Lacking Harmony, But Never Missing a Beat: Hanzen Faces Sekisetsu!!


Kazuki as Hanzen, Sekisetsu

Date: Unknown (log received December 9, 2010)


Discovered while ditching her duties, Sekisetsu decides that she’s not being taken back to Kiri without a fight. But what she doesn’t know is that Hanzen had not intention to hunt her down. Sound and Fire clash anyway, as the Nejigan faces the Oni Netsugan, in a match surrounded by water.

"Lacking Harmony, But Never Missing a Beat: Hanzen Faces Sekisetsu!!"

Valley Cliff Wall [Land of Water]

Valley Cliff Wall [Land of Water]


The valley comes to a sudden halt with a great wall of rock surrounding the path forward. There appears to be no way around with the top of the cliff vanishing in the thick mist from above, not allowing one to view the height of this enormous structure. In the mornings it blocks out the sun completely leaving the area dark. The area is cold with a constant wind blowing from all over. The source of the wind coming from a small hidden cave entrance set behind a thick shrub of bushes.


The jobs were starting to come in like clockwork. Sekisetsu didn't know whether to simply hide or just leave the village, because of all the duties that were falling in her lap. Being a Genin, was sucking… The whole role had the Kurenko upset that she even let herself take the exam. At least as a student, people looked over younger kids, always thinking they were nothing but baggage which could cause trouble. She was now considered useful, and a good distraction for the superiors.. It sickened her how adults think.

Sekisetsu, was now in a bad mood, as she would sit at the edge of a pool of water. She stared at her reflection, looking at the bags in her eyes, and wondering just how ugly she was going to become. She didn't have time to lotion, or tan, or even to take soak in the hot-springs. At this point.. she felt like a guy, and the feeling grossed her out.

Hanzen was lofting around the Village Hidden in the Mist when he remembered something on his agenda. One young ninja was overdue for a visit. He searched for the girl, and though it took a while, once he was close enough to her location he could sense her presence by the sound she made, like the sound of a single leaf in the wind. He tracked her until an opportune time, when she was sitting by the water, he would make his appearance. A few bubbles come up from the water, followed by silence the next moment. Then Hanzen's head would raise up out of the water, using the re-breather mask to breath, and he would come to a standing position, yet so loose he would be leaning forward, arms dangling. Raising his look towards Sekisetsu he says in a dark voice through the mask "What a pleasure it is to see you Sekisetsu-chan." letting out a soft chuckle as he looks towards her, as he makes a hand seal to listen to her better "Hahaha, you have a lot of stress, I wonder how you will find to ease it."

Seeing the bubble, would throw the girl off, causing her to raise an eyebrow. She would look closer at them, like a dope, trying to see there cause, all before she would then see a rebreather, and a head pop up. "EEEEEE!!", would be made as a ear piercing scream, that would echo through the trees and scare off a flock perching birds. She would shout, "Who the hell are you???", as the boy would all of a sudden, mention her name, and even ask her how she was. She hadn't heard the voice in a while, and for the most part, the person just sneaking up on her, gave her a weird feeling.. Enough where a hand seal, one of three, had been made just incase things got stupid.. Not to mention, the emanating heat of gathering chakra would become quite evident.

Kazuki winces at the girl's screeching holler, though he should have expected such a reaction from the young Seki. He gathers himself, his focus on the girl, a smirk re-appearing on his face under the mask. "You know me as a different name, not that it matters to you enough to use it." He takes a long breath in through the re-breather and staring at Sekisetsu, the pupils in his eyes morph into a spiral, as he activates the Nejigan. "Does that give you a clue?…" It didn't matter if Seki-chan couldn't get a clue from that, she would understand in time. He starts gathering chakra, causing the water to repel around him.

Hanzen says, "I am Hanzen."

