Land of Despair - First Hint of Trouble


Rune, Akio, Hotaru, Taishou

Date: August 12, 2016


Rune takes a few people on patrol, and they happen to run into two people fighting.

"Land of Despair - First Hint of Trouble"

Land of Earth - Mountain Foot

The foot of the mountain trails show signs of life as a few pools of water and a small stream run through the valley created here. Bits of flora and grass grow along the water and wildlife is not an uncommon sight. A cool breeze blows through shaded areas underneath rocks and small trees, a favorite spot of deer or rabbits or even bears. The path seems to branch out in multiple directions from here on. To the north a large cave entrance can be seen up a hill, while a fair distance to the south a large spike shaped rock marks the way to the border between the Land of Earth and it's neighboring Country. To the west the path begins a sharp incline, though the state of the path seems to improve as it climbs the next mountain, the walls of a city in the distance peak of the mountain occasionally catching the light.
Iwagakure doesn't have much going on within its borders outside of the Murasame rebels. Since the Tsuchikage doesn't feel like stirring up trouble when she's so new to the job, she chooses to do a basic patrol of the area in hopes that nothing truly bad happens. She's supposed to do this kind of thing, probably to make sure her shin obi's morals are boosted. That always helps, for sure. The woman looks around, standing at the gates, as she waits for some people to show up. She had hired the service of a strange group known as the 'People's Milita', and she had also called upon Murasame Akio. She would have tried to get Akio's combat partner Kaneko on board, but she was already out on another mission. Inconvenient scheduling was inconvenient… Clouds dot the sky, promising snow later in the day.

Akio would look over the gates as he head out towards em. It clued that he missed the mission with Kaneko, but at least he got one now. So here he was meeting up with…. The Kage? He hoped she wasn't going to consider him for Chuunin… He did not feel ready and he knew Hotaru would chew him out if he made Chuunin before Kaneko. A shiver went down his spine just thinking about it. Well here he finally was at least. "Uhhh. Hello…" He paused and looked at Rune… "I don't know how I should address you…" He looked over Rune confused on that.

The group that was hired would of course show up at basically the right time. There was a group of 20 or so people that walks towards the front gate of Iwagakure. They were armed mostly with swords and shields, a few spears and one younger looking teen that has a rather elaborate looking crossbow. Once they get to the gate, they line up fairly good for a militia group and the teen with the crossbow steps forward. "Tsuchikage. I am Gekido, leader of the People's Militia. I am glad you have allowed outside groups to assist your village. As agreed, we're here to aid your patrol and make sure that no one is in any sort of trouble."

Hotaru wasn't a shinobi, nor was she a part of any people's militia. She was actually returning from the makeshift grave she made to represent her mother's in Taki. She went there every day, and talked to the grave in order to ease her mind. As she walked forward, slowly, she slowly made her way around the group who was addressing the Tsuchikage. The only one she could inquire about this happening was actually Akio. Her blue cape settled over her form as she stopped beside Akio, looking up to him. "… Akio-kun… Tell me. Why are there villagers with weapons? Are they making demands? Please… inform me…"

Rune can't really say whether or not she feels Akio is ready for Chuunin. The woman wanted to use this mission as an opportunity to get to know her shinobi! Except she ended up with a militia leader and a Genin. Well, that's half her goal… Maybe. Rune looks over to Akio, and she blinks. "Oh… Umm… You can call me by my title, if you want. I feel like I'd be bragging or seem arrogant if I suggested anything different from what I ask my friends to call me, though…" She'd better get used to being top dog. Otherwise this could be a long Kage-ship.
Rune turns to address Gekido, giving a small nod of her head. "It is nice to meet you, Gekido-san. However, your group is very large… Do you mind if we split them up so that we can cover more ground?" she asks, frowning slightly. Having 20-some people tramping around the Land of Earth wouldn't help them catch any criminals, even if it was nice to have that kind of backup… And then Hotaru shows up. "Oh! You… You should come with us, Hotaru-san. I know you aren't a shinobi, but… It can't hurt. This is only if you want to, of course."

Akio looked over Rune for a moment and shrugs. "Okay I guess…. So Tsuchikage?" He asked and chuckled slightly and awkwardly. Then luckily he was saved by a militia showing up….. Hopefully they weren't bad. Guess it is time to prepare cha- Oh nope not bad. Looks like they were here to help. Luckily Hotaru came up right behind them so he had someone to talk to while Rune got things settled with the militia folks. "Oh uhh…. No those aren't villagers. They are supposedly a militia that Rune is paying to help us out here. We are going on a mission." He paused when Rune said she could join. "Oh yeah you should Hotaru. I can…. try to help you along if you get tired…" He paused and seemed to want her to, but he was unsure if she would want to.

