves to a clearing and gestures for her to come at him, "No chakra, all taijutsu. I want to measure your ability and how well you execute your moves. Don't hold back, push yourself." he explains. Watching Kurome, he gets into a relaxed stance. Well it's not really a stance, he's just standing there.

Kurome shifts a bit in her spot. No chakra. Okay, then… She suddenly moves, striking at Hinotori with the same move he had used on her during their last spar and aiming for the center of his chest. Then she adjusts a bit, aiming a punch to his gut before being her leg up for a kick that is supposed to go for his head.

HInotori watches Kurome, if she is going to lead the clan, he will do all that he can to make her one of the most dangerous Uchiha in the village. As she comes in, noticing the way her hands move for her first strike, HInotori dodges to his left. He brings up his left arm and blocks the two follow up attacks. "Faster." he tells her, "Don't think about your strikes, feel them. Already know where they are going and what you are doing." he explains as he doesn't move to strike her, but gesturing her to keep coming.

Kurome peers just a bit at Hinotori, bringing her foot down before ducking to try and sweep him off his feet. Whether or not that works, she charges into him head-on to knock him back even further before kicking at him, trying to rely less on thinking and more on feeling like instructed.

Hino watches Kurome, as her muscles bunch up and as she charges and strikes at him. He stiffens his leg to block the sweep, leaning in forward towards her than dropping down as the full force of her sweep connects. He brings both arms forward bracing as his back foot helps him block the charge keeping him from being pushed back. He rises as she does and turns slightly giving himself a smaller profile as he blocks the kick. He nods his head, "Keep coming, I didn't say stop." he tells her, "Keep your head clear, no anger, no emotions, focus your mind, there will be time to use those other emotions when you need them, for now focus on clearing your head." he tells her.

"Who said I wasn't going to attack?" she asks, pressing forward with her attack to try and get a punch or kick in. At this point, it's a flurry of movements that mostly seek to land a hit without her planning too much, most of her strikes improvised to try and take advantage of any opening Hinotori might give. Kurome's mind is, at the moment, focused on both the battle and a few other emotions, so trying to combat the emotions while in motion is a bit difficult.

Hinotori doens't say anything he watches and reacts and how he moves he has a grace all of his own. He isn't heavy footed nor does he use wasted movements. Hinotori blocks each attack and on the last he parries and throws a kick aimed towards Kurome's head, it's very fast and if it gets past her defenese will not strike her at all. He just holds it there, "NOw relax, we are done for today." he says as he looks to her. "Rest. Everyday I want you putting in one to two hours of training before and after we train. I want you getting your body into the habit of not using chakra when your using taijutsu, if your not on mission, keep physical, your body will build chakra as you build up your body. WHen we train, we will be going hard at the start. Understood?"

Kurome is able to block the strike, though notices it's a bit weak, with her arms. She then nods a bit to Hinotori's instructions. "Well, I can do that," she says, knowing that not using chakra is probably going to be difficult. "Good thing there's a private training grounds in my new home, so I can use that…" Then she offers a small bow to Hinotori. "Thank you for the help."

Nodding his head, "If there is that, I would like us to train there for now on." he tells her. "I don't want anyone accidentally stumbling upon us. If thats alright with you?" he asks. IT wouldn't be a good idea for anyone to see her train. He wants her to be strong and he wants her to show her strength with she feels she is ready. "No problem, this is between us and thans for talking with me. I hope we can learn more of one another." he smiles and gives her a wink.

"Just come to my house for the next session. The door will be open," Kurome offers, rolling her eyes at the wink and comment. "More flirting with the clan head. You'll end up in trouble if you keep that up," she teases. Then she heads off to go relax for a bit before doing more laps for that 'hour after' session.

Grinning, "Can't help it." he says to her. Hiotori watches Kurome leave and he stretches out a bit and he heads off himself.

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