Looking to the boy as he would talk of her knowing him as another name, Seki would say. "I don't know /who/ the hell you are, or where the hell you came from, but you can tell that damn Ice Loogie-tossing Kage, that I'm not going back.. You hear me??" She would stand there, he hand moving to seal two, as the boy would then transform his eyes.. Now, while Hanzen had thought that Seki had been familiar with his eyes, as well as his tribe, from his fights as Kazuki, Seki, hadn't seen them until now. She had only met Kazuki once, and even then, the thing that stuck out, was the Yamayuki's rather larger and comical nose.

Seki would blink at the eyes, and say, "Nope.. Still got nothing. Since you seem to know me pretty well, maybe you can guess what’s coming right now." The third seal, would be made with both hands, as the girl would inhale, her chest blowing up to rather cartoonish proportions. The Kurenko's mouth would then open wide letting out a heavy stream of flame, slow moving, and yet potent with chakra.

The form of Hanzen burns in the fiery jutsu from Seki with a sharp laugh. The laugh in fact had seemed not only to come from the direction of the clone but from another place as well, giving away Kazuki's position water walking in a nearby location. Though he was already preparing a ranged attack for Seki-chan. Forming a hand seal, a spike of sound waves is sent towards her over the water, the one reason he didn't like water because it made it easier to see his techniques, but the blast bursts close to Seki as Hanzen looks on attempting to prepare for his next move and anticipating the girl's.

As the form seem to burn away in the jutsu the younger Genin launched, the girl had the oddest suspicion that Hanzen wasn't done. "I don't care what the hell your name is! I'm not going back, so buzz o—Huh??" The water, would seem to ripple, waves being caused by an invisibles force that would part water at each side. "Water jutsu?", would be a wrong guess, asked as a question, before the force of the full impact would seem to hit Sekisetsu dead on. However, her limp body, as it would flail loosely through the air, would seem to smile, deviously, before exploding into a plume of smoke.

Fireballs, almost on queue, would then fly into Hanzen from opposite sides, following by the shout of the words, "BURN WEIRDO!!" Though this attack seemed just that, it had merely been a distraction. Hanzen's chakra system, was being attacked without so much as a drop of mercy. Seki was going for her pocket tactic.

The first fireball would meet the form of Hanzen in that of a log that was floating nearby. The next was close to Hanzen, just enough so that it would seem to hit, but using body flicker technique was able to nearly evade the attack and re-appears a number of yards to the side. The attempt at genjutsu was noted as he got a slight ringing in his ears, notifying him of an imbalance in chakra and thought that it was Seki attempting genjutsu. He glares at the girl and follows up with his next attack. Setting off in a run sideways he keeps his eyes locked on Seki as he draws a kunai with an exploding tag tied to the handle and sends it flying at Seki-chan. Setting off the explosion with a hand seal, he quickly changes to another hand seal and manipulates the sound of the explosion increasing it's range pitch and volume.

Seeing her attempt for genjutsu had failed, Sekisetsu would return a smile to Hanzen's grin, and say, "Oh? You didn't like that?", before then bracing her self for more attacking. Her sealing, was faster than Hanzen's own preparation, and though the Yamayuki had been fast, the skill between the two, was making Sekisetsu feel cocky. She felt like she could take this guy. Her obvious problems, would have been that she couldn't figure out what that jutsu was that Hanzen kept using. That wouldn’t stop her though.

The kunai, would be deflected, as paper would unreel from her large scroll, and act as a shield, the sound of the impact upon the paper being a clunk. However, one thing she would know a whole lot better than anyone, was the sight of an explosive tag. Just because one had been thrown at her on a Kunai, wouldn't mean she was prepared. The paper would retract, to reveal a Seki that fade from sight, only to return almost yards in front of the explosion.

"If this is all that you have, then I feel sorry for you… Not!!!! Nyah!!" A tongue would poke out as then the sound attack would come again. The force of the attack was indeed impressive, and could be felt even before it came in range. Sekisetsu, however, would have her own preparation. As the attack would seem to hit, a large explosion, would cause dust to fly out, sound seeming to uproot much of where Seki had been standing. However, one would come to find, that Seki, was unharmed.