COMBAT: Akio focuses 4662 stamina to turn it into 5500 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Taishou focuses 1897 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

Gekido glanced back at the group, shrugged and looked back to Rune. "You hired us as a group. We'll spread out so it's less concentrated. However if there is anyone out there doing illegal activities, it's very useful to have a group to stop them from escaping." Gekido glanced back at his men who shuffled around a little on their feet. He'd give a whistle, which had them all snap to attention, then give a hand motion. As one, the men would turn and scatter off into the terrain, leaving just two men standing next to where Gekido is as he'd look to Rune. "This is of course, your request, so just let me know what you want us to do, hai?"

Hotaru? Doing shinobi work? She can barely walk. It feels silly that Rune would even ask her. It felt silly to her. "I do not think this idea is actually a good one, Rune-sama. What if-." Akio suggested a solution to the very issue she was about to bring up. The former genin wouldn't want to burden Akio, but he did make her rejection seem illogical.
"… As Irresponsible as it would be for me to impact the mission group's mobility, if Rune-sama wishes my participation I would be honored." The Watanabe would bow her head lightly towards the Tsuchikage as her legs trembled lightly, though she kept near Akio, and even leaned in to whisper in his ear. "I do not expect a peasant brigade to be as efficient as a shinobi. They risk being casualties far more than a shinobi task force…"

"Excellent. Gekido-san, please direct your group as you see fit. We'll cover ground… We go forward while they move to the sides and sweep areas we aren't able to get to. Does that sound suitable?" She didn't want to be the one ordering this militia because she doubted they looked to her like they did to this … teenager… She wondered what he did to gain such a following, even. "Hotaru-san and Akio-san, I trust you two to work together to ensure this mission goes successfully. I doubt we'll run into much trouble, though, but better safe than sorry. Let's move." Rune gathers chakra and starts moving out, heading along to the south and veering slightly east so they can loop back later.

COMBAT: Rune focuses 3940 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!

Akio would tilt his head to the side to look over Hotaru. "It is fine. Alright. Even if it comes to you needing to climb onto my back. I can use ninjutsu with you on my back easily enough if you are able to hold on. And even without that you could just lean on me while I use my ninjutsu." He smile towards her and then turned to Rune. "Will do." He looked at Hotaru. She had whispered to him and he paused a moment. "Yeah…. But I don't think they are peasants…. More like bandits who work for money instead of steal it." He whispered back. "Still risking being casualties."

Gekido nodded to Rune. "Good. Works better that way." Turning away from the others, Gekido looked to an old man who while looks ex-military, is probably retired.. or use to be retired.. now. "Adachi! Standard sweep formation. There's not a lot expected, but we have a Kage with us. Tell the men to keep alert." Gekido gathered some chakra himself, then started along with the others to head out.
Adachi, the old man, nods to Gekido, then looks to the others. "A'right! We're on a search mission. Keep formation, anyone of you who isn't watching your partner's back is gonna get a flogging, got it? Keep up and move out!" The men all respond with 'Hai!' then fall in behind the main group. For peasents, they were surprisingly quick on their feet, responding well to the commands given. Gekido kept his crossbow ready as he'd move along, otherwise keeping silent and letting the shinobi chat.

COMBAT: Hotaru focuses 5485 stamina to turn it into 7000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Hotaru defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…49

Hotaru would nod her head to the Tsuchikage. Her specialty was sensory matters, sort of. She was still more keen to telling Akio her concerns than the Tsuchikage directly, though she would raise her voice slightly for Rune to hear "In business, it is important to reduce cost yet maintain profitability." She would tell her comrades. "That is one of the tenants of creating a successful business, Akio-kun. This can also be applied to a strategic standpoint. It is important to reduce the cost, that is the cost of human life, yet still maintain the profitability, or efficiency and success, of mission parameters." Hotaru dug her cane into the ground. "Villagers, or even slightly skilled mercenaries, it matters not. It increases risk using unskilled mercenaries" Hotaru cast a glance at Taishiou, suddenly. "… … I will work as hard as I can to prevent loss, however." Hotaru, holding firm to her cane, would bring a single handed hand-seal up to chest level as she straightened her back and took a deep breath. She knew she felt something, and it was definitely coming from the boy. Hotaru spent actually longer than usual trying to understand why his chakra was so different. Different, but similar to Yoshi's chakra in vim and vigor. "All loss."

