LadyBug Pirates?


Arika, Jiro

Date: July 8, 2015


Arika and Jiro are sent to take care of some local Pirates.

"LadyBug Pirates?"

Land of Wind

While the Land of Wind is more than a bit barren, it at least has water on its borders. The ocean to the south is the closest body of water, which means there's bound to be something exciting coming from the sea! Usually, and in this case especially, that means pirates. A mysterious ship had been spotted, red sails with black dots on them. And for some reason, Suna decided to send Arika and Jiro on this mission to see what this ship was. If it was a bunch of bad guys, take it down and bring back a prisoner or two!
Arika chews a bit on her lip as she makes her way to the shore, the journey a reasonable heat since winter has set in. She glances back, then forwards… Then huffs. "We're never gonna reach the water!" she grumbles aloud, though she continues to trek in that direction. "And that stupid ship that everyone's talking about hasn't even been seen in two days when we asked in town!"

Jiro was a little surprised the two of them were sent out alone on this mission. I mean really, who's going to carry back a prisoner? Have to hog-tie him on a pole old fashioned and all that. Still he went, if for no other reason than to watch over Arika. And while he wasn't completely lazy about it he was a tad bit. Hands are flopped on top of his head as he just kind of scans from side to side to watch for any trouble, but other than that he's just going along. "S'not my fault the water's so far 'way," Jiro replies to the complaining girl. "'m just glad i's not hot."

"Yeah, but we been traveling for /ever/ and the beach still doesn't seem any closer!" Arika grumbles, looking at her map. "Even if we were the slowest old people ever, it shouldn't take this long." They've only been walking an hour since their last stop, but they /should/ have made it to their goal by now. Something seemed off…

"Maybe if ya didn' walk so slow we would'a been there by now," Jiro says, master of understatement and horrible with how long it should take to get anywhere that's not within the Village. That he has down to the second. "Did'ja make us go in the wrong direction or somethin'?" He asks then, scrunching up his face a bit as he looks over to Arika. Now that would suck

"No!" Arika huffs indignantly, glancing up. "The sun's been on our right all this time, after all. You seen it!" She kicks the sand in front of her, then blinks a bit. "Hnnnn…" she mumbles, making a handseal. "Kai…" she says, breaking the hold of a genjutsu and watching the ocean appear before her. Then she immediately smacks her forehead. "Jiro-kun, we were tricked!" she grumps.

"Huh? What're ya talkin' 'bout?" The boy asks as he glances around. He's not all that good with the silly genjutsu stuff after all, not without stabbing himself and he ain't going to do that unless he knows for sure that something's up. "Um, are ya feelin' 'kay?" He asks, hands dropping to his side as he looks around, then shrugs a bit.

Arika shakes her head a bit. "Yes! There's a -" she breaks off when she hears a loud *BOOM* and narrows her eyes. Then she suddenly slams into Jiro, which would loosen the genjutsu's hold on him, and a giant explosion blows up the sand where she was standing. "I tol' you!" she huffs.

Jiro lets out an 'ack' followed by an 'oof' as he hits the ground. He jumps quickly to his feet, sash coming free neatly as the genjutsu breaks and he tries to figure out…where they are and what's going on. "Uh…where'd tha' come from?" He asks. He'd been stuck still so he couldn't see.

Arika glances around, focusing a bit on where she thought she heard the boom. Jiro would see the red sails first. "I dunno… Do you think we should take the fight to them or no? We could prolly reach them easy. They only look like they're a mile out, maybe two."

"Well we came 'ere ta take care'a 'em," Jiro says as he notices the sails in the distance, using his hands to shade his eyes from the sun so he can see better. "There they are…le's go!" He says, then without waiting he quickly starts running at top speed towards the ships, tying the sash loosely around his neck so that it stays in place there while he goes!

Arika acks a bit and runs after Jiro, sprinting at top speed to keep up with her friend. Naturally, these pirates are prepared, and suddenly there are fireballs that are shooting out at the duo! Oh no! "Don't they have better targets than us?" Arika complains, a shadow clone taking the burns for her, though she gets caught in the flames, too. "We need to get 'em good," she grumbles, making handseals and focusing her chakra around her so that it's easier to access.

Jiro flashes away from the fireballs, using it to push himself further ahead too with a happy grin on his face. Oh they were definitely gonna get it now. "C'mon, hurry up slow poke!" He calls over his shoulder before turning his attention back to the direction he's going and tries to push himself faster and faster so he can get there!

Arika pokes her tongue out, then jumps up, wind aiding her step, and then she comes dropping down. Wind suddenly comes down on the entire area in front of the genin, forcing the pirates to the ground. All but two succumbed to the wind, which means they're good targets… "Jiro-kun, le's keep those two alive and get rid of the rest," she suggests, coming up next to him and ready for what happens next.

Jiro doesn't need to be told twice. He dances in among the ones that are pinned down, sash free from his neck as he slices and dices to pretty much get them 'out of the way'. Or just dead. He doesn't really care at this point. They attacked the kids first after all! When that's done he turns his attention to the two remaining, smiling toothily at them. Yes, very fearsome. "Do ya give up yet?"

"No chance," grump the pirates, both pulling out their swords so they can start slashing at the two Genin. Of course, they may be a bit shaken by the fact that two kids just took down the whole crew… In like two moves. Arika is quick to avoid the slashes, holding up a Kunai to one of their throats. "You should really give up," she warns, even if she can barely reach the man's throat. Okay, time for another approach…

"'ey, yer loss. I guess we'll jus' let the first one ta give up live then," Jiro says with a bit of a shrug before he puts the cloth between him and the first slash, then disappears at the second, only to reappear behind the bandit and lash out again with his cloth, trying to wrap him up with the sash. "Las' chance!"

Jiro is able to snag one man around the neck, funny enough, and he lets out a strangled yelp when he's caught, weakly saying, "I surrender, then." Arika glances at the one she's suppose to take care of, and a small (evil) grin crosses her face. "Looks like yer going down!" She takes a second to gather herself, then the man would find himself with a face full of smoke that made him feel exceptionally weak. A second later, he's on his back unconscious.

Jiro yanks on the cloth to smash the man down into the ground and goes through to make sure that he's quite unconscious before tying him up. "Well tha' wasn' too bad. But, uh, how're we gonna get 'em back now?" He looks around for something to help with that like, oh, a cart or something or other. Unless Arika's just going to carry them both.

"… Umm… Maybe their ship has something on it?" Arika suggests, tying up the man she took down. Once both are secure and their weapons are removed, she makes a handseal, and a shadow clone appears to go scout out the ship. "The port isn't too far, so maybe we can borrow their carts for the trip back to Suna."

Jiro nods to Arika, then yawns, stretches, and sits down on his prisoner while he waits. "Maybe we shoul' hire a horse too," he mutters, trying to imagine dragging them all the way back to Suna even with a cart. Someone's going to have to pull it! And it sure as heck ain't going to be him the whole time! "Where's Kaidan when ya need 'im."

Arika sits down next to Jiro on the prisoner. Poor guy is gonna be sore tomorrow! "Well, I guess there's nothing in the ship. So let's drag these two away. The closest town isn't too far, and then we can get a ride there!" She nods a bit, then stands and stretches before grabbing her prisoner by the bound limbs to tug him away. Mission almost complete! Just gotta get back to Suna!

"Alrigh'," Jiro grumbles, standing and stretching again before he walks over to grab the guys tied up feet and starts dragging him bodily in the direction that Arika indicates. "Stupi' men, stupi' people tryin' ta do stupi' stuff an' makin me have ta carry 'em 'round," he mutters, apparently going to cocmplain the entire time.

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