Where her place had been, would stand a large shield, 5 feet tall, and made of aged bronzed. Chipped metal, and slight bending would show the item to have had allot of tear, though it still would show decoration of gold leafing and red painting. The Kanji for the word Fearless, would seem painted in blood, as the shield would stand atop unrolled scroll paper, only for it to poof. When it would, Seki's position, would be revealed to be no longer there. However, the girl always had a way of letting someone know where she was.. Her scream. "Hey, Hanzen!!" would be said from above, as Seki, seeming to free fall slowly, would hand seal. Soon a large tornado, of fire, would be making its descent, attempting to surround Hanzen in a pillared inferno!! Meanwhile, this also, had been a large distraction, for what had been another try at Hanzen's chakra system being disrupted.

The use of the summoned shield was an impressive surprise for the disguised Yamayuki, but he was prepared to continue. This time though, Hanzen would be in for a rude awakening. When the fiery jutsu hits he was expecting a bit more engulfing flames, however, it still posed a great dilemma. He looked for a way out, but couldn't even jump over the flames, without being scorched, so he had to ready himself in place, until the flames cooled down. This time he wasn't even in for the genjutsu because his thoughts were on the flames, a really effective tactic of his opponent, but he was still on the offense trying to teach Seki a lesson. "That was interesting, but…Watch Out!" He lets a wave of sound from his vocal chords through the rebreather flashing at Seki, but he was not sure if she would attempt the summoned shield jutsu again, or evade some other way, but in any case he sends out a second wave following her movements.

Seeing that she had linked the boy with her genjutsu, Seki would snort out a laugh, as she would look to the comment.. However, when the boy would scream out, Seki wouldn't expect at all what was going on, until the last minute, when her hair would blow back. Otherwise, she would then worry, and scream out, "Eeeeeee!!!", once again, before handseals would be used to initiate her genjutsu. Hanzen, would see a huge mouth, surface from the ground in front of Sekisetsu, and seem to swallow up the first blast of sound. Meanwhile, the genjutsu had focused Hanzen's aim to another direction causing Seki no harm.

However, the girl still hadn't realized what she had been avoiding yet still. The blast of sound, were chained, with each individual word, and thus the second, had been neglected. It would blow Seki back, causing her to hit a nearby tree with authority. Wincing, the small girl would seem to come to a slow stand, all before she would soon find herself attacking yet again. More genjutsu had been to come, and Hanzen, would now see the girl growing large hands. The two hands, would stretch, and soon grip the sound user strongly, all before Seki would say, even with ringing ears.. "You control sound….", before she would then inhale… He exhalation, would heat up the air about the pond, causing the water to steam. Only one thing could cause even this to happen.. The Great Fireball that she would exhale, would be menacing, and if not careful, burning as well.

Kazuki was sadistically pleased to see that Seki was hit with his wave of sound. When she got up he noticed however her hands seems to grow, and as they come towards him he draws a kunai knife. They grab him and he wonders how this girl could use such a strong jutsu, he could tell something was off. Never had he heard about anyone except one clan using this technique, and now he was being met with another one of her fiery jutsu, and he knew it was stronger than the rest. His arms were being crushed by his sides by the large hands, and he used every ounce of energy to try and bring the tip of the kunai into his skin, even when he saw the fireball coming towards him, but the hands were too strong and he was stuck. The jutsu engulfs him in flames fore a second "Aaahh!!" He lets out a sonic blast with the scream, this time it was not intentional and was just brought on by the pain of the flames, but it reached all corners of the lake. Luckily he was standing on water, so he just falls in, steam rising from where he just was. It was either surprising or not, but he doesn't re-surface immediately or even at all, as he takes the time to swim elsewhere and escape using the mask to breath. That Seki-chan will really get what she deserves soon, he thought, as he swam to get a few of the burns treated.

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