Rune would lead the group at a moderate pace for the sake of Hotaru, as well as to keep them all together for the most part. They wouldn't run into anything particularly unusual, though. Actually, it wasn't until they hit the furthest point on their patrol route that Hotaru would sense someone other than her current team's. The chakra signature flared up occasionally, indicating the use of Jutsu, perhaps? There was also a lot of yelling and the like as they got closer to the source of the commotion.

RPCOMBAT: Rune defends against with a TREMOR-SENSE-II…35

Akio was walking along and seemed to be mostly paying attention to Hotaru and the fact that she was paying close attention to the leader of that group. And he couldn't have been much older than he was… "Maybe, but what if they are skiled Hotaru?" He nudged her in her side. "And it is never a risk bringing you. Maybe you aren't as quick in combat, but you can help prevent surprises as well as use some powerful ninjutsu if it comes to that. Plus I can easily defend for you." He smiled. Now it wasn't until they got near the end that he started hearning noises and decided to spread his chakra through the ground to count the number of people that were arguing.

RPCOMBAT: Akio defends against with a TREMOR-SENSE-II…40

Gekido for his part simply kept silent. He'd let the others range slightly ahead of him.. easier to keep the shinobi in sight afterall. That rage boiled at the fact that Hotaru kept staring at him, but he would tamp it down, every now and then his hand would tighten on the crossbow grip until his knuckles went white. However, it wasn't until he heard the yelling ahead that he'd finally say something. "Square off!" The men would respond immediately with 'Hai Taishou!' and change from that wide sweep to a loose box around the group. Gekido checked the x-bow and then nodded as they'd keep getting closer. While the others might of sensed.. something.. having the group there probably disrrupted potential tremor sensing. They all had their shields ready, although no one has drawn a sword yet.

RPCOMBAT: Hotaru defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…43

Hotaru would continue to keep staring at Gekido. Perhaps before her two year death march, she would have been more caring of other people's feelings. The anger is what draws her attention each time, and each time she sees his hand tighten she tilts her head slightly. "What if they aren't."
It was that time that the chakra flares up, drawing her gaze ahead of the group. "Chakra discharge…" Hotaru had been struggling to keep up with the entire group, the crippled girl eventually having to come to a stop. "Combat… Chakra signatures…" Hotaru would drop to her knees, having walked as far as she could. "I can't walk any further… Walking this far… Nh…" The young girl seemed ashamed that she was already lagging the group behind. It was being in the Tsuchikage's presence that bothered Hotaru the most about her legs giving out as they had… "Forgive me…"

As the very large patrol makes their way forward, they would get to witness the sight of… two people fighting. It was hard to tell what affiliation they were, admittedly… One of the two looked very muscular, though. It was hard to tell their gender because their muscles looked absolutely ridiculously huge. This … muscle-y 'thing' seemed to be facing off against a puppet that was shaped like a bear. … "Dang it! Where are you hiding?!" the very muscular person shouts. By her voice, it was a female, but… Man, it was pretty rough-sounding. The bear shot a kunai at the woman, but said woman avoided it, and it ended up scattering a number of explosive tags at the patrolling group!

[NPC System]: Bear Puppet roll(s) Explosive Tags vs. Akio from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 36. - Rolled by: Rune
RPCOMBAT: Akio defends against with a EARTH-DOME…45
[NPC System]: Bear Puppet roll(s) Explosive Tags vs. Hotaru from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 34. - Rolled by: Rune
RPCOMBAT: Akio defends against with a METAL-BARRIER…46

Akio looked onwards at the commotion now and was just utterly confused. "What is going-" And suddenly explosive tags were sent outwards. Hotaru couldn't walk much further on her own either… Well.. Should he keep her safe… He sorta promised he would assist her so a metal barrier would form out of the earth dome after it was up and extend to block the kunai heading her way. Once done he would move to her side and attempt to lift her up. "Here. You can get on my back. Shouldn't be hard to carry you." And if she accepted he would help her onto his back and hold her up as they moved around a bit. The two of them could both watch each others back that way.

[NPC System]: Bear Puppet roll(s) Explosive Tags vs. Taishou from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 31. - Rolled by: Rune
RPCOMBAT: Taishou defends against with a INTUITIVE-CHAKRA-DODGE-II…27
RPCOMBAT: Taishou took 300 damage.

Gekido and his group basically get mauled over by the explosives. While they try to move out of the way, it doesn't stop a few of the men from getting hurt. Gekido glares at the two that are fighting, glances to the barriers and shakes his head. The men fall back to regroup, making sure each other is ok while Gekido brings up his crossbow to level it on the two fighting. "Do we end it, Tsuchikage? I can order an attack at your behest." The rage was dripping in his voice but held in check by a steel determination. The men recovering grimly drew blades but none attempted to lash out. A sign that the peasents may not be so weak as it seems?

Hotaru didn't expect Akio to defend her. Before she even made the seals for her own defense, Akio was right on top of it. "Ah…. Akio… Doumo." The assistance wasn't necessary, but it was very appreciated. As she was lifted, she slipped her cane into her belt, and was soon hoisted up. She tried her best to hang on, one arm holding tightly as the other is freed for hand-seals… "It is impressive that interfighting can cause so much collateral damage." Hotaru awaits Rune's commands before doing anything further.

[NPC System]: Bear Puppet roll(s) Explosive Tags vs. Rune from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Rune
RPCOMBAT: Rune defends against with a EARTH-DOME…43
RPCOMBAT: Rune defends against with a MULTIPLE-EARTH-STYLE-WALL…70

Rune is a bit surprised to see a puppet-bear and a giant hulking woman fighting, and then a shot goes awry, and she's forced to form a barrier of earth before her to avoid getting hurt by the explosives. "Is everyone okay?" she asks, looking back. Only Gekido and his troops were really harmed, by the looks of it. "… Don't do anything yet… Hotaru-san, search for who that woman is seeking out. I'll stop these two from fighting." She actually was quite easily able to do so, probably because she was an earth Sasaki. The ground rumbles a moment before walls shoot up around the fighting pair, essentially closing them off from each other. "Akio-san and Gekido-san, talk to the woman," she orders. "I'll speak to the puppet master once Hotaru-san locates him. Her… It…"

Akio looked at the Kage for a moment and watched her act. Was that something he could do? He should see about learning from her later on then shouldn't he? Well that is for later. "Ummm I sorta am carrying Hotaru. Do you want to take her so you two can communicate?" He asked but until Rune took Hotaru of her own will Akio planned to keep her with him. He walked over to woman quickly enough and began to speak. Doing whatever to get past these walls. "Hello. I hope you don't mind telling us exactly what is going on here? Maybe if you explain we could help." He offered to the woman.

Gekido checked with the men, nodded and had a few come with him over towards the woman's cage. Blades out and shields up, the men stood near Gekido to make sure they'd take the brunt of any assault. He had his crossbow ready, able to back up Akio as needed, but as the shinobi basically asked what he would of asked anyways, he didn't interrupt. Instead he looked to the rest of his men and made a motion, they'd fan out to loosely surround the area, both to keep anyone out from where the fight was happening and to also be ready if either fighter attempted to escape. Although with the puppeteer, who knew where they were at.

RP: Hotaru transforms into LINES-OF-PURPOSE.
RPCOMBAT: Hotaru defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…63

The order was to seek, and Hotaru decided to do so. With Bravado. Represented by the very fact that just like a certain species of skink, Hotaru begins fo form lines of brightly colored scales upon her face that slowly disappear beneath her hairline and clothes, two pairs in fact, as pitch black scales start to form about the temples of her face. That was all that could be seen visibly. Hotaru would raise her head as she gripped Akio tightly, focusing her chakra into a sensor sweep that ought to bring the location of the puppet to light. "Ah… Ano… This is awkward…" Hotaru says as she visibly sees the chakra strings plainly with her ability. There were few trees to hide behind, which made hiding difficult. There were plenty of rocks though. One such rock was actually position behind the scouting group.
In fact, a string of chakra seemed to pass through Hotaru, and as she directed her senses behind her, she found the puppeteer -was- a rock. Very sporting camoflauge. "Rune-sama. The bear's controller is a rock, behind us… Twenty Five meters behind us." Hotaru opened her eyes, and would slip off Akio's back. "I'm feeling better now…" She said as she slipped her cane out of her belt and placed it upon the ground, dragging herself to a stand as she moved over to the Tsuchikage. "Should I apprehend the puppeteer nonviolently?" She asks.

[NPC System]: Bear Puppet roll(s) Puppet Blades vs Rune from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 47. - Rolled by: Rune
RPCOMBAT: Rune defends against with a MULTIPLE-EARTH-STYLE-WALL…57

Rune would cast out her senses now, much like Hotaru. She was used to keeping them under carefully tight control because … Well, sometimes it distracts from using the earth to sense, and other times she keeps it so in check that she forgets that she actually can sense others. The woman glances back in Hotaru's general direction where she was instructed, and she would nod to the little dragon. "Do as you will, but keep him alive and preferably unharmed," she says, gathering her own chakra because the puppet was trying to escape. She poured some more chakra into the walls that surrounded the puppet, frowning slightly. "I suggest you hurry, Hotaru-san."
Rune directs her attention to Akio, then. "I think you have your answer, Akio-san. Now please…" She would nod slightly towards the enclosure around the muscle-woman, watching him move towards it. When he would approach one face of the wall, it would open slightly (a door would appear and slide downwards into the ground) to allow him access.
The current 'Prisoner' looks at Akio with a ferocious glare that would make most people very very afraid; perhaps even paralyzed in fear. "That stupid bear-puppet trapped my friends," she tells him in her rather deep and gruff voice. "He won't tell me where they are, and I'm trying to get the information from him. It…"

Akio just nods to Hotaru and Rune before stepping through the door to speak to the muscle woman. He stared right into her eyes as if the glare meant nothing to him, but for him he was used to defying people who gave glares very similar to that. "Well then I guess we know what we have to figure out from them. Do you mind telling me your name?" He paused and looked around a bit. "And I am going to have to make you promise to let us handle getting the information from the bear puppet and its user. Otherwise we can't gurantee you acting calm and we will have to keep you restrained until we find out what we need to. Act with us and we can help you find your friends." He said calmly and the whole time his gaze never left hers. He would pause to let Gekido say something if he had any questions now as well.

RP: Taishou transforms into GROUP-RESPONSE.

While Akio would step into the enclosure, Taishou with two of his men, stayed outside framing the doorway. Both had shields up and blades drawn and at the ready, while Gekido himself cooly leveled a crossbow at the massive.. woman.. thing. At her words, he'd relax, if just slightly. "So you are fighting to recover allies. A worthy enough cause. We are here to assist. Do you agree to stand down and let the shinobi of Iwagakure handle this?" He wouldn't actually give a command to stand down until she agreed. But he could at least sympathize with her plight.

Hotaru did have to get close enough to the puppeteer to act, it took the sad and strange girl twenty seconds, where it would have taken a normal shinobi 5 to get into range. "Puppeteer." Hotaru stated as she gripped her cane firmly with one hand, raising the other hand in front of her head. Her fingers would start moving, hand making strange looking seals singularly as she closed her eyes. "Ah. We're still close enough to the aquifer. Good." Hotaru would end her string of seals as she pointed towards the rock. Water would burst from the ground and snake around the henge-rock, before squeezing down upon said rock. If successful, the henge would be dispelled and Hotaru would whist her wrists towards her, beckoning the water drag the puppeteer towards Rune, expending the extra chakra to do such a maneuver. "Tsuchikage-sama…" Hotaru said as she dispelled the streams of water shortly after.

COMBAT: Hotaru attacks target 1 with WATER-CHAINS with a roll of: 55
COMBAT: Hotaru attacks target 1 with WATER-CHAINS with a roll of: 60
[NPC System]: Puppet Master roll(s) Puppet Replacement vs. Hotaru (55) from 34 to 61 and get(s) a 34. - Rolled by: Rune
[NPC System]: Puppet Master roll(s) Puppet Replacement vs. Hotaru (60) from 34 to 61 and get(s) a 54. - Rolled by: Rune

"My name… It is Koizumi Koharu," the fighter-woman tells Akio. She was extremely tall, actually… Was she towering over six feet? It certainly seemed like it… The woman assumes a relaxed stance (for her), crossing arms over her chest and planting her feet. Honestly, it could be taken as an aggressive stance if her arms weren't crossed, but Akio (with what little light he had) might be able to tell she is not ready to fight him. "… Your assistance is accepted. You have my word that I will let you handle things," she says in her gruff voice. Then she looks over at Taishou and his men by the entrance. "… As best I can." She had a feeling that Taishou wasn't quite from Iwagakure based on his words, so she'd rather speak to Akio or whoever was leading him.
The puppeteer didn't expect to be found so swiftly, and she would yank on the puppet strings to try and get her bear back, but it being stuck in the earthen walls hampered that movement to the point where water was surrounding her. Hotaru's next movements were to wrap that water around her fingers so that she would no longer be able to move her puppet, too! How … despicable… Her henge was dispelled, revealing the rock to actually be … A fairly beautiful girl! She belongs on the cover of a magazine, really. "Oh my! You caught me!" she says with a giggle, even as she's tugged over to the Tsuchikage. "Hmhmhmhm… I wonder how much despair I can put you in…" she says, shifting her gaze from one of (crazed) joy to one of analytical examining.
Rune would incline her head to Hotaru in thanks before examining the strange individual. "… None for the time being," she says simply, smacking the trapped puppeteer on the back of the head. Rune was quick to knock the strange woman out, as the Kage found her gaze unsettling. "Hotaru-san, you may release her. We'll get the other two or some of Gekido-san's men to carry her back."

Akio nods to her words first before responding. "My name is Murasame Akio. Since you have been so cooperative I believe the Tsuchikage wouldn't mind talking with you. It is your friends involved and you will be able to tell her things like what their names are and what they look like to help us find them." He turns back to Taishou. "So I think you can tell your men to let us out now. She seems to be willing to wor alongside us." He started to leave the rock walls. He walked out just in time to see everything that was going on and he just blinked. Weird. "Uhhh…. Tsuchikage. This is Koizumi Koharu. She has agreed to work with us on finding her friends who were taken by this puppeteer." He walked over to Rune.

Gekido listened and watched, nodding as he'd lower his crossbow. "Hai. Fall back, it looks like we have a captive. Get a few men on that detail." Gekido would carefully release the tension on his crossbow so he didn't accidentially shoot. The men responded with 'Hai Taishou!' and after backing out to let Akio and the woman out, head for the rest of Gekido's team. Two more men came to stand with him, while four of them went to the puppeteer to stand ready to detain her. Gekido moved to stand near Rune. "Just awaiting your orders, Tsuchikage."

"Hai, Tsuchikage-sama." Hotaru cuts her chakra flow through the water, not bothering to whisk the tendrils away before doing so. The puppeteer would end up undeniably soaked from the neck downward. Beauty had nothing to do with it. Efficiency did. Hotaru would soon after take a seat upon the ground and take a deep breath. "Logistics. Gekidou-san's men actually might have a use that doesn't put them in real harms way." Hotaru tilted her head as she looked down over the ground.

Rune would turn to Gekido and incline her head to him. "If you could have your men take the puppet and captive…?" she requests of him. "We'll be returning to Iwagakure from here along the same patrol route. I doubt we'll run into any trouble, thankfully." Then Rune looks at the giantess of a fighter, blinking a bit. "Koharu-san, it's nice to meet you," she says with a small bow. "We'll show you back to Iwagakure and we can speak in my office about your missing friends," she offers, to which Koharu nods. "Thank you for the help," the fighter says, eyeing the unconscious woman. "So that's the mastermind…" she mumbles under her breath.
"Akio-san, keep an eye on Koharu-san. Hotaru-san, can you get back to Iwa on your own legs?" Regardless of the response, Rune would signal for everyone to head back to the village after sweeping the area quickly.

Akio looked between everyone and would just nod in response before walking over to Hotaru and poking her on her shoulder gently. "So do you need help back?" He asked before turning to Koharu. "Alright just follow me." He started walking along with either Hotaru on his back or not. He would also send a last bit of chakra into the ground to see if anyone else was nearby.

RPCOMBAT: Akio defends against with a TREMOR-SENSE-II…32

Gekido nods to Rune then whistles. The men would come in from the parimeter they had set up. The four that was on the prisoner pick her up and start carrying her, their blades put away. Two more men pick up the puppet and start hauling it along. Gekido watch them work with satisfaction then nod. "We'll run point." He starts ahead of the others, motioning for the rest of the militia to form a frontal line. They'd make sure there wasn't any surprises as they travel back to Iwagakure with the others.

"I think so-." Seemed like the Tsuchikage was a little overwhelmed. Even though Hotaru was clearly going to have trouble walking so far, she supposed she could drop by the shrine she made to her mother. Hotaru would brush a bang out from her face. Akio was much too busy to carry her, so perhaps another visit to mother would be a fantastic idea. "I will return when I am able, Tsuchikage-sama." Hotaru would bow her head as she sat upon the ground waiting for the others to leave…

Rune blinks a bit at Hotaru and sighs softly. She would proceed to Akio and whisper something to him (pretty much telling him to drag Hotaru back to Iwa) before they would head back. She wanted /all/ of them to return to the village, after all. No man left behind! … Or villager.

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